The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 16, 1936 · Page 15
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 15

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1936
Page 15
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fiW;5^ * .i 1 "',^ 1 ' ' ' . <*''"'* ";"¥'" TOE BAKERSF1ECD CAUPORNIA^, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 1938 CLASSIFIED ADS WILL HELP YOU SAVE MONEY For Sal«—Autom'obllis House TraUera for aalo or rent. Kftsy Terms. Bt>tm niBBQN OARAGE 1816 Nineteenth street, Bakersflcld. . :. '..: 42 TODAY'S BEST BUY 1938 Terrapltthe coupe; el&ctrlc gear shift, etc. Low mileage. Just like new, 'Tremendous discount. • Only 1195 down. LOU HARRISON. 1110 Eighteenth street. 40 3? good used cars at prices you - can well afford. Sold on easy terms. Get yours now. SAKERSFIBLD USED CAR For Sail—AutomobiUs CHEVROLfiT coupe, '31; excellent condition; private party. 304 Eighteenth utrftpt. ., 41 T.1RKB sold on time payments—no finance or carrying charges. A. Friedman Wh«el & Tire Exchange, 1810 Blgh tfenth. I'hono 6373. 98 Ford road., '30 wheels $135 1928 Dodge panel delivery, down 136 1020 Pontlac cab., overhauled $188 C. C. TJOUabABS. 20TH AND L. 40 For Sale—Miscellaneous TWENTIETH AND M Phone 263 52 USED TRACTORS For Sale or Rent All Reconditioned, Guaranteed BARNHTT TRACTOR CO. 2130 Chester Ave. 7-30-tt BHAND NEW PONTIAC T.RUNK SEDANS AT TREMENDOUS DISCOUNTS 1934 Ford victoria sedan $485 1934 Ford dlx cpe, spec wills $4$5 1935 Ford de luxe coupe $585 }932 Ford sport coupe, H. S. $335 1932 Ford de luxe coupe $335 193(5 Chevrolet town sedan $795 1936 Dodge touring sedan $925 .^930 Terraplane brgm (new) $850 1936 Terraplano sedan (new) $900 1935 Plymouth tour, sedan $675 1935 Dodge sedan $745 1929 Chevrolet cabriolet $135 1929 Ford coupe $125 1931 Bulck sport coupe $295 J928 Bulck coupe $UO 1029 Bulnlc sedan $95 1933 Bulck sedtin $495 3927 Chrysler sedan $95 .1930 Hupmoblle 6 coupe $125 TERMS AND TRADES Open Evenings and Sunday TWENTY-FOURTH and CHESTER Phone 5828 53 No. 1 quality—10-oz. S-foet at 90c 9-teot at 95c > 10-feet at $1.05 12-foet at $1.25 A. H. KARPE IMP. HOUSE 015 E. 19th St. Phone 915 43 'For Sale—Miscellaneous No. 1 USED grain bags for mlto, 6Vic each In lots of 1000 or more. Alfalfa seed. Cane molasses In drums. Prices rapidly advancing. Buy now. Sttn Jouquln Grain Co., Fourteenth and I) streets. Phono 388. S-S-tf FRUIT Jars, while they last, washed, quarts 24c and 84c dozen; pints lee and 2Dc dozen; glasses, lOc do«s«n. 717 Sumner street. A-12-tf Business Cards L, W, HUNT, GEOLOGIST PatroUum and Mining Entinur «0 Htktrftldi Bldo. Ph»n< 1718 Rilld.nM SS13 Tw«ntUlh Ph«n> 3M6.W USED CLOTHING THE ECONOMY 1912 L STREET BARGAINS IN MEN'S SLIGHTLY USED CLOTHING, SUITS, SHOES, ETC. 64 LAUNDRY SERVICE luntfry StrvlM UfiitwIUd—Th»t H Our Slogan Tin Different StnrlMl and Zorlo Odorltii Dry CUinlni CITIZENS LAUNDRY Slxltinlh and 0 Strutt Phoni 211 FRUIT JARS—Quarts, 24cj pints, l»c. We also buy rags, bottlea, Junk of all kinds. Phono 1788 for pick-up wugon. 132 East Twenty-first street. 6-9-tf For Sale—Miscellaneous FOR ' SAtiTS—Cook stoves, Coleman, new, at one-third off. A. II. Karpe's Implement House. 616 East Nineteenth street. Phone IMG. 43 SEI,F-PR1MINQ pressure pump will lift watfcr up to 25 fcot; capacity GOO gallons per minute: demonstrator; cost now $05; for quick sale $50. 1818 M street. 41 SMAUj girls' bicycle, practically new. Ap'ply 816 Twenty-fifth street. £ACRIKICI5—1931 Chevrolet uporl cabriolet, alrwheels, A-l condition. Phono or'crfll at room 140, Manchester hotel, after B p. m. 40 HUDSON AND TERRAPLANE 1936 Chev. panel delivery $625 1934 Terraplano coupe $475 1034 Terraplano sedan $525 1933 Terraplane sedan $425 1932 Studebaker sedan $395 1930 Dodge sedan $245 1934 Ford V8 coach $465 1930 Pontlac coupe $225 1935 Hudson-coupe-"- - - -?725 1980 Chevrolet coach $150 1929 De Soto sedan $185 J934 Terraplane pickup tk. $475 1929 Willys-Knight sedan $165 2220 CHESTER AVENUE Phono 3955 46 PER 1000 FT. No. 4 Common REDWOOD SIDING AT $20 )X4 to 3x10. 848 Finish, $42 1x4 FLOORING. $29 1x4 "K" Kiln Dried T. & 0 $10.00 House Faint, all colors, gal $1.26 2-0x3-0 Hush, 1 It. Glazed 05c Redwood Posts, 3x4-6' en 18c STIINGMOS, BUNDUC. 70c LESS 0% CASH DISC . Twelve Million Foot Stock 101 Bargains 101 LOS ANC.KLKS 2100 11. 3Slh St. APama 1571 43 FURS—Factory samples. Fur coats, Jackets, foxes, collars. Hugo slock. Furs remodeled. "The House of 1000 Fur HnrBalns." Daw's Wholesale Furs. 183 Kearney, San Francisco. 8-10-tf FOR RENT — One-sack concrete mixer. Mears Lumber Co. Phono .1810. < 44 FOR SALB—One sack concrete mixer. Model A Ford truck In good condition, cheap for Cash. Phono 3853-R. 425 Belle avenue. 43 FACTORY to you. Standard computing scale. Freezer cases. Store, restaurant and boer fixtures. Complete, new and used. Valley Store and Fixture Company, 2019 Chester avenue. 03 Hall Machine and Tool Works Prices Are Right—24-Hour Service GENERAL MACHINE REPAIR WELDING: AND MANUFACTURING Twenty.tint tnd Union Avtnut For Sale—Furniture USED PUUNITURB SPECIALS Robert) Bros, closet bed $7.05 Baby bed, cane paneled $5.95 6-po. breakfast set, hardwood $7.95 3-po. overstfd. bod davenp. set $29.50 3-pc. enameled bedroom set $14.95 2-pc. Robert! Bro». living room set, rust tapestry, like new $45.00 2-pn. Karpen living room sot, green tapestry, llTio new $39.50 Many Other Big Bargains POPISI, KUHNITURK KXCHANOI3 ArdlMl-Olcese Bldg. 623 Btimnor St. west of Baker. Phono 1.141 63 FOR S A LK—Pulverized dairy and sheep fertilizer; for lawns and gardens, $3.50 pftr ton, delivered, or 25c per uaok. I'hono 2702. 1V18 Joffer- non Btreet. 41 TIRES sold on tlmo payments—no finance or carrying A. Friedman Whocl & Tiro Bxchange. 1810 Kightenth. Phone 6373. 63 FOR SAT..1S—Galvanized Iron water tank, 1200 gallons capacity; also 4-\vheel trailer. Mr. westfall. Ste- pheiiH Drive. Phone 4635-M. 40 TWO fine deer rifles, one 250-3000 Bavage, one 30-40 dcluxo-eporter; ammunition for both; like now. 2728 T street. 40 FOR SALE—Four-wheel trailer. Will haul two bales seed cotton. $75.00. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1815 H- Street Phone 1298 9-12-tf SINGER electric portable, $29.-46. Treadle, $10. White electric console, Ilka new, $49.50. Kxpert repairing. Parts. 1708 K street. Phone 6330. 60 Legal Notices S WITH A REAL GUARANTEE 1936 FOUD TOUR. SEDAN $695 1935 FORD DLX. CP., RADIO $625 1935 Ford truck, heavy duty $775 1985 FORD DLX. COUPE $595 1934 FORD DE LUXE COUPE, RADIO $495 1935 CHEV. MAS. TG. COACH $595 1934 PLYMOUTH DLX. SED. $545 1934 Ford de luxe sedan $495 1934 FORD COUPE $476 1932 FORD CPE., RENEWED $325 1930 Ford sedan $295 1931 FORD CPE., RENEWED $285 1931 FORD. TUDOR, R'N'W^D $286 1931 FORD TRUCK $296 1930 FORD COUPE $235 1929 Bulck oedan $195 1929 DE SOTO SEDAN $195 1929 FORD TUDOR $145 1929 Ford roadster - $135 MANY OTHERS $25 AND UP IGtb and Chester Opp. Courthouse Phone 701 Open Bvoninga 62 All stock on hand now being* sold regardless ot cost to make room for our big stock of now furniture for the Grand Opening of our newly remodeled store. Watch for opening date. NOW: ALL REMAINING STOCK AT GIVB-AWAY PRICES. BUT HURRY! o. 24TH AND CHESTER AVENUE Entrance on 24th 43 THEY'RE GOING FAST! BUY NOW AND SAVE All Makes and Models at Almost Xilve-Away Prlcea. TRADES AND TERMS USED CAR DEPARTMENT 2229 CHESTER AVENUE 52 Legal Notices M NOTICE FOR BfOB The Board of Trustees of the Kern County Union High School District request* bids on school seating equipment according to specifications on file In tho office of the Business Manager at the Kern County Union High gchoot, Unkerifleld, California. Hlds K )Y(H bo received at the Business Man- H.ger's Office untU 8 ». ni. on Wednow- fl»y. September 30. 1930. Rids will be opened at the Kern County Union High. Kchool at 7:30 p. in. on Monday, October 5. 1836, (Signed); C, F. MOORB, Clerk, t- A'. HARVBT. President. Sept. IS, !3. State of California, Department of Public Worka, Division of Highways NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS SKAL1SU PROPOSALS will be received by the Department of Publics Works, Division of Highways, at tho office of the. District Engineer, Slato Highway Building, Fresno, California, until 10:00 o'clock A. M., on September 28, 1830, at which tlmo they will bo publicly opened and read for performing work as follows: Kern County, at railroad crossing one mllo east of Rosedalo (VI-Kor-BS-L). about twon- ty-throo hundredth* (0.23) mlla In length, to be graded and surfaced with crusher run base and road mix surfacing. Plans may be 'Been, and forms of proposal, bonds, contract and specifications may be obtained at tho above address. No bid will be received unless It Is made on a proposal form furnished by the .District Engineer. Bach bid must bo accompanied by cash or a certified check or cashier's check mudo payable to the Director of Public Works for an amount equal to at least ten per cent <10%) of tho amount bid, such guaranty to be forfeited should the bidder lo whom thd contract IB awarded fall to enter Into tho contract. The Department of Public Works reserves the right to reject any or all bids. In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 397. Stalutes of 1831, tho Department of Public Works has ascertained the general prevailing rate of wages applicable to tho work to be done to be as follows: Classification— Rate per hour Tractor driver (00 h.p. and over) $1.00 Roller operator (finishing high type pavement, Including sub- grade for tame) 1.00 Carpenter « 1.125 Operator of power shovel or other excavating equipment, shovel type controls (% cubic yard or more) 1.50 Blade grader operator (finish work) 1.00 Dragline operator (except shovel type) 1.25 Reinforcing steel worker 1.126 Holstrnan 1.375 Painter 1.00 Concrete vibrator operator 1.00 Tractor driver (under CO h.p) 08 Truck driver (less Ihrin 4 cubic yards waier level capacity) 68 Truck driver (4 cubic yards water |«vol capacity or more).,.. .75 Oiler (power shovels or cranes), ,S2 Grader operator (lowing or motor, rough work) 75 Roller operator 90 Driller 75 Blacksmith 82 Sloper 76 Asphalt plant dryerman or fireman 90 Mechanic (trouble shooter) 8$ Concrete worker for structures (wet and dry) 77 Concrete mixer operator (except paving type) 911 Transit mix operator. 63 Oil distributor bootman......... .76 Laborer .60 Teamster .CO Handyman (roustabout) 60 Any classification omitted herein not less Mian 00 Overtime., double the above rates. Sundays and holidays (except watchmen, guards and flagman), double the, .above rates. DBPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS DIVISION OF HIGHWAYS, C. H. PURCBLL, State Highway Knginetr. By n, M. GILL1R. District Engineer, Dim. VI. fiated,' September 11, 193C. Published September 16 lo 14, Inc, FURNITURE SPECIALS NEW Large Tap. Cov. Foot Stools $1.60 Velvet Hugs, 27x54 inches $2.35 Axrnin. Seamless Hugs, 8x12 $27.00 Llvingroom Set, 2-po., tap. $57.00 Studio Couch with Anus, Back $27.50 3-pc. Hardw. Bedroom Set $0'!.00 Double Dock Coil Springs $5.05 USED 3-pc. Mali. Bedroom. Sol. $29.75 Tap. Llvlngrooin Set, 2-pc, $16.95 Heavy Oak Chairs, Lea. Seat $2.10 Oak Dining Tables $2.25 to $4.9 100 Used Steel Cots J1AMM SELLS FOR LESS 1100 18th Street Cor. 18th and N Phone 341 62 THREE-PIKCIS maple new style bed room sot, JI32.RO; new 5-plcce knotty pine dinette set, SIS.50. Wo give credit. DAVIS FURNITURE EXCHANGE 2105 Chester Avenue 4 Typewriters—Office Supplie TVPBWIUT13R8 UR.VT1SO, AM MARKS; STUDKNT IIATIOS TYPEWRITER EXX'tfANQK, 141 TWENTIETH. PHONE R78. 4 Fruits and Vegetables CANNING tomatoes, DOc por lug bring container!!. Prle»t Poultr, Ranch miles._ south. Union. FOR SALE—Freestone poached, 36 a lug; bring containers and pick C. O. Mathewa. Casa Lonia Drive LAST CALL for White Heath peache and Pamrton plums. Phone 47110. FREESTONE peaches. Morrll ranch, Rio Bravo. No Sunday Kalos. 4 NEW nlmondfl (1S38 crop) for sale from 1 pound to a ton. 110» Block ton street. Baltersfleld. 4 Peultry and Livestock WANT13D—First-class colored fryers nil sizes; also 3 -pound rnbblt fry era. HlgheM prices paid. Brad ford'H, 1106 Kern street. Phon 8041-R. FOR SALK~Saddlo, looso hay. Leg horn pullctK, rabbits and Bicycle Call six miles soutli on Union avo nue. Standard station. JOHN W, CULLITON PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT NOOME TAX SERVICE, AUDITS, SYSTEMS J8V6 Pref.iilen.l Building Phone 4581 PAYNE & SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS NlnitMMh in* E Str««U J. C. P«yn« J. Bruet pajrnt Fnd piynt OUQHTY-CALHOUN-O'MEARA Funeral Dlrioton tnd Ambulanoe Sirvlo* IIM Truxtun Avinut, it N Strtel Phon« 567 L»dy Atttndint VantcdI to^Buy-Mlsceljanaous VANTKU—Front and back bar, about 25 feot, also slonls nnd flxturoH, Rood condition. Write or apply 400 Harrison Htreet. Tafl. FINANCIAL LETTER J. A. HOQLE A. COMPANY Members New York Stock Exchange Eighteen months ago business executives wore lamenting that they did not have orders enough to keep thnlr plunt? busy. Now the shoo Is on the other foot and In a good many Instances the lanient'lR now that plants are not. Inrgo enough to tnko carp of present business and that In sight. In short, this Indlcittes the expansion of demand, the limits on supply, and the trend of prices and earnings. Recently, however, the market has been extremely selective. Yesterday, for example, the aviation storks received some buying. Lnsl \voek the motion picture IKSUOS hnd attention, hut as it whole tho markets have found tho going difficult. Profit tak- Ing Is an hem in gome groups, h»< the market as a whole has lacked buying power, Tho selling has not been great. In fact volume decreases on tho declines. Ground Is lost by Iho market In general by a dny to day drift, .lust' before tha close todav tho sell-off was sharp and with no apparent reason, .lust (hat supporting bids were larking, Where Is the fly in the ointment? Money Is plentiful and IniHltiowi Is Knod and prospects nro us good as can be expected. The background of Iho market Is Inflationary, Some sny politics tiro a restraining Influence, but this Is unreasonable since II will ultimately make little difference which party wins out. Somn say It IK the stiff regulation of I null UK, but again this Is questionable. Others predict trouble In France, which muy or muy not come about. At lensi possibility of a general Ruroponn war is doubtful, at least Lloyds reduced tho odds against such today. Tho human factor and mass psychology are probably the main obstacle to tbn market. Some time this will change and therefore on declines purchased nro in line to take advantage of the possibilities. 4 « » L A. PRODUCE MARKET burlap and rngs. Buying: bottles and other Junk. Call 2170 for plek-up wagon. 717 Sumnar street. 0-Ui-tf .VANT1CD—To buy Rood UKod portable, typewriter. I'hono "2S?.. U A'ANTKD— ITHC valid. Phono wheel 208. cluUr for In- 40 iRST prices paid for bottles, rag", iron and other Junk. Phono 4178 for pickup wagon. Prompt service. 42o ICant Nineteenth. 7-9-36-lf SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS Primary Elections Show Ballot Trend (Continual 1'roni I'agc One) hn tabtilHtlon nonrlng completion. ivlll be IXHlKf, grandson ot iho lalo Henry Cabot Lodgo, famous Massachusetts sonntor. Wisconsin Oovernor Philip l-JiKollettc. unop- Dosed for Iho 1'rogresHlvo parly re- nomination, rollod up more votes than either the HepubllcniiB or Democrats In their gubernatorial primaries. LaFolletto hud 1 58,574 with only u few more tliun 300 precincts still out. For tho Democratic gubernatorial nomination, Arthur AV. Lcuck, new don.l Rupporlcr, was ahead. On tho Republican sld*. .John U. Chappie, editor, trailed Alexander Wiley In a close fight, 75,545 to 73,390. In the " Republican gubernatorial contest 2253 precincts KU.VO Aloxun- :!e,r AVIIpy 65,335 to 03,824 for John B, Chnpplo, editor. In tho Domoerntlo raco Arthur AV. I.neck of lioaver Dam lod Stuto Senator William D. Carroll, C0.441 to 43,794 In 22C8 precincts. New York The returns KmotluM-cd iho hopPH ot Townscrid and CoiiBhlln candidates, who sought 13 of the state's 45 noinlnalluns for Iho niillonitl House of Representatives. However, one candidate who ran both u« a Ropubllcan and a Townscndlte, cap- lurud a nomination. Tammany Hall administered a net- back to Independents In Now York City, apparently nominating three judges, and William F. Urunii for alilormanlc (Atsofitatr<! Pre»» Lrnsfd Wire) SAN FRANCISCO. Kept. Iti.-Snn Francisco Htonkft: high Clowe Calif. Pack. Corp 3S\4 SS'j Crown Heller, com. Vic.... HTj, SH Crown Zollcr, pfd. A 104 104 Dl Ulorglo Ft. Corp. pfd.. «3 (12^ Firemen's Fund Indetn. .. 32'; 32% Gen. Paint Corp. coin. .. 12>i 13 Magnnvov Co. Ijtd nti 3*i Marchant C«l. Much. coin. 24 H 24>.» North American Oil 1SU I3'i Vac. O. & M. com Sfiii 3G'i 1'. U. * E. <!•<;• l»l pfd.. !)2 32 PRO. flighting cum r<2 t>2 Pae, UK. $G dlv. pfd 108 10S 1'ac, Pub, K. (now) com. .. OT» fi',4 T'ac. Pub. K. HI pfd (new) 2[>\\ 2614, 1'aciflo T. £ T. «'om 14ft>4 140'i Pacific T. *. T. pfd ISO I.'.O Republic, Petroleum 7' ( 7\ Shell Union Oil com SO"* 20^ Signal (ill A- (Inn Sf»V» 2!>>H •South. Paolflo Co 42't 42W Standard Oil of Calif 36'* 8fi>» TrHiutamerlca Corp 1,'l'4. 13U Union Oil of Calif 22% 22 W. P. & S. Co. of Cal. rom. S7A; 37H Aviation vSlocks Lend Swing Up in Today's Session of New York Mart lly VICTOR ISUIUNK ,\Mwl*iM I*r*M FituncU) Kdltor NRW YtVRK, Sept. 16.—A limping stock market today leaned on a few nvlAtton nml specialty ISKUCH. Profit taking wns general throughout other sections of the list, with most of tho steels, motors, rails, utilities and oils shifting: Into reverse for declines of frnctlonM to a point or more. Trailing nenr the fourth hour wns extremely slow. Politics, while exciting more discussion In tho honrtlrotmift, apparently wax n neutral Influence. Kloctlon forecasts varied widely. BiiBlnesB und Industrial news maintained Its const motive flavor, but failed to Rtlmulnto buying artlor In tho nmjorlty of Instances, Wrljtht Aeroiuiutlcnl stood out with a Ruin of some 10 points at Its best, although It hacUed up In the afternoon. Other leaner advances worn sroreil by Douglas Alrrrnft, Hoeing, Curt tan-Wright, I'liltecl Aircraft nnd Speri-y. . Improvement was also Hhown by T.oow's. Twin City llupld Transit, Atlantic Gulf * West Incllea common and prof erred, PrcHscd Steel Cur, In- tcrniitlonal Paper preferred nnd Chllilw Co. TIHIiiK lower were U. 8. Steel. Bethlehem, YounKstown Sheet and Tube. General Motors, Chrysler, Montgomery \Vnnl, Senrs-Koebuuk, .1. 1. Cnso. Western Union, Consoll- ilatod KtllBon. North American, A merlon n Smelling. Standard oil of Now Jersey, WenUnghouso, Ueneral Kl»ctrlo, On Pont, Suntu 1'Y. X. Y. Cent nil. Southern Pacific and Delaware it Hudson. Kail bonds attracted a llttlo attention nn tho upside but other loans markcil time. tlrutiiK rallied nt Chicago. Other mmmoilltlcH were mixed. Sterling nnd the Fi-ench fvnnc (dipped a shade cither way. (Attoeiated Prett Leased Wire) LOS ANC1EUES, S«pt. IS,— Onions: Local AVhlta Olobes, fair, 7B»BOo per 80-lb. sack; lugs, 60(^55o; Stockton, Jl.OOSfl.lO por 50-lh. sack; Spanish local DO-lh. sacks, 50®60c; host, 60c; fair, 40o; U«gs, 35040e, Peas: Snnta Morlf; Quadalupe and 1-onnioc pole, best, 7(S7He Ib.: fair. BHWBc: bush and ordinary polo, Jfl 1 SHe; Plsmo-Oeetino pole, best, 7® "Ho: fair, B©ar; hush and ordinary pole, SSfSHe; King Clly poor to ordinary, 3HiS[f3e; AUnieda county, poor holdovers, 1HHf-2c Hi. Pears; I^ake county Unrtletts, S 1 ^ 3-1ic; Little Rock best, 3«f3<ic: medium, 2Hff2%c; Teharhapl fair, 21»c: Santa Clara courtly Ilnrds and Rose, IVic; Cornice 15^2Bc lug. Sweet potntots: Local fancy Nancy Halls, fair, 7&685c lug; best, 90c® Jl.OO; Porto means, 90ctT$t-00; Kern county . JprseyH, 75ii!flOc; best, $1.00; Nancy Holla. 78{J8r.c; fair, B5c. Tomatoes: Ventura county Sioncs and tllobes, lugs 4x5n, 65^750; &X&H, 7R0tKc; fancy, 90c; 6xfis, 50®«0c: poorer 4x&« and ftxS.i, 40if?50c; 6x6s, iSW30c: Pondcrosas 4xRs, 65ig"5c; i).x6», 7B(^-!iOc; Sxfis, BOiS'60c; poorer, alt glze.", 40c; local Bloned, 4xi">», r.O'tj) 40c; 5x58, 354t50c; 8x6.1, 25«3Bc; 8anta Monica Globec. f>x5.«. OOyTDc; LOIR loom PotalocN; Stockton Wisconsin PrldftR. good, $2.30Sf2.40; ordinary Jl.S04fl.86 owl. NEW YORK CLOSE (I'ntled Prr»« flatted Wire! NKW YORK, Sept. 10.— Hallroada Stock— Close Atehlson SOU Ualtlmore. & Ohio 24 'i Chesapeake & Ohio 66 Krlc """ LOS ANGELES STOCKS (I'nilril ;'»•<•«« Leaned Wire) InduatrUlt 8tot;k .Hid Asked Chrysler H2»s )13'»j Claude Neon Jiu 11 T * (llobt, Milling S'i '.u; Imuglnn Aircraft 75 70 Taylor Milling IS'.i Banks ('lllennti National 2S'fc Sfl's Kectirlly-Flrst Nutlonal .. f,!^ 62 Truimuniorlca l.'l'k l:iV» Mlsctllaneoul U. A. Invexlnient. !>1't fi^ Pacific Flnancn 27 H Bx'.j. I.. A. (Ian \- Ifllec. pfd lOft^. 1((7 Pacific fias * Electric 36% 37»ii Pacific (!a« & IClcclrlo A.. 31 H M'« Paclflr I/iRhtlng coin MH ri2"ji Ko. Cal. 1'jdlstin com 30% 3(>H So. f-'Hl. IMlHon 8 pfd 28'.i 2SH So. Cal. I'Mison b'A 27 & t 2SU So. Cal. Cia. 0 nfd .11 .So. Pacific 11. H 41H 42?i Oil* Holsa Chlcu 7% R Pacific Western 14'.i H.'i Standard Oil of Cal .1(1 ,1(1 u, Union Oil of Cal 22 22*4 POULTRY, BUTTER. EGOS ! —. 1 * (Atnoclatfd fVr»« Lean fit Wire) ANOKI.KS, Sept. 16. -nutter Butter I.O.S and C *- 1IKAVY WINDS RKrOHTICU HAAIIljTON, Uermudn, Hcpt. 10. (A. P.) — Gusty winds and heavy i-alns Iniffoled IJprniudn today, with a tropical storm reported 240 miles southwest of Bermuda at 8 u. m.. moving northwestward nt about 12 miles an hour. No appreciable change in tho weather here, wan expected In tho next night hours. GIHK J'H.OT*AT 1(1 SOMERSET, Pa., S»>pl. 15. (U. P.) Virginia (Ginger) Binder, 18-year' old Somerset Township High School student, Is believed to \w the young- f t girl In the United Htutos to make solo QQVERNMENT BONDS (I'miril l'rrt» l.canril Wlrrt NIOW YUIIK. Sept. 16. -Government bond*. Trensurlci 4',;». 47-&2, 119.3. •In, 44-B4, 114.4. 3%H, 40-50, 112.12. !)»»*, 41-4:!. Miircb, IW.S. i'lH«. -iO-4!!, .Inn i', IOK.H SUB. 44-4I'-, 10N.H). 8V«K. 43-4f>, 10S. 2!, 3J4K. 4C-40, 3 'is, 49-62, I0i!.l». 3s, £t-5fi, 10&.4. 3«. 46-4S. 108. Prime firsts. 34 ',4° Standards, :Uc. Undergrade. SD'jc Egos (Candled) Ijiirge—Cliwn extras, 3fii>; Unlit dirty exlrus, 34c; clean Btiviiilar<1«. 2!M?.; lluht dirty slandarilH, 27c; checks. 27c. Medium—Clean exii-Bs, 2Uc; light dirty exlraw, ZSo; clean Hlttinlards, atioi llgltl dirty standards, S5e; i-bei>ks, 22o. , extras, tSVic: light dirty extras, 17o. Case count eggs, 2"r. Poultry Hons. I.eghornH, 2'i lo SU II.B., ISc. j lleiiM, iK'shornn, over 3',i and up to I 4 lhn., He. I liens, Leghorn*, ovpr 4 llm.. liic. | Hfn*. colored, S'.i lo 4 1li»,. 2()c. I liens, colored. 4 Ibs. and up. 23r.. , llrollM's over 1 up lo 11.4 lli«., 20c. i Broilers, over 1 ij anil un to 2U | \b*,, 2flr. • l'>y«r«. l.eghurns, over 2'. t and up i to :i n,*., ]•,!-. I Fryers, colored, 2'j and up lo SVi I HIM.. 17r. ; Fryers, colored, ovor 31, and up to 1 4 llm.. ISc. j lloiisters, soft tmnc. Marred ! ov<«r 4 HIH. anil np, S'h-. i Itoastrrs, Hiift hour, oilier than i llarrod Uockn, over 4 Inn. nnU up, 2()c. | Stag*, 12<-. Old roosters, 1'c. j Dui'lclliiK". 4H 11'^. "nil up. Mo i Ducklings, iinrlor 4>,4 II)S., IL'i-. I Old diK.-kH. lie. | i!ceni», IBr. | VrniiiK loin turkeys, 111 H>H and I to IS His., I9o. | Young loins, over IS Ib*.. :(V. I Hen turkeys, .1 UIK. and up. 20c. i Old torn lurkeyc. 14c. • Old hen turkeys, 14i'. j Si'niali? 1 , iintlrr 11 HIP., pi»r doy.en, ; Siiuulm, II HIH. per do*, and } I'apoiiH, under 7 II)M.. 2di-. i Cnpotis, 7 ll>h. and up, 2flc. ! ItrildillK, No. 1 white. .1'a lo 4 "4, • each. I2i'. • Ituliblls, N'o. 1. mlM'.d I'uloi si, nnd ('i Ihs. each. lOe, Itwlibltn, No. 1, old, 6v. Great Northern pfd 40 Illinois Central 25 Missouri Pacific 2' New York Central 43' Northern Pacific 27 Pennsylvania 38 Southern Pacific 41 Union Pacific 137 Industrials American Can 123 American Tel. & Tel l"4>4 Hordens 29 Caterpillar Tractor 73 s i Cities Service 4 Columbia CJas ....' 20 Consolidated (>as 41H Corn Products 6."»'i Curt Is*-Wright 6H First National Store» , 48*4 Fox Film "A" 30'4 General Kino trie 4&H General Foods 39 Gold Dust 13H Goodyear Tire £ lluhher 24Vi International Harvester 77 International Tel, & Tel 12H .Tohns-Manvtlle 113H Montgomery \\"^ird 4S North American 30-\ Pacific Gas Electric 30S4 nudlo Corporation 10*; Safeway Slorns 29"» Improvement Is Several Industrials on S. F. Market (tinned I*reii Letted Wire) SAX FRANCISCO, Sept. 16.—Irregularly lower prices with narrow distribution of activity and light volume marked early trading on tho San Francisco stock exchange today. At the close of the third hour there were 10 stocks up, 21 off and 11 unchanged. Industrials to show improvement Included Island Pineapple preferred which moved up 1 to a new high at 35, Union Sugar common and Crown Zellerbach A both up Vi and Magnavox up V4. Food Machinery lost 2'/ t . California Packing and Consolidated Chemical were off 1. Leslie Salt and Kmporlum dropped %, Yellow and Checker Cab was off Vi, Hale Bros, was down <£, Crown Zellerbach B »i. and smaller losses were taken by Dl Giorgio Fruit common. General Paint and Marclmnt. Among the utilities Pacific Light Ing preferred was up % to a new high at 10S. Pacific Telephone common declined 1%, Pacific Public Service preferred was off >4 and Pacific Gas 6s lost H- Phillips Petroleum rights moved up 5 cents to 65 cents. Signal Qas "A" ndded U. Republic Potroleunv was down 1%, Universal Consol- dated lost 1 and Standard of. California and Xorth American were down H- Bank of California moved up 1, Tmnsamerloa opened at 13»,{, moved up to 13U and settled back to 13'.j, oft l i. on a turnover of 1300 shares. 1—« « » L, A, CASH GRAIN (A'tttriatrtl rmt LeatritWfrr) LOS ANGELES. Sept. IS. — Current local grain quotations were reported by the Federal-Slate Market News Service as follows (prices quoted ar«i cwt., field run, In carloads only): Argentine corn, quick delivery, bulk, California wheat, sacked. No. 1 soft or No. 1 hard white, J1.67H. California barley .sacked, 41 Ib*.. No. 2 bright western. Jl.62^%; No. 1. 40 His., JI.65. California yellow mllo, sacked, No. 2, J1.70. _ S, F. LIVESTOCK U. S. Rubber 30H Union Cnrbldn & Carbon M United Aircraft Warner Itrothcrs Western Union Wostlnghouso KleetrU 1 AVoolwortli J. C. Pen n <ty Tronsamerlea • • Metals American Smelting Anaconda Hethleliem Steel International Nickel ICenmseott Copper Republic Steel U. S. Steel Vanadium Steel Tobacco and Sugar American Sugar American Tobacco "A" .... American Tohareo "It" Cuban American Sugar .... Great Western Sugar n. .1. Ileynolds "1.1- vin,.w« Atlantic ne.flnlng Ilocks, j f .^onrtgf,,,, Mcvlcan Seaboard Phillips Petroleum .Shell Union Standard of California. .. Standard of New Jersey . Socony Vacuum Texas Company Tidewater Asa'n, new .. Motors Auburn Motors Chrysler General Motors ., Hudson Packard Motors Studelmkcr Tlmken Roller Hearing . Equipments American Car Foundry . American Ixieotnotlvo .. Hnldwln lioroinntlve .... flonernl Tank Stewart Warner up .en, 24f, up. 20c. 4 "i, ItiS. (I'nit til rrt»» Ltatrd VCire) SOUTH RAN FP.ANCISCO, Sept. 1C. Hogs—Ilei-elpts 400. direct 110. Very slow; butchers weak lo 25c lower; ! early top 111.35 on part load good 531- i pound butchers; late top J11.30 on moxt Itio to 200-pound weights; about i one load around 200-pound weight*) 111.26: load 200 to 225-pound butchers f unsold, late; load 210-pound grain-fed j locals $11.25; few h%avy cows steady at 18.50; good light sows quoted up to $8.75. Ijite Tuesday, one load ktcal butchers, (11.25. Cattle—Receipts SOO, direct Its. All classes In light supply, mostly steady; steer quality mostly medium and below; short load medium 845 to -960- pound California steers, J6.50iff7.00. moderately sorted; load common 1080- pound Mexicans, $.'>.&", sorted 4 heaU $4.50; good light fed steers absent, quoted }S.OOHS.SO; few 830-pound grass heifers, $5.85: common to medium range cows, $4.00?ti fi.35; low cutters and cutters scarce, quoted mostly $3.00 £4.00: odd bulls, $3.00^5.25, steady. I^ate Tuesday, load 1065-pound steers from local feed lot, $7.75 sorted S head , $7 und with 4 per cent shrink. Calves. i receipt* S. All direct, nominal. lJU« [Tuesday: Plain light vealers $5.004* C.'.O; part load 341-pound range calves $6 lightly sorted. Sheep—Receipts 500. direct ISO. Fairly active, lambs steady; part deck good SS-pound wooled California*. |S: . part deck medium to good $8.76 sorted 65*+ i 10 per cent; one deck good 73-pound 16V> ' medium pelt lambs, $$.75, sorted 15 12H j p«r cent at $7 50: other classes absent. ISS i choice e.wes quoted up to $3.75. . 13H .'l3S . 54<» . PI ' "i* ! 67 H . 4fi«i . 23% ..70 . 23 H . 68 . 88V 4 ,100» t . 10 . 3SH I2H 31 40H 20>.» !?Si . 30 U .111', 31 3'j 55 19 2T4», BAR SILVER 6r.-(!0, 45-47. 4s-t>i. fil-54, 50-t,8, 52, . 102.20. 104. H. 102.::;. 101.24. HM. 5. Home Own 1'tJ 1S , 101 2P. METALS MARKET i \uorlntrd I'rct* Ltair.d Wiret I f.\»ior>ltite.d I'rent Leaifl Wire.) NI5W YORK. Sept. IB. ...... Har ullver ! NWW YORK," Sept. 1«. —Copper qnk-t und unchanged at 41?4r, i quiet; elecirolyilc rjtni S9.7S; nvpott I' Ntnady; *>pot BIRTHS TWO Now Zealand red does for sale J2 each; younic have had three lit ters of 8 to 10; clean condition. 305 C^g treat. 41 DBUCIOUS fryeiH. Reds, flattery milk fed. "Their feet never touch tho ground." Tender. Juloy. l)r«on«d, delivured. 121 McCord. Phone C667-J. 43 TWO good 28-Inch boys' bicycles; also fine Jersey cow, just fresh. Cull P. 13. Cramer, at end of Heardsley avenue. 41 I^-To Air. HHI! Mrs. Bnyd Hethell, Taft, a datiirUtnr, Pauline Altoyce, K«ptcinhcr 8 in l<6rn flcn- eral Hospital. und fulurx . Tin l/urely nnil lnnrln Jtt.f.O'i; 1 }44.tt2'ii; fuiuro $44. 00^44. 12>i I.IMK! steady; mpol New York f4.BO@4.i'ir.; St. l.iiuln (4.45. Xlnt: dull: KKCL Hi. KoiilH npot nml future )4.t>5, Quick- Nllver Jd'.OOffi'liO.Ofl. Iron, aluminum, antimony, platinum and wolframite COTTON FUTURES (.\»tai'intril I'rfm Leaifl Wlrt) NEW YORK. 8»pt. !«.-- cotton was OUlct but Krni'nill.v Mniuly durliiK the Brenti-r pun of UH|H» trading. Trade buyluK formed JuM ulioul oufflolent tn nbMorlf the licdKtnK tint) prlceH niovcil mllier Irregularly In response j to r-ompHrntlvely mmill orders. Tho ! ni|f1-nfti>rni>on market w»« gulel and | UleHlly 111 li^t udV'HtM'Oit (>f Ml, Out 2 to 5 pnlntn with Ueonnbcr nillng around JI2.04. Future* flowed steady, unchanged to 3 lower. (ictohor, JI1.!>7: 1>ec/'niber, J12.00(p: 12.01: Junimry. III. HP; Mnrrh. 111.844* ll.iij; Mny. |I1.»4; July, II1.S7 Hpot, Hteady: MliMllilg, 112.37, CHICAGO GRAIN FOREIGN EXCHANGE { ( tmoeiatrd Prmi t,eatrd Wirtl NK\V VOHK. Sept. 10.—Foreign ex. change cloned: ICngland, pound 5.06\j, off .00*4. England. (50-day bill rate D.05»i, off .OOH. Canada, dollar 1.00 3-32, up .00 1-35. France, franc .Ofl&S. off .0000 1-16. Italy, lira .07SCI,, off .OOOOVfc. Jielglum, belga .1HS». off .OOOUi. (iermnny, mark .4022'^, up .0001 Switzerland, franc .3259. off Holland, guilder ii7S9. up .0001. Spain, peseta, unquoted. Sweden, krona .2(112. Norway, krone .254o, off .O000',». Denmark, krone. 22SI. Japan, yen .2965, un .0002. »» » «• • THE WEATHER Han Joaquht and Santa Clara valleys—Fair tonight and Thursday: temperature above normal; norlhwenl wind*. San jrranclaco bay region—JJalr tonight and Thursday: cooler Thursday, with fog in early mornIng: moderate, northwent wind*. Northern California—Fair tonight and Thurtfday; fog on coaat: cooler central COOKI Thursday; moderate northweat \rinda uff coast. Sierra Nevada—Fair tonight and Thursday: slowly rising temperature; K"ntle changeable winds, Sacramento valley—Fair tonight and Thursday: temperature above normal: southerly wind*. Salinas valley—Fair tonight and Thursday; cooler In lower valley. ulth morning four: northwest wind*. Southern California.—Fair tonight and Thursday, but fog on coast: temperature above normal In interior; moderate northwest winds off the coast. V— To Mr. and Dunifty. Weed Patch, Naomi. September 8 lit Kern flen- I'rnl Hotipilul. Mi*. Albert a daughter, IN APPRECIATION IMnwlatfd I'K-it L U lirl FUNERALS FOR 8A1.E—Two Jersey cows, fresh, One mile south and H west of Ar- vln. P. KlasK. 40 FOR SAIvE—Three snappy saddle horses for Frontier Days. Call one- half mile north of Rio liravo school, 1V4 miles went, H mllo north. 41 Dogs and Other Pits WANTED—Homo for beautiful white mother cat and kitten*, or will give awny separately. 1711 California. FOR SAU2—Uewelyn Keller puppies nt ruftuons.ble prices: just the agn lo train for hunting. Phone 38SO-J. ItOZ Nineteenth htrect. 40 Wantid to Buy'||IUo»llantou$ | WAKTKO—Forlable t}T>ewritpf, Phone ' -s. 4*. CONWAV—To Mr. and Mrs, Conwuy, Route 2, Uox 177, a won, OrvtllB Urban, September 10 at Kern General Hospital, GARCIA—To Mr. and Mrs. M«rc« • Oarcla, Route 5, Box ISO, a HOII, 11 ti- dolfo, September 10 at Kern (Jen- oral JIospHul. HARfKR—To Mr. and >lis. Kennlnf ton L,«Klln Harp«r, Itoutn 2, Box 102, u daughter, Patricia Joy, Hep- tembor 11 at. Oern General Hospital. CLOCSB—To Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Clouse, 3020 K Biri.-ut, a son, Gary Kinmott, H«pt«mb»r II nt Kern Qenoral Hospital. STANTON—To Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hugh Stanton, 1928 Haley street, a *on, Kaymund Hugh, «Jr., Peplember 12 at Kern Oeneral Ifos- plta). We to (five heartfelt thanks to all our frit-lulu and nelghltorx fur their many expri'Hslonx of klndiif"ii and sympathy, and many bountiful flower* during men), nnd »!« CI1ICAU<J. H Wilful-- Wi'pli .May, 'inli U. - i'r, $1.14-%, It 14'«, H.IS'i. H.1P i 'urn- Hi>pti-ml>i»r. l>i«<'iMiilier. !)««•. 'J.'i s yi'ii'.il',. ,, . O.-UH — Heplntnber, our rri'tfiit b<-re«in)- j <!'». 4i i( - t ; -Mi>, 4:> for »ll the thoughtful i Hye—BMitemlir-r, . . , <$ 1.1 1 «a^»4. May, 'Jl» 4 . 42, 42; Ui'";<-inljm, during th« loiu( tlln«ns of' our beloved. (Blgned) i . MR. ANb MRK. J. L. ROBJN'BON i AND FAMILY. ! *4*4, fa'.s; Ix-r, S3, SIT.; May, SI'-, SU>, Dnrley—8»|it«niber, «OVj; Ue 4'A. INTENTIONS TO WED I TREASURY REPORT -* i (.Itioclulcd l'ictt I.eaifd Wire) , WASHINGTON, Sept. 16.—The poM- i lion of the treasury on September 14: I RecclptB. $27,S2S,9(i7.H: expenditure*, $24.I2S.&70,8S: balance. $1.793.284,088.93. , m . -. _, Amoii WcUuire, i customs rocclpt* for iho month, $14,2«. and Margaret 15. Moor*, 81, both! N}*.101.0». of lx>s Angnles. TRACY-FINE—Wllllatn t). Tracy. Buttonwltlow, ana Margaret M. 1' Z8, Mariow, Okla. MAI-ONE---Funeral services for Wood- ' roe Wilson Matun". ;j, wm of Mr. nn<l Mm. J. A. Miilonc, 1323 Qulncy ! Nliret, will tin fonUuct«'U ul Flick- \ Ini.'or-liiKl'ii- i'hupi-1 Friday inornlng ; at 10 uVlock, with tho It»ver«tul i Mr. Hpoiu-er i.ffli-latlnK. Richard ! Kkiitncr Hill be Not ill Hotouu, and ' Intitrniciil «lll l>ii In or<>enlu\rn Me- ' iin.iml 1'itik. The young man wan Iitllrd In u motorcycle uccldnit at j liall«!>, Ort>. lie t«av«M, In addition to lili imrMits. three brothers. Andy, < i Mil! und i;Minii-tt. all of Hakerti- . field, und two MHKTO. Ida. of Bak- ': crNflcltl, und Mrs. Jonephlrie Maker, > of Miurnl. Okla. i TfUNKH'-Funeral services for Mrs. ; Lou IBB Turner, 24. of 811 Twentieth mreet will be conducted lit Fuync & Son cJiHlMil 7'hursday afternoon at 1 o'clock, with the Reverend Mr. Powell officiating. Interment will ta in Union cKinntcry. RIUOR-niCHAtlDSOX—Hawn J. Hilor, 26. and C»llK n. nfchMrd«on, 23. " '• ; both of IMH Angeles. 8TUM1 J F1*"T« -Mr. and ' Mrs. I'aul i -*~ Sturopff, Kcrnvlll'-, a son, HIc.tmKt j FlTKUKRAt-D-OAllKBH- Mi»nlfy JC Paul. Sopt*mbcr IS at Kern Cfenc^l S Klt»Kor»ld. S». 1'rsJgno, *nd Helen F. HotpUul. i Oarm-r, S«, Tul»r«. lle«»lpl» for the fim.-al )«iir July 1), IISOi.033.123.10: cxp^dttures. . OJiO.JS of om^rgency cvi>ci)dltur<>J<): ex- i cess of expenditure, $4'>7.032,£01.7!>, i tlropK debt, IB3.3r.l.3&1..'J07.!.'5. « decrease of f700,871.&> under the pro- | vlrnis «I|»»'. '"inld assets. $10,7^2,213.-' 565 10. Union Cemetery FURNISHES MONUMENTS GRAVE MARKERS FLOWER CONTAINERS Prlctt low In kttploc with tk* tlmii Otfic* »1 OiMitiry, TiNphon* «J7 Members Chicago Board of Trade Since 191? • J. A. HOGLE & CO. SuMitlui 1915 UlMIttl rotr met Mc» Seventeenth Strut Phons 8140

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