The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 17, 1936 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1936
Page 8
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f,'" •"," ' " ' , 1 -'"' '*'" ' "' "*' ' ', ' ' "' ' ']•*»•< , ^v;< M' i ',•-,.//,/';*! ^ •"' t "V, ;-1<'V,'$ " ' M,"—, v-'t,' .".; ,-,"•*- ^'^ , ;'','•'*-. >* '.-^ ,x - w ,; ' .f -A ' ' ' MKBRSFJBLD UAUfr'OKNtAN, '.THl/USDA*, BJOTEMHEit 11. P. T. A. Workers Will Meet Friday at Jastro Park Mr. nnrl Mrs. Koppock's Plans! lo Slny Your in Spnin j Rrpnrli-d Allcrod i Mr. nnd Mrs. II. A. f'rippnok, j ttai.'hers nl Ihc Indian \VHIn Bchool, wlui arc on n world lour rnny I"' j among AmcrlciiMN who I'-fl Hpnln hurriedly nr WITO tiirli'd Inu'li ill tho border, nei'ordliiK '' communion- lloiifi received hy Ken frlcndM. Mr. und Mr«. t'oppnrli nir tored lo I'ort- luiid early Innl JIIIH from which port they wilier] for Ih orient. They stopped at Mnnlla nnd then loured Japan nnd Chlmi. They nmdit Mtops In Indln nnd planned n Hl»y In l.h« Holy Land, nnd uiiprixieheil Kurope by way of the ModllcrrniiMin through Oreeco nnd llnly. Il WIIH orlKlmilly tho plun in spend a \veel< 111 Npiiln where Iliey expected lo Bttuly Ml the I'nlvernlly of Mndrld. The civil war In Spain, however, t<lt,titlnur<l fin fagr, Tiern/|/ Ihrrr) O. T. A. workers from nil pnrts •' of the county will nHHcmblc here on Friday morning at 10 o'clock at Jnnlro I'nrk al Ihc cnll of MrN. Cnrl Nalr of Arvln, prcm- (drill fif Hcvvnlh dlHtrlct, Cnlifor- nln Con«rcHH of I'nrcntH nnd TonrhcTN. A potlurk luncheon will lie enjoyed nl noon, nnd nn nfter- noon HcNHion Is planned. Mrn. Niilr will report n incHing of lite Htnte honrd of mnnnRerH Hhe nllondeil recently nl Onklnnd, nnd MTH. Andrew llnncock, ulnto rhnirninn of Vaunt\er'» Day, who II!HO nerved on the slate budget committee, will nlwo report confer- enreH. A Hfliool of inntructlon for new nHHorlullon president* and chairmen will ho conducted, INDIAN lU.'UNO TOl.n HAN KHA.NCMHf.'O, Hopt. 17. (A. I'.) The Cullfonilu IndlimH are Mitlllml to Htnte help If lti«y urn iii'ddy, Atlor- ni'V (inncrn) U, H. \Velib ruled lodny. IT TAKES for SCHOOL and PLAY SHOES We Feature Peters Weather Birds for Boys and Girls 95 to $345 • Oxfords •Moccasins • Kilties •Straps All Children'* Shoes Fit By X-Rny These shoea hove everything It taken to atnnd up under continuous nativity . . . genuine cnlfokln, onk aolea and heels nnd non-Bcuff.ible toco. In all alien for children from B to 12 yonri. Attention, Aspiring Radio Artists Six pm-miiiM, or netii. compound of Kuril e-oimty talent, will nppoar nvor tlm Columbia net work Hiiplomhnr 28 on CA1.IKOH- NMA'H IIOUU, "HAUITU TO KKUN COUNTY." You muy ho onn. In uddllUm tn Ihe honor, you will r<«:elv<< a round trip to Lou AllKoh'H, if--111 In mutiny, Illlll Ihn rlmni'tt to win $v;iu inoro In tho Htulnwldu coiniu'llllon. Auditions at KKHN, Monday- Tut'Hduy, Sept. 21-22. 2 lo -1 p. in., 7 to i) p. in. K I R B Y' SMART SHOES S 1406 Nineteenth Street "The Home of Caiirlront and litdcltnt Service" Beautiful Permanents The Type That, Fall Into Deep Lovely Waves With I'erfocl Ringlet Ends! • L. Complete! Guaranteed! $195 $295 $500 Shampoo, ttiiwe and Wuvis ...... i Fl J lnjrcr Wave, Arch or Manicurn .......... 10 BEMED Style Revues Will Be Given tit WcilPs Store Fritlny 11 nd Saturday Ulfiplaylntf M knit dressoH, nulls, liloiiMim, card brans and twonri nulls In nil lulu shades nnd types of yarn, fimhloi) ri'viH'H will hri (ircNontod lit. \VplH'« iitoro on tho ninzxanlnn floor l-'rlduy iinrl Hiiturday ufLernoon lit !!:80 oY'wU. New From Kiinl Thi) nhowliiK In Ilia thll'd out of New Vorl< City, according to Mlsn Kunlnf l''arlH, of Now York, HtyllHt ri'|ire«erill)iK Hoar Urand and Mu- cilia Varim Company, who will Interpret thu olyloN aH they aro modeler] hy local IIWIlllllUlllH. Kanhlon nxportH ItiHlHl that no wai'ilrohci IH complain without Homo hniid Itnlt KnrmentH, MliiH l''arlH Hiild loiiny, ''xplalnlnji; that H'lH I" the con- I eeiiHiin of Hlylo authorltleH through- I out the Country. She, rec.ojniiifinlH ; Home of tiiu now yarn« In urncn, ; hrown, bliio and tweed. Tim latter j Inelude handmmi" oomhlnalloiiH of l"'lKi>, Ki'««n and henna, (croon and liruwn, hrown, red and ynllow. IMode.lH \ Mirny ffarrnenlH aro Unit with two yarim, and I ho ribbed and ploatod ntylew urn pnrllr'.iilarly popular. ! Modeln at Iho two reviU'H will In- I elude MlHiiefi llawl .lohliHon, I>or- "Iliy MatlhevvH and Julia (.'ordonl and Mrn. Minerva koinero. Inilnlt nl Htoeltdnlo Mra, Kenneth Armlflten4 won floated n« prculdoiit. of Gamma ICappa Phi sorority at formal ceremonies Wednenday evening at Btockdalo Country Club, held In connection with a wmart dinner party. Othern Inducted Into office were: Mm J,ouln fyemiicchl, vice-president; Mrs, Walllo Die,tor, treasurer; ISflHB I^»|H Ounihlp, secretary! Mrs. Robley Miller, publicity chairman and M|H« DnNIm llaymonrl, Hergrmnt-at-arinH. Tables worn placed In a "U" flhapo and centered with red and white flowsrH. Individual va«e« of the floworH were at each plate and tho place card« wore miniature mirrors. nenponAlhlo for tho attractlvo ar- ranKPtnnntH WM a eommlttoo headed by Mliw Armanda Oueydan. Preparation* woro hnffun for a pro(?rcs»lvr! dinner and Frontier 'bayH party, Iho cocktail course of which will ho enjoyed at tho homo of Mro. Clalr Marchlno, 621 I Btreot, ArranRomnnta also woro btiKtin for a Halibwnen dance Saturday, Goto- bnr 81 al Hotel 131 Tejon. Thin af- •fair will bo open to the public. HpKclal KU(!Stn la«t evenlngr woro MoMdiimcn Alvln Hmlth, Halrtl Christin and Tloorgo IllggliiH and Miss Verral Allen. Membci-H of tlio sorority Include: Y.T.C. Meeting Friday Evening Tho youths' temperance council IH liuinclilni; IIH ai;llvltl"H for thn year Frldiiy nl^hl nt Iho first I'.p.sbytn- rliin Cliurrh on thn corner of Hov- •"Dtnonlh and IF HtreelH, from 7,10 to 0:!IO o'clock. Inspired hy tho iniir- voloiiN record of thn China Clipper of tho I'mvAnierlivin Airways and the In 1,'limltiK or n nalloiuil threo- your |ir»((rnm which IIIIH iiwed HI(H (lUi'i-n nf Ihc nil- IIH the accepted Hyin- hoi of inodnrn progriimi, tho nmotlug nnd Norlul will ho hawed upon nn iilrpliimi I'llKliI In lli-> youtliH 1 temperance council InuiHi'on!Incnlitl ulr- llni'. Minn Kiilhryn TIllotHon. pros Idonl, Invites iiiiyunn who In Inter- oHti-d to come. H<>froHhmnnl.s will lie Hi'rvcd. Cumc. and |f"t acquainted with IIH. Walllo Ulotor Clyde Harheau f)ran Hholar Jac.k I'nxer Clay Thoinp- lion Kdward Knehn f'lnlr Marehlno Ijpslln Mayen .John Hamilton fJeorgo Hnydor William Porsel Uobloy Miller Kenneth Arml- Ht.end Klwyn Kelly Walter llaupt- man Louln Lemtlcchl .Ir-nn ChrlBtto DoNlHo Uay- rnond Jeanne ISchenl- qne eydan Wedded Monday The MUI« Cliurrh of the I'-loworn, Olendale, was choHon by M!HH Dorothy Courtney of MaNHeria, AVI«., and C.eori.'e I-. (ireen of thin city IIH tho Helllntf for their wcddlliR Bervlee Monday afternoon. M|HM Courtney has been living In Pasadena with her HlHter, Airs, Oerald (''one, who attended her HM matron of honor, Tb" (IreeiiH arrived In MaUorsI'li'ld yoHlerilny, expecting to rioter their weddlntr trip until after getting Nettled here. MlHHOH — Mary Kclienlnuo l.oln Duinhlo Anna tula ( !uey- dan Fae Oumblo Hilarious Parly Enjoyed by Caledonia Chapter Eastern Star; Clever Stunts "HiNHTITUTIN'O ono of tho mer- rleNl affairs ever roiiduclcul hy Caledonia Chapter No. 3IM. Order of lite KiiNlern Hlar. nn evening of Kainen was enjoyed by I HO pnefltH ro- cp.nlly at liruldn' hall. The liiiNlneHM hour WIIH follower] hy MiinlH. CicnUi \vnre paiiaed giving niemhern varied duties mirli IIH liu llatlnf; an Italian Helling bin bun a linn, a man mending liln nock, u man emnmontlnK upon a (raffle vlo- lullon, a pantomime of onenelf 25 yearn henee. In the dining room an Imitation "plHn" was IhHtalled nnd thorn were eaintmi men to supply Imilantane- OIIH pictures of tho partlelpantH. Tliene had been clipped from romlc Htrlpn. Mndam X supplied fort line, arid there were balloons to bo shot with how and arrow, tho prl/.o for Hiu.'ronH In which WIIH a lollypop. A "loop 'em" content In which the merrymakers tried to ring dolls with small hoopH for lollypops, also attracted a crowd. ICiu'li booth had a leather ImiKed ballyhoo man. Hot doKH were nerved nl a Hiindwleh mand, n« were eoffee, milk nickels and other approprlto viands. Tho eonimltton In charge Included Mrs. John Miilllvan, chairman, and Mendaim'H Kffle Pf:sante, Hulda Sinythe, Nellie Austin, nilllo Craln, l''loNsli« Recldlg and Mrs, Loo J. Craln. Mrs. Vance Htrohlo Is tho worthy matron anil John I,. Sullivan the worthy piitron. NewlyM'cdn Home Mr. and Mrs. Kdward Rogers returned this week from a week's honeymoon. Mrs. Rogers Is the former Miss Dolllo Gulp. The wedding was celebrated at tho homo of tho llevorend Uurton C. Barrett, 308 Ole« andor avenue, at 0 o'clock Saturday evening, September 6, They visited many points of interest in tho bay region, calling on relatives in Richmond and Oakland and spending some time In San Francisco, They also attended tho stato fair at Sue- ramento. At tho recent ceremony the bride was gowned In a tunlo street frock of luggage tan, worn with black accessories; her corsage was of Tails- man rosebuds. She woro for a golng-away costume, a black cloth traveling suit with fur trimming. Her attendant, Miss Nonlo Lilburn, woro a green tunic street dress with black accessories. Her corsage was of gladioli buds. Tho bridegroom was attended by Ray R. Ellis. Others present were Mr. and Mrs. JamoH A. Gulp, parents of the bride; Mrs. Flossie Rogers, mother of tho bridegroom; Mrs. Vlrglo Mahaffey, an aunt of Mr. Rogers, and; Messrs, and MoHdivmes— William H. Dudley Q. Ran- .DeVoro kin M tunes— Ksthor Trlcdo Delores Beck Literary Hororlty Committee chairmen and officers are now complete for Sigma chapter of Delia Theta Chi sorority, recently organized national educational sorority of which Miss Marlon I'ealrs IH tho director of educational and cultural activities and Mrs. J. K. Thrasbor Is patroness and social ad- vlnor. Officers Include Miss Katherlne Uass, president: M!HH Mary Helncr, vice-president; Miss Florence Moore, corresponding secretary; Miss Charlotto Myers, recording secretary, and Ml«» Hotly Keays, treasurer. Tho committee chairmen aro Miss Patricia Port wood and Charlotte Myers, entertainment and social; Imelda llcilzman, etln.uett; Juanltn. Tfennody, diction; Miss Ulna Francesconl, publicity; Miss Mary Jiolhursall, foreign phrases; M!HH darnel Miller, book review; Miss I'eggy Kurz, pledge; Miss Oen- ovlevo Miller, current events; Miss Thelma Lundstrorn, librarian; Miss KalhcrliKt Uass, innmborshlp and house; Miss Beulah Offut, historian; MI«H Opal WiiturH, courtesy and Miss Garnet Miller, sergeant at arniH. Members aro: MlHHCB Kulherlne Hans Opal \Valers Mary Mi-tner Mury llothor- Juanlla Ken- Ball nody Clinrlotto Moy- Dlna ('"ran- ors cenconi 1'eugyKuns Florence ATooro Hetty Kcays Thelma Land- (lenovlove Miller strom Patricia Port- Imelda lleltz- wood man (iiirnct Miller Uoulah Offut VlNltlng thn Ciirmns Mr. and Mrs. .Tuines Curran, 222 Kureka street, have been entertaining Mr. Currnn's brother and sister- in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Curran of Simla Ana. Returning with them from tho south to continue her local vlsll was Miss Arleen Mcdrath of I'olo, ill., who Hpent two weeks with relatives In Hanta Ana and vicinity. Sho will Journey to Pomona before starting to her homo nnd will stop briefly In Kail Lake City, also. Barbecue and Dance to Be Held Oct. 3 at Stockdale Fine Program Accompanies Rites of Corps Held at • County School Hurlbut Woman's Relief Corps presented a flag to Union Avenue school Wednesday afternoon at 3:16 o'clock .at tho school, Mrs, Ben Button received tho banner and extended tho thanks of the school and P. T. A. for the gift. Mrs, I,ena Baldwin Introduced Mrs. Winifred Ketchem, patriotic Instructor of the corps, who gavo an Inspirational talk on the history and origin of tho American flag. Singing of "America" and the "Star-Spangled Banner" was en- joyod, with Mrs. Mary B. Hampson at tho piano. Pledge of allegiance to the flog followed. Others participating were Mrs. J. Bruce Payne, first color bearer, Mrs. Borllrn Roberts, Mrs. Waldo Hart and Mrs. Fred Blitz. Other corps members In attendance in eluded Mesdames Angle McSmlth, Ella James, Roxle Watson, W. J. Campion, Clara Kent, Etta Basttan, Lucille Morris, Margaret Summers, Nora Casselman, Minnie B"auer and Emma Fultz. Maslcr Charles Boyn ton was a special guest. Refreshments were served. as a colorful and trodl* '<- tlonal festivity to top .off the ponlng of tho Frontier Day celebra- Ion on Friday evening, October 3, he women of the Stockdalo Country ilub will bo hostesses at a barbecue mul dance at the clubhouse. Pounds luscious barbecue will be prepared with accompanying viands and will be served from 7 to 10 o'clock on tho patio of the club. This Is expected to meet with high favor with tho crowds attending the ip T A 11 0 210 AiiO W ILLIAMS P. T. A. held its first meeting of this year Wednesday afternoon In the school auditorium. AH business occurring during tho past summer months was discussed Mrs. E. L. Rogers and Mrs. C Rlchaud were unanimously electee secrelary and parliamentarian, respectively. Tho theme adopted by tho association for the coming year Is "Enrich' ing Character Through Education." Mrs. 8. O. Carrlthers rendered a poem of her own composition, cntl tied "A Boy's Viewpoint of tho P. T. A." Mrs. Viola Blodgot, principal, gave a brief and concise talk on "Know Your School." Refreshments were served by tho executive board at tho close of the meeting. BUTTON WILLOW, Sept. 17.—A reception for the teachers will bo given at tho first mooting of tho But tonwlllow P. T. A. at 7:30 o'clocl Friday night, it was decided at a re cent special meeting of the oxecu tlvo board held at tho homo of Mrs John Thomson. The community 1 Invited. Refreshments will bo served KXP15RT BLEACHING, TINTING AND DYKING LE ROY GORDON BEAUTY SALON Nineteenth Street. Phone 5(505 ,i •"- -MK.." >.r E FFECTIVE September 15, 1930, the HAKEHSFIELD SANDSTONE BRICK COMPANY and Ihe Southern California Gas Company will sell all 1936 models of ELECTBOLUX REFRIGERATORS in Us present slock or on display at a 10% discount from Ihc regular retail installed price, This price concession is for the purpose of clearing our slock and display floors in order to make way for the new 1937 models which are expected early in November. All HI J2CTROLUX REFRIGERATORS sold during this sale are lo he sold "as is" and as "floor samples," hence the discount. Bakersfield Sandstone Brick Co. Eighteenth and Sonora Streets # Phone 402 FRATERNAL rodeo who want entertainment that evening. Following the barbecue, A T dance will begin at 10 o'clock until • the revelers are ready to go home. •The women sot .plans In motion for the fete at a business meeting held Wednesday afternoon at the clubhouse. Mrs. J. C. Beggs, president, conducted, the meeting. Other* officers of the women's' organization are Mrs, Lloyd Stroud, vice* president and Mrs. L. B. Nance, se<v- rotary. 40 Guests Enjoy Auxiliary Party Forty tables wore filled for a card party of Frank S. Reynolds unit, American Legion Auxiliary at Legion hall Wednesday evening. Awards In bridge woro won by Mrs. Phil Piter, Mrs. Jose Shannon, Phil Piter and Vernon Oldershaw. Prizes In five hundred went lo Miss Leila poison, Mrs. Jessie Phil- Ips, Guy Braydon and Henry Powell. The door prize was taken by Mrs. Z. V. Hosklns. A business meeting of tho unit will bo conducted tonight at 8 o'clock at Legion hall. Mrs. Wayno P. Nelson will preside. Mrs. Earl Howe, ticket chairman, will present a report on the card party. Plans for the unit's part In Frontier Day activities will bo made tonight. Mrs, Wallace Reed Is chairman of the committee In charge. •-•-* Mollison to Fly Atlantic Again Pretf Jjcaicd Wire) LONDON, Sept. 17.-^J. A. Molll- son, Australian flyer, announced today ho will take off from Floyd Bennett field, Brooklyn, October 17, on.a transatlantic flight to England, Ho said ho hopes to reach Croydon airport outside London, In 17 hours on a flight through tho sub stratosphere. Mollison declared ho will leave London for New York aboard the liner Paris tonight. After the New York-England flight, ho asserted, he may try lot two new aerlul records. Including a solo trip around the world. If the weather Is suitable, ho. de clarcd, he plans to attempt to set a new flying record from Kngland to South Africa and later might "con sldor" a flight around tho world at the equator. Collegians Will Assemble Friday Students in Bakersfield Junior College will assemble In the high school auditorium" tomorrow morn- ng for their first official meeting of tho year. Miss Mario Nichols, irogram chairman, announced tho nltlal assembly of the year will be of Interest to all students in the,,, ;ocal junior college. 'Members of the Associated Women ' Students of the Junior college here are sponsoring a "red hair ribbon for freshmen" movement. The incoming men of the campus have to wear "dink" caps and this fall, the first-year women are wearing huge red ribbons In their hair. Women of Moose to Plan Dancing Party Plans will be completed for a "family night" dancing party, Sep.* tember 15, when a business meeting of Women of the Moose is held at Druids hall, East Bakersfield, Friday night at 8 o'clock. Balloting on candidates also is planned; Mrs. Prank Greenough will preside. In charge of arrangements for ; September 25 are Mesdames Harry Krough, O. C. Lundulst and Ann Thompson. Schilling more more 'FIAVOR Decree of Honor Members of the Degree of Honor, Protective Association planned it- card pnrty for September 21 nt Eagles hall when members met recently In regular session. Prizes nnd refroRhmenta aro planned; the public is Invited. Oil Center Lodge Oil Center Lodge No. 808, Ladles' Auxiliary to tho Railroad Trainmen will hold a social mooting at 1:.'IO o'clock Friday at Eftgles hall. Mrs. Erma Hlgglns will preside. "Electric Age" to Be Topic of Show (Associated 1'roii Lea sad W<re) LOS ANGELES, Sept. 17.—An "electrical age exposition" was planned today to open October 10, a few hours after tho first current from thn world's largest generating plant at Boulder dam begins flow- Ing Into Los Angeles. Elaborate ceremonies to welcome the first flash of electricity tho night of October 9 aro being worked out by l-)r. John II. Halnes, city water and power commissioner. A "light on parade" spectacle will bo staged in downtown streets, ho said. Tejon Parlor Will Hear Final Reports Reports will featuro a meeting of El Tojon Parlor, Native Daughters of thn Golden West Friday evening at 7 o'clock. Mrs. Russell Pettls will tell of plans for participating In Frontier Days; Mrs. Ona Moffett will give a report for tho history and landmarks committee and Mis* Sadie Clendenen will review locul activities of Admission dny. Miss Riilphu Banders will preside. At 8:15 o'clock a public card party will bo held, dedicated to five hundred and bridge. Prizes and refreshment's uro planned. Mrs. R. C. Brown Is chairman of arrangements for this und other September njfalrs. 4 «• Missouri Club to Meet in Earlimart Missouri Club members will meet in ISarltmart Friday at tho home of Mrs. Fred Murray where an all day meeting: with potluek luncheon at noon, will be enjoyed. Members are aaked to bring sewing fov a bazaar In December, Participants will leave 'Bakorsfield at 8 o'clock from the Traffic cirolo north of tho city, > Every Age Is Beautiful Just a llttlo care with that skin as you Journey through life and you will ultimately reach ripe old age with that same clear, baby like, rose petal complexion which is envied hy all. Bo sure to use tho right cream and powder; he sure to uso It faithfully every night, and above all — stay .with it whon you find the right line. Such a one la Barbara Gould — Made right, packed beautifully and priced within reach of all. SEE OUR BEAUTY SPECIALIST KIMBALL & STONE The Particular Drugaltt* Phone S3 Phone 54 PROMPT FREE DELIVERY Bakersfield. Calif. Quick. Inttpeailr* way to help Improve handt o»«rol«ht,ke*p thejuyounj-looklnj.Try tod»y. s ° Ap AN ° OINTMENT niTiniPA LU I ILU n A Attention! Kern County Artists Open to All Professionals and Amateurs Residing in Kern County. "CALIFORNIA'S HOUR" Radio Talent Tournahient SIX ARTISTS OB ACTS WILL WIN 1. A featured appearance on the "California's Hour" salute to Kern county over KERN Monday, September 28. 8. A round trip to Los Angeles. 3. Forty dollars each In cash. 4. A chance to win up to $730 more In tho state-wide tournament. Auditions at KERN Monday and Tuesday, September U and 22 2 to 4 p. m. awl 7 to B p. m. FOR FULL PARTICULARS SUB . F. W. Wool worth Co.

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