The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1944
Page 8
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., PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.), COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, SEPTKiAlHEH 12, 1944 Tmesdale Wins *<' ' ' Mat Bout Here «*>/ -i f • Downs Mickey Baarn; Malohe Disqualified - In Rough Exhibition . r-Tuffy" Tniesdale, dashing young light heavyweight champion of Mexico, scored his first Blytheville ring triumph last night as he took two' of three falls from Mickey Ba>m, fast clever St. Louis wrestler,'in the upper half of Promoter Mike Meroney's all-star mat card. 1 climaxing one of the toughest, most'brutal matches In local Legion history, the veteran Roj Welch was '; awarded the decision over: "Irish": Eddie Malone on a disqualification by Rerefce Chris Belkas In the other. '','Tr'ue" to advanced notices the eriow proved to be a lulu for action, thrills and spills, with plenty of all. The lighter faster toys, encouraged by, an enthusiastic crowd that Jammed ever}' available space Including standing room, put on t great, scientific classic that de lighted the customers, as evidencer by the .wild and unrestrainer rounds of applause through th match 'and at the conclusion. Th heavyweights came through with i slugging bee that set off the show Enjoying a weight advantage of some 10 pounds, something unusual for him the dapper champion carried the fight to Baarn, who was' making his debut before local laridom, and dominated the ineach most' of the way. But he had to work hard, bear down all the way to defeat the eel-like Baarn, who utilized his tremendous speed and dazzling footwork to a decided ad- \antage but didn't have quite enough to cope with his foe. Champ Takes First Truesdale won the first fall in The time was 10 minuets. Stage Bitter Battle Starting slowly with indications a possible duplicate of the first iever duel, the Welcli-Malone af- air soon blossomed out Into the lam-bam, rip-and-tear, knock own and drag nut battle that was xpectcd when (lie two feuding I ants got together. And what a ilfty scrap It was while It Instodi 'hey did just about everything to ach other that one possibly could vithoul commitling mayhem. And he fans literally ate it up. Hoy came up cff the floor outride the ring, where he had been :lcked and driven, to take the first fall. A volley of lefts and rights nostly rights, turned the trick will i body pin doing the official job n 5 minucls. The big boys really got rougl in the second. Both took trips ou of the confines as tlie battle raged Malone pulled even in the matcl with a series of body slams fol lowed by a body pin in 25 minuets Enraged by some" brutal treatmen by Welch, Malone went on a chok ing spree shortly after the thin fall got under way. He not onl wouldn't hoed Referee Belkas' com mand to quit but. turned on th official wlien pulled off. Clnls im mediately disqualified him as rv>o as he could brush the cobwebs fron brain. It had gone six minute iat mnkc me proud that. T am acher and coach. Say, this boy ick weighs 1C5 pounds and "little, all" ilugli scutes n mere 17G. /oiildn'l I like to have those boys ow. Hugh tells me lie is going back )' college and play football after its war. Let me predict right now iiat he will be a better back or nd thnn he ever was. KKS H1U< KUCKMAN On this trip 1 wa-s foriilnale tiough to run into Capt. Dill Ruckmnn (he was Junior football oacli at Joncsboi'o for iiimiy years) nd Lt. Kcnnelt from Lcachvillc. ncmemlier him as a boxer with Joe Craig? He fought the Fowler boy once. Incident!)', this trip was to Englnnd. Well, you can renr back and get ict for some more )»pping off. Tills .rip puts me over the 100,000-inllc mark for travel since I have bcei n the Army, Jan. 0, 1941. Am 30,000 miles were by P'" 1 ' 0 . !ltl(1 noslly over water. Of course, tlili traveling hasn't been pleasure trips but I have managed to stop over a iome of the most Interesting points This time I Loiuoml, I" typical fashion. Alternating with headlocks and crushing head scissors he softened Mickey ii"rt left him an easy prey for his vaunted flips, followed by the usual body pin In onlj five minutes. But the second was far from replica and rather surprising to the fans who more-or' less expected the champion toiaeain make shprl work "Tutfy 1 -' started It just like th? fust, only to hnve It bncklire He slammed Mickey and wns me by both his feet as he tossed caution to the winds! The resounding shock nearly knocked the cliami out and kept him groggy for sev eral minutes. Quick as a flasl Baarn took Rdvnntngc of the break anS 4 opened up' with a fast attack Eventually it paid off. He cnugh the-champion with another kick got him with a pile driver, pre ceded by two slams, nnd event the match at a fall apiece. It took 15 minuets. " Then the speed merchants really went to town as they'squared off for the deciding issue. Mickey tarely missed victory with a pile driver then 'drew Referee Belkas a tough spot to get out minus DOPE BUCKET Ay J. P. FKIEND ACE HOMK AGAIN Our very good friend and buddy, Capt. James Ace Puckelt, is home again from another trip across the Atlantic—he's a convoy officer — and gives out. with another interesting letter which follows: ' Sept. 3, 1944. Ft. Gco. Meade, Md, Dear J. P.: damage ,The finish rarte' In on some of the most-beautiful and well executed rflying blocks ever staged here. Everyone was perfect and Baarn didn't have a chance to survive. Well, hello again, you'would-be reporter! (•That definitely U the very last straw, and I do mean last). Here I am back .again to my surpr!s e there was a very Interesting letter ' from you awaiting me. Thanks, ol' man, for the tip on Hugh Harbert. We immediately got together and yon can make three guesses as to what we talked about. Yep, that's right, Dlylhevlllc. the Chicks, nnd the gang back home. By golly, you know, J. P., every time 1 run into one of "my boys" I ame more than ever determined to continue coaching when this war Is over. The pny for every ounce of energy sl>cnt, or any heartaches I ever had have come to me a thousand fold by the feeling the, comes at meeting one of these boys feeling Is hard to explain, bu It is one of those things that monej can't buy. •' By the way, I saw Hick Salcebi here in Washington. He's a slat sergeant at Ft. Belvoir, Va., and in cidently he Is the proud papa of 1-pound girl torn at Walter Reei Hospital. It was my happy priv Hedge to see the off-spring. J. P Bonnie"Scotland."The anticipation before getting there actually thrilled me until I had giose pimples, Naturally, I got a thrill from the actual scenes but the thought before and since have really raised my enthusiasm. I am sol don my own America and especially my native Arknss, but Scotlnd is the most beautiful country for scenery I ever saw In my Hf.' No wonder Scott and Burns could write such beautiful lines. Darned If 1 don't believe ou, J. P., could write a tew tcrcsting lines with those scenes as a back ground. (I'm willing to try Chum). DISCOVERS HIS ANCESTRY Then, too, I suppose another reason for my feeling so toward Scotland is that I found some trace of r.iy ancestors. Yes, J. P., there Is some good hi me. You know there Is, though so far none has ever come out. At least, I can prove It now even if it Is necessary. Also, I managed to gel (be family clan some caps and enough Scottlshplakl to make my two daughters a skirt each, as well as the coat of arms of the Farguhar clnn (my mother's side). Yes, Scotland Is a very besui- ful place. But I am like most 11 the fellows I have seen. I want > come back home and settle down. ;ven though Scotland is very eauliful there arc a jiHion and one ilngs we have nnd enjoy its Amc- cans that those people don't know. Give me our way of life, habits and District Playoff dea Considered -or Conference LITTLE ROCK, sept™ 12—unani- nous approval aniong members of he 15-mcmbci Arkiinsas High School Athletic Conference for some form o( district playoff system for determining the slntc footlwll championship has been reported by u special coininltlcc headed by Earl P. Qulglcy, Little nock High School athletic director. Qulgley's committee was empowered to draw up rocoinmendntlon! for n new system oil the basis of suggestions advanced • In replies to a recent poll of the conference incm- Ijcrs, subject to approval of the Arkansas Atlilctlc Association In November. Since the conference operates un der the A.A.A., approval of that body' must be obtained before a new plun could t» Inaugurated. The A.A.A. necUi during the annual Arkansas Education Convention In Little Rock In November. Members Arc Dissatisfied All 15 conference members said they were dissatisfied with the prcs- nrmngemenl for determining the conference champion and all but three members said they dill not believe the public would consider the conference champion the state-title 'Utsliurgh :lnclnnatl :)ilcngo . New York . ioslon . ., Brooklyn . 77 54 .588 73 07 .502 ; -co TO .402 01 12 ..459 55 19 .4 It) 55 80 .-107 Philadelphia 52 79 .3!)7 loday's Games NATIONAL I.UAGUK Phllatlclphln at New York, two. Cincinnati at Chicago, two. Boston at Brooklyn. Pittsburgh at St. Louis, twilight IMJ nlghl. AMKIUCAN I.KAGOK No games scheduled. njoymcnl, and they can keep Scot aiuV or any other country I have ecu. i •• Now that these things are offl- ially announced by the British ovcmment, I can tell you more acts about the shell that hit pub near by hotel, Lincoln House in -April 17, and nlso the robol hat smashed the Van Dyke hole on June 12. I/"vas derc" and I don't eft re for i(ny more. Don't be.surprised it I Bet Inti Blythevllle sometime soon. I'm wealing out a leave. Thanks fo holder. Asked whether they would favor extension of the regular playing season to determine the title winner, 10 members snid they favored one- week extension and five said they favored a two-week extension, All conference members voted in the poll in favor of a full-time athletic commissioner for the conference to serve in a capacity similar to that Judge Lnndis holds In baseball, They also were unanimous in saying Hint no members of the AAA should be permitted to vote in connection with a sport In which lie :lld not participate. Conference icmbcrs previously have expressed pposition to the non-playing mem- ers of the AAA having a voice In del-mining football policies. Approves Three Hiilcs The conference approved three ules recommended 'by Quigley's omnilUcc. They would drop from he conference schools which have ailed to meet requirements of the onstitutlon and bylaws; provided hat if another conference game replaced a cancelled game, no team vould get credit for the win on the r orfcit. and provided that conference dues must be paid two years, n advance. The change becomes' effective next year. Defeated were proposals requir- ng teams to play fl minimum of seven conference games annually > to For essential work m local factory. 50c per hour... time and a half for a!l time worked over 8 hours per day of 40 hours per week. Factory running 9 hours per day 6 days per week—-or 54 work hours per week.—Apply Swore at PILES! But Now He SMILES! YOU msy sm'le loo. Uso doctors' formula Tor dlBlresa of plica. Ha me an im'd nOJuticllr?!/ br b yirf] HUB IB at noted cl!uk'. He aniai^l us , i.alu lU'li, KoreiH-M) net eucLi QL'ICK rellefl litt 81,00 I ul* Tli or ill on & Minor's JlKtal OJuliuout 1 . Or get tlic fa»'.to-ii>l>ly I'latutw & Minor MuwHisJtorU'B, onJy a fo\r cents Mifite. Try DO<?IQK3' way 'i'OUAlf. At ail yood drug stores everywhere —In Blythevllle, at Kiiby Drug. e, at Kiiby Drug. T^ CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St. Bat starts 12:15; Bun. start* 1:« Night Bliovrs 6:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Bat. and Bon. Last Time Today KUDDY NITE 2 Tickets For the Price of 1 . "GANGS OF THE CITY" . with' Wendy linrrie i lidgur Kennedy Selected Shorts. Or U. S. Employment Agency. the papers. Your pal, Ace Yesterday's Results NATIONAL LEAGUE Pittsburgh at Cincinnati, poncd. Cincinnati 0, Chicago 5. (Only games scheduled.) these arc just a few of the incidents Read Courier News Want Ads Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "ALWAYS IN MY HEART" with K;iy Francis & Walter Huston and "LARCENY, Inc." with ' Kdward G. Kobinson * Jane Wynian providing that no new schools could be admitted to the conference. U JOIN GULF Anti-Breakdown TODAY/ :^ DEFORE THIS WAR IS OVER, Uicrc may be only two kinds of people in America.., ^. I. those who can still gel to work In aulomobiloi r T . 2. Ihoss who are forced la walk. -f If you want to be in the fortunate Protective Maintenance Plan! group whowill still he riding to work in automobiles, join Gulf's "Aiiti- Tins plan was conceived by « pertsincarcavc. Gulf developed it Breakdown" Club today. How do because car maintenance is a most you do it? Just come in for Gull's important civilian job. foe's Guff's Protective Maintenance Plan... O GHOM/S 3$ dattqei, WEEK-BAY N1UUTS Box OfDce Opens 8—Show Starts at 8:15. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Box Office Opens 1 Show Starts 1:15 YOUR GRADE 1 ENTITLES YOU f O THE BEST TIRE MADE be eligible for the championship, and Tuesday & Wednesday 'CLANCY STREET BOYS' Baseball Standings AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Pjct. New York 16 61 .555 Detroit -.75 61 St. Louis 15 G Boston 13 (H Cleveland 65 Philadelphia 61 Chicago 63 Washington .' 58 HKO News &• Comedy NATIONAL LEAGUE St. Louis „ 95 31 PAL NITE f t ,.< \ J:imcs C:igiiey A M;ir&;irel Lindsay /;] : i Selected Shorts i -W V; '" - - j — '~— "~~™-~ -• — ij ' Wednesday & Thursday S". /rvi J ' I; " s Acquaintance' with licllc Davis, Miriam Hopkins and Gig Young :; News of the Day ';••; Shorts ^ULF'S Protective Maintenance Plan includes GulHex Registered Lubrication which reaches up to 39 .vital points with six different \ Gulflcx Lubricants that reduce' wear, and Icnsthcn your car's life. \ IT'S IMPORTANT to give your car a good motor oil. Gulf offers (ivo outstanding oils: Gulfpride, "The World's Finest Motor Oil," | and Gulflube, an eitva-qualily oil costing a few cents less. AIR-FILTER, spark .plug cleaning, and radiator flushing help stretch mileage. Clean air filters make gas burn more economically; clean plugs increase power; a clean radiator prevents overheating- £ii/j Station — HELP YOUR Gulf Dealer do a thorough job—make an appointment in advance. Phone him at the station. 7 hen you should encounter nodelay in gating Cult 1 > Protective Maintenance Finn.,., 15 services in all't \VJiy\cttIe for less when you can go 1'IKST CL VS OM a Goodyear, today's Number I tire, buiit to deliver is:, a i : \.. ., ; > .. ,, value at no extra cost. Waster mixing of the best available tire building materials PLUS Gooi!year's famous clean-cut, sure-footed tread design assures a tire that's reaoy, willing and able to give you safe, long, low-cost mileage. 5* f^fif) Remember, your best buy is loday's best tire . . . nnd we've I O got it. So bring in. yotu- certificate , . s ride out on a new , n — A " "" ' ' ' " -- . . - oluifax Gopdy_ear, (600 x1G) JUST RECEIVED! New Shipment of Grade 1 Tires For Passenger Cars In All Wanted Sizes! GOOD/YEAR TIRES 470 W. Main Phone 249 New Theatre Manila's Finest ',• Shows NiRhtly 8:00 P. M. ^ Malinecs ' if Saturday & Sunday /" |; Best Washed Air Cooling System Tuesday THREE LITTLE SISTERS' with , Mary I.ce & Kulh Terry t Serial A Short Wednesday & Thursday I'liC I'tcsenls "NO GREATER SIN" Fox News & Short

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