The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 9, 1971 · Page 44
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 44

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 9, 1971
Page 44
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Child Crime On Increase (C) 1971 N.Y. Times News Service NEW YORK - Crime by children, some of it serious and committed by youngsters not yet in their teens, is becoming a problem of growing concern to parents, the police and school authorities across the country. While it is not new, juvenile authorities generally agree that the problem has grown substantially worse in the last fewj years, both in the number of offenses and their seriousness. And while there are no national statistics to back it up, there is a feeling that both the victims and the perpetrators are getting younger. For the most part, the crimes are "petty" in terms of the money or property involved — shakedowns for funch money, bicycle thefts, pilfering from school lockers —but some are serious and violence is not uncommon. "We've had just about everything in schools short of murder," said Harry S. Hodgins Jr., chief security supervisor for the Baltimore city schools, "everything from ordinary shakedowns for lunch money right through armed robbery in the halls at pistol point." Off the school grounds, the problem is worse. The Baltimore police report that last year there were 12,835 arrests of suspects under 18, up from 10,594 in 1969. Moreover, in the age group 10 years and under, there were 526 arrests, including one for murder, 22 for robbery, 169 for burglary, six for auto theft, 12 for arson, nine for aggravated assault, 104 for larceny and four for narcotics violations. In the 11-12 age group, 1.214 were arrested, including four for forcible rape, 62 for robbery, 20 for aggravated assault, 290 for burglary, 282 for larceny, 38 for auto theft, 8 for arson and 27 on narcotics charges. In Los Angeles, as in most other cities, bicycle theft has become commonplace, and the police department there is considering creating a 25-man "bike section" to handle the problem. In the Roslindale section of Boston, a woman complained that "in our neighbohood, I hear you can go up to a kid In front of the local ice cream shop and say you want a 10- speed Peugeot racing bike and he'll ask you what color." Although not considered the f most serious child crime problem — shakedowns and "muggings" are regardrd as more dangerous — bicycle thefts are probably the best indicator of the growth of crime committed t by children against other children. TfHe police and other juvenile authorities generally agree that the other categories, particularly shakedowns, are not reported as often because of the threat of reprisal and the generally lower dollar value of any stolen property. Almost every major city now has a stolen bike room where youngsters can look over those recovered to see if theirs is among them. Bicycle thefts have increased 70 per cent in Los Angeles in nine years, a fairly typical increase among large cities queried. Less reliable are the figures! on shakedowns, a serious problem in and around almost all j big-city schools and at piny- grounds, ballparks and a n y- where else that children gather. Robert Ehrmnn, a disciplinary officer in the Sacramento school system, says instances of extortion, hacked up by threats, are increasing more noticably than other probtems. "It's usually a two-or-three- kids-on-one thing," he said, "extortion or just the sheer delight of scaring the hell out of some small kid." The greatest increase and highest incidence is from the fifth or sixth grade through the nine grade, Erhman observed, a pattern reported by most other school officials. Although the problem of petty extortion is not a new one — a Pittsburgh school principal recalls a situation 12 years ago in which one student demanded and got 50 cents from another student each school day for two years — juvenile officials say it has grown serious within the last three to five years in most areas. The reasons given by police and school officials vary, but those most often cited are "a general breakdown" in family discipline, racial animosities and changing school patterns THE FAMILY CIRCUS "Those new neighbors don't look like a mommy and daddy. They look like a boy and girl. " Over 22,000 Graves City's Oldest Cemetery Is Constantly Improved that place poor children in contact with the more affluent. The general increase in crime by all groups is also cited. For whatever reasons, juvenile crime rates have been rising far faster than the adult rate. From I960 through I960, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, police arrests for all criminal acts except traffic violations rose 31 per cent, while arrests of those under 18 more than doubled a pace more than four times the population increases in the 10 to 18 age group. Adult arrests for violent crimft in the same period went up 66 per cent, while for juveniles they increased 167 per cent. Beats A Deadline And Receives Bonus LOS ANGELES (AP) Three Dog Night delivered the master tape of its next- album, "Harmony," half an hour before its deadline and ABC-Dunhill paid a $200,000 bonus. As the time approached, the group's managers took the tape from the mastering lab to the label via armored truck. The last recording session ended at 4:30 a.m., the tape spent 12 hours in the mastering lab and the truck arrived at the company's office at 4:36 p.m. It had to be there by 5. Eastside Cemetery looks like what it is —Hutchinson's oldest burying ground. It is crowded with markers of every vintage, many varieties of trees and shrubs and a big population of chirping birds. Although a veteran institution, Eastside, at Cleveland and U. has a well-kept, well- manicured, well-watered look. "We try to go over it every day and constantly make improvements," said Les Martin, Eastside office manager. Recently the mausoleum and office building were painted. The cemetery has its own .sprinkler wafer system and plenty of water from which the city, which owns it, and the grass remains green through dry weather. Two of the cemetery's six sections are re- seeded with grass each year. Next project, said Martin, will be platting of seven acres on the south side of the cemetery, called the Wall Street addition. The original plot, of 25 acres, surrounded by the reformatory, elevators, various industries and some residences, contains between 22.000 and 25,000 graves. The mausoleum with 122 spaces still has 78 vacancies. The original free burial area, called the county lot. is still in use. It is marked with a few wooden crosses and a few tombstones. Eastside was taken over by the city in 1950 after serious neglect through the 'Ill's. Since then it has been cleaned up and kept in shape. It is supported by a .3 mill tax levy, bringing in $20,000 a yesir. In addition, revenue comes from sale of lots and putting in graves. Tlv.> cemetery has many visitors, said Martin. Some come to the office to look at records in an attempt to trace family histories. The cemetery board includes Dick Fraley, president, Stanley Winchester, Charles Colladay, Grant Wagiier and Charles Wagner. Robert Smith is the yard caretaker. Hutchinson News Saturday, Oct. 9, 1971 Page 16 TODAY LAST DAY Open 10 am till people stop coming. HURRY!! WIG LIQUIDATION WIGS from $1.99«. $9.95 Wiglets from $1,19 ,,$7.95 NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED! WIG WHOLESALERS 1200 E. 4th Across From Gibson's BankAmcricarcl Master Charge it's a hosiery happening run, don't walk to our annual Cling-alon* panty hose sale . • the figure shop New fast-Draw Savings Account LIVE ALONE? Husband away »t Highlit Protect youritlf «rom INTRUDERS, DOPE ADDICTS with a lew coil security system for your hemt or apartment. From l».W up. Call lie-etl-etM, Preventor Security Systems, Hutchinson. ultra-sheer panty hose Sears Best . . . exclusive Cling-alon nylon panty hose. 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