The Summit County Beacon from Akron, Ohio on August 29, 1855 · Page 2
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The Summit County Beacon from Akron, Ohio · Page 2

Akron, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 29, 1855
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THE "BEACON. AKRON, Axersx la, : i I I fi Ftople'g Rtpobllci Stato Ticket. SALMON P. CHASE, of Hamilton. FOR MUTT. eOVKXMOB, . -fc 'TH03I AS RV FORD, of Rklilaml. 99U JirDITOV OF STATE, FRANCIS M. WRIGHT, of Champaigce. j. - . rS SCCHTAKV OF STATE. JAMES H. BAKER, of Ross.. X rOftTKEASrHK Or 1TATB. , WILLIAM H. GIBSON, of Sci.ecii. "r srvox or icpsicmbcoi-kt n llteem. JACOB BRINKERHOFF, of Richland JIMCOf HiniMB GOrKT VACANCY. C1IAS. C. CONVERS, of Mufkiiigum FRANCIS D... KIMBALL, of Medina. fOI HKMBKR Or BOARD OF PUBLIC WOX.KI. ALEXANDER G. CONOVER, of Miami, tJEPlIBI.ICA COUNTY CONVENTION, , - Ths Republicans of each Tawushipia 3nmmit Count; are requested to meet at their usual places of holdiug -i ti . eiTr'nniv arprvunvR i.t t A o'clock p. m., and appoint Delegates to a County Con- Taction; to be held at the Court House, : la Almm, WodHCsdnr, Srpfember 5ck, at 10 o'clock a. na'., for the purpose of nominating a Representative to the Legislators, a County Recorder, ComiaflSfrroner, Coroner, Surveyor, and Director of the Couaty Infirmary. Delegates are apportioned according to the ratio for Jurysaea,as ' .;- '' Bath, - - , 5 , Boston, :ti Copley, i franklin, 7 Norton, 5 Portage, IB Springfield, 6 Til. Akron, t Hudson vtl. 1 ' Coventry, 4 Coy. sails, . Hudson, Njrthampton, Green, 7 Northneld, ' 0 Richflfld, '' 5- Twioabarsh, S -Middlebury v. 4 Sto Taltmadge,-' Cuy. Sails Til. " ' - D. B. 'H.ADLEY, V - B. HANSCOM, I -ad r J. A. llUEBE, f Ct ' II. LACKEY, ENTIiL CoHMITTEt. Bepnhlican Senatorial Convention. '"' rteregirtesjo this convention, to be held atrankliu Mills, Thursday.Sept.6th, IP55, at 10 o'clock, A. J.I., may be chosen at the same time and place of choosing county delegates. Each Township is entitled to one delude, ami one for each of the villages of Akron, Middle-bory, Cuynhoga Falls and Uud-Mul. ' - n.'S. ITADI.F.Y, 1 i,i n. HANK. 'DM. f : : ' J. A. HEEfiE, . .. IjESTRlt CoMUlTTae. II. l.ACKEY, N.' FAY; . a ) ; . fc'- r. . . ..." . . ; . t W ''Soflcs for Aaron and Cuyahoga Jail ' . Uy request, the better to accommodate the people' of " Portage township and the village of Akron and the towli ship nn village of Cuyahoga Falls, the timo for holding .themeel.infra.fcw ehrtomng delegates to the Republican . Cttiinly Convention, trill lay changed from 4 o'clock to 7 is" o'clock, P. M,, Sep. 1st, at the usual places for holdiug elections lor said townships and villages. ' iy. order of the Executive Commutes. Akroa. Aug.. 27th. County and Senatorial Convention. . Xest Saturday is the day designated for the selection of Delegates to the Count; and District Republican Convention- the former to place in nomination a Count; Ticket, and the latter a candidate for Senator, to represent Portage nnd Summit in the next Legislature. Ths County Convention will be hold on Wednesday, at Akron; ,the Senatorial at FranklirMills, on Thursday of next week.'; Of the result of the coming contest in this ount; and district there can be no doubt. Bat, an overweening confidence should not be suffered to diminish the activity of the friends of tho cause, or lead to carelessness in the selection of candidates. ' The Republicans of the Stat are in a position which allows them to excerise their best judgments in, the selection of members of Mie Legislature. The duties which will devolve apon a now administration in Ohio, arc so important, as to demand the be3t'Legislativo experience, and talent of the State. Men demanded by the exigencies oi the times may be nominated, 'with an assurance that. there is among the voting masses a determination to sustain such triumphantly. As every vote will tell upon the State Ticket, and the . moral and political influenceof an overwhelm-xiajority is needed to furnish theas-ewntnee that there is a North, and that its Tights are henceforth to be vindicated, every clement of strength that can be reached in the selection of a County Ticket, ahoulJJbe carefully secured. Made up as the Republican organization is, of men who have left all the old organizations lor tho sake of a great fu-inciple, a magnanimous and self-sacrificing npimt should control the action of its conventions. . 1 .-. . J ' In addition to Messrs Jewett, Hike, nnd Caite, who have already been named we mnderstnnd that the names of Dr. Ash.vijn nd Judge Thompson will be presented, bv ffhelr friends, m -connection with the office of Bepresentntire. With these, and a host of high-minded, true hearted men to select from, the'Convention cannot go amiss. - For Senator, the name of 0. P. Brown K.rj. t Portage, is the only one presented, thus fr;;nlthough it is likely that other names will be placed before the Convention. Mr. R. will represent the District with signal ability and fidelity. ' Ths Hard Shells of New York, Met in Stato Convention at Syracuse, Aug. 23. Thoir deliberations occupied 2 days. They adopted a platform sufficiently adamantine fur tko fossils f any State, (t was reported by Gen. Ward, bow.aseubciueat. ly placed at the head of the State Ticket. Not a , word is said about the present administration, and there is an omintMS silence in regard to Pierce. But, the Baltimore platforms of 1848 and 1852 are re-affirmed as ihe essence of hard-shell democracy. Not a word about the Nebraska bill and the proceedings under it, but a full endorsement of the principla it embodies: . "jquatter .sovereignty." The right of a handful of settlers to fix the character of their institutions, dispose of the question of Slavery, &c, is maintained, regardless of past legislation and the clearly established rights oi the States to.wbicb the Territory belongs. A resolution denunciatory of Picrco and his Administration was introduced and urged, but voted down 83 to 60. The following ticket was nominated: ' Secretary of 6tat. AARON WARD. iiuiroller..., Z. A. HITCH KI.U. Treasurer J. M. I.YON.S, ( anat -Commlsaioner V. FOI.LF.TT. . Male Prison Inspector.. ....OARIIM CI.ARK. Attornev Ueueral R. 1. DILLON. Ktnte Engineer..! (;E(lK(iK COI.K. Jvdrrt of 0urt nf Jimieait For the long term S. 8. rlF.l.DiJ.imd JOHN )lin nil, .LARD for the short leraa. ' ' ' Kossutb ft Pieroi. Kossuth wiites to the New York Times complaining that a memorial ho sent to the President, mors than a ye r since, remains unnoticed, unanswered He had an assuranco f,nm M. WahatAF in as interflow ha hail t with that gentleman while be was Secretary of State-that if a general conflict occurred in Europ, he would favor the appointment of a confidential diplomatic agent toco-ope- rateVilh the oppressed nationalities. He J ln "", ,rug(t, it will not be for want of of-tlink's;the President has been false to the , fort- lhe 8,ano ,l,kcn at Lawrence will policy indicated by Mr. Webster; and ought , Dring ,lMlt oollission with the Legislative to retrievo his error witboutdelsy, if he is authority.. That the members of the Logi. not indiflorent to the honor of the Nation, humanity and freedom, - Befuaea t Discuss. An effort was made by the friends of Mr. Chase, to induce Mr Medill to meet him in diseussion; but the Governor had no stomach r such a fiifht. The State Journal favored f ueh an arrangement; bnt the Statesman was . siumb about (tit lime. Itats Ixpsoditores Taxatioa ao. Ths freoplo of Ohio know that tbey are moat oppressively taxed; tnora so, as statistics show, than those of any other State in the west. Tbey know, moreover, that tins taxrtion has been steadily and vapidly increasing for sevsral years past. They know too, by the annual reports of the State officers, that the merest fraction of the amount col, Iectrd from them lias been appropriated to tbs liquidation of ths State Debt., : Tbey know that the State has not, for rony years been engaged in extending internal improve msnte; the system common consent bees abandoned to private enterprise. They know that the grand -tax duplicate of the State has been vastly increased, by bringing on it a class of property which escaped under our former system of taxation. Tbey know that the wealth oi the State is greatly en hanced, that a large amount of wild land in the north west has been placed under culti vation and made to yield its quota towards defraying State expeuses..With these faots in view; they feel that the State Tax ought to be steadily diminished. Under a just and ocimormcal system of government, each a result would inevitably follow the growth and prosperity of the State. With consternation and indignation they have witnessed an in tircly different result; and with one voice they aeninnd a revolution in tho Statu poli cy, and a change in the State Administra tion, as the only mode of effecting what bas become an indispcnsablo reform. . The State Administration has been in the hands of the Nebraska-Democracy for nearly nix years. Tbey have, in the meantime, fra-med a new Constitution That Constitution has been all the time "in the hands of its friends.'' Yet, with facts so notorious in view of all men, every device isj resorted to. to escape the responsibility . of th present state of affairs. Labored efforts, are made, perfectly ; delusive statistics produced by SRe official.-', to show that tho enormous taxation is due to local action. - How this betters the case is past our comprehension. , Those who control tho Stato, havo controlled : nearly three-fourths of the . counties: and the responsibility is, therefore, unchanged. Bu'-, the afttjjjjft to charge tho increase of taxation, to county purposes and action, is a miserable device tioliift the odium on tho wrong shouldont. , rffi statistics of the official re. ports show that, under the new Constitution and the legislation rjthe Slave Democracy, the State expenditures in many departments have been doubled,' t Tbo corrupt management of tho public works, alarmed even a Nebraska legislature, nnd led, to the adoption of new restrictive measures, Py bad management, revenues which ought to have increased largely within the past fire years, have actually been diminished. These facts are nciessible to every man whruis ijz at the proper reports, notwithstantrrjsjwlre sophistical reasoning of those who draft them. That those who have controlled the legislation nnd administratson of the State should be held responsible for the results of their pol-icy, is a proposition so plain as to commend it to every man ; and when the voters of Ohio go to the bnllut-box this full, they mean so to cast their ballots at to produce a thorough change in every department of the State Administration.. They were willing to bear heavy taxation when tbo State, in its infancy, was engaged in vast schemes of improvement, so as to open a market for its produce. But, they feel that nothing but monstrous oxtravagnnce, corruption' and mal-adminis-traiion can occasion a steady increase of taxation, long after the Stato has completed those improvements, and after its increase of population has almost made Ohio the second State of the Confederacy., In keeping with the deceptive statistics and dishonest expositions made by those who control the State Administration, is a labored attempt made by the Statesman, of Colombus, a few days since, to show that the public works have yielded more revenue and cost less to keep them in repair, during fire years past, under Locofnco rule, than during the five years previous, under Whig rule. How dues the honest reader suppose figures were made to sustain this proposition, right in the face of official reports? Why, by embodying the Receipts and Expenditures of a position only of the publio works. The Muskingum Improvement and two or three others, which wero so badly . constructed under lucofoce rule, as to be almost destroyed by the first freshets, were set forth to exhibit the receipts and expenditures of tho whole public works. The repairs of the damaged works were made under Whig rule, and thus heavily enhanced expenditures. But. notwithstanding this disadvantage, bow stand the fncts 1 The State Journal copies the figure for all the public works, for the two periods embraced by the Statesman, and shows that notwithstanding the disadvantage of having to pay fur the blunders and inca. picity of a locofoco board, the excess of revenue under whig rule, over and above the amount received during th same time, under opposition rule, was THREE. HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS! Here are the figures : Receipts and expenditures on tho Public Works of Ohio from 1M45 to JtM, inclusive; ' ' REc:trTs. ExraNmrrREs. IMS.... 1H46.... I"7... W4H Ma.... 5115,479 7'J(.7!i3 71)5,041 720.375 ni5,l7fl 3rt,37 44n,0oa 1M....;.s)39lUM Ij6KI : Here ia an eiarss of 61,G53,C75 of receipts over the xnenditiirrs. No let us give the roceipta and expenditures from lbv0to 1K54 inclusive; being Uie time the Public Works havo been in the hands of the locofoco nnrlv. ' Kvceipta and expenditure ou tae Publhl Works of uuio u-um b Ifla-l inclusive i Receipts, .7'.tl,l)H5 . W.I.!W9 .. 0j6,!l5H .. I5,I6H . 474,'JtH ; Expenditures. S.TW.MS Mil.'jtiO t-M'.'M . 440.H7I ISM lrtis leva mi Total.. ..,;4r1M fl,3M,Me The rocoipts nbnve the expenditures for these rive Tears are tnus anown to ocsiiJil,4lv. HiwFreeEtate Kovemsat in Kansas. 1 he spirit of freedom seems tn be fully aroused, at last, in Kansas A mass meeting was helif at Lattrsnur, o. tbo 14th innt., attended by UOO'free state men. The election outrages an i the present Legislature were vehemently denounced. It was resolved to disregard the laws and authority of the Legislators', at all hazard. Measures were taken for calling a Convention to form a State Constitution, preparatory to an appl: eatnm to the nextCongress for admission into ths Union as a free State. The Convention j ' Sept. ' Got. Reeder wa. fully "u """"J' We hail this movement with pleasure. I It shows that if the friends of freedom fail I ,,lre ,I,ftt tbrydonot reflect truly the sentiment of Kansas, is evinced by the fact that they have decided against an immediate application for admission at a State. Tie Yellow Fever Is increasing at Norfolk, Va , and has been characterized by great fatality. Fears are , entertained tha j will spread td the larger cities' Alarmed, hit not Penitent- -The Plaindealer affect indignation and wrath at the doings of Atchison and String- fellow's Legislature in Kansas; and predicts are-action against Slavery as a reso'.t of their violence and shameless legislation. This indignation is assumed. It is not felt. It Ua disguise assaraed for the time, that it may more effectually deceive its readers. If it is hestile to the doings of that Legislature, why did; it endorse the removal of Reeder, Pennsylvania Democrat, whose only sin es it well knows was a refusal to recognize the eleotion of the Missouri cut throats and approve their actional Why does it sneer. at the Legislature, while it is silent in regard to the action of Pierce and Atobisou?, The St Louis Democrat (Benton's organ) shows what tbs-whole country knows to be true- that Atchison planned the wholo scheme by whieh the present Legislature was forced upon Kansas; and has. been backed up at every step- by the Administration. They are the guilty men. . Why does it not open its batteries npon fhemt The state of affairs in Kansas is the legitimate fruit of the Nebraska hill. It was passed to establish Slavery there. Slavery, in its very nature, is a violation of the laws of God and the rights of man. It is founded in and maintained by violence, The Plaindealer knows this, and when it asettmed to utter its own thoughts and opinions, it was for protecting free territory against its intrusion, t The case is now altered. ' It ?s hired and paid for stultifying itself, and upholding a slave-propagating Administration. . There is no vestige of manhood left in the concern, The Cleveland Post office is the price of its servitude, and it long since forfeited the confidence of every intelligent, free-thinking honest man. : J :.; I 1 1-4. u But as that pafjer etahne to be In the dark in regard to our position, therefore be it known to the Be-ran whose legitimate business it is to dispense light" that we are opposed to the repeal of the Nebraska bitL ami eonaeouenttv to rhe resloruttna of tktt Missouri Compronuse.-SMMit Venocracy." . ; . Bravely done, sirs. ! It seems like drawing teeth to get an avow il of your position on some points of great public interest at this time; but after baving succeeded in getting the admission copied above, we shall not dee pair, i In the salutatory of the editors, we bad the avowal that they meant to ''defend the pririciptts and policy of the Rational Cem. ocralic paftu;" also a declaration in favor of the speedy "annexation of Cuba." We have now an avowal that the 'Summrt Democra cy' u "opposett te the repeal oft he Nebraska Bill.'; . Of course it 'ja to be understood that as tbey do not desire the repeal of that bill, they regard its passage! as wise and just, a measure to be commended. The people of Summit county have freely uttered their opinion of the Nebraska bill. They placed it onrecord in the form of a popular mnjority.of nearly Twelve Hundred Voles.' The Nebraska issue was the only .me before them. By a majority thus triumphant, they declared their condemnation of the measure, and the Administration 'which secured its passage, and the "national democratic party1' which staked its existence on the maintenance of that measure. With such tacts before them the writers for the 'Summit Democracy"- two young men who have been in the County a few weeks only have the recklessness to affirm that they are convinced "that a large majority" of ths people of Summit . are "in opposition to the repeal" of the Nebraska Bill. weii rthpnjji only one way ot deeming -J k nd.a-r0nontorllv nffipmnrl mliat jthispeople b elieve to be true,- - raska hme is and will be before il the wicked legislation of the late Congress undoffo, and the Nation is relieved of the sin of legislating for the extension of Slavery. The unprecedented majority of nearly one hundred thousand votes in Ohio with corresponding majorities and changes in every Northern State, is all the result of a mere freak, a temporary whim, the offspring of a misapprehension Know Nothingism, 6r something else, assert the Administration press. Or, as Mr Doug, las himself did, some of them charge the result to ignorance. . The actual cause of the unusual result is not admitted. Here is an unanswerable argument in favor of the position maintained by the Republicans, furnished to their hands. ' If the Nebraska issue did not produce the result witnessed last fall if the issue was not then fully and fairly made if Fierce, Douglas, Atchison, Medill & Co are in doubt what the Freemen of the North think of their blaek-hearted treachery to true democracy the rights of man and the rights of the Free States, all means, I let us have the Issue understood and met now. . Cease yonr miserable shifts to avoid and obscure the great issue. Come right up to ths mark. Men of Summit! vindicate yoursolves from the infamy this organ of a pro-slavery administration would bring upon you. Brand the lie upon the declaration that a majority of you are in favor of that deed of infamy which has dug the grave of so many traitors As the voice of your oppressed and wronged countrymen reaches you from Kansas, don't allow it to be said with impunity that you assisted in forging their fetters. Don't allow it to br said that you were a party to the National dishonor involved in the covenant breaking act ot the late Congress. Donjt allow it to be said by a press which seeks to establish for itself an existence in your midst that you voluntarily abandaned your right to a great Territory, destined to become th-home of teeming millions, and calmly wite nesscd its desecration by Missouri cutthroats. ' . Questions not jst Answsred- Having unsealed its lips, will the "Sum. mil Democracy'' now inform the public whether it is ready to assent to the legitimate fruits of the Kansas fraud, by the admission of Slave States formed out of the Territory of Kansas and Nebraska1! i)oes it endorse th removal of Reedert Does it defend the eourse of the President in allowing to go unrebuked.tht miserable fraud by which the legislative power of Kansas has been taken from its citizens and transferred to the .Mis souri misorennts of Stringfellow! Is it for or against the policy of excluding Slavery from Free Territory. Santa Anna Dethroned- -The Mexican usurper and tyrant Santa Anna, has been forced to abdicate his throne and flee from Mexico. He left for Havana, on the 9th inst. Gen. Caira was appointed provisional President and La Vega Commander in Chief, Mexico is in a revolutionary oonditinn. - The standard of revolt has beon raised on the Riu Grande and bloody conflicts are taking place. 46rN. H. Vam Yoxiies, Ran., Editnr of the Athens Gazctts, has been nominated for Representative by the Republicans of that County. He represented that oounty in the Legislature 3 years since; and his fidelity is thus acknowledged. Eon. Wm H leward Has accepted an invitation to deliver the Annual Oration at Plymouth Rock, at the next anniversary of the landing of the pilgrims. the w&j that the wb the effunrrjtftft IowaSteadast- I An election for County officers hat iost been held in Iowa, and we rejoice to see that the Republicans have achieved a glorious .triumph. , fowa was the first to leadoffin eondetoinatiun of the Nebraska fraud, and she remains nobly steadfast. -- , . Boyhood of Fred. Douglass-Frederick Douglass bos jnst issued a book entitled "My Bondage and My Freodom." It is having an extensive sale ; and is said to be a volume of great interest. From the scenes of his boyhood we copy the following passage : . 1 As I have before intimated, I wits sel dom whipped never severely by my old master. 1 guttered little Irora the treat ment I received, except from hunger and cold. . These were my two great physical troubles. I could neither get a sufficiency of food nor of clothing; but I suffered. less from buuger than from cold. In the hottest Summer and coldest Winter J, was "kept almost in a state of nudity ; no shoes, no stockings, no jacket, no troivsera; nothing but coarse sackcloth or tow-linen, made into a sort of shirt, reaching down to my knees. ... This I wore night and day, changing it once a week, ln the day time I could protect myself pretty well by keeping on the sunny side of the house; and in bad weather, in the corner of the kitchen chimney. The great difficulty was, to keep warm during the night. I had no bed. The pigs in the pen bad leaves, and the horses in the stable had straw, but the children had no beds. They lodged anywhere in the ample kitchen. I slept, generally, in a little closet, without even a blanket to cover ine. In the very cold weather, I sometimes got down the bag in which cornmeal was usually carried to the mill and crawled into that. Sleeping there, with my head in and feet out. I was partly protected though not comfortable. My feet have been so cracked with the frost that the pen with which I am writing might be laid in the gashes1 "The manner of taking our meals at old master's indicated but little refinement, ' Our cornmeal mush when sufficiently cooled, was placed in a large wooden tray, or trough, like those used in making maple sugar here in the North, , This tray was set down, either on the floor of the kitcheD, or out of doors on the ground ; and the children were called, like so many pigs; and like so many pigs tbey would come, and litternlly devour the mush some with oyster shells, some with pieces of shingles, and none with spoons. He that eat fastest got most, and lie that was strongest got the best place; and few left the trough really satisfied. I was the most unlucky of any, for Aant Katy had no good feeling for me; and if I pushed any of the other children, or if they told her anything unfavorable of me, she al ways believed the worst, and was sure to whip me. A Painful Scene- . , A correspondent of the Boston Journal gives the following sketch of an incident that came under his notice: As painful a sence met my view in the cars from Philadelphia to New York, as I had ever seen in my journeys. A lady and her husband came into the cars at the former place, and were seated near us very respectable in anoearance. and ths lady, in particular, uncommonly interesting. After a little while I noticed a strange manner in the gentlemen, which seemed to indicate he was not in favor of the Alaine Liquor Law. At every place the cars stopped he evidently replenished the vacum in; his throat by a new drink, until he could not sit with out help in his seat. He then rose hastily and went and opened the car door, and seated himself in it, with his feet hanging outside. His wite was much distressed, and tried to prevail on him to come in, and he gave her a push which almost sent her to the floor. Two gentlemen rose, and, with the aid of the conductor, he was helped in and placed in a reclining posi tion on one ot the seats beneath a window He soon apparently fell asleep and it was enough to break one s heart to see the attentions that, that devoted wile lavished upon her senseless husband. She covered him up with her shawl, to keep the dust from making him uncomfortable; if his hands fell in an unpleasant position, she gently replaced them, and perhaps bedewed them with a tear. Before arriving in New York, she seem ed anxious to have him wake, and asked one of the gentlemen to " please wake him, as it was a strange city, and she did not know what to do. Two or three roused him a little, and then she went to him with a sweet smile, and says: " We have got almost to New York, and I am glad, you are so tired;" and he struck her in the face. She had the sympathy of all in the car, I know, for there was many a moist eye among the ladies, and many a bitter look on manhood's cheek. Arrived in New York, he would not leave the cars till be was oidered by the conductor; and her attentions in crossing the ferry were as assiduous as ever, and met with pushes and blows from her brutal husband. The last I saw of her she was ia the station-house on the New York side, begging him to go and see to their baggage, and he answered her she was a fool to mind her own business, &c. My traveling companion remarked, " That is womanly love, and when he speaks kindly to her again, she will forget it all," From the Toledo Rlnde. THK ENCOURAGEMENT. One of tho cocoui agemtmts of the Slave power in its agressions, is the facility a certain kind of northern men have in adopting all their views. Tuadies enough they Always find in Congress nnd even on the judicial bench. If they hitve a measure to carry through Congrene so bold and cross thv dare not propose it themsolven, a Douglas is s. r nsnrl tr. An .I.a wni.1. If it..' oviiitiiu w wuv T,w,n, n uieir exigencies require a northern Judge to make a decision contrary to the decisions of their .own local courts, a Kane volunteers to manufacture law for them unasked. We present below it parallel coin mns, the decisions of Judge Kane, and adverse decisions of tbe Louisiana and Mississippi courts. LOU SI A HA AND MISSISSIPPI1 Jl'DGK IanK's DECISION. DXCISIONSs In the case of Marie Louise vs. Marriott rt al May teim, 1H36, 8 Louisiana Ke-puris, 475. In which tht- I Know no ti(fltiii nf Penn sylvania which aiTecis to divest the rights of property of a cmzen of North Carolf- in. sicuiiired nnd asserlud undei the laws of that Hate because he ha found it needful or conTPniont tn slave had been taken to France by her master, and brought back to Louisiana, fudge Mathews Bind: "-Ue :w inrotih the territory ol" ivg free for vtte moment in "'"""JuniiiH. I I'm IIOl AWripA lUat n France., ti a mot in th power of her former ovnr luch statute If such a one r.i sin iw ii, could be ro rog.iized ns volid in a Court to rtiuci her ogam to iUa-verw,n In the case of Harvey nnd utnu buited States. oiners'va. uecKcr mod- kins, June term. Walker's Miss. Rep. 36 tbo Court said: "Slavery it condemn ed by reason and the laws OTaafars. n exir ana can only ecist Hiraugk ansieH pal rcjfutaiiwiw. A Substitute for Silver. A won-derful discovery is announced as having been made recently by a French chemist M. Deville to wit, a new easy and cheap method of separating aluminum, the metallic base of common clay, from the other conrtiluents. This metal rivals in beauty pure silver and surpasses it in durability. Hitherto it has existed only in small quantities, and has been esteemed rather as a curiosity, the price in France, a short time since being about the rate of gold ! But by Mr. D's improved method it can now be produced in masses sufficient and cheap enough to replace copper and even iron in many respects, and thus place lhe "new silver" into such common use as to suit the jnifsns of the poorest persutu. A New Shell.- We see it stated that Professor Homer Anderson, late Drofeasor of natural science at Clinton in this State, has invented a new bomb hell of terrible power rroltssnr And eis.jn claims that Sebastopol would full before it, that it will wrap in flames any lortification of wood or stone, or indeed any city, however strongly fortified. A recent trial appears ! to have been very successful. One of the shells was thrown from a six-pounder, bv way of experiment, and falling upon some rocks, corruscation of light arose some fifty feet in the air, emanating from materials under the most intense conflagration. It rained very hard but notwithstanding the rain it burned on the rock twenty-five minutes, and in various places on the grabs, which was exceedingly wet. Professor Anderson intends to take his in vention to Europe and sell it to the Allies, if be can. Alb. Argus. The signs everywhere are favorable for me election oi iriinoie. (wa. Junes. We should like to know by what sizns th limes judges by ! Trimble, honored as has been his name in the past, is not supported oy a nan uozen papers in tne Mate; and in roanny counties lie will not get votes enough to prove that he was a candidate. The Ashtabula and Cuyahoga Congressional Districts will give Mr. Chase more majority over Medill, than Trimble will get voteB in the Stato, out of Hamilton county. - , J he only paper :n Northern Ohio that sun- ports Trimlue is now offerred for sale. The name of Trimble and the offer to sell oppcar- eu to its columns almost simuitnneoa.'ly. Wf. do not believe a candidate could have been selected for Governor, who would have secured so many votes as S. P. Chare will in wayne county. If coster Hepuhhcan hxaoily so, riro. Julinson. but however large a majority ynu may pile up in old Wayne, we believe Columbiana's figures will stand with yours as two to one, and set your- selves nai a ut work, or tney win stand as three to one. Columbiana county is awake, from hei centre to her remotest borders With her favorite candidate in the field, how could fhe sleep! Look out for thunder from this section in October next. Salem Republican. . .. : CANDIDATES Mr. FniTos: Ton will DleiseaiinaiincoDr.MF.NDEL JKWL1T, ol M.inmhtn-, it? a c-. idate fur the otticeof Kepresenlulive tn Siuie l.&a f tat lire, anbiect to the decision of the iepublicuii Comi ution, and oblige many vuiers oi or tu.r ifcbij. Ma, Editor; Plase announce Dr. G. P. Aahhun, of Hudson, as a candidate for Representative. The Dr. ia sound on the main question, and will worthily represent the sRenublicana of .Summit, in the LecislaturB. Bv an doing you will oljlipe many voters of UUMUffl, JNUli 1 Hr 1 fcljU & HUDSON, Mr. Tkesdale: You will nlcaoe Dresent to the People of Summit County, for Representative- the name of Hon. S. H. Thompson, of Hudson, as one that will Ue very acceptable to the Republicans of Mr. Teebdale: I' lease enter, as the "People's Can didate," for the office of Representative, that old war- horse, S. A. LANE subject to the action of the Republican County Convention, and oblige a host of voters throughout THE COUNTY. Friknd Tkk.'.dxuk ; Pleaee announce the name of Mr DANIEL IllNE,of Tailmatigo, as the Farmer's and Mechanic's candidate, for Representative, subject o the decision of the Republican County (Jouvcntioii, and oblige many voters oi THijLMAUuk aru vtuiflji x. At Northampton, Auir, 19, by O. P. Rice, Eaa.. Mr. David Bunstkkl, and Miss Amanda Cue, both of nonnatnpion. Also on the 33d inst., by tho same, Mr. A wis Kelso, and Miss Saurina C. J a quays, both of Nortbamplou. DEATHS. On the 21st inst. very enddenlv, of nn internal hemor- age, Jan A., daughter ol L. and. M. J. Titus, aged 12 years and U montiis. In Akron, on the "th ulL, Amanda L. Cols, aged S3 Rarelvhas deatn chosen in the female society of Akron a victim so universally esteemed tor her virtues of character and excellencies of disposition. Long and severe washer illness; but, her patience and fortitude vt ere equal to the trial; and her faitii shone brighter and clearer as the shores of time receded from her view. A mure triumphant exanmie ol cheering character of Christian hope, than that exhibited by the deceased, has beldom been left for the encouragement of those who linger behind. The bereaved parents have been culled twice, within ufew months, to mourn the death of those dear to them an lii. In Tall mad ge, on Monday, Aug. 37, of typhoid fever, Wise ms. N. Cri-tiikks, atied 3D years. aVE3TlIi3I3TS. Prepared for the Beacon. . New York, Aug. 24. Dear Sir, Our market for'the we;k has been characterized by great firmness and stability. Demands, Hour rules about one shilling lens tlmn at our last report, we quote western nnd Canadian U,25al0, including extras. Grain Wheal is active, not much i.orthcrn has jet been offered, Red 1.80al,i)0, White 2,IOa2,25; Rye has come in quite freelv during the week, and the market has materially declined, wequolu l,HJal,15 and for delivery in Sept, and Oct. J,('&ii,t5- Kittte and western outs 5?aOO Prime Timothy Seed 4,00a4,5tl; Flax Ioal,!-). It niter has bet u arriving very sparingly, during the week, and we hnve no dilllculty in disposing of our receipts at good prices. Cheese continues in good request for house trade and export ot full price BlVijal-J. Eggs l(ial7 cts per dozen. ' ; BENNETT & BUOKAW. , CLEVELAND, Aug. 27lh. FLOUR Is moving. 40 hbls superfine sold at $7,50. 600 bbls family flour American Mills, shipped to New York by Hubby & Hughes. Akron Flour quoted at $8, 25. 700 bbls superfine sold at $7,50. WHEAT Sales of 000 bus good mixed at 31, -15; 300 bns red at 31,40; one car-load white at $1,52; one do at $1,50; one boat load, 2,000 bus, at 91,56. OATS Bales of 3 car loads lit ,33c. RYE Quoted at 80c. No buyers. FLAX HEED Quoted at 81,37 a. TIMOTHY SEED $3,00a3,25. BUTTER Central Ohio 14c; Western Reserve 16. CHEESE ?Kab'.). Leader. AKRON PRICES CURRENT. PER Bl'SIIKL. Wheat Kye Oats Corn I VKK FOUND. 1,4-V Turkeys 611'ork 5 37 l Wool ,'.t5i Hides, green, to 125 do dry ,07 9)a4,00 ii5 a 3d ,04 ,0H ,0? ;is 12a75 AH Barley Beans Clover seed Timothy seed S 00to2.50 Calfskins, reen, ti.00 do dry 2,00u:i,iif relts, green, r lax seed Coal Potatoes Green apploa Dried do Onions FKR VOI'ND. D. Peaches, pard, do unparud, Candies Honey Hops Butter Cheese Lard Tallow Chickenr ,' 8av L2i amers Flax ,ontoc TKR BARREL. Hour 8,25 Io7.n0 Salt, fine, .,00 do coarse 3,00 1,25 2,1 Kl ,37 White lime Water lime ,0: Flour barrels PER TOR, Planter lluy PKR YARD. Domestic flannel. ,12 ,12 l(l,0t 37 a 44 25 a 30 2,)KI 8 Ha IS ,i)fi OulOi Tow cloth 10 Wood, per cord, Eggs, ier doz, .071 NOTICES. Dr. Tubbs will be in Akron, on Wednesday, Sep, See advertise rat nt. - , 10. Teacher's zaminations- There will be an examination of Teachers on the ast Saturday of every month, until further notice. - - s. f. eoopp.K, 1 , . H. W. HUWE,S Commons. Exam. II, C. TAYLOR, The Young Men's Literary Association Hold their regular meeting at Foster's Hall, Wednesday, August 20th. A general attendance of members is requested, at business of importance will be before the Association. Wy order of the Association. R. WRIGHT, President. A. D, LtoEY, Bcc'y NEW TREATISE A TREATISE on the law Muting to the pow-era and duties of -fUSTICUs OF THK I'KACEand CONSTABLES, in tbe Statu of Uhio,with pructicul lorms etc. Hv Jus. H.Sh an. Sixth Edittou, Revised, Cor- recieo aim eniai ui'ti Fur sale at the Uook-Storc. of BKEBE, ELKINS it. CO. Akron, August Pth. Mall ArraiiKemertt. Eastern Mail Daily due, yrj A. Al, cintte 5 A. M., Western do do do do Utf do a do 9)4 do 0; do 9 do do do ao S do Pillsburgh, Hudson do Cny. Kail, Massillon, Canton, MilliTshurgh do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do dn i P. M., v do 9 do 9 do 8 A, ft... 0 do 12 do 9 do do b do 10 A. M do Mltldlcbury. A. M., do , r. M. do Medina (Tri Woekly) Canton, do do do Vullens. fWektv Thursday Thursday , Offlw hours from 7M A. M..I08 P. M. Vfr 'Sunday, from 3 to 4 P. M. auglo E. W. PERRIN, P. M. Digestion. I DIGEST ! Such is the true meakino of the word "PEPSIN," or of the two Greek wonlsfrom which It is derived. This Is thp slnnlflrrmt and antirnpnate title of the TRUE IHGEST1VWFLUID, or GASTRIC JUICE, prepared by Dr. J. fi. HOUGHTON, of I'hiintlelphin, from the fourth Ptomnch of the Ox for the euro of Indiaesijon and Ilyijiepsiii. ft Is nature's own remeily for an uiihralthy Stninnch. No art of innn r,nn equal its curative powers. It N'ttdnra GOOD EATING perfectly consistent with IIFALTH. See the ngurc of the Ox, In another partof this paper. Fnrrcl'a Arnhlnii Islnlmrnf. Thii certifies that I have used H. O. Far-rels Mniment on my hore, which was bndly gulled. snrl tn four days itiroduced a perfect euro. I ann with on-ndencfl recommend it to (ho public ns n Mfe and quick remedy fnr gnlls. O. W. Mi nmrr, Of Lilllf Kock, Kendal' Co.. Miiri'rr nfthr Rork Hirer Confwrn'T, I'l-'Tia, Illinois. A ujr. 2, 1B1.V ' fever and ague. Mr. John Longden, now living at Beaver Dam, Hanover county, near Richmond had Ague and Fever for three years, moat of tho time bud chills twice a day, and rarely leas than once; bo was parched witB fevers as soon as the chtll left binr. and alter trying phy-syciana, quinine, most of the tonics advertised sod everything recommended u bim, was about to give up in despair, when Carter's Spanish Mixture was spoken of; ue got two bottles, but before be had used more than a single one, he was perfectly cured, and has not had a chill or fever since. Mr, Iingdoa Is only one oat of thousands who have been benefitted by this great tonic. anerauve ana piooo purilier. Bee advertisement. Dr, Hoofland'a (Mrniiu Blttai-a. That this medicine will cure live com plaint and dyspepsia, no one aa doubt after usinar it as uirecien. 11 acts spec ucaiiv anon tnestnmaen ami over: it is preferablo to cskimel in ail billions diseases: it acts as specifically upon the liver as calomel; calomel pros- Mates ine system ine outers strengtnen and never prostatas the patient, sud will eive renewed life and health to the delicate invalid, sad jestoro the liver to its functions and givo digestion -and pperite ra those severe eases wi-ereof ordinary medicines full in producing any eflVct. Kew Advertisements "VOTICE Ib hereby givfii, that the tinder ne .iw! will not pay, or be responsiblo for any debt incur- iwi npon aim oy on sob, vum. larprmtfj. .LEWIS UARGOULD. Boston, Ann. 2555. 3w OASTABJLKS SALIC. Tftlf Tirtue of eundtv Kiecnlione to me directed. IJ shall expose to sale n Saturday the eight day of wpieniuer. commencnitt.ii ju 0'eweic, A. M., at ixrcK eight on (he Onto Canal ia the township of Portage, the following; property, viz: ' The Canal Koat U olden Gate and the Furniture Ad apparel thereunto belong! og. Taken as the properiy of the Canal Boat Golden Gate to uausiy so execution m tavor or ira Jon en, et als-Akron, Aug. 5i8Ui, A, D, '55. - , WEIGHT, augitr-ta Constable, SIlERfFF SALE. TN obedience to the command of a writ of Vend! fcr M. In me directeu and deliveied from Hie Court of Com mon Pleas of Summit County, Ohio, I shall expose to sale at public vendue, at the door of the Court House in me town oi Aaron on Monday tkcZAtkdav of StpUmbcrutzt, - - : Between the hours of 10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M. of said day. the following described lands and tenements to wit: '"Siiuate in Coventry township, Summit County. Ohio, nd bounded and described an follows to wit Lot 7 in Tract 10 it bein four-teuths of the land owned by Basil Viers, late of snid" towns-hip deceased. Also the following described tract or parcel of land situate in the township of Coventry in the county of Summit and State of Ohio, and is bounded N.and YV. by the lines of lot No, 15 in Tract 10 S. and E. by lines parallel with the N. and W. lines and so far therefrom as to contain 8 acres, being the same laud purchased by Chas. Sumner, at Tax-sale and deeded by the Auditor of Portage county to said Sumner, March 3d, 1834. -First niece an Drained at 940.00: second morn stmmiflpd at 5U,00. Bates vs Viers.. . DUDLEY SEW ARD, Aug. 28, T55.-t.pfJ3,12) Sheriff. ( WOTICE. James Dobbin, Plaintiff 1 Btatc of Ohio County of vs. Summit, ! Feneca L. Hand, Deft. 5 Court of Common PleasJ- r o J uuieuumu win iaae notice tnat on mis xisi uay JL of August, A. D., 1855, the plaintiff filed his peti- sion against tha defendent, in the Court of Common Pleas of said County and sued out of said Court an crdcr of Attachment against the lands of snid defendant within said County, The object of said Petition is to collect from the defendent, the amount pnid by plaintiff to certain heirs of the estate of Henry Barton, deceased, ln compliance with the order of Distribution, made by th Probate Court of said Countv. Oit. fifth. IRTU. with mf of the order; which money is in the hands of the deten - dant. Amount paid by plaintiff, is $7-.,e7' " ine prayer oi ine petition is, that the plaintiff may 1 have judgment agajnst the defendent for the sum of seventy-two 87-100 dollars, witb iutei est on $8.23 from Oct. 25, 1854 on $14 46-100 from December 25, 1855 on 35, 72 from Jan. S 1855 on 7. 23 from Jan. 10, ltJ55 and on 7,23 from Jan. 17, 1855, parts of said sum of $7'J,77. r The defendant is required to answer said petition, on the 3d day of November, 1855, or the same will be taken as .rue and judgmeut rendered accordingly. Aug. 21, 'Sa.-auKw C. BRYAN. PltTs. Atty. NOTICE, .' To Harriet E. Low and .Mary Low. widow of Anthony Low, deceased. You will take notice, that on the 27lh day of August. A. 1855, the undersigned tniaidian of Milton J. Low1 and Newton H. Low,ofHolmt'8Comt,T,Ohio, filed a petition in the Court of Common Pleas of Summit count v. Ohio, where the same is now pending, demanding partV lion of the following premises situate in said county nt Summit to wit: A Diece or nnrcelof land situated in the town of Bath, in the county of .Summit, in the Slate of unio, ana is tne v. est pan 01 iw acres more or less, contracted to Bela Spencer in the Norlh part of Lot No. 60 in said Bath, in Range 12, township 3. bounded, North and v est by the lines of said lot, South by lands, before euiu s,w a.Y"'u;i,aiiu r.asi u a UI.IMOT1 line, .utreeii upon uy sjiia i,owaiia James Tnppit. and run and mark1 ked and to stand as it now is and contains 68 acres more or less, A lso, a certain other piece or pnrcel of land sit uaie in Rath, in lhe couniy ofSummii,niidStateof Ohio, and is a part of Lot No. 60 in said township, and is bounded on the South by the original South line of .said Lot, Easl by the West line oflU acres, deeded from said Lot by C. K. Spencer and North by aline parallel to tho south line and so far therefrom as to contain 32 acres of land. Also, another piece or parcel of land, to wit: Five acres, .rw.H iisitui "'V HV.Ultlll (UV MJWnaillU VI UU1U, aforesaid, and bounded as follows, to wit: Bcgii ningon the West line of said h.t, 23 chains and 35K links from the-north west comer of the lot, and running thence south 1J 0 west, 6 chs and 25 Iks., thence Nortn 8e east 1 chain, thence South West 2 chs. nnd Iks. thence norm eo" easi, o ens. aim 20 iks., thence North IX East 8 chs. and 33 Iks., and thence South tti 3 West 6 chs. and 2d Iks., to the phtce of bffgiuuina. Theunersigned demands that partition be made of said premises as follows: to Milton J. Low, one equal one third part of said premises-to Newton H . Low one equar one third part of said premises to Harriet E. Low, one equal ono third part of said premises, audio Mary Low; widow, dower in the whole. , At the next term ol said application will be made by the undoi-signed fr an order that partition may be made, Ate, lor snid premises. Voorhes & Critchtleld, Atiy's. ' ALBERT LOCKH ART, Guardian of Milton J. Low and Newton II. Low. aug29-fiw Partnership Dissolved! VKfI THE Nl'RMSRY STOCK ofFRUIT T REES AND E V ERG KEENS, to be sol d by Jn mea Houghton, of the late firm of Morne A- llu-uglmm, who now offors for sale, the entire NURSERY STOCK, belonging to the late llrm of Morse & Houghton, in lots to suit purchasers, consisting in part as follows: lo,000 Evergreens, of 20 vcrieties, from two to eight feet hiph, the best grown stock in '.he State. 4,0uO Cherry Trees, five to ten fcethiuh. 3.600 Stand Hrd Pear, w!ih fine heads, live to eight high. 15,000 Grafted Apple, live to ten feet high. 2,000 Orange Quince, three to foui feet high, With Peach, Plum, Dwarf Pear, Siberian Crab, Also f,000 Yearling Grape Vines, with growth almost equal to two year old plants of Catawba, Isabella, Clinton and Alexander or Cape varieties. The Fruit Trees embrace all the very best varieties for extensive cultivation, and are of line healthy growth. To settle up entirely, the business of the hue firm, I am desirous of making as large sales as possible this autumn uim 10 ueaiers ana others, making large purchases, a great reduction from regular prices will be made. Evergreens can be takeu ud tn Seotember. to as food advantage a at any other sea. on. catalogues can be had at Messrs. Stair & Son's Seed Store, Ontario St. or on application, by mail, directed to JAMES HOUGHTON, St. Cluir St, Road, Cleveland. P. P. Trees delivered to 8ieamboau or Railroads, in Cleveland, tree of charge uug2t3iu. AUGUST APPOINTMENTS. Dr. H. TUBBS, ANALYTICAL PHYSICIAN, will be iujittefadance i,t his rooms at Akron, Empire Houte, Wednesday, Sup, 19th. Rave'iua, Prentiss House, Thiusday and Fridav. 20th and 21st of Sept. - cieieiaud, American I louse, lbursaay ana Friday, 6th 7th Sept. Those afflicted with diseases of the Liver, Lungs. Kid ncya.or Spleen, Inthuuation, Rheumatism, Asthmn short ne'ssof breath or difficulty of breathing, Dvsneosia. Dron- sy, Weakne-ssor Nervous Debility, Restles9oess,rLoBs eo Appetite, const ijmti on, lreraneements 01 the stomach, Billions affections, Gravel, Swelling, Cancer, Scrofula, Ulcers, Impurities of the Blood or of any chronic of long standing djseaets are invited to call. No charge for consultation. Dr. T. never bleeds nor blisters, nor is he n Homtepft thisi; ho never uses Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic or any other mineral. as mistical agents: nor is he nThompso-niau: he neither steams aor gives emetics. Uis theory of disease differs from all others that have been adopted, bnt not more so (ban does his system of treatment. He does not mnkes-lck to make well, nor tenr down to build up agnin, nor aliay irritation by patching up witb anodynes. . , . , , . Wooster, Ohio, June, 18;i3. Dr. If. Tubbs Dear Sin Injustice to you I cannot ra (rain expressing my gratitude and at the same time will offer something ot my experience, (hoping if publisbod) it may prove beneficial to tnfToring humanity. For the last seven years, i have labored under a combination of diseases, and suffered to an extent lhat rendered life a burthen. The best nhveiciansof tha cotintrr were em ployed, but all in vain, thev neither nave encouragement or relief, in the fall of 1849 my nervous system was completely pjostrated by a course of typhoid fever. From that time my iunirs were weak, causing much difficulty of breathing, cough and expectoration. also suffered extremely with a singing pain in my left side near the heart, and back to tbe shouldars, but still more from a violent struggling of the henrt, and an Indescribable Unking, dying tuttine, which it seemed impossible to survive. These convulsions or throbs sf the baart would terminate by a ruth of blood to the hend, pnodticing a learful nnsalion ttordering upon delirium, and leave ine exhausted. A pain in the back and stomach, with fre- Silent voimimg, naoea 10 my amtctiom. Mrengtn and I'flh were much reduced. I was obliged to keen rov bed agrcator partof the time, and friends and neighbara gar up hope of recovery, thinking me sinking with consumption, in the summer of 1H51, when mv disease wore its darkest form, a friend urged too to see Dr. Tubbs. 1 have done so; have tab an of no other medieines sinca.and am happy now to aay my health is good. Disease has disappeared under treaiment, like dew before the morning sun, nnd 1 can now work at household affairs from morning until evening with no inconvenience whaievcr. Your2 truly, RKHKOOA A. WHITE. We give the above without comment. Those wishing luriher iniormaiion, cancan upon Mrs. w,,or writuber at Wooater. Ohio. Orrica or tbs Marvlaud Consolidated Lotteries,) Baltimore, Malaud, 20th June, 1356. j . CAUTION. LOTTERY FRAUDS. rwfiE Commisslonerof the Maryland State Lotteries M. has deemed it his duty to caution tha Public against tuouumerous Swindlers who circulate by uiail and otherwise,, fraudulent Lottery schemes, and pretend to be ngfwts for the salt of tickets In Lotterlea which are wholly fictitious. The only legal Lotteries In Maryland are those drawe daily under the superintendence of the Commissioner sleeted by the people of the State under tho new Constitution to examine aud approve tbeacheno and attend to the drawing. Alltheiicketsin these Lotteries and all certificates ef packages or tickets have the lithographed signature F. X. Mr it haw, General Agent for the Contractor. Office of the Maryland Consolidated Lotteries, Baltimore, Md. All others are fraudulent. For full informal to a on the subject of these frauds. Address P. X. B KEN AN, aug29-Iy Baltimore, Maryland. CBi nPTONtN KTHWVIIFHY BALSAM, an infalible remedy for Diarrhoea, Dym Diery, Chohc, Cholera Morhuc, and nil looseness of the bowels. Prepared hv W. W, Crumniriti.and rorsaleby Akrou, Aug , 1H.V). ItEBEE, ELKINS fc CO. WANTED. A PROTESTANT WOIfTA!, as general house -keeper for a small family, one who thoroughly understands ber busincFs. can hnve good wares and a purm anent sltuntioa. Good rcffimcoswHl be required. Enquire at tho residence of T. A, No Me, Akron. Aug iHMf ; Seitle Up I THE eithseriber having disposed nf their miene in the Empire buildinrr.ana bcingohlijtcd in nre in two weekn. reqi,prt having accounts with (hem, to call nod scltlc the emeimmcdiitcly. jun!3 U M. LATfMER k CO. SEW YORK LING lXSTITCTE, No. 6, Bond St. New York. GNDBB TH MEDICAL CHARGE OP GUILFORD D. SANBORN, M. D. Established for the exclusive treatment of Diseases of Lungs and Throat, by the inualfllon of cold Medicated Vapors V Card to Cons timptivelnTalida. THE attention of consumptive Invalids is ea led to (b system ofraeoca. treatment introduced at this institution, and now being employed in (i cure and re lief ui ine various atmatttm of toe Luas and Ttuoat, and also to the success atiendma it. During the past two years nearly tw thousand cases of Consumption in Us difierenl stages have bec-u tivated wiin ine mow successful results, a luct tttiU cltimis tor the method here employed your candid consideraiiou. ine system oi roeoicai treatment presented vou. con- essentially in the introduction of medicated vapors into ine L.rjnK, wnue no medicines are given into llie stomach, that organ beius reserved for lood and nut Pbvsic. Thanly method heretvfure employed for tire cuie of pulmonary aisease. bus been directly tiio reverse of this medicines being introduced into the stomach, and not itsto the tsOfigSi By tiit treatment Consumption has noi own cureu, cor lis mortality lesseuea; ana it is now being abandoned by many prominent medical jnen in this country .ind in Eurooe. it cannot be denied that the old practice ia false it. theory and fatal in its effects and that any consumptive person win nye longer and sutler less by mscardiug altogether. ..... .... r .-- Tf.e various medicinal vapors her used, are. administered by means of a fine sponge, moistened with the liq uid, mi oe innaiea una plticea tn a small p lass fflooe, willt an statute tune attaeneo, aaa tne air drawn through the sponge enters ine tumigs at the Batumi temperature, chargi-d with tbe vapor ued. The inhaler is-convenient and the method differs widely from the old plan of in ha. liag medicines Irom hot water, which was years since sill r v i nniuc hj I to J1.U VUCUICJ, BB W UflO ICM. Consumption, Bronchitis. Asthma, fee are ench treat ed by remedies appropriate to tbe character and stage of me uiseaseaa u appears. Diseases of the Throat and Catarrh are readily cured oy louai applications, maae Dy means oi suuwenng wu-ver) Syringes, which I have invented, and which can be used by pvlienta with ease and saletv. uy ion treatment which w now beinc adorned bv many physicians in different Darts of the country, and by them acknowledged to he the only correct method of treating disease of tbe Lungs, mauy permanent cures of Consumption have been effected, and in every instance nmrHuu ueuem aas neon aenveu. to tne - consumptive invalid, this system offers the only chance of cure; mud it will seldom disappoint the most sanguine hopes. If faiinrully tried. ... . , It is better that invalids be seen, ahd exam i nod Derscui ally, bat when they cannot bear thefaiiane and exnense of 'a visit to the city, by wriimif, a fall history of their disease from ttscommeucemeut, giving age, sex, occuvntion, lc they cau be treated by Ihesame plan, and remedies as u unaer personal care, raiieuts limn treated, are charged 815 per month for all uecessarv remedies aud weekly advice, paid invariably in advance, or upon de-liverjr by express. For examination of Luiil's,, ;, ; " ' No. 6 Road Rlroet N. Y. N. B. Physicians, by sending thoir names and nddrcs win have sent mem a pampniei, describing more fully ang'-K-Omo. " Shingles for Sale ! jmJJfJrJ glvni 2,i5 per thousand, also u,innj icei, ruic, ropiar aim rum i-uuiuer UV Haristowit, Crawford Con Pa. WHITE &. RUOTHER, auatid-3w r . t CT. K1TERSHAD. : .... LARGE ?tA(KEICaLNO 1. j LARGE IIA Ktlti:i KO. 3.' ' Just received at aug F. tfcH 1 1 M ACH J: R'a!. lJfB - otlsv Dyee, Campliene, Turpentine, and J - Hurning Fluid, just received and for sale low m3v wr.i.ur,u ttsiKiaiiAt-HBiK tjTATJLIflENT of the condition of the STAR 3 insurance company, of Ogdcnsburgh New York on me urui oay 01 stuiy, ihm. , , j First Name and locality as specified above Second The capital Stock Is. . i .-, . . .. J 150,000 Third The Capital Stock is paid up . Fourth The Asset of lhe Company are as follows: ' . Cash on hand and in the hands el Aifoiits or other persons 28,405 40 3. Bonds-none. 4. Debts due tbe Company wcured by m mortgage, being tirstlien.dulv recorded. of which amount more than jfloo.OOO, ; :' ' is upon profiertv worth double the sum for which the ti me ie n cii(;ia;e4:, . . . 135,000 00 5. Debts other a ne secured none, fi. Debts for Premiums 2H9 22 7. All other securities, being Bills Recriva J ' ble for Premiums 19,4(j9 0: Fifth Amount of liabilities due or not duo to Banks or other creditors none. Sixth Losses adjusted nnd due norf. Seventh Losses adjusted and not due mono. . - LE ighth Losses unmijustt-d- osses unndjustfd none. I XNtiiin Losses ju sutfiH'iise waiting further proof 5 Tenth rNo other claims against the Company, except a few small items uf expense, over- payment by agents, jr re-insurauce, and ono - claim of $350, resisted Eleventh The greatest amount insured in '- any one risk . 5,000 00 iwetun me gremesi amount untiwea oy inu rules oi tho company to be many one city, lownor village. No rules 011 tlu subject. I - ipwu or village.- Thirteenth No rule ns to the greatest amount allowed to he insured in one block. Fourteenth The act of Incorporation is the same as the last report. Subscribed anil sworn before tne this Ilth Ju.y, 5 Elijah White, Justice of the IVuce. II. G. FOOT 1--, Scc'y (ORIGINAL.) .. Cerliilcate of Auth6rily. sm (To expire on the 31st day of January, 1S5(J.) Statu of Ohio, Auditor of SlatcV Otiice, Columbus, Julv 31, 1-155. WiiERKASa The STAR insurance Company, located at Ogclensburg in the State of New V ork, has tiled in th oince a wworn slaUtnienl at its condition, as required the first section tt' the Act to regulate the Agencies Insurance Companies rot incorporated by the Stuty Ohio." Dusitod May 1. iw4: Asn V'iii:reas. Said Company has funiUlu-d lhe u dersigned, satis factory evidence that it is possessed 1 at least One Huudretl Thousand Dollars of Actual Cni, tal invested in clocks of at least nnr value, or in bondi or mortgnges of uuincutrtbered real estate worth double the amount for which the same is mortgaged: And VViiEREAs,Said ComjKiny has .filed in this oflicc a written iiisirument, under ils cornontie st'tti, signeu the President and Secretary thoreof, noininnting and np- pointing , b- judu, 01 lludsoo, Us A cent lor me irai action of the busineas of Insurance, and fully an j utire- servedly autiionziug him to acknowledge service ot pr cess upon him, the said Agent, shall be taken and he to be ;is valid as if served upon the Company, accord in ing all claim of error by reason of such service. Now, TiiRRKi-'oRK, In nureiiancc of tho llrst section the "Act to regulate the Agencies of Insurance Comp nies not incorporated bv the State of Ohio," passed M, 1, 1854, 1. WILLIAM D. MORGAN. Auditor of sai State, do hereby ceriiiv thnt the said 3. & JL'DD, is an thorized as an Agent tor the said Com pan v, to trnnsnct tho business of Insurance in this State, until the 31st day ot January in lhe year Ono Thousand Eight lluntin aim riuy-c ix w hit an ne may oe icgany euinoivi-ni to do by his letter ol itppointinent, and the 111 si ructions which may be given to him bv tho said company h in witness whereof, I have hereunto eubscrl- 10 I bed my name and caused the seal of ray ofin ( 1 to oe amxea, this 3ist clay ol July m tne year our Lord 0110 thousand eight hundred and tllly nve. aiigio-jw w.u. mviuiAx, Auditor. TB1HE TA DIES arc requested to cull at EDSOM 1 and examine the richest assortment ot DUES GOODS, ot all descriptions,ever beforo offered in Akron, may a, text. : j. u. & 4. 31. t.nsi n Strayed TjROt the premises of tbe subscriber JL in janmniige lownsnip, on Hie tn inst.. a three-year eld Heiter; color black 'ana wnue; long legs; wnite lace hmu sin horns. Any information as to her whereabouts will inaiiKiuuy receivea, or a noerai compensaiiott will given to any one that will take her nnd inform me Ihesame. . CYRUS ADAMS. Auguwt 1st. 18.'5-3w. MARBLE WORKS. On main Street. First Door South of MELO-PEAW MANUFACTORY. BETWKEN NORTH & hOUTH AKRON. LEBKICHEIT& MARTIN, HAVB CONSTANTLY ON HAND a largsj and beautiful assortment of ' AMERICAN AND rORKKJN i MARBLE SEPULCHRAL MONUMENTS, .10 MB Si ON ES, ii.0., Made to order, of every pattern, nnd by (rood workmen. . liEBKlCHKH at MARTIN. Uic'il A NEW SUPPLY OF THOSE Tao-yixJ.etv WOrlts IDA ItlAI, KVTH HALL, IDA. NORMAN, FANNY FERN, ' " ' "' FANNT FERN'S 2nd Series, ' LITTLE FERNS, FASHION and FAMINE, -P. T. BARMJJI, UTAH an Hie MORMONS, LAnPLIGHTEII, . NEWS BOY, LIFE OF GREELEY, ' I.ANDN Of the 8ARACENS, : JOURNEY YO CENTRAL AFRICA, Just received at the Akron Booksioreof JnnI7 F.I.K1H CO. Nevr Books Choice reading. BGEBK, ELKINS ft C0-, Ita Ju.l reeeavwl th. Htar Pai-skb, by ilcnry Ward Kerrlier: a brnk cuinprlsinf; a series of lhe choicest miscellaneous papers of 0110 of the moat viftormis writers of the country. Brll Bmitii, Absoad; a new and widely commended book of Travel. . Tint Watchman: a Companion to the "Lamp Lighter,'? so wellaVnown to famo. , .-.. A Ijok Aiikao: by A. S. Eoe: Author of '"To Love and to be l.ovl( ate. t Akrou, June 13, M5 , . . Akron Stove Company, "117 E have recently made extensive add) ions tto V our movo rniternn, ana are now enabled to otrer ita irreat, a variety of (Stoves n cau ho found in any other el"h)irhineiit in the west. Among our new patterns may be found fhe ....... WIOLCCME COAL COOKING HTOVK, We take plt'iieure in nflorinK thin ntove to our Customer, helievinK that we have weeeeded in makJntr a store which la in every way adnpted for lhe use of the coal round in tho went. It ia Itvantiftil In its ornamental de-iuiiB and grnceful in if a proportionn. We have also, at a (Treat expanse, enmmencad making new Franklin Parloj Stove, called the - . , t k (iRECIAN PARUtR ftTOVK. , . Tliecarvtnsr upon thin stove in of tha richest kind, and the atnvo la decidwlly mipertor to any vrunklin that has ever been offered to tbo public. We ulm continue tbe Tin, Coppor,and Hbeetlron bust-J tow, in all its bninchca, Jy3 ' R' P- MYP.RB jfyam. Stoves, Tin Ware. &c. 1)HII'.9 Hi:iHM D at 11. WETMORK'N tStnve stnre on the corner, which in thr place to buy KTOVKS Jt TIN WARK cheap. A lan(o atwortmont of PARLOR Kl'oVKH now ou band, which can be hoii Kht cheaper than ever. AUo, a (rood awwrtinent of TIN, COPPKR k, SHEET IRON WAIIIC, ot my own manufuciurc, which I ottor at WHOLESALE AND 11KTA1L, At pricoa which cannot fa'l to give laliafaetiq. Prompt attention paid to repairing. All wifhinR topitrchaae wiLJ do well local! and eiam Ine hfforn purchntdnir plwwhere. y"Henrnihcr th roem rperntty Arcupfeit by .fa. 7.w tolrr. CornT Howard and Market Pirtvts. Akron, O aprM . II. V, WEl'MORn. ! CJTATEMET yl ihe AETNA Iswurance Cotnfl-.v? av.Julv 1. l55:treauired 1 1 taw of Uav 1. lniii. The name of tiu Corpo'ation is jf'Ina Insurance Com- pony, located at HarUord.M- . ineiftyiui ia rite miijurol tioasaiHS 1 loll an, and it paid up. lhe -fCorilwi are! Cash ia habd, and in Phoenix . . . Bank $(&JK3 25 a Cash ti the baud trf fugSWs-,. 17,r37 el ' ' tpMZ,iKaW Real r.stale untneumhx red. 16,672 . fc fUorttt(geUonds,6aitii7 per -t , cait, ifttt-ett, payal'lu seial anmiallv. . .2.000 (W , 30 ti pr eeotStatcol'VirRii.ui r tft4Mlri, pMjaule stuu-aunu- - - ally 50,200 00 6 6 per cent. Stale Of North . i ! Carol ii in lloil..,payahle setui ...... annunllv 5,000 00 1ft per ceot Jereey City Wa. - ter Bonds, payable iciui-uiiu- m ally 10,300 00 6 10 per cent City of Mil watt- kee Honda, payable stiiii-aJi- - ... nually 5,150 00 . . 9 7 per cent Inome Bonds - payable aenii-aj,uum. ...... H.tuu uu 137,433 07 Pebtsdue the Company, secur- , ed by Mortgage Rills receivable, amply secur- . ed and payubleat Batik 500 shares UarUord and New 5,200 00 116,412 13 Haven Kmlrtad Co. 60,000 00 105 shartri Harttun and provi- ; denote R H lOperoentprefer- ' ' ml ami utirraiiteed f9"35 00 . 107 shurcs Hoatou and Worces- ter Kairrnad.-.- 10,058 W - 250 shares Cornaecticul Hlvei Railroiid 14.0C0 00 50 shiires Connecticut River .Compmny-- 1250 00 100 shares Stafford Bank, 3 In- , stallmentsi paid rn ' 36 shares Kagle Providence, I - - Rhode Island., ... 30(1 shares Phoenix lluuk, Hart ford 33,600 00 308 shares Exchange Rank, Hartford . 17.55C 00 ? 200 shares Farm, k Mcch. R'k. . Harttord - ... 1 S5,00 00 ISH shares Conn. River Rank 9,754 00 ilOO Hharea Hartford Bank, Hart- ford 25,400 00 1I-U shares tiUte Rank hart- t thrd... U.104 00 ' 7.r, shares Hartford Co. Bauk,, Hartford. '7,875 00 100 si i ares City Bank Hartford,- 1 1,000 00 94,333 00 . 3,000 00 a l,ytiiW' 146,463 0 200 shares Union Bank. New : 4fi0sliarea Broad war New Yort 14, J 00 00 1 100 do Peoples, New York... 4.4(H) 00 100 do Hanover Rank, New York , , 10,000 00 400 shares Mechanics Bank New York. 11,900 00 PJO shares Bank of America, New York 13,920 00 100 shares Bank North America Now York ,......;.... 10,500 00 i 150 shut es Bank of Republic, Now Vorit . v. . .v-,750 0U SOsImxes UaukComuiuJt wealth New York . S00 00 lotuhnics N. Y. Life Ins. and . Trust Co. New York Ifi.Ot'O 00 UKi bhiirea Tailed States Trust - -Co New Voik.. ........... 11,200 00 128,030 W1 : ' ' ' " 8835.530 23 The anonnt of liahiliiies doe or not due to other creditors nothiiur. , - . Uocst's adjusted and due none. : - , f Losses adjusted and not due, i?3-J,4l4 P7. l.oiM.-w unadjusted nnd in suspense, waiting further proof r coniesieu, aJV4,iii j, All othcrcluims nguint the Company ore small, (or printing. &c. Agi-nts instructed to take no risk exceeding CMKOOO. The amount insnred in any city, town or village, vsr1, depending upon thecharticler, mnicrial and construction of buildings, the width of Streets, the supply of water and the efficiency 01 the ore department, una oilier circura- Hinnctts. The amount insured to blocks of buildings also varies; the intention is to limit the loos by any one fire to less f . than 10,tt00. I l he Act ef Incorporation is tne same- as nicu m juiy, & , . 1UU&. A. AUJcAasTsUCU, cec y. t State or Conncticct, i i,,r,rnrH. tT,rl,. s,v 5. b MHrtford County, i ' ' . Personally appeared Thomits A, Alexander, Sccretar cf the Aetna lnsurmicc Coinpany. and made, oath thst the foreitfoing siatemtiit by him subserilied, is true, at- cording to his best knawledge and bi-lief. Justice ol the Peace. f (ORIGINAL.) . j Certificate of Authoriiy. ; (To expire on the 31st day of January, It'SG.) 1 Stale of Ohio, Auditor of State's Office, ( Columbus, July, 31, 1S55. i Whereas, Tho jETNA insurance Company, of Hittl-ford. Conn., locuted at Hartford, in the Male of Connec ticut, ha.- filed in thiB ofiice a sworn statement of its condition, ns required by the first section of the "Act to reg ulate the Agencies 01 insurance (.-oiupaiiies not incorpor-ntud by the Stale of Ohio," passed May 1, 1H54. A WHtcKKAf, Snid Company has furnished theun-dfriKiU'd,iulitU4;lorj evidence that it U pos.-M.-saed olat luat one huiidrcd ihousHiid dollars of actual capital invented in stocks ol at least pur value, or in bonds or mort- yitges of uiiimrunibirid reiil Ctlate worth double the .:mmnt fur which it is mortgaged: a Ami Whbrkas, Said Company has filed In this oftl n written instrument, under its corporate seal nignedhy the I'reaidf nl and Secrclun thereof, nominating and np-poiming iy E. JL' DD, of iiudsi-n, its Agent for the traus-aciiou ot" the business of Insuranc, and fully and nnre-scrvctij authorizing him to acknowledge serice of pro-Ct!t?8 tor nntl on behalf of said Company, con sen tins; thut service of process upon him, the said Agtmt, shun be liken and held to be ns valid a if served upon the Company, according to the lows of this State, or of nny other Stale, and waiving all claua et error by reason of such service. Now TuEBEFOHi:, In purwwiice of the first acetioi' the "Act to regulate Ihu Ageiicies-of Cwmjiv nies noi incorporated bv iht Slate of Oiii," pnssed May 1, IH54, 1, W.M. I. MOKtrAN, Auditor of the State or Ohio, do heretiy certilv tliat the said S. E. Jl'DD is au-ihoriitrd as an Agent for the said Company, to- transact die business of Insurance in this Stnie, until the 3 let 4 at if .limitary, in the year one thousand eight hundred aitd lilly-six so fiir ns he may he legally empowered so to do uy liii- letters of appoiulumnt, and the inalruciious which may be given to him by the wild Company. v In witness whereof, 1 have hereunto subscrt-( f q ) bed uiy name and cuised t lie seal of uu office tr 1 'v i be affixed, this 3lM day of July in Uu year of 0111- Lord one thoustiuo eight hundred and flfty-five. augl5-3w VV.D. MORGAN, Auditor. CiTATKMEXTofthfl Gonnccticiit Mutual Life !9 Insiirance Company of Hartford, Conn,, on the first ibiy of July, 1 furnished by the agents of snid Coiu- puiiy in tiro Ktate of Ohio,) in compliance with the ro-qiiiremcnts of the "Act to regulate the Airencies of lnsu-rance C'ompaniert not incorporated by the tjtate of Ohio,' pnard May 1, lt54 The itfune of tin-Company is Connecticut Mutual bm litfiiirtiiice Com puny, of Hartford. Ct- - lias no capital stock, being a Mutual Company. - .. ASSETTS. Cash on hund S,2ti5 38 . do iti Banks 011 special Depusit... &MM0 00 e36,2C5 38 Ronds. Hnrtforrl Providence Rail Bond, mnrtgngednt 7 percent 20,000 00 . do Iron H R do do do 2o,0tl0 00 .'" do Columbus, I'iqua& fnd Kail road, mo-rttaTaged at 7 per ct. 15.000 00 do Hartford city, do (1( 1 4.000 00 4,000 00 Bond nnd inortgnco Loan on Real Estate .846,314 01 I.Oiin 011 Bank Stock security 42,,-'70 00 Ixinnstn city of Hartford and other corporations 53,392 70 Stocks. Hanks, In the cities of Hartford nnd New Haven 18,430 00 Stocks Hartford and New Haven Railroad 8.000 00 Stocks Connecticut River R U 5,000 00 Premium notes of Insured members carryinR6 per ct. inlerest ...1,095,240 79 a $9,107,740 f?5 LIAIHL1T1KS. Ain't of Liabilities due and uutdue to banks and other creditors of the company none.. ; Louses adjusted and due.......... .1,40lt 00 do do not due 63,100 00 do in mi -.pence waiting for their proof 00,000 00 do imiuljuU'd , (100 00 78,500 00 All other claims n gainst tho Com. . piiny, dividend uiquiid not duet cntitintrent upon the wm- - limiDiic of the Policies to which they are credited 1066,069 00 The Km, test ainomit inmire d in anyone risk, 5,000. The iimn it tit nllowed to he insured in any one city (own or village U unlimited.. OtllceConn. Mntnnl Life Ins. Co., I Hartford, July 1, lf55. GUY R. PHELPS, Sec'y. 1 Statk or CoxNucTircT, L iuPir i.., m tail llnriforrt County. Is8 "ft'trord,July h I85 Penonally appeared, Ray R, Phelps, 8ecy. oftheCdn-necticutt Mutual Life Inn. Co and made oath that the fore-goinK statement is true, to the best of hl knowledge aad bclk-L Ueforome . 8. 81LMAN, Justice of the Peace. , ' fORIOINAL.) . - it . ; Certificate of Authority. (To expire on tbe 3lnl day of January, 1556.) Whkreas, The Connettfrui Lifo luaurance Company. located at Hartford, In the Slate of Connecticut, has filed In this office a sworn statement of Ita condition, as required by the first section or the -'Act to revulnte the Agencies of Insurance Companies not Incorporated by the Ktate of Ohio," passed May 1, 1H54 Ann Whereas, Said Company has furnished the nn-dereiRncd flatwfHCtory evidence that it is possesed of at least one hundred thon-and dollars of actual capital in-vetded in stocks of at least par value, or in bonds or morfpitpes of unincumbered real estate worth double lhe ftmoimt fur which the same Is morlrraKcd. ' Asn WitKi CAS, Said Company has filed In this office a written inltrnmrnt, under Its corporate seal, sitrned by tho President and Socretnry thereof, nominating and ap-pointimrJ. T. iiOL.'.UWAY, ofCuyahora Falls, fcum-, in it county, itsiiirent for the tn.nitiction ofthe business of Life Insurance, and Hilly and unreservedly atilhorixinsr him to tick now ledtte service of process for and on behalf ef said Uomany, consenting that service of proeews wfiw on him, the said A cent, shun he taken nnd held to lie as valid as if served upon the Company, according to tfa laws of this Mate, or ef any other State, and waiving ailg , claim of error by reason of eucn service. . Now TuxnKFORE, In pursuance of the first section ec I he4 Art to regulate the Agencies of fnsarnuce Conrja nles,notimrrprtrmtd by the Htate of Ohio, passed May 1, 1S54, 1, VVM. IK MORCAN, Auditor orstate, do hereby crrlify thnt the said J.T. HOLLO WAY. is authorised as nu Aijent (or said Compauy, to trnnsoct the bustnes of Life Inner nnce in this Slate, until tho thirty-first dAy of January In the year one tti ounnnd eight hundred and fifty six, so far as lie may be tonally empowered so to do oy uw icnr oi apnoiuiinemaiiu tne luMraclioiw wai mny he given to him by the iid Coionnnv. In witness , ereof, I have hereunto aubscrl. L.8. K-d mv aam ba alllawl, tins -Tint day of July, In Hi foar ar rlrfird on. tnotisandeishtllundrsMl and nfly anl5-3w - W. D.MO&UAN, Auditor. mriDE silk fii .f.i;(, all colors. Also, I "ILK I.ACEM.ttt hnlf th, priu Sf.ld for last ,earJ or vear can be found at Hay !!, 1M."i. T! AUG AIS IN FRUIT TREES. rvilll piihgcriher now closlnir out rapidly, at hi. JL Nwrrcry,tn the Mtddtcbury Road, near Akruo, his stock of Fruit Trees) but still has a line variety, which. ho must df pope of without delay, as he does not expect to occupy tho frrotrnd much loitwr. Those tn want of good, healthy trees, of reliable unaHttv, either Jll'I'LE, PEAR, OR QViJrCE - are Invited to call without delay, as they may now Kv tain barRSins, r Also, a variety of f.rnpc anionjr thvtfi, some fcrenfly' received from Clnrtnnatt. Toftther with Oaatro Orfinno HidKOf White and IHnrJt f twrninlis Goowberrtes, fthithard Roots, Fltrawherrv aettv Akron, April 11, If. li r . f K,

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