The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 5, 1944 · Page 16
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 16

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1944
Page 16
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Thursday, October S, 1944 utftc gafafrtfifRi Califomi'an Christain Group to Observe jyy Day Tt.-illy ]~>;)y will he observed in tli^ RiMe Srliool of Kir.-t t' I'hureh Suntl;iy. The ^ener.-il iisseni- will lircin at '.' '•'<> a in. and \\ill lie followed by leirular class sessions A poal of T.'in participants has liec-n se( for this annual ol.serv;mre neem dinp lo .lames ("artrr. siiperin- tenilent. Last Sunday a larte croup of officers and teachers were inslallcd for thr c online year in I IIP inorninjr • church service, thp ccn numy I.eins: eondiicte.l hy (lip r.cM-n-ml 1 |i'Mis icr 11. .Miller, minister "I'hi 1 eiliu aliiMial eo'ninillec consists (if Mrs. AlliPi I KreiMe. .NYuell ';rppn. and C. I-;. llav. lilies, v, i!h Mrs. Cora Tinvn.-i'tid a- assi.-ianl Moonlight Ride Is Shared by Thirty IERE AND THERE IN SOCIETY 1 1 o incl ml i n u £ . from l he I'.iiMness and I'n .fis- W'.inen'*- '"lull sport section Minter l-'i.>ld and othiM' primps. Dan ll.issett ;- pi opi J4.|or of tho aeaiieo: v. HI;HI:K AIIS \\ n.i. MI:I i ri:i.i.( i\vs. net. r,. —A nu-rim^ »< S.iu. 11 Han K'-ln kah T,IM|UP oi l-'i I|o«-i \'. ill lie h"!d tr,nlehi in MM- I. O. O. ]•' h.,11 \v ith Mrs. Ciiai-i- Kii'kland. nolipp crand. in r-sidllis. Try These Today! Your Grocer has them Plii Kp-iliui I'hi TIM nfw inrmliri ••< \\vif \\ rk'uim'il ini'i I'hi lipsilun I'hi sorority n>- <rii!h \\ !:<•!! 1 h* 1 ^r<Mi|> r"i)( I urio<I ini- prrsMvr formal nTrmniiiPs in ttio S|i;illl-ll li.-ilil'iinlil nt' Hull'. \'A Tcjnn. A li.iriM'i'-t follfiu'Ml i lie i creiiioiiy. Tli..-.' iiiiti I!M,| iiifhiflccl-. Mrs. Vln- i rut i'.i-pi-r. .Mrs. llonry McCullfn. .\il .. V. ll'ILil'.-s. Mrs. Un.ul .Millor. .\li-s. Km .•!•]>• XklinIs. iinil .Misses I'lar.i S|.|. !h I '1..rriu.'f' Sr-rr.'tno. M:ir- L;.ii'"t Ji'iif^ In-no 1I.'mcrn;* n ;md I li'l iM hy Si'i'U' 1'. Tin' loti'jiH-; I.-ilili's \\<-rc clivo- r;itc.| uith \\hiti' l.-ipi-rs ami nstors. AI 1'iirli imlivnliiitl |il:n-p ;r small niini:it '.ire 1 lirci'-l icr i-anili'lalirj. M i - I :ii liar'l l-'.nrli.n \\ as in' 1 n[ ih«. rrrnn'My aii'l the lian- Mlli'l v. a* Mii'irr the i 111 fr! i'ill of Aliss Mina I'r:i nri'M'.ini. a»i-lril l.y M i ? ,.s I'.iMifl anil Ali-s hi.ra I,or- i • 11 / i I'l • ''IT.., I! \'. ,l :• II. Pi v K ,,.•!;..r I.I..'. .1 !.<•« is I liill..-! ll"l.:in . 'li.-iil.... Wi,.n i-;.i \Vi.-i Shower Among the lovely pre-nuptlal affairs givi-n In honor of M^rB. IIollls I). Xunnelly, the former Miss Phyllis .\l.iildo\-, was a miscellaneous shtiwer uiven by Miss Lois Shaw. 1MOH Twenly-seeond street, recently. Appointments were In a color scheme of white and pink crepe myrtle adorning a mirrored centerpiece with a white wedding cake. ( lames were played, carrying out a bridal theme. Pri/.es were awarded to .Miss Frances Kmbrpy and Miss -Mice Thompson. Shower gifts WPI-P presented to the bride in a white and pink decorated basket and many lovely gifts were received. Ilefreslimpiits were served later in the evening ill buffet style with the hostess assisted by her mother, Airs. Leland S. Shay. Those invited in addition lionoree and her mother, Mrs. .Maddux were: to the Glenn CHURNED WITH FRESH PASTEURIZED SKIM MILK so MUD., so $Wf6T. so COVNTRY'?K€5#in ffff^- AlKs McKinney \isits Ails" .Marian Mck'innev .. Santa I'i'iy. cadi't nur-e at San .b.--e Hospital, is in Makei-sfielii to spend a lev,' da\s \\ilh l.'lali\-es. She \islted lna- sistei -in lav.-. Airs \\'. A. Ale. Kinney. and Airs. AlrK inm-\ 's small daiiyhli r. I 'a mela A Urn in Santa ! Ana. it. is her plan to i. i urn to ' Sa n .lose Wednesday. * «. * Visiting Here Airs ('. A. Schniiedie, : , former pioneer losiiloni 01 I: a l:ersi ield. is visiilni-r in thi« <h\ ihis week. She Is at the homo of her nieces. Alesi dames Allllman Arms and Hugh Shields. Alls. Srh niiedt e is tin 1 \\iihnv of i the late f. A. Si-biuieille. lonnprly connected with K"ni County ]>and ' 'onipan>- here. A I HI- Tlio KlVM Moi I' Itridal Slinurr .Mrs. Harold I,. Cainps. I ill '., Ppr- shiim slropt. \vas hoslrss at a. KOH- loria and c-liina showpr in honor of .Miss Until Kfhvards. fiunc-po of Srr- K'pnnt I Inward I.i-roy Sphlin. The rouplo \\'ill wpd I-'rida>-. 'lames \\-pfc )>la\i-d. pri/.es KoinK to Mrs.- Hilda Cillioc and Mrs. Donald ('ill^i-r with HIP consiilation pi i/i-s K'oin.n 1 to Miss P.i-a Bishop and M iss Lorraine Klein. The Kil'ts \\ere arranged around n eenterpieee of purple asters in a l-'ostoria howl with matching eandle- holders riiiitiiinliiK white tapers. Assisting th(^ hostess in serving were lier mother. Airs, (ipufge HPO- field. Jr. The hride-to-he was the recipient of many Kills. Those attending were: M'-sil;t ni'-K— l.i-shr- Dr-lhnt llililll i;!lii,..- Iliiliiild I'.ilttM- Cicumc \i, lir.lH HiMirv Cnln lluiul'l .\liinlif-l__ M I SSI'S- - Yviiiini' A i III.IH I.I-OIH- Xiuil Hirhii Mm. ii- Mil nun Iliinium Iii'ii l-sislum l.iiui-H (Viliii-ainvt Hi-lcn Cnniifi t Irtiro Juhn l.rin-iiiiip Kit-In I MorriMin-Azevpclo Rites j ! Miss Fern Oratit Morrison, for- ' merly of August, Kan., and naullo H. I '. Axevedo, of this city, were married ! Saturday. September "H, in the home of the bridegroom's brother and sister-in-law. Mr. and .Mrs. Jesse Azevedo. '-':!Jfl Quincy street. The ceremony was performed by Judge Frank Noriega before a group of friends. The couple will make their home In this city, the bridegroom being employed with the Golden Bear Oil Company. Following the wedding a reception was lipld. refreshments being served by the hostess, who was assisted by her daughter, Louise Ax.evedo: her niece. Barbara Azcvcdo, and Mrs. Carl West. For her wedding the bride wore an air force blue frock with colored sequin trimming with brown accessories and an orchid corsage. ! .Mrs. Audeen McSween. of August.) Kan., sister of the bride, acted as j matron of honor while Jesse Azevedo j attended his brother as best man. Airs. AlcSween was attired in a gold i colored suit with black accessories land a gardenia corsage. I Those attending the wedding and I reception included: .Messrs, and Ales- j dames Jesse Azevedo. Carl West, i A. J. Jones. H. Alontaney, C. Me- Cracken. B. Buck. Airs. Audeen Aic- Sween. Frank Miller and .Misses Beverly Alontaney. Barbara Azevedo and Louise Azevedo. • • • : Kiaw</yU-Knonl/: Kites ; Aliss Anhis (".eraldine Konntz, ai member of the WAC, and Lieutenant John Casimar Krauo/yk wei p 'united ill marriage Saturday. September :in. at S::!" p. m. in the chapel of the chimes. The single ring service was performed by the Ileverend- B C. Barrett, pastor of First Baptist Church. Attendants were Lieutenant and .Mrs. Frank B. Lcidi. ' Bridal Shower Miss Geraldine Hood, bride-elect of Emery Mathis, was the hnnoree at a recent bridal shower at the home of Airs. II. S. Hood, ."i.'iS Willow Drive, the event being given by Airs. II. S. Hood and Airs. K. S. Hood. Games were played during the evening, pri/.es going to Airs. W. K. Heyart and Airs. W. S. Hood. The honoree was the recipient of many gifts. The couple will marry sometime this fall, the date not being decided as yet. Refreshments were served to: Gay Social Is Held | Native Daughters by Lavender Club Installing Friday K M. \\ hm-lir W. K. Miii'il II. .1. lll>r..l l'. linviil t K. \V. KnlMit II. A. Mi.111. 1; \V I-;. |li-\ ;irt I. II. II I \V S. II"."I .1. i:. Hon.i K II Pi'dii MISH Miii'lcnp Mjithis r-liil.lii-ii — r.'.l.t'ri .Miinn n.n ..I Mnnn r.lllv Hi. hio.I Ho...I liiii'v Hi....I t' KnishI Hunk K'niuht KMIIII MIUM! UtiwMlio Kntuhl Mar'.ln \\'hin-lfr * * • liirtluliiy I'arty I^ittlp Kayiinn fllspn, the dantiliter nf Aviation Student and .Mrs. (.'.corup A. Olspn, opleliratpd hpr second liirtliday anniversar\' recently at I he home of her Ki'andparenls, .Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kai/.cr, Jlnl North Chester avptinp. Tables were decorated with white, pihk and lavender flowers and a law while cake was cut. She received many Rifts. AinoiiK those present were: M-ssrs an.I .\lVsil;i m.'s II. IE. in. Kt-v \V. M M..r,,lv I-". H. n l-:\.-ins A\l.i!inn Stlltll-IH illl.l .Mis. llpni^r lllsrn M-siliniu-s - I.l|)P \' Mil. I-1.1 !">! .-'1 .It.i- l:..l-r.o- • HeIt'll .M;.."M-v M.S.,.<_ I.Ill I H-Sftl Ti-l rv Kit lull .1 Kili-i-n Kal/.i-r liHvul KVMIIS M" Ii;,.-I Km ns Kiii-i'ii % .'lilkionn .Mntnlv I i.,,,,,1,1 ' T,ayrndpr rinh Woman's Roliof i Corps nirt at thp hinno of Mrs. . Ci-ai-p Iliclmrrlson. ion \ sln-rt, IT- crntly. colchratiiiR tlin (went loth 1 hii'tluiay finniviM'Kiiry of thp club : with n pntliK'k liincliron and a social | proRrarn. Tlio pageant \vns arranged by Mrs. HlaricliP I.awhrad. A prom-am and short history of tlir clul) was given, tlip pagrant briiip arranuod by Mrs. nianrhc I,a\vliPad. I'rlxi's for the best dressed went to Mrs. Kmily Hoy; hc«t sus- llained charaeter. Mrs. tleorKm I rireenleaf; most original, Airs. Louise j Hiirnhaw: and thp fnnniost. .Mrs. Ann Talbert. 'I'be .judges WPI'P Airs. .Minnie .lai'ksnn. Airs. Inex lionnio, and Airs, l-'.iliel Iticliardsnii. Community sinuihL; \\'as also a f pa I nrc of the event, and several original poems were niven. The card parties which have been held by the unuip on .Saturdays have attended, the next one at 8 p. in. I scheduled for Saturday in .Memorial hall. Installation of. officers will he heljl when Native Daughters of the (Iiildcn \ meet I'Yicla.v, tit 8 p. in.,' at the Woman's Club, Airs. Fred Alippi, president, announced today, A lull attendance is. requested. Those, who will tic installed include: Mrs. David .lonos, first vice-president: .Mrs. >.'. J. Williams, second vice-president; .Mrs. John Clarkin, third vice-president: Mrs. Amerigo Sandrini. marshal: Miss Phyllis Hansen, financial secretary; and Mrs. Bud Ward, outside sentinel. Tteports o.i the young wohien's activity group, dance committee and pioneer tea will lip given. In addition. Mrs. .Marjorie Kouw, chairman "or Die blood donors, will give a Af- ailed report on the progress of her •ommittee and work. Two trip* were made in September to the blood bank •enter in North Hollywood, the IJUB icitiH donated by C'. 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