The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 15, 1936 · Page 19
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 19

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 15, 1936
Page 19
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- h THE BAKERS*!ELD CALIFOftNtAN, TUESDAY^ SEPTEMBER , •. n L j • ' * f - i --. I S/.F. LIVESTOCK Leased . SOqrti SAN FRANCISCO. Sent. 15. Ho**—Receipts 1400; fciow, mostij to 2Bc lower; ottrly top and bulk da Blrablofl, I30*225-pound California*. ,$11.60; part load medium i6S-t>o»nd weights, $11.25; about two cnrloadn 208-218-potind grain fed locals. $11*25; few packing sows, $8.60©8.75; around 26o lower, Cattle—Uecclpts 50; (strictly good light fed steera quoted around $8.00$ 8.50; 16ad 1188-pound steers from lo*?al fe*d lot, S7.80; sorted three head 16,75 and with a.4 por cam ahrlnkj quoted up to $5.60; low cutters and cutters, $8.00f£p4.00; few dairy cows tip to $4.25; steady; odd bulls, $4.00 ©5.00; good quoted to $5.50 or above; late Monday, two loads medium 920- pound graan »tecrn, $0.50. Calvfes— .Uocelpta 10 i choice veulcrs quoted lo jn.BO or slightly nbovo. Sheep—Receipts 1460; slaughter ewes predominating; lambs scarce, . L- _.- opening about steady; owe« firm; part deck BDOd:80*pound woolad California lambs, $8.76; part deck medium 73- pound lambs, $8.00, sorted 16 head $7.00; strictly good absent, quoted up to $9,25; three decks medium to good 108-'polmd short wooled ewes, $n,60; sorted 10 to 20 per cent; two decks medium Montana ewes, $3.00; sorted 30 per cent. LOS ANGELES STOCKS 1 <$> (United Prcti Lcatcd Wire) Asked 113 12 1*OS ANOKLES, Sept. Stock— Bid ChryBler 112 Claude Neon 11 Globe Milling 9 Douglas Aircraft 7.1 Taylor Milling 18 Lockheed 9 Vi Banks Citizens National 28*fc Kecurlly-FIret National.,.. 51 Transamerlca 13\4 Miscellaneous 1*. A. Investment 5',2 Pacific Klnanco 27-Vi *.. A. Qas & Itleot 106% 3»aclflc Gas & Kleotric 37H J J ac. One & TCleotrtc A Paclflo Ijlplitlng rom So. Calif. Edison com So, Calif. Edison C pfd 2SVa So. Calif. Kdlson 5Va 2 So. Calif, das fi pfd So. Pacific K. K Oils Jlolsa Chica 7^i Pacific WoHtern 14 Standard Oil of Calif.... Union Oil of Calif 74 9% 6*4 28 U 107 38 31 61 28 31 • t 37 82 SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS fAssociated Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept, 15,—Slocks. High Close 10 3*4 Crown Zellerbach. eom vie. 8 1 )* pi Giorgio Fruit coin ...... 35 JM Cllorglo Fruit pf ........ 62Vfe Fireman's Fund Ind ....... 33 j'Mromun's Fund Insurance Clolden State Ltd .......... Magna Vox T-td ........... Marchant Cal rom ......... North American OH ....... ^*ac. Ijlghtlnff com ......... 3*ac. l*ub. Serv. new com.. 1'ac. T, & T. com ......... 142 Hwy. Kqulp. 5 pfd- ........ 21 JUvy. Equip. G pfd ........ 88 Sohleninger A com ......... 1 U Shell Union <Jom ........... 21 Signal Oil ................. 29 Southern Pacific ......... 42*4 Tidewater OH com ........ 17 Transamerlca /..'.*.; ....... 1 3U Union Oil" of 't-'allf.... '..... 2ZU "Western Pipe Cal. com.... 8% 15 62 10 24 62 C 7 /i 02 OTs 143 21 88 1U 21 2!) 42 22 57 f COTTON FUTURES t f Associated Press Leaser. Wire) * NEW YQTIK. Sept. 15.—There was fftifflclent trade buying 1 and covering to cause moderate advance** In cot- Ion durhlfr today's early tradlnff but prlcep later sagged off under hedging nnd liquidation, December sold down /rom 12.H to 12.Oil and May declined from 12.05 to 11.08 with tho mldaftor- noon market phowlng act declines of iitbout 2 to 3 points. * Futures closed Kt< lower. * October, 12.00; December. 12.02 12.03; January. 12.02; March, 11.9 May, 11.95®!!.96; July. 11.87©I1.88. Spot steady; mldUHntr* 1^.40, nominal. T steady, -I to 6 points TREASURY REPORT Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON. Sept, 15.— The post- tlon of the treanury on September IS!: KccolptB. $17,77(!,r»21.42; e\pnntliture«, 521,242,120,59; balance., 51,790.120,692.00. CustoniH receipts for tbo month, $12,- CS7,-I02.21. Hecelpta for tho fluru! year (since July 1), S7S2.313.56S.4rt; expnndUuren, 91,237,014,695.3!) (Including $ 447,202.040.30 of emergency expenditure*); ex- of expenditures, $455,201,126.93. JrosH debt. $33.352,062,178.48, a decrease of $4,704,8311.24 under the previous day. Gold ussotn, $10,744,890,670.45., LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK Leased Wire) Sept. IB.— (U. H. LO8 Department of Agriculture.)— 100; very plow; bldnlnf 8fi« to lower; beet held abovo In.&O. Cattle, 700; holdovera 080; fully fed Kteort*, $7.fifi(@f : S.3&; few B(ft«rs, $6.75 down; feeders, IR.ftO i'8.76; ffrnvift helfrrp. $8.25<I8.50; rows, $1,50(^5.75; otiHor RntdftiH, f2.7fir$4.S6; few bullB to $0. t'nlvon, 000 steady; vcalora to $9.76; lvoN, $8.75^8. Sheep, 600; holdovers, 1433; slow, Meady; medium woole-d laiubn, $S.aS; bulk tinvold; good oweft, |4 STRONG ON1RT Oils, Utilities Go Down n Trifle in trndihg at San Francisco (United Prc*« Leaned 1 Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 16.— Western industrial stocks showed quiet strength while oils and utilities moved off fractionally in early trading on the San Francisco Stock Exchange today. Tho market opened slightly lower hut firmed us the session progressed. Changes at the close of the third hour showed li stocks up, 35 off and 15 unchanged. Consolidated Chemical continued the advance which started In the preceding session adding- 1 Mi to a new high at 34, Alaska Juneau was up , Yellow £ Checker Cab and t)i Giorgio Fruit preferred both gained l t Merchant was up %, Hunt Brothers preferred ^ and Magnavox and National Automotive Fibres both gained %. Foster & Klelser preferred took one of tho two major losses selling off Hi. Western Pipe and Steel declined 14 and Emporium was off U. Among tho oils Signal Gas A moved up '4 und Shell Union common was uptt. North American and Universal Consolidated were down Vi ami Tide Water common dropped U. Phillips Petroleum nights, appearing on the board for the first time sold at GOc, Tn 'the utility section Southern Pacific wa« off &, Hallway Equipment (Ts lost » the G'H U, Pacific Lighting common \i. Pacific Public Service common and Market Street Prior Pfd. 1%. Fircmans Fund Indemnity moved np 1. Anglo California National Bank lost %, Associated Insurance and Home Fire & Marine Insur- % . Transamertca opened at and moved up to 13%, Us previous close, on a volume of 1400 shares. ance FlNAttfelAL LETTER J. A. HOOLE A COMPANY Membtrs New York Stock Exchange Contrary lo expectations there was fto radical ehan&o In market charac** tertstlcs today. Tho Maine election results eav* little satisfaction to either slae and the market, if anything, sold off evidencing- thereby dissatisfaction of sorts. During the firat two hours bids were exceptionally thin and price* *av<j way easily. tetter better support appeared and Home of the earlier losses were recovered by the close. As a whole the market appeared sluggish and slow although volume topped the million share mark. For Home reason Interest is at a minimum and the market is at a standstill. Something 1 In the way of out Hid* news IH needed to fire ambitions of traders. Just a spark Is needed as the set-up of business and trade statistics, market technicalities and trends are all pointed In tho same direction. Almost all services are moderately to extremely bullish, particularly over the longer term. The short term or week-to-week developments tiro, of course, difficult, to prognosticate, but from the business and market cycle wo are currently only half-way out of tho depression. Commodities lost small ground on the day which proved to be very slow and without Incident. Consumption continues tho prime factor rtmuUIng In a good backlog: of buying. Toward the closo there was some Indication Of short covering In wheat but col- ton closed at the low levels of the day. OFFICIALS All! AUTOPSY STUDY SUll Probing Death of Mrs. Grookslmnk, Figure in Odd Divorce Case BABE UGHT TH&EE STATE - . L L m t 'V 1 -!' • J X -, - I i'p' > .y >'-V>^- Profit-Takers Stop Rally in Early Period but Few Issues Find Buying \ NEW YORK CLOSE (I'nlted Press Leased Wire) NEW YOKK, Sept. 15.— Railroads Stock— Atchlnon Baltimore & Ohio 25Vi Chesapeake &. Ohio Clone . 81U » * * * Erie .... Great Northern pfd Illinois Central 27V Mlnaottri Pacific New York Central 44% Pennsylvania r.l»v ( Southern Pacific Union Pacific .. ................. Industrials LATE NEW YORK, .Sept. 15. (A. P. A late recovery In tho stork market toriny lifted prlrcs up from early Irregularity nnd shares finished with modern to gains and losses nl^oui evenly distributed, By VICTOR KUBANK A«oc!»t«d l»r«w KtiuneUl Writer NEW YORK, Sept. 16.—The stock market blew hot and oold todny on tho Maine election rasultfi and prices got nowhere in particular. Tho list made a feeble attempt to rally nt the opening, but profit takers again stepped into tho arena and cut down many of tho loaders fractions to n point or more. Denting* wero on tho quiet side near thn fourth hour, however, and n number of issues found buying 1 Rtippoit. Wright Aeronautical, a 10-sharo trading unit, got up m6ro than G points on top of yesterday's Jump. ThlH company, a Hutaddiary of Our- Una-Wright, was reported to havo received substantial orders for new nlrplnno motors, Senlward Air Line was ono of the moat active issues at a small guin. Others In tho resistant area included Standard Oil of California, International Nickel. Anaconda, Aircraft, Sperry, U. S. Stool and He- public Steel. In tho backward column were Chrysler, Crucible Steel, Soars-Uoe- hnck, Ainerlcnn C*an, .1. 1. Pane, Standard Oil of New Jersey. West- j f Press Leased I-OS ANO13LK.S, Sept. 1 awaited today the outcome of an autopsy to determine tho cause- of death of wealthy Mrs, Anna Powell Crookshank. 73. Meanwhile, Thaddeus PloUcns, her i 21-year-old protcg*, who deworlboa himself aH a poot and painter, is held in tho city jail us a material witness. AVhile police awaited the .results of the autopsy before taking further action, If any, the woman** 85-year- old husband, David Crookshank, ob- triintxl special letteiit of administration in Superior Court of his wife's estate. Mia petition expressed tho belief that the woman left no will, and ignored the police report of a holo graphic will which named IMckens n« beneficiary. Detective Lieutenant Mllos T.ed- better said thn county autopsy surgeon. A. I 1 *. Wagner, Informed him "uremio poisoning wa« a large contributing cause" of tho death of Mrs. C'rookshnnk. A physician's certIfl- cate gavo pneumonia a« the cause of death. Mrs, Crookshank became 1H September 3 while she and Hiekens wero at a mountain cabin, Sho died soon after being brought to her homo four days later. Lato hours nnd too much social activity for a woman of years probably caused the uremia condition." Lieutenant Ledoetlcr said the autopsy surgeon informed him. The officer said tho case will not he closed until a complete autopsy . .-, v. i_' -•j %>v » I - «v 4 •• I ^ >' ' . > -*1 T I '* k. + - ^ % i h L H - .* » . I* I , - i ^ _.- • j v * i & Ten Political Killings Recorded Past b i Harry Brow*, 18 months old, whoso diftappearanco from hta perambulator in a Detroit park started a search extending Into throo ptatos. Police bollovi) ho nmy havo been UUbm,ped by a childless woman or couplo. i OVERNMENT BONDS /Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Sept. 16—CJoalng U. S, government- bonds: Treasury 47-52. 119.7. 4S-45, 108.23. IK, 44-64, rcR. 114.3. 46-56, 112.12. 40-43. 108.9. 43-47, 109.10. 41 rcg. lOfl.G. 44-4«, 108.16. 3HB. 46-49, 107. 38, 46-48, lOfi.S. SH. 51-55, 105.8. 65-60, 103. 45-47, 104.14, 48-51, 102.27. ' 51-54, 101.58. 56-59, 101.0. Federal Farm Mortgage 3s. 4fl, 103,27. 8U», 64. 305.^. Home Owners Loan 3s, A52. 103.21. 3*48. 4l», 101.31. 2U«, 42-44, 101,31. ..... . , ....... Rubber.. 1 ....... 2 • • 4 • t t * POULTRY, BUTTER. EQQS • • • * * » >****• * * # * » * * • t • ........... (A*90datcd Press Leased Wire) LOS ANG12LES, Sept. 15.™ Butter and eggs: Butter Prime first*, 34»/.o. Hlandardrt, 34c. Undergrade, 33*^o. Egg» (Candled) — Clean extras. 35e; light dirty extras. IMo; clean Btandards, 28o; light dirty standards, 27c; checks, 27e. Medium—Clean extras, 2Hc; light dirty ex Iran. 28e; clean standardH, Siic; light dirty HtandarrtB, 25o; eheekH, 22c. Small—Clean extras, l8Hc; light dirty extras, 17e. Case count eggs, 26c. Poultry Leghorne. 2U-to 3Vi Ibs., 13c. liens, Leghorns, over 314 and up to Ibs., 14e. Hens, leghorns, over 4 Ibs., 18c. Menu, colored, 8W to 4 Ibs., 20c. Menu, colored, 4 Ibn. and up. 2Re.. Broilers over 1 up to m Ibs., 20c. over 1^ and up to 214 20c. Fryers, leghorns, over 2U and up to Ibs., 15a. American Can American Tel. & Tel 174H Bordenn 2S»% Caterpillar Tractor 74 Cities Service 4H Columhia Gas 20% Consolidated Clan Corn Products .. Corliss-Wright First National Stores Fox Film "A" General ICloetrlc 46H General Foods Its*; Gold Dust Goodyear Tiro International Harvester 77 a j lnt«rnatloal Tol. & Tol 12U Johns-Manvllle 114H Montgomery M r nrd 4f» Xorth American 32 Pa<-.lflc Ga« 15lo*Mi Radio Corporation Saf oway Stores .. I Sears-Hoohnok 87 i U. R. ttubbor Union Carhldo & CarlKin Unit oil Alrrraft Warnnr Brothers AVewtorn Union WemtlnRhouno IClectrle "Woolworlh J. C. Penney fu Tranaamorlca 13 Metala American Smelting Anaconda Bethlehem Steel International Nickel Kenneoott Copper . Uepuhlln Steel U. S. Steel Vanadium Steol Tobacco and Sugar American Sugar American Tohacco "B" Cuban American Sugar Great AVoKtern R. J. Ilcynolds "U" . Oils Atlnntlr Urfluinp Con«olklated Mexican Seaboard I'hllllpH I'etroli'um Shell Union Standard of California Standard of New Jorney Socony Vacuum TexaM Company Tidewater ABH'H new Motors Auburn Motorn Chrj'Hler General MotorH Hudson Packard Motors Inghouso, Santa Fc, Union Pacific, Scrvol, T-ibby-Owenw, ^UONV'H, Wcsl- ; orn Vnlon. American Telephone, ' Montgomery Ward, Hcthlehem, U. S. Industrial Alcohol, Southern Pacific. I Hindis, Central and Delaware & HudKun. Bonds jjoncrally held to n restricted groove. Sterling: was in demand, believed to bo from continental sonrces, and p imbed up to Us level In torms of the dollar report "removes all possibility that Mrs. CrookslmnU camo to her death from anything but natural caused." Protest Advance of Kansas Felon Arrest Youth in Oil Company Head Extortion Plot! Faces Court Trial Bombings Are Told ' r J (United Press Leased Wire) TIENTSIN, Sept. 15,—Ten nations of political figures in addition to several bombings, explosions and other acts of violence is the record established in Tientsin, base of Japanese military operations in north China, during the past hectic 12 months. Almost every Important hotel In tho Japanese and French concee* slonn can now point to bullet marks In the walls and dark spots on the floor whore some politician met his doom at the hands of assassins. Two Chinese newspaper editors on the Japanese pay roll, one uffi- eifll of the mayor's office, one railway official, two ex-bandits under Japanese protection, ono ox-warlord, 1 two military police officials and the secretary to another notorious warlord fell In this manner. Several attempts were made to assassinate Mayor Hsiao Chonying during his tenure of office, by sending him bombs through the malls and bv ehlt-cooHes, but the infernal ma- chiuos wore discovered before they exploded. The mayor never traveled outside his ynmcn without a strong bodyguard, nor. for that matter, do other hiph officials. A Japanese troop train narrowly ! a\Wtod being wrecked when a bomb ! exploded under the rails while U was ncarlng Tientsin on May 29. A bomb exploded near the official | rPHidence of tho Japanese military j commander in the Japanese conccs- ; Men. Two bombs wore found in the j lavatory of the Forum, gambling ; nroivn in tho Italian concession, while I Mayor Hsiao was having his fight 'over "donations to charity." i %P h Prcsn Leased Wire) WASHINGTON. Sepl. 1 &.—,!. Ed- (Associated Press Leaned Wire) TOPI3KA, Knn.. Hopt. IB,—Tho state board of mimlnlMtratlon ordered (lie state penltentlnry management today to rescind Its action nil vane- lloovor, director of the f intern I ! bureau of InvoMtiRiUlon. reported to- i NK Brown, Pre>*» /-«n*rrf \\ire) YO1UC, Sept. 15.— John A. president, of the Socon day that federal agents had arronted a 16-yoar-old youth at Atlanta. O»., for mulling a $25.000 extortion letter tn the. mother of Shlrle> The youth, Wank K. ing Honnld Klnney, principal figure j confessed. Hoover Hald, to mulling in the Kansas "million-dollar bogus j tho letter which on AugitM 7 do' mnnded that Mrs. Temple In Hollywood Hcncl $2fi,QOQ (o "Curtis Pal- Vacuum Oil Company, and two vice- j Contracts Under Award for Roads prt?ftM«Mit« of the concern, Charles '" JonoR « nd Churl** K. Arnotl. Wl>ro arraigned before a United States rommlBsloner today on of ( , oll8p , rncv to for the past two years. tics were mixed. Commotfl- L. A, PRODUCE MARKET bond scandal" to a role of supervlso) of Intelligence teats ut tho prison. Finney, serving u sonteneo of from .11 to GSfi years for forgery In I ho i bond fraud, was ordered buck to "an nlismnv" job nt I he prison. The board said in a formal statement '? that FlntiQ.V> advancement will be thc> mer,' 1 at an Atlanta address. "(Jot tho money." Hoover quoted tho letter as saying, "If you want to I keep Hhlrley." An Investigation hy (Cnited Pres* Leased Wire) HACUAMKXTO. Sept. 15,—Four oontraotH totaling: $283,043.46 for control ' "tehway construction in tho central ; coast counties wore under award to- With more ihnn 50 other persons ! dft >' b >' Kftrl J ** Kelly, director of the state department of public works, Tho largest project Involves jrrad- ing and paving 3 miles of tho Bay- highway botweon A gnaw un- /'rr»* l,ca*ctl Wire) 15.—(IT. S O 1 f *» • 4 • » * *••**••••••••• * * Dept. Afrr.)-- Hoana; l^rvnl Ken Mirk y Wondern. polo, ril'i-rtVjc; hiiHh, 4" ( ?i-4Hr: fair, hrown seed fair, StCS'.fcc; MJP; UerroB Kentucky Won- d«>r«, 60; HIIUIH, looul and Kan Diego county pole, ^<i|3Hr; bu»h v 2 poorer, 1 HC lb. Grapes: Ran JooQuin Valley IfHK, fair. 1 ^ $ \ i,^,. ||), ; fancy SfftJiHf'; Mudi'aifl, fttlr, 2$iiM-fcc; faiu'.v, jlllttlfO Moovor ralmor ronvlrtoii nfior an In- ! l! W:|S diflcloHotl fraudulent l "" on bond.H in the state treasury vault H ( a« Hocurlly for ntato depnnltH in banks eont rolled by t ho Flnnoy 1 family. MK*»nts fallod to dtsclovo, Hald, exlHlnnro of u Ovirlts at the Atlanta nddit*An. hut It-arntMl that Stoph«MiH had In a irrocri y Hloro at had been Indicted on allege,* I hoy ronnplnnl to rulHo and rnffulato tho price ot' gaaollno In spot markets of tho. middle west. Tho Indictment H wore rot u mod by rod- era! grand Juries in U'laooiwln and ; dorpawa and San JOBO. A. .1. Ratach liullnnu. Mull t flxetl at $r>0(.m onch boa rings on removal pro- Ootctbnr 2. Tin? nion sur- Wlthoilt HITOHt. the I • I * *••••* 4*1 70 U m < -i s 2 ; 72 3c; poorer. fancy display b*»Ht. i i--* o'- . un * • * t • t 4 t • • • * * t * 36 »• «% O ( 27 12',-j 1 ; best befit, 30 lb. cachep 2 i ; c hodl Tnkuyn, $1 POffT1.2r>; fair. Hii'ri I-liC huly fin- j KH'-ond!tlo MtiHiuttn, liW i 2^'ic; loral <'oiirorrls, fair. 2lfco: Tokaya. Curry Loses Three-Year Fight for Damages (Associated Press Leaned \\'it~ef UKOAVOOU CITY. S«nt. ^^ T ^^ Heavy Guard Put On at Monterey AM Priwia Leased Wire) Iain throo-yonr-loiitf $f>rt,oi)i» •Ill- today had luHl hlM halllo (n collect from Ueonn* Whit- llro maintained a heavy the wlmrf here today to prevent POM (ll^tnrbanoo In the dlspulo be toll. WoodHldo millionaire, whcme pet Hun aHej^eilly mauled (Irtisskurtb In .7 Sun .Joaquln Valley Sa.lwny« IlVi'iTnuc; medium, IU 1 ; small, Plrt cor ron n t y. 3 tt- 3 '*. r \ b. • Sn n qnln Valley Krnnimotn. boHt, ChamplonR, 3 l .H?4c; Yucalpa Krutti- niels. lar^e. 3 He; meillum. 2 1 lut« ]?;ibertaH, larfre. a'/feo; minium, iwoon I ho Ue^p Son. Kirthornien'H I'nlon nnd a Mfuitoroy boat owners urbanisation. Thlrty-flvo boatn liHhod l««t nifflu, 10 more than .Sunday night, loavhuc only 10 Id If, thro* 1 of which »ro nllKncd with the Uoop 4 Sea *•**•«***•« * • t • * • * t 21 2-ln. >•••*••«•* l*4|4««i* 4 * • t ft I I * .. «•»••**«•« 37 7 1 Fryers, colored, 2',fc and up to ., 17c. Fryers, colored, over 3'.; and up to 31 CO '-8 17 lb.; Utah hu. bsk, mln.. $1.00^2.10; 2U-ln. ( \\'a«bln«tfm lliiUifl. Gtifi^ Poara; Uike county imrtlotta 3-)ic H).; IJttlerot-k. large, medium, 2^fT2a;e; Rinnll, 2Ud Placer County. 3^3Uc: (Irnss Valley, ordl- I miry, 2i{r'ZV6c: Santa clant County Ho- j mice. 2fic IUR; llardyw, 1 Htf Hfcc; t Howe, me Ih. ! SquaKh; J^ornl white numnip 86c(^'$l, boHl $1, poorer 60e; Han e.nunty bout, OOofrll; Italian local dark The plaintiff, tin tnnUcoucr at lialfmoon hay, cbarR^d that Whit- „,. ,, , u ,, . toll brought ibo lion to bin lavorn 1( l>( ' rl> Sn ;\ * nio " and that it cliiwnc! him Kovwly. ^trilu- simpoHr-.liy to aiwor Huperlor Jud»o Alnxwoll AloNutt | ^V!^.. r !. n °J\ M ..I. 1 ' 0 ! 1 */' 1 ."' of K«n Mntno county, after review and Knrl \V. Moplo. Snn Jose, weiv the contract on n bid for r>. Othor awards wei*«; Santa Clara county—Cirudlng and Rtirfaolni? 1.2 miles of Fourth street extension between Bay shore highway and north rity Hmlls of San Jose; A, J. Raisch, San Jose, $4LV SOS. Suntn Cm/: oo\inty—r'onstmctlnjf bridge across Soott ereek on Ocean- shore highway between Davenport and Hantn rnix-San Mutpo ct>xmty line, and culvert acrows Mill creek; Karl W. Ilopie, San Jose. SII.248.50. Run Bentto, Monterey. San Luis (SHU I'll OT AT 16 ! ^ u ^* s * >0 ' Santa I^arham counties— SOMKHKKT. Pa., Kepi. 16. (U. IV) i ™*£ viriSlT/locMIoni^S C 'C'm' old HoniorHOt Township Hlffh School j milWl student, IM b**H<»ved to bo the youni;- ; *^« * eHt girl In-the l^niU'd Stale* to muko ! r 11*68 Al'C a solo alrplanu flight. . 1-1» i s*\ TT i • •. -=r^ : Fish, Game Hazard - iti'.vrKit Sopt. Ut. U T . 12-year-old hutme Iianmu c* back from bin flrHt h\intiii(? ! trip lu> !iud a four-foot rattlonnakf 'and n fonr-polnted buck, tn the tx- ! oiteiwnt of RottUiK his first doer, tho j younKsier nonrly ntopped on the Calif., Kepi, in.—l'o-i coiled rattler. on ! b the Mon- INTENTIONS TO WED ing: Iho leKtlmony ti\ the pnivloun li i- als. ordered the Giannini Reports Purchase of Bank A 'oiatlon. H(j-oallod local unUm, and tn In con Lrol of the sit nut Ion. rannoj-H, wllh ono fXrfpiion. nouiiood lbo.ii' intention to givo thcli support to thr local or»*anlxatlon. Tho nn« • V T tor. 2f». nnd Huby H. tlumbUi. Arvln. I • t » (Assnciated Press Leased Wire.) SAN FRANCISCO. 8i?pt, If,. T 65 Tlmken Holler Bearing Equipment* American Car Foundry 41 American Loromotivo . Baldwin hocomoUv.o .. General Tank Stewart AVorncr 31V Sweei Potatoes: fair 75-0 8Be lug. Hlcans, Local Nancy t»0o$l>$l; Porto U6nftter«, soft bone, Barred Rocks. over 4 Ibs. and up, 20c. Roa»ter«, soft bone, other than Barrmi nooks, over 4 IbB. and up. 20o. 12c. Old roosters. 9c, Ducklings, 4tt Ibe, and up, Me. Ducklings, under 4H IbB., 12c, Old tlucktt. He. Goose, 16c. Young lorn turkeys. 33 Ibs, and up to 18 ibs.. IDo. Young toms, over 18 lb».. 20c. lien (urkeys, 9 Ibs. and UP, 20e. Old torn turkeys, I4c. Old hftn turkeys, 14e, Sr|ua|)s, under 11 Ibs., per dozen, Hquabs, 11 |bs. per don. and up. rapopF, under 7 Ibs., 26c. Papon R. 7 Ibs. nnt] up, Rabbits, No. 1 white, io 4',^ lb«. Rahbltp, No. 1, mixed colors, and 4'fe Ibv. each, 10c. Kabbltfi, No. 1. old, 3> MAIIK BUItlBD CITY PRRRYTON. Texas, Sept. IS. (U. H.)—A memorial marker will bo placed at OchlUreo county'fl "burled city," prehlfitorlc eliff-dwollorn 1 ruIiiH that wero legend even to'the plnlnH Indians. Kftrn county $1; Nnnc $1.16^-1.20. fancy SI.CO^i-1.05 lu«; Hun M niinnlnl nnml.lnMt n f *i,« ii««ir DieRo county, $1.60; yellow crookno.ik M ' "innnmi. pi*»Mldont of the Hank fair 76c luir. of America National Trust & Sav. IngH ABHoclatlon, HA Id today nmiiiKtv mentB'havo been i-omplctod fi>r the pui-chaso of tho AVrstwood National Ha n k. tllnnninl ?ial(l presiMit officers will remain in i'lmr«re when the bank becomes n. branch of the Bank of Anu?rlci*. With tin* \Veolwood branch In operation, the bank will have 4fil branches. Tomnlo«ft: and Vpnturn count Stones \vnai N1?:\V HIUTA1N, Conn.. S.-pl. If,. (I'. I'.)-- Hi'iijamln Smith ror«>ntly killed a wild cow In |I(H backyard. Tho bra»t hud lu>en roaming wild for ft inontliH Hlnco r-HcnplnK from th" nmnlcipal HlanKhU-r lioiiHe IHM! and bnd cuuHod oxten»ivt» lo furnier'n <?ropr«. --\VOOnS—Jinnee II. . 22. and Mildred I,. Wood*. HI, both! of Arvln, und iold. of f .MrKlNNIOV-U< K tunny, ,*Cl, iitul Huby both of Tuft. K. I»wl«ht. i.. Count), 22. both \VHliun SACHA.MKNTO. Sept. 13.—Fires :»Htroy more fore»t ffaine nnd fi»h, tllroctly and Indirectly, than all tbs hunters and anglor*. ncconllng- to of, flcitils of the state department qf iu i natural resources. I »*I r ' > SUIT KILE!) OAKLAND, Sopl. 15, (U. P.: A $75.000 allonatlon of nffootiona and soduotion Mult was filed here today by .Mrs. 7,oe Uulsmoreau against MI-H. Mario Thorem* Bouquet, Bur- niirHO. Mr*. Bolsnioreau MI-H. Houquot won the af- of hoc busl>ajid, Loon Bolff- moreau. whom whe married July 31. Alo,13, «6''((($1, fi-ftH Mil In.-al poorer 26c; PondcntpnH 4-5« fair flfic, bfHt 7ftr, fi-f.s Q&tp&c, OYPSIM IN AIUJM>ANCK \VHITIC SAKDH Nalloiml Monument, N, M.. Sept. K>. U7. 3».) ICiunigh gypHiim io mippiy iho I'nlted Htaton nprtlti for inoo ycnr« \» con Uilnf'd in dopoMltH ImrdorlnK **'> lh*> \Vhlto SandH National Monumont, In addition lo 5.1100,000.000 toiiH federal woloffirul Hiirvoy \ BlRTHS * MnjJCU--To Mr. and Mr«. Paul Chnrl*^ MiUrr, 1U Mt-i'onl H!r«-ot, ItlvorvU'W. a diuinhtor, Janlro Kvf- lyn, Si*i>tpmb»*r 10. at M**ri'y hospital. bo»t $1, fair 75(ii -Kfi lug. r SEEKING OFFICE CHICAGO QRAIN /'r«* Leased Wire) CHICAGO, Sept. 15.—Can h wheat, No, 1 mixed, 91.15; No. 2 mixed, Ji.UH. Corn: Lake bilHntf, No, 1 yellow. Sl.UH; No. 2 yellow, S1.14H: No. w a yellow, $1.14; nflnola proportional, TCo. 1 y«How. *l.U; No. 2 yellow, li.ifii No. 3 yellow, J1.14M,; No. 4 yellow, I1.14; No. C yellow, $1,18%01.14H: No, 3 white, $1.29; sample rrad« t *1.10«p 1.11H. Oats: No, 1 white, 4t&4fiHc; No. fl white, 45fl/46c: No. 8 white, 44«; 4 whit*, 42Kc; sample irrad*, 89H c- No rye. Barley: Feed. 70O SOc. nominal; malting/ $1.10^1,44, nominal* BAR SILVER I FOREIGN EXCHANGE (United Press Leased Wire) XE\V YORK. Sept. 15.—- Porelf n ex pound, d.06%. 00*day bill rate. 6.05*. Canada, dollar. 1.00 1-32, off .00 1-32. I'Yfuico, franc, .0668H, up .0000 1-lfl. Italy, Ura, .0787. llelKlum, belga, .1C!>0. off .OOOOM;. Uermuny, nmrR. .4023. HwtUerland. fruncw. -3250Vi. Holland, guilder, .6788, off .0001. Spain, peseta, unauoted. Hw^den, krouu, .2613, up .0003. Korwny, krone, .2546, up .0002. Denmark, krone. .2262, up Japan, yen, .2963, off .001. \ m METALS MARKET {Associated Press Leased Wire) Pres* Leaned XBW YORK. uaa NEW ^^B ^h J^L » i - T- i $9,76: export, $^.900ft.95. Tin Hpot and nearby, §46, future Lead H toady; »pot N*\v York. .•. ^d _^ ^H J ~ _M_ H^ ~ J M _ _* _ J : Uood Htorliton \VlsronMln Prldo*i, 52.25^2.,1f> ewl,. ordinary 11.85, nrnull $1.35 c\vt.; U, K. No. 1 nmaols Idaho. $2.50 cwt., Klumuth diHlrlot, 12,505?!.CO. INDIA'S MIDAS ENJOYS SIGHTS . „. .... i M ,- > . .— ! i' Mr and Mif Ilobort Huntwr }\ofint>f<, 415 OAcalur street. Mldfiic. u hon, WUIIam Hobert, Hop- t(»inher 11, at Mnrey bonpltnl MCCARTHY—To Mr, and Mr* Owen M«-rnrih>, Route 2, llo\ 541. a »on. M'hoiuuH 1'alrlek, September 10. ut M*-r< v L. A. CASH GRAIN •<$>! t ; f Associated Press Leased Wire) * LOS ANGKMCK, S^pt. 15. - Current i local grain <4"ointions wpro reported by the federal-fit nte market n service ah folluwn: (prices (|UMtr*fl «wl., flf^ld run. In ffirloarlH only): Argentine corn, quick delivery. builk. $2.tOff2.15. California whwit. hacked. No. I soft i or No. 1 hard white. f1.C7>4. California hurley. Mirkcd, 44 No, 2 brluht. w^t.-ni, |1.«&; No. I. 2. $1,70. yellow milo, jynckr-d. No. '• IT T r LOS ANGELES HAY r /'»r«« Leaned Wire) ' LO.S ANUKUCS. Sr-pt. 15,-- Alfulfa '. I hay held about mu.hangml here today, i i but a strong: under1oit«i \vtit» apparent, < | the K^d«rul-Btuti> .Market NPWH 8i?rv- | i loo reported, cai'lot «raln arrivals: i j 25 wheat, s barley, 24 corn, '* oats, i G mUo, 1 rye, S6 hay, j Hay, f.o.b. IAJR AufteleN. per ion: \ Chcfco barlfty, $H(&15; chotoa oata, Alfalfa delivered Hyneii or 151 Alonto; U. K. No. 1 t-xtra l«ufy. noim V, H. No. I. llflSlC.SO; U. 8. No. 3 ilwify. $1&; U. 8. No. 2. $13.50, -**- TXJRMKR r and YORK, S«pt t l6,-*Copper! the American tttrolytlc «pot nnd future, *,_ rt ,,. v ft N«bra«ka president vlc0«proi?ideiu of ft dull: KMt St. I*oul» *pot and t4.S5, QulekjiUv«r;- $*5fe»0. Wolfrmm fln<*H(<s $tfli2S5^l&-^- Iron, nUimluiim, and platinum Mm. O. W. Hahh, above, Wayne. Neb., itvill. run for national president at the fllxtecnth nnnual con- vfjntloh In ' CUfvcriiuul., 21-25, Tl>(a y.«ar irhrt Uie 420.000 members in of «]fHnbl«!d -wa WOMEN MINERS BUYAWAYO/S, A., Sept. 15. (U, Womea ar« making ffood QB pro«pocior> in next to the Union of South 1 Africa lii the largest #olfl producer on j the Afrittari contliifsnl. Or neaHy 100 private .&»!<) ;mUtiii|k |>ro«|Wi-(or« the ^oUinvi na iewi .-than ?** i ( IN APPRECIATION Wo wi«h to Axpress our appreciation | for (hi> klMdnrss ami nuutv e vr n_u»tj t for tho muny floral tribute*. (Signed) MR. ANIt MRH. .1. \V Kt'KKKR. Mil. AM' MRS. .IdHN THE WEATHER \V»»:ith<»r forecast for tonight and Wednesday. Septpmhsr 15 and 16: Sun Joaijuln. Sa«-ramen!o. Snntn Clara nrut Hallnnn vflUftys: Fair uml warruor toniKht and Wednesday; northerly wind. Sun KruMciyco bay region: Fair and Wortnwiilay: warmer uy: light (« nioOcrate northerly wind. NortJi^ni California: Kiur tonight «iii( AVptIiH>nday; warmer in inter- i«tr tiini on oputrul ottaxt; fresh to NtronK northerly u Itnl off coast. Sierra Nevada: Fair tonight and Wednesday, *lowly ri^inj? tempera* lure; (fenilo tu moderate wind, inqMly northerly over northern ranges. Southern Talifornia. Fair tunfffht und Wednesday; warmer ea.-st portion; morning clouds or fog near roast; getitlr m motlerate northwest wind off FUNERALS HKNSO.V— Kunerwl ^ Hfii(*i>n, 7-year-<ild for of Mr. and Mrs. lv lieiiHnn of the Standard Oil ('mummy tank funn. \ver«» by the lt*i\ «r«-nd < 'liarb 1 ** M ai Payne * Sou < Impel \ i Mlnitf.KToN Last riU-M for Mis i ie A, Mi<i»U»'l«>u, MI. Unulri 2. ! 415, w*n.' < otulucit'il ut I'liynu ' A- S«»u < ha[«cl (his ufttTiiiKMi. with ! iht» Unv*r«ru| f'hnrli'h 11. Mulino "f- i fii UlinK lnti'iin*'iii wft« in <irt«'ii-j unoriat 1'arlt j &•••. _ _ _ _ — I I r t — Kutti:rul H^rvii-oB lot John T-, "Jack" U«»bin»on. Jr.. 13- oltJ »»>n uf Air. und .Mr*. John lioblnsun. 1*1$ Twonty-flrM w**re condurlcd by the Uev- Mr. A!unU>s-|i at l((n»Mon rluipol aft«*tW«lil, ItHtMIlHMH WUJ* ill Memorial Purk. .'I L 1 - Lb. "I I -vi - L Hollywood e«Uv by went coaat Sir Y0«hwaiH JUo Holkar. rottlihy Mnlmntjah ut nd hi* inuHamnoo ap- AWtt? hjiflily when tnto picture' wa* »nappe4 In Han FnipcUc^, Ono of tho rich* esl men in OH? worlU, the innhara- wn» ctpoelaUj- InieroMtml In colony* whoi^e ho w* that motion plcturp methods In hlit country, Ih 1 * etery CemiUry r HiPttiM Members Chicago Board ot Trade Since A. HOGLE CO, 1915 ,v*ir ro*jc STOCK XXCJM*VC* Uf 5 *cA«r 1-lOS Seventeenth 2340 Ml.T i ' • L J - - r- li I. \i ia*: s b ^ _ /' • - - < l .f *> -' . - -H

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