The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 17, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1936
Page 2
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THE BAKEttSPIBLfi CAUPOnMIAN, THURSDAY, BBPtSMBBR 11, 1688 Feel 30 till you're fee/ 40 till you're Conserve yourself In your "middle years" by eating sensibly, exercising moderately,,.and, if you drink, choosing a. form of ivhis- key that agrees with you. TOW does tho human syilem . respond to different forms of whiskey?" The answer to this question is of vital importance to every man who likes whiskey. So vital j« it flint months ago the Mouse of Saagram engaged a group of trained, Impartial research men to find the naiwcr onto and for nil. Their answer prove* conclusively that Seagram'* Crown Whiskies- blended by the special Seagram proc- eu, with Seagram skill —are "A FIVE CROWN $1.11 I PINT MOST WHOLESOME I'ORM OF WHISKEY". This mean* that Seagram'* Crowns, taken in moderation, nre easy on the average mnn, considerate, kind— the form of whlihey most likely to agree ti'llh you. You have always liked the fine, rich time of Seagram's Crowns. This thorough rciearch IIB.I proved why they are tho sensible choice of men who want to conserve themselves— men who want to enjoy the present without future penally. -Ksttulive Officci! Nen> York Pive ('.town Dlcmlcd Whlikcy. Tlic »iralnlu whiiklrt in pmiluu «rc S vtJin or mint old, 2570 nml«lil whiikey, anil 7V.' n neutral jplrin dlKilltd frwn American grain, formuli ilnce Miy 1936. 90 J'ruAt under Sovfn Crown nlmcldil Wlil»fc»y. Tin ifml»tll w Dili produrt «ro 5 yniri of moro uld, HVi% iiramlu wlm (,<i',••'„ neutrnl Miidn ul4illl<u from Arntrkan grim. Iliidl ihli rarmuli ilace Miy 19*6, i/0 i'»oul. whliklo In i, «inl under SEVEN CROWN UI.40 I PINT "l»B Till A MOST WHOLESOME FORM OF WHISKEY Linderman Slates Fruitvale Outpost a«or«o K. Llndermnn, Uedondo Beach operator, I* preparing to drill an oulpOdt MillhiSfiM Of FrultVfctft VMA on Mellon 28, 4J-27, between Onrvln A Marr'w reconditioned Hchf-i pumper and tho main field. A 130-foot wooden derrick Ims bean (>rpftf<l for this project at a Kite 8SO font norlli and 02u etui of tho sec* t ion r^nler. Tim Inane l» Hftld lo Include tho 20 acres north of tho railroad on which thn.derrU'-U fltniiclH, nncl also thft ad- Joining 1 {inland O. IIIII properly nouth of thn lruokn. Oil Is Murmlnod to lift renelH-il nl. 4 300 feet. iiiilf a miii; eouih It IB reported, the fk'hfiftl well IB pumping 80 bar. rols dally from 4406 feot, arid that operators may perforate tho coning lo open up a hlffhor Hand. 4 t » Gas Spouts From KernFront Well Jijxnol measurements or Unpublic Petroleum Company's n«w producer, Kinutnliiirger No. II on tho onst erl«o of Kern Front l r leld, «ectlon 24, S8-27, liitvo not been taken. However, oil Is being pumped into Iho Htimp «t uri ostlmutnil rate of 10 Imrrelw per hour, and capacity In rated at 200 harroln dally. The depth IK HUM) fiii-t. On the Hlmt-off tbxt of th'i imwlMK, KIIH blew for throe mlniitcH at tho ralo of 1,000,000 cu- blit feet per day. NII IKJW localloiiH IIH.VII liiicn Hlnlci'il out but It IH presumed that. I hit coinpiiny will drill moro lator, Kliii'f; II UWIIM thlM IdO-ncru Icusu find (in iK-i'i'H luijoiniiitf H on HID north, Imlh of whli'h contnln iirovon or nciiil-provnii niton, niulrJIIetl. TIIKI'T IH COHTI.V fA'/KNOVIA, N. V., Hnpl. 17, (U. P.) Andrew Wllllfiin Ilftahr, lill, HyrnciiHo, In nc'rvlMK u Mix montliN li'rni In Mmll- nun county Ju.ll for Iho thoft of 10 crnlH from u poor liux In HI, JIIIMOH Catholli! Church. Kern Oil Fields Weekly Review •*.** * * * * ' * * * * * Recent Developments Summarized •(Fly JOHN CIlAWFOnt))- W HY nil tho shouting about tho fan Section field?" nomeona asked tho othor day, continuing, "They haven't much out ihero but wet (tan, have they?" Tho answer to lho«o auOBtlonu camo Ihfa week with report that Hholl Oil Company, continuing In Its Hoeoml project bolow tho point reached by HB discovery well west of Old niver, has sotar opened 380 feet of oil sand. This compares with SO feet tapped In the Initial producer. Full Import of this grant thickness of productive formation can not, bo Judged, of course, until tho well IH actually on production. Until that time, however, resldenta of Bakersfield and Kern county can rent comfortably fiHstired that Knell Is on the verge of tho most sonttatlpnal developments since the Kollleman llllls Hold. In the meantime, Ohio Oil Company IIOH spudded Its first test well In the pld Ulvor district, the project being located 1 'A miles northwest of tho Hhell producer, and Hlandard Oil Company IH drilling Its KCL 10-1 at a depth of below 0000 feet, Ohio Oil Company Is seldom without at lotiHt two exploratory projects In progrnsM at tho same time In Kern county, fn addition lo lt« Old Itlver activity, tho company In re- portnd plannltiK lo try ugnln In tho Urapevlno district. Tho new Ohio wildcat will go down an a location 2 nillos north of whore newervo Oil ntid Oas C'ompany'M .'13-2 had encountered favorable showings. Htnndard Oil Company Is Mild lo have spent more (ban 9400,00(1 on Its United No. I nt Ixmt HUH, n wildcat project which was alum- ildiicd thin wceli nftcr hehift drilled lo a ilcplli of iiliiidHt 7000 feet. AH FOR RED UON MERE'S 'Thr-r-ifty, thr-r-rottlo thumpers have found the candidate they've searched diligently for... an* o' course ye guessed it...he's Red Uon! There's a braw lad who does everything he promises (an* quite a wee bit more). An 1 as proof for a dubious mon he goes richt out in thot famous Gilmore- Yosemite Run and gets 26 miles to the gallon for the winner (confidentially I do even better in my ain car). An' then ... as if thot's not aplenty, (though a sensible mon wouldn't admit it to him) Red Lion puts a wor-r-rld of power in every drap. Here's a candidate thot's led us oot of the chaos of dootful performance into the land of muckle mileage. An* if ye are the bricht lad I ken ye'll vote for him I" RUNNING MATE OF THE INDEPENDENT DEALER FREE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE Campaign buttons ... ask your Independent Deafer/ RED GASO LI ON HUD MOTflfllOll X usual with welln Iri thto ~. s .... . Standard operator* lirtxl to battle hjtli-preimure tmtlorgroiwil waloi' ftlnioftt from Ilio outset Oil ulloW- Infs are reported to have boon picked tip In tbo' Koomifl fornm- lion at 0800 feel, but (lie crude failed to appear In producible quantities. ^ And speaking of hundreds of thousands of dollars, reliable sources estimate that geophysical domtmn- los DOW operating out of Bakernfleld are upending »t50,oon monthly on their Operations, exploring the underground (structures from tho sur« fact), ^ Arvln residents may a« well pro' themselves for a disappoint- tiient An far* afl denei'ft.1 Pei>oleiim Corporation's Arvln NO, \ wIldtjAt IB conoerned. O. T'. lm« not yet given up. of course, and the drill la still KolhK down. The hole In now down below 0260 feet, more than 240 feet doepor than pay dirt was encoun lerod In Mohawk's micooHgfnl Dl Oloi-glo irarms wildcat, a«d so fttr has failed to enuourago hopes for oil production. Gibson OH Company, which was lurgaly ronpoiiHlblo for the drilling rovlval at MarlcopOi may ftlarl things happening In another long- fiulet part of western Kern county tlio Devils Uon area. Tho company has tnkon ovnr Tllchfleld'a Alforllx lease there. "What Olbson plans to do with Its new buttling* has not been announced to data. Commuting by air Is becoming an established cimtom In tho oil Indus try. Tuft Well Drilling Company have been keeping In loiiah with volormieiHs In Louisiana by ulr travel for tlio past several months ami beater C'alluhan, of \Vood-Cal lahiin Oil Company, Is now keeping up wllh aoilvltlos of his firm boll In California and Wyoming, Ho from Uukorsflcld to \Vyomlng In ' hours—less Uim> than It takoa to drive- lo Han Ji'ranclsoo. A.rholo Petroleum Company has derrick up for a wildcat test to bo drilled In Ihu bordo dlslrlct north p Bttkuraflold. binding both Kuril lllvur and Temblor sands barren, Ohio Oil Company has iibiuutoncd Its Mdlson- Hpalo 4-j oulpOHl on the uorlh edge of Iho IMIfion flc-lil. Pumper Completed in Dorsey District A/tor paneling at 1300 foot through ,h« fault in the Dowel? area, which lorjfl* to Iho caai, felroloum 86* OuHtlos' Cohipftny'g fcbrsey No. 4, icoUon 28-ST'Sf, ha* been completed at 1880 feet in the Vedder Hand for 140 barrels dally at 15.6 gravity oil. Thin In not conaldorsd the maximum capacity of the well as tho pump B being run at the slow speftd of 12 Hlrokos per minute. Frozen Pipe Delays East Edison Wildcat A fishing job of stuck drill pipe reportedly has delayed progrens temporarily at East Wdludn Oil Company's wlldtsat wHloh la prospecting: for a shallow accumulation In tn« foothills four milns eafct of Edison field. Depth Is said to be 800 feel. This is an interesting test of o. rt« glon that has never baan explored for oil. It has been estimated that tO,> 000.000 ions of soot fall on American cities annually. Derrick Going tff> for FrtiitvafeMi: Is h*to«'.- N. B. H«ihrmh f A. 130-foot erettted by rl« l tor tn*tfe t*o oil, welt in norUiSMt tfrultvale field on ' Motion 23, 29-27, .At a location between the catnpatiy'* No. 3 And MohaAvh Oil CpmtKUiy'8-No, 2. The rim sand In thin area reaohed at 3)30 reot, la moi-D prolific than, the second aand and yield* well* that flow tor deveral day.s boforo re- - quiring the pump. , | Seek to Tap New Part of Belridge Field Formations (COKING for the VVugonwhcel. oil 8imd lias ulnrlnd at 8175 ffcl in Ansoclaled Oil Coin|»any's on I IIOH I, Reward No. 5 In North Uclrldgo field, section ;U, 27-20. hiH In n try for production on the went Hide of (ho wtnicturo, oppo- nilc the middle part of the field, (•'or the past two ycni-8 nil drill- Ing IIHH hocn on the Houtheast flank of the anticline. Mont of this portion of the field now IH drilled up oulNlde of the Holrldge Oil ('onipan.v'n leafio,'and nl present only one well, Continental Oil Compnny'fl RcBult No. 6, ta drill- \ng on nectlon 30. Thin Icnvcu four drilling rlgw In the field—one of AHHocluted, one of Continental and the two that Helrldge Oil Compuny regularly keeps busy developing HH large undrillcd acreage. $25.00 Reward Will In' paid by thn mamifiictufcr for liny Corn OKKAT CHUISTO 1'IIISH POSITIVM Corn Cure conno roinovo. Al»o removes Warts ant C'nlUiuHcs. 35(i lit Huvo-Moro Drup Sluro. TwtMitleth anil Chester avenue Unrgtat q*n«r«l mnnut»otur» »nd r*. pi If pliinl In th« San Jonquln Vtllty HOPPER MACHINE WORKS, i«. Offlo* and Shop HIS M Strut Phoni 29 Supply Store Fishing Tools Tank* to Order Belting Jobbers of Acetylene and Qxyoen Machine Work Forging, Foundry, Boiler Works Manufaetunrs of Portabli Oil Wall Holits and CAST YOUR VOTE WITH THE NEXT INDEPENDENT DEALER 4 * Tuns In "Strings At It Sssmi, . . Wednsiday snd Friday ... «i45 P.M... , Over Columbia BrsidtMHn* SyiUm «• * FOR ALL THE NEWS-READ THE ADVERTISEMENTS EVERY DAY Johnson's Flristono Auto Supply ind Sirvioi Storati Ino, Ohtilir it Twinty-lovfth Strut Phtni 40IQ 'SHOPPING OUST KILLS ME! I'VE COT SOMETHING \, THAT'LL BRJ NO YOU BACK TO UFE-COME OVER OH!GOLDEN GLOW •DOiS THAT HELP WHEN YOU'RE WORN ° 017 ,Ti UMWLOUt \ IT DOES WORK LIKE A CM ARMI FEEL GOOD AS NEW ALREADY GOLDEN GLOW BEER for glowing energy Valley Laundry & Dry Cleaning One-Day Service! Lower Prices! Finer Facilities! Greater Convenience! Call us now and we'll have your liuin- dry buck in one day! Jus I ns simple us thai! All work is done in one of I he most modern uiul best equipped plants in the West. Only PUKE SOAP and SOFT WATEIl is used. And prices are a lot less than you huve been paying. For example: Family Fl*t Work: Starched, Ironsd and Mended. Sheets So, Slips 3c. Other pieces In proportion. Rough Dry: Flat Work Washed, Ironed and Folded. Apparel Starched. 30 pieces, $1.00, Finished Work—unexcelled In Kern County —Shirts 16c. Men's suits dry cleaned and pressed, 85ol 15% Discount on Your Laundry If You Bring Your Bundle to Our Office! Also a complete dry cleaning service for every member of the family." Men's and women's suits, dresses, coats and Palm Beaches cleaned and pressed. Hals cleaned and Blocked. Valley Laundry and Dry Cleaning • also olTer many other cleaning services, such as innovating of furniture coverings, feathers and mattresses; cleaning of rugs, drapes, curtains and carpets. French Hand Laundry if desired. Try our complete service. It will save wear on your clothes, tinte, trouble and money. Call us today or bring your work to the address jbelow! VALLEYV LAUNDRY & Dry PHONE 6833 Cleaning 430 KENTUCKY AT TULA RE -' '• i ', J*t 1;

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