The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 17, 1936 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1936
Page 7
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^J?^,«r ','? :<,">"• ^^T-.^ v ''''-3l. • -, » ;-,.,?;• ' v -,'"'' ' ''"'/',,-"' V ''\'' v '"I''-' '/'•' " -'"•'', t •. • '>:' ; -'f','•;;'},'' > il> ••/-'• • • .,/')'','• >';' • ,, ' ''','''' . fSB »AKBR8FtELD CALlfbRNlAN, THORSbAY, SEPT EMBEU 17, 1680 - Bath and Shampoo Spray "Defender" $1.00 Value Vastly fattened to fit? faucet Grand for>- pootng . . . removes every traee ot soap. As a bath spfay . . . a* stimulating and refreshing a shower. Certainly a value, at this low Thursday, Friday, Saturday 1400 Nineteenth Street, Bakersfield Alexander Graham Bell, Inventor of the Telephone A Leader of His Time OMMUNITY NEWS: I**" Delano Residents in News DELANO, Sept. 17.-4ils8 Phoebd Hlett has returned to Fresho to comploto her qourso at Fresno State: " trenchers' College. Mrs. Krntst Jenans and daughter Ernestine motored to Bakersfield on Monday afternoon to transact business. Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall and their daughter Margaret and son ponald Karl returned home Monday afternoon from a four-day visit In Sacramento with Mr. Marshall's mother and sister. They also attended the state fair, Mips Viva ^ean Mack, accompanied by her aunt, Mrs. Chris Blank, have returned home from a week's vacation spent at Orange with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Nelson of the Columbine district entertained over the week end Mrs. Nelson's brother. Thomas Peterson, Mrs. Peterson and their son of Santa Barbara, Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Hanson have returned home from Fresco where they spent the week end with their children and grandchildren. Mrs. Ray MqotHait was admitted to the hospital on Monday night for treatment. Mr. arid Mrs. Steven D. Nlll motored to Portervllle on Sunday and passed the day at the home of their daughter. Mrs. B. J. MUsick. Mrs. J. Beryl Nicely motored to Portervllle on Monday rnd ylslted with her sister, Mrs. A. D. Qlavcs and family. S. Sorheffeay, employe of the M, Caratln ranch, and M. Oalarlan and M. Singo, both employes of the Sierra Vista ranch of the Karl Fruit Company, were all'admitted to the hospital on Monday for treatment. The'Misses Anna and Alma Mack oC Orange visited with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Blank and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rlhckhoff, on Monday afternoon while on their •way homo to Orange, after a vaca- *tioiv at Selgler Springs, Mrs. R. N. Qverholsor returned homo Monday night from San Diego where she spent 10 days As the guest of her niefie, Mrs. Herbert Sponholz and family. Mr. and Mrs, Steven D. Nlll have returned home from a recent week ;end visit at Santa Barbara. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Charlton and their daughter Benidcen and son Roy motored to Simper on Sunday and were all-day guests of Mr. Charlton's mother, Mrs. AV. R. Edler. Their Maughter and sister, Juanlta Charlton. who enjoyed a month's vacation with her grandmother, returned home with them. Charles Nicely of Tulare was a Monday evening guest of his par- pnts. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Nicely. Raymond Ramsey transacted business at Alpaugh and Barlimart on Tuesday. . Afre. L. D. Smith returned home Sunday night from Oakland where "(he enjoyed a week's visit with her laughter, Mrs. Dudley Mlddietoh and Wily. C. J3. Anderson of Bakernfleld was a Tuesday business visitor in Delano. Mr. and Mrs. Roy N. overholser are entertaining as their nous* &uest Mr. OverhOlser's nephew, Howard "Wilson of Lincoln, Neb. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mack and their son Jesso have returned to Orange after a brief visit with their relatives.,Mr. and Airs. Chris Blank. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Blank and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rinckhoff. Mrs. Arthur Blank entertained at dinner on Friday night at 6 o'clock on her son Billy's first birthday. Covers werd laid for Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mabk and their,son Jesse of Orange, Chris Blank, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rincknoff, .Tames Thurman, Jeanetto Blank and Mr. -and Mrs. Blank. Mlsd Marian Chung is enjoying a visit of several days in Los Angeles as, the guest of her sister and friends. C. D. Norton of Los Angeles, engineer of the Colorado river actjue- dudt, with Mrs. Norton Were Saturday guests of their friends, Mr. and Mrs.: Scott Ladd, while oh their way to San Frandisco. Mr*. Alblna Boyd accompanied by her granddaughter Rachel Boyd and her grandson Cecil Boyd, and her sister, .Mrs. Emma Freed of Butler, Ohio, have moved to Modesto. Audra Boyd remained here with her aunt, Mrs. Avis Fielder. Mr. and Mrs. Buford Hayes of Randsbtirg arp announcing the birth of their secbnd child, a baby daughter who was bom on September 14 at tho home of Mrs. Haves' mother, Mrs. L. L. Brown, where mother and daughter are doing nicely. H. Ponlerleau and son Harold of wenatchee, Wash., were Sunday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. David L. Shlfflet while on their way south. Mrs, Homer A. Bower and her daughter, Mrs. Stuart Warren, motored to Bakersflold on Saturday afternoon to shop. . Mrs. Angellne .Perrier had as her Sunday guests Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Eraud and their daughter Amelia and son Frank of Bakersfield. Dr. and Mrs. William B. Smith spent Sunday at .Searchlight, N'e- vada. and Boulder' .dam. Charles Prophet of San Francisco visited local friends on Monday evening while on his way north from BakerRfleld. Mrs. Fannie Isnard accompanied by her granddaughter, Lillian Ros- tain, returned home Sunday from tfklah where they spent a month vacationing. Pond Affairs of Interest POND, Sept. 17.—-Mr. and Mrs. H. Hardgrove recently arrived from tho south and were overnight guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Poto Bledsoe. They are now living }n one of the houses on Mr, Blodsoo's ranch. Mr., and Mrs. Felton Coker returned here recently from Cumaoho, Texas, where they have been living several months and are now located in tho Barnett ranch. Mrs. Coker s a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Horton Williams. D. Renfro. who was confined In a Bakersfield hospital several weeks, has returned to his home. • Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Mills, who have been residents here, moved recently to Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Harris returned recently from Los Ahgeles, where they were guests several days at the homo of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sexton. While south their car was stolen ono night but was found tho next morning with small damage to the car, but several articles of cloth- Ing were stolen. Mrs. Frank Oarzola of McFarland visited Sunday at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Ugo Bandrlnl. Jack Cook is spending several days in Los Angeles visiting with his mother bofore going to Oregon, where ho will enter the state college. Miss Lucille Williams motored here from Fresno Saturday. Miss Williams is living in Delano this year. Paul Graham, of Fresno was a guest recently at tho .home of his brother-in-law and sister. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lucy. Mr, Graham loft Friday, accompanied by his nephew. Maurice Ludy. for the mountains whom they will spend several days deer hunting. Mrs. H. L. Hamlln returned from Los Angeles Saturday evening after spending several davs at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Murl Mitchell in South Pasadena and visited in Los Angeles with her cousins. Mrs. Fred Qlasford and MIM Hazel Burletgh. Mrs. S. L- Allen was pleasantly surprised Monday morning when her niece. Miss Velma Oakes and Howard Ott of Oakland stopped to visit several hours before continuing their trip to Boulder Dam. Robert Heitzeg of Tulare was a Saturday business visitor at his dairy ranch west of Pond. Mr. and Mrs. A, J. Russell and son Donald spent Sunday afternoon in Bakersfield where they enjoyed an airplane ride. , Henry Mathews, Baxter Klrkpat rick and Clauds Nored motored to the north Saturday. Q Ion Dixon visited in Taft Satur- dnv evcnlnf Mrs. J. M. Crawford of Texas is stopping at the home of Robert Will- lams. Mr. and Mrs*. Joe Borvcl and sons Joe, and Frank visited Sunday at the home of Mrs. Ben-el's parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. p, Vincent of Karllmart, Pete Bledsop and Joe Bervel •were business visitors Monday in Hanford where they attended the auction sales. Sunday evening dinner, guests at Lhe home of Mr. and airs. H. L. Hamlln wore Mr. and. Mrs. Harold Appleford and son Clarence of Delano, Mtss Flossie Hoffman and Miss Betty Hamlln. Mr. and Mrs. John Hills were recent visitors in Bakersfleld. Mr. and Mrs. Canton Williams, former residents of this district who have been living In Comaohe, Texas, the past year, returned here recently. Word was received of the recent death ot J. W. Schuster of Los Angeles. Mr. Schuster owned the ranch farmed by Mr. I^aeky. Mr. and Mrs. Schuster spent several weeks here this summer having the well lowered on. their property. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ward and Lido Sandrlnl and Miss Evelyn Sandrlnl of Bakersfleld were recent guests at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. uga 8an< drlnt. Mr. and Mrs. George Whltacre and daughter Marlono and son Qeortre Arllne, accompanied by their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cowoll 6t McFarland. enjoyed a week's vacation spent at Long Boach and Catollha. Mrs. S. L. Allen and sons Robert and Herbert and daughter-in-law, Mrs. Ray Allen, and son Jimmy wero visitors in Bakcrsfleld Saturday. DIETING TO REDUCE Dangerous Fat Cut out fat meats—you don't need them—oat sensibly of Iamb, lean beef, fish and fowl. Oo light on butter, cream and sugary sweets—eat fruit and vegetables in variety. Gain in physical charm—look younger—feel younger. Maryland lady writes: "I've lost exactly 21 pounds and am no hanpy to get rid of that bulky fat. My Hlcin Is .clearer and I feel so much better." Mrs. N. S. Take one-half tcaapoonful of KruSchcn Salts in a glass of hot water before breakfast every morning. Kruschen costs but a trifle and is sold the world over—try one Jar—if not joyfully satisfied—money back —Got That Kruschen Feeling.—Adv. Shave or Make-up Mirror \ \ NVSA\ ^ v THE MOST IMPORTANT MAYONNAISE ANNOUNCEMENT IN IB YEARS They said it couldn't be done! -butjr worked out a waif fo Drinq ifon Really FRESH Mayonnaise try JOHN J. MACK, preiident. Dated Mayonniue, Inc., Lo» Angele* I used to be an official of a big mayonnaise company .We made a fine product, but like all mayonnaise it was distributed by the same slow method as canned goods. Women were buying it four weeks, six weeks-even two or three months old. Chemists told me mayonnaise this old was often technically rancid, though high flavoring covered up the fact. I'm sure it wasn't actually harmful, but I knew women would rather have • really fresh mayonnaise if they could get it They told me it couldn't be done, but I believed it could. I resigned from my position and started a company of my own, working on an entirely new plan. We make our Nu Made Mayonnaise fresh daily and deliver it direct to stores in small quantities by fast auto service. Every jar is dated. Any unsold jars are quickly picked up and replaced with a fresh supply. Every jar in every store is always pure, fresh and delicious. Naturally, as women have learned about this really fresh mayonnaise, they have begun to insist on it. I think you'll like Nu Made Mayonnaise too. Won't you try it?. If you don't agree that this fresh mayonnaise U better, return the far to your Safeway and I'll gladly refund all your money. 50c Value Size 5x7" Pictured here is Bell's first telephone, patented on March 7, 1S78 ... the result ot long months of research. Juit as Bell was hailed a leader of his day . . . today The Owl it recognlcod as a leader ot modern drug store retailing. Full Size Fresh Rubber Hot Water Bottle With adjustable folding handle. Clear glass. 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KERN COUNTY ARTISTS "California's • Hour" Rudlo Talent Tournament SLt ArtlMit or Acts Will \\lnt 1. FoaUircit appoarunce on thin program with Conrad Nil- got, Donald Novls and other utars, In "Snlutu to Kern County," Monday, September 28. 2. Hound trip to Los Angeles. 3. MO each in canli. 4. Chance l» win up to $730 morn In ntato-wldu tourna- in out. Auditions nt KERN Monday — Tuesday. September 21-22, 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Asthma Relieved or Money Back If you want to <TM yourtslf from tb* ralakr? and Rlar»rr ot aathma, w» en- Uiua|a*tlca.Ur r«oomm«nd a newprtp-; aratlon called "Paraathman." On* tablet brlniri »a*r breaUUnr and comfort In «0 *econdt; prevent* spell* of coughing, wheetlnc and choklnr. DOM not tax the heart. Endowed la print by doctor* and medical Journal*. PoiltlTe money-ttaokjriarantee with oT.ry paokace of PKRASTHMAN. II. Don't hxltate. Don't wait. Boy it at once to have oa hand. Garlic and Partley for High Blood Pressure T h o o a a nda of High Bleed Preiaura Suffer* •ra ua« ALLI« MIN Eaatnoa of Oarllo • Paratay Tablata. Q u a r • •ntaad tafa and effective or me nay baek. Tablet* apaolally ooatad. No odor. N* taata. No drugi. Aak far thtm by nam«—ALLIMIN ESSENCE of GARLIC-PARSLEY. Tw*lin day? treatment .. *-, At Th* Owl Pint Mineral Oil AMEROIL _. 17 C Pint Owl Pura CASTOR OIL 1% Lbs. 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Smart women ban tall t» that Rlrsud't I'n Air EmUutiU la tlw mo«t eaptlntlnc odciur In lt» worid. SoU 1» Nnr York at t* aa ooaM, Now «l*o l» purn flaeoa at 990 MAYONNAISE At all SAFEWAY STORES i, i^. '* i. 1 ' * »* »* -5, '* - ^)»wi'*,''<- , • i Attention! Kern County Artists to All Prolet- glonals and Amateurs Retiring in Kern County. "CALIFORNIA'S HOUR" Radio Talent Tournament SIX ARTISTS OH ACTS WILL WIN 1. A featured appearance on the "Callfornia'8 Hour" salute to Kern county over KBRN Monday, September 88. 3. A round trip to Lo* Angeles. 8. Forty dollar* each in CMU, 4. A chance to win tip to |730 more In the st«M«-wIdB tournament. Auditions at KERN Monday and Tuesday, September SI and 2S 8 to 4 p. m. and 7 to 0 p. m. . FOIl FULL PAJITICTULARS SKE J. J, Newberry Co. TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR EYES INCLUDING EXAMINATION ^ ON EASY PAYMENTS '' No Money Down " A WEEK NO INTEREST OR EXTRAS n.tHMuM ^REGISTERED OPTOMETRIST OFFICES WITH O.D. 1508 Nineteenth Street, BokersfteM ..'";',

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