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Denton Record-Chronicle from Denton, Texas • Page 30

Denton, Texas
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II. E. i i a i i uiem For A Heavy Wait Fmieral services are pending'for Dallas I a i a Motor Speedway, age 4 which died Tuesday following a long illness a i i a i a i a i a disasters, a a disasters and almost every other i i a i i i a operalors, Hi-n Park a Wednesday. DecimtKr 12. I IN as a drag racing a i i DIMS a a u-ith drivers on the National Hot Koci Association circuit.

A events proved to be the' i races held ar I more than once A scheduled Spurts Car Club of America Trans'Am MHian race was washed by spring torrent in Mnvers waded and waited. The event was rescheduled once but never took place. SCTA ran one liM Formula A-B race in July 11)70 Uu-n vowed never lo return when track surface i a i The tire people went mils i to find a compound that wouldn't melt HI.US had its first a a i when a pair of 1-ue! Funnv a collided in H)70. An area newsman became the inurn when Art Arfons' Green Monster jet dragster crashed on an exhibition run. larry Carrier.

President of the International Hot UK, Assonalion acquired a $100.000 per year lease but the 111KA barely got the ground, and lawsuits nre i pending against the Bristol Term a i a i I I grounds were opened for a rock concert, and that did i to increase the a i of the place with Lewisvillc residents The a was the i of one SCCA Texas Region olar the premier even! in North Texas amaleur racing circles, but efforts to hold other events brought Dallas International Motor Speedway's control and timing tower may be spared, but (he res! of the racing facility is doomed (o the bulldozer blade to make way for an industrial-office complex. indirect financial xpposiiiGii; and later open hostility DIMS management. waited Since about the biggest doings at the track have been the Louisville county fair and a Trans-AM motorcycle grand prix event in August. Racing fans waited. A real estate deal sounded the final knell for DIMS when Loroas and a Dallas holding company, sold the property to realtor Horace Ainsworth then sold the package, speedway included (o Xerox.

Merlin Oil Corp. and Bridger Petroleum. ONlvOF conditions imposed by Bridger was a the speedway would no longer be operated So much for I A $100.000 per annum lease. The package of 950 acres. I included will be split between Bridger (70 per cent a Merlin for the development of an industrial park The only races in the will be Weekday Mornine Pn.x and the 5 p.m.

Demolition Derby. This is progress? they say you ean'l lose what you never had and I guess that's But being a a I hate to have lo watch as auto racing becomes extinct t'fM Sporls Kditor New York if you've ever liaci your out as grand winner of i first and then heard say as you were walking up to accept it. sorry, there seems to be some mistake, then, you.have a pretty yoocl idea of how Xonn Van Brocklin feels right now, The is he feels lower Hi.TM a snake's belly, and u-iih flood rr-ason. His a i lot him down. Nobody in (he entire NFL frit any belter i a Norm Van Hrockliii did two weeks' His A a a Falcons had won seven in a row ami were moving so well they 'we're' generating more excitement than any other ball club in league.

For Van Brockim. this was especially sweet. So many rumors 'circulating a already bad been fired after the Falcons dropped three of their first four contests at the siarl of the season that owner Rankin Smith personally felt constrained to announce Van Brocklin was i his Now. a 11 games, it looked as if the Falcons bad DirL Riders U5cc. Results Pecan Valley Mini Bobhy Phillips jones (Honda); 3 Croici Becne (Yamaha); Clint Kmuh! (Honbn).

lOOcc l. caro Alien Yamaha), roe Joinor (Yamaha). Kyle Morris (HondaJ; Anclorson (Suzuki) 3 3MI Cusor (Suzuki); Randy" MrVkham (Suzuki). nicr 0 i. Jc(f Kr 2.

Tom Weekes 3. Chris Jones A. Les Withcrspocn Sunday's Rcsuirs Triplo-R i i a (HonrUO; 7. V.Mllace 'Hondo); .1. A ell Green (Yomoha); J.

Barbie Facsko (Yamafia). lOOcc l. Chris DancJridge a a a 2. Alan Coie (Yamaha); 3. Darrsll Miller (Yamaha); i.

Monroe Joiner (Yamaha); 5. Jerry Green (Yamaha). Juniors 17.5cc 1. Les Cole (Honda); 2. David Tuckness (Suzuki); 3.

Mark Anderson i 5. Dick Shrum i 6. John i a i i (Honda). Seniors mcc 1. Bruce An fiorson (Suzuki); 2.

Russell Miers (Suzuki). J50cc --'1. Tom 2 Tommy Moore (Ynmaha); 3. Joe Paul Pierce (Yamaha); 4. Ronnie Wallace (Yamaha); 5.

James Wall i (,. Rodney Ross (CZ). shot at the Super Bowl, if not as i of tin 1 i i i certainly as its wild card representative; Suddenly something went flooey, though. The Falcons fumbled twice inside Buffalo's 40-yard line in the fourth quarter and were defeated by the Bills 176. Gone was that seven-game winning streak now but the Falcons still w-cren'L in bad shape.

Then came another loss lo underdog St. Louis Sunday despite the fact the Cardinals were going wilh a rookie quarterback, Gary Koithley. And even tliougii Mu- Falcons still have a chance to make it as the wild card entry now. that chance isn't particularly.good. a Van Brocklin says the Falcons became a little famous too quickly and a little too forgetful.

They forgot they si i hadn't clinched anything and they had some games to play. was. says Van Brockiin. a simple case of. his players letting sudden success go to their heads.

Another word for is overconfidenco. and Van Brocklon uses ihal word also. What the Falcons did is the same i so many other clubs do when rntcl i uncommon success and aren'l really used to it. They squander it away. USll BtSJI isn jj SELF-DEFENSE COURSE TO A FRIEND FOR CHRISTMAS Complete course in and kickinp, attack and de- Christmas Giving Made Easy liorn in an i i i Now At.

A 'A Price Special (NO LIMIT) Denton Karate Institute fcnsc. choke, p.tah defense. and weapons defense. With a i i a i a 3rd De- pjee Btock Belt, lames Butm. r-j Dcnlon RATE Lake Dallas Exit Take Over Pass To Buckeye Sale Good: Dec.

Dec. 15 Johnnie Walker Red Imported Scotch Vi Gallon 86.8 Proof $1999 13 Usher's Imported Scotch Gallon 86 Proof Ancient Age Straight Bourbon Whiskey Gallon 86 Proof $Q59 I Gallon SV5 9 Harper rw Old Taylor Imported StraiPht Bnnrhnn nnr Imported Bourbon Whiskey Gallon JB 0 LQ 'N Vi Gallon 86 Proof 13 Charter 7 Straight Bourbon Whiskey Gallon Old Crow Straight bourbon Whiskey Gallon 86 Proof 1 1 6 5 11 86 Proof OtDCHAfiTER $obz Old Style Beer ICE COLD Miller Beer 6-1 2 Oz. Ring Pull Cans Smirnoff Vodka Gallon 5Q29 80 Pioof 9 Gilbey's i Full Quart 6 9 90 4 Bacardi Rum $Q35 Gallon 80 Proof Gilbey's Gin $g69 Gallon 90 Proof Tomiroff Vodka a $C99 80 Piool 6 Azteca Tequila 'iGallon $Q39 80 Proof 9 Don Puerto Rican Rum Gallon 80 Proo! $049 8 Gordon's Gin 90 Proof Chateauneiif-du-Pape 1969 5lh 5ih DomaineDeGaranches 1970 5th. Adriafica Ruling 19675th. Adrtatica Profcupac 19S75th Adriatica Cabarnet 19575th Haut-Poinfe 1971 5th Blue Nun Liebfraumilch 1971 5th.

Andre Hubert Beaujolais 1971 5lh Chaleauneuf-du-Pape Duse 1971 5 Louis PommierChateauneufch-Pape 1971 5th Chateau De Saint-Amour 1969 5th. Beaujolais-Brouilly 1970 5lh Riunite Lambmsco 5lh. Kreusch Piesporter Goldtropfchen 1970 5th. Brul Muscadet-Picrre Bonaire 1971 5lh Petit Chablis 1 9 7 0 5 Graacher Himmelrcich Riessing 1971 5th Red Baron Liebfraumilch 1970 5(h Csivee 56-Grand Vin 5 Valcken Berg Madonna Liebfraumilch 1972 5jh Rhein-hessen Liebfraumilch 1970 5th Rachelle Vin Blanc 1970 Special 5th BeaujolaisPropriele 19705th Botitgogne Blanc 19725th Chateaude Cantaoussels 1972 5 Kinjj Wine Bordeaux 1970 5th Les Clefs O'or Chaleauneuf-de-Pape 1969 5th. nomez Sangria 5th.

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$1 59 BrolioChianli 19695th $2 79 i i a 1971 5th $341 Del Anita Chiantr 1967 5th Chaieau Bel Crme 1967 79 Mount3in 5 Gat. POM! Masson -Rhinp Vin Bu-qonrfv Gr.l. L. A a Wine Fuli Ga Rliine. 4.

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