The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 15, 1936 · Page 17
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 17

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 15, 1936
Page 17
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I < .- - i 1 ^ • For SiU-~Automobll« 37 good used cars at prices you cftn well afford. Sold oiMafey terms. Got yours now, ,BAKEft8lTIKLD USED CAR TWENTIETH AND M Phone 263 TRACTORS For Sale of R6nt All Reconditioned, Guaranteed BARNBJTT TRACT Oft CO* 2130 Chester Ave, 7-30-tt BRAND NEW PONTIAC TRUNK SEDANS AT TREMENDOUS DISCOUNTS 1930 Ford 4-dr touring sedan $785 1934 Ford victoria sedan 1934 Ford dlx cpe, spec whls 1936 Ford de luxe coupo 1933 Ford sport coupe, R. S, 1933 Ford do luxe coupe Chevrolet town sedan $465 $685 5 $335 $795 $925 193G Terraplane brgm (now) $860 1936 Terraplane sodan (new) *$900 1636 1936 Dodge touring sedan •4 Jt A J* A^ * * » . 1935 Plymouth tour, sedan 1935 Dodgo eodan 1929 Chevrolet cabriolet 19?9 Ford coupe 1931 Buick sport coupe 1928 Buick coupe 1929 Buick sedan 1933 Buick sedan 1927 Chrysler sedan Hupmobile 6 coupe TERMS AND TRADES 1 .Open Evenings and Sunday TWENTY-FOURTH and CHESTER Phone 6828 52 8ACTUPJC&—1031 Chevrolet sport cabriolet, alrwhcels, A-l condition. Phone or call at room HO, Man* Chester hotel, after 8 p. m. 19 $675 ?745 $135 $125 $295 $110 $95 $405 $95 $125 HUDSON AND TERRAPLANE 1936 Chev. two-dr. Uv sedan, less than 200 miles $G45 1936 Chevrolet panel delivery $625 1934 Terraplane coupe 1930 1934 Dodge sedan Ford V8 coach 1930 Pontlac coupe 1934 Terraplane sodan 1935 Hudson coupe Chevrolet coach De Soto sedan 1930 1929 $475 $245 $465 $225 $575 $725 $150 $185 1934 Terraplane pickup tk. $475 1929 WIllys-Knight sedan $165 2220 CHESTER AVENUE Phono 3965 46 CHEVROLET coupe, '81; excellent Ition; private party. 304 ISlght- oenth street. 1985 $605 $625 ?775 $595 WITH A REAL GUARANTEE 1936 FORD TOUR, SEDAN FORD DLX. CP., RADIO 1935 Ford truck, heavy duty 1935 FORD DLX. COUPE 1984 FORD DE LUXE COUPE, RADIO $495 1936 CHEV. MAS. TO. COACH $595 1984 PLYMOUTH PLX. SED. $645 1934 Ford do luxe sedan $495 1984 FORD COUPE $475 1932 FJRD CPE., RENEWED $325 1930 Ford sedan $295 1981 FORD CPB., RENEWED $285 1931 FORD. TUDOR> R'N'W'D $285 1931 FORD TRUCK 1930 FORD COUPE Buick sedan 1920 DE SOTO SEDAN 1929 FORD TyDOR 1929 Ford roadster MANY OTHERS $S5 AND UP 9 1929 $295 $236 $195 $195 $145 $135 IGtb and Chester Opp, Courthouse Phone 701 Open Evenings 63 TIRES sold on time payments—no finance or currying charges. A. Friedman Wheel & Tiro Exchange. 1310 Elghtenth. Phone 6873. Legal Notices ^^^^^^^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^»^^t_^^_^^_^^__^^_^^_^^_^fc_ ^^^r^r^^r^^f^^^^f^^^^^f^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ORIQINAL SUMMONS No. 80006 In th« Superior Qourt of tho State of California, in and for the County of Kern. Action brought in the Superior Court of tho County of Kern, and Complaint Yljed In the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of said County. H. A. SriNDT and JOSBPHIN15 A. 8PINDT, hta wife. Plalntiffn, v», LON W, WYATT. AdmihlBtritor of tha Estate Of Davjd TTanley, dccoRBPd, and WALTER LEO K1SXNKLLEY. Defendanta. THE PHOPXJD OP THE STATE OK CALIFORNIA SEND GREETINGS TO LON W. WYATT, Administrator of the BsUta of David Hanlcy, do- ceased, and .WAI/TEH LEO KEN- NELI^EY, Pefendants. You are directed to appear In an action brought again* t you by the above named plaintiff* In tho Super* lor Court of the State of California, In and for the County of Kern, and to answer the complaint therein within ten days after the service on you of thii Summon", if served within the County of Kern, or wi^hm, thirty daya if served elsewhere, and you ar» notified that unless you appear and answer a* above required, the plain* tlffa will take Judgment for any money or d* mates demanded in th« Compjaiot. a* arising upon contract. or will apply to the Court for any other relief demandod In the Complaint, i * _<31v«n under my hand and otal of the 8dP4jfor CAurttt* Kepi, State 10th. For Sale—Automobiles BIG SALE NOW ON THEY'RE GOING FAST! BUY NOW AND SAVE AH Makes and Models at Almost Giveaway Prices, TRADES AND TERMS USED CAR DEPARTMENT 2229 CHESTER AVENUE Ifi29 Pontlftc" cab., overhauled" ' $185 Cf. C. POUOLASS. gOTH AND T>. 40 Sail—Miscellaneous DIAMOND nMekpfn, ty carat. In white gold 0«ttliirt sullablo for dinner rlnsr. -pA 8t J, 450 ' 11 take * 75 - Write Box 34fl, The «u . ., cotton trailer, $45; two 2-bale cotton trailers, $60 each; four 3-balo cotton trailers, $SO each. Beaver a Bargain Market, 3400 Chester avenue. ___„ FOR SAkB—Pulverixed dairy and sheep fertilizer: for lawns and gar- aena, $3.50 per ton, delivered, or SBo per sack. Phone 2768. 1118 Jeffer_son street. _^ 41 OIL EQUIPMTDNT—Complete Btand- ard end band wheel crank Pitman walking: beam, flo-h. p. Supenior gaa ensine^etc. Sell all or part, P. 0. JoOX 1 i TIRES sold on time payments— no finance or carrying rhar&eB. A. RA? d JK ftn Wne e» & Tiro Kxohango, _ 1810 Etghtenth. Phone 6373. 68 SELF-PRiM INO prcBsuro pump will Ini water U1> to 25 fecl » capacity COO gallon per minute; dcmonstrn- tor; oost new ^95; for quick sale $50. l R lMii 39 FOK SAI.KCIIKAP— 4- wheel trailer; 2-wheol trailer; lot at Frazlor Mountain Park. Phono 8704 -J-l. Route Box 447. _ C ENTRAP California Too Compan steel Ice box for sale cheap. Excellent condition. Seej at 1731 Lake street. FOU tank, lalvanlzod Iron water ank, 1200 gallons capacity; also ;Whft«L trailer. Air. WestfaU, Ste- Phone 4035-M. 40 4 phens Drive. TWO fine deer rifles, one 250-3000 Savage, ono 30-40 nmmunltton for both; liko new, 2728 1 stroot. _ 40 FOR SALE— Four-wheel trailer, Will haul two bales seed cotton. $75.00. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1815 H Street Phono 1298 9-12-tf I _ •. for Sali—Furnltun AH stock on hand now being sold regardless of coat to make room for our big stock of new furniture lor tho Grand Opening of our newly remodeled store. Watch for opening date. NOW: ALL REMAINING STOCK At GIVE-AWAY PRICES. BUT ItURRY! 24TH AND CHESTER AVENUE Entrance on 24th 43 $2.85 $27.00 $67.00 $27.60 $63.00 FURNITURE SPECIALS NEW Large Tap. Cov. Foot StoolB $1.60 Velvet Rugs, 27x54 inches Axmin. Seamless Rugs, 8x12 Livingroom Set, 2-pc., tap. Studio Couch with Arms, Back 3-pc. Hardw\ Bedroom Set Double Deck Col) Springs USED , S-pc. Mali. Bedroom. Set Tap. Livingroom Sot, 2-pc. , Heavy Oak Chairs, Lea. Seat $2.10 Oak Dining Tables $2.26 to $4.05 100 Used Steel Cots HAMM SELLS FOR LESS 1100 18th Street Cor. 18th and N Phone 341 \ Business Cards ^*^*^rf*^j^rf i ^J^^^^^^^a'^^^^^ ^^^^^j*^^fc^fc, fc ^ ^fc ^^ ^ fc^fc ^fc ^a A fc ^ * fc • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^•^^^^^'i^^^^^^^^^^^" L W, HUNT, GEOLOGIST " L , PitroUum ft*i Mining Bntlnw 220 HtbKf«ld» Bid* Ph»n* i;i| 2923 Twihtlrth Phtn« 2886-W UUNDRY SERVICE Laundry Sirvlei Un««lltd—Thit Ik Our Slogan Tan DKUrent itrvle«i and Zorlo Qdorlftti Dry Cleaning CITIZENS LAUNDRY SUtMith and 0 Rtrntl Phon» 2ftl JOHN W. CULLITON PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT INCOME TAX SERVICE, AUDITS. SYSTEMS 205-6 Pro Union! I Dulldlni Phon» 4801 PAYNE & SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS Nineteenth tnd E Str««U J. C. Pt>n« J, Bruce Paynt Fred Lock of Taxes Forces Bid for Aid by County as Companies Default 1 DOUGHTY-CALHOUN-O'MEARA Funeral DIreclori and Ambulance Service 1100 Truxtun Avenue, At N Btrfft 587 $20.76 $16.96 THREK-F1KCK maple new Htyle bedroom HCI, $32.60; new 5-piece knotty Pine rtinetto BCt, $18.50. AVc give credit. DAVIS FURNITURE EXCHANGE _ 2105 Chester Avenuo 40 FOR SALE—HouaehoUi furniture of Si'i°i IJW n £ : win 8el1 b >* tho Piece, Call 2211 Twenty-second street. al Notices >..! °. f . California, Department of ubllo Worke. Division of Highways Hall Machine and Tool Works Prlcet Ara Right—24-Hour Service GENERAL MACHINE REPAIR WELD1NQ AND MANUFACTURING wenly-flrit and Union Avenut Fruits and Vegetables FREESTONES ranch, Rio sales. peaches. Merrill mvo. No Sunday 46 -t.,,^ T0 CONTRACTORS SAILED PROPOSALS will bo re- w t Ul ° Doparlnion t of Public office of the District Engineer, Stato .Ji] m ?' ^ roan °. California, Clock A. M., on Heptem- 28, 1036, at which tlmo they will pc publicly opened and read for performing work UB follows: Kern Countv, f% A ^A rm It — - ^ ^ V . . A _ _ * * N1SW almonds OH36 crop) for. salo, from 1 pound to a ton. 1109 Stockton street, Bakerxftnld, 44 t~~~l~~f 1 '"if rjT*j m It^ ^i**j ^» •pM^»» i* • ^fif. ii i^ !!!• ••_!* IIM - ^««™™*™«*™M™»«rtfc*«"'*"•'*•"" k^* *• '. irii.u.-.- .. — ^7^ ~ -• -.-.-.. • i •••-.--_ .1 7 -.-IT-]! 7—. .'"•'^.-.. v Poultry and Livestock TWO good 28-Inch boys' bicycles: also fine Jersey cow, just fresh. Call P. 13. Cramer, tit end of Ueardsley avenue. 41 AUCTION Community wale, Thursday, September 17 10 a. m. Five miles south of HaUersflcld on Union n venue, poultry, calves; mare — will work or ride. Other things an usual. Bring what you have to sell. W. 13. Osborn, nucttnncer. Thono 13*F-2. FOH SAT*12-~Two Jersey OO«*H, frosh. One mllo south nnd *i went of Ar- vln. F. KlrtBs. 40 Prett &w*t d Wire) SACRAMENTO, Sept. lR. Nortc county supervisors appealed today to tho mate for aid to case a critical situation duo chiefly to tho failure of largo timber companies to pay their taxes. Tho county hns a lax delinquency of f.9 per cent. It has $150,000 in outstanding warrants. There- Is due In tnxes n round $450,000, if this could bo collected it could pay off everything 1 It owes and run ttucloBB for ft yotir or two, 8u]>ervi»or J. J, McNanmra, chairman of the finance committee, wild. Tho law provides old ago pensions must bo paid In cash, he cm id, but tho county ha»n*t tho cash. Duo to a combination of cirmimatnnceft the biff timber companies, mostly ORHI- crn owned, have taUcn nd vantage of tho tnomtorium act which permit* them to defer payments until Seventy-eight por cent of tho tlcn' taxable property IB timber. G. 0. P. Vote Leads in Maine Primary Trom Payc Ont) FOIl SALE—StooUy Krlndor, reasonable. Machine Co., 1124 street. flexible shaft Kern Valley Twenty-ninth 39 SINGBR electric porlablo, $29.45. Treadle. *10. White electric console, liko new, $40.50. Expert repairing. Parts. 1708 K street. Phone 6330. 60 No. 1 USKU-trrain bags for mllo, 5Hc each In lots of 1000 or i\iore. Alfalfa »eod. Cane molasses* In drums. Prices rapidly advancing. Buy now. Sfln Joaquln Grain Co., Fourteenth and D gtreetg. Phone R8f>. 9»5-tf FRUIT Jars, while they last, washed, quart** 24o and 34o dozen; pints 10o and 29c dozen; glasses. 30o dozen. 717 Sumner street. _ ti-12-tf USED CLOTHING THE ECONOMY 1918 L STREET BARGAINS IN MEN'S SLIGHTLY USED CLOTHING, SUITS, _ SHOES, ETC. _ 54 FRUIT JARS— Quarts, 24c; pints, 19c, We also buy rags, botttea, Junk of all kJndn, Phono 1780 for pick-up wagon. 182 East Twenty. firat street. r . __________ ____ ^ _____ 6-9-tf For Sale— Miscellaneous FURS— Factory nanipleK. Fur coatn. Jackets, foxes, collars. Huge «tock, Furs remodeled. "The HOUKO of 1000 Fur Bargains," Dow's Whole- Bale Furs. J33 Kearney, San Fran- CfHCO. 8-10-tf ^^•^^^•^•^•^^••^^•^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^ j ^^ B B . .__ ^_ B . . .. ___ . . _ __ _ __ __ ^ FOR RENT — One-sack concrete mixer. Mears Lumber Co. Phone 3 RIO. _ 44 FOR SALE — One sack concrete mixer. Model A Ford truok in good condition, cheap for cash. Phono 8853-R. 43R nelle avenue. at railroad crosfiuff one mile ea«t of Rofiedale (Vl-Kcr.58-L), about twen- ty-thrco hundredthn (0.23) milo In lenffth, to be graded and Burfucod with crusher run base and road mix surfacing. Plans may be Been, and forms of proposal, bonds, contract and apoclfl- cfttlons may bu obtained at tho above address. No bid will be received unlesa it IB made on a proposal form furnished b the District Engineer. Each bid miwt be accompanied by cash or a certified check or cashier's check made payable to the Director of Public Works for an amount equal to at least ton per cent U0%) of tho amount bid, such guaranty to be forfeited should tho bidder to whom tho contract ifl awarded fail to enter into the con- tractj Tho Department of Public Works reserves tho right to reject any or all bias. In accordance with tho provisions of Chapter 3P7, Statutes of 1931. the Department of Public Works has ascertained tho general prevailing- rate of wages applicable to tho work to bo done to be as follows: Classification— unto per hour Tractor driver ffiO h.p. and °Y or > $1.00 Roller operator (finishing high typo pavcnuMil, Including mib- gradft for Carpenter Operator of power shovel or other nxcavatlng equipment, Bhovcl typo controls <»i cubic yard or more) DIadc grader operator (finish work) FOK SAT, E— Three snappy saddle horses for Frontier Hays. Call one- half mile north of Kin Ltriivo school, miles \vt\st, mile north. 41 FOU SAU5— White. Jersey Uliint pul- lels. Hhone 3 127-11. FOR SATJC—Six months old Voland C'hlna hoarH. 1121 Termco Way. Democratic party In Maine into Oomlnont rent ml. Barro\VN H\vojit into the governor's ehulr over his I>pmoorntlu opponent, P. Harold Dtibord. Kev. Henjamln C. Hubnr, Independent, ran a poor third. Two years npo Dubonl came within 1200 volOH of un«oating tho veteran Senator Kmlerlok Halo (Kep\il»Hcan). In tho cotiRreenlonal ract^. ulivnr ousted lU-prosoniatlvo Klmon Hamlln, (Democrat), farmer-He mauler, who has norvod ono torm in tho Lower HOIIH^. by IT.oou votos In tho. first dlRtrtot. Snillh emoi'f^otl t h* 1 sorond dint riot winner over three opponent*. Kr- ne«t I,. McLean (Democrat), Kev. J. Clarence LccHomby, Independent, and A. Raymond Hoperw, Tnlon parly nominee. Urewslcr, iviurned to I'on^n^HS in tho third district, eautly oulstrlppod hiw Democratic opponent. Wallace 1*\ Mubao. Uchind the tide of ballots wa« an tntoiiHivo campaign of blttor parti- «an«hlp clainiH and recrlmluallonB. White and enliro ticket ho headed campaigned directly on n platform culling for repudiation of ian policies. He made iho m«w deal u direct Issue, charging In hi* final campaign tuldroMH that Hrann was "part and parcel of thi» now deal." Mrs. Fitzpatrick Against Wealthy Widx>l^ r ^ ^^^ i T- ~ J • i _ ^4 W at Los 'I A NEW Binstoin hnii been **• by mathematlclana attondlng tho Harvard University torccntcn- nary fconfcronco following presen- tntlon of a new rrmthomiUical ays- tern by Professor K, J. Cnrtan of Paris University by which ho links the theory of relativity explaining ftatrnl phenomena and the la\v*s controlling Atomic forces. Connlnntino Canithoodory of Oreece (left) is pictured going over his paper with Doctor CarUn. State Topics Discussed at California Labor Conclave Preui LOS ANGELES, Sept ' i tngr theft of her husband's lovo, ChrlBtlne Fitzpatrick Hied a. $160,000 damage suit today against Thelma Clark, widow of William' Clark, III, grandaon of the late Montana copper magnate and YJ. S. aena* tor. r ' - j j Mrs. Fitzpatrick said Mrs, Clark mot her husband, Michael W, If*itz- Patrick, purser on an ocean liner, on hia run between Los Angeles and h Panama laat January, enticed him • r with a display of wealth and finally induced him to resign his position to live at her 4*S Ranch homo near Eacondldo. Fitzpatrick and Mrs. Clark traveled together In California and later went to live In LOB Angeles, making week end trips to the ranch, Mrs, Fitzpatrick charged. Mrs. Clark's husband was killed in an airplane accident two years agro. Tho Pltz- patrlcka married In February, 1931, and have n 4-year-old son. .' , '( CV*£ 9 r i S AC 1 ISAM JUNTO lliuifl-\VatHonv ami tho split , Sept. 15.- lllo lettuce Htrike In America's labor /'raw Leatrd IVir*) Tho Kn-! "Our state highway patrol bos da- vplopcd Into a state eonstabujary comparable, to Pennsylvania's coal mnk* over rrnft nnd Industrial i and iron police." ho charged, unionism today occupied attention of! Action to tako "the restaurant delegates to tbo California Fedora- business, out of tho liquor bttRlnoss Uon of I.rfibor convention, j und tho liquor business out of the Tho International LnngMioremen'n i rostaurant business" was demanded through its Pacific coa«i ! *>>' Hob Hudson, president of tho Harry Drill Ron, announced ; Hnci-amento Bartenders' Union, It would support a resolution seeking j Frank C. MaoDonald, of tho slate reinstatement of the 10 unions Mm .' JnduHtriul Accident Commission, pralsm! tho federation for i I I I I Dogs and Other Pets FOR SAbK— Mewclyn Setter puppies at reHsonnble prices; Just the ago to train for hunt hip. Phono 88SO-J. 2202 NMnetncnth utroet. 40 i ponded by the American Federation of J,ubor bocauiae. they supporlotl John ].. LewlK 1 committee to l*o unions along Industrial lines. .1. \v. nil of the Los. AnffcloM Central Lnbor Council, said ho planned to a resolution demanding n legislative Investigation of the state highway patrol. lief erring to the Kallnus-Watson- villc Btrlko, charged truffle patrolmen hove hecomo an adjunot of tho Stnt«> Kmployers 1 Awoclutlon. : In tho orffnni«utlon. Wanted to Buy-Miscellaneous 1.00 1.125 1.50 1.00 1,25 **'*"»» t • * * 1.875 1,00 . of Calirornt*. (Se*l> CountyJ?Itrk, J. T. JOHN r. ». SMITH, o uarior Court I - TT^Tiw^Mf •-/,;/,," -.,,' •-;• ;...., .?0<rfr^.-v&:*r,'^i .'..A -' : - . ' ' -^- . .. '•'„"-!'- • - a - FACTORY to you. Standard computing scale. Freezer caee*. Store, restaurant and beer fixtures. Complete, new and used. Valley Stor* and Fixture Company, 2010 Chester avenue. ______ For Sale—Furniture ^ USED FURNJTURR SPRCIALS Robert! Broa. closet bed 17.05 $5. Dragline operator (excopt Vhov'el type) Reinforcing steel worker Holstman Painter Concrete vibrator operator 1.00 Tractor driver (under BO h.p) C8 Truck driver ()c«n than 4 ruble yards water level capacity).... Trtick driver (4 ruble yards, water level capacity or moro).... Oiler (power «hov*1* or cranen). Grader operator (towing or motor, rough work) Holler operator Prill IVAN'TED— truoO wheel ohair for invalid. Phono 308. _ 40 BI5RT prlcoa paid for bottle*. raRH, iron and other iuiik. I*hono 4178 for pickup w»K'in. Prompt «urvlce. 420 For Exchange—Property POST OKFirR KOH MARTfNKX WASHINGTON, Kopt. 15. (U. P. Tho trtauuiry today a\vardod u $70.000 contract to Gcorgo Potorson, San Luaudro, Cniif., for ooimlruction of cTi iyirn tho Martinez, Calif., post office. Pn- i r 08SIIJ/J5D fler tornis of tho oonti-uct, tho work, 1 ASHLA.XD, J'u., Sept, lf>. (t;. in to bo complotml within 210 <<nl<m- 1 J'"OR»llJx«nl tro.s branch«» und odd t ur cn>B. -, , ^ i rock fornmtloim wcro PMCNTV OF Hltaai'S ! nt0]l Slorniy Hin Uy WPA workers MIDuLlSTON. fMiiu. s'-pt/lS. (tT. i whil ° trav^liiiR: tho yround for * ) — Mayor \V. M. SIopiuiHlty \vnntod i ^nitnunlty park. Hock in tho nivu «ocond'haiul buggy. Ho rocolvcd ( In of comparntlvu Moftncnw and only rcpliuw with prices ranRlnj; from ! pickH und ehovoln uro roqulrtul to to > 2& * break it up. making California the leading mate of tho nation from (ho standpoint of "humane, patriotic Inbor loprlslation." Jamen 15. HopkinH, proaldont of the federation, urgod repeal of the criminal syndicalism act and reported that present progress of tho federation indicated thai the atat* body would have 'J00,000 members within another year. Walter Ootvn.n. Kan Kratictnt-o. I I i THE BAKERSFIELD \ CALIFORNIAN OFFERS A NEW MAP OF THE SOVIET UNION In order to understand the dispatches in your newspaper about HUBS In., you should have a copy of thia fine map. Don't miss this grand service offer made to you tts a reader of The Bakerafleld Cnlifomlan. Rxplanatlonji of the Soviet's system of government, its Fire Year Dan, and its laws on marriage and dtvorco arc features of the collateral information carried by this new map. All these dnta were supplied by Lho Amtnnr Corporation. which reprosmtH tho Soviet I'nion I» the Unliod States, and may be accepted us official. The map Itself is a beautiful nioce of printing. In colors, Jtac 2S inches, folded to convenient booklet "l*e. iTse this coupon in ordering 1 your copy and enclose ten cents 10 cover cost, handling-, and postage, (Use This Coupon) I I I the mm- pal«n to onllHt agricultural workers * The naker«fl*Ui Californtan, Information Bureau, J. UnRkln, Director, ». C. » I P a Gas Barrage Used at Salinas Strike (Continue* /Tom Page One) **» trade four-room house; two screened iH.»r**lu*H, modern, In for ffootl JlaUorHriclfl n^ldenro. Also Mix-room house, modern, two ncrch, good f«»r ehtrUcnn; BldowalUf) and curb; Wltlowbrook. odgo of Compton. 223 Ohontcr avenue. Phono 271 -M. For Exchange, Miscellaneous .68 .76 .82 * • # . • * ,,. Sloper Anphalt plant dryerman or fir« ,,.,,,, *••** Mechanic (trouble «hoot«r>..,... Concrete worker for istructure* (wet and dry) Concrete mixer opVrator <cxccpt paving typo) Transit mix operator Oil distributor bootnmn Laborer ... .75 .1*0 .76 ,82 .76 .t»0 .88 trade modern KUH lioater for good andirons und fireplace Hcreen. I'honc 265. Blame Attorneys in Prison Probe IF WAR ZONE WERE IN U. S. • t * * • t * » • • - * »*«**• 03 7fi 60 GO CO .60 Handyman (roustabout^ Any claRBification omitted herein not lefts than ............ . ..... Overtime, double the above rate*. BundayH and holidays (except watchmen, iruards and flagmen), double tha abovo rate*. T7KPATITMICNT OF'TUBMC Baby bed, cano panei>U |5.95 6-pe. breakfaat «Bt, hardwood $7.03 J-po. ovemtfd. bod dnvenp. set $20.50 3-pc. enameled bedroom wet $14.05 3-pc. Hoberti Bros, llvlnff room Bet, runt tapestry, like new $45.00 DIVISION' OF HIGHWAYS, E-po. Karpcn living roqro set, ; C. H. PUHCELU fcreen tapestry, llko new $3fl,50 ; Statff Highway KngInfter, Many Other nig Bargains ! By U. M. ttlljMB, POPEL FUnNITt'RB BXCHANQK I District Kngln^er, Dim. VI, Ar<*tzzt*O1c«fm J3lriic. «28 Kunmcr St. i Pa.t«d. .September 11. Ifl.lfi. .lu»t WMI of Bakor. Phon« 1341 53' Published September II to 22, |nc. 7*r«i» Leased Wire) CHICAGO, Sept. ID.—A report to the Sixty-sixth Annual Congrenn of the American PrlHon Association by Jt« committee on crime prevention declared today that tho conduct of defen*R attorneys in criminal caaoa was an Important factor in th« de« vciopmcnt of "repeating" felons. Thf report nald that "ftevcnty-fivo per >rent of tho priBonorn" in penal IriRtltutionB of tho United fltatea had boon "literally fac«d about" Into a career of crlrno "by their experience* in the handf* or the- dofentifl at* tomcyH who p loaded their ciiaoH at tho bar." "Tho coaching of tho defemso attorney," tho committee, held, tended to bolp tho defendant "find an alibi for his mlndnedn and a sedative for his conBcience" when th«; public wi*I* faro dumunded procedure which would "quicken Uut sonMbfUMes of the prisoner and awaken him to hl« own mi»doodH." The report c»t|. mated tb« country's unnunl crime cost at $15,000,000,000 ono-fourth of tho national income find half the i of the war debt. l - BCRU i How the uro peon natotiN mo*t directly concerned in the Spanish revolution would appear if transplanted to North America and where their principal cities arc locoted In relation to theme of the United and Luanda art* «hown on thin map. Airline dintnnceH are from Madrid, center of the Htrule. Madrid i« wren as near i the trite of Denver; Ushon near Salt Uko City; T.ihrallar, Santa Fc, N. M.; linden, Wlnnipeu; I'aris, Fargo, N. p.; Venice, Chicago; Home, Cairo, III., and Berlin north of Lake Superior in Ontario. i confusion and the fact InJurlta treated at homo or by private phy- HlcianH. AH tho demonstrations* <'ontlnued, Hporting Roods *tor.eH put padlocks on their fii-ouriiiH uj\d ammunition dtrpartmenta, fearing tho crowd. Inflamed by tho continued go* at- taok«, would break into tho Btorea and neizo gun« and ammunition. Truck*, loaded with lettuce, were driven through tho gate entrance about 6 A. m. UN the pickets milled about. Sheriff'*; dcputle*. police nnd tit At it highway patrol- moil, nrmeil with shotgun*, tear ffas guns and and other weapons, guarded the cncloNcd nrcA. Truckn from tho Frank Jtackman mnch. eight. mili»« from Watnon- villn, nlpo arrived undo? an oHcorl of putrolnu»n, and other officers Kuardod tho nonunion workers on tho ranch. Tho Hubstltuto worker* wore! brouKht into WaUonvlIlo wcrelly \ yc»t<Mtlay afternoon by train. They j were mot nt a small Btatlon, Aromas, i nenr Watitniivlllo nnd brought Into ! town and housed In the protected' Nhcdtt. where they will remain after working bourn under police protection, The marching pickets were Itnl by a man carrying an American flag. Thoyjeft from headqunrtong in Wat* and marched down tho road to tho gutos of tho barricaded Hh«d». whcro :io officers puwhi'd thorn back to keep tho «n- trunco cloar. Tho lettuce moving into tho \Vat- donvlllo Hhodn in dry packed, but nftnr reaching th« Hheds U placed In refrigerated rars for Nhlpmcnt. Thrvo pipkrt» w«re Jailed in th« early disturbance at Sallnaw. They »r» H. n. J'ottorff, 34; ^S ^ Rlter Koe- nix, 27, uml 11. I. Barnes. 24. Ar- riMiiliiK offlcorH xflld the trio threw tacks on the pavement and hurled J red popper at drlvorv of tho lettuce j truck*. t herewith 10 cents in ooin icarefully wrapped) for u copy of the new map of the Soviet Union. Xam*. Street —* * •*•••*! ¥ ft City.- Slate. • • * CMall to Washington, O. C.) IN AIR ROMANCE -i-VS T--J -.1 .-—,.v •. v Ted Graham, aco p thought miii ri.i^e should bo planned scientifically, just as his Pacific flight. f L ^m * -. ^ '."F - '. •' -i '• '.: ^ <-*\ ••- i I '-i -• '-. ^i *-* ' ;• .*' - '•' ' »-•-] ' -; -- f i - •<.--.«/ i - - i. - f •v: j--- - - • i.'. .^' " f . ., .N .*•„ , t - •• ••. - r I F. t * • l --,V L'iV -^ i" BUCK ROGERS, TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY, A. D. ccwsc/ovs CAPTORS PUT WORK HOOD KKO TOT- HERE/- WH-WHAT Learns Language MAIN THE LITTL E PEL LOW ENTERED ~ ANO ASKED /F / WOOL COURSE^ By PHIL NOWLAX and LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ '^^^^^"'^•^•^^•^•^^•^^^'^^^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^F^^^^^^^^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^^^^^^^^^W^^'^'^^^^^^^B^^B^^^^^^^^^B^^p^^^^^^^^^HB^^B^^^p^^BW^BWW^B^^^^^^p^^HH^^^B^^I^B^^^^BBIHI^P^^^^B^^BBI^^I^^^^B^^B^^^^^B^^^^^^^^^B AT rue TOUCH OF WAT STICK-A FRIGHTFUL SHOT THROUGH ME-/ GROANED, .Vv>, --rf! n: m "-.^ LECTR AND TURNED THE POWER EXCRUCIATI ASONVSHOT THFOUe ANO UNGUA6E AM I TALKING? I UNDERSTAND IT f-THEV MUST HAVE TAU6HT IT TO ME-SOMEHOW WHILE I WAS UNCONSCIOUS BUT ^^ UGH!- i CAN HARDLY STAND- OR WALK? r OH VES VOU.CAN -WITH AN EFFORT.'-COME ON MARCH .'-OUR DOKOR- OUR LEADER- TO SEE YOU t-' ••*.» 1- 1 -« ''J. -, - - OUT t * Kay Dunn, .t stov..itdo--.- lovod Ted Graham, yv knew he liat) a viral>ility of "c^ilinr :oro. y. •^ -• •, th*ir sto/y TRANS-PACIFIC FLIGHT ' i * y 1 * - Begins :t' ; .' -n» L . .-•f. — X - -.<• -• - i -i,-, • - » -:..'!?., -- h .. •.' ^ :*";*<.:* + -.:•-...- +•-, .- ---:-'- ,-^ ?,:-';,- . -.<••* -;.A ,'---'•. .'-<-..-.:>< -'.--* •,_.-•.•• •jQ. -.- >•*; '.' ;-j^ ., •-. : ,:'J' '-••-.:-• t-1 ;. i. •" • •• ** : •, - J 'v\ .,f -.* - , V.';.-,i '.» 1 ^ ,;.. -, /• '.•:.^v;>.^,/,^v^-^^v^:.:^n/:-^ -.^^^'-;". t ^.-:-V^'^,^^-/;>;•^^;^'':^i,•X; ^ ;A ^.-;- - MS£v^X£^ 'ffi l ^^^&&'^-?ii*£:&&?^^ ; t^ .'• /'V^.;^:^^^to?; r 5fe-x;-^''/V^^ f *; ( ^ S ' '-'^' itei-^wH^^*^^ -Ha W j> ti\i'. ^%il^S^AL^t'^-S 1 ^--:-f-^.i L ^ [ hi^.>a< f ^.'-L'!l--!r3f,^ I ;•"* wivVt J.^tA 2r>r\i** *tA;iiAItff*,-Ji*i / & •-:..-*. - .v £T , * „ J I L ' ^ ™ n -r 1 -Vr?'^^' - T f^ Tr '- J -' i -I--, •.:^,\ •-i. -& -.j' ,.- -,v +' ? •-• -•I - -i - i . ,, r. I h •- i ft r - -. ''." v' ' •v ,»_. ' : #-, ,' Of >_ s , •-"f • '-'•7-' <il -^ ' — '. \: -P f ^ -t. .!.• • L ^ L '*'-. - _ \ - •, - * . f I - - i >-• :' t r-— V'l "if • • • .•.>•-''.•-,• •• ; ''- •: ^-. •• '••,/&•-''#/?$& r * f ~ - r k''4l • f T\ \ ** i^jr'"H J ^ rr y^t'^Wt • f -" * • f^ iff--' " ;J1U "• *-;•£ r^i'pfti • - , . - .^ •-' • - - .sJEi Y- - .-"- L V *•- '^•'••^'W'-S •'-/ .- ;•.«••' i — - « - «*- «?'v •-• '•^i-^ff-.t-r-.t^f^ •V--'v.^i : . ;: "•' ^v. ; ?v-'- ' V" :: '- • • ^'- -"• - ^- v; ' • •-'.:',^/'.-'-'' ^'^^V^Sis 'n^B-'^^-.^"^ / -^:^?^^2teasaaH , - -.. . / •• ^ - - , • - l ''-^'-' J -•-^, L •.«. i '. • j~- ii'ii ,.. * ', ,-, l f - L f - . . n _ ^ ^_ r ^l » b l •-\^l-^^^_b\-Libf Jv iLL£,r r _ nH l-^ -*f ft i •.*-*•-. A f t v-ij^:---:"-•-* ; ;'W, ->,;;. ,r - /.•,,/-,;. . • y.^:'*v : 'j^ .V.-.v* t'-v.-,-, ir- - .. •:- >-. •'.>;,- ^'. u ./..'-v;^'^ ,„ % .-v -' - /^'- •-*'-.'-• jvjV - '-*.^--t y -ffi ''-*>?"'*-*'--^ ^=^^;, v.;/.- .'-.,-- -\-i'M 1 r^ ( ^.- i :?\i''i" i .»" *:• ,.-\.V. -^'->rAx&^^

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