The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 5, 1944 · Page 22
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 22

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1944
Page 22
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2Q Thursday, October 5, 1944 Cftt jBafeCfgfitlft Californian Al R.'PROG RAMS TIM .RSItAY (1:00 t« 6:311 p. m. KF.nX—N*wa: 6:15, Songs hy Lrnn Pnync. KK!—Kraft Jtusic Hall. KfJIC—Gahncl HoHt'.ei; 6:11. Si re en Tests. li::in in 7:110 p, m. KKRN—Sputliglu Bands; ti.ii. Corimct Story Teller. KF1—Boh Hums. KTMC—Main Line. 7:00 to 7:.H> p. m. KKItX—RaMimri.l Gram t^i.llE: 7:1C. Musie;il I'ortrn it.'. KFI—Ahhnlt and rnstolln. KPMC—Henry GhulMune; 7:15. Lowell Thomas. 7::in in K:nn p. m. KKRN"— Tn he nlillniin, oil. KFI—Miir.-h of T.nit KP.MC—Allen Rnih: 7:45. Wjillz T.lne. H:dll |n 8:110 p. m. K17KN'—•; tlie \\oi\il Go By; S:lj. T J inn and .\tinr: KFI —The Mus.r Shop; S:lo. Mcht Ktlilor. KrJIi.'—Va'-'pt'cs. 8 :><> tn !):00 p. m. KKHN- Flr,i Win me KFI— Maxut!! It'.use I'nlue Time. KP.MC—M',p ThiH \ illii.n. IirWI tn !I:.'U) p. m. KKT.N—OarUl.T FiH.I. KFI—Dinar, SlK're H I Pprn llf.'l.«o. KP.MC—.N. IVH; '.' l.">. K"v M ::er. 9;:tll In 10:011 p. in. Ki:KX—Thu'ML.y '/MI. ,.rl. KFI—K.I I TV Qiiei n KI'.MC—F'llton Li-wis. .lr. : !> 45, News. tn:0ft (n 111:30 r>. m. KKRN-O^Mer K<iwl"»; 1 U .1,7. H''iiry .1. Ta>ior. KKI—Kirhfic-M T'eili. •;> |..i v Puife-ram. KJ'Mi"—Sun Fran, is- o 'i>:-iii. III::).) tn 11 :<>" p. m. KKTIN'—AmbasHirlnr llul. !. KFI—TnsiJc the .\cwa; 10.45. Ta.'.l'ir- Marte MploriifB KP.MC—Kan Fn 1 nrJHro Oprrn. 11:110 In 11::«l p. m. KERN'—c:«'0rc» Hi. Us Tl'»oiim(r: 11:15, Henr- Kmp'fi < >i' Ivs! r;t. KFI —Kleviiilh lii.iu .News; 11:15, Post Parade: ll:l.'n. Homy Kins's Oivhcs-lni. KP.MC—.Siws: 11 "5. Silver XoLturno. ll::lll In I'MHI Midnichl KKRX—Ten \Venns and His (inhesna; 11 :,'i.V .News. KFI~\Vm;i Snirn S'llmna rv : 11.15. K.-.din Falifiiii-; 11 -I, .MiJEiuil Kit rn'< KP.MC—Silver Ni..-1'irm.. MIIIMV fi:(ifl lii fi::iO ii. m. KEP.N—Mirth n IK! Mudne.'-s; ii;l5, F:um and lion:-IMH k^r. B::(0 to 7:00 n. m. KHttN'—F.ilni and H'ltnein;* U"r: 6.15. The Wilhird Mcivuiscr; (;..',«. MuticHl Ileveill... KFI—Tom fiwens; 6*1 5. N"ws. KPMC—MuM'-iil Cluck; i,.',i. On the Farm. 7:00 tn 7:Hfl n. in, KKKN—News: 7:1.",. Mann, Arrminkv. KF!—Grat-ino I-'Irtilipr; 7:ir,, Flfcl v, oc.ii I.awion. KP.MC—.Vows; 7 15. M. Indie* of Today. 7:30 (o H:00 a. m. KKR.V—Jainr-n Ahbe dh.-erv«s; 7:'I5, The I.i.itdnnc I'dHl. KFI—Keveille. Roundup; 7:45. Sam Hayes. KPMC—Tip; 7:45, Wpiir» NCWH; 7H5, Jscws. 8:011 In R::«> n. in. KKUN—Fli'fUv'.i'iJ L.iwlon; S.15, Victory Miirchcs. KFI—Johnny .Murray; 8:15, T. V. Blakixton. KP.MC--Slliidy Valley Folkn. 8:.'((l tn 11:110 n. in. KKKN'—Bieak fa ft Clnh. KFI—Alher^ HoinrniakiTK Hour: S I.'), David Harnrn, KP.MI"—Hal n.v -loe and T'nlplv. 8.45. In Tour .N'etKhhnrhood. s..,.!, Lani and cinrer. 11:00 In U::«| a. m. KKUN—Ni wa of the World: 'I in. Local NeWf: 9:11, The. AVoincn'H I'lice. KFI—News; 9:0;,, ICdward J,,i Ki'n.sun; !I:U,, Larry Sniilli. KI'MC—TU.alie Carler: 0:15, NairiCH and Places in Ihe Newn. »::«) to 10:00 H. m. KISRN—Brcakfa«t at Sardi's. KFI—New.s; 9:40. MaBa/.mo Pagft; 9:45. Honny MansfielcJ. KPMC—.Midland. IT. S. A.; 5:45. Amazing .lenmfser Logan. 10:00 to 10::i(l n. in. KKDN'—Tony Morxe; 10:15, Jack Perch and His Boys. KK1—Tillamook Kid-hen: 10:16, Petpr de Lima's clofiCMipn. KP.MC—News; 10:15. Terry's House Tarty, 10:l!0 to 11:00 n. m. KFHN—Sly True Story; 10:55, The Aunt Jemima Show. KFI—Aunt Mnry; Jt:45, Art HaKer. KPMC—Limeheon ivilh Lope/:, in.45, Behind I ho News. 11:00 In ll::<0 ». m. Ki:nN—Haul;!'.I--.? Tallinn;; 11.15, Nhuiii \h 'i,.!-' s. KFl-..i;in.iiliB LiBhC 11:15, T.i.lay's (-II.MM n. KI'M' --K.MW M..,| Kn.l-- f.,<To >;. «. lieiii's; 1 1 1.,. Waltz Time. 11::<0 In l::OI Nnnil KFIIX—chimoiir Manor. I\l-'l—U'onvn 'ii Mini-, 11:15. !>1 ly Ci n. K, r. KI'.MC -N, i loan Clouner. 11.15, Win ill Sinn'-. IJ:()0 (n l'i::iO p. m. Ki:ii\—N'. ws of the World; i: I'l. T/inal N.-AH: i:' l.p. Hollywood Slur Tniii-. Kl''- Noon I-'nrm Heporlei; 1^ ij, .Ma I', rkm . Kl'.Mi'- Woil.l Serien. 4 j'!::<0 tn 1:00 n. m. KI:P.N- P..'i«,,n Hie 1 s, 11'.15, !\ ti-rii. 1 n' i Coi nrr. K I ! - I'rppcr >'*oiiff's Family; 1-.}.", lliKhl to lla|i|on.-.sB. K PMC--Wot Id STH-S. 1:00 to I ::!0 p. m. KMIi.V S.i m MaM-. 1 15. ;i,,|. Vi. liols. KFI---I!ai kM.iKe Wn'e, 1 i;,. Sic l!a I'., Mil: KP.MI'--Win id s..i i,.-. I ::io |» 'J:oo p. m. KKF::; - -T:io.- \'o-ux u... :...«.s i.(:,, l: i.idv TV, n..-: 1 :,ci. .\..«s K I'l l.i.r-r/1; 1 .l~i. VOIII.B Widder llMUMI KI'MC—H'aOiines- in Haimony. 7:110 tn 7:30 p. m. Ki:::X—When a (Iirl .Mil H 1.1.7, Porlla l-":ne;i l.ilr Kl-'l- When a Gnl .Mauies; 1' 15, I'nrtia F.'..-M 1.1(1-. KP.Mi' -Wolirl Seiies. •i:30 In :(:«() p. in. Ki-:i:.N' - winii 1 .. in,n, 1 . i.a.ii, -.? Ki'l -- .lo.-i Plain Kill. :M.,. l'i,ml Pane I'':, i re 11 XP.MC--World Sri-ie.-: LM5, News. 3:0(1 In 3:30 p. m. Kl:l!X — AppMinllt -i.l Wnh l.'f-. K i''i-- r:oa i oi i.lie. :ri:,. siai I'i.'l . hoilM KP.MI •—.Mil.-.,,-. :.::io to 1:00 p. m. Ki:i:.\ — v:ihel and Alliert; 1 15, I'.lmil TriMihaduil! Kl'l -I! .sem.-iry; .'I 15. Woman of Ameri, .1 KI'M' 1 -'I'll.i,us Woi Hi \\'h,!e, 0 15. -Mild,'. 1:011 In 1::UI p. in. KI:I;N —\-VMI o: the World. 1 1 n l.,,,al .N, \M-: -t 1 .,. Kepi,i I Fi inn Pa, Hi'. 4 ... , ;l-imi,ion» Ye>l-idn vs in i dd KFI Kate; 4.15. News of the Win Id. KP.Mi;--Full,,o Lewis. Jr.: 4 15. Music. 4::<0 tn 5:00 p. in. K KRN"-- Andy nod Virginia: 4:45, Hop llniriB in KFI--AH llak-r'H Nult'hmiK KI'Mc'- World » From Pam ; 4-15, S\-|ni'hon!' S\\ nm. .",:0(l In R:30 p. in. Kl:il\— Teny and the Pirales. 5 15, I! n k Tiai). KFI- -ii K. for Kele.-me; 5.15, News IVlH.l! KP.MC'- -Music ; Fi'15,* Supermini. r>:30 tn (1:00 p. m. KI'.IIX — .lark ArmstloliK; 5 45, Ciiptain MidniKht. Kl-'l- Alv:r. Wilder; 5:45, Klmcr P,'tei Hi,n KP.MC-Advpnlnn-B of Toln Mix; 5.15, NiKht News WHO. HOLD EVERYTHING ''Mint's m.v ilnu—hi- 1 !! n«-vrr let nir live till** iliMvn! 1 TONIGHT at 10 KPMC LaBOHEME Presented by the San Fran* cisco Opera Company and broadcast for your pleasure by SAFEWAY STORES * 40 PAGE OPERA BROADCAST PROGRAM FREE! Contains story of each opera, pictures of leading artists and all radio broadcast information. Write P. O. Box 3775, Zone 19 San Francisco, for FREH opera program Petrol Pete In an ad you say things nice about your product and then tell people to hop out and buy it. I'd like to tell you how PCQ soft-pedals pings, runs up amazing mileage, and makes your car run even better than the used-car salesman promised. * * * But if I did that you'd probably go racing all over Bakersfield trying to find a PDQ STATION. * * * So I won't. I will just say that PDQ, soft-pedals pings, runs up amazing mileage, etc., in case_ you ever happen to be in a town where PDQ is sold. And what is PDQ? Why, it is short for PDQ PETROL, the gas with 2 to 6 EMPG*. PETE • EXTRA MILES PER GALLON. THIS CURIOUS WORLD By WILLIAM FERGUSON FRED WARING and his PENNSYLVANIANS 8:30 P. M. A radio quit wit ha brand-new wrinkle TOMORROW HE'S A CONTESTANT CONFUSER HE'S A HECKLER HE'S A QUIZ-KIDDER 8:30 P.M. THURSDAY Presented by Dubonnet Monday Through Friday 10:30 A. M. DON LEE MUTUAL ISM •• Your Dial .",;.\'>."ji^-^. •••••• '•••'•\ iV' •' PRSrWASBROLkSHT TO AMERICA, ( HOUSEWIVES DID NOT (CNCW HOW TO PREPARE IT/ 50 THEY BOILED IT, THREW OUT THE WATER, AND SERVED THE 5WEETENED WITH OR SYRUP/ 1 OUT OUR WAX By J. n. WILLIAMS COPR. 1944 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. t. M. REG. U. S.'PAT. OFF. TRAPPERS' ARE CATCHING PREDATORY COYOTES AND RENDECIN&THEM fOK AMMUNITION FAT.. .WITH 61 & ONES YIELDING 6 POUNDS. IS BROOM-CORN USED I AAA<IN<b BROOMS P .•\\S\VKK: Vi-s. IlrooniN lire made frnin lh« flunrr THKSE \VOMKN! :W( : 11 By d'ALESSIO F, "I couldn't Kfl «'ic of those iniirvrlims ^irtor.^ niotlt'ls—1 hail to bt 1 contt'nt ^^illl tin- kinil!" Fl NN\' Bt SINESS By ITRRSIIBERGER " e> at »«»*•*• . e> • o '.\ulhiiii: (o Kt't OM'itcd nbotit—the* in SIM du« nslfilrN Is tr.^iiiR to lilt our ki'K of cidt'i'!" KPMC Presents San Francisco Opera Company for This Week: Thurscltiy—"LA BOHKME"—10 P. M. Slurring E/io Pin/a Friday—"LAKME"—10 P. M. Starring Lily Puns Sunday—"MARTHA"—4 P. M. Starring Lieia Albanesc 1560 on Your Dial Sponsored by SAFEWAY STOKES, Incorporated TONIGHT SPECIAL NBC 10:00 P.M. RUDY VALLEE RICHFIELD REPORTER MAJOR BOB JOHNSON Air Act NBC ORCHESTRA A Great Special Events Broadcast TUNE IN NBC 10:00 P.M. Cof>r. 1941. Duhtnnit Afitntif Wtni. Prtdutl ef t/. A A. Dubtwt Ccrfi., Mw York, ft. T. M-M-THAT WAS CLOSE.' THIS ONCE K C5LOP10US MOMAKCH •' ITS INEVITABLE HOUC—ASG SAVS—-THE .PATHS OFGLOGV LEAD BUT TO THE GK OOOOH/THAT FALLIVVS TCEE J1S MISSED HIM BY A HA X TELL. VOU HIS VEIrOS MUST BE TUBES OF ICICLES — BC-H-H-H / /NO, ~L THiNiK IT'S -TUST UKE A BATTLE,-PROMT/ TH'OWES WHO'RE TH' FURTHEST AWAV FROM IT T TH' MOST FAIKJTIW ER BELLEC1M' ABOUT IT.' '£&' Lilii?> -» sA& , -I T. H. KG. U. ft. FAT. OFF. lea**. t»M >v M* uitvret. me. THE vS^ "BEHIND OfR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOfLB f i SHUOOER OP COr^CTA D^^A.P NlGWT A>R A. \AJATCrAN\rXK5 /VW VOO (<rAO\M-«-l4Nr<.-l<P e>\l Twe vo^, DID you INCLUDE A. Iri NW LOMClA , SLUBBER- FRESrA A\R. V^ILL TO VOO AFTER AT MILOHXMEO PIPES 1H^ VJOOLO FLOOR A. GOAT/-**' ,-TmS 308 IS A9 SIMPLE AS vOATCHlNiG PARADES. AMD »F VOO FLOR I'LL RESiTSOU PLACE AI TABLE TO A QUARTET AW *-— ^*-j&-*^-* -~^ t Q — S COM. 1»44 JY HI* KtVICf. INC. T 1 THE GUMPS Detained on "Business" By GUS EDSCON IVL OVE MDU EXACTLY SIXTV PONT BE PREMATURE HM- SEVEN THIRTV- IM BE<SINNIN<S TO / TI/WE TO WORRV IF HE WORRV ABOUT / COMES HOMB WITHOUT ANPV- THE five HUNPREP - HELLO MIN? ER-I'LL BE A LITTLE LATB FOR PINNER. GASOLINE AM.EV Thorns in (lie Flesli By KINO POESN'T VOUI? CONSCIENCE HU(?T VOU, SERGEANT BLONEY, WHEN VOU FILL THESE NICE YOUNG COOKIES UP WITH ALL THAT EVACC£I?ATEP HOOEY? I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW MY HOOEY IS NOT EXAGGERATED, MISS-MISS- MIMA.' I USED TO THINK THAT WAS SWELL NAME. 0UT I HAD A 61 SUPPV OVER. WERE. THAT HAD A NINA BAC< Me ABOUND I HOME AN' THAT'S WHAT I HEAUD FI?OM HEKE. V MOKNIN'TILL NIGHT-NINA, NINA, NINA.' MISS NINA IS WHAT THEV CALL YOU'RE NOT VEKV SENTIMENTAL, 1 THEM ARE THE TOP <lOfS HEADACHES, AND WHAT THS 01 IS MADE OF. WORSE THAN BAK3EO Wi/?£ /IN' MUD.' SBJT/MBNT, INDOLENCE. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Look Out! By EDGAR MARTIN ',-'",'-- :""'rf" v ." v 'r'^-vV x> ^ V" COPB. 1»u fly Nb FRECKLES AND HIS'FRIENDS First Punch By MERRILL BLOSSER I've GOT A TE-RRIF/C IDEA TD SET YOUR. CAMPAIGN STARTED WITM A BANG! WE'LL HAVE A HAYRIDE // t&zy$^ . w .' XSl M HATS SENSATIONAL, j WE'LL KEEP IT CBPrtf / . , 'A clcrDPTMMTl; A SECRET UMTIL THE LAST MIMUTE, SO HILDA GCUBBLE WON'T BE ABLE TO WE u. SING /THERE'S SONGS, TOAST / ONE MARSH- /AVAILABLE MALLOWS,/ HAY AND— J WAGON IN TOWN—SO LETS ARCANSe WASH TUBBS Nice Disposition, Too! By LESLIE TURNER.. YES,I WILL \ POMT FOR6ET 1 HAVE THE WAKE YOU \ DROP ON VOU, TANA! CAPTAW EASV/ THE JAPANESE WILL REWARD ME WEIL! 8UT AMERICANS ARE <3 ALLAN! • THEV DO NOT SHOOT PRETTY 6I&LS BUT 1 AM NOT PARTICULAR...MAN OR WOMAM, WHAT DIFFERENCE ? DROP THE PISTOL AMP PUT UP VOUR HANDS.* RED RYDER The Cause By FKED HARMAN ^ FIREWAT6.R/ .AEB&E THAT GIRL CAN EXPLAIN THIS .'L WHERE'D SHE GO, UTTLE KJCZ-C 4. ALLEY OOP He's Awake Now By V. T. HAMLIN "

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