The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 16, 1936 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1936
Page 14
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'',*t. -. ' ,-,'•'-• i ----.:..:- - • • .-- , I - 4 • ^ ^ fev- • LVii ^V«i **'/ *'^ •' f -';•-•- f T 4","i: ' 3 : 1 '* • i n ^ t -' 1 -, r iT ^i • t' ' /V "V i. ^ i _h _ ^ ' ? t .#?•.•;• • : -• • ri 3 J 4 '.^^ff^^'-^W'^^ > / I . « /.*- ' " , ^ . r F *. ' ' 14 » i THE ' ' J ' * . . ,*•' • I ' ., f 1>. '-' V^ 1 • 'r*- .-• - i k - ' • t \-- Vi f.- " BAKfinSPIELD CALIPORmAN, WEDNESDAY; SEPfEMBEftf ll, r- h *' " -«i '- ••/• j ' - . ^ •F *J ^ '-* » _-:**. 4 -. . t "A * . . - rtoim ItUd line dvorl regular rates tortpt ALE UTTON AFT P08A ITTR LLQ EWB 8TOB STR LIE EWAH TUPM rus Worn rniOi Mrrtettan Initrtlon Immid rvloe Financial ANY AMOUNT LOANKD ON vouri Wanted—Female WANTKD— Girl or woman for hotme* work and care for two children, Hoom, board ami \vngc«. Phone 4BM-M. ' " — i — • — • — J I""-T~I~. — •!>•• — ' trrf •j_jj-j"B">mutiiLi ^T«*n"fr*i» u-umJ-'-L ITTITM j-i_iuu^JM.BMpuMrt J n_»i^-i^ PMNO /popular) Instructor ftnd man- itttcr wan led, Dntckett Munla Teacher of Lot) Aiiftlcf) In opening In Hakorn- Wrltn r*. K. Urackfttt, 1311 nEPAY IN SEMI-MONTHLY OH MONTHLY 1'AYMLCNTy 8KB US ,cv Hnaice WANTWO--Wonionago 10 to for domestic service.. Apply at W. P. A. office, 2504 M Htreot, Situations Wanted—Female It—I For Sale—Automobilet For Sale—AutomobJJii OWL wants work ft* waltr«»« or canh- $600 cash buy* lovely 4-room home. tor. 4282-W. 40 For Rent—Roomi TO ORNTblSMAN, large iron l room, tilcnly furnlnhad; noxt lo bath. 70D at Seventh ntraot. Phono «KN r T--7loom l at MO Docatur OllrUile. Total price $2450* payments |3fi per month. Small 10t«, clone to transportation, Kant BakereflftM. Ideal for couplo working. Elmer F. Ktt-rpc, 1617 Eighteenth *tr«ttt. - 0-18-tf ^ 111 H new ntslted, Everything new and clean. 2502 North C street, Kleth Addition, 40 41 srx room*, restricted district, bard- wood throughout, tllo drain, autos; 1ars:e , tl , , , | KtM.VIHIMOU room, connecting bath, | matin hrtftlor, double regarding housohald training] out.f>idn entrance. Clone In. Phone oaurflr. Job ftHBtirod. 40 i _?M!Li!L 12. ... 4 .. . - _ „. „„.„ T .. Nineteenth ntroot. Phono 2042-J or V '•• r'l 201 Rent—Rooms With Board PHONM B-IO 8-7-lf SALARY \VANTJCn-lIouKrki?eper, ago 80, UM- j lnriiml»nrr>f). In molhArl^M* notn**. \ Two liriyH ftrhuol njfr. Htiturly work ritid wnff*H. $IH a month. Write Hox UOAHD and room to gentUmen; room M. Th" f'ullfnrnlan. 40 with twin bed* or Nintfle, be«t board ' In town. |30 month. Ono block from WANTJC|>r-Kxp«rlriiCGd girl for K«n- j R(r oral offlpis work, glvn reference. ; Wrlto Hox 325. Tnn Californium 40 I ! ar corner Ninth and Q Phnn« «M5 y "° 1B r>ZB - 001 40 604, '35 BUrOK 41 SEDAN $845 '35 BUICK SPT, COUPE $305 L J '35 CHRYSLER COUPE $745 » COUPE $645 .-7 STUDEBAKER SEDAN $986 35 CHEVROLET S. COUPE $635 '34 CHEVROLET SEDAN* $56,6 36 FORD V8 COUPE 34 FOPvD V3 COUPE 36 PLYMOUTH SKDAN $585 $485 '35 OLDSMOBILE TR. SED. $825 36 OLDSMOBILH COUPE $845 '34 STUDBBAKER SEDAN $885 • f ' J '34 OLDSMOBILB TR. SED. $645 * . , '35 OLDSMOBILE 8 COUPE $765 P HOOM and board at 000 leenth MONI5Y SCHOOL Confidential uervlco to s/ilarled jiooplo and houwt'wlvea 816 Habcrfcldo Uldg. I'hono 2200 APPUCATIONB Iicceplort to soil nr hrtifthoft; gow opportunity. Information regarding tho work, phono 1(250. t tl roieirage 4-14-tf HAU'-.HMIIN .KUJNM-MANVIMJ'J HfiMK IMHUt-ATM*N WVIFUONf ; am about to riuahllrh nftw Itak- *»r»field branch awl will noed flril&s- TIIMI of th« "go-K'-'ttlriff" typo. Nationally udvprt.leod pradurt, abu/i- rtttnt riflw U'lulw, cvrry mmliftfincQ I ruining. Mi»n HO to (H). with Hnk'H rxpi-rlonrn hnlpful but iinl iinrnNHary. Kor thrum who do- i l« nn opportunity for llf« KOIl KENT-Room with board, for rn*»n; olIworUorB preferred. For Rent—Houses two-room house, to men only, $15 month. !x>catod at Brun- diitfo Uino ami L J atreoU Apply 1020 Q KOH UK NT—5-room house, unfur- nlnhml; floor furnace. Near bus linn. AdnlIN only; no (logs. Possession 1. Call 1U14 Brown Hit-net, Fiiniti Jo 11 and rapid prumoUon with u grent, cnnipuny. Mr. rt'llon, 2:30 Thurnday only, Hotel 1^1 Tt'Jnn. or Salary Vacation Pundit Avullublo MONKY AT ONCK NO IIKD TAPK NO KMHAHHAHSlNd INVESTJOATIONH CourtooiiR and Confldontlnl VK-HOOM furnlwhed hnuHe for rent, K«M Rakarftflnhl, $47.&0. Klmcr Knrpn. 1517 Klffhleonth Btrent. POIl UKNT--TJnfurnlMlicrt, 2-bedroom house hi UlKhlaml Park for 2-b«d- rooin urifurnlHhQd In city. Phono 5844. 40 mining rorporutlon nefd» ono I For Rent—Apartments for UK YIN) Hox StO, Tho r:allfnrnlnn. ION. i KirnNISirun apartniont; pnrkliiff Hpftco furnlflhud. imlv 2(02 T* ntrnpf. HphtH, ArlultH BIX-nOOM modern hoit«o In nouth* west district, near high school, on i i fl * mnnv xi CTPHAV puvod Btrftet. Ba«ement and lots of ! 34 «UICK 41 SEDAN Hhadc. $4250. Howard NIcholH^T^u:. ( ^ Bm( , K ^ COUpB $0000—Ono of tho very flno homes I 134 VAgtr BIIOTJQHAM Just complrtcd In Kuimot Park. 1 ** «A»ri ISUUUUUAAI Throo beautiful bodrooma. 33en Jn i m^ wrrnQnv GirnAv the- haaement. Plrepluco, furnace! 3 * HUDSON SEDAN and ffus healera In tho wall of bath, i .„, „. v «, rt TTnit» nrtTtww Two bathroom*, patio, glasscd-In I '34 PLYMOUTH COUPE Horvlco porch. Two-car garago. Hprlnkllng ByBtcm. This place must bo »een lo bo appreciated. Call for | '33 BUICK 67 SEDAN an appointment. Qolf Kan*: A flno homo at Stockdalo— will accept your home In exchange. Taylor & Taylor ICflO Cheater Aye, Phono 712 40 KOR BAI'H—Modern five-room home, with breakfast room; choice neighborhood; beautifully landscaped yard. Price only $1750; $1500 down, balance $28 nor month. Immediate . i'honfl 30fll-J. 43 $745 $685 $595 35 PONTIAC 6 SEDAN $696 36 CHBV. MST. TRK. SBD. J745 '34 STUDEBAKER SEDAN $645 '35 CHEVROLET COACH $535 33 PLYMOUTH COUPB $395 I 32 FORD LX. FORDOR $386 $625 '34 WILLYS 77 SEDAN $325 31 OLDSMOBILE COUPE $365 $405 '34 CHEVROLET RDSTR. $425 31 DE SOTO S. COUPE $245 $505 31 CHEVROLET COACH $295 '29 OLDSMOBILE COUP,E $195 '30 PACKARD SEDAN '20 LINCOLN SEDAN L '28 BUICK SEDAN ( 27 BUICK 7-P. SEDAN $445, '31 FORD TUDOR SEDAN $235 $305 I 31 WILLYS 6 SEDAN $185 '29 CHEVROLET COU 1125 f 28 FORD TRUCK $165 $75 $75 30 CHBV. SPT. COUPE r I 31 FORD SPT. COUHE ( 31 PACKARD SEDAN 'ri '33 DODGE COUPE $245 $295 $485 $405 SI j u a 11 o n s W a n ted—Ma Is f/M'AI, buy wnntN work of any kind. Irifi 1 porch home. room with li/ith; rjtilnt prJ- Hulln.Uo for ono or FOR SALE—$500, part cash, buys Bmall cafe building and equipment. Downtown location. Kelly & Son, 1712 Chester avenue. Phone 363. 40 OLJSANUICH avenvin hoiiflo, close to high Mohool, offered for a few days only at the sacrifice price of $5250. Throo bcdrooniK with sleeping porches on tho second floor If you want a borne or home and Income don't fail to BOO thin now. Shown by appointment. 13. H. Clare, Professional hutldlnir. Phono Ifi2C. USED CAR DEPT, 2112 Chester Avenue Phone 423 USED CAR DEPT. 18th and N or 20th and M 1708 Phone 421 USED CAR DEPT. Twenty-second and " Phono 420 ETWlflEN 8 A. M. AND 6 P. M. PHONE 6300 FOR ALL DEPTS. £6 52 Soeolal Announcements PACKAOin TRANBKlCn—Piano*, fur nllurr. l>a|Sffatf«. paRkagen. Op«*n all thn time. Phon* R228. 820 Klffhth JCXJ'KIIT rn/II» t*»phnlrl;in nnt\ rrpulr ! imui. lluvn fi\vn tOHltnff fcjnlprnnnt tor»|H. rhnnr 332'.!; nuk fur r. hnl wunn H uii'l 12, nti nnd •( 42 HtTPftt. A- U WMit*. fir. KINANCH COMPANY C1UCSTIGH AVH. I'HONK. 2.':20 7-io-art-tf Kf>It HUNT—Small apartment, Ilffhtn. watrr miff K«M furnlHhod; J20 month. Suitable for two people. 25U Nine- Business Opportunities I Hiv nr rr>n(riii'l. 1 Til"' plniiM. Ho- A-l FMI'IT iunl niiifi, younff. AI'AHTMKNT for ronl. Gas, ami wutrr pnl<1. >20 per month. Call nt 1S24 Twr-ntj'-fourlli street. Tclc- a i'; ntfttlon. grorory stnrrt. RIL- THRO, HvlTiR' ijuiirtorH, with rerun In bulM mMftA. Donrl InvrntrnAnt; «t- tra.-tlvo liicomo. H. iniwnod, U»'J3 1 nlroly furnished apart with Hhowisr and cotiltiiuoufl r; llghtii and water fur- ,-nr hpano. 1304 Twenty - fdiirth HtroM. hot MAN, rnjiwunahln odiirailoii. , .- _ _ «.••.• M • „.,<„( m .,M, ,,,, y kin.i of;for Rent—Rooms With Board p l> • fr* J X ^r d fevf^l^lni tfABJBj !•• >h fefl^A 1^*B^ Ijf^l^fh I ^^ _,_ ^_ ^^ ^^^ ^.^^ ^^ ^^^ "p. ^" f rl^*' T ^»*' J^"''i P • J * * f w vPVV J ^ h»uJ f ( xprrlftn.-« In iJruw and rtry ;<r>nM nnd hoard for gnntleman only. Showrr linth. trlrphono and garag'?. . Slviff-nUi fitrflet. 43 1. 1 itr**p. isai \' KntfllHh type 7-rootn houno on largo lot with lovely nhacle trcoB. in Kunsot T'ark district, $5750, on lorina to suit. Immediate pos- «««8lon. Phono for appointment. 15. H. Claro. rrofcHslonal building. Phono 1626. 40 SIX-HOOM IIOUBO, coinplotely and hoautl fully furnished, Including rrigldalro, brand-now ranffft* Slm- nionB HprlnffM and innor-wprlng mat- IroBses. Walking dlsUvnco. For quick aalo, $3750. Howard Nichols. Inc. ft-lZ-tf IN \\Vflt Park, txvo blocks from hlffh Reboot, 7 rooms, hardwood floors, pavnd Btreet; nice nhrubs and lawn $3750.00, $500.00 down, balanc-o llko r«nt. Harry C. Clements. 1630 j NMnotoenth wtrect. Phono 2042-J or 45 TITUCH sold on limn pnymrntH— no KOIl KAM'l-•Apiiri mont hr»i»«r. $20MO • n A VK ||K»I( pickup tnn*U nml fltianrn or carrying rhnrjcen A. rrl^lrnnn Wheel A Tlrn Kxrhftngn, 1310 Blfchtnnlh. Phofift fl373. 1-1CT us fl»ur« your overhaul Job, ami auton. HftgrlndlnK. bon- OuariLnt.«od work; o-xpwrt mechanics. T. P. Pylft. 1USI Twenty- fourth rnnh. ri-Ht on Miutll inntiihh niPntM. total prlrfl ITFiOii; Inr-cmo $170 inonlh, OWIHT fort-rrl tn It'iivu in'- I'ount lifnilh Wrltn luix H?,'.'. Illtn huilliiiK rcsw litir \V; HITCHCOCK'R OARAOra, rear of Flower street. Phone 8471. H«sl pped small shop In Bakersflnld. Trustworthy service. Ktv«n. •o Pttnt Ion, urn r.ory, l<f>fr ivnit \vlnc rnuntor, d'»ln wonderful litislnrHfi; ntlrn'Mlvn linlld- lujf find (foot! focatlnn. f J ilftO, Scott flu'Bl*«r nvi'<niif. tln'liiK holt-null- hull?*** or NjnnUM'iilli hlrprt. 40 ' 11 IK, |m|>oi I'.til irniiti'M fri-o. Ki»K ^NT-Kooni with board- rea- ' V IVF< -- LNrT modern court, partly fur. ,.N i Koom wlinK »™^{ ro -; n Mished; hicomn «lOu per month; neur 0 now lilpfh Mfhool. $:.000; terms. Howard Nlnhol*. Inc. 9-12-tf H iM and lioanl nt H24 nuo. $!i per week, $35 per montli. j 43 For Sale-—Improved Farms FOR SALE — Shafter small ranch homo, 3% acr^s ftnost soil, two dwellings, beautiful grounds; fruit and shade; fine well and pumping plant. Gas aud electricity, $4000. r Kelly & Son, 1712 Chester avenue. Phone 363. 40 40 ACRES in tho Edison district, south of Loma Park and north of the railroad, six miles from Chester avenue. Good house and well, all cement piped. Apricots, plums and some open early potato or vegetable land. This is a real bargain at $350.00 per acre. Formerly sold at $1000.00 per acre. Can be leased for oil. You will have to hurry on this. Just the place to build your country home and still be near the city. For Sale—Automobiles For Sale^-Autoniobiles END OF SEASON MXIM-IFlT «''"'k. wlrrrt Kiinlonnr rnonih or ronlrart. 3205 I'honn ! 40 1 UMAHI.:i"- l Wf'U ruoUort, balano«d mealfl. liiighioenth street. IMiono 4I02-M. 40 fil MATTIinJflS ranovatlnir anfl rehulM- nff. $2.00. New mattrwflHon maOft to onlnr. Purnlttiro mahurnrturlnir. npliolntfirlnat nnd ruflnlohlnv. M«ad Furniture Company. f»0ft ICunf. Nlne- Phone IH1G. HAH and rufo JfiOO iIoH-n. tnl. xi, only 'all room 2f». Savi.y tin SHuatlons Wanted CAKB—Haln or Wlno mid hf*ftr f*r)red , Ural. f,.. .,.!„ (tin iini,.r fm i-iiln. .Ml* Hahnr ,.-,,.*.,,!, Ul ;i NrI lilf!y> fir i- nl nut and ,i|if> ru tnr: unriuniml.prud. Wrllo — Wanted to Rant—Houses WANTKD TO REN'T—Three to five- room, furnlnhed or unfurnfahrd. IIUHHO. Young rouplo ronnoctod with i. Phono corn; IL'-roorn hounn; flno soil and plenty of water. $1000; $500 down. $25 monthly. Or will sell IVfc lio ward Nlrbols. Inc. 9-T2-tf PIANO, modern, niplil. ' COMFJINATION * _ * i • • ^ •• *K fe HM _ri^fl^_ thnroiiRh. Yaw Knetflr mfilhort. HOUR t» your Vminrt, |1. Churluilfl PrlftHt. Phone 11-F-2I. | Hornkohl ChnmlPKl T-nhoratory 1704 K STmerer ABHAYINd OF OIlTOH Anulyula of Olio. Water, Holln 4H HlCltVIC'l!! HTATKiN. llot'SW. ONK Af'lU'l I.ANP MUillWAY, HIIAHK. MAM. K TV. NOT IllrsiNKSK KUH ; -- -~ WAR »?241 WM.I, (JIVI'; ! Y« H.'Nti THIAT,. (V A. KHIII1HT. WKST KTRIWT. POHTWnVMJ.K, 40 wan - ™ _. ^ r(( . M|orn hodroom furnished lioimn ' wantM work a» tray Kir, 1 | )0f(ini Hi'ptombur 28; rcfcrciicea. No! . J J 1 ' 1'lrr'n 1'honn _WO. 40 ' \\'i\ NTKI>- —Two-t'ftlroiitn hoiiho or l uiriiiiftiit, fnrnlMb«d; rrf- UMIIKIM wnnls > i i . i • i i li.>i,\c n K ltl«. I'.Xprr tMUTtl. ,.,,,„. ^-i Go i ii I'llOIUl by Ihroo iirlnltv. i lull II! n. in. Phono flB4K. tl and . M . , m Lost—Found—Straed LO8T. nnnr Ifourt h and I flohion Pprnlnii tomcat P 0127. Hfll P'ourlh. lUwftnl Schools—Instruction I'tlnrutlnn. I'lNpiM'Irnrn an htiln«i antl flln i-bM-k Will wurk full or purl t line. I'hi in n (looil \VANTKU--Kurn1nhotl G-rooni houwr. llirnn In funilly. Permanent. Phono 14H2-J bofnro noon. Jans. 40 One pair of full-view horn- In downtown t1U- 41 , niHTINOUlHHJflD call l loach i-nrrort prcnrh, Inn prniHinrlatlnii; . iii>x nna, ' would . ItMl ronver- fornlan 40 woiniui witntH to rnro fur rhlldn-n ovcnliiK" In return fnr riMini Phono 311, »fU«r rt p. in. 43 - h H 4 MM»l»I>K-A(;i':i) \ttt\ will trlrt. H*»unrrl. Hl^WAUn- llAturn of plnln brown brlrf ra»ft thhnn from tubby | 1'ndrn Hotel Wfxlnmday 1:10 p in.; Soptombnr 0. I,ctt«'in and no vain* fiicopt to ownnr. No ttotiH a"krd. 40 Ono 32xrt 10-plv trvinh and • «' * • ' '1 ^.f V *• *^ ' - t m f • * * * ••»•'•• * m m ^ f V^* V1 I rim, botUTtMi Huk«>r»iflnlil anMdrnnii- horn Bum ml t nn Wornly rnad. Hun day. $& rnwnnl. I. U I lux I on. Houte a. Box 4H4 Phnno R743-R-U. to MION wiinlod In train fur poHltlnnM In i ho rofrlRfci at km anrj nlr .•omtll Inn Ini; flold. tin t xprtrlonro noi't'H*arv. \\'rlti* Itofrltfhntllnn Mng 1 InM . Mm :iy. Thn i 'ftllrornhin. 40 Help Wanted—Male chllilron day or nlnht or hv tho u-ook llpMt n'forMire.t. 1207 M or phnnn II Voi 1 \i r woniun, avorago rdurutlon. coino ImnwIrdKn t)T t> pltiK iitul hliorihunrl, wlhlipn poult Ion Nalon- \vurk. I'oinpiiiilon *>r what luivo you. nlionn 4SIU1-J f'hnnirtor rofrvonoo 41 V i r^v.qv T H w ^ v ^i v fl nir,N'll''li;H wort* for Minn nnd It 101.1A1U JC cotoriMl inalil wan U half clay work or will ncrvii. \\OZ C'atl- i focnl» avi<ntir>, 4U I HKI'MNKU. W a n t e d t o R e n t > Mi so el I a n e o u s WANTBD lo t-r-nt—Duplex or apart- inftiil by October J. ICddle Curtln, 1'aul'n ndvo-lu Stand, California ftt K. FOK b'Af.I>-G-room house and four eeparato apartments, partly fur- nltfhod; srood for $150 per month; near hospital and new high Bchool. $(i2SO; terms. Howard NIcholH, Inc. _ _ fl-12-tf WK lIAVIfl Just llatAd ono of tho newest and fluent hom*»8 In Hatternfleld, built Just long ououffh to have yard beau M fully landscaped and developed. St u POO, tile roofed bouse. thoroughly Innulated, never cot over S«' thin «iiiiitner. hafl(*.tTifnf with unit heating uystem: ,T lurgn hedroonui. ; one of wbtrb IM arraiiKed for maid i with phownr and toilet connecting. Mnln bath has lllo floor and all lilrulH of other tllo work. Com - plotely. pxpciifltvely antj beautifully furnlhhed. Including grand piano. Double garage, lot 96x105. In a very high ulans district. $10,750; terma. Immndlato poHsesslon. Howard Nlch- ol«, Inc. 0-8-tf planted to [ COTTON Men Attention! 160 acres, highly Improved ranch at Wasco, 6-room dwelling house, tenant house, two large harns, garages, etc., three reservoirs, two wells, ull connected by pipe lines. Just reduced from $250.00 to $175.00 per acre for quick sale. THIS WEEK ONLY AT OUR USED CAR LOT tatei SAVE THE PRICE OF A NEW FALL SUIT! HERE'S HOW TO DO IT UP TO FRIDAY NIGHT, 9 O'CLOCK WITH TERMS TO SUIT, AND PAY Personals \\ Ifn with riir; natlnniil t 11nn; nn I hounft - to-hoiiNO. M'on tier • fnl opportunity. Hotter ponltlun nn Minn an you <iur(llfy, Wrllo Thn ' (•nllfnrnlnn. !(<.* prt-S »'J ' inld'.ll.' niut'li v '. weight 112, Fot^Sale^- Improyed^Property j:000 UNU1BRPRICKD. fl-room modern fl; all on corner Jot 75x150. Hldo- M and rurb In. Income $80 per month. Wo aro authorlzod to Bell all for tho nnhrard-of prlre $3050; $1160 canh. II. O. 1*. C. loan on tttil- iinrr. Donnln Uoal Katato. DOS Unknr «ln»nl, phonn 248.VW. •!! For Sale—City Lots $000 nnd up buy« a RO-font lot In Altn. Vlmn. tho most doulrnhle dlfttrlct In UaUornflcM. ,.ar:t n« to rare, building: i-o^ts, location of homcH, ptr. AVo make tho price, you makn the terniH. Taylor A- Taylor. IfltJO ChMitor Av*i. Phone 712. 8-27-tf B e a oh a n d M o u n t a t n P r o p e r ty o In Konoral mor- iriVK-llOOM houiio. $IW1 do\vn. $ar, I'OH 8AI-K—Motintftln homo near Jack hinwn. iiltrratli>nn. J.otr!, • Miimlhly. three-room house, $1500.1 " lllnch ' l flllly J 0 , 1 ,' 11 ?^ 1 . S ^irie wunt« to make rhmiee. I lornm; four-room houwo, $1000. w. ! """t P»a"t. Call 140 I wonty-Hev- HJIwimtl, l?'j:t 1 Htroot. 41 /> " Ml "^not. Phonn T..) ^ - - VOUNtJ AM drlvtnc to Hrnifffl^M. Mr« . on 10. \VI11 tnk« nuo or tu-(i ei H tn nUarc ixi»*mnin Vlof MAN KOIt :. Ml'ST HAVK KNt'K KASTKItN. Ifiifl NINK- c ixi»*mnin r«?S ^»' n1r TKKNTII STHKKT. SI nn in IT ln-i'i*; an yl hi nt; nut Kit] n \\rlti. Kox ^4-11, Tho I'lillfornUin piitvr< '" ------------------------ " -------------- ' ----I Ml.%(r > MAN nnd \vlf-- want wnrh In i'n(((i«o • -'*'np; j'^H-rirm-Pd. S_7a8J ulrorl. """ poMtluu " 3 WANTWn. hv worliVn fninnun nrllnl. Mawnttun ntnct wnllar, [I«M. tiy n«\v Mid pop u In r method t-liuto rrfnv «|U:OB In flrnt l(-ttrt. l!u\ lilUl, ||ol- raUf_ lit MiiXlno, trr» Oayn, fr*'« Information. Intfrnailnfuil 1-uw ».»( .•niilrui-lor to drill nil wr»U In runynn. IntnrvtnWH n( K| Ti>- ' ,l. H,.pu.|..l.rr IV 1 .) n m. In! t r, ini -» H «''nl»l. friiMm it- 1 ' 11 '' i' l-^"krcp,>r or B r noml ufflco in ntnrl »t Niunll fuilary. ROKt H-\. , ? 1I< °' *' r * l%f '"'' nl <!BIul Al/t'A V1HTA ilimrlct; pood B-rooni j 1: ' OU SAMC—Two ohoioc Krazler «Uh liirnu Moroettod porch. { At»»uninln lotp, sacrifice prk'ea. B17 baRoinnnt; nil floor oovurliiRH untl VHH raiiKn InrludflU. Cornor lot, I • I u- ntr* i ot. -Hoy. bntvMiPii IS UK and i>rrn iiiln HhopM, 1000 Hoc inmt Niitlonal KnnU bnlldhiK. \\ ,\N'l KD .-'\'\\- tt mrn nblo In K<-t bv _JiLJt!ft5^ t «T5.f l 4'. „ . ^J'r. "n $'.M> u \vrrU (M utiul. ntiHliinRR or Financial i Irnl f\ JUM I*u\ U-riOli 'l i-f n help ('Illlfiinillllt Wi'lto NM lady experlpnCrMl In PM\ and ib'\alur xvnrlt In flrM-rlaa* litiUdH. ll(-fiM-i>nri'» In rrfiard to ivorU, char- arlor and habltti. Hoom ISO, Mun- i-hHMUT hull?!. Call Mi*m Juhnntmi. 7014 o. riuuioji. - - Saje^lmproye N. w. F. Uray, 141* Bov^ntoomh 80 , ACniSH near Shnfter. Cotton, al- fiilfu; low irrlpntlon COMB. \\>l| Improved. Leased for 1P37. One-half oil rights BO. $2000 down, Imlanon over no yrnrB. 1200 ElBhleonth ntrnot. Phono WAM1. by ou'itor. ti-rooui buiiff/i low, on Sevt-nternth Mtrnnt, FrnnUUu Bi'luiul. Phono ;i703-W. i m ^^ m MONEY TO property, $ qimrtony puynirn \n. I'i loc. lUlmrr l r . Kurpr, IU17 **nth Htreot. I KNKlii iKTI* ' >"iiiiH ninn for worvlrn ' " V j pin t Inn Hi t»'(nl:*nl . i i'fi'1 rlu cfi pin n n t> in ir i'tt'1-; b«l|* \Minli-d I'll IM in 1 4t>4 bot u i M, t anil U»M>KM-:KPI';U nnd lyplnl ran tuko \\rltti p. u Uux 1583, or __ 40 i'-.n \\iMnan wan t « Tan n" to ,t,i ut iinino W|l| ou 1 1 for .'»tid ili-llvei. I'huno laoB-U. 30ii KIVW'ROOM tnodorn homo; north- ' IPQU SALE—Bv OWUUI" went BCtutlon; owntM* trHimferrod out ' ' uf city. $4000; $500 down, $lu monthly, Floyd ttunlap. Phonow -U OWNWU teavlniy, will aacrlflco 40-ucro ranch In cotton, Tboinpsou seed- Io88 griipon. alfalfa. Doep well and plpo lino. No bettor Holt. 1'Mrst cluea crop aud location. I HAVE Just listed ono of the finest 40-ucre ranches in the Wasco diHtrlct. This property has been expertly developed by one of tho host fanners In tho district. Has it good homo and necessary outbuildings and a very fine well. Close to town and school. Yon can buy this and pay for it in one good year. Tho owner took $40,000 from this property thin year. Ho is 37 years old and gofng to retire. For these -and other bargains In land, BGO ROGERS With McManus, 1611% 18th Street Phono 576 40 u^ . ™ ^^^"^^^•^^^•^•^^^^^^^^^^^^P^P^^^^^^^^M "* •" • I • '*'< I • Oil Lands d^^^^B^^^^^^^^k-^^^^^_^^L^^h_^^h^^ r ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^T^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^ FOR LEASE—1000 mires potential oil hind In section* 22, 23, 24, 25. 28, T. 29, R. 26, Kern county. A. L. K on fro. Ro a qdale. 42 Wanted to Buy-City Property WANTKD—To buy G or 6-room modern house, for rash. Give location In reply. M'rlto Box 184, Tho Call- fornlan. 41 WANTED TO BUY—Small homo; pro- fer «uuthwo8t part of eity. Idvc- nlnffy, 184 H htroct; duya, 21 H Ntreet. Mr. Billlngton. WANT to buy from owner, small house, near St. Joseph School. Pnono 3Qol-J. • 40 For Sale—Automobiles FOR ONE YEAR ON PURCHASE OF ANY CERTIFIED CAR YOU CAN'T BEAT OUK PRICES AND VALUES—BIG STOCK—LOTS OF LATE MODEL CARS—ALL PLAINLY PRICED itcrest SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY, AND SAVE PHON'E 2211 STUDEBAKER—2211 CHESTER STUDEBAKER—2300 CHESTER 40 For Sale—Automobiles For Sale—Automobiles FROM THE When Buying a Used Car FIRST SELECT THE DEALER SECOND THE CAR THIRD THE FINANCE COMPANY YOU ARE ASSURED OF A FAIR DEAL AT THE inocl«i'ii F>-rooin homo on 00-foot lot, walking dlmnnoo liluh wrhool. Santa • Kc uihlUlun. Two b|tf bcitronma ami ' wloopliiK poi\!li. Real fd'oplaoe—In j tact, roal homo for only $l!fiOO. Thin \ lu ihi* barffuln you luivo wttltod for ' UtiSlI RANCH—Four mlloa cast on ™ . . bnlldingH. At bargain. 212S Ntuotoontli Htroot. Phono 704-M. 41 KM'I Hll- NCI |i . ..lon-d nun. v* t\t -hinn a i n I niilKhtntf t ji t v . t rf ci - I'lM I. | fi|\|h i .) \\ I l|r H.i\ '.'I J t 'It,,, n i > M r: t , \ i • .v't v ib*ihrr*>d. : w.iU t-alUni f»» rntou to duwn handlvn: IPNM than monthly Pt Ice Mttinloy, 1700 I'hone IR04, 1'MlMon & acres, all In K tl I P1HK» K «lroM. i Kult SAl-lC - FurnltdHMl houM P « In Anniuil rli-'-lrt on Illgbway 00. Phono | ilonmn »Mly; i-n(-h, V\. W. Porrlgi avenue. Taft. fruit, and brrrlnn. Modern 7-ruoin hiuoou hnuae. threo oth«r houseB, now renting for $60 v>«r month, all furntphpd. 200 turkey n, 60 chleUonti. IN NEW LOCATION 2Q29 CHESTER AVENUE 1034 Ford 2-door aedan 1933 Ford 4nloor sedan 1931 Chevrolet coupe 19UO Chevrolet coupe 1930 Ford coupe 1929 Chrysler 76 roadster 1929 Ford coupe OPEN EVJSNNGS. PHONE S31 $4GG $3S5 $285 $245 $165 $145 1935 Do So to Airflow aedau 9995 1935 Chevrolet tuaator coach $595 1934 Plymouth do luxo coach $495 193Ii Chavrolot master aedau $475 1932 Buick 91 sedan 1933 Chrysler 8 Bodan 1032 Ue Hoto o-wbool aedau 3934 WillyB 77 sodau 1932 Ford U sedan 1931 Dodgo ooupo 1931 Ford sport coupo USED CAR LOT Just West of Fox Theatre YOU'LL LIKE THESE 1930 Ford coupe 1929 Chrysler 65 sedan 1931 Dodge DC 8 sedan 1932 PoutJac 0 sedan 1934 Plymouth coupe 1934 Ford VS 1935 Ford VS Tudor sedau ^ 1934 Oldsmoblle 8 coupo $3151 1935 Pontlac 6 tr. sedan $29C $225 $335 $295 $395 $475 $475 $595 $625 $665 $735 52 I\OK and plenty fl»h In roHcr- \olr. Phonn 43 TOP Prices paid for automobllos. 1023 to m;! moilols; ulsu bargains In need 1-arn. Eohola & BlWnglon, «100 II i ster s 1931 Dodgo 1 Mr ton flat rack 1931 CbevroJot 1%-toD stake $295 3 Chevrolet 1%-ton atako $425 ITIONE 6823 6 Vo Balarlod peojilo on Jiutt your plRuiiture. LOQDH ArraiiRtul Imnmdlatolr NO I3MHA1UIAHSINO INVICST10ATJON CASOL1NK ALLKY Harvest Time yiKING 201 Haborfeldo Building. Phone G46 i 7-23-tf i-Cost Plan I Why Pay Mor«T Theeo payments Includo ALl^ ohura You R«cejvo You Puy Monthly , $100 110.66 for 19 numlha . $200 $18.80 for 15 month* $300 $20,81 for U monthti Proportionate rate* for othor itmnuntM.4 Quick! Confident loll No co-nignoral' NO SALARY ASSIGNMENTS LoariB or contrauU reflnanood. l<!< Seventeenth Street Phonn 4S< Free Parking HI) Tejon Qartui* ct -.'-.'1 - WA TH WHV JOE THE \ ADA/AN TORW AROOKiD DO THEM LJT PART BARBERS ALL K6 HAVE COSTOM6R ENA ET COT MAW THE THE TURN AM ODV KAAN WANT TER BUY TO LATE CUSTOMER OVGR AFTER TO MPT BACK SHOOLDER VSWEO AT RO ON L6 WORK GOl Only used few thousand miles. Li&e new in every way. Big discount. 1936 Ford VS pickup $625 1930 Ford panel delivery $195 BAKERSFIELD GARAGE Used Car Lot, West of Fox Theatre 62 REO SALES AND SERVICE 1933 Dodge sedan, 6 ww $525 1936 Dodge do luxe sedan $945 1934 Buick 8-57 sedan $745 1932 Chevrolet coupe $295,. • 21ST AND K. PHONE 1034 62 Auburn cabriolet, custom Job with overdrive and many extras, never sold. Hupraoblle 6 demonstrator trunk sedau with overdrive, new car guarantee. Better hurry* up to $3&0. H. C* LANPSTROM 3310 Cheater Av«* at SJad 64 »- r< j -", . ,r.l ' * - M i. - • - - - ' ''.-*,» '-••'.•• J . t ' ' " l.- r L -. . ' ft'-'], * . • ^ • _ '_ - ,/ .. % • . •', •• . . ,» "_, •;'-->:•-"-':." ;•--*:• -; - .-- .- - ;:-••'-• : ", -.-,- •-:.,•.---.' \ s ; ;^ • .-..»- , . ...-'"' ^- - v -'V .

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