The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 16, 1936 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1936
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, TJ . . '•• I, ,, , . - , -1 -,- '--- -I - ' l K, ..-1. -1 ', r -.^*l V - I • I -. n :^ ^ *.•-'' ..".-/••::•" ••i 'v :, m f. . -i-" JV\ •:,.*'. •• H • r '' -;V. - r i *-.. - r '.j - *. r . • L - ^ " 4, h .;. -•* I , - X , ' n t JL L -. , . ,'. ' ! . •"v^ 1 ;-;-'- •-•'•'-••,f : '>'*~\&-rj\£>^i( i i'*'~£j-, f: *-# ••",-, •.^^-'"••.•f'^.' 1 ^'- •'-> -V V"- • •"•.v''.-'.-'i- 1 V. : -':'-''-\ ;*. '•.'••''•--• V - - -•.',-.->.,• '.vv.;^:- •• • . ,..,-'.•'''-;•-. • -' • -•,'••• -"..."-.••' -• - • / • V-.?'-'V^f-^^^-ile-- V;v ;:.;<.;. .. ' ,.;V.,,:U ;^-^,.-- f ^v; ^4'*.!^^,^^ ;,...•-----.• J; --. •:< :^ >''• ' n ,.'.' "-. - ; - • '•-. '• ^ -...--V,' .. ,V,'..<,>/.;, "^.y^*;;', .T,--. .-•': .. .'•• ••:•. ' ' ^MX^j=A\r-t!- A ..-^.-;. ; .'. v." •-.,- ,.,.;• : •••::«.6^gjLfrji3iL£ / - <.• . \£hyifc'.-..•• ' --"'.- -"' • : • -*:.'"•' -"- '"• • '* ^--^'^ ^^->- •"••••••- ,- -,..•,., •••• .-'• •••a^MBHttw^y^A^v^*..^.'>.-..& <; r^BnMUHi^..*..; •:»••., ..^.li*/*^.^;;.;^,;,,, ,,.-;, A . i ii !--}-'' ' •.'•-"•': , "' ', L - .' - JlH r-i^v •-- ^-= ->'*. ^ *•? >,-'*r. ^^ i r -« -' !'•». - ' >\ X t ;-• COMPLETE ASSOCIATED PRISS UASED WIRE ... -- •. .. •- • . '. •••-.'* . ... * I " HlWSPAMrOF TM£ SOUTHERN SAM JOA0UIM VAUIY ^ ; /.v- •;•; .;>U-^ ;; v^^/; ; - f 0! ; ^^|'S^ *MMiiiaHiliiiii^^ :^;.^>^!^^^ —— —^V: ----- • ^cj'.-gAzfvt •' w* '--•:- ;-' -/.a ;jy,i tfr-in^-'V; "* • L " ' i'j' ~' L • i 1 ' 1 ^*!* l H L ' r - J_ -an _3- ^L • F n ^ r '0''"= r: "r v'^V'SWc s*. L ,-,*•••" •-' L " o,. - t L,-> V' V- - ^/ - FULL AND EXCLUSIVE UNITED PRESS REPORT YT VT * Ai>Vl 16 PAGES BAKERSPIELD, CALIFORNIA, WEDNESDAY, SEl>TEMBER 16, TWO SECTIONS OURLEY WINS Curley, Friend 4o New Deal, Up Big Vote in State MOSES IS DEFEATED T ^^^^^•^^•••^^•^•^^P^lBtfti^^^ Couzens Ends Fourteen- r Year Career as He •. i n ~ Loses in Vote Prc*a Leased JVTAMES known tho nation over x ^ figured in triumph and defeat today as the returhs rolled in from primaries held yesterday In five states. Senator James Coiuens, one-time motor car magnate who turned to A political career and has served 14 years in the Senate, lost to former Governor Wilber M. Brucker In the Republican senatorial contest in Michigan. Former Senator George H. Moses, long a power In conservative Republican councils, failed In*a comeback attempt In New Hampshire. Tho 39- year-old Governor.&I~Styles Bridges beat him for the Republican senatorial nomination. ,'• ,; ; SLOWEST SHIP IS SAFE AFTER TRIP H ALIFAX, N. S., Sept. 16. (Canadian Press) — Completing one of the slowest Atlantic crossings of the last century, Captain Khrlstlan Khrlstlansen nosed the three-masted Norwegian schooner Gad Into Halifax harbor .today. Six weeks overdue, the 240-ton schooner was given up for lost last week. It left Sunderland, England, 76 days ago. "We were becalmed for the 76 days," the captain When winds did come, were from the west and blew us back." 50 of said, they only WAR WILL 1 State Party Delegates to Gather in Sacramento fo r Important Election Detail mm WAR Anti-Aircraft Batteries Fail to Halt Planes in Rebel Attack SEVERAL SHOT DOWN s . French Protest Asserted Disappearance of Man at Frontier '-*-.- -' • • ~ -•*« - ,r j f .">*&' - f." 1 « »- -'/ "; -,.i- Govertior ilnmfes M. ; ••Curley won the eiilocratlc »enatorlul noinina- margin over his; nearest foe. Mayor HobertK. Greenwood of KRch- bWrgY - dbii-tn-law^ /?6'f Senator Marcus Cabot JjbdJM*TJr.;"captured^the Ke- publican nomination. - L - • J Political statisticians went to work on the vote totals frbha the five states .—Massachusetts, Michigan, Now Hampshire, Wisconsin and New York —today in an effort to figure what, If anything:, they signify for November. Some of the primary results Jn 'more detail follows: Michigan Couzens, who made only the one speech and asserted that President Roosevelt's re-election was more Important than hia own, trailed Brucker, an outspoken new deal foe, by 229,to 145,385 with nearly two-thirds tho state's precincts counted. Frank Murphy, Philippine high commissioner, ran far ahead of George Welsh for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. .Hjs vote total passed the 110,000 mark, giving him a lead of nearly 45,000. Governor Frank D. Fitzgerald had a runaway for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, his vote total passing 328,000. Representative Prentla Brown was ahead of Louis 13, Ward, associate of Father Charles K. Cough* Un for the Democratic senatorial nomination. t . New Hampshire „ Bridges, described by his supporters as a Progressive who stands for a balanced budget and "sound cur* rency,", rolled up 40,065 votes to 28,497 for Moses, AVho bore the endorsement of Herbert Hoover. Tho tabulation In t^io race was nearly complete. Massachusetts Curley, long a figure In Bay state' politics, garnered 196,799 votes to 84,937 for Greenwood to take the Democratic senatorial honors with Senator Bone Speaks at Veterans Conclave iii Denver (Associated Press Leased Wire) DENVER, gept. 16. — -Another World Wai-Mill bring "world chaos and the provable e^d of bur present clyiU$atio{i f V Homer T. Bone, United Stages .ttenatbrtrom Washington told ye v tefa,nai of, Foreign ."Wars in annual encampnient todaiy. But I^ATB BULLETIN SAINT JEAN DB LU35, France, Sept, 16. (A. !>.)—A swift fleet of Fascist speedboats, armed wllh machine guns, today cut. the last moans of communication with tho outside world from the northern Spanish coast, wliora Basque nationalists set up a virtually autonomous -"government to overthrow anarchist leaders., The harbor of Bilbao apparently WHH closed by mines which the Fascists laid to prevent government RhlpH from leaving the harbor, and tho .speedboats were patrolling the waters outside the mine limit. DEATH Press Leased Corp.!?, another speaker; told tbo:cqn tho fn- tern&Uona.'biinkers collect thoir ^ own war debts.? ; v ;' .,7 V- .:'.. ••'"•'• Butler'a speech wM postponed from yesterday lo a ffivb li — him 'of time to a soro choose between (Continued on Tape Fifteen) Five Die in L A. Traffic Crashes (Associated Press Leased W*rc) LOS ANGELES, Sept. 16. —A truck driver burned to death in the Wreckage of his cab, a motorist was killed In a collision on Ventura highway und three other persons died during the 'past 24 hours of previous traffic Injuries. The truck driver was Clarence J, Flshbeck, 38. His loaded butter truck skidded 40 feet into a tree today as he missed a turn In the road. The gasoline in hia tank caught fire and he was dead long before his body could be extricated from the wreckage. Sheriff's deputies, reported that j^mbres Garrison was killed and four persons seriously injured when his automobile and one driven by T. S. O'Brien collided head-on near the Ventura County line. AH the vie* Urns were of lx>s Angeles. '"O'Brien, a salesman, was hurt only a lightly, but four women riding with him were reported in a critical condition at tho Van Nuys emergency hospital. They are his M'ife, Thelma, hia siater, Gladys, Leona Fisher, a minus rtnd her tu> ter Lcata, Those who died of previous in* juries were Nathtin 1., Morse, Jr,, «on o? a southern California ir«s 3&l«t*0, both ot recover from throat." "America must war profiu and peace," asserted Senator Bone^ In his speech, "As I speak to you today that madhouse known as Europe Is feverishly preparing for this very insanity of war," he said. "Back of the unseen forces of hatred and despair are the great private munition rings of the world piling up vast fortunes out of the muck and misery of people maddened by unnatural fears generated in no small part by these same private munition rack* eteerH whose fortunes drip with blood; fortunes built from widows' sighs and orphans' tears." He said "freedom of tho seas" was nothing more than -the theory that patriotic youths of the United States should pay with their lives to protect shipping "that only enriches war hucksters." Communists Open Spanish Aid Move ri j • f (Associated Press Leased Wire) MOSCO\V ( Sept. 16.—The Com- munlst party openly threw Its support toddy to tho rallying of millions of Soviet women to aid Republican women and children in Spain. Every kopeck collected In Russia, for feeding war victims, a declaration said, "encourages our Spanish comrades/* The party newspaper, Pravda, called for big contributions from Soviet women, saying "the Fascists send bombs, bullets and poison gas; our wom^n send bread and food to help tho Spanish." Pravda jpTjated- numerous unmentionable atWiiiUeB which it attributed to the Fascist insurgents In Spain. Theso alleged acts, the newspaper declared, were unparalleled "oven In tho worst days of the Romans." Mass meetings have been held throughout tho Soviet Union in connection with tho fund campaign. Road Campaign Is Planned by Italy (Copyright, 1830, by AttnocUtwi D, Sept, 36.r"Government anli-ftlrcrlft batterieti dotniniut. Ing Maqueda and Santa Olallk, on ^ ^y&J&^ dbwn Officials 7 orm (Vnited Press Lea*fd Wire) CACRAMI2NTO. Sept. 16.—Dclo- Agates to seven party conventions .will assemble hero tomorrow to nnme the now state central committees, designate presidentlnl electors and fornnilatn party platforms. The DeinocraUo tuul Uepublioan convcntionn will hold tho major portion of interest, but in addition to thorn there will bo organization meetings of tho Communist, Com- momvealth. Socialist, Prohibition and Progressive parties. As a preliminary to the conventions, State Senator Culhert U Olson, 1^)8 Angeles, retiring chairman, called A meeting of the Democratic state central committee late today to fill vacancies In tho con* vcntlon ranliw. Olson Is backing Sheriff Daniel C. Murphy of Snn Francisco for thn cent nil committee chairmanship, whlio tho Senator WJJUam Gibbs MeAdoO'Oeorgo Creel Democrats nro supporting Clifford Angllm, Richmond, head of the Roosevelt-Garner campaign In California. The Democrats havo 65 convention vacancies to fill, while Republicans havo 28, Tho Republican central committee chairmanship fight rented between tlustiiH Cruemnr, Orange newHpttp&r publisher and assistant director of public worjcn, unrt Angeles, COMMUNIST TTUC oTKiiY INFORM Washington Fears War in Europe Nearer Than in 15 Years LATE BULLETIN SACRAMENTO, Sept. 16. (A. P.)—Chief Raymond Cato of the state highway patrol today ordered 60 more state patrolmen to the Salinas valley strike district. They will be drawn from counties from Santa Barbara to Mendoclno. It will bring the number to approximately 100.* NATIONS NOT READY «i Press Leaned CACRAMENTO. Sept, 16.—Communists arc loading tho Salinas strlk- ~* — ; u orn and hnvo organized tho strike™ into groups which receive dofi- InCKICnl May Scl Off i nlt ° operation orders, Chlof Raymond E. Cato of tho California Highway Patrol told Governor Frank F. Men-lam today, Cato spent an hour with tho governor today after returning from Salinas where ho received a report of highway patrol activities during the strike trouble yesterday. Ho brought with him affidavits and other data supporting hia contention (hat tho strike was inspired Powder Train Set Up in Reccnl Months Knout i «. ," orary Gvpup - .--'' V'^V'-^^vV ' **4 1 *'- T "- L -' - : i — - -^ •-----* -*•- — J^ f L » >_^J- _ i.'-V-!F :• ' -. •- failed to ]i"ftltav-VlfeIout Aerial bombardment ot L ' * ' '- V ^ J* ^^^^^^^L ^b ~ B T — ^[ f^ ^ !milea;from Madrid, are tegarded by insurgents as Indiepcnsablo links between advancing fascist forces at Talavera" and in Avlla province, to the north. Ground forceH, with tho government hurrying all available rein- forcementH into the line against Moorish troops, were regarded as evenly matched. Strong detachments of Catalan militia arrived to strengthen the defense of Toledo and Madrid. The fascists' superior air force, however, formed the main difficulty of tho defenders. Nevertheless, tho government reported officially that its Socialist warriors had gouged a mile-deep hole In tho Fascist ranks on the Santa Olalla front. French Protest France, threatening complete closure of Its Moroccan frontier, tonight demanded Spanish Fascist Insurgents offer apologies and Indemnity for tho execution of a Wench citizen. The demand followed French representations, to the insurgents on September 5. At that time, Tetuan Fascist authorities in Spanish Morocco were asked to explain the disappearance of a Frenchman named Agullar, Today French authorities said they learned M. Agullar, an Inhabitant of j Rabat, French Morocco, had been arrested In Spanish Morocco and subsequently executed. Spanish Morocco has been in Fascist hands since the start of the Spanish civil war on July 18. r Dismiss Suit in Atherton Affair (United Press Leased Wire) 10, tf*''K : -"*' '*V. '£ _ ' ICdward HhnttucH, Clraeiner, observers believed, was favored. fi ••*& ^ j < • J~ '^ _ ' y ^^-Sclaf^^r^^oSrtr-n-fi^T^ ^ rtf-X* —i l > . \ ''' • • ' '- j 1 fc. L h i " " ^ «*• L ' '' r ** r^ f f ^1 H r ' m ~f \ ~ *lO rtr £>*-rVwT>>.^. n ^w :>' - '... &'•'• •" '•_ , -'?*-'' £'•£!&&< (Associated Press Leased Wire) WASH INOTON, Sept. 16.—Reports to the commerce department indicated today that Italy plans to launch a broad, empire-building construction program in Ethiopia when the rainy season ends late this month. Under plans outlined by Mussolini, advices to the department said, construction of a 2 & 00-mile network of modern highways will be an Initial undertaking. About 1000 technicians, 30,000 Italian laborers and 70,000 natives will be needed In the road program, the department was informed. Look* ing toward establishment of 12-hour ajr service between Addla Ababa artd Ro»«e, a new flying field will b« built on a .'platform-nix miles from tho capita). fievefa! Italian companies .have been formed to exploit the new env . pjr«. • Anwiug other things. the»o Angelcu, and { plan to produce coffee, oocoa^ meat, • •«'..'••• ' ^ • • • ^ l_'j ' - • T .,','* . . - . - ," L * ' r. -» - • -Dismissal of a suit against Kdwin N. Atherton, chief investigator for tho county Grand Jury which currently Is carrying on an Inquiry into alleged Kan FranciHco police graft, today cleared the way for now action in tho Investigation. Hupcrlor Judge Maurlco T. t>oollng dismissed a suit filed by J. "VY. Ehr- Hch, attorney for several polICemori in tho inquiry. In which U was alleged that Atherton was not eligible for employment by the city of San Francisco because he was a resident of Loa Angeles. In dismissing tho action, Judge Pooling said that the district attorney's office hod wide discretion in employment of his investigators, * European Leader Dies in Hospital L (Associated Press Leased Wire) VIENNA, 8ept, 16. — Alexander Zaimts, 81, who was forced to resign as president of Greece to allow restoration of King GUiorge II to the throne, died in a Vienna sanatorium last night of a .kidney ailment. H* wo* forced f rom Uws presidency in October, 1939, after a royalist coup which wa>* followed by a vote of rest oration l# the ftaiJonal Oreefc As- sxsmbly, A country-wide pl^btscUft Jatet rei urnwl the kins t<» the ,tUron0 afior ho bad «ponl sovoral yeirs in voluntary «^r»e in l-ondon. ING^ON, ' Se|)t. 16.^-Tljff today'announced creation of a temporary Kuropea.n squadron uiji- tho command of Bear Admit ! Arthur l\ PairfielU. The squadron will consist of light cruiser.Raleigh, fchleh will b Admiral Fatrfield'a flagship, the destroyers Hatfield und Kane and tho coast guard cutter Gayuga. Tho loflt three named have been on emergency, duty in and outside of Spanish' waters since tho Spanish revolution broke out. The Raleigh, which now is at tho Norfolk, Va., ,navy yard undergoing routine repairs, will sail soon for Gibraltar to rollevo tho heavy cruiser Qulncy which is returning to the United States to make its final trial tests. Tho official navy department announcement aald that upon the Ha- leigh'a arrival at Gibraltar Admiral Palrfleld would organize the four ships into u unit to be known as "aquadron 40 temporary." Roosevelt's Trip Is Not Definite (Associated Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON', Hept. 16.~-Pre»Ident Uoosnvelt's plans for a cross- country campaign tour, authoritative sources Indicated today, are contingent on world conditions. Tho President disclosed yentcrday he had been reading time l«blc« for tho west coast trip but said bo had reached no decision, final arrangements for his participation in httn reelection drive would not lx» completed until early next month, he said. From sources close to tho While House came Indications that tho uncertainty of his plans was due to uncertainty of world conditions, lie waa hesitant, the Hource«t said, to plan a tour that would take him four days by train from Washington. Up to now, Mr. Hoowcvelt ban maintained that as far as ho was concerned personally his campaign has be^n "nonpplltlcttl." 1 lie Indicated, however, that he would take the fipJd toward the closing d«jr» of the drlv«. Road Improvement Is Slated on Coast By IIOIURT C. MONT12K (Copyrliht, iftSfl, h» Vnltetl Press) YPfASHWaTON. Sept. 1C. ~ ropo today Is closer to the hrcak of a general war than at any time In tho last 15 years, administration leaders feared today. Officials arc watching day-to-day developments closely as the hurling of invective, Insult, challenge and dnfiance between tho leaders of Germany and Soviet Russia sots now -records in international din- cord. World poaco, or what for noac© in those days of lion for war, h^ifta In the balance. I the conc'cnsus of: loaders hero Germany noi PH8MOB Communists. Merrlam accepted Cato's report that tho highway patrol had aclod within tho law at all times during the rioting and tear gas attacks at Salinas. ''Chief C'nlo wont io Sallmis nt my Mollctlnflon." (ho covonior »nld. "Ho reported (o mo today (hat tho highway patrol hnd observed tho law at my mjtieM to bo humane and careful to *ttny on the highways and only protect persons and property on the highway. "He sold they complied except that whfn n riot started they in- tctrfeml Just long enough to bring about order. Storm Three Meetings of Social Party in *> Lyon, Report forts to cai^on'ther candidates in the November election 1 MOU1UZE "MKN *&midK i '* thoroughl for .«#*!L. -'•'•*ACTNA8';-»*»lt: 19, m.r.^A 11 bodied cltiWMis wero ordered mobl- • Defeated in Vote Press /^ftdfrf Wire) TtlVERSIDE, Sept. 16. C. Evans defeated Mayor 13. Crlddlo in his race for re-election, while City Treasurer John Jahu won over two opponents, complete returns showed today. G. Albert Mills, city clerk, and Herbert Pieraon. city auditor, were i unopposed for re-election. j Kvans, World War veteran, IB a nephew of tho lato 8. C. Evans, five- time mayor of Riverside, , an yChappy "li>el- i« lacking to hrnllo tins powder which has been built up tho past 18 months. TH here — und ll la believed, those of Germany a«d Soviet Russia, likewise —hope the "incident" may not bo supplied. In thai oano tho present crisis may sUp Into hittlory as another fnlHo alarm and the peace William i of Europe will bo spared for yet awhile. /, Bas NATIONAL LEAGUE At Boston— H. n. . a Boston ,, 2 Butteries: Carleton and Lanning, Hols and Lopez. 7 8 IS. 0 0 O'Dcn; At Brooklyn-— H. Cincinnati 4 Brooklyn * 7 Batteries: Davin, Scholt and hard!: PYankhouso, Jnffcoat Phelpa, Horre». II. 8 10 2 and During January and February, 1DB5, (he leaden* of Kuropc feared ilmt war might be imminent when Chancellor Adolf Hitler lore up the military cluu«*n of (ha Ver- ftalll«H treaty ami announced the formation of u modern German army, I European pence again hung by a slender thread at the outbreak of the lialo-KthlopUn war when Great Britain HOiii the major ixir- tlen of her fleet to tho Mediterranean and nearly precipitated war with Italy, When Germany moved her armed legions Into the Rhlnolaml tho war drum« beat again, but tho men who make the pollcion of Kuropo wore not ready for war. In the curly duys of I ho Spanish civil war when Fiflclsm and Com- munlsm first canui to open grips In ISurope's unftettled political arena a general war Involving Italy. Germany I and-Kranoe appeared Imminent. The threat panned. leaders—and they include our military and naval office™ an well as wtatc department officials— recognize the international game a» « gigantic poker gain**, with men and guns ing a« chips und natural ted Pres* PARIS. Sept. IS.—Militant French declared fresh strikes today as France'R troubled labor situation was complicated by political riots in which 34 pf»r»onn svero injured. <._ Employes In factories at Nfcri<Sj*C ... . ,., . , £rfcst and r^a Rochelio Joined in dc- here today «fter a wUdmoi-nlng mandtng French employeru begin ~" i ^— —.—. * ^ — _v B» ^A *-M^ t ^% •'•••^ f* 4 **•** ^h • ^A i^ ^v. t • j u_ ^ * ^*^ owntown streoui bo- [ thft 40-hour week f^r Industry in ad^ ^ lettuco workers and j dltion , to wnfito' ihcreasea for the heavily armed police, | workers. Carl H. Abbott .caUod all I , Crowds of leftists stormed tbreo d citl»en« to report to tho;mw»tlng» of Social party members ± .,. 4 f or duty to preserve ordor | at Lyon. where supporters of Colonel after American legion Command** Francois IM T,a Hocqu*? Ratherod to dlacu«H partisan problems, engaged In fights with the nationalists and wan not known whether tho j Bought to flro the building. Police j dtapr*r&*d tho struggling opponents. Lille, center of tho textile strike which has drawn 35,000 workers from their Job«. waa tense under a Louli* HlosM mobilized 2BO legion clUaon police" would bo U sheriff'** armed. After the sheriff's order was broadcast throughout tho oily by means ot a loudspeaker attached to a truck. \ heavy guard. Commander Bloua countermanded his ; Tho cabinet deHborated the strike mobiUaaUon order. In tho morning's rioting In down situation, hearing a roport from Minister of th« Interior Roger Sal- town HtreetH, two man were shot, j ongro, but left action to overcome several others injured und many ' the crisis In tho hands of Premier strikers gasami. Tho demonstration ! Ulum. broke out when 20 trpckUmds of lot- tuc.e were brought from nearby fields to barricaded packing sheds. Tho legion mobilization order was canceled when It was found there was too great an overlapping of sentiment among tho members regarding the Mrtlce. Afler fho inobllUntlon nrrter for "clll«»n police" was broadcast, the (ruck toured (he huttlne** district artvUIng merrhants to rlono (heir Unemployment Is Topic of Meeting • *-4 + SACRAMENTO. 8ept. 18. — Improvement ot a part of the "bottleneck* 1 stretch of the Coast highway between San Jose and Morgan Hill was included today in a group of con* tracts let by Director of Public Works Earl Lee Kelly. Jones & King, contractors of Hayward, were given the $263,494 con* tract for the grading and paving of 10,4 ml lea of the road between San Jose and Coyote, j DISMISS CHAUOES LOS ANGELES; Bept. 10;.(A. P>>— Embezzlement charges against Frank E. Jlodenbough, former head of the Glendale post office money order division, baye been dUmiwod by United Btatea Patriot Jtidge Willia'tt^<Wes. The action wa* ton authorisation of the attorney general,: Hodonbough was tried twice ojid IR each cs«? ihc r^ -' ^ ' ^-^>'^|J- ''^|L-»| L At -. * •? J, ^- -t J f'- - j ^* T *ty. }&SOO (Second Brooklyn— , n. H. Cincinnati 'j s Brooklyn 10 JG Dutterles: Hnlluhan, IMooty Campbell; Butcher und Phelps. F E. 0 nd doors att u precaution to an an- (Ictpnled conlhntanrn of tear gas warfare, Sheriff Abbott said tho citizens would bo sworn In o« special deputies. ll« refused to say whether they tvould be Issued arms. Meanwhile Hrvenil huiVlred strlk- era began to converge on the Sa- Unas Valley Ice Company's lettuce ••„„. " wi . . .... packing plant. Behind a barricade pol. Ihey look upon Hitler! ^^ed In front of tho plant. Chief of Police Goorgt) Griffon and his men had established their hoadquar- a» the heaviopt plunger In the game, at present playing K desperate game of bluff. They believe his object i« to Induce, ?. p *° ':»«^»;J'' njm '« '"'« rcnuncla- i threo-block urea. Tho milling strikers covered a ..... n. 1 At Now York Pittsburgh ..' New York Batteries: Blunt on and Hmlth, Coffman und Mnncuso. If. 2 13. 1 5 l Todd; tion of tho Kranco-SovJrt Husslan mutual security paH. Hitler desires lo bo rid of tho wujK-tro of anned France, on his back In event Germany goes to war with Hovlni I (Becand At New York— H. H. K. Pittsburgh , 4 10 New York 3 8 Batteries: lloyt and Pnddon; fichu- macher, Cnstleinan and Mancuso. •* 3 Croqkshank Will Filed in Probate n +* At Philadelphia— n. 11. St. lx>ulH 3 7 Philadelphia 7 12 0 Batter!**: Hatnoa, Hyba, Earnshaw and DavU; \Valterrt and Grace, II. E. 0 (Second game) At Philadelphia— B. St. Lou IB & Philadelphia 3 Batterleit: til Johnuon, J. Dean and Ogrodowski, Huba; Panseau. Mulcahy, Stevens and Wilson. 11 AMERICAN LEAGUE At Detroit*— H, H. E. Philadelphia .,,. 29 0 Detroit ,...*.; ,, 6 0 1 Batteries: Arctoer, Fink and Hayes; Auker and Tebbetts, At Cleveland i-. n. a Cleveland .. -<• •* * *.**.» *.. H. 2 14 1 0 * ? t !• -*. * >A'*-r -.» •• . - - it - * • '"' , L ih> •!. - Meolii SuJ. Wire) UXS ANOKLKH. Sopt. ]«....* will of Mrs. Anna p. I'rooKsIm 78, provided for "love gift**" rind a i grave for her SI*ycnr-oM coinpunlon. Thaddeuw Plckens of Hollywood. WUH on fllo today for prubat**. The bulk of Mrs. CrookMhnnk'a ll&O.OOO f»tat«* wait left in PickeitN With a few smull b**que«tH mitde t»i relative and her t*vtrttntfed husbund. David C. CYookHhauk. hi, Pomona, Calif., rain'ht»r. Mrs. Cmokshunk In thi- will described her tx»qu<!t,t« to Plckena u« "love gifts" and requested that a crypt next to tlm one Kite wan to occupy Hhnuld 1>« Maved either for her husband or Plckens. .The will was filed by Charlen A. Klewdmun l of Pomona who hud represented tho \ aged woman In financial deallngn. Plcken», who ,)md been held a« a material witness while police investigated Mm* Crookshank'« death, was lauii night on hl« own rooog* landing rornptMlon of a ! chemical annfjrtiis of the woman's stomach. He declined lo comment on provisions of the will or His friendship with the elderly matron. It was letirnod tho local legion commander had received a telephone call from ntuto legion heml. quarters nt San Frunvlsco which held mobilization orders wen* Issued only al times of "dire cllsaster." Knox Retraction Declared by Harr Prft* Leased Wiref SAN FRANCISCO. Hept. 16.—Rc- proKontatlvcw of 10 western stalea and of tho federal government convened here today for n three day conference j to discus** tho administrative problems of tho new unemployment compensation laws. The conferees will discuss, accord* ing- to Richard M. Neustadt. reKlonal director for tho national social security board, the functional of compensation commissions and the effect of adminiHtratlvo practices already in effect. COUSKt'M TAKEN OVER 1.GH ANOKLKS, Sept. Itf, (A. P. The playground and recreation com- mlRalcn hna wnsunicd control of tho Memorial collm?uni. Following failure to reach wn agreement with the Board of Supervisors aft*>r Its term* iimuon ot tho agreement for joint operation of U*o coliseum, the playground comrnlHsion adopted a resolution providing that Its operation and control bo vodiod in tho commission. r Wire) DKTU01T, Sept. 16.- Dr. Luther llarr. Pennsylvania secretary *»f banking, wild today ho WHS "happy to Miy" that Colonel Krunk Knox had "rHraoled" a statement which Harr con*iU!<>r?d an adveritu reflection on tht> condition of banks. ^i~V h ^H ^ k ft • A ^ candidate In ft »ptwoh at Allentuwn. 10 day** o«u Haiti, "today no life 'tincu policy In Kt'eurv; no account la safe." v The 1'enrmylvanlit banking official i wrote to Knux, demanding a tion or data support lute the statement, and cited H state law making It a misdemeanor to t|H-ak fufevly about the Holvency of financial ln*tl- tutiotis. POST OFFICE LOCATED WASHINGTON, Sept. 1*. (A. Monrovia** now pont office in California will be Hltuatfd on 1'alni avo- nue on property bought from M, a«d J. B. Williams.for $)0,&00,'thej trtaftury post .otflc* committee " V I I I I - J _ ^ _ _ - ' ' . t- ^ -& ::• .^. **'?£ ;• •?i '• !T 'T-V': - v ; t *l •l'! I -" : • i ,; . ^ M rr f _ *,-.'rl I ,- \ --* - •«•&&&&:•,.:. • -- -> "/ -J . -t.^^^ . •• • ' -, i- • -> •* - .'.'-..- --!.-;-..'.-.-,- . -f , ' -,.-* : ' i M^'^^^V^.^'"-^-^ -v- •--^•^T^^.^.^'^- - •-& - >:*'(.,•.•;•' - • 1 .-•'? - fei?:^^^^i^^^=' ; W,^.^:^i^^^4;X:^: ^ ;;' './"t--'vi^^-i,. .*^^.- y. r 7 i. t, - '.I -' PPLY LCOLM TOW PAUL ESTON. THEATE STOR KON ELRY WICK BOOTH

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