The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 16, 1936 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
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Wednesday, September 16, 1936
Page 10
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H. * I ' X IS WJ» POPULAR ALL PHASES Paris Rules Everything From Suits to Evening Cloaks From Scotch Cloth By 'MARY FBNTRB8S (United /'rc« Leaned Wife) PAUTS, Sept. 10.—Tweed Is being u«n<l this ftfdHon for everything from tiillorntl Bulls to evening coaln. The stiiy-ln French strikes, which lonted over n, month, afffcotwl flio textile In- diiHtry hern ami prohlbtlod the mnnii* fa c turn of tho Intricately woven M-ootanB uminlly oftBoctated with th« fall and winto.r coltacMona in Paris. Srotrli Cloth Couturier* have bought up many Brolch twcedH, us ft rcifliiU. and huvo fn.Hhioncd thorn tnto garmenta for ovary ttmo of day, Tho conventional street null or tweud IH tnado thlfl y«nr with a longer Jacket th/it IM nipped In nt Om and then flare* out In n . 1 r or country or Bpurln thr> mnro utaftnlc suit Ilw«i urn \vlth ninny Ihron.qnarlor or full- tanKth top coiiIn Hhown ovor full or divided wklrtH. Ono hmiHA nofm further and makes a bloomer i1rcnn of twcod. Tlio drcrw In oaf. on n^- voro, tailored llnrw, lilfrh at I ho nrrk i/.nd with lot IK HlwvfM. Instead of n wklrt, the dr<-MM onrtn In bloomors wlili-h cornn Hovcrnl hnlow the knncH. A finvnn*clRhlh4 Hport coat of nuitrhlnw I wood completed tho liloomrr oostume. For Kvi'iihitf Tw<>od« In tirtimual «hadc« of rod, blue and frreen arc madn Into lonff fitted rvoninff coal» at one biff drnmt hoUMc. Tho coat hoM a fitted bodlon. a nlppod-ln walMl and a flarlnR, loh« Bklrt. Tnllorc'd rovers nro fncr.'d with brilliant ombroldory In all rolm-H to Klvo a touch of formality to tho coat. = .0 '** ii othm YORK i. -I.*' ' 'f . ~ I." i- i B-L i. !>w-y; h - •T. 1 .*; :• j,-. '--"*•'- ' -•• T>^: rp^;v- ^^.'i;V',*": •.* '.',•* i] r,n ' -• i-i'-J :> ••• •*; L VV - * * ^: •"V^r, 0 W&- -.' 1 ;1 b 1 . L '" •i\ n *' . •,t £ ">*T >- -, » - - *fV A rM ~ v - j' ji^vl 'Mr,^; ..V-.wwifc.Btfty.XA* 4! - ^ i „ j* •*!• • •• • '- '?*&tlSati^*;F^\«'k •i'V" 1 ' •? .'' -v- .'- ?-• - V y i'm^-'tf'^-iV'*" *- '•* •'- ffM •/•• s.'RpvflH^tf-.-: 1 ^ --. <,„!', , ^7;'Cv^' , •'.., v '•^'f^^/- ..v* • . i ^L'fc.-'V^; . • i. .- i , I • V B IjH Jl '.a.^V-tf ^ r *' -, - -%l i .L 1 -' - bi •-•••--' V .'-'•,r*ri,;. 4>-V ;• - i - i' >*. ' . -r- '. '- - I I . -i' 9 j v ' -1 h ' L -- . Ur -. ' :>*" • i ' t '- '•.;• i-F ' ' i ' I*, . - - *J - •• r. .'.i',. _s v • ,1 •- * •- r - *•>-. -, - r i" -'•-.'v 't- ff«?«.' - . . • ". • ' ^iij' i ^ ••* i L By "UnlUif purely;.*8r«onal Ml'iihd la smooth as a candle and hard as a section of lead jjlpe* VNot; ; a in faotria bit on .- • '-t takes ttflte- i - r ' H . arrival here of James Joseph - - 1 •- ' ' v tlfl V ' »» » » ^r » » i I atn BUfo, could reeled mo,:,<? J''lr*t r'Mv, li-rt to Flotohor, couch; culchor; Monto Charley Huffing, Arllntr Glonn. and Tony wnrond bu«c; Irvlnjf Ibid- l'-y, pitch*'!-; Kurlw Kf/Tip \Vleker and Pat Malono, j>IUrhorH. Hucond row; Bill Dickey, cn(rhr>r; T.oit Oohrlfir, first bniw: .fobnny Jironca, pitcher; Joe ((,nu:'r lloKl; Walter lirown, Veriion CiomeK, and Johnny Murphy, pitchers; Frank Crnaetll, Bhortatop; Bob Roods, outfield; bat boy; Joe McCarthy, row: Juhn Schulto, coaah; Alvtn PoWoll and CIcorgu Holklrk, outflold; Arn(lt orgenH, catchar; Jack Snllegaver, Inflelfl; Robert Ilolfe, third base; Hoy Johnson, outflold.' Beloved Veteran Dies nHospital HAHTKOHD, Conn.. 8fi|il. 7>an .Shou, 4%, tnrnwfl by Mnjor Thoniiin J. Tlnniiliui "the most b*s- CAN NOW OBTAIN 10 BENEFITS lovcil Olsnblor) vnloran" of tho World War IM (lend ttuiiiy ;it ino Unllorl NlatoH VvteranH 1 HoRpltul at Nowliuf- Ion of a heart nllmcnt. For Ihn piu»t nlnn yenrn, ho luul ho en unrthln In innvn any part of II!H llltf 11|)M IMUJ lllM t(MlK«'-' h« hfranic Mind. afrilrMuim, Ihn vnt«r- nn« hi tho worilw of Miijnr Mnnnl- J, inniniKtT of tho lionplln!, "hud riplrlt I hut. coiilrl not bo and a common HOIIMO that told him California I« Sixth Slala to I that by that HPIHI \w could \m hoip- fill to flllHTM." Chronic urthrttlB rcntiltlng from rixpumira during hlit norvlru In (ho United Hlatrn Navy WON held for Hhn/i'H Participate in Entire Federal Program (United rrrnt Leaned Wtrt) SACKAMICNTO. Hcpt. 10.—All JO bi'iiQfltM provided In tho fedora I social noourlty art now urn iiviillahlti In CAXforntA, ulnto offlrialw Imvo bM«*n Informed. Cnlifornla in tho HiUh wtjilo to piirUclpaL® In thn en- tiro program. Tho honofltfl Inclurto nnHlntnnro to tho ncndy aKPd, aBHtBtancn to tho needy blind, aid to dopondont ulilt- dron tu their own home*, imam- ploymont compensation, matonml and child health Borvlrun, HorvtccA for crippled chlldron, child wotfaro wervlcon, vocational rohabilltatlon, public health Borvlco nnd fadornl old-a go be/ioflta (to begin In JD37). "BonofHa undor tho program al- rnady havo boon Bubntantlal/' tho wocIuJ uocurlty board reported. "A total of $0,712,338 already lm« boon granted to CuUfonilu by tho Ijnard for aid undrr the publlr.-fi^HlBtnnce provlnlon of tho net ulonu. Thin n mount inolurtod $rt,10«,8(JO for tho needy nRrd. $20R.Otlf> for tho nooriy blind and $400,407 for noody tlopond- rnt children, nutnn, mate-lied wltli fumln from thft wtutn, Jmvo pro- vMocl for MHplHUtncn to 40,100 iiKO<1 4340 hthul Inaivldiialn ami ilopondont chltdrpii. Mono uf boiicflcliirlcfi ronkloH In publlu InhUtutloiiB." Canadian Mineral Production High ' (Unitnd r>rc** Leased Wire) OTTAWA, Onl., Sept. Irt.— A now all limn record fnr Canadian min- ornl pruditrtlon probably will bo on- t.nhllnli(<rl in 1030, according to Vr. l, deputy tulnluter of curnat ALAM10UA, Hopt. 1«. (U. I'.)— Tho |)loniMT ('Upper, which mudo dm fh-Ht flUfhtH of tho Pan-Anicrlrnn Atrwayn UCPOHH tho fiuilfld orenn, loft hor« today fnr Miami to filter roK*il«r Hcrvl«« front Florida to Koiifh Arnrrlcun jtolnle, orflcliiln an- I In oHtlinatM the valiio of tho Domlnlon'H output at $350,000,000 rninimri'.d with tho Hllghtly inoro (hnn ?a 10,000,000 in 10,15. Heturrm for I ho rirBl i\ un rtor of thin year Hlmngly Mimgpnin. ho nny«, that produrtlonfl iilona will exceed, '"riiono who prffllctod that Can- nxla'8 InduHtry wuiilrl «ct a tiow record In 1030 will find no raiino for n of lliolr opinions In tho ro- Hint nrn nvnllnblo for tho early tnnnllm of tlio y«*nr," ho "Tlmrn nro dlHtlnctly i hut, tho flrHl quarter Iniprovn- will ho f1uplk'«t«<1, If not ox- in tho rninalnlnff rnonth« of Diamond Dust (Annotated Pre** Lcated Wire) Hal Trophy Itulljili^—Hit I wo homers nnd drove In seven runs Hcd Nox. .loo Kiihnl nnd Muck Nowsoin, Senators— -former's single nnd two doubles fteni three runs aprons In twin hfll ojwuer; NAWMOMI stopped flrowiiM ivlth ono lilt In nightcap. _ ^ B ^ ^•^•^a • ••• ^ Schoolboy Howfi, Tigers— Helped win hi* own bull game against Athletics with two-run double. SOKTDALL AGAIN CniCAUO, Hopt. 10. (A. P.)— Tho national soflball chn.niplonshlpa — woulhor permitting 1 — will l>o Hcltlod tonight at tjoklloi* Field. Finals of tho tournament, twice postponed boc.auso of rain, were out night by another I) »o your. " Htorm which broke oftor tho game for tho women'H title had pono throe lnnlnff«. In Tho! Rlrlfl 1 club, riK tho National Rcro\v JimO. frrwifJont. Thoortoro 1 MnnufnotnrJnff Compnny, will op- POBO ChiriLfro, whllo tho mnn'n oham- <m luirHplmwU. Throo hornon w«ro I plonnhlp will ho docJrtoil by TloohOB- miff] on th; trip, from WuBhlniyton. tor, N, Y.. and Cleveland. 1>. ( ., to Warrcntun, VIL., and return. CO! 1 MHKS 1IRA1.) POIITI.ANI), Onv. Si'pt. ill. tV. r.}~ I'litrolmnii John Uloliardnon mny POMBPHH pnyohln POWOIH I hat will nld tho law. To a motlmr'H frnntln plcn fur aid to find hor t"«t datightor, Mlfhnnlwon rvpllml that tlio a-yriir-old obild \VILH prolmMy In )h*> bnrU vnnl. Who wnn found undrr ri nwlnir> DAK TO AID DKHTITITTK ST. LOIT1K. Kept. 1(1. (U. IV) Tim Wt. T^oulfl (Bounty Uur AriHocliainn bun votod to furiitfth fr-nn ICKII! ml ^'l^•0 to tha coimty wclfnro ti tlon, tho Htn-vln- to bo on n volun- tf-rr Imnlit by Indlvldiiiil MM Thin will rmuhlo thn poor and tutn to rpcnlvn Ir^nl ndvlrn without charge, 1IKAKH AUK WILD YKLLOWHTON1Q PAltK, Hopt. Ifl. (U. P.)—Visitors tn thu park may not boliovo U, hut tho boars In thl' aro not ficts—thoy'ro wild. At 17 piirsons tliin month hivvo huml Injuries bonmsii thn to boliovn lh<t wnruliiHu of raittturn not lo feed tlu> IIICACUKH THY Njcwroirr UKACII. oniir. 1C. (U. I 1 .) — Nrwpurt Ururli Catnliim liavo PHtntillnhcHl a i»r rorlproiilty. MOVE ITH ORE PtWMAMf. .. .A&Offc /MASS Of= A ' OP PiTc+J&) WT (6V KTGHTS OAKLAND. Calif., Hopt. 10. (U. P.) Tommy Louffhran, the veteran I'hll- udolphla hoavywelflrht who has de- on a titlo bout, meets Ray Im- ew York Italian, In a 10-roiihd light at Obkand auditorium tonight. Tonight's mooting will bo their third encounter. Tho aging Phllu- tlolphlan twlro hofl defeated tho giant Jmpoltotlerre. but this Umo tho experts aro predicting a roverso ultua- tlon. COAST UQAGUIfi CROWDS I,OK AN'aiCT.lG.S. Sept. IB. (A.. P.>— Hecrc'tary Krunlc Herman of the Pacific Count Longuft mild toduy lio bo- UOVCH a flnnl report on att«ndan«o n round tho loop this year will nhow tho lilggoHt figure In many Betwons. "We drow Just a JIUlo short of a tolnl of 1,500.000 In 1035," llonnan paid, "and bollovn wo clrmv almost Hint many in paid nttoiulanno thin year. If tho turnout, at Hacranumto had boon bigger, wo would have broken all rocjordB. At that. J predict It will bo tho bent uraflon Ir the five yearn 1'vo boon with tho loaguo." HENO HKNTS UP HK'iVO. Nov., Hopt. t«. (U. P.)— ThlH divurro capital of tho world la ftUfforing n mivoro housing ghortairo. A oanvAM of ronl ostato dealwrw rn- venlud that only two vacant houson nnd a HUtj numbor of apartment** worn available. Hunta have risen more than 10 por cent.. Coast League (United Front Leased Wire) (Payoff Herlea—Night C At Oakland— II. If. Snn Dlogo... 000 000 030—3 8 Oakland 030 201 06x—fi 0 . 1 BatLorla*: Ralvo, Home and De- ulolfl; Ludolph and Herahberger. 333. At Portland— R. I-I. fionttlo 000 000 000—0 8 3 PorMand 002 210 OOx—6 10 0 Batterlefl: Barrett, Lucas, Osborne, Wftlls and Buwsler; Gaoler and BrucUor. LYNCH IN TOURNKY TAI'T, Hopt. 10.—Jack Lynch, who Bc-ored a major jipset by ousting JSn- rlauo Mater, Spanlnh Davis cup aco, In tho Pacific southwcHt tonnls oham- ptonshlp lust yoar at LOB Angeles, will bo on hand Friday at tho LOB Angoleu Club courts for this year's tournament that JH attracting a stellar list of performers from all parts of tho country. Lynch pinna to return to Stanford University this fall. Tie has somewhat nofflocted his tonnto of late, assaying the rolo of a working man for a local oil company. - - >' di* —- -. , '.-.'-.-..- «P ..,»,.,;. , t .. w . , ** *• * »'•" '" 4 ' L f-""**"^ ^^* ^PI , • • • -^-,,, — -^ „ — ^- »• ^- JEZ T " •— ' ~ >/-,~~~^~ — r f , —'— **\* The former heavyweight champion [ no doubt go OH the English brie bet- of the ^dHd.a 4m happy to report, Uer and ha« hlfl umbrella: furled four la Just a» charniing abroad aa at tlmea dally/ Unless fcan get in touch homo and a« a result i« every bit as with him (and I, might possibly do beloved herd ai^in' Kew Vork» His this by posing oh'the telephone aa the interview \Vlth the proas v/a« a gra- t)uke of Gloucester or Bernard Shaw) cious thing. He stood at tho head, ot i guess I'll have to discard my uni- a flight ot fttalra and yelled down to | brella and simply wear a mackintosh, tho Journalists that ho did not wish to be disturbed and that he waa here purely for the purpose of making; a first-hand aliidy of European conditions. 1 was not at the interview^ but frlenda who wore told mo Tunriey'a •w*. '' . high ucfooi and Jiinlbr college f dot- ball team« this season wero - frounced today op foltowf High School ..N t ( b there; Octdbei* 16, the , J ; •r October 24, oxnard Ocidfcbr;81* Cathedral- 7, S«i-Lui8-. t _ t . tf . 14» Cotnpton «J*h, .here; November 28, ; ^Bakersfield; • Hlgrn, there, - V : V "' *:• • • ":• •'•' ' '-'-V Junior College September 2fi, Santa Maria Jaysee, there; October 2 f Vefttum Jaysee, herqj October 17, rVittUia- J^yaee there; Ofctpber, 23, Portorvllle hare; October 30, Lou Atigelte here; November 6, Fresno State Jay* Bee, there; November 11* Con>pton Jaysee, here; November 14, Reedley Jayaeo, there: Novmbef 27, BakerB- field Jayaed, here. - •-' ' Fishing in Oregon , Bettered by Rains Bobb^ Stock Wins Knglieh was pure Castlllan cockney £ ow dttyi| ago , h with a daah of Oxford and AVorcea- ' First fall rains, which occurred a Improved fish- in 20 r r , f Associated }>r ess Leased WfcJ \ ST. LOUIS/ Sept. id. — feobby . ing Irt virtually.every section of Ore- tcrshlre thrown In. London papora gon( according to first hand Informa- troated ,Tunnoy most kindly, one t ion assembled and received through. _ , -,. „ , r «.» „ ,i. . going ao far aa to remark that "on- the travel department of tho Oregon Stack, 17, Beverly Hills, Calif., sharp- tiro TQurope anxiously awaited his state Highway CpmmisBlon. Tho ahoot6r, shot 99 out ot 100 targets to opinion" oh how it is getting alorig. rain has brought new runs of trout talto the lead today in the 20*gaugo I am sorry T did not see Jamoa and salmon into tho coast streams event of tho national akeet shooting Joseph because* being ao thoroughly from tho ocean. In the mountain championships. : English ho undoubtedly would bo and lake regions with scarcely any. Stack, ii member of tho Santa Mon- able to tell me the name of a rell- exceptions fishing la decidedly bettor ica-Loa Angeles team that won the able shop to patronize when wanted my umbrella furled.. ;A.nd I am badly in need of such Informa- I with record catches- of big trout 1035 and 1936 titles in tho national telegraphic meets, powdered 55 made in many waters. The normal trout season closes In I straight birds before dropping tho tion for my umbrella hasn't been I Oregon October 31, with certain ex- how houso target on the fifty-sixth properly furled since T came here ceptlons. Lakes in which eastern shot. arid people aro beginning to wonder brook trout are the primary stock Other scores—Harry Fleischmann, Just what sort of ill-bred fellow i will be closed September 20. Certain Santa Monica, 07; Alex Kerr, Los other rainbow lakes will remain open Angeles, 01; Bill Davis, Los Angelea. In London a gentlemamwho pro* I to November 20. Trout over ten 04; Mel Morgan, Pasadena, 80; Otis fessea to be welt turned out sartor- " ch *» ln ^8th may be taken in | Waldmg, Loa Angeles, 90. tally hu his umbrella furled at but' tw water areas of Oregon tho year twice a day. That Is. he goes intol""*^^ his umbrella makers and has some-' catchea arG mado ln tnld-wtntor. one expertly roll It until it is no bigger than a walking stick and shows not ono single wrjnklo. Furl- Ing- is an art. I found this out when I attempted to furl my own. I worked fully nn hour over mine—a smart black number with bulldog head handle—and at tho end it HtlH had looflo enda which flapped when I walked and was only a littlo nearer perfection than the oho carried by Aunt Carrie when she goes shopping on a wot morning. An English friend who stops in at hia umbrella makers twice a day for furling showed me how It'a clone and the beet description I can give of tho process la that It closely resembles tho maneuvers Daniel Boono must have gone through when packing the powder and shell into his muzzle- loading K«n. When my friend had completed, furling, his umbrella waa Yankee Women Go on in Golf Tourney (United PrctsLcatcd Vttro) "' i Royal Montreal Golf Club, Dixie, Quebec, Sept. 16.—Four 'American, women golfers moved today Into tho second round oC match play in tho Willie" Ludolph^ strong: man of t,ho I Canadian women's open, golf cham- Oakland pitching staff, handcuffed pionship hero. ^ the? Ran Diego bat brigade last night The American entries who survived as the Oaks won tho first game of the first round of match play ycstcr- tholr seven-game Pacific coast play- day were Marlon Miley, Lexington, Ludolph Handcuffs San Diego Batters L {United Fret* Leaned Wire) OAKLAND, Calif., Sept. JO.— "Wc6 Ky., who defeated Mrs. C, R. liar baugh, Willoughby. Ohio, 6-4; off series, 6-a. While Ludolph allowed eight hits, they were scattered BO effectively that j jorJe Harrison, Now York Btate cham tho Padres were unable to scoro until p i on of Ausable Forks, N. Y., who tho eighth, when they pushed over won from Mrs. F. J. Mulqueen, Tpr- SUFFRAGE TTE HORIZONTAL 1. Famous woman. 1J2 Genus of auks 13 Impetuous. 14 Glass, bottle. 16 Coal pit. 17 To slant. 18 Culmination. 19 To originate. 20 Without snp. 22 Musical note. 23 Portrait statue 27 Sally. 31 Signal system. 32 Tendon, 33 On the Ice. Answer to Previous Ftmle 12 She was born women. COUVAULIH, Ore.. Sopl. 1«. (U, P.) — Tho original manimrrlpt of Honittor Krodorlcli Hlolwcr'H keynote sjMMH'h boforo tho Hopubllcun national 0011 vent Ion Imn boon placed in tho Harnnr IIIUHOUIII at Orogou State collegcj horo. Honator Stolwor Is a graduato of the "POHKV" Fl.YNN D1US LOft ANCaUl.KH, Hopi. 16. (U. P.)™A few mlnutna ufter being nn*c«tcd chargod with conducting wrestling mntrhcH b^twoon mnn and woinon, "PorUy" Flyinj. brother of tho Into Jim inynu, who once ItnooUed otit Jack l.>cmpHoy, died In tho city Jail today. 34 Cuttle bones. 62 Unsuited. 35 Myself;; 30 More like horse. 42 Verandas. 47 Entrance. 48 Courtyard. 36 To adore. 51 She worked for s lor 53 To instigate. 54 Pertaining to deserts. 56 She received many . VERTICAL 3 Observed. 4 Bird's home. 5 Bundle. 6 Since. ISTemhits. • 21 She was a — ^ in lier Work,, 24 Mountain 25 Poem. 26 Born. 28 Corded cloth. 29 Three. ao Bugle plant. 34 Sleek/ 3d To possess, 37 Smell. 38 Ceremony* 39 Stalk. 40 Narrative poem. 41 Hastened. 42 Fowl disease, 7 Fiber knot*, 8 Gives medical 43 Tribal group. care, 44 Professional 9 Egg-shaped. tranip. 10 Fastidious/ 45 Always,, 1 Slender. 11 Sweet 46 Hardens. 2 Forearm bone.' potatoes. 49 GoU device. ^r- • II SHU 1 Oltimit ON'OON, Hopt. 16. tU. P.)—Hub* for ovor 30.000 (OIIH of stool frnnioH, pUitos, liomna ana for Iho Qtmon Atnry'8 Hlmt^r whip Imvo nlrcndy boon placinl by John Hrown A their three runa in ono rally. Mannlo Salvo startcit! at the mount) for tho San Dleguns. Jn tlio second the Acorns solved his offerings and onto, 4 and 3; Mrs. Doris Taylor Rude), New York, who turned back Miss IT. Losllo, 4-3; and Marian 'McDougall, Portland, Ore., who de- tallied throe times. Anton. Gordon featcd Mrs. Leo Dolan, Ottawa, 6 and Lodlglani did the scoring. Berllo | an( j 5, Two Americans were eliminated yesterday. They wero Mrp. Har Home replaced Salvo and retired tho side. Tho Oaks scored twice again in tho fourth and onco in the sixth, baugh and Betty Botteroll, who lost Salvo and Homo were nicked nine times. TAFT GIRLS' BASEBALL TAFT. Sept. 16.— Playing at Fled- )er Field Jn Hollywood over the week end. tho Taaco girls' indoor team won one game and lost another, a« participants in tho Fiedler Field invitational elimination" tourney. After being shut out 6-0 Saturday night by Mabel Sparlln, Qlcndora aco, who twirled for tho Mara Bloomer Girls, the home team came back to defeat Cantoly-Tanzola 14-0 Sunday evening. In the second game, Taft led 14-2 until the final stanza, where the Amazons turned on a little pressure and added seven ru a 4-2 decision to Mrs. E. H. Gooder- 1mm, Toronto. Margery Klrkham, Montreal, who took the medal qualifying round, won front Dorothy Stain* forth,' Lucerne. Quebec, 6-4. CElt 10 PH Q P E UJ R P P P F Ot STANDINGS J' * ^ .;. AMERICAN LEAGUK Won Lost Pet. Now York 00 4S Chicago 78 GG Washington 7t 08 Detroit 70 08 Cleveland 75 OS Boston 72 73 St. Louis 6t 90 Philadelphia 4D 94* Yesterday's Kesults Now York, 7; Chicago, 1. Cleveland, 13; Boston, 2. Washington. 13; St, Louis, 7. Detroit. 8; Philadelphia, 6. On me a Toduy Now Yorlc at Chicago. Boston at Cleveland. Philadelphia nt Detroit. St. Louis at Wonhington, NATIONAL LEAGUE Won Lost Pet. New York 85 fifl .603 St, Louis 81 01 .570 Chicago 80 63 .559 Pittsburgh 77 06 .538 Cincinnati 71 71 .500 Boston 64 70 .457 Brooklyn 00 SI .436 Philadelphia 49 93 .345 Yestqrday'tt Uesults All games postponed, rain and wot grounds. Guinea Todny (All double-headers) Pittsburgh at New York. St. LoulH at Philadelphia. Chicago at Boston. Cincinnati at Brooklyn. PACK OF 70 .« • ' ' THE miLD CIGRRETTE STLING TOMORROW NIGHT 8130 O'ClOCk Another Whale of a Card Bakersfleld Stadium Nineteenth and V Street* WICK ROCISRS, TWKNTY-FIFTII CENTURY, A. D. Hears News By I^HIL NOWLAN and LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS BOBB APPRAISED ME SUf&WOL X HENGTH WAS UQ //VA MOOD. M y SURPRISE - H£ AM$W£RED FRANKLY. TOOC FAT Safety Silvertown ROD THE II BMURIIS., CAR RADIOS.. HOMl RADIOS CAPTO STA6GE TH ROUG •PLAT CORRI DORS AVM-MM - NOT BADLY MUSCLED-AND HE DOES SEEM INTELLIGENT- OUR ROPFS ARE SO -WHERE DO VOU COME FROM, FELLOW ? SCIENTIFIC EXPEDITION FROM EARTH - I AWFULLY TIRE — - - -• ^ •• I | ^-r^^^f^^r^^ I • ^ -» ^ WE ARE PALL ADI ANS FROM THE PLANETOID PALL AS-THESE STUPID HULKS HERE ARE OUR BEASTS OF BURDEN. • r It BLAST THIS WEARINESS; IP I COULD \ ONLY BLAMME OUT I PART NOTH PACE THE WRECK FE ON CERES- BUT ION THOU6 VOU CHA SPACE ATE SURE ENOUGH SUSPECTS SMC RATROk. ERE Main Event—Two Out of Thrw No Tim* Limit j * ^ i p \ Gus Sonnenbure; Ex-World'i Champion ind Billy Oott of Wrtitllna &t 210 Poundi vs. Niok Lutz Th« Huiky Vinlot Uttgutrd »t 210 Pound* Nfflk Lutx i*yi h« Im't afraid of Sonnin- buro'i buttlni tactic* and U confident that hi can btat him. It will b* a ortat .bout. B—Twa Out •! Thrii FalU-^ On»-Hour Tlmo Limit—No Hold Btrrtd 1 r Herb Freeman Tht Bl| Bouah.Houio Jiwlih Boy of Niw York at 240 Poundi vs, Tiny Robuck Th» Blo, Wild Indian of Oklahoma at 257 Poundi Fin i that Ufco thlnn bio and rouph thl» thould tuffloa In mat Prtllmlnary—On» Fall. Thlrty-Mlnute Tlmi Limit Rudy Soarda / of Lot AnittM at 310 Poundt vs, Mlk« Strelioh Brothtr of 8t«i Stnlleh at 212 Poundi. boon volni arut luni In tho Mlk* n firth w«t ,**» UNTI 2KC SRAC CALLE All Matebw ftNMortd by OlitkUd Vtttrtni ot World War. Brttrifltld ChaptK No. 20 9uok Buchanan. Matthmaktr , v. UTTE * • . v li Silv ci t*»\v ii Si ort-s fllA'JWI WEAR! V A ' FORE TWEHTY'FIRST AND K PHONE 123 K)HN f OtlU ut l*riwn Rlnvilda, IUIO; Baleany t 75* , Q*mrnl AdmltiUn. 4oo- LadlM and Chlldran OMuaytng RMa»ldt ft»ati ( I0e, Intluvlm Tax, Stati on i»la at Hnmt etwtn'i taoafctr p»ri l«r;Oarr»U 4 Plaekar; Cl T«Jtn HtUli White MartU Barbw &h*p; H. B. GtaddlA Cleif Stand; H. 0. W tit bay Claar 8tw». tMBat^r SlrMt: Wajtlda l*n. . Phtnt 3|-B-t> F* U r C«n*n, Waad Paleh a«d B, 4 B* pliar Stand* Tilt. Far ««Kva1lfM phaaa ' * > • L ' - ' '^--^ ^\ '- f • • - - I -.' T \- - t ' L ^

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