The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 17, 1936 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1936
Page 11
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- - h -I i - SEPT EMBER -1 - -i M • ., • • - -, • ..-•--'. -" -,. i - >.- '.i <fe H '*iC- .- " i ..'i ' i- V\ I" M '-'-V ttr »*•- «>. •;. -j - -r •- • j 'j -> -- . -, ,. -. - ••I i . .ill 'i '.' i'f -. - -' H -V .f- I . ^ i'.- i - ,", • 7,: ; - i. j '.** r^i, P,i'f. 1-. I _ t - - * •! '. 1 l.i -I .— .-v v "-JV v 7 '.M . *- i, - . I. ! V-^ r * 'A- .'••^- ^1 r *..'• :•*. - . - . J *-.. . h :-f? I ' . i'- fiakersflcld *-•':' to ,C6dUOi * mid today ^rogrtitn's special in* tensive •, search ; for the beat Kern cdurity ha»lo otter in the way of r» L • •- "I* 1 ^ J ra'dlb stars, , ' r sii1a5bach6r, well known Jn Pacific ciKist radio olrclefi, has auditioned riibro thkn 10,000 prdfessiOimls and aitjateurfljn ft, scpro q£ leading Call- foVnta communities since the great Hour M -talent to>na> meht 6$jjin' last April, . B'Usseau practically'hls'whole busl« in BcsledUHg and exploiting , his most exciting work in this JIhd being a quest foi- native .actors lh Africa for a; Hollywood motion picture. .The "California's ilour" scouts plan ,to spend a weolt, in Bakers- flbld, ,and .have high hopea of maK- ing several Sensatlo.nal discoveries among professional artists, and *'un* Hnowns" .here for their program saluting. Kern doxinty pver the Co* luinbla^Don Lee network on feeptom* Ueir 28, .when..Frontier Pays October 3 and 4 : wlU bo given state-wide publicity: ' . . , . Auditions in'the tournament yr\\\ be held at radio station KHUN next Monday and Tuesday, from 2 to 4 p, m, and from 7 to 0 n. m. Winners will bo featured representatives of their communities on tho network program, and will win a round trip to TJOS Angeles, $40 in cash each, and a chance, to compete for added prtxcs of |50, $300 and $000 in the state-wide contest, . F -•-- ^^H^^M^^H Arti Lan onsu Ltattd SAN PB&fcb/ irtiV: 17*—Thunder- g gun ialutes;^ete exchanged to- n ^ r ^ M ^^ n v dky between f*ort M<iArthur and tho K\ *?. V ' va ** - = • . ••-.*'- . • - - ' . - '- .. = .. I *•* *. A ¥11^K.*A **. A jMilib, which arrived visit en rdiite fhsm CalUmbia to iU home bo«o tioh •: air Mathew Robert Sett niirtdlftf the At»6noV And "tttitf Ad miral Wv T.%Cluv»Miifl, of the MVldljttJe and mftklng cc-r in port during the absence of batUeslilp fle^t, oxchanffed several hours after the Apollo dropped anchor in the outer harbor. l8- Te Afeoo gave a -gun salute to Rear Admiral ChiviMuft- and a 21*gun salute to iMrt MoAtthur, whito.Mho-ffoH answered with a gun salute, Sept. 17— A ftkhmond artist produces landscapes that are good to oat. The trees, the roads, the pastures and the cttws are delicious* He is E, A. Bromm, a batting company executive, whose pastime is making pictures out of Icings and candy, The landscapes are astoninhingly real» especially after they are framed and hung on the wall. The trees are made . of deep green icing t the fertile fields of chocolate* and the cows of pep* permint-red, A cheese-colored moon hangs In a vanilla si sept. it.-rtSxten< sive travel throughout the world has left Sir Keith Murdoch, Australian publlahor, with the conviction that English speaking people "don't like revolution very woll/\ Sir Kolth, chntrttian of the Alia* trail an Associated Press, en route home after a trip to JQurope, said peopto over there are "going to ex- ti-ems—to the left or the right" "White this is trub to some extent In Kngland, It Is a modified extremism and t think this la true of Australia, Canada and other parts of th? empire and Ifingtand, Tt seems thnt the people of ISngUsJi speeoh don't llko revolution very well," he added. Man Carries Slug in Shoitldet Loh^ Period Unitoticed ft/ft i WOODLAND, Sept 17^-W- W. McCHntotk carried a Httc bullet under hi* right shoulder blade for 25 yearn and did not know it until he became 111 recently and the bullet was disclosed by X-rays taken during a general examination, He explained that he felt a stinging sensation 25 years ago when a rifle was discharged accidentally. An examination faded to reveal a bullet, the superficial wound healed quickly and Me- Clintock carried the lead slug without knowing of its presence. - "L - -.1 - j. •i . f r . - L l -P »l". rfV'T MOJAV&, Mrs/George ^Brfhi a dinner at their hbtrtfcVon- it i on Tuesday evening, (Itieiitis members of the kucky? Bridge of lAncaster, Seasonal place cards \vere used to decorate , the beautifully appointed table, lowing the dinner bridge joyed and award* went to Dante SlW and Herman Carter. Members present wore and Mesdamea Logan White. John i Perkins, t>ahtd Slml, Hermaft Carter and Don Mover all bt Lan* castor, and Clyde Zimmerman and Oeorge Wright of Mojavc, / Carl Siilabacher, talent scout for tho "California's Hour," and a pretty contestant in tho siatb-wide- compotltlon* Auditions will bfegin in Bakorsfield Monday td select sit; $40 prl«e winners to appear -with Conrad Nafrel oh the "California's Hour," TT -'•'- • * - nn '• ' • • T% • • i ^ J Urge Two Periods to Register Cars President Cardenas Tells Mexico Conditions Better (Associated Press Ltatcd Prcf* r^dbactf SACUAMlSNfO, flopt. 17. D. F., Sept. 14.—President baznro Cardenas told the Thirty-elxth Congress In effect this tfatlon of motor vehicles in Call- week "everything's all right." fornia will be two separate periods , if rooommendatlona oC « loglslallve subcommltteo are incor- . poratodinto the motor vehicle code. I grandmother's oookiea with raisins, ^V"^^^ ^ «L ^ ^ ^ M fe His dry, factual annual message, studded as thick with . figures as Under present regulations, rogls tration of all vehicles IH started was imprcftsivo in Its very restraint. Not onco did Cardenas, the "plain January 1, and tho period for ro- man's president*" givo way to tbo n ri 1 ^ *^ j bursts of optimistic Oratory that marked many of his predecessors' documents. There was cheering news concerning the ptate of the nation. Some high spols of the message: 1. Government revenues in th*> first six months of 193G were 220,- noo.OOO pesos (the peso is currently is limited to sunn an extent that an exceptionally largo force of workers must bo employed to han- dfo the peak load. The subcommittee has recommended that all pOHBenger vehicles— more than 2,000,000 havo*been registered In the sliitc this year—continue to be •registered for yourb periods beglmithg January 1, ami | quoted at 3.CO to tho United States that the core ihun 300.000 roinmer- cfai vehlclen bo registered In a period ending- April 4, or any later dfl,te adopted by thfc state division of nfotijr vehicles. ,; * Tf tho repisti-a'tionflf were staggered dollar), $26,400,000 ovor expenditures. Total revenue* In 1935 were only $3:J4,GOO,000, $32,600,000 pesos over oxpenaes. 2. Spent for education during tho last year, woo $52,000,000, 18.13 per suggested bi^'tho .subcommittee, [cent of the entire national budget, they probably-could bo handled by Nearly 2000 Schools wore built, or .. **'-'.* .'*:--' * j * * . * - . . ' ! . . ^ _ fc. h - j A. _ F .'.,-, the regular motor vehicle division fol'cc'ancl t'lfc state could save considerable, mbney ; now paid to extra worker*/ -'••'• * *••" : -'•• • ' ' started. Mexicans* believed no other nation'dbitld match that record. 3. The wholesale fcrice average In June this year 'waft 98.2, as com- pared with 93.0 last Juno and 143.4 in tho first halt of the good year of 1980. 4. Tho monthly average of tho Bank of Mexico's rediscount operations from January to Jtun* this year was $60,000,000, against $41,400,00 in tho lost half of 1085. G. Mexican investments in tho recently nationalised Insuranco business had increased 'from $4,205,000 in December, 193G, to $7,450,000 in June, 103C. Monetary reserves, even with the price of silver sliding, Htlll \voro worth $3J 8,458,000 with only $370,078,000 currency of all Boris in circulation—an increase, this 1ant, of $90,274,000 ovor June, 1035. GISTS 8000TII HAT LONDON, Sept. 17. (A. P.)~-Cpidftr, and a great favorite with ^London Xoo keepers, celebrated her seventh birthday by killing her eight \hou- sandth rat. She lias never been known to let a rat escape. Trap*, used to exterminate rodents at tho zoo, but Bpldcr has bogged more than all thoao put togothor. One morning she killed 67 within an hour. -* i * - • •* * r 4 1 * , *:* I r f 4 H I- * ' ! * _ j \ ^ . at no increase in cost! ' Old-fashioned cocktail, Manhattan, highball, or straight—your very first drink of Old Quaker will show you what extra deliciousness this really rich whiskey makes. And now Old Quaker is 50 per cent older—50 per cent more smooth mellowness—without a single penny increase in price! No wonder folks have bought over 3 million cases . Months . _ , ^ _ '- **\w i,*--v* V^VAV^^^A^tP ^rnxiiP te re Horn Worksh amared how you kshop home POWT Krt rkm and them 0111 1011 Fas me and mal ond you furnl ture ork Ward Ilnc-Ite House Paint S/ftoU ga Won Roduced from 2.601 Guaranteed qualltyl Save nowl Morpropf Vvrnlsh Quart RegulArly 1.001 PJnett interior floor varnlshl WARDS I ' .' •*s- t :' SCHOOL KITS Plat top size; metal caaet and thoroughly rustproof; with ft pt. vacuum Bottle. NICKIL PLATID ROUiR SKATI5 79 e Has steel ball bearing wheels; sheepskin ankle pads; rubber trucks. Reg. 1.12- Spccial al 8# Roll c 35 Ib. smooth surface roll roofing. Roll covert 100 sq. ft. Big value! WARDS REPEATING SHOTGUN-WARDS FAMOUS "Western Field" Sii: L' • ' '.' L> * L> -2 • *. - * FOR THI "FAIR" 388 - ^"I It's usually $26.45 at Wards, but you'll find runs like it elsewhere for up to $401 A smooth, fast (6 shoti in 5 seconds) repeater, with important parts of chrome vanadium ateel. Walnut stock. Popular gaug*s* Buy it for only f 5 down, $4 a month, plus carrying charge, M - t. .- 1 I L ' HcR-uIarly Full 12-tjt . . . heavier tin- ware than average dairy pail at this price 1 Ward value 1 i Reg ^*^^^ 12.05 I. AT UK Ward* Krmtt 9 * Turns work up to 10x30 in* Thnut ball baaiing head; 4 speed pulley. Features of lathes priced $20, yet only Rejru) 10c Here's a low-priced drainpipe solvent that really cleans . , . cuts grease t Special combination cadmium Rustproof I WARDS lOc Special at Hammer H»ndl«i. Fit any Rtandard hammer. Second growth hickory. WARDS ** ••* Reg. lOc Special at Pr. Men's Black Rubber Heels. First quality flexible rub* ber. Nails included. WARDS Reg. 35c Special at * Axe Handles* 36 in. Selected straight grain, sea. soned 2d growth hickory. WARDS V Reg. $1.15 Special at Axe. Correctly tempered, prop forged ateel; 354 Ib, head. 36 In. handle. -.H ues i L'.- Value! Accurate, absolutely! Easy to r«td; weirhs up to 25 lb». Built for long service. Sov»2c 0 dozen Spring clothespins that won't split or rust! Can't rolll Grand for windy days. 3 C Wax top cetla I*st loafer . .. particularly Wards, b«- csus* th«y*rt all fresh! 4.35! An 18"x30* enameled flat rim sink . . . Built-in type . . , at an amazing price! PATCH KIT I 1 I I ^^r^^^p^p^^^^^^^^^ ^'^^^"^r'^p^^^'^^p^ C Reg, I9c at Ward* but usually 25c elsewhere! 72* material— Z tubes cement) nn OB ••-+• i -.. -- ^. . . , - . .. .. , «#i«^ i^i.^gLJL--:— i._--^^L^ ^- V- ' -L--^ •,•-. *'&<'••' -^*~ '-- '* ••* ' *& **?•>>> ^^'- : ^"^ ;-^':-V './'.-fc^fc*-.* \r-:.v!-.^W;- Chester fifth

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