The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 27, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JUNK 27, 1947 SEC Saysjuckef Can Issue Stock Registration Will Not Become Effective Till July 15 At Earliest , PHILADELPHIA. June 27. (UP) —The Tucker Corp. today had approval of. the Securities and Exchange Commission to go ahead •with a proposed $20,00,003 public stock offering lo finance its automobile manufacturing. The SEC said.however (lie stock registration of the Chicago auto firm will not become effective until true facts now disclosed are "adequately" revealed to the public. , The earliest possible effective date would be July 15, provided no new action Is taken by the com• pany or the commission in the meantime, : • New information concerning the company was contained in another registration amendment filed tcWay In a 26-page opinion, the SEC stressed the fact that It was in no way "passing on the merit or lack of merit" of the company'', securities. The commission cited the expensive publicity campaign concerning the ,corporation ami its plans to manufacture a radically new rear-engine 'auto. "We can not ignore the impact o the mis-leading information contained in pnst publicity concerning the corporation and Its officials on the mind of the investing public," the opinion .said. Texan Marries in Japan [Pet elk Turns Tables, Stalks Hunters Instead HELTON. Moiil. (UP)—When tho tourist-tilled Great NorXlicru iicamllners whip through Blcvens Canyon near here this summer, smart trainmen will he making Bide Money by betting vacationers they'll sec tin elk. And, ns usual, the elk will foe Sunshine, .sunshine's Hie pel of Mrs. John Duliniala, who lives on ranch which borders the railroad. Of tjie stories tol<l about Sunshine, one of Iho best came out of the big jjanic h'.iiitiiiji season Ihls liast u Inter, Natives chuckle as they tell of Hie two red-coated elk hunters, stnlkliig big eiiino, being followed closely by Sunshine the elk, who, although curious, survived. No General Name The TunjiUses of Siberia have no general name for the reindeer, although they have specific names for ' "tame reindeer," "wild rcin> tlecr." "young reindeer," etc. to obtain money to finance a lease of the surplus Dodge-Chrysler plant al Chlcnt'o. Capt. Howard W. Petikc, of San Antonio, Tex., Is pictured In Tokyo, Japan, as he was married to Virginia Klllcm, of Buffalo, N. Y., by dipt. Orville Car), Eighth Army chnuiiilii, or Washington, D. C. Both o'iccrs nrc stationed at Camp Drake, Tokyo.— (NEA Tclephot'J.) WASHINGTON, June 27. (UP) — The War Assets Administration yesterday grunted the Tucker Corp.!our montlis more time in which \ p XXX .TfT'HEN Father am! I in summer .\vhile \vent over . lo the JTorbcses' mansion thai evening, Wp found Mr.DeMaria's four-piece self. orchestra tuning up 1 in the front hall. Flora, in pale blue and pinlt flowered organdy, came running to meet us and hugged us both. Her mother, Amy, and Nelson greeted us more soberly. Mrs. Tolliver's eyes were red, and her hands trembled. ' The grandfather clock in the hall struck eight lingering strokes. On the eighth stroke Ih6 orchestra began the Lohengrin wedding inarch. Down the'staircase came Gloria Louise and Theodora, both in fluffy white and carrying stifi little round bouquets. They had some difficulty in managing (he stairs,- Theodora particularly; The- odora'v.'as not yet three. Finally in despeiation, she turned aroum and came dov.'n back\vard. That simple childish act brdke the tension. Everyone smiled. 1 looked up. Annabellc, in a light ribbed silk suit in nalc beige, a cream embroidered lingerie blouse, and a small brown straw hal, stood .with Sam on the landing. She carried a little muff of ycllov; sweet peas. How pretty she was i—I^liad foi gotten how pretty. \' From where I stood I could look:.into HID front parlor. I saw the Reverend Willis arid a tall, ithin man in a dark business suit, .with a brown skin and a groal deal of black hair, go into the parlor and stand together before the .•flower - banked, candle - lighted mantel. So this was Frank Hait- \vell. : l .His restless dark eyes, under (heavy brows, took in the room, the [candlelight, the masses oE flowers '—counted, 1 swear, the lwcnl> jdozen yellow roses. Whether OL i not he approved I could not tell (The C3 r es bad darlcd lo the hall Jwere taking us all in, judging us isumming us up. When the eyes L HOWEJMBIU.M! By MATEEL HOWE FARNHAM | fell on me, standing by Father, I though't lie gave a little start. Then he glanced again al Mrs. Tollivcr, nt Amy and Flora. "Not bad," I imagined him telling him- Only when he had made up his mind about his new relatives did the bridegroom turn and look al the bride. What lie saw obviously )leascd him. His eyes lighted, and 10 smiled. 1 smiled, loo, in sympathy. Perhaps this Frank really was in love with Annabclle; perhaps everything was going lo be all right. Then the bridegroom licked his lips, his too red lips. Suddenly, without rhyme on reason, I detested him, . | u ._.,_ AS Father had said, Mr. Harl" well's manners were pcrfccl. Ife was reserved, but said cxnolly the right things to everyone. When the ceremony was over, he kissed Mrs. Tolliver's cheek and thanked her for the inestimable gift of her daughter; he kissed Amy's and Flora's hands, lie invited them all lo come lo se'e Annabelle and him in Fittsfield, and lie (hnnked Florn for the beauty and perfection of the wedding. When lie cnmc to me he merely shook lands and asked if I were not of \cw England ancestry. I said I was, on both sides, and he said it was evident. But same.-time later, nfter the supper, he sought me out in the hall, where 1 happened to be alone, and told me gravely lhat I reminded him greatly of his dear dead wife. He said her name had also been Louise. JIc said it made bund between us, that he hoped I would be his friend. I was shocked and painfully embarrassed, but managed to blurt out something. I must have bit on the right thing, for Frank—he saici I was to call him Frank—thanked me and opened the back of his watch mid showed me a small photograph of a dark-haired girl with a pompadour. 1 said she was very pretty, that there might be a slight resemblance. It's more than slight," Frank insisled. He added soberly: ".She was a saint on earth, (he finest woman 1 ever met in my life." By this lime i had got over my embarrassment. I said coldly: ;.'T!iis hardly seems the time or place. . . . After all, you have just married a new wife." "Thai is true. And she has all my loyally and affection. Uut lhat docs nut (.'hange in any way the loyally and affeclion I owe Ihc beloved mother of my dear children." "Yon have n large hc.'ii-l," I (old him, us lightly as I could. To my surprise he,said: "You don't like me, and f am sorry. It I had the time I could make you like me. The other Louise did not like me cither at first." Fortunately al this moment Nelson answered my distress signals and came up lo say that Sam had just opened a fresh bottle of champagne, ami Father was about lo propose a toast. .... toeal A Lonf DteUnoa MoTtnf OomiifltcEt Help mud erpilpnittnt. Adequately Insiircil Contract H&ullug • uj Mine. Services. Home Serrlco & Storage Co. I'liotia -801 Club 61 glytlicvillc. Arkansas Highway (if Nortli Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only Open 6 Night? Weekly Owned I3y W. A. (Red) Blckerstaff and George Ford For Eeservalions Telephone 9-14 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores VV/E were not, ns a rule, n drinking &i'onp, liut we were all in Ihc f!rip ot a vnuno but acute discomfort. Thanks to Snm and unlimited cliampnyne, most of us were Iccliny considerably cheered when the lime ciimc for Annnbcllc to (jet ready lo leave. She ran t'aily up Hie stairs, paused on the landing, and threw her muff of sweet peas straight to her mother. "Humph! The next bride. What do you know jibout thai?" I heard Wcyinaii say in the doorway. For three .years I wan lo remember Annabellc, lovely and radiant and . , . yes, triumphant, standing on the stair landing, smil- iut; down at us after IhrowiiiR her mother her bridal bouquet. Flora and the others were to remember, loo. And when Annabellc did come baclt, years later, it war, a new and different Annnbcllc. Flora said to me once (hat it was as if Annabellc had died as she stood leaning over the banislcr on her wccUlins niislil, laughing and triumphant. Mora added sadjy: "I almost wish she had died." (To l!e Continued) !'?&!&& Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawbm 'All right,'we'll go to that bo itch resort once more—but I- if you don't catch husbands this time, yve.'re going to a 'iil_ v place where I can fish next year!"/ FKECKLES fe HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Let's I?c Neat OUR. FOLKS SAID ir VJAS OW/ If YOU >WANTEP TO LEND US THE DRUMS / FINE/ cowe ON IN AMD TAKE YOUR. PICK/ IS THE OM6 YOU HAVET A WAGOGO DRUM. FRECKLES • A NASTy . TRIB E, TM E WAG060S / GATEWOOD GROCERf i Phone 9751 Ark.-Mo. Stale Line on the left at the Arch M rt. ri. cm 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 4.15 Culvert 1.35 2.65 4.15 Schenlcy 1.35 2.65 4.15 Cream of Kentucky 1.35 2.65 4,15 Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 4.15 Hill & Hill 1.40 2.75 4.40 Old Taylor 4.35 6.90 Four Roses 2.85 4.50 5% Beer per Case $3.35 GAS, reg 17.9c; . Ernyl 19.9c AU Brands CIGARETTES - - $1.35 On. Bisv 'em Here! Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. TMTTNER KILL WILSON Chamblin Soles Company Sales — Sludclmlicr — Service "First !5y Far \Vilh a Postwar Car" Don't lake chnnccs wnh your car or truck, whatever ii)nl;e yon drive. Come In now and have llicm put ta(.<i top-notch shape by our FACTORY-TRAINED MECHANICS. Expert painting and body work. Wo carry a compile Una nt Stiulcr baker parts and accessories. WE BUY GOOD LATE MODEL, CAKS—SEVERAL, NOW ON HAND — PRICED RIGHT. Sludebakcr builds cars and trucks that can lake it. in passenger cars, The Champion, Commander and Lnml Cruiser. ',<• Ton, 1 Ton, I'.i Ton and the Incomparable 2 Ton StudcUakcr Truck. CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Your SUulclKikt'r Dcaicr "First by l-'ur With a Tostwar Car" Bill Ciiamblm -KII & Ash St., rimnc 21DJ Lev WASH TUBRH Home of the Aulhor 8Y LBSLDU TUKNKJ WE'RE HEE.E TO DISCUSS X WE FEEL HE'S BEEN PUSHED WUE SOU'S SCHOOUWEViA ALONG TOO FAST. IF VOU RECAIL IARS. mutcivK.u's A-EE.- WREE MEWIS ASO ME C.PVISEO PE1ACWE SUBJECT, BUT WE Wtisr FACE THE FftCT THAT BUSTER. IS SOWBWHM SHfttl ISM, RETARfEP! BUT BUSTER'S X V6W4'. BUT VOU COW WWfi POP W*< IN W \ WSt I WON'T" HftfTfv GO TO' GBMJB J SUMftEB. SCHOOL EVER. 1 EN HE ViK, A TO KEEP UP. UKB BU l UWERSTACO. SUV THE FftCT FISSERED ITD 6E h PRESENT, 3 'itMtS IN THE SOKTEE. FER IIOWEK FOURTH, WE FEEL VSS IOSING GKOUNP Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplc EEL RIGHT AT HO,V\£ 'JlTrtTUE HW CAMPS ON THIS — ._ Ntnj.cniET^VWajR. FACEUcoM&.CrtiEp.- 1 ru_i 'IE-EVE.' voo ODSHT TO #/ FAMILIAR..' )} SIAOV-J voo AW '•( VOD LOOli SV DEM /WDTSOPHltSt ') LI tie BLOOD KX. ~-I'VE Ar-J OLD| 7 COL5SIM, j^fl PiPe PElMCESS. ^\ DO'VJM V A^-set-Vi^D-, ^-v B<\CK.' fS' \ FAce -~- \-\ __ ^^JOULD FLOOR A| : MW5 IT STicKlMG ' ' " "~ OUT OF Hi POCfeT/ OufOurWay By J. R. Williams -27 0:-\, Pl.tASt OON'T ^l;RfJ IT OM I-ULL — IT'LL ROOT OUT ALL 11-)' POOR OL' GUV'S FLOXV-'ERS.' / VOHY TX)E£ / SOMEBODV ALL US HAV5 \ TO BE NV\DE } A FOOL OF, I OR MCARLV \ MURDERECJ lv TO BE / WELL, YOU'KB N ( AS BAP A6 I TH' CULPRIT V VOU'RE \ WAIT IM' TO WATCH vTH' SHOW.' , %~ ^ V^. > fe'T ^m\ m& { RYDKR Red Doesn't Know iaAKTIN t-27 1'OU AEArJ THE STORY ABOUT -potLAR AMO R£,'-VJt5^ / \t$ Y\-fM5SY ( SUNxn, BUT HE PUT-UrA 51RA\%'9ERRT , RYDER'S ' PiJllN' AvWI" rFRO,-A REiAUD.Y HE J-MJSWt . FINISH IrtlS \T,LKY OOP Now What? By V. T. IIAJILIN V VIC FLINT i went down, but I rolled ovefaiidup, and ny back was against the lifht pote. ^s ^ alVrWfjaiRlSSK^*' Kick and Hun &' I HATE TO PUMT OH PIR5T LIKE THIS, BUT VOU HAD ME IN COfFIN CORNER BY MICHAEL O'JVUl.l.KY and KAI.PH find then, because I had pressed my luck far enough, I beat it WHY DON'T VOU CHAtHE HIM ? HE KNOCKED MV WIND OUT. YOU'RE A UN E ONE--THTANDING WOUND IS'llllE HE <ICKEDME THILLY.' '0 Kill HIM IF 1 OOT MOID OF HIM HE WAS TOO ^ QUICK, ROCKEit. HE DON'T FIGHT UKE A MAN.' tET^CET COMETH IN' airr INSTE^Q OFlis;N5 THE TRANSMISSION CHXMBES. THE TIE-UP •T AND RF;H Extra By FHKI) H.ANSI AN "VAN! * / WtVV,VSWt 60T TO StT GOOD HftWE« <atT OR^VJt VIO^'T TO CflH VT. WFK, t U6W -50 COWerotRfVTt OP WE. CV« TO PUT TW=> "ST.RH1 TOR MV6HT WORK. V

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