The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 5, 1944 · Page 24
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 24

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1944
Page 24
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22 Thursday, October 5, 194* jtafcgrsfiflb Califorman For Sal*— .Improved Property ; For Salo — Improved Proporty <lfll>— ALT A VISTA DlPTmrT—Lovely fl-room dunlex. one rW* rimnphtvl. A!«n ii very nirp twn-lip-dronm homp. nil In- rated on 75-foot corner lot iiu«idp c J' v. Finpprty tin-ply In mis,-a pert and well rented; $7000 cash v-jll handle. <IO:>—DECAXSO PARK —1 milled int «• i>n»session. Nice two-bedroom mod'-in linmr. two-car csrarr H nd Jnundry room. i tie roof, floo. fin iure* < ement dnvrway, phruhp A-id sli;in*» iroc«. An pv«i!ont buy nt $o500, about 'v cn;«h Buy thi* quuk and move in an it won't IJISL long. >in]f 0 -Li 0 326 CbeM#r Avenue Phone ti-6 .","»! IMMEDIATE posFPF.sion : 1c;ivjnsr ritv; «fll 3-bedroom honjp. KnM Unmdae**. t wet bathH, hardwood floors. dniiblf* en mi: p. Jars* 1 extra slrrpinp or sjni'pfoom lot 70x142 leet; J'JI'OO cash to lianule. -Phnno '' K i.v ON* NTNKTKV:NTH s F n:rrr, FUT.T, HALF TU.OrK WITH I-'JiK.^KVi 1 'INCOME SI VKIKN'-KNT FOR TAXES KTf'.. rVTU, J'OSTWAll Hl'II-PI V. BFCHINP. VU'Y NOW AT I'M') ITil'-f: J-'OR KT'TriM: NKKDS Oil I'HOFIT- j\Rl,rc INVKPTMirXT. FOR Fl'LL INFORMATION .SKIi lirme nn onp and a fi ty Drive: horn'- in eond million; i it-f>i larp, tile drain in kitrbpn. M:I - hi pflkl;i«i i orm. loin of f nut tree* M ml jr> apo \ IMPS, [ovply ya rd w*th lawn nn'I flnu'«»rs; him chick PH pqniprnpnt for ^'OCi ,-hi. k*Mis. I'rice $fi500, terms. Two hrdroom horn**, a Imosl n»\v. on Po- tnni;ic Dnvp; In i K<* lot. hardwood f I nor*, nirn In ing mom. mortp»-n kit*"h**n, enrage nun' h-.'d. I'i-ic» $4150, nomr !prnu». Oiir-iif.lrnnm lionip on North Maker nfrppt ; ;mm-'d'n IP pnnnpHnion. Print* $3f»oo; tnk»s M-'.OO to handle, term* on balance. Lovely two I'rdrnr.m home, in Ca lifornia Avcnuf Trarr. rrndern in every way. liv Ire loom HTllfi. larjre dining room 1" PH !>. in PI room, nice size kitchen, prrv 1 r- poi < h . hoim- 1-,an f Itpplarp. two f Ion f'it nnrr.=. \ curt in n blinds, rpm*»nt hasp nirnt. kivpl v In no*rn ppfl va rd r«?a r ya rt (on i fd with hollow brirk, has rpnipn p;i: io. A roa I home an 1 one that yoi i\•;!! wa 'K to nwn. Prirp. complete I: f'miipho-i with irpwnr f urn; lure, HI,900 VV ili '^nns'.d'M 1 pel Iine tin Tu t n ishpd. TN o honipfl nn one lot on 1 st r«"-rl, pa r t ',•) 1 ly f urn i«hpd. hot h routed now. Prir e $ 7 ("in. BO nip i errnn. Old home. r:i rf -i lonrd Into t hrpp n pa rt m put s. ! u; n i.«hod a ml in frond i nnd it ion nn >; Mrppt; iiv<mp Jf'O per month. I'rice S i, Mto so nip tr-i ins. For Sal«—Improved Property Taytor lut Phone 2-9^ Haberfelde Bnllfllne I-.P ..n laic* Jot. JlC^iO. 7^'j La wnon Road in \VM\^id« Park. Phono 6-F-l". (.'H!! after n '> K TWO forner lots jo I nod by a ll^y v M h onp urn a II to nip If 1 ted ht'iinp. othf r \\ : I h tin - finisliod house. Thu-e hJ'n kn pr.uth (';is;i T^oma llrivp. rhnnp_j)wnt'r. _L 1 -7-l";! :,<t A NICK HOME. Ft-vcn rounm. tor s;ilr hy owner. DMH! ' in na'-r, plenty o[ t MP. dining rc.fiiM. hie livnur rooin, tine VIH*P- mftit. Y'.HKI. K-flt-. -11" Kern t*t i cet. rhi-Tti* 3-1'inji ;i fuT f. p. in 'l me — Ext i A \i\ i JI'"*or i in 11 IK P, f ii f pla< P ^^ i ' )i l>;i i hi-i ii<> p;! . h;t nlwood f lof-r s. 1 ; v ne rironi With pjiik*-!! floor, riptiiy of tiie «n«J H'0-fuul i-ii : 5f*l ;>^ TPI :v.». Kl r^m-i-,0 — Tw o-tuxlronm )nnn*», m.h' 4 ^fHIf* old in *T"nrJ rtUidir'nn. hit? fill the la i c-ft motV 1 : P i rin ". PII "-nrrj- : $ .");, "ii, n-i HIM H:tcr.Mti'1 Manor — TV, o-tM-difitnn Innm-. hardw»»od fl.rorc. t/.p dram mul L'-iai KH- rftgr; Sit, *'»''. tf M.-IP. ^" n^lfirid >rr.:;*it i - f 'oor fiirna- 1 P. v\r-n\ \ (. floors Hurt i on!;nu (•> .«t*' f outhwesi- — Tlirt-f l"'di (nu pot-i-h; cboii-e lot a^.on i Sl-.'-f-O down. ID^i'lf \ — FIJI nifOi' d. Foc,l 'nronir. w die Ian- :• t'. dowtiftn^ n F.;i si Ii;i ki-i This property \\ill a 1 w:tys rent. terms. K04 K PTRKI'T THONE 3-Kni JIKSII>I-:NTK See m f o acaes OlI.r.ALK— KOMR AND INTOMR. On IM.odrooip home, h.'irdwood floors, la i ice h\:ng lonrn and dining room, nirp kilrl:e :in-l peivice rorfb. Aiao 2-hedroom home ruinpletely I uriiiHhed. Three-rai c.-i i JIM*', all on la i pe corner Int wit! plenty of Rhnd.* .Near bus and mar- k'-ts. on.';- tfiOOO. JiS.'iO down. t.lS nniin b!>-. ^'iil Iifide for pmnll hnusp Ol I . I>A l.l'J — N i''o 2-bedlooni hnnie. 2-car >r;tinKo. laiKe lot. plenty of Rhiitle. near b'lH hnd mnrkftH. only t'lSTjO. SL'iio dmvn nnd JJO montbl.\'. or will trade fo Mn;ill boiifje EAST BAKKKPFlEl.n — Almost new 3-bed- rooro br»ni^. riKbt down town plenty of tiie. very nire fViired Int. Kurnce. $.'ir.f)tl, l^.r.o diiwn. $-'( monllil>-, or uill trade NK'R OMO-HKIiriOOM almom new. ni. fent ed J.'i;..n. J7:ii down, K'5 t.'ih' 1 .some- tiiidt tile sink. oi ner lut. <mlv inoiulily. \\'ili "\\*IT,Ti SKLL r-fjuity in 3-brdrnnrn bomp. hulf-aurp. Fruit. tr»v*«. heir K-H. »-hn UHII PPIIP. J.1400 full price. Would «-on- Fidrr trrifl^ fftr hot ISP in town, }-~.;i*\ Nilrs to SterliMp FUiad, left to Fai;;< n __TVn;p^ _ Only _ hotiH". _____ , f ,!( for; SALK — A 2 -bed room modnrn hnu^p and Rarage alt ach'-d, v ii Ii f nut 1 1 ''<v* find cnrdf n. Iniiuire iti 703 AVootli"\v or .«PP a *- ~ (1 ' n P- h i n B I * *n . ,M» S finp home in Komila "V'f-idp. two bpilroomn. n iw 1 drn, la i f«p- li\'ing ro"in, f i i pplii < T. d inins room and K i! i ln-h , on In rwc • m - ner Jut with curbs in, htuk yard fciin-d. A rea I ha i ca in. J'n'ft rooms nnd on A nicp corner lot : on t.h* hwck in thi't-e I'oonifi i»ver a L'-< n i pa rage front m*r out on H;i kor st rpf-t. The ha ck i f» f u r n in bed . } - 0 u 0 do \\ n , balaniM- ter IIIR. I'urnihhed, t wo oxt ra nirp duplcvf and a home for ownrr. f iirnislifd, nit p rc- f riKoratora arid tahlf-iop utn\'pH. floor f urnjicu-s and ni'-e ha rdwuod f lo<n •«: vpry n i rely f urn isbt-d : two C|MII)P\PM i -put INK for $"HO per mt.ntb. Thin Is a harKnin. T\Vst High School. R a til' '-o riuph-v, f nr- nifijifd, and a 1-bfilrooui nl ii' < «» bonne on nk-e lot, juirt olf ot OU-atuft-r BU i-n, nn frrmB. Twpniy-f ifth fit reel , R 4-rotnn homo on rum lot. just HCTOSH n i eta from Hu w- thornr; School, for JI S»«. 10 Acres, PHP! of town, all in rult i\ at ion. port oi'a nges, h,i l»i ncp plow land; n h o horn* 1 and * hit K^n-PMutppcd. in fine local ion. Price on request. Chester LBIIP. «7i ext i H n i« n stucco ? -bpd- i nom home, un In ; KP corupr lot ; lai KL- JjvniK rnrun and f n rplm -c; Jtir.dtt, r*]owf>r Hi reet, HII oldpr hotne, but in wood nhft PP; has two t>cdraoinn. full dnnns room and nirp Uttdien, for $5000, tprniH. J. T. <Sy) \\'M k*-r ]««0 irbfAlcr Phone 2-OL'39. KvL-nniBfl 2-3f>Hi or 2-(iK3 SALK—Five*room slurco home, v*»ry modern, corner loi. KiKlilli fit reel: KiOOO, $1500 ca 4ii. bti Jaricp 145 per niont h, iti- t'ludinR 6 per tent interest. J"oui-room home in Sonlhgnlo. t2.*!Sfl. f">00 cash, balance 130 per month inrhulint 6 per cent in t r rent. $0 50-foot lot p. KaM California, • Id e walks »nd All utilities In; J4DO earh. ^-ppy lenient terms. Will HP|| ono or nil. Four-room house on Williams. J:t2:.C. fl^fiO down, $35 per month, in eluding 6 PIT cent interest. See Mel Hay or Jim Jarvia, Phone J-OSTS. eyen_in \KR 8^S 131 &7 HOME AND FARM buyer* wanted. If we haven't what yon want, we' U fimi it.. £H n Joaquin A CPU e IPS. Kdivard .Moody. __ 1S13 "K.v«*." IMiitne "-06i'>3. 9 • 1 -1 f KOHTHWKST distriff. «.romn >iome. wilh two bnths. Rfaut.fnl!y appnintp'1. In p\- r«*llpht f.oiHliiKin. Vn >t h^;tt. f ii eplm-o, play rnnm; \v^M lanciscapr-d yard, \\ il h complete Hpnnkl'HK sv^iein. I'ri'-p $ IS. 0(to. J5onri flow n, Thiw Imnie iu;iy b* 1 K^n by Bppnmtinf nt. SOP \\"n rd^ 1>, Watson, 21-0 Chester, riume l'-4SS4. ON THKSR riKtPEnTIKS plinne &-^924, MOV .; n icITT T N*—NOW v \r \ NT— NKWl.r Kl'RNISHKD 4-ronrn houpp. n;\ i fige, f*-in•(•(]-t;i h;i< k ya rd with f ni it i r ''f>«i and K» i Hen ppnt. »n r husinpj*.* (}^n>n iui'1 fii h(M>l. $4050, Jl-.'-'i down, J 4fJ inoni hly. ON THfP PROPEHTr phone 5-5U24, tve- '» ax 1ruly eTodnus-looklng; «>n- Remble for your busiiieH*-io-j>leaMJre days this fall! Charming scallonud eUKi'iK adds a eoftenlng touch. Imt does not break. Hie smoothly simple tailoring Hiai makes this an all-occasion costume. Wear it with Its fresh, crjsp dlskeyx. Pattern No. 8698 comes In 1!. 14. 1«, 18. 20 and 4U. HUe 14 ensemble. Ionic sleeves, requires 4 '.-, yards of 3!i-inch material % yard contrast tor dickey. The new fall and winter issue of "Fashion" is now reudy—33 patses. It's H complete guide to your fall and winter wardrobe. Bend lor your tony. Price lo cent*. For this attractive pattern, send 20 cents Jn coin*, with your name, address, t.ul- tern number and size to 7'he Bnkertfielit CaHfornian Today't Pattern Htrvici. 1u» M4*«toH Stttet. San francisco S. Ol.K.NN Nl. ho 2516 K Street 10-,1-tf PAIR ¥AL»I Beam iful C-room home with an n room. In PPI I'eot rondit ion Jn southwest dintrlrt. nc'.'ir flp.-ilu Park. Has three large hed- rooi|i8 wiiii IOIR of window spnre.. C'loHetn a nd Jine i cloMi ta n ro plentiful. Ln i KB li\'inK room witli firoplare and built-in booltcn pr-. la TKP din inn room with built- in Iniffpt. I,H ?-Re well-a r run Red kilrben with t iln dra in. In r«e break fa Bt nook, lid HP men I a nd npucioua aervtc*? porch. 7.»riro hath with built-in vanity and i»inlt sht.wpr. beaut if u] lawn and MH uhR. Full price J6000, aubstantial d n v\ - n. 10-H-tf ARLINGTON STHKET— Nice 2-bedroom home. In i CP Jivinc room, dinini* room, kitihen, H*M vicp porch. Buck yard fenced. J:t70<). JHOO down. RKXLAND A^HFS — Five-room home hu!lt in 19:19. Tile nhik. hardwood floors. stppl VMIM inn hllndH. lot &OxHOO; tit 8 50 EAST HAKKHSKIKhD— Kive-room home on corner, ucr P of emu ml. Two hed- t onm s, n ice livinu too m. dinintt room, ill" in U itcli'-n and hat h, hardwood flooi-M. Hei-1 vfiielirin blinds. Ol LDA LF, — Nearly new 2-bedroom home. nir»Jivjnp room, dinette and kitchen with Jotr of nice tile. Underground aprinkltnn fl.VHtem and vnrd alt fenced. Close to R'hool* and market: $4500. $2000 down. LOV Kt,\ count rv home, completely fur- nlshpil Beaut If nil v landscaped. Tenure n«sortment of Iruit trees and berriea: 1671 Chester Avenue Phone 2-75K4 9-22-tf Fitrnishp.l 2-bedroom Hi nrro home, nire livins room, dinrltp. kitrhcn, 'lartce scrv- ii't* poi'cli, k'n rage, H IMO H-room fuiniahed in r«*n !•. l.ivt* In one i< nd the other will pity for lunh; two hlorkn frnm hiiH line, markpl. rhwa lo Krnmnuir nnd JiiKh Ni'honl. Full price for both, $r>]i>u, $-iM)0 down. liidlg Ker I'tione HOI.TBY ROAD— Two-bedroom fetllrro He. tl!»* di-aln, hardwood floors. rnoni. Only JCOOO. sulmtanllnl flown. Syl Mi'NInrli with II. A. Mnnrn 4 Son. 15J5 KiKhlriMith Btreel. 1'hone 2-lL'68. evi>- nins fi-tiltf). ___ 67 SALE — Somh on 99 Highway, store iMiiMitiff, 7-i(ioiri duplex. H-rooin rollnjrc. 3 nriCH of Itind. watnr well nnd H((lO- Jtallon waipr Htoratt 1 tank. J9500. terms. SPC I'nn I S\lii-Khdt. 213 EBB'. KiEhtppiilh. I'hiiim S-'iliii, 1 ;. _ IO-2-tf TWO-ROOM house. Gns and wnter. Lot BOxKR. cot'ner lot, good loration. 1340 Din-hatn st!ret. Arvin. Cnlif. fi7 COA1PLETKL.Y rinnisliod smiill home with gnnigo upiinnirnt in noar; 1)i'PSf>nt income $«5 nnnillily; on large oornrr hit with additional Pliaoe for future construction; close to Krude school ami npiRhbor- hood store. An ideal investment. Price JfiLTiU, one-half cash, biilam-e ICTiiis. 1C. II. CUilv, n-r>!IL'(i. 6S WKI.T. T.OCATKn — Bnkersf ieia 4-rnotn h'imo. tMthrr fninlsllPit ur unrui 1 - rislii'd, m>:ir »rhu..l» Mini 1ms lini'K. Ilunl- •\vnn(f flours. 1ilc ih.-iin; itUf-nor ri 1 - fiiiislic.I. J.'IT.M'. }7r,0 il.iwil. hiihinc,- lilie n-nt. S"e Win-tin l>. Wiitson, ilL'O C'li<"-- tri. I'hune S-4.SS4. {>9 Quick jiossossioii — Attractive S-hed- room home in .Mm Visui Tracl, 1! hnths, larfre dining room and kiti hen; breakl'M.xt room. Kxcep- tionally IJIKKC lot; garage for three cars; $l],(iuu. four-room while frame home on 'i acre, one bedroom ami large sleep- inn porch. House in perfect condition; chicken houses with cement floor. J,arge grape arbor; perfect garden; excellent soil and abundance of water. AVi>ll worth the gelling price of $4"iOO. \Vant a BMt-g.-iiu 0 OnP-bedrooin house in Kast Rakers- fii'ld; garage ailached; wood shingle roof; automatic water heater, bathroom; $l!l.10 full price. IfiOJ Chester CAt.lFOnVIA PARK TRACT— Five-room utiifro hoiine. modern, on lovely lot. rn- Ho*ed Rarden. h» i bet ue int; po«Hpn(.ion «r>nn. I'nt e JOL'ftl), Hliout half dow'n. ST— Knur looms with large tiojvh anrt renient liaoemenl. on r- feet, jilnt off Oleander. Pods'-.-- iun fi<ir.n. Pri< e $4!*."tO, Jlfifin down EAST FiAKKRSFIKM) -- Twohedrnoin (.pji-rn holiRe or !y few ypais old. Venetian blinds, cement lia«entent: 12-jmil! Miiilile .vith coorl rental ini rime, hay l»a i n. "n i ."iflx I r,(t-foot "Mtner lot. fin hus F'l-;. - STr.tlO. ali,.iu half down. 'F:K with 4-i-oniT, IIOIIKF anrt two nU'pt'itiK t»nirhe^. aevpral o'lthiiildinffn ; Knod Kiour.d. tilenty watei: near f'aiifax CranKp. I^T.'iO, or will tiade for house in HalMTufield. 1<li;0 fHKS'lHK AVEXUK PHONE «-65!l.1 58 H.irhlnnd Park — Kine duplex on latse lot thief nit-e-fi^ed rooms, bath, extra large .(InsetK. path Hide: m-wly fiernratef tluoiiKhoiii. doiihle KHIMKP and Ianndr> Hays. »:.!lon. KiihKtanlial doivn. Monie nml Jmorne—l.o\-ply G-room liom Iiardwmrd flooih. ti|p in kitihen and hath, jiiHt t'fiinled oiilnide. Almost new. vcr' ii'tr^'tix'p H-i ooni-a nr,-ha I h apart- ini'iii O\'»T tJaiaRe. I.o\p|y biK livinK rcoin. iile in kit'-hen. laife ]f)t. fruit and .sh.ide 11 p'-M. <-oo"er. ' lone lo Im*. Initne- diHip iu'.Mrp5<»<ion JT.'t.'tM. J'hono 2-7'i Dnt)l^x ImniPillntp pr>ss«'Mxirjn. fin Inrc cnrncr Inr in Hie hpnil or Alta \'isla. Hdlh sl«l«-s varanl. nnd (he pU'n h«s beei ronipt^l flv vnu^atnU. I'ricp Ilirilllt. On fi coi ner In the snnthpast (JislTiii. Om hfilrortni Rnil ulc^innc t>nr< h. ] rf i\1np «nd dininc room, t.arce kilrliPii. Krmcnifi tljirjtup «nrl gtoicroom. l-'ruit and what]*'. I'rico $47. r ,n. On Ciiliftirnia a^'pnup. dnsp lo hlch srhool. Two l>erlroom«« nnd KlaH»e*l-in poi'rh. Inc ami dining rootn. o-'nr K.'IIBKP. This h.-is I.pen complptPlv i-ppainipd and is Ii (»MHieru condition. I'l ire. $rt7."i't ea«v 1-rms. Jnrornn l!tn per month. Two-Htory fin-nlKhPrt h'.me a?id apartment. Two hasenientw. "-<ar R.lrjtee. two f ifeplat en. Nice furniture. All this for ta!tf>(l nnd It In In a fine (llsli'rt. close, to Oleander avenue. Easy term*. Five HUPS of tli liest snil In Kern ronntv. \vilh fi-pe water. LarKe two bedroo and solarium. I.lvinn room nnd one |IPI|- ninin fully carpeted, line of the reallv lte:i lit i fill kitrlienw. Tuo-rar uaiaye. I'noler. milk Hepniator. free/.itif? cahtnet. 'I'he wr-11 IB cood and the rilm'e Is pine lined. SprinKllne svsteni. l.ols of out buildinE* and roi-rals. Prlrp $10 TidO. H(IVl)STt\V * I.A.VCASTKIl 1S17 II Hlrppt IMione S-Sr,:!9. after 6 r. .\f. call 9-fl47R in -jy f Knit SALIC -KiirniHlied bungalow 4 rooms, I'.'ith, kliclirn. i-ervir-e por^h. enrage. r.O- fool loi: SV.TiO. J1000 ca»h. »:!,'> month. Thone 2-6f>»8 hplween 2 to f> p. m. f>!l For Sale—Lots rWQ I.OT3 on Oildale Drive. Phone 5-4IS1. For Sal*—Improved Farms Twenty acres alfalfa, just ready to cut, HO will «ho\v how well this mound produce..; larse. barn, could he turned into milkinic barn; corrals; well-built nhop, feed house, chicken equipment; team, implements and u fcrood i ountry home, partly f-iinislied. See this 'for an nwfully Ruoil buy. Will take small house on lit rue lot. hair acre or acre and Hnm cash as down payment. Klwood'fl, Jii^ "Kye." .Si-out's CataloK (1HKK.V COVKR. mailed free! Hundreds of bargains. little farms. Kro^-es, ranches ami auto i ouris. California, fire- WashniKlon. Idaho, Motuuna, .Nevada. I'lah and 'I'eXHs. T TiHAl.TV, 111 Sutler utreet. San Ki«iiciHi-n_4.__yr 2S7«.___ FOR SALE—Due to illne»a, this fine 80- acre farm must be Hold. Two modern houses, good well, all under cultivation. J'tici'd to sell. See Kay RraniKer. 6 mile* wesi or McFarland on El inn Hljh- _w aj-. 6 4 BUY THIS of owner. 60 acres with house, Irrleatlun well, electricity ami Kan, other Improvements, one-half mineral rights, interfiled phone 3-2012. f,7 30 ACRES near Bnkersfleld In Edison dis- IlKl. in f.osl-free belt Completely piped for irritjat ion; good well, living quarierH. <>\vner ulao has use of 7ii acres Rood l>'itato lan^ ailJoiniiiK' wbich It) partially piped and supplied with water from own- er'i wel'. 1708 K Street Phone 7-7848 After 6 p. m. Phone 2-7(MS 68 1440 ACRES semi-mountain hog and cattle ranch: 840 acrea of farm land, balance grazing. Very good Improvements, beat one-man bog and cattle setup in California. 415 ACRES of good vegetable or potato land. Subject to lease. Will pay 12 per cent on investment. 160 ACRES well improved ranch, good house and lots of water, best of alfalfa, cotton or vegetable land. 780 ACRES near Lost Hills. This land can be farmed to grain, also prospective oil land. A H. Karpe. Phone 9-9671. 7-29-tf IMPROVED RANCH NEAR WASCO One section of fine level land, highly developed. Has vine*, fruit and 280 acres open that yielded 2!I5 »acki per acre. Excellent water conditions. Immediate possesHion and priced rlffht. Box 560-B, The rrlifnrnlan 9-27-tf Beach and Mountain Property •'OR PALE—West corner lot In Tismo Heach. t>Ox!Hi, two blocks from bank and business center, J.TTiOO, terms. Also 'J-beilroom hnuse. complete with modern PlumbiiiK, to be moved from present sile. Mrs. Hilly A\tell, Post Office Bui 11173. Pismo Heach. For Sale—Trailers READY Cash for Your Trailer. Trailer! cold on ea«y payment plan. We finance our own contract*. McLKAN TRAILER MART 100 Union Avenue 1-lS-tf s'KW 2-wheel house trailer, 7x16 feet in nly.e. good rubber, fully equipped for the roa^ 701 West Caaa Loma. 69 R\V 24-foot trailer, bntano Rtoye. for Kood buy see at 2115 KdiHon Hivhway. B7 '(Hi KALE—Almost new SK-font Cottage home trailer. Inquire Hitching Post <:a r_e, 9S,t_Ouk mreet. e7 A HARE OPPORTUNITY 'o buy a IIM2 Weotcratt house trailer. prewar heavy duty tires like new. all malioKanv interior, steel roof, many i e- finenii>iitn: Jl'JOO. Inquire McKee Adobe A "!.?! i _'.!' B 'jL WH} ' ^ -P l "'!'i flR OR SALIO—1941 Factory built trailer house, sleeps four. Hnill-ln lee box. Hiuve. water tank; Rood tires. 9y south, t'ollms .Market, east on Garden Drive. Hux 74S. JM V l-:l.L-Hl'Il.T I'l'-fool ttailer house, excel- •nt tires, fully eiiuipped. Priced for nick sale, clue block north off Nile*, ne block west off Sterling. f>9 For Sale—Automobiles 'OR SALE—1931 Chevrolet roadster. Rood condition, $150 cash its Is. See nfter f>::t(i p. m. Private owner. (60P238). 24H8 Knilih 1'heHer. 67 VI LI, TRADK 1H41 4-door Chevrolet MiMlan with healer (9P8914 Calif.), for an older model panel trticjv. Private owner. \Voilh $9L'f> a*t in." 612 Goodman street. Plimip_.1-t4lt8. 67 9:10 WILLYS special sedan. $17.1 aa la IS9MS88). good condition. Must he seen to In- appreciated, 718 ( 'a«tic avenue, Olldale. «1 For Sale—Automobiles EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY—All "For Sal* advminempnta of automobllCR/or truck« carrier! in the column! of The Bakersfleld Callfornlan mimt (1) »iv« license number npd »tate (If not California) of lunuance; <2) rnum «tate whether for sale by privnta owner rr dealer: (31 each rar or truck advertised for «nle must carry prlr-e aRkert—"ar is" or ••warranty" If advertised hy dealer, "us Is" if advertised by private owner. r<M|, nK prices may be obtained from local OPA office. 1940 FORD truck (BEPC37H3). 95-horsi-- power motor. 3-sueed Brownie, long whepinase. good rubber. Also 28-foot semi. coorl rubber. vacuum booster, iieiivy axle. Phone 2-4409. «07 Norris Rfiad. AH Is, by private party, $2fiOO 59 SELLER OR PURCHASER. Do you need additional cash to complete purcbai* of car" If so. Just phone or drop br the ACME FINANCE COMPANY, oppoait- Montgomery Ward. Locally owned and operated. Friendly, confidential terrlc*. W. J. "Bill" Bergman, manager. Phone »-«79«. I-12-tf 1829 WHIPPET sedar. (9A4327). fair rub- her. 3927 I. street. Bakerafield. S7 KQtll'I'V in 1938 Hudson t! coupe (9C7045). Bell r>r Irade. $100. Phone 2-4759. Pri- vnte ownei. 57 1938 BIMCK coupe '9A2R21). with radio and upholstering and paint .ion; motor e-xcnllent. Private party. Phone 2-4409 $81111. Will lake older car In trade. 68 FOR SALK—1935 Willys sedan. fairTlllv her: motor in unod condition. Price Sir.o. as is. Privately owned. (3B8772 Calif.). Plume L'-.",47I. 57 19.",7 FORD V-S (dC:isr,4V Private ow^er' _*."H?_""_!!: '_ S "i Ri>ulli_ll street. fi8 FOK SALK—IS.IB Fold convertible coupe (HBS3I6). Ceiline price $S:iO as Is. or trade for rnr losed car. SOTt Urant Ui-ive. (lildaie. 7 blocks west of Chester. "dl KOP. SALE—1930 Model A coupe, with fc '10x16 wheel." and tires new recaps. Car in unrtd condition. Pnvately owned (49X9B4). Cash price »2LTi ax is. 1'holle _2-«17:!. , 61 I.O.VO wheel base Packard (9B46S2) wilh four Rood tires, suitable for cotton trailer. 1 r>20_I,ake si reel. $nr>_as_ls._ B2 FOR SALE—1941 Ford convertible flve- paHsen^'er coupe, radio, healer. $IK'fi as !.•«. \Vant cheaper tar. Hep Claude Nnrlnail. Hob's Auto Camp, soulh 119 IliKhwny or call 2-!ll!H, between .">':;n and 7 o'clock. This is a nice .lean car. J'ri- rate riwner < :U H!lt;!l i t; 1 MOMEL A l!i.10. private party. HCfi. as is 'SV97I2I. I'hone 2-!).".J». !,!! For Sale—Lumber WHILE IT LASTS 1x4 1x6 2x2 2x6 2x12 6x6 3x4 3x6 3x12 Location, Standard Oil Company Tank Farms. Go north on Cheate avenue and China Grad* Road First gate on left side, near gate Gate open 9:00 a. m. to 4:30 p. m Closed Saturday and Sunday. KERN WRECKING COMPANY WRITE P. O. BOX 883 9-19-t FOR SALE—Smooth wire No. 12 and 13 gauge. 7' 2 c per Ib.; 100 Redwood 2x4 6-foni lengths. 30c ench : loo 1x4 7-foo length.", liir each: Bflii 1x2 6-foot length* 3c each; 2000 1x2 18-inch leneths. Thone 3-2II75. HOtlTS & BOX Cut Kate Lumber Tard 2200 Ed If on Highway, Bakerefield. 9-SO-tf For Sale—Furniture, Fixtures 8-Piece Moderne Waterfall Dining Room Set. 8-foot table with 66-im h rredenza, five side chair, one arm (hair J1C9 7-Piece Blearhed MnhnKany Dlnlne Set. extra Inree table $149 8-l J iece Bleached Mahogany Dinlnc Set. Moderne design $139 3-Piece Modeine Walnut Bedroom Group, large oval mirror on vanity. eastern made, oak Interior. $139 3-Piere Moderne Walnut Bedroom Group, drop center vnnitv $100 Bn-l-'nund Cotion Mattress t Ifi Coll Spring Ked Divan $ 55. Extra fine showing of Mirrors and Pictures $1. "A Small store Bulglnc With Values" AT/.-PMITH Fl'RNlTURB Eighteenth and L 1'hone 2-6277 GAS RANGR-—1108 Oregon. Automotive Service, Parts COM LETK body and fender repairing, also fron, wheel alignment. Charles Vigsfrom's Garagre. 1620 Twenty-eighth sti.-et. Phone 2-71)37. 4-12-tf GRANT nliton ring* last longer. Motor timed up. *rea*lnR and oiling: car «tor- ace Blue Ribbon Garage. 1916 Nineteenth. Phone 2-0(174. 1-16-tf WR CAN PAINT Tour Car Immediately. GMAO Budget Plan Call for A. Carter FRED C SCHWEITZER OLOSMOBILE DEALER Phone 6-5S97 Eighteenth and N 1-4-tf WE HAVE the following used tractor tires, which may be purchased without rertifirntp, 11-llfi, 10-38, 900-3B. 825-36, 550-16. 600-16. Bens'.ino's Auto Service Twentieth and K streets. 9-2s-tf Motorcycles and Bicycles FOR SALE—One hny'a Srlnvlnn heavyweight bicycle. 1(1 "i. See at 137 Bliss nt reel. Phone 3-li:i;i(i. 57 TWO men's bicycles for Kale. One prewar and one, victory bike. Apply at 1911 Ht-iile avenue. FOR SALE—Larly's bicycle, new. $,">0. Phone 3-0560. pract ir-allv 59 FOR SALE—1931 Harley Davidson. Rood tire*, good condition. $2-ii. 20 KincaUl street. Phone 7-746S. S'j Wanted to Buy—Automobiles WILL PAY THE LIMIT FOR MOST CARS NO RED TAPE. CASH i:; s MINUTES. 8-11-tf PRIVATE PARTY WILLING PAT TOP CASH PRICE FOR lil.19-1941 COUPE OR CONVERTIBLE. GOOD MECHANICAL CONDITION AND RUBBER. PREFER CHEVROLET, PLYMOUTH OR SIMILAR PRICE CLASS. NO DEALERS. PHONE 2-2727. 67 WANT TO BUY mortrt A 19.10 or 1931 coupe in good condition. Phone 2-1730. 60 SMALL car Inexpensive, in good condition. $400 top price. Phone 5-5649. 69 Large table-top stoves, with pilots white enameled, $99.50. Solid, likmd maple table, 6 upholstered chairs. $!(!).5d. Large selection of 2-piece living room sets, full spring construe lion. $154.50 and up. Sealy tuftless mattresses, $39.50 Play yards nicely finished. $(!.!>.". Use our budget plan, no interest or carrying charges. DAVIS FURNITURE CO. 1400 CHESTER AVENUE Just one block south of the Courthouse 59 FOR SALE—Studio couch, excellent condition; also 8x8 linoleum rug. cheap. 1 L 1 1 ft Thirty-eighth, house in rear. 57 j»e ^-2''^ VV liii^.,^) AV/itHi^o'limiilii'is'O' Sewing Miir-liine KxrhanBe. 121S Fnker, has Sinners nnd While Rotary. Repair ;iny make. 59 KOf{ SALE—.Modern dayenport. chair, fiffee table. 8-piece dining: room suile, Monterey ilavenport, chair nnd lamp, mahogany writing desk and chair, dark hlue Broadlnam rus, 9x1 2. All in excellent condition. Tall between 7 anrt 9 p. m.. L!S31 Twenty-second .street. FOR SALE—r.-foot FriKidalre. :-piece brocaded living room set, to he sold tonether: also yard furniture, dishes and tools. ::tio rai.-ifii-. 67 LEA VINO TOWN'—Want to sell at ont-e. «ll-wliite i'-e refrigerator; two iron bedsteads and prewar springs: high-oven gaa ransie. rabinet radio; library table. J'hone 7-7470. 58 USED FURNITURE wanted. We call any place In city and give free estimates. Brown's Furniture, formerlv Roy White Furniture Phone 7-7021. S-12-tf FIVE complete rooms of prewar furniture. Phone 8-8-168 or see at 252S Park Way. 58 PREWAR il.ivenport and matching: chair, dining sel with six chairs coil bed sp. Ing.-; nml two easy chairs. Sam Dye's Transfer. 510 Sumner street. 68 FOR SALE—New and used mattresses: all kinds of furniture, radio* aold. traded nnd repaired. First class workmanship. Pumpkin Center Secondhand Store. On Taft Hlrhway. IVi miles west At Greenfield. «S FOR QUICK disposal, Easy washing machine, Frlgidaire, rucking chair, boy's desk and chair, linens. «ilver, bedspreads, curtains, pictures, all kitchen utensils. Mixmaster. dinner set. complete. 1616 California avenue, apartment A. 67 CHKST of drawers nnd desk combination, nnrt birdseye maple vanity. 1320 L street. 67 WILL SACRIFICE five complete rooms ot nice furniture, including refrigerator, new Bloy* etc . for $650 cash. Can he. seen at 1870 Oregon street. 68 Wanted to Buy—Automobiles I Wanted to Buy—Automobiles FOR USED CARS DRIVE YOUR CAR TO Tweity-flrst TOUR CHBVROLET-BUICK-CADILLAC DEALER 9-21-tf r E BUT ALL MAKES OF CARS SELL ELSE BAKER-ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY 2706 Chester Avenue " ~«ir-r m Phone 9-9745 7-11-tf For Sal*—Furniture, Fixtures MODERN llvln» room net. practically n«w reasonable. 106 Bernila street. 6 HIGH-OVEN ean range. $30. ache Drive or phone H-03iO. 1301 ilon 5 LARGE livlnR room set. Rood sprlosrs an niakea out Into bed. Phone 2-7731. 5 FOR SALK—One InnemprinK mattress. 4n Inch, 312-coil. one three-quarter lenEI roil npring. both for $13: clean. On folding: iron cot and mattrefln. $6. 21 Ramon- t'venue, Rtverview. STUDIO couch and library table. 91 __ JIaker. ___ 5 USKD Pl'R.NMTI'RE. tools, stoves, miscel laneous articles of all kinds. We wil buy anylhlnK. Call 4-48^8. Authorize! Maying net-vice and part*. Fiirnltnr repaired. Roh Morley's New and Ust-i _ Furn II iire__Store. _ 1 80«_Q. _ g; FOR SALE — Bed. coll springs, Seeley mat tre«s, firescreen, andirons. 3^9 Twenty _ ._ _ MAHOGANY Duncan-Phyffe coffee table center legs. new. reasonable: double coi hedsprlnKs. Phone C-8780. 615 T street For Sal*—Miscellaneous THE OFFICE OF PRICE ADM1NSTRA TION ban net dollar«-and-cent« celllnn prlcen on used refrigerators, wnnhlng machinea, vacuum cleaners, typewrltem bed springs, cameras and photographic equipment. These maximum prices applj to every seller, even to nn Indlvidua selling his personal household effects For information concerning these anr all other ceiling prices, call lh« Bakera- field War Price and Rationing Board Phone 9-9419. 5-18-lf Flying and balsa model plane kit*, jeeps, trucks, tanks, ships fittings, balsa wood carving knives, dope and cement. Come In nnd look around. Edward's Camera Exchange, 1609 Nineteenth street. 8-22-tf FREE FREE FREE SAWDUST AND PLANER CHIPS Load It Yourself BAKERSF1ELD BOX COMPANY Highway 99 S Miles South of Town 9-6-lf FOR SALE—Glass office partitions. Inquire Bakersfield Ice and Cold florage Company. Phone 3-1884. 10-3_-tf FOR SALF.—Barn. 3L'x79 feet, with 12-foot sides, all wood, to be removed from property. I'rice $^00. Phone A. H. Karpe. 9-9671; evenings ;-'J.'i3S. 58 TEN ACRES ear corn on stalk, a barcalo jMlone 2-l!tlil. 57 Have some beautiful mountings In the latest modet'i Tiffany style, sel with blue white small diamonds. Platinum in 1 to ^'iz-carat sizes. These are very scar<e. in white and yellow gold, sizes J i to 1 carat. Tour diamonds mounted ^vllile you wait. Please do n i wait until Christmas Eve to have this work done. Our material and workmanship are guaranteed. Earl McEvoy Phone u-5397 318 Haberfeld* Building B7 WASHING MACHINES Impaired, quick service. Montgom ery Ward, Apex and all makes repaired and rebuilt. General Service Co., 913 Baker. Phone 2-9278. 9-8-tf ONE-DAY SERVICE Grade A Truck Rubber MENDERHAUSEN'S SOI Kiles Phone 3-1402 68 ;ABBAGE. cauliflower, broccoli, chard. lettuce, relery, onion sets, strawberry plants, raspberry, blackberry and flower plants: bulbs, acids and fertilizer: fruit, shade trees and shrubs. Plant them now. Krauter Nursery, 601 Eighteenth street. 10-2-tf SINGLE BED, springs, innerspring mattress, 20-gauge Winchester gun, good condition. 2203 Alta Vista. 58 FOR SALI3—Lady's diamond ring, '4 carat. blu» white diamond set in aolid gold mounting. 3-0105 after 6 p. m. 68 FOR SALE—. 38-caliber S. t W. revolver, shells an-.l holRter: Sam Browne belt: three 2-c?ll flashlights. Call 7-7915 or 7-7JH4 after 6:30 p. m. Ask for watchman. 68 'EUTILIZER—100 per cent pure dairy fertilizer, mechanically pulverized, $6 per load delivered. Phone Rusk's Dairy. 2-4027. 81 IHRISTMAh TOYS—Rocking horses, three kinds: airplane rockers, table and chairs, rocking chairs, children's lawn chairs, children's lawn swings. 300 West Belle avenue. Rivervkw. 69 Strongly made of heavy S-o*. white canvas, full 29 inches wide. Extra wide carrying strap. ROEBUCK A CO. 1317 Nineteenth Street 2-GAL'GE shotgun, ladies' tan all-wool suit, size 16. and ladies' black all-wool dress, size 16. 2108 Kentucky. Phone _2_-4762^ 68 'OR SALE—200-amp. heavy duty G. E. arc welder, powered by V-8 motor, to be mounted on Chevrolet truck; acetylene outfit. Phone 3-1377. 61 VEGETABLE and flower plants. Ranun- i-iilas. Ic earh: coleus. phllademlrumR, shrubs, camellias, gardenias, stepping stones. landscaping nnd renovating. Fowler's Nursery. 1124, 1316 Third. Phone 2-4fiS7 or 3-0888. 69 NOTICE J. & J. Electric Iron Shop 611 Nineteenth Street Mar bave heating element* to fit your Iron. Cords and a few motor* (or tale. CRATCH FEED with cracked Indian corn. Yes, we deliver. Pioneer Mercantile Cnm- pn ny. Phone 8-8581. 9-18-tf 20 TONS of baled alfalfa hay. Reasonable price to one who will take all. Phone 2-918:. G7 FOR See the DAVIS FURNITURE CO. 1400 CHESTER AVE. 59 LECTRIO ironer, single mattress and springs, brown overstuffed chair; one slipper chair. 1920 Spruce street. 67 riLDINO for aale. to be moved. 44x100 feet. Phone 2-0036. 6 to 9 p, m. 68 LM'OST NEW yellow gold diamond ring set for sale, 1728 California avenue. 67 BUCK ROGERS, TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY, A. D. Wilnia Interferes By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS "3TE ADV, HONEY / WUER SAID HIS PLASTIC ROBOT WA«o AV.MOST \NDE'3TRUCT>8LE IVE GOT TO BLAST IT AT CLOSE RANGE / MUER'Q MAD PL/V3TIC MANIAC/ *l RE .BUCK / DON'T LET IT GET CLOSE/ BUCK/ARE VOU ^ /V4OLD »T,WILMA.' NUT<3 ? LET THAT\ ANOTHER SECOND ROBOT HAVE \T/J V NOW, AND WINNER TAKE'S f /, ALL IN TUkS FIGHT.'. „ ~>»^^ \V •"F Jk. For Sale—Miscellaneous COME TO FOR ALLSTATE GRADE I PASSENGER TIRES Size 4 Size 6 Size 6 Size 5 Size 4 Size 5 Size 7 Size 5 .75x21—$10.85* 00xl6—$14.85* .50x16—$17.65* 50x17—$13.75* 75x19—$11.S6* 50x16—$12.95* 00x16—$19.95* 50x18—$12.15* Other Sizes at Proportionate Savings Si-xe 8.25x20—$68.50* Size 7.00x20—$32.80* Size 6.00x20--$23.38* •Plus Federal Excise Tax ROEBUCK & CO. 1317 Nineteenth Street 58 BJLECTROLUX cleaner owners, for parts or service, call your authorized Electro- lux serviceman. Marvin Herring. 2-8970. Electrolux Corporation. 1831 Orange street. 66 Singer and White electrics and treadles. We repair any make sewing machines or vacuum cleaiiera. Work guaranteed. Hemxlitching while v-m wait 1509 West Eighth. Phone 9-9437. 69 'ERTILIZER for sale. Sheep, dairy and stable. We deliver. Phone 2-9351. 69 THE WORLD Is a world of sound. To me It would seem dead without my VACO- LITE. Clement Hershey. 2735 Center, phone 2-0671. 9-28-tf VACUUM CLEANER. Irons, clocks and all •mall appliances repaired. No delay. General Service Company. 913 Paker. Phone 2-»278. 9-g-tf :LEAN. BALED alfalfa hay for sale. Also one thoroughbred Hampshire boar. Phone 2-4059. 57 REPAIR your own shoes. We carry a good stock r.f leather and accessories for repairing. Paul Hornung, 1606 Nineteenth street. 8-23-tf DECORATB your horn* with mirror*. We specialize In morrors (or mantel*, walla and doors. Bakerafleld Glass Company, 171S Nineteenth street. 1-10-tf GOOD oal: barrels for sale. Dr. Pepper Bottling Company, S501 Union. 67 FOR SALE—Gallon bottles. 6c apiece. 4060 Chester. Wayne's Drive-In. 60 COMBINE HARVESTER, 8-foot cut, on rubber, with pickup, $700. H. W. Teale. phone 2-7188. 57 VACUUM CLEANERS. Irons, toasters, heating pads, motors, everything electrical repaired. Money-back guarantee. Huntley Appliance Service and Repairs. 917 Water street. Phone 2-4570 or _2-93 64; 80 *UBLIC address muftlc instrument, pickup and amplifiers. Gore's Radio Shop. Ar»in. C6 n OR SALE—7-foot power mower, to fit Allis-Chalmers tractor. .1. R. Bright, 2 miles south of steam plant, Button- _w|Mc>w\ 6 8 ''OR SALE—Hieh-oven stove with oven regulator; rocking chair; Winchester, model 94 .30-.'!0. and three boxes of _»hella. Phone 8-90-'I). 58 •'-20 FARMALL on rubber, A-l shape; 2-row cultivator, 1650; 25 Cletrac, butane equipped, A-l shape, $900. 1'hone 2-4063. Phone StcFarland 6725. 68 TWELVE 3ilO and elsht 4x1 3/16 sheets of steel; rue tank 12x24. Turn left on Willow Drive off Beardsley one block, at "Private Road" sign. O. J. Seely. 58 }NE well-built 2-wheel push cart; one 2-hurner coal oil stove; one large hydraulic grape juice press and grinder. 73. L. Hughes. Phone 2-2466. TMLET—One Crane low-tank toilet, complete, practically new. Phone 7-7781 after 6 p. m. For Sale—Miscellaneous WK HAVE THE Bedroom Suites Overstuffed Chair* Dinette Set.i Oas Meatinc Stoves <!as Ranges Oil Cool: Stoves Cnnxoleum RURS t*nuaInter! Cheflil 1'npalnted Chairs Marble Top Kitchen Tablet fins Lo^s for Fireplace .Hieh Chairs Baby CarriapeK Nursery (.'hairs Play Pens nnd Pads Throiv Rugs Metal Bed Lamp* Toy Bamboo Hakes Blow Torches Vises Crescent Wrenches Stillson Wrenche* Draw Knives Diagonal Flier* Hatchets Mine Boxes .Jacobs Chuck* Flashlights Flashlight Batteries Daisy Churn Bottles Clothes WriiiRera Rubber Sheeting Rubber BeltillB Rubber Belt Dressing Ladders Kxhaust Fans Electric Hot Plales Hot Shot Batteries Electric Wire, 12, 14-Gaug« BX Cable • Axes Post Hole Dieters Klectrln Alarm Clock* Food ChopperH Metal Fly Sprayers Staik Pols. All Sizes Bar Glasses * Restaurant, dlassware Restaurant Dishes Bottle Pourers Paint. Silverware Grape Knive* If you can't find It anywhere else LOOK FOR IT AT Hardware and Restaurant Supply 1322 Twentieth Phone 3-05Ht 69 FOR SALE—Good clean baled alfalfa hay, on Hosedale Highway. Phone 2-3092. &J» FOR HALE—Electric FriRldalre. 2-com- partmt'nt ice cream cabinet, can be used fnr -fiint freezing. Galey's. 404 Bernard _sl reel. 58 FOR SALE—Vine, padlocks, ladder, sear puller, other tools; fan cooler, camera, fog light, hand wringer and other house- huld items. 612 (loodman street. 67 THREE electric Incubators, 6<n- PKS capacity, two large, one small; oil- burning brooders, used one season, all in goul condition; quitting business. For infoi niation phone 9-11518. 58 FOR SALE—f-'et of Arrow aluminumware, never been used. Phone 6-6973. 68 FOR SALE—Ladies' wool suits, coats, skirts and raincoat, dresses, size 14 to Ifi; bats wool coat with fox collar, size IS; black gabardine, riding pants. 32 waist: shoes, 6-R; riding boots with .lack, 6-R. Also two men's overcoats, one black, all wool, size .",8. one dark gray wo i). sine 4fi to 42; new 8-piece chrome corktail set; Bauer pottery floor ,l..mj': Iwo pairs drapes; bathroom healer and miscellaneous 2S23 West Nineteenth street. 57 FOR SALE—Electric, welder, 300 amp., Hobart on Sludehaker truck. Also acetylene and oxygen equipment. Phone 6-6380. £7_ WILL SELL almost new baby biiKgy i|i excellent condition for half original price. ''all 2-08(iil. 68 FOR SALE—Flat-top steel desk and set of Encyclopaedia Britannlca, fourteenth edition. 2205 Nineteenth street. 57 CATERPILLAR Good shape. "30" 1015 tractor for sale. V street. Phone 58 FOR SALE—One Set Edwards & Holmes silverware, service for S. Call between 10 a. m. and 2 p. m. 2011 Seventeenth street. apartment 6. 6_7 GET TOUR rubber stamps from Bakersfield's leadin : rubber stamp company. You will be satisfied with Its prompt service. Pads, inks, daters of all makes. 1808 "Eye" street. Phon« 8-8102. 69 TOR SALE—Used equipment. Approximately MOO feet 3',i-inch grade C drill pipe wi'h HiiKhcs Acme thread tool joints: approximately 6100 feet 5 9/16- Inch D drill pipe witn Hughes full- hole tool joints: one No. 34-26 Ideal draw works with 36-inch nydromatic brake: also many other items. Address Barnsdall Oil Company. 714 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles 15. Phone Richmond 5171. HO LIMITED number of new and factory rebuilt Hoover aweepers available only to persons having old Hoovers to trade In. Liberal allowance. Guaranteed factory pa its an 1 service. Call Well)'* service department. 6-6861. 7-6-tt FOR SALE—Wedding Kown and veil, size 12 or 14. Call after 5 p. m,, 2-6750. 1 421 Ba ker. BII FOR SALE—Large prewar leathered* baby carriage, like new. Phone 2-3144. 59 PIOXRKR NURSRRY Plrtiit now for fall nnd winter garden. Cabbage, onions, 50c hundred. Head and leaf lettuce, 40c a hundred. Cauliflower, broccoli, celery, other vegetable plants, cheap, per do/en. Special price per 100 and 1000. Cayendula, stock plants, cut flowers, funeral designs wholesale price. Corsages, potted plants. Open Sundays. 715 L sreet. Phone 1I-4748. i9 CHEMISTRY SETS TOY DISHES, CHESS POPULAR PRICED TOYS BAKKRSF1ELD HARDWARE CO. 2015 CHESTER AVENUE FOR SALK cheap, new wedding and engagement rings. Phone, 2-2312. 69 •NE-HORSEPOWER electric deep well plunger pump. 120-foot setting, 3-Inch column. Including pump jack. J. S. Balzer. Phone Shatter 4365. ONE box of 38, four boxes ot 16-gauge shells, will trade for 410 or 12-gauge. Phone 2-7076. LARCE Berch baby crib, steel springs, adjusts to two different heights. J15; tweed coat. $5. 2326 Alturaa Drive. Phone 3-1588. FOR SALE—Chrome spotlistht and pair ot fog lights. See after 6:30 p. m. at 2312 Nineteenth street. FOR SALE—Electric waffle Iron and toasler. Call 726 Pacific before 6 p. m. 58 FOR RAIj75—One Congoleum, one 6x» Inlaid, all for 16. 2421 Sunset. PRESIDENT Aniwrr to Prevlou* Pottl«> HORIZONTAL VERTICAL 1 Pictured former U. S. president, 13 Carriage 14 Walk 15 Woody plant 16 Dutch measure 17 Substance 19 Abstract being 1 Speedily 2'Tree limb 3 Male sheep 4'Forenoon (ab.) 5 Gaping 6 Entangle 7 Ignited 8 Newspaper. 22 Manuscripts (ab.) 24 Delirium 12 Birds' homes 17 Month (ab.) 26 was the 42 Port tallest of all 43 Coincide U. S. 45 Attire presidents 48 Upon 28 Sloping way 49 From 29 Verbal 52 Russian 31 Babylonian village deity community 1 33 Dawn goddess 53 Blackbird, of 25 Reverberate 27 Love god 30 Golf devices 32 At this place 34 Area measure 35 Erect 36 European country (var.) 37 God of war 39 Place (ab.) 40 Oriental nurse 43 Solar disk 44 Minced oath 46 Great (ab.) 47 Toward 49 Either 50 Railroad (ab.) 51 Edge 53 He was nicknamed "Honest " 54 Ireland 56 Son of Setb (Bib.) 57 Weird 9| Animates stream 23 Ship 35 Narrow inlet 37 Dress 38 Of the thing 41 Symbol for silver the cuckoo family 55 Symbol for nickel 56 And (Latin)

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