The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 16, 1936 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1936
Page 6
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THE BAKEK8FIELD CALIFORNIA?*, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER J6, 1&38 Mission Society to Convene Here at Thursday Meet I Thursday Circle I Day for Baptist i Church Members Mu r th- l'T ll! Invite Volunteers to Inilinl Pniclii-c Next Mnmliiy nt , Music lluilrling Opening in rrli'-iirM.'il-: f.r th. 1 full nnd \vliHn- S.I-IIPHII l>> tin 1 Hnki'i-cflclil Symphony divine in « i!l '"' '''''' ix-xl Mond.'iy rvniilriK nt 7 M i.vlo'-k. In th" nniHli: hiilldlnn "I <'"> l '"'" 1 hlph srhni'l. It wiii iinnoiiiu'i'd t"<l_io by TIawk'v CiiKHWi-11. pf'sM nle linn nlrrnd> l«—n <'ln>f" r-onoevt Hint will lie Kl\«'" the STihon. The orrhoMrn l« iiKiiln under "i' 1 baton of lliu.-M .1. Hurt nnd h« im-' nounccN thnt .-iiiyum- wishing to Join t orRnnlwillnn l,s Invlt'-d t" tin- i irwal to try out for n fhnlr. .Violins. IT-HUM nnd IIIIKN \tuln t\r< parilctilnrly needed. It I* reported. The officers ui (»><• orKiml/ntlon Mr. C"n(f«w-ll, piv«lrlr>nt. Wilfred Mlnncr. Jr . buNln-'.^ minmBer: Itoli- r-rt I'lirdle, ii.-t.iPl.nit tmmuK-i . Minn 1 Kathleen Buni'iulHt. fri-n-tury- j treasurer. im<l Kimm-u VandtTKIltii, llhrurlan. (CIRCLES of First Haptist cliurcli ^ will hold their regular meet- IIIRH Thursday nflcrnaon IIH follows: Bralc Circle will meet with MTH. I.cKoy (intcH, 2008 Brundugc Lane, nt 2 o'clock; Central Circle will hold an nil-day mooting at llcnlc I'urk, with politick luncheon nl noon; JnMro C'lrclr- met'lH with Mr*. Owar Kdmomlwin at ZO.'II Lnke Hired at 2 o'clock and West Park Circle will meet with MTH. \\. K. Hholar at 28015 San Kmldio Hlrect ut 2 o'clock. All circle nicmberH am anked to be present at I heir respective mcctlngM, officers Hlale. tho To Give Resume of District_Cp_n f erence MtsB Until Kiioffnrr will prenr-nt u report on a district run I 'e re n IT h-M over Ijitbor Ony In Hcrkelr-y ulmn n Mpealal mtetlnK of .SOIIIIR people i)f HI. John'B Lutheran riiurch IH In Id this evening at S o'clock at the mirliil hall of the rhiircb, corner of T\vi-n tleth tmd O BtreetH Other dfleitiiU'd wrn M|HHP» KH- ther KiH.-ffner, Mildred UYntlim<l, Kvelyn \Ve«tlut)d. Kdrni sinhl nnd Elln Johnmin. Local Couple Wed by Justice Magee Mrs. t'Kirolhy Ilnlrj and Jnrlt hnlu-y Wf-ro M-i-ddivl Ml Havny hotel nt H d'rliM-k Tii^Mdny i-vonliiK by Slriwnrl Magpp. Jiintlf', of tbc perifr Tho iruiiijle worn utlendi-d by Mm. Jenn WurdMi nnd John Bandiii'«'l. ^ After tin' ce|-einun\ . n buffet HII|I- Iier wns served by Mr«. \\ r (in|en n.t n Inhtc cenlei-r-d \vltb A inerlrii n Heiiuty rimoM. The fuiiplo ill-parted later for the, Suiitb by motor. The lii'ldn \UIH nltlred for th» eern inony In n dark bluo rhlffun Milt. .She. curried American Heniity Inidn. AltendlriK tbe woddlng nnd buffet ttupper wrr<» MIWMCH \'r-|inn HIM, Idn I'mtt, Nancy NUI<. lln/e| Hh'irr-H nnrt Joyce \Vllwin. MI-H. A. Albrei:bt. Ir- vln Hmlth, John Kltrtt. Tone Ik'c'lf nnd Htanley MUIIII. U SUBJECT OF TALK JMr.s. Krc-isor Speaker, Mrs. | I'tillcr.son Soloist for i U. D. C. Mooting | .SkelPhlrig tho life nnd work of Admiral lliiplmol st-innii'H. Confederate hero find C'nplnln of tli« rrnlwr Aln- biiinii. Mrs. Itfilpli KrolHi-r prcM-nlPd n ntlmnlntliiK lulk for nnjinbtrn of Mlldrf-d J/o- (Minuter, United Dangh- tpr« of i'onfodfnii'y, Tuesday afternoon. SlinrliiK lho program with Mrs. Krplupr worn, MTH. C.'. .1. Pallor- non, contralto Hololwt, nnd Mm. Uloa- nah Mull Uolinn. nr'ooinpnnlHt. Tli« inpctlng. thp fli-Bt IhlH Bcawon for MlUlrf-d l./c^ Chapter, wu« held ii.l tho homo of MI-H. .r. II. Smlthey, •124 Triistun nvfiin-. nnd'was pro- cfidc<1 by u (li»»H<"i't liinrlicon. Mrs. (J. M. ArmiitroiiK prccldnd ovr-r tho biiKliit'PH hour, nt which innltPm lie- riiinulntlriK during vacation were dl.i- Att'MidlnK WPIT MPSilfiniPN O. M. roMK. J. i'. ('onry, Siilll- Cnmp- ' hMI, W. I''.. Kdnr.ll, A. K. Illlfhcock, !•;. H llnrvr-y, MfB«l.. Hliodffi. W. J. Shnff-r, .(. \V. U'rlRht. Albert Hunch, j Knnnl.' MrCullfli, \\'. H. GolilhiK, I 1 '. I II. HotilnHon, Itnlph Krflder nnd J. i II. Nmlthry. Ilonoriiiff Ml»s Llclitt Elxlo T.,lnhtl, who IB leaving soon to ontPr Northwr>»t Christian Bible f.'ollPRn al Eugene, Orpgort, WON Htirpi'l*r>d Tuesday pyonlnff at a furewoll party given by Mm. Kvclyn TliwinfiM at. her homo, 2000 1 r orrent nvniK!. I'rlzns In gnmr-g went to M!BK ICIoanor Berry. LcOra Miller and Klitln Lli'htl, Tho lionoreu refcolvod muny pleaHliiB farewell gifts, llr>- fri'ahinnnlH worn served with places arranged for tho hoBleas and O. A. Gary Kiln. Chamborlln ICula 1'urt.lo 1'Jleanor Berry HOBO Mario Allen Snyder Uiith Khelton MIHBO8— KlHlo Uchtl I.eOra Miller Of rlrurtc Anabol Hulmo TO IIOI.D fv\l,K McmbfTB of tho l.ndl-H' Aid Society of FlrHl r'renhytfi Inn church will hold their nnmml ruiiiniHKf wilii No vnmbcr 5. (i and 1 at a downtown utore, tho location <»f whlrh ulll In- announced later. rM'IAHANT VACATION After IS duy« In miiny H lilai'cx .\lrn. .1. K. Mf'iill. mid her inotlii'i-, MTM. II. S. HtrlK'ilnian huvn rfturiu'd from n. nmtor trip. Thry vlHltfd YiiHomltp, Mod"«lii, Hnoni tnentu, Rr'ii'.i. J-'dii l'"ra nclwcn nnd (inl<luml nnd Mlnyd for n Hluirl llrin- lit Kincnild liny. 1,/iUo TiihiM>. They nrrlvr-d b-ini" Hnlunlnv. Amaranth Members Welcome Officers j In iiddltlnn to KiiHinivlIlP niPinhprf. '-10 nut of town KunfiiH «athrr"d for i the iifftclnl vlnlt of MI-M. l.onlso I 1 . i Kennedy of l-'i-fsno and AnMIn <;rl^- i wolil of KiiRl- Hui'U, Krnnd royal ma- I t run /itnl Knitiil rtiynl pnlron. order i of thu Ainnrnnth at Kii«finvllle ro- i rently. A'tti-ndliiK from horn wna Mrs. llinllv llMtelli' M;irkM, royal matron of MnkcrKflr-id Cinirl No. 32, who ' arrived homo thlw morning. A fratiin 1 of l.he giilliorliiK was a plcnli- nt Cli-ar Cre-Mt .Sunday. A visit to Hlchop. Munn I.iiko nnd f.filto Tali ne WIIM In'-lud'Hl In i hi- exiMirHlon. I''or Mrs. Minimal) I Upon reaching tho age of 79 years, ] Mrt<. Annie N. Shunmn, 811) Twen- j tloth Mrort, wna complimented at a I dinner party arranged by her dnngh- | tor, Mm. I.olla 13. Ferrcll, Munday j evening. Mrs. Lola Dunn, whoso i birthday u\in wan September 13, was ! a gut-mi of honor and another special i guest wtiH Mr«. Marie Frlesen. ! Tho honoree, n native of Virginia, In n widow of the Into Dr. 1'hllllp Hluirnan and In n former choir director, voice teacher and trained nurse. In her long career she also was post- mlstrctia for several years. Many KUOHIH culled Informally through the nftornoon. A nhower of glflH was presented. ; Jcnnlngo-McCoHnni Wedding Fifty guests witnessed the ceremonies which united Miss Margaret Jennings, tho daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hoy II. Jennings arid T. D. McColhim, (ho son of Mr», Merman Holland, recently at. tho hbmo of tho bride, SOO Qulncy strr-ot. The ceremony wiut rend by Bishop John Hunting Of tho Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Suluts, Frank Housa, pianist, played tho bridal chorus from "Lohengrin." Mrs. Hubert Jennings, the bride's «lstor-ln-law, acted as matron of honor, and M|HH Florence Jennings, a sister, and'Miss Juanltu. Haney were tho bridesmaids. Mr. Jennings gavo ht« daughter In marriage. Robert Jennings, brother of tho brldo, acted as best man and Margaret Madeira, her niece, acted as flower girl. An altar was Improvised between thn living room and dining room and was decorated with ferns and roses. A buffet supper followed tho ceremony. Both young people were graduated from tho local schools. The brldo- groom IH employed locally by tho Hanta Ko Company. They will live temporarily ut 800 Qulncy street. Mrs. McCollum was gowned In a long white tullo dresn and carried Cecil Brunor roses. Miss Jennings wore a blue creyo dress and Miss Haney selected a pink crepe frock, both wearing formal gowns. At i Mr. nnd Mrs. W. R do Bllller, 71.1 | , Jrl'ferwon Htrcet, who hnvo boon va- i ' catlnnlng at trfigunu lleaoh since, j ! early In July, uro prolonging their j j sojourn th"ro until lute In Heptom- I lift 1 . They nre residing at 260 Iji ; rirea Htreet. ! Homo Krom .Sceptic Trip Mr. and Mrs. J. S. lloll and daughter Sandra Leo and Mr. nnd Mr«. C. O. Manuel hnvo returned from a two weeks' weenie vacation trip which took them over more tlinn IIOOO miles of country. Their Journey took them through many Interesting cities, Including Sat-rnmenlo, where they stopped for ...""' ; tho California State Fair. They vis- In Fox HOIIIB llcU Klnmftth Ulke . C rater Lake, Mrs. (..rrtrude McMlllcn, of LOH lho Co ,, imbltt Rlver highway, Port- Angol«-H, mule cerroiary of the 1-ed- ]nn(] SNlU , p _ Vancouver and British oration of Mineralogy HocletloH, IKIH c o | llm i,| a been fipondlng nevcral dayn with Th ,, ,.„,'„,.„ trlp waH mn(]o by ! Mrs. 1'hlla Fox. She will return to I Sn , ni]] Blopp , nB for lllo Oregon State Fair and down the roust highway of Oregon nnd on tho Redwood highway In California. The travelers enjoyed stopping In San Francisco and San Jose. At l bo latter city they visited Mr. and Mrs. D. B. 1'earson, returning through the scenic Santa Cruz coun attend a ronvent Ion, January 2 nnd his New ZENITH is the Radio Everyone Is Talking About! " WITHAM & BOOTH Kox Tltcutur Ihiildinjj; •JO 15 U Slm-1 1 M\one Our lixpfriencf try and down to their home. tho Pacific highway , Entertain Itelutlvcs Mr. and Mrs Harry BlnnB, 1911 I' j Btroet, are entertaining Mr. Blnm*' mother, Mrs. J. A. Blnna of Denver. Colo. Tho visitor, who Is a nonagcn- Junior College "Frosh" Have Good Books to Guide Them on Campus The "freshman's bible," neatly monogrammcd with the Initials of Bakorsfleld Junior College and deeo- rntcd In traditional red and white, Is steering "peagreeners" through tho early days of tho fall semester of tho ocal junlo^ college. The "bible" is i small handbook containing many a tip for tho Incoming freshman and :an be used by any seasoned collegian, It Is reported. It lists the student body officers elected last spring and features President Jess Jones' welcome at Its beginning. Messages to new and old students from Miss Grace Bird, dean of tho college, and II. A. Splndt, principal, are Included. Tho comic element of collegiate life is reflected In a sum-up of activities listing such extra-curricula as: "Campus ' politics—nature In ,the raw"; "bull session—wind-up of two or more students seeking aid in study"; "apple polishing—best known method of reforming a C to a B." Rules of athletic eligibility, clubs, honor fraternities and the constitution and by-laws of tho Associated Students arc also listed. VAGAlNTALKS ENJOYEDJY CLUB Club Members Tell Lively Experiences of Travel This Summer TVTRS. WILLIAM BRADSHAW - 1 *- 1 - will discuss work among tho southern mountaineers and Mrs. J. II. Colcman will present a report of a synod meeting in Pasadena in July when members of the Missionary Society of First Presbyterian Church meet Thursday afternoon at 2 :.10 o'clock at the church. Mrs. W. S. Licbendofer will conduct dcvoUonals. Hostesses will be Mrs. Eva Dye, Mrs. John Sholl and Mrs. J. Brown. Mrs. Carl Lowe will preside. The executive board convened Tuesday morning at Tiny's Waffle Shop on Chester avenue for a business session to. outline the 1936-37 season. Vacation talks provided fun and Interest at a dinner meeting of the local SoroptlnilRts club on Tuesday evening at El Tcjon Hotel. At the busloss meeting at which Mrs. Porter Turner, president, presided. Miss Dorothy Wilkinson was chosen regional council member. Miss Anna Maude Anderson, senior regional council member, and Miss Wilkinson will attend a meeting of the co.uncll to bo held October 10 and 11 at Berkeley. Long Tours Mrs. Nellie Denslow, who made an extensive tour of Europe; and Miss Gertrude Ganzenhuber and Miss Zel mlra Domcnlcl, who traveled In tho orient, will bo called upon for nrlan. made the trip to California I lengthy reviews of their trips at a with her son, Sam Minns, of Hulldii, j Colo., and her son-in-law and daughter. Mr. nnd Mrs. James tlurns, and Miss Hny Blnnfi, all of Denver. Tho other members of tho motor party also vlnltcid here and arc now In San P'ranelnco. Tho local man's mother will rejoin her on Saturday. party In San Dlcgo To School In Davenport MlHB kiln Sprowl, the daughter of Mr. and Mm. J. H. Sprowl. 1708 Twenty-fourth «trcpt, alumna of tho local grammar and high BchoolH and active worknr among voting people of Flr«t MothodlHl church, loft August 20 for Davrtiiport. Iowa., to i outer Palmer School of Chiropractic 1 . I MIsH Sprowl was head of the young pooplo'H department at First Methodist church for four years. • * * Thotii Tim Tholii Members of Theta Tau Theta sorority will moot tonight at S o'clock at tho homo of Mine ISIIzabcth Mc- Cilnn, 2^yo H Htroet, for a regular HOKHlon. Mrtt. Hao Redfern will pro- Hide.. • * • (iniiuiM XI Chapter Uamina XI chapter of Delta Theta Tan Bororlty will moist this evening tit 8 o'clock ul headquarters of tho Coca Cola Company on Nineteenth strcot. • * * Signm Phi (iamma Mem born of Sigma Phi Gamma Hororlty will meet Thursday night In tho woman's club ton room. ! Knights Pythias to Plan for Reception To plan for a visit of tho grand chancellor. .lame.i IV Salem of 1*08 Angeles. Sinniior Lodge No. H3, KnlghtH of V'ytlilns. will meot Thnrn- clay night at 604 I.ako Plrcot. C. P. Badger will preside In the ul-sonco of George Cooper, chancellor i commander. Offlcera uro asking: a representative attendance to plan for Mr. Su- lom'H visit. tneotlng. Alaskan adventures were recounted vividly for tho members by Mrs, H. U. Lufkln. Mrs. J. F. O'Neill and Mrs. A. B. Tleck who made the trip this summer. Mrs. O'Neill told of visiting a m opting of a credit managers bureau at Juncau. To Klnnitith Among other Interesting travels re- portod wore trips of Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Marguerite Follansbeo to Klam alh Kails, Miss Dorothy Somcrvlllo and Miss Dorothy Wilkinson to Portland nnd Seattle and the latter to Victoria. B. C.; Mrs. K. W. Cowart to Indiana. Miss Anna Welner who spent eight weeks attending summer session nt Santa Barbara State Teachers' College, and other members who vacationed within tho borders of the state. REBEKAH LODGE'S HISTORLRELAIED Members • Mark Eighty-fifth 1 Anniversary of Founding of Organization Celebrating tho eighty-fifth anniversary of Rebekah Odd Fellowship, a ceremony was held by Bakersfleld Rebekah Lodgo No. 47 last evening at I. O. O. F. hall. Mrs. Rosa Marks, past president of tho Rebekah Assembly of Utah gave a 10-mlnute talk on the foundation of the order In 1851 in Baltimore. Call for Talks Mrs. W. J. Ferguson sang "pur Yesterdays," accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Mary B. Hampson. Mrs. Rene Wiles, noble grand, called on all past noble grands of tho local lodge who wero present for tho date they joined the order and tho year they served as noblo grands. Plans were furthered for tho annual Halloween ball October 27 at I. O. O. F. hall. Mrs. P. C. Anderson heads the committee, assisted by Mrs. Gertrude Williams Campbell and Mrs. Lentls Myers. Guests Present Distinguished guests present in eluded Mrs. Essie K. Murray, warden of tho assembly; Mrs. Rosa Marks, past president of the Re bekah .Assembly of Utah; W. F. Marks, past grand master of Utah; P. C. Anderson, past grand master of Arizona: Mrs. Harloy O. Williamson, of L,ost Hills, district deputy president of district No. 36. Other visitors wero present from Wasco, Taf t, Fellows, Arroyo Orande, Lemoore, and other centers. Supper Enjoyed Refreshments were served at tables In tho banquet rooms, decorated with yellow flowers. Tho committee on arrangements for entertainment and refreshments Included Mesdames E. C. Klmberloy, chairman; Mrs. Frank Stanton, Mrs. E. A. Me- 'utcheon, and Mrs. W. R. Drumm. Drill practice was announced for Tuesday evening, September 22, at 7:30 o'clock, at I. O. O. F. hall. San Pranclsco Is drill team captain. « i » Carry Now Lino The nationally advertised Enna Jettlck Shoes for women are now sold at the Family Shoe Store, it was announced today. Now suedes, gab- erdines, kldsklns In popular colors are available in the now lines, it is reported. To Be Host to Younger Set' at Informal Hop on Friday Evening Everything Is reported In readiness for the first fall' dance of the season to bo sponsored by Baker*field Chapter Order of Do Moluy In. tho Masonic temple ballroom.. Ffl-. day evening, according to Leonard Tiuroskl, who Is In charge of the details. The admission Is set at a small charge. Music Is by Everett Jones and his t>and, dancing will be from 0 to 12 o'clock; Tickets may be purchased from any DeMolay at. high school or Junior college, It Is announced. - ' To Hold Initiation Thursday evening, five candidates will bo given their Do 'Malay degree by the 'crack degree team of the chapter. They are Max Baylesi?. Jr., Herbert MalouC, Bob Malouf. * Philip Hartley and Gene Ttossr These boys were given 'their first degre6 on Kern river earlier In the summer. Refreshments and entertainment will be provided by Bill Louder and Darwin Clow. Charles Moore, master councilor, will 1 preside over thu degree and the meeting. • • . . Leo Boyd, ritual adviser, polished off the degree team at a' practice Tuesday evening. The team'will bo composed of Bill Lueder, Leonard' Turoskl, Francis Jackson, Leo Schmidt, Harry McBratney, Floyd Stevens, Fred Dlebel, Gerald Thompson, Ralph Jackson and the three councilors, Charles Moore, Jack Cutright and Paul Martin. Valley Meet It was officially announced at tho last meeting that the next De Moldy valley meeting will bo held in , Bak- ersfleld, with Bakersfleld chapter as host, on Saturday evening, October 3, • in conjunction with Frontier Days. « « • DETAILED TO HOLLYWOOD SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. JO. (U. P.) . Captain Richard T. Schlosberg, of the U. S. army signal corps, wan ordered today to leave for Hollywood to study the technique of motion picture production. On completion of his studies tho captain » will go to Washington to assist Major M. E. Gillette at the signal corps photographic laboratory. Mrs. A. G. Teel has called a meet- Ing of tho executive board of Horace Mann t'. T. A. for Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at tho school. Mrs. Marjorle Fngln will present the program for the year for approval and discussion. Wnys and means of raising the budget will also bo taken under consideration. All officers and chairmen are asked to bo present HH thiH meeting Is announced as an Important one. Tho executive board of tho Haw thorne P. T. A. will meet Thursday, September president, 17, at thu homo of tho Mrs. N. A. Llndstrom. 1316 Twenty-fifth street, ccrs uro urged to attend. • t • All offl FRATERNAL *£ast Resource" makes ugly itchy PIMPLES DISAPPEAR IN 3 WEEKS "Disagreeable surface pimples and bright red patches broke out ou my face and forehead. They itched and i my appearance made me miserable. I i tried several ointments to no avail. Then 1 purchased some Cuticura Soap , ... ,,. „ and Ointment nnd In three weeks my eahoniaa No. 154. mei at \\, O. ... complexion waa clear and smooth I «'*» Tuesday owning. Plrfns were i again." (JSigHtd) Miss S. Fortier, 9SQ j made for fall meetings. Prizes will i w»^.»>.> A... n...>i. n . r-oi | bo offered In tho competition, sho Unliertsfleld L,oi1go Bakercflelil Jjodge No. 224, F. and A. M.. will hold a apodal mooting In lho Masonic toniplo Thursday evo nine: commencing al 7:30 o'clock Tho third ilegrea will bo conferred William A. Snare, worshipful inns tor, will preside. There will bo re freshmenU and entertainment. Iltisy Hour Club Members of lho Busy Hour Sowing Club will hold their flrsl meellng of lho autumn season Krlday afternoon al 2 o'clock nl Memorial hall. Uo- freuhinents will bo served. Mra. Nora Mason, president, Is requesllng a full nllendatico. Talk on Publicity Given at Lodge Meet Mrs. Palma Black, newly appointed eouthorn California district publicity chairman for 26 councils, spoko on a publicity contest, when members of I.nokawanna Council, Degree of Po- DON'T SCRATCH, SOOTHE THE IRRITATION Quick relief from the maddening itch of eczema, psoriasis, poison ivy, and irritation about the rectum or personal parts is obtained by applying an ointment called Resinol. Leave it on over night. It lessens tho desire to scratch, and eases the irritation. The soothing effect*of Resinol takos tho sting out of the irritated parts and makes you comfortable. The skin heals sooner, too, with the help of Resinol. The oily base of Resinol Ointment is ideal for penetrating the outer layers of the skin and securing deeper action. Bathing the affected parts first -with Resinol Soap hastens tho effectiveness of Resinol Ointment. Many nurses suggest and use Resinol — why don't you try it? Buy Resinol Ointment and Soap in any drug store. For free sample, write to Resinol, Dept. 4, Baltimore, Md. At the first SNIFFLE.. Quick 1—the unique aid for preventing colds. Especially designed for nose and upper throai. where nioaf colds start. VICKS VA-TRO NOL 30t double quantity 50c Worcester Ave^ Pasadena, Cal. okin and «calp conditions of external origin when you use Cuticura. Buy I BOTH today. FREE eamples by writ| Ing "Cuticura" Dept. 33, Maldon, Mass. SOAP and UlHTMtNT TRIP T1IKOUG1I KAST VlWArd. lho sou of Mr. and Wllllnm J. Vliwrd. left recently for a trip through th* eaetprn states.! planning to visit In New York City, T'l.iInflpM, X. .T.. Hud oUnn- points Ho will rulurn in o*rly Oclobor. MONTEREY REFINISfflNG Furniture or Homes Furniture Rcfinishcd in Our Shop, If Desired ESTIMATES GIVEN ALSO PAINTING AND PAPERHANGING SCOTT PAINT STORE T1S P Street, Phone 361MV PIANOS RENTED, SOLD For as little as $4.00 per month you may rent a fine piano, and arrangements can be made so that if you later decide to buy we will allow you full credit for the amount of rental paid on the purchase of any piano. Many Fine Bargains NEW and Used Don C. Preston Nineteenth and H Streets PIANO TUNING and Repairing First Class Guaranteed Work Hawley Cogswell • Best of References Seventeen Years In Bakersfield 1128 JEFFERSON STREET Phone 5714 LUNCH Served From U a- m. to 3:30 p, m. Beit in the City 35c Bakerilleld's Finest Caie St. Francis Cafe 1717 Chester Avenue (AIM Mo I* 4*9 Olvk BrMkfMt) SUN KOKQ HERB CO. CONSULTATIONS FREtt * " Wonderful herbs for chronic and acute atlmenU of the kidneys. liver, stomach trouble, etc. Especially effective -for alt Jtlnd*, of venereal diseases. • Herb* offer immediate relief, K St., Coriw of

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