The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 6, 2001 · Page 24
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 24

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 6, 2001
Page 24
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CB SUNDAY, MAY 6. 2001 PREP SUNDAY THE SALINA JOURNAL BENNINGTON BULLDOGS Photos by JUSTIN HAYWORTH /The Salina Journal (Above) The Bennington golf team (from left) Justin Ahlers, Jason Crist, Jared Burch, Andy Scheef, Jared Loe and Kyle Koster pitch on to one of their two sand greens. (Below) Jared Burch works on his short game. SMAIICOURSE •** /i /rrtoJiTS Benniiigton has used tiny course to build one of state's best sand-green golf teams By CHRISTIAN D ORR The Saliiiii Journal BENNINGTON — With two short fairways dominated more by dandelions than fescue and a treeline overrun by poison ivy, the Bennington golf course will never be confused with such renowned hatmts as Pebble Beach and Augusta National. But beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and while their course won't likely be featured in Golf Digest any time soon, members of the Bennington High School golf team wouldn't trade their two-hole home. "It isn't much, but I think it is a big reason why we have been winning so much," Bennington coach Jason Fell said. "Out here, about the only thing we can do is work on our short game. And when you're playing on sand greens, being able to hit shots from 150 yards in is the name of the game. Out here, that's all we hit." The course sits on a plot of land just north of Bennington High School. It has two greens, one on each end, sitting less than 200 yards apart. It's smaller than most football practice fields, but has provided a training ground for what is rapidly becoming one of the best sand- green teams in the state. The Bulldogs have run roughshod over opponents this season en route to five tournament victories in five attempts. They have often been dominant, winning by as many as 20 MMMHH and 30 strokes. Not bad for a program that didn't exist three years ago. "It is phenomenal," said senior Jared Burch, the team's top player with a 68-stroke average. "We all just keep practicing hard to keep making ourselves better." The Bulldogs average 288.8 strokes as a team. They have shot over 300 just once boast a season-best 273 when they posted scores of 64, 65,67 and 77 for a combined 7-under par. Burch isn't the only weapon. Junior Jason Crist averages 70 strokes and became the first Bennington golfer to qualify for the state tournament when he placed 17th as freshman two years ago. Sophomore Justin Ahlers has a 72 average. He had a sensational freshman season, winning the regional tournament and tying for second at state as Bennington took second as a team. "Our top three golfers, aU of them are playing strong right now and I think all three of them have a shot at placing in the top 10 at state," Feil said. "All three of them have state experience, and if we can just get one of our other three players to step in and shoot in the 70s, we're going to be awfully tough to beat the rest of the season." That includes the state and regional tournaments, two titles that eluded Bennington a year ago when they finished second to Chase County both times. "This year we have the confidence that we can do it," Ahlers said. "Last year we placed second to Chase County, but it was the first year we took a whole team to state. This year, we have the confidence. We know we can do it." Feil doesn't mind his players talking about winning a state title. He says the dream won't become a reality without first having a vision. "These kids are dedicated golfers and they have lofty goals," he said. "Anything less (than winning state) and they are going to be disappointed." BATTING AVERAGE Name, School Avg Joy Heller, Sylvan , 524 Leesa Rosebrook, Lincoln , 508 Katie Moore, Lincoln 508 Amber Heller, Sylvan 489 Haley Sloggett, Sylvan 474 Randi Pounds, Sylvan 472 Linnea Reidelberger, Smoky Valley .469 MindyGustus, Smoky Valley 459 Josey Heller, Sylvan 457 Siianae Calkins, Goodland 457 Dlone Jost, Hillsboro 434 Adie Huskey, Lincoln 434 Name, School Wins Holly Lindsay, Hillsboro 11 Katie Moore, Lincoln 10 Nichelle Coonrod, Belleville 7 Julie Ruggiero, Smoky Valley 7 Esther Dohl, Sylvan 5 Danyel McGaughey, Smoky Valley.. ,4 Britany Pettibone, Goodland 4 Evann Hardy, Goodland 3 Melanie Relph, Lincoln 3 Hm Name, School Hits Katie Moore, Lincoln 32 Leesa Rosebrook, Lincoln 30 MindyGustus, Smoky Valley 28 Betsey Clark, Smoky Valley 24 Kara Amos, Smoky Valley 23 TashaDauer, Smoky Valley 23 Adie 23 Linnea Reidelberger, Smoky Valley. ,23 DioneJost, Hillsboro 23 Amber Heffley, Hillsboro 22 Joy Heller, Sylvan .** 22 Amber Heller, Sylvan 22. STRMQIITS Name, School Strikeouts Nichelle Coonrod, Belleville 176 Katie Moore, Lincoln 103 Holly Lindsay, Hillsboro 72 Danyel McGaughey, Smoky Valley. .35 Evann Hardy, Goodland 28 Julie Ruggiero, Smoky Valley 28 Britany Pettibone, Goodland 24 Miranda Brown, Belleville J9 Melanie Relph, Lincoln 1^ oacheSrSuDmit player infoniiation via e-mail at sjcorrirt Name, School Avg Tanner Nelson, Plainville 588 Jeremy Phetteplace, Sacred Heart ..553 Jared Ganoung, Plainville 552 John Frigon, Clay Center 551 Brian Bechard, Sacred Heart 541 Adam Ptacek, SE of Saline 537 Nick Sheahon, Sacred Heart 533 Devin Larm, Ell-Saline 533 Jelf Rupp, Hays 512 5 players batting .500 Name, School Wins Jefi Hindman, Ell-Saline 5 Jeremy Petty, SE of Saline 5 Justin Hartman, SE oi Saline 5 Brian Deutscher, Plainville 5 Brad Bengtson, Smoky Valley 5 Matt Ryan, Sacred Heart 4 Jeff Bieker, Hays 4 Jerad Metcaif, Hillsboro 4 Clint Ramsey, Concordia 4 Several Tied W/ith 3 I HITS Name, School Hits Adam Ptacek, SE of Saline 29 Kerry Kolzow.SE of Saline 28 John Frigon, Clay Center 27 Brad Bengtson, Smoky Valley 27 AndyPavkov, SE of Saline 25 Nick Sheahon, Sacred Heart 24 DarrinHopp, Smoky Valley ,24 James Bina, Hillsboro 24 Jordan Dupes, SE of Saline •23 Jared LeDuc, Concordia 23 Name, School Strikeouts Brian Deutscher, Plainville 59 Brad Bengtson,-Smoky Valley 56 Brian Ruud, Smoky Valley ..,.•..,,55 Clint Ramsey,'Concordia 41 Tyler Nuss, Russell,,,. 39 Jeff Hindman, Ell-Saline 37 Lucas Applebee, Concordia 32 Jared LeDuc, Concordia 30 Jeremy Petty, SE of Saline 28 Jared Goedert, Concordia 27 oaches; Mibmit player iniormation yia e-mail at s]eorr*sal]ournal,eom GIRLS 100-METER DASH Snyder, Salina Central (5A) 12.55 Olson, Smoky Valley (4A) 12.57 Laweliin, Hill City (2A) 12.70 Peltae, Goodland (4A) 12,70 Frager, North Central (1A) 12.70 Syi,Natoma(1A) 12.77 Folk, Quivira Heights (1A) 12.79 S.Sloan, Norton (3A) 12.81 Swafford, Colby (4A) 12,84 Hotlman, Abilene (4A) 12,91 200-METER DASH Acton, Oakley (3A) 26,36 Lawellin, Hill City (2A) 25.51 McAllister, Tescott(1 A) 26.54 StullNatomaOA) 26.67 Hagerman, Goodland (4A) 26,74 Sloan, Norton (3A) 26.75 Folk, Quivira Heights (1A) 26,80 Pettibone, Goodland (4A) 26,90 dlson, Smoky Valley (4Ai 26.98 Boyd, Phillipsburg(3A) 27.21 Soukup, Wilson (1 A) 27,21 400-METER DASH Cross, Hill City (2A) 1:00,47 Vahling, Jennings (1 A) 1:00,86 Brenner, Goodland (4A) 1:01,03 Revell, Russell (3A) 1:01.06 Hake, Oakley (3A) 1:01.14 Martin, Smith Center (3A) 1:01.20 MacDonald, Smoky Valley (4A) 1:01,56 Acton, Oakley (3A) 1:01.72 A,Wentling,WlcPherson(5A) 1:01,73 Timbers, Tiplon(1 A) 1:01,80 800-METER RUN Martin, Smith Center (3A) 2:20,29 Locke, Trego (3A) 2:24,62 Kroeker, Hillsboro (3A) 2:25,27 Parry, Clay Center (4A) 2:28,18 Williams, Clay Center (4A) 2:29.17 Dunn, Clay Center (4A) 2:29.55 IWonald, Smoky Valley (4A) 2:29.62 A.Noel, Osborne (2A) 2:29.93 Timbers, Tipton 11 A) 2:30.41 E,Wenlling,McPherson(5A) 2:31,30 1,600-METER RUN Weber, Hays (5A) 5:35,20 Ramsey, Colby (4A) 5:35.28 Locke, Trego (3A) 5:35,99 Mick, Osborne (2A) 5:37,00 SiKkslill, McPherson(5A) 5:37,00 Pederson, McPherson (5A) 5:42,00 Allen, Salina Central (5A) 5:44.80 Billinger, Goodland (4A) 5:45.90 Lowry, Northern Valley (1 A) 5:45.40 Noel, Osborne (2A) 5:47,39 3,200-METER RUN Mick Osborne (2A) 11:39,37 Stockstill, liflcPherson(5A) 11:44.70 Billinger, Goodland (4A) 12:33,62 Oslmeyer, Northern Valley (lA) 12:33,69 Allen, Salina Central (5A) 12:41,91 Augustine, TMP-Marian(4A) 12:42,59 Ch.Horkman, Concordia (4A) 12:41,80 DieU, Osborne (2A) 12.45.51 PlMmaier, Clay Center (4A) 12:46,94 Noel, Osborne (2A) 12:50,32 100-METER HURDLES Keats, Salina Central (5A) 14,70 Peachey, Hillsboro (3A) 15,03 Balsick, McPherson (5A) 15,30 Hagerman, Goodland (4A) 15,50 Brenn, Colby (4A) 15,90 Latham, Triplains(1 A) 15,97 Daugherty, l^cPherson (5A) 16,40 Beydler, Trego (3A) 16,41 Keith, Trego (3A) 16,86 Brenner, Chapman (4A) 16,91 300-METER HURDLES Latham, Triplains(IA) 46,99 Halderman, Salina South (5A) 47,48 Beydler, Trego (3A) 47,59 Hagerman, Goodland (4A) 47,62 Lawellin, Hill City (2A) 47,76 Adam, Tipton (1A) 47,85 Keats, Salina Central (5A) 47,88 Balsick, McPherson (5A) 47,98 Hurley, Belleville (3A> 48.57 Hofer, Kensington (1 A) 49,02 400-METER RELAY Russell (3A) 50,90 Hill City (2A) 51,15 Washington (2A) 51,51 Tescott(lA) 51,55 Oakley (2A) 51,72 Colby (4A) 51,56 Goodland (4A) 51,80 Trego (3A) 51.95 TescottllA) 52,11 Phillipsburg(3A) 52,28 1,600-METEfl RELAY Oakley (3A) 4:12,40 Goodland (4A) 4:12,92 l;«cPherson(6A) 4:14,20 Colby (4A) 4:15,29 Tipton (1A) 4:15,41 Clay Center (4A) 4:16,66 Salina South (5A) 4:17,30 Hillsboro (3A) 4:17,80 Smith Center (3A) 4:18.81 Phillipsburg(3A) 4:18,81 Norton (3A) 4:18,81 3,2D0-METER RELAY Smith Center (3A) 10:16,71 Salina South (5A) 10:16.00 Belo»(3A) 10:17,29 Osborne (2A) 10:20,68 Hillsboro (3A) 10:21,00 Victoria (1A) 10:21,15 Clay Center (4A) 10:23.94 Concordia (4A) 10:34,00 Northern Valley (1A) 10:35,17 Tipton (1A) 10:37,20 DISCUS Cyie, Clay Center (4A) 137-6 Swanson, SE-Saline (3A) 129-10 Chapman, Beloil(3A) 129-6 Stillwell,Beloit(3A) 127-8 Ravenkamp, Salina Central (5A) 127-0 Dahlstrom, McPherson (5A> 124-7 Dull, Abilene (4A) 123-11 Triplet!, Logan (1 A) 122-8 Geist, Victoria (lA) 121-3 Ubelaker, Osborne (2A) 119-1 HIGH JUMP Nelson, Solomon (2A) 5-6 Wagner, Wilson (1 A) .,,5-6 Poore,Cheylin(1A) 5-5 Jones, Salina Central (5A) 5-4 Holsle,Atwood(2A) 5-3 Baalman, Grinnell (1A) 5-2 Brenner, Goodland (4A) 5-2 Hockman, Hill City (2A) 5-2 Keller, Hays (5A) 5-2 Peachey, Hillsboro (3A) 6-2 Seimer, Quivira Heights (1A) 5-2 Zumbahlen,Cheylin(1A) 5-2 JAVELIN Keats, Salina Central (5A) 135-2 Pauls, Southern Cloud (1 A) 129-9 Farlee, Belleville {3A) 126-6 Wernette,Hoisington(3A) 125-11 Gassmann,Hoxie(2A) 124-3 Prochaska, Minneapolis (3A) 123-10 Bloomlield, Clifton-Clyde (1 A) 123-0 Rogge, Washington (2A) 120-6 Sedlacek, Belleville (3A) 118-4 Harris, Hillcrest(l A) 116-3 LONG JUMP Adam, Tipton (1 A) 17-67! Olson, Smoky Valley (4A) 17-41 /4 S,Sloan, Norton (3A) M-Vk Snyder, Salina Central (5A) 17-1 '/2 Cooper, Atwood(2A) 17-0 Keats, Salina Central (5A) 16-10 Halderman, Salina South (5A) 16-8 '/2 Rallibun, Lincoln |2A) 15-7y2 Acton, Oakley (3A) 16-7 Hofer, Kensington (1A) \Wh POLE VAULT Burns, Salina Central (5A) 10-3 Stone, Goodland (4A) 10-3 Becker, Canton-Galva(2A) 9-6 Hett, Marlon (3A) 9-6 Johnson, Hays (5A) 9-6 Sechtem, Osborne (2A) 9-4 Merritt, Smith Center (3A) 9-3 Breault, Concordia (4A) 9-2 Breeding, Hillcrest (1A) 9-0 Simoneau, Minneapolis (3A) 8-9 SHOT PUT Bobbins, Concordia (4A) 45-2 Tripletl, Logan (1A) 41-8% Bloomlield, Cion-Clyde(IA) ^\-Vh Keever, Downs (1A) 40-0 Geist, Victoria (1A) 39-9 Dutt, Abilene (4A1 38-2 Cyre, Clay Center (4A) 38-2 Fall, Concordia (4A) 37-11 Taylor, Clilton-Clyde(IA) 37-1072 Marsicek, Hillcrest (1A) 37-9'A TRIPLE JUMP Stover, Quinter(2A) 39-4% l^lcKee, Abilene (4A) 36-5'/i Halderman, Salina South (5A) 36-2 Snyder, Salina Central (5A) 35-9 Adam, Tipton (lA) 35-6 Keats, Salina Central (5A) 35-5'A Jones, Salina Central (5A) 34-8 Balhursl, Chapman (4A) 34-3 Homewood, Ellis (2A) 34-1% Barrett, Triplains(IA) 34-0 100-METER DASH Wedel, Minneapolis (3A) 10,67 Peine, Norton (3A) 10,81 Floyd, Herington(3A) 10,88 Anders, Salina Central (5A) 10,90 Anlholz,Hays(5A) 10,91 Gassman, Minneapolis (3A) 10,96 ALYoder, Hillsboro (3A) 10,96 Folk, Quivira Heights (1 A) 10,97 B,McCoy, Colby (4A) 10,98 Peine, Norton (3A) 11,00 200-METER DASH Folk, Quivira Heights (1A) 22,61 Gassman, tiilinneapolis|3A) 22,62 Brown, Colby (4A) 22,69 Petrie, Norton (3A) 22,70 Morris, Ell-Saline {2A) 22.71 Voder, Hillsboro (3A) 22.71 Cooper, Hoxie(2A) 22.74 Anders, Salina Central (5A) 22.75 Graves, Tescott(IA) 22,95 Thurston, Concordia (4A) 22,99 400-METER DASH Watts, Hays (5A) 50,53 Brown, Colby (4A) 50,54 Stone, Goodland (4A) 50,60 Ladd, Abilene (4A) 51,08 Gassman, Minneapolis (3A) 51,09 Russell, Salina South (5A) 51,36 Co^,Wakelield(lA) 51,48 Wenlling,McPtiereon(5A) 51.69 Rorabaugh, Smith Center (3A) ,51,70 A,Jilka, Hillsboro (3A) 51,71 800-METER RUN Lange, Salina South (SA) 2:01,49 Rome, Hays (5A),,,,. 2:02.00 Call, Hillsboro (3A) 2:02.91 Anderson, Clay Center (4A) 2.02,97 Yates, Phillipsburg(3A) 2:03.14 McDonald, Belleville (3A) 2:03,22 Zimmemian, Wheatland (1A) 2:03,36 Moore, Clay Center (4A) 2:03,51 Whilmer, Ellsworth (3A) 2:03,81 Lindslen, St Francis (2A) 2:04,27 1,600-METER RUN Aa,Yodei,Hillsboro(3A) ,,,4:35.30 Moore, Clay Center (4A) 4:36.54 Staab,Hays(5A) 4:37.20 Worcester, Smoky Valley (4A) 4:38.40 J.Miller, Beloit(3A) 4:41.32 Sebelius, Norton (3A) :4:42.62 Kirtipatrick, Concordia (4A) 4:42.89 Poyle, Wakefield (tA) .4:43.70 Krafft,Phillipsburg(3A) 4:44.35 Richert, Hillsboro (3A) 4:45.60 3,200-METER RUN Worcester, Smoky Valley (4A) 9:58.66 Moore, Clay Center (4A) 10:02.14 Malone, McPherson (5A) 10:13.20 Aa.Yoder, Hillsboro (3A) • 10:16.05 Sebelius, Norton (3A) 10:19.22 Willis, Hoisington(3A) 10:22,77 Moos, Salina Central (5A) 10:24,00 Staab,Hays(5A) 10:27.40 J.Miller, Beloit(3A) 10.29.15 Keil, Concordia (4A) 10:30.02 110-METER HURDLES R.Jilka, Hillsboro (3A)..' 14.40 Nelson, Minneapolis (3A) 14.55 Fox, Hays (5A) 14.89 Slramel,Hays(5A) 14.96 Tolson, McPherson (5A) 15,06 Sander, Russell (3A) 15,18 A,Jilka, Hillsboro (3A) 15,20 Foulch, Salina South (5A) 15,33 Roe,Beloit(3A) 15,36 Blanks, Smoky Valley (4A) 15,39 300-METER HURDLES R,Jilka, Hillsboro (3A) 38,58 Nelson, Minneapolis (3A) 39,86 Richler, Clay Center (4A) 40,80 Sander, Russell (3A) 40,81 Jeffrey, Chapman (4A) 40,88 Stramel, Hays(5A),,,; 40,99 Zuker, Minneapolis (3A) 41,33 Len/old, Concordia (4A) .,,,41.36 Robben, Oakley (2A) 41,47 Hanson, Marion (3A) 41,55 400-METER RELAY Colby (4A) 43,78 Russell (3A) 43,95 Quivira Heights (1A) 44,13 Salina Central (5A) 44,27 Hillsboro (3A) ,• 44,33 McPherson (5A) 44,40 Minneapolis (3A) 44,48 Ellis (2A) 44.53 Hill City (2A) 44,67 Norton (3A) 44,67 1,600-METER RELAY Colby (4A) 3:26,35 Salina South (5A) 3:28.80 Concordia (4A) 3:30.50 Hays(5A) 3:31.80 Quivira Heights (1 A) 3:31.80 Goodland (4A) 3:32.40 Clay Center (4A) 3:33.50 Salina Central (5A) 3:33.70 Hillsboro (3A) 3:34.40 Wakefield (1A) 3:34.54 3,200-METEn RELAY Hays(5A) .: 8:09,00 Salina South {5A) 8:10.30 Salina Central (5A) 8:26.10 Hillsboro (3A) 8:34.43 Belleville (3A) 8:35.73 Concortlia(4A) 8:36.85 Clay Center (4A) 6:37.82 Hoisington(3A) 8:41.38 Wakefield (1 A) 8:41.40 Eastern Heights (1A) 8:42.57 DISCUS D.Bames,TMP-Marian(4A) 183-5 Wurtz, Clifton-Clyde (1A) 170-9 Maska ,Hay5 (5A) 166-1 Bartz, Concordia (4A) 161-11 Levin, Kensington (1A) 161-8 Leikam,TtJIP-Marian(4A) 160-7 Bruning, Phillipsburg (3A) 160-4 Chrislensen, Concordia {4A) 159-2 Horinek,A1wood(2A) 158-0 Lillich,Atwood(2A) 157-0 HIGH JUMP Weiser, Grinnell (lA) .- Wk Bixenman, Grinnell (lA) 6-4 Cash, Concordia (4A) 6-4 Robben, Oakley {3A) 6-4 Yates, Phillipsburg (3A) 6-4 Bailey, Ellsworth (3A) 6-4 Reed, Hope (1A) 6-3 Roberts, Sata South (5A) 6-3 JAVELIN Baskerville, Washington (2A) 190-8 Boyle, Norton (3A) ^189-11 D.Barnes, TMP-Marian!4A) 183-8 Winter, Hillsboro (3A) 182-9 Gelina, Clifton-Clyde (1A) 182-5 Lillich,Atwood(2A) 179 -11 Stroda, Abilene (4A) 178 -11 Eck.Beloil(3A) 172-4 M.Barnes, TMP-Marian(4A) 170 -1 Murphy, Chapman (4A) 169-9 LONG JUMP Anders, Sata Central (5A) IWk ALYoder,Hillsboro(3A) 22-1 '/2 Watts, Hays (5A) 22-1 Bixenman, Grinnell (lA) 21-7 Jackson, Salina South (5A) 21-4 Corral, Clay Center (4A) 21-274 Remus, Downs (1A) 21-0 '/2 Wenlling, Quivira Heights (1A) 2Wk Hammel, Ellsworth (3A) 21-0 '/i B.McCoy, Colby (4A) 21-0 POLE VAULT Dannefer, Osborne (2A) 14-3 Funk, Hillsboro (3A) 13-7 Stewart, Hays (5A) 13-6 Watts, Hays (5A) 13-6 Reagan, Hays (5A) 13-6 Cash, Concordia (4A) : 13;? Heyl, Sharon Springs (1A) : 13 :g Nickelson, Hill City (2A) 13^ Purdue,Chapman(4A) lifl Hilbum,Logan{1A) 13-0 Schlyer,Hays(5A) 13-0 SHOT PUT D,Barnes,TMP-Marian(4A) 56-2 Slaab, Plainville (2A) 54-0% Bartz, Concordia (4A) 53-4'A Christensen, Concordia (4A) 53-3% Eck,Beloit(3A) 53-0 Gottschalk, Logan (1A) 52-2 Wurtz, Clifton-Clyde (1A) m 'k Fredrickson, Salina South (5A) 51-0 Horinek,Atwood(2A) 50-6 Meyerlioff,Hays(5A) 50-6 TRIPLE JUIAP Skiles, Marion (3A) 44-8 Yates, Phillipsburg (3A) m Martin, Clay Center (4A) 43-674 Watts, Hays(5A) 434 Weis,Hoxie(2A) 43-0'^ Bixenman, Grinnell (1A) 42-6 McKenna, Concordia (4A) 42-4% Reddy, Hill City (2A) 42-0'/4 Anderson, Clay Center (4A) ,41-9% Simpson, Quviria Heights (1A) 41-9K 1

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