The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 17, 1936 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Thursday, September 17, 1936
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^ ' ; ''," '' >Vf 'ijvjjjfcMjj?, ' \ **, $*'-';'." ' •' ; ', "* ,-' '"* ' V> ' '"*,, •" ''" ' ' *w :"T' . •' ' <v ' 5 -"/' ''""'-•- ' . * EDITION COMPLETE ASSCXIATEO PRESS LEASED WlftE •; i^rf^v;* • «•> ^^j^^f^^S EDITION I*ULL' AND EXCLUSIVE UNITED PRESS REPORT THE LIAftlNO NIWSPAUR OF THE SOUTHERN SAM JOAQUIN VALLEY VOL. XLVI 24 PAGES BAKERSPIELD, CALIF.ORNIA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1938 SHERIFF GUARD IN SALINAS #' * •* Demolition of Alcazar Delayed Until More *s i Persons Leave FRANCO IN FIGHTING Another Drive Is Begun Near Capital City by Fascists By RAMON BLAUDOXI5V . (Copyright, 1036. by AMOclited Pro») TV/fADRID, Sept. 17.—Led person•*•'•*• ally by General Francisco Franco, Spanish Fascists flung 175,000 men at Toledo and Madrid on three main fronts today. A bloody engagement, reported by government sources to be "the fiercest battle since the outbreak Ot the revolution," was raging several miles frbip Toledo, ancient capital of the kingdom of Ferdinand arid Isabella. There, too, a last-minute delay gave 1700 Fascist men, women and children a final chance to evacuate the shell-battered Alcazar before it was blown to bits from underground mines filled with tons of TNT. (Fascist radio stations at Jerez de la Frontora find Seville! .busized with jubilant broadcasts concerning the fighting near Toledo, The Jerez station . said 1000 government militiamen had bocu killed and that Toledo wan' about to fall; the Seville station asserted that the insurgents had occupied the TIetar valley on the Talavera front northwest of Toledo.) Franco, supremo commander of all the Fascist forces in the nine weeks of war, was In the thick of the Toledo battle, while Madrid rushed thousands of fresh militiamen into the hard-pressed ranks of the defenders. * Only 36 miles west of Madrid, at San Martin do Valdelglealus, a simultaneous Fascist drive began, and a (ConUnutd on Page Twenty-three) 4 « »—: Riverside Slayer to Be Sentenced (Attoolated Prc*> Leaned Wire) RIVERSIDE, Sept. 37.—Adjudged sane when he shot and killed his former sweetheart a week after, her marriage to another man, Fred Hart, 60, of San Bernardino, will be sentenced Monday in Superior Court, lie- had pleaded Innocent by reason of insanity to charges of murdering Mrs. Elizabeth Martin in Indio, Calif., last July 27. A Jury required five minutes last night to 'decide against Hart's plea. Political Groups Assemble at State Capital for Large Organization Conferences LATE BULLETIN SACRAMENTO, Sept, 17. (A. P.)—Democratic hopes In California never In history were '!so bright, nor so well deserved," Congressman Frank H. Buck told the party's state convention here today as he was chosen temporary chairman. Registration gains, Buck said, show conclusively that the people of the state approve all that has been done by the administration. PARTS OF DEATH PLANE RETURNED (United Preit Leased Wire) OEATTLE, Sept. 17. —The mo^ tor and Instrument board of the plane In which Will Rogers and Wiley Post crashed to their deaths, near Point Barrow, Alaska, August 15, 1936, were brought here today by Captain John Backland on his four- masted schooner, C. S. Holmes. The sailing ship goes »to Alaska each summer to trade with natives, its orew this year came upon the Rogers-Pott plane wreckage. "Only the motor and Instrument board were worthy of salvage," Captain Backland said. "The rest of the plane wasn't worth $25." INDEX TO ADVERTISERS ALTAVISTA- LINCOLN MARKET....... 16 A. *. P. MARKET..... ................. 21 BAKER8FIELD GROCERY .... ......... I? BAKER8FIELO PAINT t W. P. CO ..... 9 8AKER8FIELD SANDSTONE BRICK CO. I BROCK. MALCOLM, CO....J ............ 3 COFFEE. HARRY ...................... 4 COLE BROS. CIRCUS ........... : ....... it EL ADOBE MOTOR HOTEL ............. 12 FIOR DMTALIA ....................... 12 FOX CALIFORNIA' ........ ..... ........ 12 FOX THEATER ........................ 12 OALLAHER'S MARKET ................ IS GARRCTT, EDDIE ................. .... 12 RENSLIR-LEE ......................... 7 GOODRICH 8ILVERTOWN ............. M GRANADA THEATER .................. 12 HELM, CO ............................. 13 HOQLE t CO., J. A .................... 23 HOPPER MACHINE WORKS ............ 2 HUFF, JOHN R ......................... I I. G. A. STORES ....................... II JOHNSON'S FIRESTONE TIRES ........ 2 KARL'S SHOES, ., ..................... 17 KIMBALL & STONE .................... t KIHBV SHOES ..... ................... I LA ORANAOA BALLROOM ............. <I2 L.ROY GORDON BEAUTY SALON ...... t MANDARIN. THE ..................... 12 MONTGOMERY WARD L CO ......... It, II NEWBERRY, J. 1,, CO .................. 7 NEW HINKY DINKY ........ , .......... 12 NILE THEATER ............. . ...... ... 12 OWL DRU.O CO ............ , ..... , ...... 7 PEKIN HERB CO .................. ..... II PENNEY, ), C.. CO ..................... II PHILLIPS MUSIC CO ................... 21 PRESTON. DON C... ................... t REX THEATER ...... . ......... ........ I] '•ftlALTO THEATER .................... I] SAVE MORE DRUG ......... ... ........ 2 SAFEWAY STORES .......... .......... II SAN JOAQUIN DRAIN CO.... .......... « SCH.ULER'S ..................... ....... II SECURITY MARKET .. .............. ,. II •SMITH. RALPH U GROCERY, ......... 17 ••SOUTHERN PACIFIC .................. u ST. FRANCIS CAFE ............. ....... II SUN KONQ HERB CO ............. ..... 1 UNION CEMETERY ............. ....11, IS URNCR, DAVE E. ................... ... 6 VALLEY LAUNDRY 4 DRY OLD. CO... 2 VIRGINIA THEATER ......... .... ..... II WASHINGTON MARKET ....,..,, ..... 17 WCILL. A,, INC. ....................... |> WESTERN AUTO CO ...... , ........... ,. ( WHCLOIr* MARKET .... .......... ,. 17 WICKCMHAMt JEWELRY CO ........ , II WITHAM & BOOTH,,., .............. ,. I Claims Republicans to Halt Relief in Talk at Sacramento (Atfociatcil rrets Leased Wire) SACRAMENTO, Sept. 17 Senator AVIlllam G. McAdoo told tho State Democratic Convention today that Republican promises of a balanced budget can mean only stoppage of relief work, and that Republican presidential candidates arc inferring they would repeal all new deal anti-depression measures. In a speech prepared for the meeting, Senator McAdoo listed numerous administration measures passed "to lick the depression and restore prosperity," and declared Governor Alf M. Landon and Colonel Frank Knox, Republican presidential and vlce-presldentlul candidates, opposed to them. Among those measures, tho Senator named the deposit Insurance corporation. "Governor Landon opposed this great law," he said, "If he and Mr. Knox arc telling the truth when they say, inferential!}" at least, that they will repeal all new deal legislation because It Is wrong, they will repeal this law, and leave the people at the mercy of bank failures as they have always been." The Democratic national commltteeman said the federal budget Is unbalanced only because of relief work and unemployment aid. Texas City Hit by Torrential Rains (Associated 1'rest Leased Wire) DALJjAS, Sept. 17.—Torrential rains aggravated tho flood situation In San Angela today, cutting tho city off In all directions, threatening the water supply and hampering telephone communications. Continued downpours swelled other streams in tho southern part of the stato as general rains, definitely relieving the prolonged drought, brought a cool wave down from tho north. Last night's 4,65 inch rain at San Angelo Increased precipitation this week in the south went Texas city to 17.66 inches. The Beauregard bridge on the North Concho, in the center of San Angelo, was surrounded by flood waters und two other main bridges •over the stream were expected to be closed at any time. The city also was cut off. from -Glentnore Place, another residential section. A rescue crew with a motor boat left Ban Angelo today for u flooded area 12 miles north of the city where three persona were reported marooned in u tree. WHISKERS SAVE WOO HUME. Mo., Sept. 17, (U. P.)—Dr. W. E>. Vint, veteran phy«iclan. estimated that he had saved $800 in the 62 year* he went without •having. While a young physician in Chicago, Doctor Vint hafl a •have In 1M4. He didn't get another until he celebrated hl« elghty;»«corid blrthdji^ *f*' . . ' . - . . , , i%Kl •-"•-: *v*^ : ". :n;r*^f-^ I United Prut Leaied Wire) CACRAM13NTO, Sept. 17.—Leaders ^ of all political parties In California gathered here today to elect new central committee members, select presidential electors, formulate party platforms and prepare for tho campaigns which will lead to the November 3 election. Heading the Democrats to the Capitol were Senator William Glbbs McAdoo and State Senator Culbert L, Olson, retiring chairman of the central committee. District Attorney Karl Warren of Oakland, outgoing O. O. P, chairman, and Incumbent state officials were prominent among thn Republican delegates. While tho business of tho conventions was largely of routine nature, tho,selection of new central committees was expected to show conclusively who would become Chairmen of the committees and heads of tho respective campaigns In California. Clifford Angclln, Richmond, former assemblyman and at present head of the Roosevelt-Garner campaign In the state, appeared to have the Inside track in the race for the Democratic chairmanship, although the formal selection •.will not be made-until September 26 when tho new central committees meet here,. Angelln's chief opponent was Sheriff Daniel Murphy of San'Francisco.' Similarly, on (lie Republican side, Justus Crnemcr, Orange newspaper,, publisher and assistant state director of piibliu works, was given the best chance of winning the O. 0. I', chairmanship. He was opposed by Kduard .Sltattuck, I-OH Angeles, prominent in the Republican Assembly. Senator McAdoo, hero as an official delegate and In the Interest of promoting harmony In the Democratic parly, said tho primary consideration of every Democrat In California was tho re-election of President Roosevelt. "The Roosevelt sentiment in California is so overwhelming that without doubt tho President will carry tho state by a tremendous majority In November," McAdoo said. "I think the President is stronger throughout tho country than he ever has been." • The retiring Democratic central committee, headed by Stato Senator Olson, held a preconventlon caucus last night to fill vacancies In convention ranks. Although Olson was said to favor Sheriff Murphy as his successor, ho promised • his support regardless ot tho Identity of the new chairman. Tho meeting was adjourned in honor of tho late Charles K. Mc- Clalchy, publisher of the McClatehy newspapers In Sacramento, Fresno and Modesto, who was characterized as one of the west's greatest liberals. In addition to those of tho major parties, conventions were opened today by the other five parties In California—the Communist, Common- wenilh f> Socialist, Prohibition and Progressive. Each party was entitled to 608 delegates, but there were more proxies than members at tho Capitol today. MOURN SISTKH'8 DBATII HOLLYWOOD, Kept. 17. (A. P.)— Trixie Frlganza, of "Bag o' Trlx" vaudeville fame, mourned today ot her sister, Theresa O'Callahan Thompson, 60, who dlfid from a heart disease after a long: illness. Years ago tho two sisters appeared on the stage together. Miss Frig- unzn was at the bedside when her sister died. Baseball Results AMERICAN LEAGUE At Detroit— R. H. E. Cleveland 2 7 1 Detroit 6 11 0 Batteries: Oalehouse, Blaeholder, Lee and George; Wade and EbbetU. NATIONAL LEAGUE At Brooklyn— H. H. E. New York....,,.,., l> 23 3 Brooklyn 872 Batteries: Gabler and Mancuso; Brandt, Elsenatat, Jeffcoat, Baker, Winston and Phelps. At Pittsburgh— R. H. E. Cincinnati ,,,.,.,.10 I 2 Pittsburgh ...,.J4 22 6 Batteries: Derringer, Uolllng* worth, Jtvey, Stlne and t "'*",vtsr,' Brown and Tpdd, Mobilization for Human Needs Told National Income Double BUSINESS INCREASES Generosity of American People Is Tradition Unfailing, Says (.lt*ncialcd Prem Lentcd TTVre) TF/'ASTIINGTON, Sept. 17.— Preai- ™ dent Roosevelt told an annual mooting of the mobilization for human needs today that national Income soon would bo double what It was at tho low point of the depression and that "confidence has returned to the great masu of our people." Several times be referred to "returning prosperity" and on that the- j sis built an argument that private I relief organizations should expect a larger measure of private aid and llmt every individual has a greater obligation "to old in tho relief of distress in his or her own community." From the south portico of tho White House, Mr. Roosevelt spoke to mobjUcatlon delegates gathered on the Jiiwri. The organisation seeks support for those »oclftl services financed by private funds rather. Uuur by 1 taxes. "Through you," the President told Ills' audience, "I appeal (o every man, woman nnd child In the United States for a revival throughout the length und breadth , of the land of tho spirit of char- j Hy. ... [ "Increase of tho spirit of charity would be a better way of putting It — for I nm very proud of (lie support of (he country's welfare services of all kinds In the past seven years." Turning to general economic conditions, Mr. Roosevelt asserted: "Since the low point of tho depression, great and substantial progress has been made. Tho national Income will soon be double what It was then. (Continued on Page Twenty-three) - « , » -Second Player Is Dead From Burns (Atloctateii Preti Leaned Wire) LAFAY13TTE, Ind., Sept. 17.— Tom McQannon, star Purdue University halfback from Kvanavlllo, Ind., died this morning from burns received In a shower room explosion of gasoline fumes after practice last Sunday. Two blood transfusions were given McQannon in an effort to save his life. McUannon, 20-year-old Junior, was tho second mainstay of this year's Purdue learn to succumb to burns suffered in the fire, caused when a coal stove Ignited gasoline fumes. Carl E. Dahlbeck of Lyndonvillo, Vt., veteran guard, died Sunday. Still another of tho slara whom Coach Noble Klzor had expected to form the nucleus of his 1936 gridiron machine Is In a serious condition. Lowell Decker of Reading, Mich.. fullback, suffered severe burns and his recovery was not certain. The gasoline had been used to remove adhesive tape from tho players. Atlantic Coast to Get Hurricane, Say (Atioflatfd Pre/ti I.eaicd Wire) JACKSONVILLE, Fla.. Sept. 17.— Northeast storm warnings flew today from Houthporl, N. C., lo tjio Virginia capes to herald tho approach of a tropical hurricane, The weather bureau here ordered warnings previously displayed from Beaufort to tho capes extended southward to Southport. It estimated the huge disturbance, carrying hurricane winds of 76 mljen or more at its center, was central about 400 mllei southeast of Cape Hatteras, N. C., and moving northwest at about 10 to 12 miles an hour. Should U maintain its present course and speed the center of the Htorm would paw Inland in the Cape Hatterim area about noon Friday, Forerunning gale* of 50 to 75 miles an hour might strike the coast tonight. SHOWMAN'S WIFE DIES OF INJURIES M«*ortfol«it Proud Leaned Wire) DAWNEE, Okla., Sept. 17.— I Mrs. May Llllle, 65, wife of Major Gordon W. Llllle (Pawnee BUI), frontiersman and showman, died today of Injuries received In an automobile accident Sunday night. Throughout the night she had grown weaker steadily and administrations of oxygen failed to revive her. Her husband, 76, himself Injured In the accident which caused her death, was at her bedside. paifflish -CITIZEN ARMY- CITIZENS IN STRIKE ARE A ORGANIZED BY COUNTY OFFICIALS Petty Officer of Noted I fVnntA rre»» u«»«i wtr«) ! OALINAS, Sept. 17.—The terror of suspense gripped strike-torn Salinas ^ today as police began drafting a "eltluen police" army of 1500 to suppress rioting in a labor-packer war affecting the world's largest let_____ luce supply. The city was quiet. Not a single picket appeared this n^. ^~*,m^r, ^^.^ ^ morning at the lettuce packing plants or in downtown streets where yes- 39 OTHERS PERISHED ! terday'B violence occurred. At the national guard armory Sheriff Cart Abbott began drafting hla "citizen <>———-— —— police" army of all men between 18 j and 46. Several hundred had been Issued blue sleeve bands, pickaxe.I handles and sotno revolvers by 11 8 a. m. : Grade schools were cloned. Some j i business houses did not open their | "REYKJAVIK, Iceland, Sept. 17.— doors this morning;. Householders French Polar Ship Alive Toclav Waves Prevent Dropping of Lifeboats From Doomed Vessel f Imnftnteit Pren Leaned IfMre I Says Company Owns Stock in Arms Trust BRITISH WAGES LONDON, Sept 17. {U. P.>— Halir the worker* of Britain havp received Increases in wage rates during the past It months. Not since the pout- war boom rears, up to 1820, have earning* moved, upward with so •vide a nweop, (Attoeiatcd Prett Leated Wire) WASHINGTON, Sept. 17,—A re- i port assorting Unit IS. 1. Du Pont Do ! Nemours & Company, American ' chemical firm, owns $832,671 worth I of stock in a. giant German arma-! mom trust, has boon made pyWlo by I tho Senate munitions investigating I committee. , , j The'-a-opprt jbhpwed that the Du Pont company controlled 7i8S per cent of the voting* stock of the pyna- mlt Actlengesellechaft—largest German explosives manufacturer—nnd ! have Invested $1,169,804 In another i German chemical firm, the 1. a. Far- i ben Industrie. | An Informal agreement hetwoen I tho Dynamlt company and tho Du i Pont firm providing for tho exchange of Information and patents nnd tho division of sales territory was also disclosed by the committee. Tho Senate Investigators, headed by Senator Nye, Republican, North Dakota, dcplared In Its final report that "tho International commercial interests of such largo organizations as Du Pont and Imperial Chemical Industries may precede in the minds of those companies the importance of national policy. . . ." "Such considerations of commercial Intereuls were apparently foremost In the rearming of Germany beginning in 1824," tho report continued, "and If tho sale of a process which could be used to manufacture cheaper munitions in Japan In 1832, shortly after Secretary of Htato Bllmson had laken steps to express tho disapproval of this nation's for Japan's activities In Manchukuo." A single survivor told today of the tragic fate of 39 scientists and Bailors who drowned nftor the grounded Kronen polar exploration ship I'ouniuol Pas was ripped to pieces by u hurricane off Iceland. I Ho was IStigeufl CJeonldoc, ship's i petty officer whom the raging ! waves, east upon the rock shore. ; Farmers found him on tho rocks— unconscious, hnlf-froxcn und tied to j u piece of wood. I Near the spot where ho was j thrown, the pounded bodies of 80 of ' the, victims wen? recovered later, I Among them was Ouptnln Joan Map- arctic Important Ruling Made on Bond Tax (Amociated I'rcti Leated Wire] LOS ANGELI5H, 8epl. 17.—The District Court of Appeal, Division 2, ruled In a decision lodiiy that corporate stocks and bonds are exempt from county taxation. The court held that under the new state Income lax law which went Into effect last March, Intangible property cannot be doubly tnxnd. "Tho correct interpretation of the law Is that the Income, tax was substituted as a whole, for tho old intangible tax," said the doclnlon. Charles frail wrote the Cluoiiidetj was taken to u farmhouse whore, aflor being given coffins and wrapped In-warm blankets, he recovered consciousness. He foil Into a deep sleep for many hours b«- roro ho awoke to tell the story of tho dlsHSter. The I'ourquol Pas, returning from a 5-inonth expedition, rain Into a hurricane yesterday, he said. The ship with UN rrew nnd Nrlenlisis were en route lo Copenhagen where thn explorers were to be welcomed by tho Royal Danish Geographical Society. The 419-ton wooden sailing ship tried lo beat her way bark to Reykjavik but ran aground early Wednesday, the sun-Ivor declared. The vessel began lo leiili and Its auxiliary engine was Mopped. Tho t-rvw tried to launch lifeboats. Their efforts were repulsed by mountainous waves breaking over the lit- tie vessel. Tho high seas oven washed nwiiy all lifebelts. Geonldeo. who described his own escape as "miraculous," said the expedition members and crow then tried their only chance—to swim to safely. Hut only Geonldco was able to reach tho shore alive. On tho coast, residents of the district watched tho men sink In tho battering waves. A short lime later barricaded themselves behind closed doors and windows, fearing recurrence of yesterday's wholesale tear and nauseating gas barrages. Gunfire, broke the ominous calm early this morning when guards around (h« ban-loaded Salinas Ice Company's parking plant opened fire on three automobiles speed- Ing toward the high wire fence. Tho ears contained strikebreakers. Albert Blur, 27, of Texas, wan shot In the head with biirUshot. Only a few stale police guarded tho plant this morning as 30 trucks rumbled out of Us liesvlly-fortlfled gate for tho lettuce fields. When they return laden with lettuce, around 9 a. m. trouble, if It occurs, Is expected by tb« striking lettuce workers who havn picketed tho since Monday. sec- j workers' union, issued order* to. all strikers to "«lay off the streets, do not assemble In group*. It would mean wholmtalA murder to do BO." Although this would bar picketing, it was believed generally the striken would not obey. Many of i them are, known to have armed themselves with clubs. Htrlkers rejected Clly Manager V. J. Ilarlojlo's peace offer. H« promised to remove nil police and special armed guards If tho strikers would abandon plckntlng. No Mobilization Order Given Yet but Men Are Prepared (Vnited Pren Leated Wire) SACRAMENTO. Sept. 17.— Of- flcors of the California National Guard stayed close to telephones today and were prepared to move • In the event of a call for to move Into the Salinas area. Although no .mobilization order bsd been glv«?n and Governor Frank F. Merrlam had refused to grant the request of -Salinas authorities for retary of the striking to get their mcn under way within two hours after receipt Of a call. The would Adjutant-General H. H. Moorehead remained In his office hero almost ttOVKKNOIt WILL NOT OROKR MILITIA 8ACRAMKNTO, Sept. 17. fU.'P.V— Governor Frank P. Merrlam today Indicated he would not order the national guard Into tho Salinas strike area unless the situation becomes considerably worse than ut present. While admitting he had notified national guard officers to be prepared to "act quickly," the governor expressed belief the highway patrol and local authorities would b« ablo to control affairs In the sirlko zone. In response to a ploa from Salinas officials that guardsmen ho sent to tho district, ho said, "t will take any quiet and no word from ernor." Merriam also said there was "nothing new" and that ho had received no fresh request for troops. Highway Patrol Chief E. Raymond Cato said Sheriff Carl Abbott | of Monterey county bad Informed him there was no need of sending: additional highway patrolmen Into the area. the Danish gunboat Aeglr found only tho mast tops of tho doomed 1 necessary precautions," but declined ship protruding from the water. | to amplify the statement. Tho voyngo. Ironically, was lo j " A " reports that I have received have been tho last for both the Polar! from our officials Indicate to me that ship and Doctor Cliarcot. Tho ex-! petition was sponsored by the Purls Trocadero Museum of Ethnography and sailed from Copenhagen April Doctor .Cbitrcrot, 09. led numerous expeditions Into tho north and south Polar seas and won decorations from both tho French and British governments. tno highway patrol has acted within tho law '" al) Instances." tho gover- no1rt * a1W '. i , ^ .. n '" to bc '>°P« d < h(lt l l>« patrol and the local officers will be able to kprp thn •""ilton under .control. wo lire watching things loi «»' "'"» >*> prepared to take further action If necessary." -,, ju S «°r Probed by Police [Bowers Aids Hunt ! for News Workers (\nocinlrd Prut Leaitit Wire) No Invasion to Be Permitted, Russia (Atiociated Prtn Ltoieit Win) KIEV, Russia, Sept. 17.—Amid wild cheers, Klemtl E. Voloshlloff, Russian commissar of war and navy, promised inhabitants of the Ukraine. In a speech made public today, if war comes it will not be fought on Soviet soli. "We reaffirm if the Soviets enemies attack the Ukraine. White Russia or any other part of the union." Voroshiloff declared, "we not only will stop him from entering the Socialistic fatherland, wo will defeat the enemy on the territory he came from." (Relcha fuehrer Adolf Hitler declared, September 12. at Numberg. Germany: "If wo had'the Urata, If we possessed Siberia, if we had th« Ukraine, national Socialist Germany would be swimming In surplus prosperity.") Tho defense minister's speech, at the conclusion of army maneuvers on Russia's western frontier, was Addressed to all inhabitants even In- fcUZ. France. eludhnj—tho "octobrtsts"—children which the Pacific Compau fornla brought iigulimt the county Board of Supervisors, contending storks and bonds of tho company totaling 1443.680 hnd been Illegally under seven years old. »» •• Lawyers said approximately $119,469,000 In stocks and bonds owned 1 affected by (Amoclalrd I'rct* Lrairit Wire) lives concerning a mysterious .hoot- , Th( , ,„„. wre , Hl(J |0 ^ John T Portmati wus held for I M ' ! Whltaker of tho Now York Herald- Ihe complaint of Alice Lo.VoWr"" ! Trtbul1 * B " d Kloyd Glbbo "" lllul "' B - Inr, 20, former Chli-ngo dancer, H News (timrlntrd Prett l.taieit Wirel WASHINGTON. Sept. 17.—Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt was ordere«l total $238,919. The county hns 60 days in which to take, ttho tax off the assessment rolls or appeal tho decision to the state Supreme Court. Deputy County Counsel Gordon Boiler said he was not prepared to say what action lie would take until he had studied the decision. + »» NKEDLE IN HAND 26 YKARS MT. CARMHL, !'».. Sept. 17. (IT. I J .)—A quarter of a century ago, Mrs. Helen Helra pricked the palm of h«r left liana while scrubbing. On the floor sho found half a needle. The other'day she developed a pain In the index finger of her left hand. Inquiry revealed the other half, of the needle, ( ' 4 '• WHALK CENSUS PLANNED SAN PH5DRO, Sfcpt. 11. {A, P.)— A census at "every whale family from Behrlng strait U> CJuiidalupe," was ' projected today by California officer* of the wwul guard, In con- Iheir residence. Haying he had fired only Into tho air, Port man told police and department of juntlce, agents that he had permits for two guns found on Uiw premises. A suit for divorce from his wife, In Kngland with their two children. Is now on fll« In Heno, Nov., Port, man said.- He exprewted Intention to marry Mls« Wessler. —•• ' •« »•» • Safety in Traffic New School Course h. in; three were arrested on i rhBr «!'* , of '"''L" 8 ,,' 0 ° btn ! n "\ 11 J tRr y I »*"!'"• flom the I!ur «°' l'">vtalonal ! Ju .2j",- lllblullla4 , Q .. „„,,, _ BV --.,„„ lo j rh ,' ainUunadoi »aid anj action to; ward obtaining their wl«a«c would : necessarily IKJ Indirect and unofficial. | ' "^ * h j "; '.' ' l « 1 "»: ^ e " ,*?!• "*, 1 *' co >l nlto the InsurKent government, Veteran Held for Double Slashing Prett Lroted Wire) SACRAMENTO. Sept. 17.—Instruction in traffic safety will start In all California high nchooli during the next few week*, department of education official* reported. The courses, required under a law pajwed by the Legislature in 1036, have been preiutred by tho departments of motor vehicles and education and are being forwarded tu low) school official* Lrati'd LOS ANGELES. Sepl. 17. — Charged with the knife-slaying of a 73-year-old man, Walter J. Waters. 43, ex-soldier and Jot-lens clerk, was held In Jail today awaiting trial date. The state, at a preliminary hear- Ing, charged that Waters went berserk after a drinking session at a raft- September 6. fatally ulashcd Walter D. Parkins and Inflicted less i seriout -wounds on \V. A. Koley and 1 Walter U. I'alns. wild she. was suffering with an attack of grippe. \Vhlto House officials Bald sho was | running a temperature, but that her condition was not alarming. \ Mrs. Roosevelt had been scheduled j to appear this inornlnK before ai> annual mobilization for human nee'U ! meeilng on the south lawn of the | White House. Sho also had an ap- >_ polntirtent with in-mb^n of the mo : blllzation planned for the east rour,i i of the executive mansion and a j luncheon engagement with the or 1 ganisation. All «jitt«ut«nu»nt« were i cancelled. YACHT IS SAFK SAN PEDRO. Sept. 17. (A The Transpacific racing yacht Sartartia. owned by actor Buck Jonee, WM anchored safely in the harbor today after a difficult 37-day voya** from Honolulu. Motor trouble and dlralnuihin^ water supply caused anxiety tor thx- 'eight-map crew while the SVIoot. i tuiluxmer was 1400 miles at wa.

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