The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 4, 1944 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1944
Page 11
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t Announcements Advertising columns of Th« Bakerafletd Caltfornlin clote rromptly at 10 o'clock each mnrntnt for all one- column arts. Two-column or lancer ads must be placed the dar before puhHc-H- tlon. Phone 7-7631. 1-H-lf U fitlYC For rent— Truchg. \ ickups. trailer*, Parher'«. Eighth and Union avenue. Phone 1-iM-tf ALL kinds of wel«hte and wtdthe of can- vaa. Canvas goodi mad* to order at _ Hornung'e. 1608 Nineteenth etreet. 1-8-tf FIRST UN ITT TBMPLB— All Unity «erv- Icca available. Complete etork publlca- tlnna. Subacrlptlnne taken. Noon alienee daily. 133 Southern hotel. Phone 1-8928. 66 AJ4D NOTARY PUBLIC at 1812 "By*" •tr«t. Phont S-0«5S. 9-14-tf THK FOOT OF WISDOM, by Krtshna- murti. I have never rwid a better book. (Siffiicrl) Max Lange. Get it «t Every- r hotly 'n Book Shop. 1523 F Btreet. 59 . GERMAN PARACHUTE AND ALL EQUIPMENT Captured In France CLIFF GREENLEAF TWENTIETH and "EYE" STS. RJiKlJNDS on clHsslfled advertisements whirh have been t-ancelod bnfore 1 he expiration date must bff callnd for WITH CASH RECEIPTS within one month from dato of cancellation. There will he a FPrvk'B L-harRf* of one insrrtinn for clapsl fled »ds placed nnrt cniifpled before publication. The Bakersfleld Callfnrnhin. BARRELS — Iron barrels, rana. palls for narbftKe, tra«h. ff-ed. Incinoi atnrs; wood barrels, 149 Chester avenue. Call 2- or 4-4828. LOST — Red Ptrnian cat. male: answers to "Puss" ; in vicinity of Bernard street and Alta Vista Drive. Phone 4-4677. _ Reward. _ 57 THK PKRSON who lifted my wallet while i was in the men 'a refit room at Union Avenue ballroom Saturday night, September 30. in known to me. If my wallet IH returned to me, with the. con- tpntd unmolested, evcppt for the money, within a reasonable time, no questions will be asked and matter will he dropped. John Field, £113 Polk street, Taft. Calif. __ f| 6 LOST -Black and white Fox Terrier. Sub_ Htatlon. pant Olldale. Phone 2-6483. 66 LOST— Toy Terrier, all black, white feet. Answers to name oC "Tiny." Child's pet. _ Phone 2-514S. __ F16 LOST — Brown billfold on N'orth Chester, last night. Return billfold to 1S11 C ^ fflreet. jvecp mon ey. _ _ _ fi 7 LOST — Saturday. black ft-male Srottle dotr. an-swera to name Ronnie. Long whtftrey hair on hind qua rters. P.eloiiKS to son overseas Call 2-2675 or 2-5878. _ Reward. ___ _ LOST — Cocker Spaniel, reddlah tan. white cheBt and feet, brown nose; name Duke; child's pet; reward. Oilbertson, phone !?-n;t59 or 8-8435. the person finding 1 ft black billfold call 8-8521 or mail cards and driver's lirenso to Box 1593, caro Carl Inealls Trucking Company. Reward. _ 58 BJ.ACK AND WHITE Holsteln ulcers. 1 year old, strayed from R. K. O. ranch on Panama Roard. 2 miles east of Greenfield. Brand R on Ipft hip, lump right jaw. Phone 2-8549. & 7 BLACK and white male? rat, black spot on upper Up. Phone 2-3836 after & p. m. Reward. « 0 the person who found lady's brown kid purse containing two billfolds please letnrn alt papers, pass, ireMBQ and pictures? Phone 5-5619 or m all to 2518 Lake street. _ 57 WOMAN who took wallet containing $75 from elderly man, was seen and idnnl i- fied. If returned to 1000 Lincoln. East Rakornfield, no question** nuked. If not, further steps -will be taken. 58 Personal* hot- HBMORRHOID 8UFFBRER8 — - No pita 11 tat ion nor IOH of time. No a nor Injection!. New. aafe. pa Inleii method of •Ilmlnatlnv bemorrhnid* now available from Dr. I*. R. Penninjton, D. C.. «ulte I. Pro feaa tonal bullrtlnr . Phone Ml 00. >-«-tf •ACROUJAC LESIONS, low back p*in«. artnrltlit conatlpatlon and proetate dla- ordera corrected. Dr. D. U. Pariah. D. C.. 407 Haberfelde butldlnc. Phone a-8-tf B. D. MoBrlde Deteotlvt A»ency. room 110, Hay baMdln* Bakerafleld. Licenced and bonded. Confidential Investigation. Phone 2-38 00 or >.«66» 9-7-tf WHO OWES YOU? $ for account*, notea and judgments. Commercial Business Bureau. Q. H. Slack, manager. 1621 Twentieth street, phone 7-7S84. 74 I WILL NOT be responsible for any bills dated before September 28. 1944. for Hughes Fountain Lunch endorsed by George Warner. Mark L. Splvey. 56 MEN. WOMEN! OLD AT 40. BO. «0t Want to feel peppy, yean younger? Out rex Tonic Tablets pep up bodies lacking Iron; al*o contain vitamin B1. calcium. 35c trial Bise now only 2!*c. At all drug at orea everywhere. ^ 57 STEAM BATHS and showers, $1.25; mnn- •nglnir and reducing treatments. Licensed niaHBuese. Mamie Harvey, Lola House of Beauty, Seventeenth and M streets. 60 2^^Z^^^ESC3SB^Zd^Z^dH ^^^•^^^^^^^P^W^^W^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^™ Financial for INCOME TAX PAYMENTS SCHOOL NEEDS NECESSITIES BTC. BORROW ON Automobile* Furniture I Salary Truck* Farm Boulpt. "PAID FOR OR NOT" Ton may still borrow for as long as * II months. Private Sales of Automobiles. Trucks and Furniture Financed 100ft LOCALLY OWNED Trad* wltb looaJg people who understand loo&r conditions. W. J. (BUD Ber-man Maurice St. Clalr |5th and Chester Opp. Montfornery Ward Phone <-<79C Appointments Made ••l-tf Many auto loans turnip i;i 27' No insurance reouqirfd. No No extra loan fees. You amount of the loan. mi nut PR. cosigner*. gel lull S 9.75 repays $100 $14.EG repays $150 119.33 repays $200 in 12 months in 12 months in 12 months Loans from $25 to $1000. Just drive up, bring in white nr pink Blip. Get monpy then and thoro us Koon n» approved. Tour car dues not have to be fully paid for to get an aul'j loan. Private S^tea of Automobiles and Furniture 1'itiHncecl S40 Sill Buildin* (tTDder the Bis Coca-Cola Sign) 1508 Eighteenth Street Verhsar. Mar. Phone Auto Truck Furniture Salary PHEWAR SERVICE 1712 Cheater Phon* 2*3337 fi-H-tf ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^K^H UONBT TO LOAN Lent Urm. all qrpt arm ioaaa. 4^ per cent Interact. No eoromlsslon U borrower. J. A WA1UIBN REALTT CO, TDLAAK THBATCR BUILDING TULARtt. CALIF. THONBIF M-tt Financial ^^^^^^^^^^.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f EMERGENCY CASH LOANS Borrow flOff Cash for Thirty Day* Repay $102.60— Total Coat ONLY $2.60 It You Prefer, Take Up to Twelve Months to Pay Only You Have to Sign— No Co-algnera AUTOMOBILE, FURNITURE TRUCK LOANS Private Sale* of Automobile! and Furniture Financed SEABOARD FINANCE COMPANY 2300 Cheater Telephone 9-9421 8-2 Mf instruction INTERNATIONAL CorreftDondf»nce School offer* ^ob tralninR. Spare time: home •turfy. Fr«c ontolostie. rai: Lee Manful!. ^7-7535 or write Box 4T.8. 7R ^Jtumln*** Opportunit<€» FOH SALE—Roinbow Cafe, 215 Weed Palrh Highway Lamont. Calif. See E. C. Comhu. 60 Fi.tri TJ3ASK to experienced operator, one of the most modern anJ best located *e stations on Chenlor avenue. Call Company. 4-4H54. 5 STANDARD Rrrvlce station on 99 Highway. Includes pout office, library, grocery, stock and fixtures, buildings and improvements. living quarters mid CHbinn. Everything KOCH, inrlnding 150- foot fronluge. for *9950. Terms. Serious Illness force* owner to sell. This is a resil monry-maker for the rijfht party. Frank It, Day, 1915 "Eye" street. _ 158 DRIVK-IN — 1C atools, doinff (food business. Completely equipped. Further Information. call at 111R Sixteenth Htreet. be- tw«!«n M and N. Good buy. Phono 2-9767. 59 FRJCE MEALS AND PILLOW 8 JLxroeat Fare* to All Pnlnu ALL-AMERICAN BUS LINE INC. J02fl Cheater Bllli 1*. Ball _ _ Phone S-8438 _ 1-7-tf SANTA FE AND BURLINGTON BUS DEPOT Sixteenth and F Phone 2-0472 8-6-tf Occupational Service)* HAVE your car glazed !n the modern way. A smooth, long-lasting finish done by an expert. The cost Is reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed. Alio steam cleaning and car washing. Make your appointment today. PHONE 6-6457 FIRESTONE STORE3 TWENTY-FOURTH AND CHESTER AVE. 9-2-tf BRAKES RELINED AND ADJUSTED WRIGHT'S BRAKE SHOP Hwy. 9ft *t ClreU Mohawk Corner Jack Wri*ht, Prop. Phone 2-9101 i 58 TRUCK HAULING—Anything, any time. anywhere. Furniture moving a epeclaUy. Phone 2-V225. Whltie Morebead. 104 _ Pecatur itrftet. Olldale. 63 TRUMAN'S TRANSFER—Long distance and local. 812 North Chester, Oildale. Phone 2-8914. 66 WE DO TREE topping, removing; fence building, team work, plowing, general work; Juit work; have truck. Phone 5-6740._ TREE SERVICE CO Pruning. Shaping. Topping Alto Tree* Taken GUI. B. Parker Free Estimating 1807 H Street Phone 2-3189 ; 61 GENERAL PAINTING CONTRACTOR M. S. Druey, phone 2-C300, Spray or brush. Home or Industrial. Estimates free. 71 ce Serac Careful, expert work at reasonable prices: Have your brakes inspected every 5000 miles. No charge for this service. Firestone Stores Twenty-fourth and Chester 9-27-tf BEST plumbing service. The best coats IMS. Repair and remodeling; little jobs get first attehtion. County license. Phone 2-2192. 67 REFRIGERATORS overhauled and rebuilt. We also move them. 328 Washington. _Oildale. Phone 2-7878. p_9 Reliable Painting and Decorating Residence. Commercial, Spray Painting Special Wallpaper and Hanging SID L. HTCLLER Licensed and Bonded Contractor 2409 "Eye" Street Phone 2-2492 10-2-tf ELECTRIC irons, sewing machines and vacuum cleaners repaired. Killebrews Sewing Machine Repair Shop, 1509 West Eighth street. Phone 9-9437. 79 TREE SERVICE Prunlnfc. ahanine:. topping. Taklnff trees out. Freo estimates. L. G. Floyd Phone 6-6674 E>9 CARPENTER and repair work. 3-2310. Phone G7 PRUNING TREES, taking out trees, hauling rubbish. Phone 2-1745. 6f> ELRCTRIO motor rewinding «nd repair. Fast nervtre and work guaranteed. Delta Electric and Machine Shop, 1200 Pacific street. PAINTING Residential, ranch and Industrial. Brush and complete spray equipment. Free estimates. Phone 3-2432. Contractor O. IT. Hines 80 BRICK WORK—New nnd repair. Xo job loo small, barbecue pits a specialty. Phone 7-732fi. 5!) Hftlp Wanted—Mal« •V^IP WANTED — TRUCK AND AUTO MECHANICS. APPLY SOUTHERN GARAGE. TWENTY-THIRD AND I STREETS. 13-31-tf LABORERS IN EPRKNTTAL PTI3ADY KMPLOYMMNT. APPLY CON- KOL1 DATED P1PK COMPANY OKF1CK, TRUXTUN ANlJ UNION AVENUE, 61 H«lp Wanted— MaU ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^«^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^* MAN for funeral and ambulance work, experience not necessary. Flick msfr- Digier Chapel. 1227 Cheater. 8-11-tf WANTKD — GARAGE ATTENDANT. FROM 3 TO 11 P. M. APPLY AT THE EL TEJON GAG AGE. Unit SEVENTEENTH STREET. f,6 faiteo 7 HIGH SCHOOL BOY TVITH BT- CYCLE TO WORK MORNINGS. GOOD PAT. INQUIRE MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT. THE CALIFORNIAN. 9-28-tf BELLMAN—Mult b« ov»r SI. Apply Hotel Padra. T-l«tf WANTH immer to op*nU ffla» and dtpartmtnt ID larv* repair •hop. See Backman at Motor Tenter. Twenty-iecond and Cheater. 8-15-lf DERRICKMEN AND ROTARY HELPERS NEEDED; STEADY WORK FOR EXPERIENCED MEN. APPLY BETWEEN AND 3:30 P. M. 10:30 A. M. RI OIL CORPORATION 666 HABERFELDE BUILDING BAKERSFIELD, CALIF. 9-26-tf EXPERIENCED man wanted California. •hoe •alcalady or wl««- WrlU Box O-J&I. The 9-8-tf EXPERIENCED dlahwashei. Apply Fred- dies'p Caf*. 99 Hlthway and Twcnty- fourth «tr«et. ft-ll-tf WANTED—Truck driven* for Bakernfield local and Taft local. Phono 8-8182 or apply In person at 1102 Thirty-fourth ntreet. A»bury Transportation Company. 66 NEEDED to ftvlp maintain transportation, auto and truck mechanic* and body m«n. Full tlmt work. Motor Center. Bulck, Chevrolet and CadUlao dealer. See Backman. Tweoty-eecond and Chester. 8-16-tf WANTED — PARTS MAN. GOOD SAL- ARV AND WORK/NO CONDITIONS. THRASHER MOTORS COMPANY, 2Ti31 CHESTER. 9- ?,u-tf BOY WANTED, MORNING HOURS ONLY. APPLY SHOP SUPERINTENDENT. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORN- IAX. . 10-2-tf. WANTED—Farm lianda. 3. Phone 2-9080. 860. Roui* 59 WANTED—-Mechanic. Must be A-1 man. with tools; availability r^rtificatc required. Cliff Gieenieaf, Twentieth and Ivo." 56 WANTED— Man f<.r milk plant, hoi 11 ing milk; etc. Teak wood Farms, 825 Knh- erig Lane. __________ 67 WANTED— AD individual who la Interested In wnrktnc (or a permanent company aa Janitor; adaquate aalary. Mutt b« • bit to furnteh rcfor*nc» and birth c*r- tlflcatt. Call 4-4686. __ f-7-tf WANTED — Warehouse man-driver for wholesale firm. B. A R. Distributors, 824 Klyhte-nth street. _ 66 WANTED — Experienced nt earn -sun operator. Circle Auto Laundry. 2P30 "Eye" 5fi MKCHANIC8 wanted. Attractive offer. Must have hand tools; availability cer- teficate .cquired. See shop foreman. Packard Agency. 2210 Chester avenue. WANTKD—Milker, one cow. You take morning milk. Phone 7-7462. 56 HKLP WANTKD—Men 18 to 40 years for field wont on geophysical crew, experience unnfcessary; esaential IndiiBtry. Apply Western Geophysical Company. 20 -T Criten building. 59 PERMANENT position open with food future. Combination warehouse duties with nittjor oil company. S ho Did have hish Hrhool education. Must have availability CPI t if inite, social security mrd and draft flassific'niion. Phone 5-5014 for ap- ^ pniiument WANTED — Cooler service Eojth's, 2015 H street. Fox ter building. man. Thea- 56 WANTED— A GARAGlfl ATTENDANT AXD A MECHANIC'S HELPER. APPLY AT THE UNITED GARAGE. 1301 _ EIGHTEENTH. 58 WANTED— BUB boy. Apply El Telon hotel dining room. See Mr._Rowen. _ ^ _______ 64 EXPERIENCED service station attendant, mod salary and working conditions. Apply 801 Niles street. Alender- hn uspna. ^ ___ &7 WANTED AT ONCE— Man to build fireplace. 3 miles north of Kernvflle. Calif. Job now ready. R. H. Joyce. _ 67_ WANTED — Two helpers for portable drill rifr. «13 Washington, Oildale. Phone 2-7779. 59 MAN — Clerk In merchandise itorft. East Bakorsfield. Knowledge of hardware preferred. A ifood steady position for the rlRht man. Box N-31. The Callfornian. 68 EXPERIENCED service station salesman. Good salary and excellent future. Must have fair education and able to assume responsibility of training and directing others. Firestone Stores, 2331 Chester. Bakersfield. _ 9-30-tf WANTED — Men or women to wash windows of new defense houses: good hourly wn«e. Apply at 1665 Chester or phone 9-9H88. 9-30-tf AUTO WRECKING MAN, EXPERIENCED ONLY. Availability certificate required. Apply Route 5, Box 24. 3 miles e»st on Edison Highway. Phone 2-0004. _. Cliff Greenleaf Motors. 5G HELPER WANTED on seismograph crew. Experience not required: steady job In an essential Industry: availability certificate required. Apply 126 George Hay building. _. 10-2-tf WANTED—General blacksmith and welder O. O. Barnett. McFarland. Phone 27-3. ^ 58 WANTED—Boy with work permit or man loo old to fight, to help in wash room. Family Service Laundry. Phone 6-643G Evening 3-18S8. e6 WANTED—NIGHT GARAGE ATTENDANT. APPLY UNITED GARAGE. 130! EIGHTEENTH STREET. 6 J W A N TED—Trunk driver for Bakcrsfiol d and aurroundinff territory. A permanent job for thu rifiht party. Apply J5J5 T fitrrct, second door in alley. Phono EX P E RTENCKD butcher wanted at tho Sinn aiul Shop market. 70U Bornavd. S-«> Bill Dykrn. 09 Halp Wantad—Mala Halp Wantad—Mala AT TAFT Oiler for Gas Engine Compressor Plant—Male Draftsman, Veteran or Female Chalnman, Mnl AT BAKERSKIKLD Helpers for installing and repairing pipe linca—inale. AT AVASCO Heli)cr for installing and repairing: pipe lines—male. Serviceman—male. AT LKBKC Pipeline reiiuirmun—mule, AVAILABILITY CERTIFICATE REQUIRED Apply to utlerm Phones Taft 464, Bakersfield 7-7501, Wasco 4231, Lebec 18 79 AT ONCE. "WILL TRAIN YOU FOR AN EXCELLENT PAYING JOB WITH PERMANENT FUTURE IN OIL INDUSTRY. GOOD WAGES WHILE LEAKING (5-DAY WEEK) SEE Mil. MASON AT 20 CRITES BUILDING TWENTIETH AND "EYE" STREETS SELECTED APPLICANTS WILL START IN OFFICE IMMEDIATELY H«lp Wanted—MaU ^^^^^^^^^^^ fc- ^^^^^^ i ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^j^^i^^^ fc- ^^ ta- ^^_^ fc _^^_^ fc _^ fc _^^_^^__ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^»^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^(^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B EXPERIENCED TIRE MAN. GOOD BA1> ARY; EXCELLENT POSTWAR OP- PORTtTMTV. FIRESTONE STORES. TWENTY-FOURTH AND CHESTER AVENUS. 8-30-tC WANTED. AT ONCE. AUTOMOBILE MECHANIC. PERMANENT WORK; TOP WAGES. APPLY RAKER-ADAMS PONTIAC GARAGE. 2701 CHESTER. WANTED—HIGH SCHOOL BOY WITH BICYCLE TO WORK MORNINGS. GOOD PAY. IN- QCIRE MECHANICAL DEPART- MEXT. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAX. -2Rtf Waited EXPERIENCED SALESMAN FOR FURNITURE STORE. ONE CAPABLE OF TAKING FULL CHARGE. TOP WAGES. WRITE, GIVING EXPERIENCE. BOX S-42, THE CALIFORNIAN. \ 9-22-tf WANTED—Janitor. Must be active nnd reliable. Inquire mechanical office, The Bakersfield Californian. 9-26-tf WANTED—Experienced auto mechanic. Good hours and pay. in an essential job. Hand tools and availability certificate necessary. See Mr. Reed. Kitchnn-Boyd Motor Company. 2220 Cheater avenue. 8-l!r.-tf STOCKROOM CLHRK WANTED— A man with good references, between ages of 25 and 60 yours. Experience not necessary. Good hours, pood pay. A good job for the right man. Apply at office. J. ,T. Newherry Company, 1528 Nineteen th Jrtn? et. 5 7 WELDER needed at once. Frank Russell Blacksmith, Welding nnd Machine Shun. __ Phone Shftfter 717. G0 WANTED— Mnn or woman lo rook for du-k club Good pay. Call 2-a06IJ. r»(i WANTED—TWO EXPERIENCED MEN FOR GENERAL FARM WORK. P.1C ABLE TO DRIVR TRACTOR PAY TO THE RIGHT PARTIES. APPLY 1S0.1 H STREET. PHONE 2 Jobs avnllablr 5n this wnr essontinl In try with a postwar fuiuie. Apply to Vic Inphttm or Geurgo Sheeham. 3.101 Chester Avenue At .S P. RuilroHd TrarkB L'ntnu ti I Al*TO -AIH(^HANIO and helper Apply C'hrcseition's Garaee. IDO'J avenue. HELP WANTED at Minler Field Cooks, waitresses, dishwashers, boys, janitors and lounge orderlies. Apply at U. S. Employment Aponcy, IHOO Seventeenth, BtiUei'srieUl, or Civilian Personnel Office, M in tor Field, 5; A GOOD TIRE SERVICE MAN. EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY WITH LARGE CORPORATION. GOOD PAY. APPLY P.. K. GOODRICH STORE. TWENTY_ FIRST AND K. PHONE 4-4701. 59 WANTKD — Tractor mechanics. Twenty-fourth and Highway 9I». n WANTKD— Oil field workers, roustabouts rotury helpers, firemen. 6 aud 7-dny work week schedules. Phone 9-94fil. _ Tidewater Associated Oil Company. ti 7 WANTED- — Grocerymnn. experienced. AP_ ply in person. _ 1 801 Niles. _ 6 S WANTED— Tire pnrvice man. Good future. good salary. Apply Smart Tire Stoie. SHO Twenty-first street. _ R l WANT local tank truck driver. Must he familiar with county nnd petroleum products. Permanent. Ciill Seaside Oil Company, phone 4-4331. _ 5 S WANT expei fenced butcher at the Stop nnd Shop market. See Bill Dyke?. 70'J Bernard. fi TRUCK SERVICE MEN— Tires. battrrios lubrication: no experience. noceHsary. Rrinsr availability slip. Oilfield TruckIng: Company, 2 miles wouth on 99 Itiph- ai . » S WANTKD — One truck mechanic and one lubrication man. Permanent to ri mon. Kern Rock Company. Cullowny. Phone 2-6913. nrmr SCHOOL nor. OVER i«. FOR PART-TIME WORK IN LAUNDRY. BAKKRSFIELT) LATTNDRY ASSOCI -\TION. CORNER NINETEENTH AND S. 61 H«lp Wanted—FtmaU TELEPHONE OPERATORS BEGINNERS Fascinating Work—Essential Peacetime Futur* PACIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 1520 Twentieth Street 5-29-tf EXPERIENCED SALESWOMAN FOR WEN'S FURNISHINGS AND SHOES. GOOD SALARY. PERMANENT POSITION. APPLY MANAGER EASTERN. 1529 NINETEENTH STREET. »-14-tf WANTED — Experienced office work, afternoons. T-l 1^. The California!!. for general Write Box 56 NEAT, refined white housekeeper, able to take full chaise in refined home, three in family. cheerful, private room and balh. Cteady job, good salary. Write Post Office Box 473. Bak- ensfjejd. 56 WANTED—Sandwich tirla and diahwaah- ei-H. Appt.v 4000 Chester or Fifth and Cliestoi. Wayne's Driye-jir, 60 WANTED— PBX OPKRATOR. BKTWKKN 21 AND .10 YKARS. APPLY AT YELLOW CAB CUMPAXY, i;iUl KIOHTUKNTH —Mli^l^^'L 5C K1TCHKN HKLPKH—APPLV MICHKN- i-:irs i>nivb:-iN, KUJHTLENTH AND Q STREETS. 58 HELP \VANTED WOMAN WITH SOME EXPERIENCE AS FRY COOK. GOOD SALARY, BOARD AND ROOM. NO NIGHT WORK. POSITION WILL CONTINUE AFTER WAR IS OVER. AlvSO NEED LUNCH GI n LS, POT W A S H ER AN D .STOREROOM HELPERS. MS- SENTIAL INDUSTRY. BOX 'J8IMC, THK CALIFORNIAN. 57 H*(p Wanted—r«m«U SERVICE STATION SALESWOMEN f i Full nr part-itino ^nu-!n\n^nt. Oppnriu- nit v for valiirthlft ti ;* <innff and ftdvfrnT-^- triMit up Tn nnrl inrluH'UB th^ powilinn nf STATInN MANA*;KJ:. Aa-a 3S t-i 40 prrlrriPd. Oun^ SAT-ARY. Purl- t nnp work also a^ n llnblo for hou«r- w;\^c, worn^n stmU-nis. nc. t in your n^ ehl'orh'MxJ sui inns. iv tr interview, Crt [1 AL ! STANPARn STATION'S INC,, ; CAT-TK<in\IA AND I'UKSTKR AVKNT'ES \Vurkers in u ;* r M i>»Ini t -nil HL M *h"U!<l T«q a p p 1 ^ BKAl'TY of)^t iitor wnnt»vf. Jrpn* Rou\ For R«nt—Mftc*ll«n«ous ItKNT tlnn, wi'l^ walk h;is'inf*nf. uptown v , ln:*irl* cnt i - Honuiv Sfilon. 1112 Tnixtun RVPOUP. 0!) FOUNTAIN WOKK —Aviiilability Luckey>. ISIS K street. 67 for family of thrp* work IIIK a-lulls; B., hnnip mchts. 'J^3 I>«- ratur Mrcrt. Phone 2-fi-H,"i. f ( i» fnunlnin girl. Top Apply Michencr's. 6(M Eighteenth site"!. __ 67 WANTKP — V:\pot inm nl waitress. stead v. Apply dining ronnt. H oiH Kl TnJon. ;> HnfTSEKKF.PKR or inniJ for two ndnH*. Pei million t \\ork. (.in horn*- nights or Kiny on place. \ !*.•*? room, huth coniifi t- IIIK. Two nu'Hls d-iily. Sundays off Good Uiigt-s. rhnne 2-u^92. 66 WANTKD n workers, exnori^m o >i •»'*<;., iv. !•';• mil v S«MA \t-e r,;unult v. '•iillfiniii.1. Phone 6-Gi:ii. Kvcnm^s •' 1 v w '' - . "• '_".•• __________ __ _ __ tit, WANTEn— M»n or vomnn to «-ook for du« k ' iood pit v. Cfrni-s 0(j;i. r. >; WANTED— Typist and stenogra pher. Apply Acme Finance, Twenty-fifth and Chester. 9 - 35 ; tf LUNCHEONETTE AND FOTX- TAIN DISHWASHER wanted. A woman botwoon ages of 25 and 50 yoars. Xo experience necessary. Good pay. 7U» hour day. Xo nights or Sundays. Apply at office. .T. J, Xowhnrry Poinpany, 152S Xine- teenth strict. , r .7 wnpes. s;uiil\vii-h Kirl. s Drivc-tn. Top f. r -S FTIJj or pnrt-lime ImuHPkenppr, Live in homo if possible, Phmte U-447ft t r w-m • " • l l * WANTKD —At an or woman draftsman. Apply 2ft Critea building. r,: Ll-NTJJIEOXKTTK AXD TAI.V WAITRKSS— Between a.ue of IS and 40 years. Good pay, V'-j hour day. Xo night work, no Sundays. Meal and uniform furnished. Apply at. of fire. J. J. Xe\v berry (\>mpany ( loJS Xine- teent h street. 57 \VANTKD-Girl bnhies from 0 or WIHUHU a. ni. to . a ml to care for p. m. in n\- FOT'R iipal-apper rine four days' \\ork. 8 jo per L'-O-IOS for thrift or hour. Phono C.\ PAfUJ'"], rcfinod wornnn for general salary, go lioinn Call :)L'o Qulnt-y. f»7 A NTKD— Fountain Kir I, pnndwirh Ki and trny girl. Larry'a Drive-In. 1««1 Kightpcnlh fitroot. f»S SALESMAN WANTED— McMahan'a Furniture Company, Eighteenth and H. 9 2 6 - InHulation. Can make $200 R month and np. Its UHO roi'ommended bv the government. Inquire C. L. Van Voast. Pndre hotel. Bukeraflold. 10-4-tf AVAILAB1L1TY CERTIFICATE REQUIRED IXTERVTKW 10 A. M. TO 2 P. M. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1944 Til East Twenty-first Street Situations Wanted—Mai* ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•K^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^p^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^j^^^d^^^^i^^^^^^^^^^^^-^K^— ^^B^^^^^f^^F^^F^^^^f^^r^^r^^F^^r^F^^F^^r^f^f^^F^^F^^r^f^^F^^r^^F^^r^^r^^r^f^^^^r^mr^ WE CLEAN kitchens, 8Sc hour: • blinds, windows; floor by floor. Larko Cleaner*. Pbone 7*7462 before 8, after 6, i, 67 WOULD LIKE to have about 150 or 200 acres of hay lo fan IP. Would take contract on rutting and raking and baling:. Phone 2- 61^2. 66 FOR LEVELING and checking alfalfn. call 2-61C2. 6fi WE DO HOUSEC LEANING—Kitchens and bathrooms. Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Phone 2-3200. r 69 lawns 1-lailcv SO RENOVATK. reneed and fertlli and haul away the rubbish. L'c a foot. Phonn 4-4160. Richard Gardening Servic-e. Situations Wanted—Femala PUBJjJC stenographer dealres work In own office. 1812 "Eye" street. Phone 2-0653. 9-14-tf IRONING nicely done i;i my home. 1114 ^ Grace street. MrH.Colhran. 56 COLORED WOMAN wants dnv work, 75c hour. 9-8 East Twenty-first, phone WANTED—Washing and ironing. 3-2758. WANTED—Ironing in my home. 65c per hour. 370G Cheater avenue. S6 WILL DO rrtONJNG in my home. 76c por hour. 2901 Sovler. 67^ COLORED Rlrl wants day or hour work. 76c per hour. Phone H-Kj^SL f>»i UNIFORMS Iniinrinred at home. livery. Phone r»-6i»:t8. No de- 67 WILL care for children evonin^a. Phone 2-ti!)34. tfa_lurtlay_jjn<l -Siinday. 6:i COLORED womnn wunts one-half day work. IMumn 4-4 CM. MOTHER, and 18-yoar-old son winhcw iiH cjirotriker. ni-nt and c;ipable. Mrs. r. 5S W A SHI NO and ironing 1 done in my home. Call 2-22ti7. 57 WANTED — Court or apartment houne to manage hy experipnceH woman. Rofor- p.ncen. Write or cull Mrs. Wei line, 1319 _ Bpale nvt-nue. Ha krrsf i eld . _ f» 6 NURSE will rnre for con\';i lescrntH or invalid H. MI my lionif. I'hoin' ',',-\ "<;f>. f.ti LADY desirns hoii^ewnrk. fililo to t;il\n lull chfirpp. No laundry. 715 Iris Ollflalo. PERMANENT local woman, oxponnn. in Boneral offlco work a nit tnvriitorn'M. wiHhi R atracly employment with lot n 1 concern. Phono 1M403 or 2-0;i94. T)S I I "'""'"^•^^^••••^•^•••^••^J*^ '- L "~ lm ^ fm ^ m ^ m ^^j}^ m ^j l ^ l j£^ mm ^^^SLm^~ For Rent—Room* ROOMS for rent to men, Diiy workers, White nationality; drinkers nerd not apply. IvHtuire at 917 King street. En-*i rnTIc M . S 7 • j KOOM In private homo, kiti/hen urivi Kaat KJplUeonlh. WA.NTKD "U ItKNT or lease, alfalfa field for iniHturp for four or five months, rhone ^-^030. 57 AV ANTED — EXPERIENCED OF- FJCIi GIRL; PLEASANT WORKING CONDITIONS. GOOD SALARY; PERMANENT POSITION, 40-HOUR WEEK. APPLY ROOM fo. 4 rr ni. HUitA hie for inn sir j Across frini wost HI tie hrub ft . f'lioiin U-n; in. NK'13 room for rent to or Krhool teacher. IMinitu ^-L'li.'j,. r atrcr-i. imiy 20di 57 TB SAXATORIUftI on coast require* uate rcffistered nurses nnd run-sen for steady work. ^iKht-hnur day. (»ood aalary to start. Monterey County HOH- pital. TB Sanatorium. Salinas Calif. 69 AVAILABILITY CERTIFICATE REQUIRED INTERVIEW 10 A. M. TO 2 P. M. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1944 727 Ea*t Twenty-first Street FOIl KKNT—Room to yminir num. Sunnier strr*M, East For R«nt—Houses l __^^h__^^^_^^^ H ^^^^^^k_ f^^^ f ^*^^^f^^r m \VI LL cxchri nne 3-hodroom un furnish* 1 *I hutine (n I,OH Anfiolcs for Hfim*' in ll^k- Four adullB, references. Phono GO Wanted to OH* !n pt I va * & runni 3 pi ,\ - t \ \ : Kl T>1"ii after 4 p. t ' 4 SKCI:KTAKV AVUIT^D T.TKK irKLY KfKXISMKD T7ODM, ruvATK K.vniAXcH, PMONK, LnSK IX. (.'AM. 7-7551 KXTHX- siox ms. DI; L'._-;'.7i. r>7 TWO-BEDROOM house for rent to adults only, with purchane of furniture. Phonp. 2-l»5G. 57 FOR KENT—Trailer houae. street, to adults only. t 3617 M APARTMKNT for r»*nt. Adults, no 1125 Pearl, for information. Call in rear. For Ront-—Farm Land For Lease — 55 acrei fine eoll. Rotedale dUtrlct; water furniahed. I4» per acre. WILLARD B. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Phone 2-05SS 9-23-tf WHKBL CUAlRfl. hoapltal bed* with InneraprlM mattTMM*; walk era, rubber eheetlnv; *v«rythlB« tor atok room. Fold- Uur eh*»rfc JPIMM t-T4l» or M0«i. Wanted to Rent—Houses No charge for renting or sending preferred people to rent your homes, apartments or courts. Only those meeting your requirements will call. Phone early, San Joaquin Agencies. Edward W. Moody, 1812 "Eye" street. Phone 2-2315. If answer. call 2-0653.3-25- EMPi ,O Vi:L> couplr n ij children, permanent. Binnil fiiinshr*! house -'all Mis Hill nt ^ 4~32. aftei r, P. m. 2-S.M7. __OVPi' S 40 ;, 7 WA\'n-;D -dnt- nr ! «•<-.-hnfii-oom house, fur- ni'ihrd nr unTijni:«he«.l Beat nf refer- eii' o» in Hakpi-Hfield. IUvo child 5u Ha* Phn np2-J t; 1 :; . PERMANENT YKAR-OUD SON noryE. \viui, AND 1TKKEP CAN RK IN OR OFT OF TOWN. WfKL T'AY TM* TO Sl"o A JICJNTH. r.-MJ, fi 6U.5 BEFORE 11 rOfPLEWlT?l E FLJRN1SHKO ; KOR GROUNDS FL"RNI8HF.D house or apartment. distant/p or ronr bus Un*». hv Pnrlflr Greyhound omployp. IVrniiuiPnt. lo^nl refer- MAJOR and wifo \\nulii npproclatP ni<-« home, \viH be f.-iirlv pt-rnmnnt, no children. Phon**-4 M S . MANAGER lornl business n-ouM like to ront ^-bedroom, unfurnished. Refercnre. Phone 3"02r>S. _ g o WANTED — Two-bed room furnished house. Will pay J;">0 A month; prpOr Oildaltv llnve four children. Phone S-UCHO. K. E. NEW OWNER Nllps' Point Drivp Inn 5. fi or 7-room unftunlj*h»>d houxe In th;it _ nojKhjiorhooil a U ln !_?j.__l!. l ? ( _V r !r JllJ LL^: _ ? ;t PJ-.T3ASE HELP! I have nowhere to live and must put my two girls In school. \Yould you please rent me a 2-bedroom furnished houso? Pormanont; references. C:i!l W A N T E D TO RE.\T--Ona or two-hodroo m furnlshofi housp. Sfandnrd Oil employe. HHVO Rlrl: lived In preseni home 3 yp.irs. T'hone 7-78fi5. 59 LO("*AL husin^ssinjiii would like to rr>nt pond 2-hedroorn inifnrnished IIOHRP. Kx- rrllpnt caro KtiBrnntcod. Will leasn and pay nne year's inntnl in advance. Phon*> . E . W. llnlsp. fifi WANTED TO RFNT or lease—Standard employe will pay three months in ad- vjuire for 2 or 8-hpdroom nnfurnlshed house, preferably north of river. Hnvo lived in Hakpinfield since 1913. Call 2-0.'.22 after 12 n. m. 66 SMALL, unfnrnlshpd. house for rent to t'ouple. Inquire at. If. 10 Lincoln street. 5ft WANTED—KOUP or five-room house, permanent. Lor a lemployment hy utility <^<impany, references. Phone 3-1697. S3 WA-.'TKD—Furnlrhed room for nurse. Near CoU*go Hospital. Oildale. Phone 2-lf.OO. &ti WANTED— Kurn's-r.pd room. bath and kltrhen for two refined p<>rmnnent tadipR ftnotluM- wm 1 daiighterJ; references. Phone l -'I \\ -l :.' . 5 i) WANTED TO RENT -Adulta want two- hcdroom house, pn rl ly furnished or tin- fiirnlfllieU. Call 3-li;!00 or ,116 Kelle RV*- nnr. Rfl WANTED — T.ocal tnrppntcr. oT refo.ronrcs. Best carp. Two adults, no peta; four rooms, unfurnished. I'hone Il - F-4 aftri- 6 o'r | ink. fl PKIIMAXKNT rouple. no children, xirffrn nci'd 1-bodroom apartment or house, near rily limits. Writu Box 4:i-d. The Cali- LOCA TJ oil man and familv want 2 or 3 bedroom furnished or unfurnlsherl house. Two liuys. 9 nnd 12. Phone 9-IMC1. Mrs. Pullp.r. or ^-1 A 37 & 7 SOLDIKns* wlven find 6-month-old hnbv nePd 2-hPdrnom furnished house in vicinity of ICoin Counly Airport. Phono 3-211". COUPLE \vnnt 3 or 4 -room furnishpd or unfurnished house or apnrtmont. Permanent. No pets. Phone 2-t;3J9 bpfor« P . m. 6 S WANT TO ItRNT— Three-bedroom house. furnished prelerred. defense worker. Phnn P Will la m « . 7-707 fi. _ 5 8 TWO OR THURE-RRDnOOM UNFPU-" N 1ST! FIT) HOVPF3 NKEDRD BT HKANril MANAGER MAJOR OIL COMPANY. PERMANKNTLV SITUATED AND RKSPONSTBLK: WILL LKASK. TWO ADULTS. NO rinLDUKN OFl PKTS. PHON:: MR. LEWIS. S-JMSI. EXTENSION 31. OR EL TKJON HOTEL. ! . fi, t PEUMANEXT CIVILIAN WANTS 2-BEDROOM HOUSE. FURNISHED OR VNFURNTSTIEn, 6 MONTHS RENT IN ADVANCE, REFERENCES GIVEN. CALL, _J7 - 7 r» 2 4. __ __ WANTED by couple, 2-hedroom hniin«. furnished or mu'tly furninhed. Prefer 59 WANTED — A furnished house or apartment, hy couple. Periiuinent resident**. one. L ) -97C.'t . 58 WANTED to ront. 1 or 2-bedroom furnished or unfurnished or apart- WANTED— FurnlHhed or purtly furnlFhed one. or two hedroom*. Two thii- !. fil LOCAL COMPANY npfds unfurni«'hed 2 o 3-hedronm house and two iinfurnlsli^ BpHi'tnuMita, courlH or smiill hou«ps. 1'i. exei'iiiivea. Permanent, Phone 4-49" I. COUPLhJ \vunt furnitrlied Rnnrtm^nt or house, permanent. Call Mifj. Wilson, pho ne5 - 5 4 74. f> S PERMANENT caiiulo wish to rent unfur- nlHhed 2-bedrooin IIOUHO or dui>lcx. No _ Children, no pets. _ Phone 2-97fi:t. _ f. N THREE MONTHS RENT IN ADVANCE I'ROENT. PERMANENT PETROLKIM KNOINKER MI'ST TTAV13 2 OH 3-UKD- ROOM UN I'M' UN I SHED HOKSK »V nrTOHKK K.. BEST CAIV-: tJUAH- ANTEKD WITvL DEC'OKATE AM) LEASE. STAKF SEFtHRANT. wife nnd habv want fin niMhi.*(] tioti.iti or apaitnu-nt. Call Mum xnoUl, 2-9{ilMi. cabin 3, Mrs. Robei t ShorUnn. ii 7 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^F^^^^^^^^^^^^Pv^H^^^^^^P^P^^^H^H^^^^^^Hl^^H^H^^^^^I^^^^^^^^B^^^^Hifl^^^l^^H^^^^^^P^P^^^Ml^^i^^^B^P^^'^^^^^^^'lHQV^P'P'lWV'^P^bVW'P^^^^^H^^^^IH^^^^'^^P^H^^ L Wanted to R^nt—Apartm>nt» OFF1CKR and wife need furnished anart- nient or small house, in Bakarsfl* Id p i o per. Urge nt. 1' 11 one 2-7161. 5 8 MINTF.R Instructor and wife have lived eight .nonlhfl in room. Would take excellent oare of apartment nr IIOUHI*. Havp _ nary chick nor child. Call G-5ft3Q. G6 SJNCiLE Birl wan In u purl men t or small hnti so. Per man on L No p*M«, Must h« ni*e or don't call. Won't fchare. Days. 7-7SIti; nights, 6-6351. 69 apartment by rouple. No children or pets. ^loane call 7-75f>l, r:xtPiiHlon ?I10. after 4 r>7 YnUNO T.AOY, rrnplov^d in wo i k wo*'hi ffrna tly appi eciat« npu n- int-nt in nu e nciKhborhrKxL Uz&l rof- erfiu rs offpri-rK Phono 2-^ 1 00. fifi CAHKT'S wife with 2-yenr-old hoy apnri ment, i uotn with kitrhcti priv or trailer house. Kefert'iHcs. Uriten!. WANTKD- Small furnlMied apartment for MVO aditl(«. Apply nl desk, 101 Tejnn 0 * " t! __ _ —^ _ 111 'SI. \KSSM AN and wife urgently need furnished. HPH rtinent or IIOUHP. Pcriii.-i • in- nt. N«i fhlldren or pe.ts. Box WIDUWKD woman woiild like nimrtmcnt or HIUH II hoiiHf. \\'ill be perinaiHMii l'hone enhrr -4420 or g-aL'98 till OH* I-MKLD siipei int'-ndcnt and wife want furiii«hi?d npurtniorit or house. No chil- dn-ii or pctH. Phnris . l'-7 47S. » 9 WANTKD- KuriiiHhwi or partly furniwlK-d ai>at tnu-ni. or uniall hoiiae by local lady ttlune. doinn e«8(»ntial work. No rlnlilren or peta. rail n-fiS10 or Rob Coal* at Kern Printing Company. Mrs. Helen * Smith. fl K CaHfornuiit W«dn«doy, Octob«r 4,1944 \ Wanted to Buy, Miscellaneous! For Sal Improved Property FURNITURE Formerly Roy White Furniture 261IO CHESTER AVENUE We buy usea furniture, stoves, refrigerators. Pay cash or exchange. Call us for real prices. PHONE 7-7021 8-9-tf \VANTKP TO Hl*y— .:.0 .. - or L fnkt Ti .-ha '->-f. f'hone 7-T28C or 111 WANTKD TO WY— Late refric»ra- WANT TO PLY — :.') um« oT alfalfa hay !<> fpf.| 'lr\- *<<n k. Ahout J18 per ton \VA.\TKn-\ nvei ."".is fur 3 - : 2 41. radio fo <;bnMman present. Phon 57 I WAXTKD TO A pair of hip DOOM. \VANTKD TO HCV— Small tii.-ycle in gn nq 9-!i1'JS. .. Wanted need more listings. yo^r home. farm, ranch or Income with POYDSTUN A LANCASTER 1817 H Street Phone 8-8639 . __ 9-ft-tf DEWET A. HOHTOX If you have a home, small improved acreage, or farm land for sale CALL 2-5379 __ 1704 K St reel _ 71 List your property with ui for quick, courteous resutta. Homes — Income— Ranchee Chester V R*ard Phone 6-9909 Bill Allen. Associate l-8-tf If you want your prnpfrty eold. WIfJ.ARD K. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Street Phone 2-0555 _ 9-28-tf CASH and quick action when you want to sell your home or ranch. No deal too large or small. Buyers waiting Call Elmer Martin, 2-9294. 220 Haherfelde building. MO-tf AVE XKKD PROPERTY to sell. have buyers waiting 1 , quick action pun ran teed. Call Wicker, phone 6 6 ° Chester. 59 Wanted to Rent, Ml»c>llan«ou« WANTKD TO RKNT — Apartment houne or court b'* experienced woman. References. Writ* or rail Mrs. Werlln* 1319 Beale avenue, KakerH field, 56 Wantedito Buy, M|sct>n«n4iou» WANTEtH-Cash tor your uaed furniture, electric, appliances, etc. We buy, trade or exchange. COX FURNITURE Formerly OlldaU Furniture 501 Ea»t Nineteenth Street Phone 2-4608 6-14-tf DIAMONDS, watchea and old Jewelry of any description; hliheet market prleea paid In cash. Karl McEvoy, precision watch maker. Ill Haberfalde build In*. Phone 6-6897. >. 11-JO-U PRIVATE TARTY wants to huy frnm ownrr. 2 or 3-h^dronrn hoit^^. La Cr*»»ta. Skyline Pnrk. Oildale. Highland Park. P h r . n ft 8-8. ^ 5^ . 67 \VA\TKn to huy, S or 3-bedroom hom*>. Phone 2-TtiM . 66 AVAXTKD Homos, arreapo, income and investment property. Buyers waiting. List with us. Marlon GHnstead. Pho i \e_2-7_6 S n. _ 69 It will play you to phone when you want small acreage. to sell homes or SKMjINO home or farm? Phone 2-0853. not rccesnary. Have buyers San Joaquln Agencies, Edward W. Moody. 1815 "Eye" street. 10-4-tf WANTKD TO BTY—Small home In Oildale, direct from owner. Phone 2-5997. PRIVATE PARTY will p;iy rash for 2 or 3-tiPilronm home In La Tr^sta, Alia VlMa or Skyline. Phone 2-74ti2. &8 For Sal Improved Property HOME and Income Jn Olldale. Two-bedroom, owner occupied plus two rentals. furnish '<] and brinflni $6t> per month. Price for all three Is only $. r i250. half rash will handle. Elmer F. Karpe. 1B17 Eighteenth _ 9-25-tf FOR SALE — $3960. 2-bedroom modern home in excellent condtlon. Hardwood floora. t;io in kitchen and bath: two lots, nice lawn, fruit trees, carage. Terms can be arranged. Close to Mount Vprnon School. 1625 Potomac Drive. 69 MODERN 2-bedroom house, almost new. Lot 60x260. lota of fruit, and chicken equipment. Good soil, food water. Southwast district. CAS A LOMA — Five-room modern house. only nbout 6 yenrs old. on fenced acre of fertile soil. Plenty of tile, nice bath. good sized rooms. Double garage. chicken equipment; excellent water conditions. GOOD plastered house, three sleeping rooms, on one acre of excellent garden soil. Double garage, plenty of fruit. chicken equipment. Can he purchased with reasonable down payment. HIGHLAND PARK— Five-room 2-bedroom home, bardwood floors, lots of, tile ; garage: nice yard. Lot BOxloO. $4750 — Five-room home near Jefferson School. Two bedrooms and sleeping basement* garage, fruit and Good lot. LOMITA VERDE — Almost new 2-bedroom house, completely and w»ll furnished. Double garage, fenced yard. FUA payments about $37 a month. 13800 — Five-room house on Pacific near Kern General Hospital. Two bedrooms. garaee. fruit, chicken equipment. SOUTHWEST DISTRICT — 5-room home. two bedrooms, sleeping porch and basement. Thi« house Is not new but in very good condition. Walking distance or downtown. Substantial down payment. B. C. Urfcrt. 901 Nlles. Phone I-71BS porch, shade. FOR SALE, hy owner, 4-room modern house, In Oildale. Newly decorated in- wide and out. Call 3-0966. No renl e M-i dealers. 5 FOR SALE—Income property; two dwellings on one lot. Both furniahed, |;U>OG down, balanre monthly. 1127 East Nln*- 1 TWO-nKDKOOM house, hardwood floors, newly decorated: it-car garage, chicken pnna and equipment, barn* for cow. Sit* mi led on one-lmlf arre, 1705 Nnrmnruty Ui iv*. Sc» Pant fjtyhrandt, 213 East Phone 6-6003, 10-2-tf Trnxtun, vnry rlo^e in. a very fine old home. Hea utitul innido; three bed room u, nieo lift 11 a ml larff'.' living room, nine ba ,'Mnciit under house and an extra u-nial In back. Prl-'e $10,000. Loinita Verde—a bra Ml if ul a ml attractive IMieilruom and den; nice bath; on corner Sot. Ton will like this home. It IIHH FHA $8750. Herein a bargain—Five rentals, R!! fur- w j th refrigerators and table top an 1 very nice furniture; hardwood lluorw a.ui floor furnaces. Price $12,000, Terms. Fivf altra^tivo nearly n^w courts, all fur- MiahiMl nnd well located. Price $9000 on lerma. Not tli Buker— A ft-room home on corner lot; aia - i hroc rourna over pa race. The nt ire w:*I surprise you. $2000 down, balance terms. Nra r Oleander—A da tidy atuccrr duplex and a n|i?p 1* bed room house on sump Int. Th7 duplex Is furni*h«Ml and fl ifarted; also f< ur Karae^H Hnd wa s IIOLKSO, w;th \vashinc machine, fur SSOOU. trims. T \vpnty-fifth Htreet, ju«t across Afreet from I la w thorn* School, a 4-room house for &18GO Tn mi*. 20 SIC'TH I'Yuitvale—Two-bedn»orn bmne, lots of "hick on equumuMU, nii.o fruit. acr.-'H two good wells, 3 acres alfnifa. cw tomatoes. 10 arres made If40ft spin I,H this year; i\vn tractors ami other fanning tnols. Will tnide for Home 'ty 'n town an 1 som^ cash. *s noar F-anrastpr. \v* a ll tinnrovpd. an OH a I fa If a ma do 3Ufl tons this IMIH of fa rmint; machinery goe* place. I15.UUU down, balance IK pn ' 80 nn Sixtv ye;t r with iiM'UiH. 1 G<* an »>H, nto<> n*-n r T.anr*ant<?r: 140 acres ull'airu, two good wells, fuo good hom^s; ot tie" rrnpi o\ ^monis. Made over 1000 tons nlfuUfl this var: all kinds of new machinery including i-ornblne, hay bal^r, t motors and ether machinery. Price f tiTi.OOO *erms. 164 a "tea uu improved land. Fine for al- fal fa. ami adjoins the above farm, for $;i?i pnr arre. Ten ,>er cen f down. J. T. <Sy) Wicker. 16f>(> Chester Phono 2*02119, evenings 2-3 896 or 2- HIOHLANp PARK — Large 2-bedroom house with every convenience, all latent garnae. $6500. Syl features; double McNInch. with R. A. Moore & Son Kiffhleenih street. Phone 2-1 ^t ning 6-6165. 1515 eve- 57 A nRAL BUY In cheap court, consists of five units hringing in $95 a month, to- Aether with a 6-room residence on f»Ox:ioO-foot lot. close to town. Pi i< e $'.000, I2500 cash. $75 monthly. Where can you beat this for an investment? Frank H. Day. 1915 "Eye" street. 08 SVNSKT TRACT— Two-bedroom newly wtll located home. Immediate may be had. Price $69511. S«'«j \Vnr4ct D. Watson, X120 Cheater. I'hone :-i8Sl. 'io TAKES IT—CaWornia type house, wiih two bedrooms, living) oom and kit* hen; eiae 3l'x^4. Total pric« I HIM) or lei rns. Phone 3-0DBS 57 FOR SALK. by administrator, to cle«r up estate, 2-bedroom modern home, fenced yard, fruit tress. On Chester Place. Phone (-6435. evenings S-1883. 61 i $13,000.00 MODERN thre.-btdroom home only seven years old. Located la •outh* west cection in attractive ntlch* borhood. Three bedrooirc. two baths, two-car garage, patio, furnace and cooler. This home !• of better than average quality con* structlon. built under F. H. A. supervision, and has many attractive features. We will show by ap- polnt.ment If you have cash or can arrange finance. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1803 H street Phone 2-894* _ 9-14— tf 2 1/3 ACRES, with completely furniahed 3-hMrnom hou««. Garden and tractor, nhickeni end turkayt. Will Bond £5-foor trailer house a» part payment. On Taft Huhway. half-mil« ea of Pumpkin Center. Phone 2-1 050 ONE-HALF ACRE. B-room hniis* and "-room house m r«a r. Plenty shad*. Five-room houv*. modern. Cow lot anfl chfken pen. 1340 Durhan etreet. Arvin, Ohf. 57 $i:-.i m^nf. and mnvp in thia n^at 3-oe*1rooTn hot T>. Corner lot. Pnca, 11250, monthly $.15. SOCTHWEST— Laree C-b*«1rortm homa In excellent Condition. M-.n lar«e lot. well landftcaped. Clone to bun, achoftla and «ror-p!«. PrlM 16350. term* arranged. Mr, v accept aome trade in. Immediate occupancy. N" R. HURT.RT 411 Nineteenth Street. Phone 3-027* In Sunset Park—One of th« nicest *-b«d- rooni homps on Park Way, Thta !• rea lly a finp home that haff all the re>fin*mpntB that you would expect. A. beautiful kitrhon with * pleaaaAt breakfast nook. Venetian blind A. On Weed Patch Hia-hway—A 2-b«dr»om home, artobs construction, with hardwood floora. floor furn»c». Venetian blinds. glas««>r1-In porch: larfr* lot. All thi^ fnr $3000. with only 11000 down and balance easy. Near the Clivl*—Two older homes, each. w;;h two bedrooms. Frame construction, rinse to stores and tranaportation. Price $2760 each, with only 11000 dowm on either one. Let ua ahow you theae two. A CJood Payinc Motor Court—South on 99 llia-hway. l'3 rentnla. but what an Income. Large grounds. Thia !• the beat buy In Kern county. Requires S6250 down and balance $509 per month* Income over $900 per month. An apartment very cloae in on D street- One of the finest constructed 8-unit apartments in the city. All nicely furnished except one. Thi« property has always been In demand and Is a con* aervative investment. Price 121.000. vrith $13.000 down. A Ranch, Close In—Twenty-flv» mcrei of excellent «otl with alfalfa and pecan trees, rood well and butane engine. Immediate possession. Thla is on Brua- dage Lane. Make me an offer. CHESTER N. BEARD 1807 H street Phones »-6IOJ or 3-4S22 10-2-tf Four-unit court, close In on Kentucky, all furnished and In nice condition; sprinkling ayatenv Income 1140 per month always rented: price $11,100. term*. In Waeco—Three-bedroem modern born* on 20 acres; U acre in atr*wb*rrl«*t 1 acre In boysenberrlo. 2 acre* In awe*t potatoes, 1 acre In to ma toe*. l\4 acre* •weet corn; Farm a 11 tractor, team and other equipment, all for tit,009* WILLARD B. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Street Pb«M J-0555 t-21-tf Oildala—Modern 2-bedroom hom«» nicely furniahed, large a0rvtc» porch, garftff. find some fruit, on nice large lot. Pol- ssffsfon immediately* $910 down. Fhon« 2-7*i8Q. 61 FOR SALE—On Alta VI»U Drivt, corner, 63x150, 3-bedroom hOUM» llvinff room, dining room, d*n t breakfast room, kitchen, two baths* small batement, tcr*»n«d porch, floor furnaces, newly paint* car garage. Reduced to $3260 down* J. J. ContanK 9-9614. 94S*tf closet PRACTICALLY NEW I-bed room home. Hardwood floors, floor furnace, pleatr of tile, lota of cupboard and space; located in good neighb close to transportation. 11X50, $3290 down. CLOSE: IN—Ten-room home. DOW UHC<: aa a 3-unit apartment bouse; can be uned as a 4-bedroom horn* or would be suitable for a rooming or boarding house. Hal three bathe. This, property la in good condition, completely furnished. Priced at $8600. good iarmsj. SOl'TH 99— Five acre*. 2«4-foot froAtas* on 99, 4% mtlea from Eighteenth and Union. Good well and pressure system, etore building, stock. ftzturM 4011 living quarters. $9500. EAST BAKERSFIELI> — Two-b*4room home. pKater and stucco, nardWMi fl< jra. til* drain, etc.; large lot* $200* FOUR-UNIT COURT — Completely fur- niahed, good rental district: will net 16 ppr cent. Corner lot. 136x139. 16(09. $2000 down. Evenings 1-5228 1704 K Street S« A NICE HOME, seven rooms, for sal* by owner. dining ment. Dual furnace, plenty of tile, room, big living room. ntc» base- K*Rt side. 3110 Kera street. T'hone 3-1009 aft?r 5 p. m. 6V Five acres of land and 5-room modern borne on Pioneer Drive. This place Is in excellent condition, has some »hmd« and would ht ideal for a person with A homo or two* $6300 full price, about hall 1 CttHh, On Nllea atreet on the bus lln«—Five-room modern stucco home* hardwood floors, tile sink, nice lot. Full price $5100. substantial down payment. El Tamino Park—Lovely 2-bedrdorn and don horn* fn this fine subdivision- Tile roof, dandy kitchen* extra large service porch, nire bath with tile vanity* cnunnj? ducts throughout the house, two- cnr gftrag*. Can bs purchased furnished or unfurnished South of town on lot 50x150—Three-bed- room borne, extra me» kitchen and bath, lovely dining room. Hardwood floors throughout. About 11500 down, JU a m until. To Buy, Sell or Trad* o 191S "Eye" Street 10-4-tf AVIXG£^\ND SQUARE Move in today, modern 2-bedroom home, just like now: beautiful yard, back all fenced; price $6500. Phone 6-6431. __ 58 NEW 2 -bed loom home near Mount Vernnn School; attached garage, all In perfect condition: owner occupied. Total prlca $4000. terra*. Elmer F. Karpe, 1517 im Eighteenth. __ 9-25-tf BT OWN KK— Beautiful 2-bedroom home. Larite double earare. tile »mk nnd hath; floors, hf>at>nr and <-n . Uuilt just before Pearl Harbor. 11 ant wars and all acce»«orie* A-1, Can be seen at 1706 Diane Drive at TVine- land Square. Phone 8-1469. o> A BEAUTIFUL t-bedroom houwe, 4 yeara old. modern in every detail; the beat l« no better; beautiful and coetly furnttura, trorveoua rues and the beat groomed lot* fully fenced, artistic; fit for any artato- rrat and the price la only $7500, $5300 down ot' thereabouts. See it aeon, you will like It and the choice location. B. Bolen. 13S% Wilaon tttreet. Oildale. TRADE — Seven-room residence in Hyde Park district, Loe Anveles. half-block to street cars. Prestnt price $4600 tp $7000. Will trade for Btkenfltld real- dence of equal value. Positively no R sents. Box 453-B. The CaUfornlan. GOOD corner property In Alameda. Calif.; •JO minucea to San Franc lac o and Oakland, near buttineaa dtatriot. tchooU; 6 -room hmiRv, double ffaraKe, food ell- mate. Write Box «0«-K, Ta« Califor- ntan. BT pWNKH — Two-bfldrnora houie, blinds, tile vanity in bath, tile dual floor furnace; double orate, yard fenced; alao will sell adjotntn feiu-ed, with berrlea and fruit. A BKAUTIFULbT .HuaUd hOUM 111 Stockdale. in perfect condition* oA a corner lot. well UnAMftpl4$ Hhown by appointment only. Catt 1-0555. ^ r ,

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