The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 1, 1950
Page 11
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MONDAY, MAY 1, 1950 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELKV1M . OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople IIGWT NOW), M A.30R, X'M vJofise A 50ITOM1W6 GIMM6 A COOPtE O^ V1E6KST03ATZ.UPMY WiMD ANJD L66S AM' / AN 1 WHERE BETTER THASJ OM TH' RAILROAD? TH' BEST SPLINTERS IN TH' WORLD, TH' FINEST CINDERS, TH' SHARPEST BALLAST ROCK., AN' EVENS HOT ER COLP STEEL-WHICHEVER. TH 1 WEATHER. IS.' CJlteSLB irW'MKTTRESS/- ARE VOL) READV FOR A BOXING SO OR A WRESTLING MATCH ? , WE COULD PICt< UP A SUMMER. VACATION FEET TOUGHENEt? UP BEFORE SCHOOL LETS THE H gOY-J'S 6MTJ.' THE OUD CONFIDENCE BORN THIRTY VEARS TCO SOOM KKKCKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS Frustrated BY MEIUULL BLOiftU Political Announcement The Courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic, primaries. July 25 and August 8 rOK COUNT* JUDGE Roland Green torn. STATE REPRESENTATIVE L. H. Autry M-tUction Post No. 1 John Cowan • Kenneth S. Sulcer ..i. post No. 2 X. O. "Gene" Fleeman (Tor re-election Post No. 4) For SlaU Senator W. R. Nicholson J. Lee Beardon Our Telephone Number 4438 Shclton Motor Co. *DUant Sim i 1950 bf Herman ) NEA SERVICE. INC BY HERMINA BLACK THE STOIIYl I* niirhorj «ni • mnll ilnnchlrr Amlierlejr wtia brulker Pier* 1'ler. ultk III. "I" J<"» • klld rV LOAN S ON CARS, TRUCKS AND TRACTORS tMted Insurance Main Rear Citj Drat Blytheville, Ark. pulling the rt-hfflll*' hM to b«d. Srrl* «*"> Jol » MU«r- In Ironl ol Clemr-ncy J«» '»- unlc* ricnionry l» Hl-1r«»nnK bn nt Syiie'a l«*<i(Enll<*» ••• t«r *aj« he didn't mran It. \ FTER a morning of Irritntion, " the scene between Jon Am- last I ant" would like Baba—If she wer* behaving herself—to be brought downstairs after tea. . T>Y the time her charge was safe*-* ly up for the night, the weather showed signs of clearing; but even if the rain hacJ still been torrential. Clemency knew that she could not have stayed in another minute Warning Louille to listen In east Baba woke up and wanted anything, she put on her mackintosh, and tying a handkerchief over her head, sallied forth. Clemency hesitated. It would soon be very dark., and though berley and Syrie was the strasv for Clemency Norton. "I hope you didn't mean it," she 1 somewhere up there a mooo was repeated. "It's upsetting for any growing towards the full, its light child to have to stay indoors day | would probably be dimmed. But after day," she said, Keeping her I she felt she needed more freedom voice even with an eSort, "and of exercise than lust walking Baba is very highly strung. But round the tiled paths of the court- she has been extremely naughty yard gave scope for. and decided all the morning, and now she 15)10 gc along the road: she would thoroughly excited. 11 1 may say so," she looked at Syrie. "I think it would have been better U Mr. Amberley had not interfered. I ran usually coax her round—unless she thinks that somebody else ' i8 on her side—" '- "You limply ruin Baba, Jon! exclaimed Syrie, with such cold viciousness Uiat Clemency was startled. "You always have made a fool of yourself over the child, and you've no right «o Interfere to the liursery. Miss Norton knowi be<1 what Is good for Baba and U •1 were her, 1 would not put up hardly be likely to meet anyone unfriendly. About half a mile along, the road forked, one portion of it running down to the banks of the small river which watered th« oasis. There were some flat stones, and sitting down on one of them, Clemency pulled the handkerchief ofl her hair, and raising her face, took a deep breath- She remained musing while the African darkness, which falls like suddenly dropped cloak, had come down over the land. She was trying to make up h«r Ithe least likely danger you might | meet," he replied. "Sitting about on boulders without first investigating what may b« lurking around, is not an altogether safe pastime in these part*. St. Patrick never visited Algeria." "Snakes!" exclaimed Clemencj. Oh. no. I never dreamt o« snakes." "Quite seriously, Miss Norton,he said, "you ought not to be as far from the house as this, alone after dark I can vouch pretty well tor the regular inhabitant* of Sldl Barata, but there I* always the chance of that wandering nomad who might h»« dishonest Intentions; or even »<nne m«d fanatic That great space is no* altogether uninhabited — we've had some queer characters drift tn occasionally. And even here there art echoes of what is brewing farther East—though, thar* goodness, they are faint at present." She Mid half apologetically: -J didnt really mean to stay oul I long. 1 only came for a breath of fresh air." Reading between the Hnes. he understood more clearly than she would have given him credit tor doing. "I gather there was a spot ot trouble today." Clemency felt that she did net want to discuss tt with him"Oh—nothing very much," she said, and could have kicked herself. Why must she sound so priro and "governessy." Just because she wai talking to Pten Amberley? My niece can be sometning ol And that THATS STARTING,iwe G&ME. OFF, Nurry/ Goooey; ,YOU'RE THROUGH/ "Now if anybody on the Blue Devils signs, up with a big league team through a movie agent ' " , he's firedi VERMKEB RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics A*r Make or Model Prompt Service | Reasonable Pricet- Priori. 2642 W« Pick Up and Deliver Fred Callihan 110 So. First St., Blylhevill* ^th"you7"literference7or a min-|mind to move, when the sound of I " J^'^/^JJ^St „» a quick, firm step on the road I Thaf was perhaps not quite (air, behind her made her turn her head ^ •»£ ^^^^ ^ but wuhou, w^ng tc^hear ^ sharpl^ £ ^^ ^ | ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ What on earth are of the boust now. "1 will go to more Jon Amberley, .._ _ anger, flung out of the room, shut- were a ghost! ,..._. ™ -—»• — i r-«~i -lost rvio™>) Am ting the door sharply behind him. you doing here. Miss Norton?" ex- | this way. Goo<l night. Colonel Am- Syrie shrugged her shoulders. I claimed Piers Amberley. would utterly ruin her U b* were I ^ I'm not a ghost. I'm equally allowed to." 1 relieved to flnd that you not a Clemency made no comment; I wandering nomad.' the whole scene had been ex- Clemency was already oo her tremely distasteful Syrie only feet; her heart was beating very ; lingered to tell her that she was fast Indeed now. expecting soma friends tomorrow,' "A wandering nomad is pertap* berley, and—thank ytn." "Good night—•. But sh« had already opened the door lending to Ox nursery courtyard. H closed softly, and she was gow. Piers pauaed to light a cifaret before be rccumed hi* walk. An odd young woman. Difficult to get to know. 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THAT'S fHOW StMXfl IT n*» DftN'S CASE..TW lW9HTH> DO»r»» WITH OWE HE CARRIED \BOCK9,/UID r*Ot**.V tlS.OOO IN WHEU VWttttOFF T»f UMtt HIS PlftME CBA9HEO I'D KWOW IT, ANVWHERE! BUT THIS flKE WOHT ASTTEM MINUTES! THEM THE KMTLESMAKES- fcW HMD SOME- THIHG IW THIS POOL IHAT-WUPi HIT SOMETH1N3 THAT FELT LIKE MILE NIKI LOOKS FOC THE CHE WMLS fOK A WAV Iff EVEN IF WE HAP * UUE TXESE'e HO tiki TO HOOK ' GOOD: ^v^VBE HIS I?ETIKN WILL HAVE A. THERAPEUTIC EFFECT ON PO0Z. OL.P O5Ct*X: R 1 **-..' 5HCULD ARRIVE IN \ SAN FCKNCISCO I TOMOBPOSV MOENING,' ALLEY RECEIVED OUK CABLE ALL (75CAE.V RIGHT.. AND HE'S BOOM \ ON HIS WAY HOME SHOCKED BY THE FAILURE Of H15 SCHEME TO FINANCE: A FLIGHT TO THE FT-ANET VENUS. THW HE WENT DG>W FOK. THE COUNT. BY EDGAR MAJRT1M BOOTS AND HER ItUDDIES

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