The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 5, 1944 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1944
Page 10
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!i Thursday, October 5, 1944 (Etje *aktr£ffitlb Caltforman NEW TOOTH PULLING PONTOCAINE LESSENS PAIN, AIDS DENTIST Spanish Maqui? Defy I)e Gaulle Yanks Battle Forward for Cologne, Widen Wedge r Continurd U»S AXOKi.!•>. o.-t. " '.T*' New vii t ually j».iinies<. sa\ s I >i . I? lj. HorJ.'iDfJ, so*-I ol.d> • if I))' 1 SoiMb- ern California Slate Mental A>so< ia- tion. "Pain has prad irall\ In t n done nway ^hh eM-opi liiai' orii:inaiinu ill surh pathologic •••iii'h'iions as ccn- the Lns A nc» if-s " surgeon i o portO'l at an ion CM iu u 1 1 1 In I : ;i n- >l lit I jr. \ ;i lirt', " li 11 ";n 'ly i \\ j ca iui • ;t titj ] ' 'I'l ' • i I *•< r |;t - 1 . i - i- r,-» . > I ! 1.1 1 i -i n< -v *' Hi AVell •am - -hiii !• |t-*-s h;i rin ! 11 '.till'.- tii- pa Ii 1 l •ii<-<I .1! \ II* 1 Naii .1 frin. is U> ;# of a r |p'\ It u:: «M i r;i n Subs, Planes Rag 23 Jao Vessels Ht ii.U' •! !•"'•< tu I';(t:< ' *ti»* been holding up tb*- l'-n fl.uiU of ilm advaiu-f. Clninukint: \ ii l Mal!y ( onci'-iei! tlie loss ol' fa or hint' on i In- riuln I l;i uk. sayiny it bad l"st cfiiiiiniin icat ion A^•j! h the d^i'i-ndi'i's. A deiaved dispatfh t'j "in Kucifin. (J.Ucd Cd-toiit-j- i:, r<-p« i|-i »'d a bandl'itl *»f Aineiii'anH \\ere \\.-iitinn to lini.--h nu'lish in^: t h< 'n 1 1 i.f -'• t in i c \\ ln-n o N Jppt Ml '•>-'• LT"! too r1« isr\ 'I'll I • nmy «'.is Hiell 1 t miles a\Miv. hi sonlii\ve.-l Burma ibc ,l:i]tatn>si- i-ippai'enlly \\cre pi'-parinc; IM abandon their Tiddim liaso. Larae lives •\\~ere burninu in t bn ciiy. indicat iu^ the Nipponese were destroyiu^ the Niippliey they couldn't, take with them. Japanese broadcasts i epoi led an American destroyer exploder I and- sank off falau \\here In,;is7 Japanese S'nldiers have been killed and told of the formation of a "Iboii^bt nrmy" to "firmly maintain full conviction o|' certain victory.' 1 PHINTKKS STHIKi; LAW 1507 Nineteenth Street CHRISTMAS GIFTS OVERSEAS Wrapped Postpaid V Talip Care of Your Pim-liasr in Accordance With CIGARETTE LIGHTERS Standard model . . . slunly metal case. Yrr.v BILLFOLDS I'riim* <iardnrr . . , and olhrr \vrll-kiMi\vn male's. Trices hc- gin at MILITARY RINGS Massive and handsome, authentic insignia . . . Coast (iiurd, Army. Na\y. Air Force, .Marines. Priced as low as BUDDY KITS A very popular and useful Kill. Compart Uils coiHainiiik' shaving, toilet and sewing needs. WEDDING RINGS A very popular Kill . .. m»!d weddiiiu riuus iu phiitt and engraved design*. 1'riccd as low as Sturdy Identit"n-ation BRACELETS 12.95 Guaranteed WATCH PAIRING 30 Days Service Cash, charge or Budget Terms. No interest, no carrying charge. a ?••• \\-\'. lidra\\ al of the AlliM ;;nv Mipci\i>inn exorcised Vi\ fli-ii i'i.i! M\\ii:hi M Kisrnhowf r Mi' •nilil.'trv ,*mJ p'jlilical sit ii;U ions i M«Ir the ''oimlry U'ore foo \' vv . luiUrvrr. he is suit! t to assume lull governmental \\irh The HfliliL' of I^iseiilioxvr i h •"!>•. Ji is dot f'M-tain here whether tlio -in*al ion ;n sou! liwe^iej it Kranee ini v c< ii n nlica to t hi • H Allied I xi. it tx ,,n the force of irrr-uular s sa.v they are centered 4 i; t nisli s;i in ; pi jnn in^r up in r ii u;uiiXfMf ee t remondon.s serenades t rom American mm in fiom 7'-* tn i'-l" mm, si< re ilerman defenses to pieces in '••ii.iiioM for a new attack just h nt I'hach. the dispatch said, and si> many dead < Irnnans were that tho hodios formed an ol>- to ihe infantry when it wont fin-ward. The (enter of enemy resistance was ;j hill just east of Herharh ami south of raptured I'hach, The Yanks stormed the height, knocking out three mutually supporting 1 pillboxes and forcing a fourth to r:u>e tho while M:i«. Thf (Jernia ns. whoso liroadcast s admitted t)ia t the \\ edt,'* 1 had been v\ idi-nod. turned a record number of L;UI)S onto the corridor and rushed up men from pillboxes to th*» north and south in an effort to shoi e sa^- 1 i if Mp;i ni-h p;i i? i fc - h in Thi than ;i i - M n n ml i/;ii if in it is -i i - 1 AVI 11 ' r -I" ' MM\\ * |n| nj JKI t' 1 1 .-;iM. nil*! ;iil np'- \\ ill) inns. Red Li Offensive Reported ! FlilM-ii I-' i mn I 'i l Mif 1 II nn 1 1 (xi 1 1« with 1 1: iv f h;,t Mic lirsl u n ion of II s:\n {(tires tirsl hy M;irs hiil Tit (i. s p iid 1 h;ii In Sfftcii 1 tlir tmitf'il ]>)fc''s UTT*' inu "Inr ihr ;i Miiihil-'U inn" "i tlx- .y m s in Mi;i! "ill I l;tnU''il 111*1 i"]i n! XJIJIM-II i 1 . !> niiics In the u it Inn 4" miles nil tin ( J n •(>( i • A l h' 1 iniiin r;iil , Ihc li lhn'f-\v;i v rail ' a pi uccil \'i a t a t nil ;t Mmtli, jirid <l|u\c In "i' Ni-\ i\fv .itnu'i i mn \\\\\\ tit M.t I inn- |c|! in i his 1 !ii>-si;ni lln us! , irn hiding \ f *<\v. i-cntcr nt tlif second largest rnppcr deposit in Kurupo. j War Needs Top Production .c»s AN*;I-;LI-;S. :STKI:. N. v. nei. ... The lliicheMer Times-T iiion, a Han- nfl t news paper, suspended piil-Hca- lion today \vhen *~> printers lailvd to report for wurk in a dispute which ihe nv.magemcnl termed a ditt'ercncn in contract interpretation and tho union said it \\;is a "lockout." t boii^h ( 'ali!'oi'nia'-< oi! product ion reached an all-t iuie lii^b of SN7.-I7X barrels per day during Sept ember. lhis ainownl was inadiMiualo to meet requirements of aru.od forces, indns- t ries « uua^ed in war production, and civilians, \\\» California <HI and c,as Assoeial ion said today. "It is necessary to hrinn in addi- ; tioiiai crude from othoi 1 fields t(» ; meet California's quota." said I Mm K. i (fUmaii. .-(.-.sociation \ p ic/> president, in a statement. Lieu tenant-Hen era I Sir Miles ('. lieinjiso.v's main attack easiwaid was I on a <i-mile f i out from south of A i n hem and only about 1' miles 11 om the famous bridge for fhe f Ji itish First Airborne bad battled in vain. It was aimed in the direction of I'an nor- ilonsch. S miles southeast of Arnhrni and me same distanee northenft of Ni.Imogen. I'annordonsch is only about L' miles from the Herman border north of KJove and \n at the fork of i lie Wnal and Neder Hyn rivers. The stiff opposition limited I lie ad va nco to about a mile. Advance I-'rom Meijrl Farther south. Allioil armor attacking from the eastern side of the Xijine^en corridor near Venrav ad- h van cod several miles from Moijel. established a front ahttiK the Nooron eanal nor! h of \'onl". and fought tniv\ard slowly across marshy land frt>m ( i\ erlnt,11. Aliuosi directly <-,»M of Ni.) mourn Aliioil infantry and art illery broke up a Herman concentration in the lloichs\\ aid. smith of K le\ e. where ihe enemy \\as preparing another coiintorat tack. \VeM of the corridor an advance of *: miles was made in a northwesterly direction by British troops on a 10- mile front south of Tilbury, and troops of the Canadian Army advancing from ihe other direction, the southwest, approached to within 6 miles of Tilbury. However, tho Hermans launched a surprise counter;!(tuck against Polish troops in the latter area, around I'.arrlo Nassau. S miles southwest, of Tilbury, which forced the Allies to tfive ground temporally. A British attack west ward just below Arnhem readied t he area around tho village of Klden. about L> milc.s .southwest of Arnhem. Farther wosi. ihe Canadians (loaned up the fort area north of Antwerp ami ended a. weird wee Using 1 battle of the suburbs in which ! en nan artillery in nor thorn port disi rids periodically harassed Allied control of the Belgian port. Canadian infantry and tanks, rolling fast at the heels of re- K Hermans, Hinawhod through street barricades nnd raced to within a mile of tho Dutch border town of Puiio. only «J rnllo.M from the road out of \Valchoren and Xuid Bo vela nd islands, when 1 U\o Na'/ta _ M admitted some thousands of their troops were virtually trapped by floods loosed by Allied "oartbi|uako" bombs. N * a/is "The Hermans are pulling out and we are jumping- right ahead: it is ha I'd to keep contact with the -lorries for they are moving back mighty fast." said a ('anadian headquarters officer on this front. Drizzling: rain and cold marked the fighting on the American front at I 'bach. Tho Yonony counterattack. first ot the Xaxi defensive hluws to he led uith armor, blunted itself against t ho American linos near I lei-bach a mile and a half south of I'bach, which is at Hie center of the L'-mile- deop wedge? into Herniany. At the peak of their wedge tbe Americans wore edging "forward under artillery, mortar and machine- gun fire beyond the eastern out- skirls of t'baoh. To the west, Canadian troops hurled tho Hermans back from Forts Cappollon and Starhrook, .". to 7 miles north of Antwerp, in a ihru«i within 7 miles of the narrow land nock over which tlie only road runs from tbe mainland to the Dutch islands of Fiovoland and \\. A. F.-Flooded \VaI- A Hied Forces Land on Greek Mainland font inuod Kt-nrn Pace One ."iij miios off the southern tip of the Polopunne.sus, fin September No Opposition PASS IS POTENT WEAPON Cardinals Whip Browns 3*% in 11-Inning Series Game H also I'ulloAvou l»y only announcement of Allied landings in Albania ami on the 1 MhnaUuii is/adds on the woxtorn flank of the f Jerman.' ii. Yugoslavia. Xn opposition was encountered in t he. early sta^on of tlie invasion, but tin 1 communique said the l:m<l forces nmv wore in "contact with tho enemy." Tin- (Jermans previously had been imported withdrawing: fiorn the Peloponnesus northward In an attempt to escape the closing Allied trap. (A Cairo dispatch .said there were hlp indications" that the <'m«- canal, c.uttinp n cross t!ie isih- inth Kiiemy Hurled Hack From ID.l to I.'.MIHI Herman t runps were in imminent danger of hcinu e ( |l off there as the\- diini; ¥ to the artillery positions which have the Sclioldo estuary and Allied shipping from use of the port of A nt \vcrp. \\eird Drianl Hal lie To the smith one of the strangest, halt Ios of i lie war developed amid gunfire and the smoke of fire grenades n tul horning crude oil a l Fort I'lrianl. key bastion to Met/. Doughboys of the American Third Army held the surface and ihe Nazi garrison fought with desperation in the ina/o »f underground defenses. Associated 1'ress ('orrespondent Bduanl l>. Mall reported in a dispatch from the Met/ front that the Americans had made their first penetration last night into the subterranean tunnels of Fort Hrianl. Capture of the fort was announced prematurely at super me headquarters yesierd.'iy on the basis nf information from front lino headquarters bci' ( ,rc the full tenacity of the Herman stand was known. Now it was a louoh and go i'ighl. with the Americans holding on grimly tinder crossfire from flanking forts ami sniping from Herman trapdoor gun positions. UN linking* the Peloponnesus with 111*' rest of ( Jroeeo, had been destroyed). British paratroops. vowing to a ven^o i heir comrades of t he British ox pod 1 Horary foren who went flown to defeat in the first battle of Orei -re in i be short -lived rainpai^ii (if 1U-I1. were the first to swarm down on tho mainland, bul the. date of their landings was not reve.uled. They o.uie.Ul> seized several airfields.. presumably with the aid of ( Jreek Partisan forces who previously had been put under the AJlJed Mediterranean command, and a few hours later British Dakota transport plants lander* with a Royal Air Force arming and refuelins party. Xext to land were Hrilish Spitfire Hunters. which helped cover the landings by sea several flays laler. Soahui ne forces com prised a mixed party of infantry, commandos and engineers. ItalUan iMirces Aid "WASHINGTON. Oct. 5. (UR>—A slip of paper, carrying a message in (Jerman. has become a potent weapon in ibe Allied drive through nattered Nazi lines into the Heidi. Office of War Information officials s>aiil. It is the safe conduct pass— bearing .surrender instructions for C, t -r- man soldieis and guaranteeing proper treatment for war prison /''s and is desribeil as the most powerful of the Allied psychological wHrfare leaflets hurled daily at yetrenlinrf Na/i armies on the western front. OWI officials confhmetl report H that surrender papers are being used with great sviccess to Induce German troops to give up arid that C,ermans have been fighting within their own units to secure the passes which will lead them to immobility and safety as Allied prisoners of war. Socialite Tells of Lovett Friendship ' I'alkan air force and royal nn val 1 or cos w ere sa id to lie eo * »pora I \\\K with (In. 1 Krmmd troops in \ he iie\el- opiiij; campaign though bad weather recently has hampered air opera- t jo us, The enure invasion was coordinated by t be I'.alUaii Air Force. will) land of tin- Adriatic in opera t huial rlia rfce. First reports indicated the invasion was on a com para lively small scale, with British Infantry and units of an Ii. A. K. regiment comprising the bulk of the land forces. ("IroeU Partisans were co-operating with them. Supporting Iho invasion, tho British cruiser Aui'ora bombanied the Kaleine airdrome on Crete Monday night and three naval aircraft front a force ul' carriers under Rear Admiral Thomas Trow bridge attacked (ho island of Loviihia northwest of Coo in the I )odc>canose Tnesda v. over (be pro- ILCH PING DAY (G.I ime) Hurry Off Your Gift Packages to G. I. Joe and Jane • All Gift Packages Must Be Mailed Before October 15 ('ori{ MiiM-iJ ['Y"ni I'HK" < Mrs. Andrews reported finding UIP body of young J^ovotl, a pistol shot wound in his head, on the road near the Andrews home in exclusive Carmel valley on the night of July lf». At the lime of the investigation she said he hnd left her home a short time before. She expressed belief he shot himself with a .'JTi raliher Herman make automatic: pistol taken from her residence. The state contends Mrs. Andrews, driven by jealousy, fired the fatal shot. Witnesses for the prosecution have related that young Lovett broke a social engagement with Mrs. Andrews to dine with the wife of a neighbor and that Mrs. Andrews telephoned ]\\n\ there two hours before the. shooting. Frank .Andrews, husband of the defendant, yesterday told the jury of S women and 4 men that he and Mrs.. Andrews regarded yo\ws l,ov- ott "as a son.' lie said the youth had been "welcome at our home at any time, and that was right up to the time of his ile/itli." Andrews, recently honorably discharged as an army corporal, was at a military camp when the shooting occurred. He said Lovett sometimes stayed at the Andrew*? home while he was away "with my full approval" awl that he know of trips by Lovett to visit Mrs. Andrews in San Francisco,. On the week-end before the shooting, Atvlrows said, he found LoveU "mentally depressed" and worried "about hi.** bean crop." He told tbe jury bo believed Lovett committed suicide. Mrs. Andrews evidenced nothing but motherly regard for the farm hoy. Andrews testified, adding that they cared for Lovetl when lie was ill on one occasion and paid his medic.;]I and dental bills, Roosevelt to Give Address Tonight Continued t'v walked on five pitches. Christman struck nut on u sharp curve ball. -Moore was called out. on strikes. No runs, no hits, no errors, one left. Cards — "SY. Cooper doubled down the left field line,. Sanders struck out. Kurowski grounded out. Stephens to McQiiinn. W. Cooper going" to third. Marlon grounded out. Christman to McQuinn. Xo runs, one hit. no errors, one left. THIRD INNING Browns — May worth popped to Marion in short left field. Potter grounded out. Marion to Sanders. (lutteridge walked. Kreevieh forced Cultcridge at second, Marion to Verban. Xo runs, no hits, no errors, one loft. r.-iril.s — Yorban singled to left. l.anier sacrificed and was sal'e at first- when I 'otter fumbled the ball. Puller then throw wildly past first base for two errors on the same play and Verbal! went to third while Lanier held first. Bergamo grounded out, (Juiteridge to Me- Quinn, Verhan scoring and IVuiier going to* second. Hopp struck out. Musial grounded out. Potter to Clutteridge to AfcQuinn. One run. one hit. two errors, one left. rorRTii r\\r\<; Itrnu'liN — haabs struck out. Stephens ^rounded om. Kurowski to Sanders. .McQuinn walked. Christman forced McQninn at second, Kurowski to V'crban. No runs, no hits, no errors, one left. Cards — \Y. Ctmpor bunted down the third base line and Christman came In Cast to throw him out. Sanders walked. Kumwski singled to lel'l , Sanders stopping at second. Marion was safe at first ami the bases \\ere filled when Christina n lu inbled his double- play grounder. Verban filed to Laabs, Sanders scoring after the catch and Kurowski going to third and -Marlon going to second. Lanier grounded' out, Stephens to Page left field wall, scoring Moore. batted for .Potter and singled to center, scoring Haywurth with the tying run. Khlrley ran for Murienso. Outteridgo grounded out, Kunnvnki to Sanders, Two runs, three hits, no errors, one left. r«r*lf4— Munrricf went pitch for the Browns. popped l<> Outterklge. r> was called out on strikes. Hopp also was called out on strikes. Xo runs, no hits, no errors, none left. EfftHTH INNING in to Lanler ,'uin inufil Kmtn I'iig' 1 VMm W. Vu., immediately after his Saturday night speech, reaching" New York City Sunday in time for the annual I'uiasUi Day parade of the city's Polish-American population, a march that usually finds upwards ot ! Mi.UOO persons in lino. He is expected to he in the reviewing- stand. Returning to Albany thereafter. the governor now plans to go back to register and to view the annual Columbus Day parade involving- a large turnout ot New York City's Italian population. This parade up Fifth avenue is sponsored for the first time this year by the city administration, beaded by Mayor Fin- rello La Cuardia. One run. one hit, one error, two left. FIFTH IN.M.M; I'rowil* --- Moore beat out ;l grounder on which Verhan came in fast lo make a nice play, but his throw to Sanders was late. llayworth forced Moore ut second, .Marion to Verban. Potter grounded out. Marion to Sanders. May worth going to second. <!utteridge filed to Mopp who made a nice muniim catch in deep loft center field, No runs, one hit, no errors, one left. (.'arils — llcrgamo struck out . Hopp flicd to .Moore along [be riyht fi"ld line. Musial grounded out. MrQuitm m Puller, who covered first. Xo runs, no hits, no errors, none lol't. SIXTH INNI.MJ Browns — Kreevieh Hied to MM- sial. Laabs struck out, but had to be lagged out by \V. Cooper when lie dropped the third strike. Stephens grounded out, Ku row ski to Sanders, Xo runs, no bits, no errors, none left. Tunis — \V. Cooper popped Potter's first pitcb to Stephens. Sanders popped to Ctiitieridge. Kur- J doubled to deep left center. .Marion was purposely passed. Yer- ban popped to McQuinn. Xo runs, '»ne hit, no errors, two left. SEVENTH INNI.MJ. IJi'owns — McQuinn struck out. Christman fouled to W. Cooper. Moore singled to center for his second hit off Lanier— the only hits, tho CanUnal southpaw had allowed, Hayworth doubled to the H— Kreevieh doubled to tho left field corner. Lanler was taken out and replaced by Blix Donnelly, l.aabs. after twice fail- Ing to sacrifice, struck out. Kteph-* ens also struck out. MoQuinn was j) u n >osel y pa sserl. Sou I h \vort h and YV. Cooper went to the mound in confer with Donnelly, Cliftst- man also struck out. H was' one of the greatest demonstrations of strikeout pitching ever ween in a AYorUI Series game. Xo runs, one hit, no errors, fcwo left. ranis—Mustat hit the first pitch ovor second base and into center field for a single. W. Cooper sacrificed. Christman to McQuinn. Sanders was purposely passed. Kunnvski filed to Christman. who Ihrew to second to dot: hi P off .Musinl. Musial was nearly nt third base. fi.mirinK the ball would not bo rau^lit. No runs, one hit, no errors, one left. NINTH INNING Browns—-.Moore grounded nut, Sanders unassisted. 1 layworth popped to \V. Cooper in front oC tho plate. Muncriof ^'as called (tut on striUes. No runs, no hits, no errors, none left. Cards—A tar ion grounded out. Stephens to McQuinu. Yorban walked. Donnelly was called out on strikes, liei'ttumo struck nut, hut had to ?»e thrown out fiay- woi-ui io McQulnn. Hay worth dropped the t bird strike No runs, no bits, no errors, one left. TENTH INNING ltrmviiN-~-It was the first ex'tni inning RUMIO since October K, UKJfl, when the New York Yankees beat, tho Cincinnati Hods 7 to -I i«i 10 innifiK*. (Jutteridfj-e was culled out tui -striken. Kreevieh lined a single to Shortstop Marion who stopped Ihe ball but could not hold it. Al Xarilla batted for l-nabs. Xarilla forced Kreovioli at senffvl, Sanders 10 Marion. Stephens struck out. No runs, one hit, no errors, one left. Cards- /.jirilla wont to left f(rM for the Mrowns. 1 lopp grounded out. Christman to McQuinn. Mu- was safe at first when Out- fuinbJorl l)j.s ^mundor. \\'. ' Cooper iiit into a double play, Stephens to Guttorid^o to McQuinn. No runs, no hits, one error, none loi'l. KLKVKNTH INNING ttrowns —McQuinn doubled off tb" rinht field pavilion screen. and McQuinn was out at third, Donnelly to Kurowski. Christman Uoinff safe at first on n fielder's choice. Mooro' flied to Musial, Christmas holding 1 first, Hayworth .struck out. No runs, one hit, no errors, onn loft I'll* l * 1 lr • C'nriK—Sanders singled tn center. Kiirowski sacrificed, Christman to Gutteritlge, who covered first. Sanders £oing to second. AlHt'idii u'jus purpose^' passed. Ke?i O'Dea batted for Yorban. O'Dca singled, scoring: Sanders. One run, 1! hits, no errors, two left. m f I * j_^ f ^*^^ .fa, Lawson's Jewelers Here they aiv . . . Military watches of recognized reliability . . . designed for heavy duly and dependability . . . u at dies you ran Ncml to your service man or servieewonian overseas with complete confidence. 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