The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 16, 1936 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1936
Page 4
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TOE BAKERSFIELD CAMFORNUN, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER J«, 1988 New Product Finds Rcndy Popularity With Doth Dealers, Public Independent dealers who liavo nddod the new Economy super-octane gasoline pump to their lino of motor fuels find that It makes a fitting nales compnnlon to tho popular Kcon- omy guurantccd flrnl grndn brand, which lion iilwoys boon a sales loader among Independent dealors, according to Kenneth Iloepko. district manager tar tho Wllshlre Oil Company. "Hundred* of Independent dealers throughout Houlherti California wflro lined up to supply ear ownnrw with thin now gasoline, prior to tho rn- leane of tho announcement of tho new product to tho public through the advertising which IB appearing weekly In this newspaper. Following the opening announcement many additional dealeru have In- dial led tho now Super-Oclano .Economy pumps. "The now Dubbn Cracked IDcon- omy Supor-Ootnno ban been onthu- nldfltically welcomed by Independent dealers and car owners alike nx they discover to their own HaUsfiicllon that tho neoret of Rrmollne performance llos In the refinery—tho new two and a half million dollar refinery bull! to produce thin nowest of evil gasoline. SALES LEADER Pacific Coast Tra4eSaid to Be Increasing in 1936 Kenneth Itorpko, district inn linger, Wllshlro Oil Company, In Makers- field urcii who reports Increasing salon of the now Krniioiny Huper- OrtHiio gasoline In his territory. SWEDEN HTOCIUJOLM, Sept. IB. (IJ. p.}-Tho return of prosperity In Sweden has given n boost to both tho Wrth rate and the number of marriages. (AtnooMet Pruit LtnteA Wire) CAN FRANCISCO, Sept Pacific coast ports aro finding business with foreign countries reaching up to better levels than last year. Gains appear in both export and import trade, Exporters marketed some $22,607,. 028 worth of Pacific! coast products abroad during July—a gain of some i two millions ovur the July 1035 ex- j ports, which totaled 20,003,031). Imports also roso 11 couplo of millions. They totnlnd $16,600,887, com- j pared with $14,672,900. I Tho foreign trade accounted for $30,217,816 worth of btinlneHs for tho Pacific urea—up about 1.2 per cont from the $35,176,004 traffic that crossed coast docka in tho 1886 month. John L. Jiulgo, district manager of the bureau of foreign and domestic commerce, In malting public tho figured, called attention to exports for tho seven month*, which amounted to $157,369,777—about enough to pay for tho Boulder Bam, or roughly equal to all building ao> tlvlty In HID 11 far western nlales during tho name monthH. Tho export. rlne for tho seven months was roughly 11 millions over the Ifllir. period's $14(1,230,080. ImportH rose to $117,282,909 from $01,000,251. Nuggets Sent to Pay Speed Fines Present Problem (Dnltnd Prett Levied VHrt) J£L CERIUTO, Calif, Aug. 5,When A. P. Croft was dunned for a 1934 speed violation fine he sent two gold nuggets which he said ho valued at $7.50. Now Traffic Judge McKltmon faces two dilemmas: First, he munt have the gold assayed to see if it In worth the I7J50, and secondly, he must decide whether its acceptance would be a violation of federal law. Agenda Club Called for Thursday Meet TAFT, Sept. 18.—Tho Agenda Club will meet Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the homo of Mrs. Myrtle Mood to at 400 B street, Taft H*lght«. ThlH IH the flrHt mooting utter tho summer vacation period ami much business IB to be considered. VOTERS: Don't befooled No matter what they call it... . 22 IS A TAX ON YOU! On the November 3rd Ballot there will appear as Proposition 22, an innocent looking measure called tbe "Retail Store License." But don't be misled. It's a 1936 model hidden tax...a new scheme to stifle competition and raise prices. This simple story of two stores explains the plot. •l-l IINCII ITOII CHAIN iroir TOIE MIOtfllMAN (7) Here arc 2 California retail stores. On the outside they look much alike. Each does n good business. But one is a single store, the other has brothers and sisters and is called a chain store. _ The middleman realizes that people trade at a chain store chiefly because it sells for 10 percent less. Since he can't compete with the chain store method, the middleman wants to put chain stores out of business or force them to raise their prices. no) Of course the public will pay (or these profits through an increase in prices on the necessities of life. Out it's just a question of whether the middleman or the public takes the rap. tlNOtl ITOHI CHAIN IIOII MANUrACIUIII MIDDIIMAN IINOtl 8TOM (2) The SINGLE store charges ten per cent higher prices, because it gives credit and delivery service and because it buys through a middleman. ($} Through the California Legislature he lobbies a bill called the "Retail Store License." This unfair bill would levy a special tax ot $1.00 a year on single stores and $500.00 a year on chain stores. IINOll ITOU (n) Who would suspect that an innocent thing like a Retail Store License was another scheme to tax the public and fatten the middleman's pocketbook? Voters might think it was some trifle like a dog license or a fishing license! 5IOU MANWACTUMI CHAIN tTOII (J) The CHAIN store charge* ten per cent lower prices because it eliminates all frills, unnecessary services and in-between expenses and buys directly from producer or manufacturer. (?) That, he figures, may put the chain store out of business so its customers will be forced to pay the higher prices at the single store. If not, the tax can be raised later to $1,500 or $2,500 per store. n-'l MIDDLIMAN imoit STOII CHAIN ITOIt CHAIN ITOII (s) At least the chain store will be forced immediately to raise its prices and thus lose business. But wait. Some of the public ld suspect. Shortly after this hidden-tax bill passed the Legislature, 136,000 indignant California voters signed a petition that put it on the ballot at the next general election. Now the voters can say a word for themselves. We think that word will be "NO." \4j You may remember, at one time the middleman sold goods to all retailcrs.That was when the high cost of living was our biggest headache. But today the chain store eliminates the middleman nnd the middleman's profits. So the middleman is opposed to chain stores (wouldn't you be—if you were a middleman?) JINOll ITQIf CHAIN ITOII sioie CHAIN STOKC 9 In cither cnse competition will be less. So the single store can raise its prices and still get more business. This means fatter profits for the middleman who sells to the single store. So what it all adds up to is this: the innocent sounding Retail Store License is a scheme to subsidize the single store and wholesaler by taxing the public. 22 is a tax on you, Vote NO on Proposition 22. 22 IS A TAX ON YOU! ON PROPOSITION CALIFORNIA CHAIN STORES ASSOCIATION Western Gulf in Two Completions Fivo hundred barrels per day has •o«n added to Western Otilf Oil Coin' 'any'a production In .FrultValo Field >y completion of two more walls. In lie north part ot thq field, Edward vest No. 2 on section 21, 28-27, has »oen complolod for 800 barrels of 23 ravlty oil dally from 3837 foet. In he south on section 26, Red Ribbon o. 5 IH good for 200 barrels daily f IB gravity crude from 8459 feet. The crown have spudded A. C. •Vest No. 1 on section 21, and are Igftlnff up No. 6 on the Red Ribbon anch, ono location south ot No. 6, n section 26. Maricopa Wildcat Drilling Resumed Maricopa Oil Corporation, listed ndcr tho namo of drilling Con- factor IS, A. Bender, Is ngaln drill- iff Its wildcat In tho foothills south- riHt of Maricopa, soctlon 14, 10-13, fter a period of idleness. Ten and hreo-quartors casing IH cemented at 44 feet on a small showing of light II, and tho holo now Is down to ap- roxlmately 1200 feet. Second Well Slated on Mabry Property Tom Mabry'a 80-ocre piece in middle Mountain View Field, section 8, 30-20, which Is tinder lease to tandard Oil Company, was among ho lust leasns to bo drilled as It wan ar from tho field us first outlined, towever, tho field has crept out to , and one well flowing 200 barrels ally has bnen completed and now not her, Mabry No. a, IB slated to e drilled on JIcrmoHa road, ono lo- allon east. This will partly offset 10 proposed project of Mid-State 'etroloum Company on the canal In ho next section south. Ohio Plans New Wildcat in Area East of Grapevine ~\NE of the most Inveterate wild^ catters In southern San Joaquln volley, the Ohio Oil Company, la going to try again In tho southeast corner cost of Grapevine, 2 miles north of Rcsorvo OH & Gas Com- mny's 83-2 which has struck favor- abln showings at 447'! feet. The 122-foot steel derrick from the company's abandoned T|tle Insur- anco No. 1 on section 30, il»6 has been moved 4 miles northwest to the now location where It is being rigged up to drill at a site 330 feet north and 1672 feet West of the east quarter-corner of section 21. The project Is called No, T. I. T. D-l. VICTIM IDENTIFIED SAN FRANCISCO, Sept, 16. (a. P.)—Tho body of a hit-run victim, killed here lost Wednesday", has been Identified as that of Frank Muren, of San Francisco. Jamas A. Ross, of Sacramento, charged with responsibility for tho death, Is being held In Jail awaiting trial. Big Expenditures Result l?rojh New Meld Operations TNDIRECT benefits to southern San Joaquln valley from Shell Oil Company's discovery at Ten Section field, west of Old River, are estimated io greatly 6v6i> shadow the direct benefits of the employment of three drilling crews and men to run the absorption plant. Considerable sums are being paid to landowners all over the valley floor for leases, and it is said that more than $150,000 per month is being spent for geophysical surveys by crews which make their headquarters in Dak- crsficld. Deep G. P. Job Is WithouHMl Signs General Petroleum Corporation's Arvin wildcat IB already 240 feet deeper than Mohawk Oil Company's discovery well on Dl Giorgio ranch* , 3VS miles north. No showings df Importance have been picked up, according: to field reports. The Mohawk well stopped at 6013 feet in a conglomerate which Is supposed to lie jtist above the basement schist, , General Petroleum's project on section 20, 31-20, Is drilling at 6260 and has not struck "bottom." 4 , » SLEEPS 2 HOURS, WORKS 22 BRONTO, Ont., Sept. 4. (U. P.>— The trouble with this World Is that It sleeps too much, William Young, 60, declares. He works 22 hours a day, sleep& 2 hours, and boasts he can "keep most young fellows stepping." GAS AND BLOAT, BACKACHES, RHEUMATIC PAIN RELIEVES QUICK BY VAN-TAGE HERBS Vanguard Company Completion Is Near Next completion on the cross fault outh'W 1 Mount'Poso field Is slated o bu Vanguard OH Company's No. section S3. 27-28, which Is stand..,,- cemented with 8%-Inch casing i et at 18S3 foot, on tho Vcdder oil j and, ami bottom ut 1900. A produc- Ion teat will bo mado when tho co- j nu-nt hns hardened. j Superintendent Tom Yoagor says; hat tho company's nest well, No. 0., vlll be drilled at a point ono location >nst and one location south of No. B. •» i > Van-Tage Clears Horrible Gas and Bloat From Stomach— Cleans Sickening Liver Bile From System — Cleanses the Bowels-Flushes the Kidneys-Makes You Feel Like New! Is your stomach swollen and painful most of tho tlmo from awful gas and bloat7 Lack appetite? Have sour, bitter risings In throat after meals? Is your sleep disturbed and brolten at night by Sluggish Kidneys? Have backaches? Sharp pains In back? Fiery, Irritated bladder with horrible burning during: elimination? Are you a victim of Irregular bowel action and constipation? Have headaches from clogged bowels? Coated tongue? Bad taste? Foul breath? Is your liver torpid and sluggish? Have biliousness? Worn out feelings? Aro you a victim of terrible rheumatic or neurltlc pains, cauged by cpntanilnation in your kidneys, bowels, stomach? REAL HELP FOR YOU! If you answer to any of the above quest tons Is "Yes", then bear this in mind, that is, There Is Help for You! Uecauso Gilbert II. Mosby'o Amazing Formula, known us VAN- OIL AGREEMENTS Buffalo Oil Company to L. I ( . Palmer — Assignment vi of ] per cont oil, ito., from Buffalo OH Company well s'o. 4 on portion northwest quarter section 10, 30-89. Hamo to same — Same an above. Hamo to name—Same an above- as to U of 1 pur cent Intercmt. Samn to same — finmo as above as to "( 1 per cent Intoroat. Same to same — Same as above. Hamo to same — Same as above. Georfo Habcrffeldo ot ux to C. C. O'Conrteill— Lease dated July 8, 1»38, one-eighth royalty, B-y<mr drilling clause, Bouthoast quarter of northwest quarter noot Ion 12, 23-30. 101 Oil Company to Ohio Oil Company—Assignment lease on north- writ quarter section 20, It-ID, loss 4 1/0 per cent oil, «to. Buffalo Oil Company to Q. A. and Laura Ulgby — Aiislknment H per cent oil, etc., from Buffalo OH Company w*ll No. 4 on portion northwest duar- tor section 19, 30-S9, J. II. De La Monte, executor estate William L. Roberts, daceaaod, and Fred C, Carlson to C. B. MnrRrnvo-- Lea«« dated Auguat 13, 1930, one- sixth royalty, 6-mouthn drilling clBuno, northwest quarter of northeast quar- tar section 13, 28-87. Wftflk B. Eaddart et «x to Diversified Itoyaltlert, Ltd. — As«lgnnient $1 of 1 per c«nt royalty lntor*at In NoliU-l'eli-oI No. 1 \voll. For RENT or SALE Complete GASOLINE OUTFIT With Steel Derrick and Drill Plpo Straightened rORTAUIJS PUMPING UNITS New and Used Oil Well Supplies llought and Itanttul Atlas Supply Co. U. 11. ARMSTRONG, Manager 3700 Chest IT Avenue 1'himn 1598 NOTICE! We will be closed Thursday and Friday of this week in observance of Jewish holidays. RAKERSRELD PIPE AND SUPPLY CO. 2231 L Street "Tliis wonderful Von-Tngo helped in my awful misery where everything else failed," gratefully testifies Airs. Citrrio IJarls, <10- year's resident of HukcrHflcld. TAOE, Is Compounded Especially to give Blessed Relief from the Miserable, Painful Conditions outlined above, by acting as a Laxative, Stomachic, Bilo Stimulant and Dlu- relic to Clogged Bowels, Stomach, Liver and Kidneys. WHAT VAN-TAGE IS! This Great Medlelno—VAN-TAOB —is an Advanced, Scientific Formula of 31 of Nature's Finest Roots and Herbs, blended with nearly a dozen other Splendid Medicinal Agents. It is a Liquid Compound. It contains No Alcohol, No Hash Stimulants, No Habit-Forming Drugs—whatever! HOW IT HELPS VAN-TAU13 brings awful gas and bloat from stomach and Intestines giving Hlos.sed Relief from Bloat PrcBDUro and Gas Pain in stomach and chest; Improving appetite and digestion. VAN-TAGS clears out old, do cnytid food waste front the bowels relieving headaches, coated tongue bad taste, skin eruptions and fou br«ath, caused by Inactive, clogged bowel organs. VAN-TAQBJ acts as a Splendid Diuretic to Sluggish Kldnuys, therobj helping Nature flush out. tho im purities from kidneys and "bladder which cftnse backaches, »harp pains (lory, irritated bladder nnd broken »lopp from night Hulng. VAN-TAOK Bwrepg poisonous wastes from Kluggtah Liver, relieving biliousness, worn.out feeling and sick headache, caused, thereby. "For 5 years of wretchedness, I tried everything. Only VANTAGE really helped mo," Wiles Mrs. Annie McAfee —10 years' resident of BuUorsfleld. VAN-TAGE relieves the awful ialn of Rheumatic and Neurltlo Trouble, when duo to poisonous accumulations In Bowels and Stomach. ONCE IN LIFETIME SUFFERERS! Once In a Life- Time, a modiclno like this Is created, h this generation, it fell to the lot of Gilbert H. Mosby to produce VANTAGE. First it relieved his own suffering. Then 20,000,000 bottles were sold to miserable people In the ast. A.nd now — It Is offered to •OU! Wo say to you seriously, urgently —don't miss this opportunity! Join the crowds now flocking dally to every drug 1 store in this vicinity, whore this Amazing Medlcino Is bong Introduced and explained to tho public. By all means, if you suffer as outlined herein, get this Astound- ng Compound—NOW! Amazing Testimonials From Bakersfield People, Published Below, De- * scribe What This Remarkable Compound Can Do!— ReadThem Through * and Through! "Finally wo decided to try Van-* Tage and see 1C it would help my condition. I went homo that night -with Van-Tage, but without hope for I thought It was Just another one of those medicines. But. now I want, to write this letter to thank the Van- Tage Company for this wonderful ormula. After taking just ono bot- lo of Van-Tage I got relief arjd I .ould go to sleep. I am certainly jolng to continue taking this medl- Ine because nothing else has ever given me such quick action and mch blessed surcease from pains. I hope my testimonial will benefit hose who read this. It Is the whole ruth and I am certainly glad to recommend Van-Tago because it has done so much for me." MEALS SOURED IN HER STOMACH! As an example of the effectiveness of Van-Tage here Is what Mrs. [lenry Chrlstensen, photograph be- ovr, wife of a Bakersfleld oil mftn, Ivlng at 620 T street, says: TESTIMONIALS From All Over BAKERSFIELD Some of the Leading Druggists of Bakersfleld say no medicine in his- :ory has ever been so universally endorsed In this city as Van-Tage. Published below are JUST A FEW of the Hundreds of Amazing Testimonials being received from Widely Known and Highly Respected -People. Head those Remarkable Statements. Read them through and through. Find out — for yourself- whttt Van-Tago CAN DO! SCREAMED WITH PAIN! One of the most convincing letters among thq hundreds received comes from a local sufferer. Because she has lived for 40 years In Bakersfielcl literally hundreds of peopjo know this grand old lady 70 years of age, Mrs. Carrie Farls of 815 Monterey street, Bakorsfleld, photograph on loft. DoHpito her years and her suffering from ill health she has been an active member of Women's Benefit Association, the Woodcraft of tho World organization, and the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen. Many of you know this lady and will respect what sho says: "To whom It may concern: I tried medlcino after medicine but nover In my life- have I found anything like this wonderful new Van-Tago medicine. It helped mo when others failed. "For over a year I have suffered with sharp Rheumatic pains from a Qloggod system—In fact, I had such awful pains I oould not sleep al night. I simply walked tho floor and the agony was so Intense that I often actually cried with the pain. "My meals turned to gas In my stomach — until I found Van- THge," writes Mrs. Henry 0. Ghristensen ot BuUersfleld. Van-Tage TheWonder Medicine is now being introduced to the i public here in Bakcrsfleld, i Taft and Muricopn at the East? ! ern Drug Store, the Owl Drug I Store, and all other Druggists. "I cannot praise this great medicine enough. For eight years my meals simply would not digest at all but would lay In my stomach organs and would sour and turn to gas. I'd keep belching up a sour, bitter substance and would get Into an awful state of pain and misery. I certainly have booh helped by Van- Tago, and I owe this medlcino full credit for my great improvement. I hope others who suffer as I did will try It for I am sure Van-Tago will help them as It has helped mo." Gas-Loaded, Bloated Stomach Victim Most folks hero know Mrs. Annie McAfee of Bakersfiold, photograph above, wife of the railroad man, who has lived In this community for over 10 years. Read this letter she has* written in gratitude for VAN-TAGE: "My food simply would not digest at all, but would lie in my stomach organs and would turn sour from awful gas. I'd keep spitting up a sour bitter substance, and my meals just meant misery to me. Vor 6 years of wretchedness I tried everything. Friends were good enough to toll mo about VAN-TAGE and how it had helped them, and I certainly am grateful to them now. The relief I got from the first bottle of VAN- TAGEJ was simply wonderful, and 1» recommend it to everybody I know." REASONABLY PRICED The coat of Van-Tago is reasonable. In .every market where it la Introduced, it quickly becomes the fastest-selling medlcino Jn that city. It does this almost without escep. tion. As a result of this Large Hales Volume, wo aro able to sell you V«.n- Togo at a Reasonable Price. Pe'splte Us many costly Ingredient*, yo«i ran actually tako this Amazing Medicine for just a few cents per d*y. $9 don't hesitate. Go to the Drug Store —NOW-—and *0t ,'. ',' ;"'_'.>...•',. Ill'I. .0, 4'Si'S

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