The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 16, 1936 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1936
Page 8
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Many Good Essays Read in Contest It IB quite a pleasure on the purl ! of the judges of tho t-os Angeles j County Fair Shirley Temple doll , contest lo read thn many essays bo- i Ing submitted by the boys and Rlrls j Of Uukersflr-lrt on "Why 1 Would ; }j|ko to Oo to the Kim Angelea County Kulr." K'ich essay Is to contain no mure thn.n fifty words nnd IH to l»« nnl>- mltteil In the mnliiiK'TH of the Fox Nile or rnllfii'rnln Ihentei-K. 'on or before Siitnrdn> . .September l», when the enntest rlosen The H;inKer Hhlrley Tempi'' d»lln lire now on ill«pl/iy ill the iihove tlU'titei-H nnd nil Hnkrrxfleld eblldren between the UK''-* of li nnil II.' are NOW AT FOX Three cN«ays will be i>leke,i by ibe .1udKen nnd wilt !»' Judged on nent- 1IPSH tin (veil (IH for the beHl reimon, "\\'\1\ 1 \Voilld l.lUe lo (In to Ihl- LnB Ange|i.>K Count) Knlr." The nwnrdtiiK of Die prl/.i-f will tnlte plnee nt the h',,x Mlcliey Moiisn Chib rnei'lliiK Snliii-dny morning. Brplrmber I'd. ;it in o'eloi'K nod there Vlll be other Shirley Temple doll.i «wnrde<l to other boyn nnd Kh'lrt »'• tMidlng the nieetlni; ONE GOOD PICTURE DESERVES ANOTHER 2 SO HIHRK ARB GREAT r-KATURFiS On the Sam« Program Starting TOMORROW (iury ('(Miper nnd Madeleine TII mill O I'KN'ING nt the fox tonight 1« "Tin' Uflicral I)lr-i1 lit llnwn," nnry I'niipi'r'H IM-HI plelun 1 , " HniiiNhlnK, drlvlnw ilnmut nf n, bold man mid n beautiful wornnn ciiiiKht In tho hnviiri rif wnrlnrii China aiifl a pit-turn with twin- tlu- piic" nf "Hhnnifhiil I'ixproHH." 'I'hn Htfiry IH Ih' firm «c-rr>iMi pliiy nf Iho brllllnnt yiiiiii»f plnywrlnhl. Cllff.inl f)i|i-tn. llcii.rlcil In Die riiMl pliiyliiK iipii'iHlli- Cnii|icr IM Made- Icnr f'nrroll. \Vlllliiin Krnwlny, Inidlcy DlKH PH ii nd i'(hi-rn Thi' Hl'Ccilirl fc'lllllf" MhilM'llIK l« "Hworn Kni'tny" with llobori VIIIIMK. .InBcph Ciillcin, Klorr-nri' Hlcf, Nut I'i'iiilli'liin nnd I/"\V|H Htfinr- In n Htc,r>' nf 11. riickrt Ihnt IH nl thi' ildiii'Hti'p r,f every Aim-rl- cm i hotn' 1 . A I'npi-y riirlnrin "Xovrr Kli'lc a \\'uinmi" mifl Mctriilrmi- N'-WM I Ii niiiKh ^ Tiny Tots Guests ut Birthday Event Comedy Romance Virginia Billing. Onna Raymond conducts a beetle romann.o with Wendy .Hnrrle In "Ijov-n on a Mot," opftnlntr today at tho Virginia theater, assuming eight different roloH to win tho Icidy'B heart. He bt!romi>H mioocBslvely a wnllnr, hotel nljthl rlnrk, merihanlo, nhauffein 1 , finwlour fdiwiff. nlr|tlano Btowawny iind jailbird In bin whirlwind rotirtHhlp lo ahiw Ml»w Harrlo, n blum hook Hoclallto In this red, that It IH belter to wr><! a pauper with a NonKo of httrnor limn a Bluffed whirl i inlllloniilro, I I Men llro(|fi- l |f|<, who delighted i flhn-Kocrn hi "Top I Int." William ! ('oilier, Kr., and oihm'H arc alno Ini: portantly cant In thin IUC6 lladlo j pli-lnri'. j ConiplotltiK thn double bill IH "Hky I Hound," n. rormincn of tho air with i Kddlt! NiiK"nl, Lloyd HtiKhen, ttrant I WllherH and othera. Chairman Elected by Center Women UUTTONWII-I.O\V, Kept. Ifl.~-Tho Ifurno MdpiirlnK'til. mnl at tho homo of Afrn. .lohn Itlnhop TlmrHday, MlHH ; Dorothy \VIIKIiiHon ilxmuiintralod I en lined nwpariiBiiH, tryltiK t''Xturo, ! flavor. nnd l<liid« I'ollur-U din- nur won nerved anil elcetlun of offl- ; ecru naiiU'd Mrw. ','. I.I. Crnwford, ; fhalnnan; Mro. Ti. II. I'liniiell, vice rhalnrifin, nnil Mrn. Wllwon Dickey, 1 Hei'rotftry-lrruHurcr. The followhiK won; prfiienl: Men. 1 damefj I'Vnnk Alvon, John MorKim, A. .1. Vniirnuin. ('. II. Crawford, John nitdiop. II. It. I'niincll, It. I'!. Criizan, C.. T. Kemp, MlKNeH Myrtln I'annoll, Vrra Wflln nnd Ml«n Dorothy \VI1- khiHiin. Your FHnmlly Thantrn See It AGAIN! "The THIN MAN" Wllllnm I'OWIil.l. Alyrnn I.OV Mnurecn 0'SUI.I.IVAN 1-dwArd HI.I.IS ll! - TTt>.\'\Vir,LO\V, Si'pt II). MI-H. IIT Nri; llnlr cnliTlnliKMl iirplii'W, ClmrlcH KIliKHloil, (in hlH Mi'i'iind lilrl lidny n-rciilly. TublcH mid briii'hi'H wi'i'i' Imlll In thn ynril, H-lii'lT till' rhlldri'ii i-njdyud KailH'M inul wrrn nrrvcil |i-n rri'iun, i-uld 1 mid • :i IK! .v. ThnHi' ultcnillnn C|ny I'rnlll l.nnK \Vt'lintiT. liuriithy I'Vanlc-, Ilornlby Tin rlKiinnl, Iti'tly Mar I,I-U'|H, .Ilinniy llrlidil, .liii'klr Ov'Tinn, llciuiln llnr- wi'll and .Inmiph Kliniitnn, .Ir. Dr. X wcro Dnna I.XKI Ill'lich, .li'UMl'lli' Another (ircal Favorite "SEQUOIA" Jean PARKIER Russell MARDIi: The Deer and the Puma 1 The Noted Seer, Dr. "X" ON THE Spcclnl Mnllnce lor STAQE ' Al)ll!s ONLY J_ iliurgdny 1:00 lo 2:00 I All Scnls (or Till* Hour Only • Will He 2Xc L^ Regular Show at 2tOO p, m. ENDS TODAY BANK ON BEING THERE TONIGHT QARY COOPER MADELEINE CARROLL AL9O Kuhcrl YOUIIK, I'lnrcncc Klcc IN "SWORN ENEMY" PLUS l'opey«i Cnrtoon "NEVEH KICK A WOMAN' Jemi HABLOW "SUZY" "Public Enemy's Wilt" I'm (I'llrUn . M.roiiM Llniliny ivi, SUM Hi Rhurl . Ntwi Cvilltl ' ' ' v i" ' ' '".•"' 'i ' ', i r '"i ',' "ii SB A long, black whip In Ihe hands of a dark-haired, handsome youth, will flick and snap across a 60-foot, Iron-onclrclo.d arena. Vicious HOIIH and tlgors will snarl nnd wlap at him as he moves about through tho sawdust, a chair and pistol In blH loft hand, and a whip In the right- Tbo young nian will bo Clyde Hentty, I bo world's greatest and rnrmt fpnrloHH wild animal trainer, with tho Coin BroH.-Clydo Ueatty circus, coming to Bakiirsfleld, Friday for performances afternoon and night. Tho location has been changed to Alia Vista Drive and Uornard streeI. Tho same Boatty who was ripped and torn by one of tho boasts less than a year ago, and previous to that, at. the show's winter quarters, and on the road, when death-Deemed Inevitable, each time, but tho plucky youth lived to carry on his death- defying vocation—tho training of thn rnont treacherous boasts that breathe. There win bo 40 ferocious, Jungle- born HOIIH and tlgera In tho arena ut one lime—Iho most ever at- tempted by a trainer. It 19 said to bo tho most thrilling wild animal display in history. The gigantic show, traveling on three circus special trains will bring scores of features In addition to the fearless Bcatty, and many of them will ba now to circus fans. Performances will be given at 2 and 8 p. m., with tho main gates opening ono hour earlier.In each Instance allowing leisurely Inspection of tho huge double menagerie which features "Jumbo tho Second," tho only African elephant with a circus In (his country. Enrollment of 214 Is Mojave Record MO.IAVIO. Hnpt. 10.-—Thn Mojnvo flrurnmnr Hehool oponnd on Monday morning for tho fall Homt'Htor with mi f-nrollmonl of "14 pupllf, the lartfut In tho hlHtory of tho wlmol. It IH millclnatrtl that approxtmaloly ^50 ntudnntH will ho rnglstprod by I hi- ond of Ih" week. Tbo inltiliii; dlHtrlol, l''l"tn and ArtlH urn RCI-VPI! \iy bus tmnsportulion mnl Hovoral trips a dnv aro mndc. Tbo bun Is filled to capurlly, Chminooy Davis IIIIH bppii iippolnlfd tbo driver. CRIME FILM D lt. X." nntuil Ht-cr, pnyrbolo- KlHt and author, now nppftir- liig on tho Hlaifii nf tin 1 fox California thoator for tho onllrn week. Inns minnuni'iiil n Npcrlal rnntliKxi porfnrmanri' for ladl<-s only on Thursday. Thn NJMM Inl nhow will ntart at 1:01) p. m. and rnntlnuo fur our hour. Tin- moll will ho lid mil (Ml from :: to n o'rlm-1; and tho 1-pgular nhnw will I'onllnno. lOvory linly atti'iii'llng tlm HI lul matlnoo pfrfni'inmii-i' will bo rnllllod to UHk "I ir. X" ono <|in.'ntlon. On the Air KdO-KPO — Nltlonll Broillciltlng Com. (iiny— KurMlM proommi lo: KFI. KEOA. KIRD, KOW. KEX, HOMO, KHQ. KIR, K(IA. KOA. KI1HU. KDYL. KfllR KTAR. Kf HC'CRB— Don !.(• *nd Columbia— Run- nllM prboriml lot KHUHOB. KD», KM), KIIW. KTBK. KERN, KOL, KVI. KSL. KOIN. KEPY. 5:00 to 5:30 p. m. ICKKN* and notwnrk - -Ailnru Kos- tnlrinol/. inul CUT host ra. WBXAI-- IlnrnrilliiifM. 5:30 to 6:00 p. m. KRHN unit network — Cotno on, I.Ct'H HlTIB. 6:00 to 6:30 p. m. KICItN mnl network— TAP VIRGINIA ^_^[i»H^J£_JJ^ ?0o .Hid 10o TODAY nntl THURSDAY 7'irci Hin t'l-nttirvH Gene Raymond, Wendy Barrio In a Gorgeous Love Story "Love on a Bet" Eddie Nuuent, Lloyd Hughes, Grant Withers In Air Eplo "SKY BOUND" Comedy, Cartoon <ind News 2 ACE HITS Tonight, 7 and 8)45 p, m, WARH1-N WILLIAM "CASE OF THE VELVET CLAWS" - — and • "HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD" . JACK HOU'T Co'HIllR Znne Qroy's I'KIUAV -END OF THE TBAIL" CIllNHON TOMOKKOXV ('I'liursiliiy) Spoclnl mtn to puplln who tnk« lioth clnsi nnd prlvnto Iranons. Tap l.omiiid Saturday* fur Oul-ol-Town SludonU WILLIAM SHUPFIfiLD Tnp Instructor MISS MARTIN'S School of the Dance Second Pliier Tnvlnr Hulldliig Phoned VH7-J Ken. .18A2-W Ihi Sclmol With «n CiUbllihtil lUiiuUllon TODAY—TWO HIQ Should a Douto -l-ATUntb a Doctor'* Onlh On Muro Sacred Thnn Hl> M,irri,-iun Vow»? Pat O'Brlon, Josephine Hulohlnton In "I Married a Doctor" nnd Watch hlii (hint when ho ndcn Watch your alrl whrn ho ding* DIOK FORAN In "SONG OF THE SADDLE" Comedy Cartoon News 2 MORE DAYS Steffi Duna In Whnllng Yarn "I CONQUER THE SEA" Edw. Morton, Qletuln Fnn-ell "NOBODY'S FOOL" Also Comedy nnd Nowsreel BAKERSFIELD ST 18 ALTA VISTA DRIVE AND BERNARD AND ADMIBSJON TICKETS ON SALE CIRCUS DAY AT KIMDALL i& STONE, DMUO8, N IN ETEENTH AND CHESTER AVENUE GRANADA TODAY AND THURSDAY Kay WMAY, Ralph BELLAMY "ROAMING LADY" and IRVIN 6. COBB In "EVERYBODY'S OLD MAN" New* and Short Subjactv Watch for Opening of the NEW HINKY DINKY lOc HOUSE 1924 L Street Vito Gluntoll, Proprietor NUC iicjtwnrk—Your lilt I'arude. WHXAI -Ncwn Kliiflion; (1:15, Dlii- lusr (!on<'»«i't to (ii-tri. 6:30 to 7)00 p, m. K1CHN nnd not work—Muroh of 'I'liiin; (i:15, HlniiiKn as It KPIMIIH. NIK' network—Yimr lilt 1'nnuli-. WOXAI—fi:4!i. Tonic Tuncu. TsOO to 7:30 p. m. KIOIIN nnil not work—William Hurd; 7:15, llenfrow of tho MdllllllMl. NUC iiolwork—Amon 'n' Andy; 7:lfi, l.inn nnd Al>nrr. \Vr.XAI Homo KO|| ( M; 7:lf., World 7:30 to 8:00 p. m. KKHN MindflMilK'i- Cliiunpliinn; "•l.'i, lieni-Rii Clviit ami lludlo ('In'tiH. NIIC nrtworh VVIiniiim tho Wont. Wfl.XAl QuiirtPttn; 7:K>, Cecil and Sally. 8:00 to 8:30 p. m, KKHN and network-Dormo Crook 1'nrnnn; S?I5. To ho nniUMinciMl, NIIC npiwork Town Hull To- WIIXAI- llnllywood on I'liriulo. Silfi, I'Viinh \Vnlnnnlio. 8:30 to 0:00 p. m. KKIIN atul u fv t work - - Hums and Allon. N'lK' notwi'l'li Town llnll 'I'o- nlRht. WllXAl Cult Ucporl-ni; 8:lCi, HUH anil lOntjitrr^. 9:00 to 0:30 p. 111. KK.UN nnd noiwork frunklMi MeCnrmin-k: |1:l,"i, l.nrrv Konl and urehoiilva. Nil' 1 lift worU Kln»;'H ,Io:itcr;i; !>;!,•,, llcnllonioii ,,f UliyUiin. WllXAl Ni>v> -i KlimlicH; 9:15. Out of tho I'ltsl, to H:4r,. 9:30 to 10:00 p. m. KKIIN and uolwork Harry Uo\vls and Orehi'Mia NUC notwork Htorlliig Young'* I'irrhoHtni. W(lXAI-l»:in, n\hilini and llo- inaiu'e. 10100 to 10:30 p. in. KKUX—World In Hi'vlow; 10:10, KlllH Klinlmll nrrlioHtra. Nil'.' networli- -N'oWH. WllXAl All llmiiiuNt I'roKi-ain, 10:30 to 11:00 p. m. WON A I—-All Koc|iioM 1'rnKi'iini. Visitors to County Are Complimented Claire Doild and WIIITPII William W HICN crlmos are committed on tb(i screen their solutions nro ofton tremendously difficult to the movlpgocr. but usually ono of possibly four famous screen nlouths Is called by the police to solve tho baffling mystery. 1'orry Mason, of fiction fnmo, a character mudn famous In books, on tho screen has been mado pnmilly famous and popular by Warren VVIIIIiim, who nppoars as 1'erry Mason In HIP lutoul of Ibpso baffling yarns, "Tho Case of the Vnlvet Claws" now showing at tho Nllr- tlu-ator on a now double foa- lure program with "Hollywood Houlevanl." f'lnlro Dodd appears as Di-lla Street. 1'orry Mason'H equally famous socrotary In a brilliant rust which also Includes, Wlnl Hhaw, Ulck l'\)i-aii and .Jcmi'ph King. , Sept. 10.— Mr. and Mrs. F. 13. Trask enlortalned at their country homo Thursday night with a dinner party honoring Mrs. Trask's brother-in-law and sister, Mrs. E. S. Bates of .Stockton, and her Blstor-ln- aw, Mrs. Httttlo Buck, Temple. Ariz. Mr. and Mrs. Bates, who formerly lived hero and were prominent In church and soclalaftulrs, left Saturday for their home. Places wore marked for the honored guests, the hosts and Iho following friends: Mr. and Mrs. Dlnsmore Parish, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Burroughs and Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Peterson. Horse Show Fund Cam paign Launched TAFT, Sept. 1C.—For the purpose of ralHlng funds to assist- In underwriting tho second annfiul Kern county horse show to bo hold In Tuft September 26, 20 and 27 ill the Franklin 1'urk riding ring, a financial campaign and drive will got under way this week, It wa« announced today by K. C. iflmmons, head of the finance committee. Letters have been prepared utul will bo In tbo malls this week soliciting funds. Onkoi.fUUI'. Moil Unlquo 0»(« CHOW MEIN CHOP SUEY 25c Served Prom ft n. m. to 8t30 p. m. Pally FREE COCKTAIL With Me Or (I or or Mora Chln*a« or American Dl»he« THREE FLOOR SHOWS NIGHTLY ALL RIGHT! ALL RIGHT! THURSDAY'S THE NIGHT LISTEN IN! MAJOR BOWES AMATEUR HOUR STATION KERN-5 to 6 P.C.T, COLUMBIA COAST'TO'COAST NETWORK Sf'ONSONtO HY PLYMOUTH DODGE DESOTO CHRYSLER OtALtKS Come to Our Fall Showing of Hand Knit Fashions Friday and Saturday September 18 and 19 2:30 p. m. If you've u nose for fuhlilon— nnil what woman jtusn'l—bo Hiiro lo rii in i; to tho stylo ovcut of tho HOtiKon. 'Living mannequins In Buclllu hniul- knit ennomlilos . . . coats . , , clrossos . . . milta . . . blouses . . . \>tc. Knch Is easy lo iimku—downright thrifty too nnd tho last word lu chic. Now liucllltt yarns nre tea- tnrod too In our yarn depart- tnont—ask to see them after tlm showing. Our Mrs. Leo will ln» glad to help you got Htnrtud, V Art Department and Fashion Shmv on Mezzanine WEILL'S cfrlvert from' liep Hornet' by it town's Intbleranco: 1$ tHo,' theirtje bf Warnoi ¥ Brothers' -haw aftd *Urt-lng dratfm, "I Married ja, Doetbf,"-' wh loh Cornea to Kip Hex theatot* tonlgfltt arid Thura- 6dyi--: *>•.•.•';•'&'•".'•.:*••':*••:••''• •.••;.',•••••?• :•'.-'• '.";"' "' Pat O'BHott and JOBephlfj6 Hutch' Inson, who iplayed/-together on tho tjtiigo, and were VounltcB Ih 'the-'film' hit, "Oil for tho JUamtJs ol! CWna.- 1 are teamed together In the featured roleu In "I Ma,rr|tid''tt Doctor," ;•'• The storj' Is baaed on tho famous novel by SlnclalrvTiewlB, which ex- corliUes (he, hidebound bigotry of narrowonlndcd small-town folk. Dick IToraii, the winging cowboy, and charming Alnm I<loyd have the Icada In the «ocond oC'tho now Warnor wcHtcrn, "Song of tin? Saddle," which with a comedy and nows completes tho Rex offering, S.F. Fight, China War Granada Film A •thrill-filled, Hulffh-pabkod talo of a one-woman manhunt that started with an argument In San l^ranclsco and ended with a revolution In China! That's tho madcap theme of Columbia's "Roaming Lady," a film as exciting as tomorrow's headlines, with Fay AAJray and Ralph Bellamy in the leading roles and opening at the Granada theater today. On tho same bill-Is "Everybody's Old Man," tho first starring role of Jrvlri S. Cobb, famous humorist, whoso first role with the lato Will Rogers brought him fame. It Is a Fox comedy and.In the cast are' Rochelle Hudson, Norman. Foster, Warren Hymer nnd others. Two plcture8'that hayo esta as" among Ilia e'ntertammenta of 'alt times open morrow at the l^ox California ,t ftter for a three-day cngfagoment.; The fl rat feature Is tho hlfflily antus* Ihf and exciting 1 "The Thlrt Man,',!. "•tarring -William Powell, My rtla; lioy and"Mttui-cdn O'Sulllvan; TM- second .feature la "Sequoia," - the Btrangest document of man, mald;% and boost over filmed. Jean I'arkerj, ttusselt Hai-dle and Samuel Hinds are the principal' members of the cait In addition to the deer and the mountain lion' who thrilled millions when "Sequoia" was first filmed for J the public. '" In addition to the two features a cartoon and newer eventa cothplete the film fare. On the stage, Doctor "X," noted seer and • psychologist, is; «tll) answering questions for patrons or the Cali'wila. Ho has astpunded, thousands to date with the amazing accuracy with which he predicts this future. Doctor "X" Is featuring a special ladles' matinee from 1 to 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon. Closing today at the California are the three attractions: Jean Harlow, Pranchot Tone and Gary Grant; In "Suzy": Pat Q'Brlon, Margaret- Lindsay nnd Robert Armstrong In: "Public Enemy's 'Wlfo"; and Peto" Smith Short "Tablo Tennlb." ^ - - « » » . ' - -• - .t CHILD CRIMINALS BOSTON, Sept. '30. (U. P.)— A boy becomes a criminal quicker than does a girl, but It takes longer to reform a girl criminal, according to, Dr. Walter O. Beck;, visiting psychol-s ogy professor at Boston university'*; school; of rollgknjY Mid social work, j A Service for 6 6 Breakfast Plates 6 Bread and Butters 6 Cereals 6 Cups 6 Saucers 1 Chop Dish 1 Round "Vegetable Dish 32-PIECE FIESTA WARE SET Introduce the warmth and gaiety of color into your home. Choose a breakfast service from five brilliant assorted colors. It adds joy to nny meal. Reg. $12.95 Value! i I i Er 1 i m LU11L L - ' , • T FrontierDays -will soon be here. We have a iine slock of saddles, riding equipment and genuine Navajo saddle blankets. - ' We are agents for. the Justin cowboy boots an'd have a large stock on hand. Let us repair your riding equipment. PaulHornung 1606 Nineteenth A Memorable Farewell Tho studio Wurlltzer pipe organ and tho chapel soloist of the Flickinger-Dlgier Chapel make a funeral service one not to bo forgotten. You will also remember and appreciate tho helpful services rendered you. with the admonition not to over>purchuse. J. C. FUCKING EU Telephone 97 12JT CHESTER AVENUE FHANK DIOIER Et ADOBE MOTOR HOTEL Union Avinut «> TirriM Wa la Oi Luxt Dlnnirs ind (hi FtniM MUid Ortnks GRUNOW Refrigeratori—Radios JOHN R. HUFF 24M, \m Okislir AVIRI*

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