The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 15, 1936 · Page 16
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 16

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 15, 1936
Page 16
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, ., ^_ ^ _ ^ ^ ^ „ „ u.^ - .: - .v ^. ^ ^ ^- ^ ^^-r..,,,>f. ,ft.f^iroru-hAjn<^r^- J --''"'^ > '*««'gig*M"fe^Mi^ , tftftfa ^.. g .^ ii8 g s .g a g a ., i . ;ft ^ CLASSIFIED ADS SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY, WHETHER YOU WANT TO BUY, SELL OR EXCHANGE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.^.^^ FOR CONVENIENCE THE BAKERSrilLD DALIFOKNIAN mnti Ilitid btlow will riealy* eliiilfled idvtrllilRK md tub* icrlptloni il <ht OILDALE OILDALE PHARMACY ARVIN RAY KNOWLM. AHVIN PMABMAOY BUTTONWILLOW TRACY DUOS. TAFT UARIPO&A CIOAR AND NCWS co. MAHIOOPA GATE CITY PHARMACY MoKITTRIOK H, R. HARRIS FELLOWS WAOOONER NEWS DEALIR IHAFTIR IHAFTER DRUG COMPANY WASOO W. 0. THOMAS NEWS STAND MoFARlAND r. s. RIPPCY THE CALirORNIAN CARRIER DELANO UNITED CIOAR STORE EARLIMART HELEN ADAMS NEWS STAND TEHAOHAPI SAUMOART DRUO STORE MOJAVE C. L. MOORE A SON STORE KERNVILLE DI8TRIOT ARDIS M. WALKER GRAPEVINE MtLARTY'B STORE LEBEO (.(BED OOrfEE SHOP REWARD n. Q. PALMER TUPMAM ELK HILLS MERCANTILE COMPANY Oliulfled Oolumni Oloti II i. m. Th< Ctllfcrnlin will not to rM»«nilMt hr trrori In Oltuffltil Adv»rtlt«minti Ukin •nr lilifhent unliu nerrmlltn li mttt ImmidUlilj tH«r lint Inwtlon. Telephone 31 for Olty Sirvlo* Financial l-Co»t PUnl Why Pay MoreT ? heie payments Include ALT, charffesi ou Receive You Pay Monthly 1100 JlO.Bfi for 1! month* 1200 $18.89 fur 16 months JJOO $20,81 for 18 month* Proportionate rates for other amount*. Quick! Confidential! No oo-slgnerct NO BALAny ASSiaNMTSNTS Loans or contracts refinanced. 1424 Seventeenth Street Phone 414 Vrtt rarklnir 151 Tejon (larage ANY AMOUNT LOANED YOTJII HOUSEHOLD ON REPAY IN SEMI-MONTHLY OR MONTHLY PAYMKNTS 8KB US Help Wanted—Male OUTSIDE! MAN WITH OAE — Wolll's Department Store, household goods department, base ment, Soo Mr. P«ul. Help Wanted—Female WANTKD at once— Reliable housekeeper, ngo 30 to 60; references required, flood homn nnd Rood salary. Apply 1804 ChPHler avonu*. I'liono w ' . WANTOD— AVomau, ngol to 40, for domestic sorvlno. Apply at W. 1'. A. office, 2504 M street, rognrdlng household training course. Job annum!. 40 WANTKD--l?ou»ekcep*r, ngo 80, tin- Inotimhared, Jn molherleiiii home. 7'wo boys school ii(f«. Steady work and wntfon, (18 a month. Write Uox 14, The Callfornlan, 40 WANTISr>—ISxperle)iced «lrl for gen- firal offlrn work, Jflvo reference. _ W'-lte tlojt 82B, Thn c'allfornlitn. _ 40 WANTED— IT'WsoUncpir, not ovt-r 45, Must be good i;ook. Phonn S24. .11) 201 HAUERFELDB BUILDING PHONE C4 6 8-7-tt SALARY MONRY FOIl SCHOOL KXP1CN8E8 ConfidentInl sorvlca to nullified pooplo and IIOUHOwl von. 81(1 Hahcrfeldn Uliig. Phonn 2200 Special Announcements UNION I.llNCIT ROOM act-run fnini H. P. Popol, Is op«n now for IniKlni'iin. 707 Hnmiiir ntr«et. OWI. MARKKT open for business, lo- rillfil lit (11 r, Pnlon live-mid. Kriinli fruit, vcRfltalilcH nnrt urocnrlnii Trlr-nn right. Also space for rent In llilii mnrlii'l. 1'IIUOfl sulil on tlnm payments—no fltiiinfp "r cnrryliiK i-hurK'"'. A. Krlxflnian Wlionl * Tlrn Hlxnhnngn, f'hone «819. tl!> IIB flKnre yonr nvnrliaul Job, trnrks and nulnn. HnurlnrtliiK. lion- Inn, (luaranlcnd work; n*p«rt mn- f-hnnlos. T. I'. I'ylc, 1412 Twenty- fourth stront. 03 HITCHCOCK'S OARAOIC, rrar of 4!,'l Klower street. IMione 8471. Rest Miulpped small sho[i In llakorsflold. Trustworthy si>rvlrn. ICstlinalnn rhosrfully r'ven. lit MATTIIKHB renovattnir and rebuild- Inir, J2.00. New matir*H*es made to order. furniture manufacturing, npholsterliiK and rcflnUihlnK. Mead Knrnlturn Company. 600 ICast Nlnc- _t<>(iinth _ Btreet.^^Fnone IflJO. _ 84 POIMtl.AIl PIANO, modnrn, rapid, thiirounh. Yaw Knster tii'lhort. L« miim In your homo, $1. Charlotto I'rlesl. IMione 1 Mf-aj. _____ 61 Hornkohl Chemical Laboratory 1704 K HTHICIOT AHBAY1NO OF OI115H Analysis of Oils, Wutnr, Holln 49 Lost— -Found — Strayed 1,OHT - White Alaslinn s answere to nanio "I'lilty, n 47S. Howard. pll» dog " '' 'ollar 220S A IBXI'KUtraNCtBD maid housework, full limn. or phfrno for general Apply 2105 Help Wanted— Saesmen fiAMSBMBN JOl!NH-MANVtr,T,K KOMin INHI/LATION PIVIHtON Wo ar" about to entabllsh new Flak- crsflold branch and will need sal«s- inoti of the "K'i-gettlng" typo. Na- iloniilly iidvorLlHod product, abundant nuw leads, «vcry a«nlslanco wbllo triilnliiK. Men an to (!0, with i-ar. Hales iixporleriro helpful but not nccoHsary. l''or UIOHII who do- vdlnp this Is an opportunity fnr llfn Job nnd rapid promotion with u Krfiit company. Him Mr. I'eltfiri, 2:30 Thursday only, 1 Intel 1^1 'IVJon, 40 ljOCAl< inlnliiK rorporiillon riopdn ono Kooil Mitf'Htnait for ItH Hfii:tll*ltlo«. _}Vrllo_J.»ox «L'! 0 ! Tho '-allfe>nilaii.____40 "situatlonT VVanTe^Mali" For Btnt—Rdoms •trett. WSNT — Clean, comforub); room, *3 weekly. 1128 Kin* men airy room, out/ilde entrance, adjoining bath, near bus HUB (break- fawt and dinner If denlrcd; lady only. 1380 Nile* • tract,. _JO ROOM suitable for two. Modern conveniences. Home prlvlleirea. Home board If desired, t.adleu preferred. ]0ij Waslilnirton, Ol|dale. TWO slnelfl rooms for rent, couple or men preferred, Outnldft entraneo, FUKNIHHRD room, connecting bath, outside ontranco. Close In. Phone SMj-R. 4Q For Rent—Rooms With Board TWO sleeping rooms for rent. Schoolgirls or worklnff women preferred. Hoard If desired. Call at 823 1C strflBt. • UOAHD and room to gentlemen; room with twin beds or Dingle, best board In town, »36 month. One block from street car, corner Ninth and Q. OOt Q Htrnflt. Plione 2K26. 40 and Imiml at 009 ISast litreiU. 41 iron HJCNT— Hoom with board, for two men; oil workers preferred, Phonn J7M-II-1. 41 For Rent—Houses Fon RENT—Furnished three rooms, bat.h, Kii.rajyo, two beds., overstuffed: water paid, 803 Lincoln. FOIl IlBNT—Furnished two-bedroom hmino at 1219 fourth street, Phono- 2RU-W. FUriNIHIIKD 5-room house, two soreonod porohos, fenced, shady yard. Oarage; water paid. Adiilta. fnll ins« Qulnry. Foil HUNT—•Unfurnished, 2-bedroom house In Highland Park for 2-bedroom unfurnlNhcd In city. Phone r,844. 40 FOIl 8ALK—Smalt new house, Furnished, Iflverylhlng new and clean. 2502 North C street, Kleth Addition. 40 AVANTKD— Hmiill purl llnio. Ili'fc liiioloi to liofp, eH. Ji. M. i'rll««, IIII IH5NT—-C-room bouse, close to good school, %Zt> a month. Tl)e furniture fnr sale. Immediate posies slnn. 2303 Heal avenue. Phono r,o«-\V.X'. For Rent—Apartments CAIll'l-lNTKH, palntrr - ItcpalrlliK. ri-- flnlNliliiK or ni'W. lONlliiiiilon fur- (ilshn, __ PbonnJ^TTj-.r^ ..... _ MXI'MIMKNi'KI) m»cliiinl'.'. Heavy i-urkr und Tilrm-l. Will drlvi-. KOU HRNT- $2u; adullH. Hevnnleenth Knrnlshed No peUi. street. auto ramp. Call at 210D Vacation Fundd Available MONKY AT ONCIC NO TIKD TAI'IO NO KMI1AURAS8INO INVKHTIOATIONH CourlooiiH nnd C.'onflil(Hitlnl KINANPIC COMPANY 2300 CIIESTEn AVI2. PHONE 2r,20 7.18-80-lf Schools—Instruction !IA\ i; Illlhl pli'l<li|i tlllrk Illld would Him hinillni; for wholi-iialn liniiiin nr f-xpri-Mii Hiii>. 20SK Nlnuii'ontb ntroiM. TWO-ROOM furnished apartment for rent: walking distant'') of town; gas, IlKhlH nnd water furnished; »2I>. Phonn 2Uil-,T. thrpo largn In. 1410 O [ CAKIMONTIQII wmh. i lucid locul llf 4(ini-\V. WANT I'll' I'lilntliiK. nnd tlnllliK. I :.• l' MAIllllKli limn lilml. rixpi-rli'i trui.-tniM. i.!mi Mlllor. 14(iil..l, \\nntM »nrl< i-ril riini-li, ti Sunn MI.-H in KIMINISIIKU apartment, roomc, lilB yard; eloso Ht_root. __ ' KOfn-HOOM nicely furnished npart- nii'iil, with wliower and continuous hot water: Hichls and wutor furniHho'l: c«r apaco. 1304 Twenty fnnrlh «j£gjtj 40 TWO-UOOM furnished apartment, cloan; RUB, water and lights paid; hot and rohl water; adults only. l IM(I Knrn strnnl. 41 For Salt—Improvid Pr»p>rty GOOD 8-room houiw, Bcre»ried<>Ii» llv» Intr por«h, cement buiement, all floor covering* ana gae range Included In purchase price, Cornir lot 80X.UO, sidewalk* and curbs, garage. Plenty of roonv for another house or duplex, Prlo« $8760, Term*. W, F. Bray, 1414 Seventeenth atrect. Phone 1B7. Immadlatn poi»diu|on, with breakfast room; choice neighborhood; beautifully landscaped yard, price only $4750; $1500 down, balance $28 per 1 month. Immediate MI.phon« 3Q6t-J, ft anr«H, with 4*rpom house, Irt- Hlde toilet, bath, nlmds, four milts south of city. Price $8500, Very cany ttrmn. Frank Day, 1614 Bight- FIVlil-nOOM nlantered house, lartre lot, $1960, $250 down, $17 per month. B-room houne, lar»e oorn*r lot ( fruit and Hhade tree*; $800, $2fiO down, $11 per month; 4-room IJOUHO and lo.t, $700, $250 down, $8 per month. •vyarren-Reaganj 807 Baker ,st.f «6t. 19000—One of tho very, fine homes jiwt completed In Hunset park. Three beautiful bedroonin. Den In the liniernAnt. Fireplace, furnace and gas heaters In the wall of bath. Two batliroomx, Patio, glaaited-ln service porch. Two-car garage, Sprinkling system. Thin place rmmt be Keen to be appreciated. Call for nn appointment. Qolf Fans; A fine home at Stockdale— will accept your home In exchange. Taylor & Taylor )«60 Cheater...Aye. Phone 713 40 NMW timall modern living quarter*, bungalow, garage, large lot, $1360. Aluo J16W and $1700. Llebendofer, 172B Cho«t«r. FOH SALE—$500, part cash, buys small cafe building and equipment. Downtown location. Kelly & Son, 1712 Chester avenue. Phono 363. 40 OLKANDKH avenue house, close to high school, offered for a few days only at tho sacrifice price of $6260, Three bedrooms with steeping porches on the second floor. If ypu want a home or home and Income don't fat) to see this how. Shown by appointment, E. H. Clare, Professional building. Phone 1626. 40 FOU 8AUO—2V4 acres on 00 highway; 2'i miles south of Bakorsflold. Call 3860-W for Information, 89 WALKING distance to business district, good five-room home, basement; fine neighborhood; $8500, $500 down, $35 monthly. Kelly & Son, 1712 Chester avenue. Phone S68. 39 BKAUTlKUl, English type 7-room bouse on large lot with lo.vely shade trees, In Sunset Park district. $6760, on terms to suit. Immediate possession, Phono for appointment. 13. II, Clare, Professional building. Phonn IflZfl. 40 TIIHEUMJEDnoOM home, restricted dlNtrlct; Immediate posReHslon. Three-room adobn home. Hlx-room house on acre. 8. Klwood, 1623 I street. an DIHTINOtTIHIIIED forolKIIPr wrnilil Irarh ccirrnrl I'Vonrli, Hnunlnh, Unl- Inn pronunnlattnn: rwiMlnK n)iiv«r- liatlon. llox 83<1, Tho I'nlifornlan. _^IO MI'JN wanted to train for pnnltlunn In tho rcfrlKoratlon »ml i\li- rmiilllloii Inff field; no nxnprlpncr IIIM'ONNIII'V. \Vrllf Urfrlirnriilliiii IQnij. Iiml., Uox (ins, Tin- ('allfririilun. 40 Am CONPITIONINil MION WANTIID- Iti-llalili'. fair ortucii- tlnn. innuhanli'ally Im-Mnnd who would IMii> to liollor Ihuinscl v«», Mum li" wlllliiK to train MHII'II Ilin" In iiniillfy IIH liiNlnllallon nnd snrv- Irn i-x|ti>rlH. No rX|iorloiu-i> IICK^OH- HIII.V. WTll" KlvliiK HB'', pi-i'Ni'nt 01'- '•uiMillon, otn I'lllltli"! IiiMlltuti', I !'iiJ! 1 .- | Ji_3!l!!L r Jl l l!I" l ' n ! l I 1 !' JJ1 Help Wanted—Male \VA N'l'l'. 1 1 • -Jnh MM ,-nr Inl inn.ii- Hi-fiM- 'l>n vein's' f tpcrli'iiro hi hiiy- Ing, Ncllliig mill n|>|>rnlBltiK. ''nn )<li'> lirnt f,f i cfr I'lMir,- Aildri'MH IV U. l.lfiJf nn. iiiii<i<r*rin)ii, i-iilir. I'A IN'TIS'ii, piipKrliiK - 'lay nr rontrin'l: fln.t-rlim« work. Wry n-a - Niiniililx. K'ntlnmii'M c-hi'Tfully fnr- nlnlii'il. tllvo inn it \>»'i.f. riiliili.r, ir,07 -in K.XI'KUT .Inpani'NK KHi-ilftior wunls work. Day, nmntb nr runtraot. 2205 K ulrnpl. rinnic 110S, 64 Wanted to Rant—Room* wani.t housekeeping room In qulot purrniiiullnga on ground floor. Phonn 44tl!>-J. 59 A loving mniher In a happy home wants girl, 7. to oaro for. For Information phono 3334-J after G p. in. 39 For Rent—Rooms With Board Situations Wanted—Female HOOM and for gentleman only. Shower bath, telephone and garago. 12HB rtixtoenth street. 43 SlX-noo^r house, completely and beautifully furnished, Including Frlgldalro, brand-new range, Blin- rnons springs and Inner-spring mat tresses. Walking distance. For quick sale, $3750. Howard Nichols, Inn. 9-12-tf IN West Park, two blocks from high school, 7 rooms, hardwood floors, paved street; nice shrubs and lawn $3750.00, J500.00 down, balance like rent. Harry C. Clements, 1030 Nineteenth Btreot. Phone 2042-J or (104, Far Sale—Automoblli* For Sali— Aulamoblltt Nr '85 BtnOK n SEDAN $845 '85 BUIOK 8PT, QOUPB $885 '36 CHRYSLER, COtJPB / $745 '35 PLYMOUt H PJ COtrPE $646 '35 STUDBBAKER SBDAK $086 '34 BUICK 41 SEDAN $745 '34 BUIOK 66 GOUPE $605 '34 NABH BROUGHAM $805 '34 HUDSON SEDAN $625 '34 PLYMOUTH COUPE $495 •33 BUICK 67 SBDAK '30 PACKARD SEDAN '29 LINCOLN SEDAN •28 BUIOK SEDAN '27 BUICK 7-P. SEDAN $605 $446 $395 $135 $125 IB MOTOR CENT! •85 CHEVROLET S. COUPE $636 '34 CHEVROLET SEDAN $666 '85 FORD V8 COUPE , $685 •84 FORD V8 COUPE $485 '86 PLYMOUTH SEDAN J886 '86 PONTIAC 6 SEDAN $6*6 •34 STUDEBAKBR SEDAN |B4B 'SB CHEVROLET COACH f635 "'84 WILLYS 77 SEDAN $325 '84 CHEVROLET RDSTR. $425 '81 CHEVROLET COACH . $2D5 '31 FORD TUDOR SEDAN $235 '31 WILLYS 8 SEDAN $165 '20 CHEVROLET COUPE $75 '28 FORD TRUCK $75 '85 OLDSMOBtLB TR. BED. $825 , '36 OLDSMOBILB COUPE $845 '34 STUDEBAKER SEDAN $085 •34 OLDSMOBILE TR. BED. $645 '36 OLDSMOBtLB 8 COUPE $765 r. USED OAR DBPT. 2112 Chester Avenue Phone 423 BETWEEN 8 A. '38 OHEV. M8T. TRK. BED. $745 '33 PLYMOUTH COUPE $805 '82 FORD DB LX. FORDOR $365 '81 OLDSMOBlLB COUPE $365 •81 DB SOTO S. COUPE $245 '29 OLDSMOBILB COUPB $195 •80 CHBV. SPT. COUPB $245 •31 FORD, SPT. COUPE $296 '31 PACKARD SEDAN $486 '33 DODGE COUPB $195 USED CAR DBPT. Twenty-second and "Eyo" Phono 420 58 M. AND .6 P. M. PHONE 6300 FOR ALL DBPTS. 53 USED CAR DEPT. 18th and N or 20th and M 1708 Phone 421 For Sale—Improved Farms Cillll. wuntn wurk n« li-r 1'lliinn fi'JK'J \V hy -X. 40 lady tho IJIWriAI, IIKWAUI1-- Tint urn of plain lu'own lirlrf cade tnlinn from lobby I'adro llolnl \\'i'iliip»(liiy 1:HO p. in Moptembnr P. Lot turn and papflrn tm valu« pxccpl lo owner. No fnion- JjdHT—Ono Slxfl. 10-ply tnirli (Irn nnd rim, bnlwppn llakt-mflnld nnd (lrni>n- Imrti Hiirmuk on Woody road, Hun- iluy. |D rnwurd. i,. n. lluxlon, Uoute a, Dox 484. I'honct HT^-H-ll. 40 i Personals JJIVonCHIB In Mitvbo, t«n dny»: fre« Information. International l.nw Of- flco, Klrst Nnllonul Dunk ImlUllnu. .- 1B !JE?* 0 '_!L".?. IK *- _* 9 Business Opportunities WUI.TIOnAPJItNO, rnlmitogrnphlng and ndvprllilitK I>H«|II"IMI. r»(uiill»hfil for IB yearn; OWIKM' \n riMlrlnn. ^ Hrotl ^Agrnry, I nor, (..'liejiler^jiviinun. ""K»rireii~fin l "niTiT (M8 i'liiS''? rpnt. 4 4' nlngb' man on raivh; •miiNl lni rxpcrli'ii'-cvl Rooil farnuT llonid. rnnni unit nnuill wi\H" lnquli-« fill) I'niiMi nvnui'. TWO' ,MKN niH'dmi ln"tliiliori(lli-lil hy liiif.o nnlloiuil mamifni'tnrlnK rorpuriitliin, AppllcnnlH muni hu over 26, prnfprulily mun-lcd, mid nhlo to givo rofcroncoH; miiHl bo willing tn leuni, und work IOHK hotiro. High rnio of imy and c\- collont future lo men wcli'dcd. Apply room 201. 1'ntlro luiti-l. lo! I'I.TMI.H <ip»trmi hy »antH hdimcwork; I'lum: WANTJflD—-tllrl or woman for IHIII.MO work, bntwpon ago of ]S nml 80. Iloanl. room nml «ootl WIIROH. 1'honn ^400. 2480 couth Hlroot. hllil lo I,.,iirr1 In FOIl HR.VT— lloom with board; rca- Bdiuililn; garago. £3i!8 K Blreet. _ 40 Hi" 'M und board lit 024 Oleander avn- iiue, in per wewlt, $36 per month. — Woll cooked, balanced meals. 223 Ulghtccnth Bti'oct. Phono 41U2-M. 40 For Rent—Miscellaneous WANTRP- Hiuiill K ..... I tirlviiln iH'Mir. \\'lll Ki v " "v | I'flliMii mnlhnr's i'iir«. Vlicmo !M(i M, i \VANTI':i>-.lnli UN Mili'Mliuly In ill-- | I'arl inclil nlnro or Imllcx' rnuly-ln- i woiir, in- P. n. X. opt-wlt'i', lOtju'rl- ' iiin'cil In oUliKi' Adilrcns 1'. u Uox mi. rinii<M>n»iii. ciiur FOH UISNT, Rpjitember 15—One-half of 8I)inl Center Market. Oood for nny Kind of business. Apply ono iiloch north of bridge, Chester avu- tiiii«, Itlvervlow, OUKHS.MAKIMI kind \viuilfil. Tllll ll'C'lllll Mll'C iiiul MI-H. •I. nwhiK nf llunklmi, II n V 1010 a. m. AVoitnuHilny, for I'lANU (popular) liihlnirtor nianiiK< > r wanlod. Ilrin-Uoti Triu<har of Lou Aim''!'"' IK Ing In lliilicmflrhl, \Vrll« llrnrl(*lt. 1311 Hcmth Admn». ICNEHOlSTIi? yimnir man f illation iii(riHli\nl ; rpfr ulred. Write IJox 1JI-H, fornlnn. FOH IllSNT— Club ImlkllnB «n hl|{h\v(vy, 3 inlli'n noulh o? Hn fluid; living mini torn, inuulrn 1. iitront. StfSO 59 nml f I: lilsn- Cllll- 40 lino fnrfiioi>n fthnrt hunil, Will Hi-rrpt fr« IMimiu Mr> I lnl* fin Imly fnr K >>ludnnU. -W, WOMAN \vlnhOH rirnn In hi'i li COMBINATION HllucKllV AND BKIU'ICU HTATH'X, g-HnoM IIOUH1D. ONi: A( III: !,ANI> ON TfiiciTV. 'NIOT ni' NI'N'IO'SM' v-lm 1DS5 WAK J2241. Wll.l, ntVIQI TiitAU f. A icniiian WIOBT I OI.IVI'l BTUKICT, Pi'KTHHVIU.K. I CM.O8U-1N Iliroin,. llofniliiK IHUII.O with 3 ftpnrliiKMilH, Cii-fi.ol lot; I'Ulldlnit comph'li'lv fiiriiUluul. Monthly Innoino JICW or hnlu.r. Total prlcn $l4.fiOlUui. Imlf i uhh. Hpleiutlil propoKltlon for and wtf<> monthly CXIXMIHON fui iilfhi-,1 on n- i|tieM. luhner K. Kiniic, lilt icinhi ocnth Blrnrt ti-lo-tf HITI,!, ChrlHttnan rardn; hniiutirnl i'f lIH'ilUlni |>l l< oil pctlNOIllll i lircln. Illnu hnx HHHOftniCMltB. lloud i'"HI' ii'lKHlonn, 1'Mrnonnl lino munpl«n froo. Writ* lininodlatelv. Tho Matter I'ln- iiravnr*. 11(1 8. \v. Kourth avi'iiui 1 . _ Port land, Pro. O IT 1C It! h"lp wanted fnr hulf day worli. Phono 141)4 bcitwaen 4 und 4 no, 40 lo tnko iiii'n of nhtl- inio Modern hounu. u i'.'JL'J.'£^ LlL"l>l' " r - 1 -J.- UKl.IAHI-J!) colorrd Indy wlHliew work |jy ilui hour. Wafhliiij. Ironing und lu)nHA_('liutn{nH Plump DOIS-J, UOOKKKBJPKH und typtm ««iin'~tiiUo dlotallon. \Vrllo p. t>. llox 158H, or phono !I'J7. ' 40 K\PKllll':S'(^Mr> woman WUIIIH Invin- dry lo do ul home. Will mil for and dollVKf. Phono I30S-U, lion JIuMIU LAUNl'iUV W>.rh raii«il for, d«Mrnrni1. Pnnrlal rai*H to fainlllnw, Mrndlnp (rcr. SI'Ofi K Htroot. Around rlrolu on lllifhway 8B. 1'hiino 4I4N, fit MAblj store sultabln for candy or fruit, etc, center town. Kent $10 month. Hell lease for JH5. J.lcbon- ilnfer, l"an Chester, Wanted to Rent—Houies I'KHMANKNT, reliable renter 'A or mnr« bedroom furnlnhed IIOUHO lioforo Hentembor US; r»feroneon. No ••hlldreii. 1'honn WO. 40 KIVJ5-UNIT modern court, partly fur- nlfched; Income J105 per month; near now high achool. J5000; toririB. Howard Nlcholn._ Inn. 9-lB-tf F(Jll SAUB—2U acres planted to HWnet corn; 3-room hounn; fine soil und plenty of water. $1600; 1500 down, $85 monthly. Or will sell 1U arros. Howard Nlcholn. Inc. 9-13-tt 40 ACRES in the Edison district, Bouth of Loina Park and north of the railroad, six miles from Chester avenue. Oood house and well, all cement piped. Apricots, plums and some open early potato or vegetable land. This is a real bargain at $360.00 per acre. Formerly sold at $1000.00 per acre. Can be leased for oil. You will havo to hurry on this. Just the placo to build your country homo and still bo near the city. COTTON Men Attention! 180 acres, highly improved ranch at Wasco, 6-room dwelling house, tenant house, two large barns, garages, etc., three reservoirs, two wells, all connected by pipe lines. Just reduced from 1250.00 to $175.00 per aero for quick sale. I HAVE just listed, one of the finest 40-acre ranches in the Wasco district. This property has been expertly developed by ono of tho best farmers In the district. Has u good homo and necessary outbuildings and a very fine well. Close to town and school. You can buy this and pay for it in one good year. The owner took $40,000 from this property this year. Ho is 37 years old and going to retire. For these and other bargains in land, see ROGERS With McManus, 1611% 18th Street Phone C7G 40 COMPLETELY furnished home, four rooms and large sleeping porch, good district, $2350, terms. Kelly & Son, 1712 Chester avenue. Phono 363. 39 WANT TO SJSb? 1..1ST YOUR PROPERTY WITH I9LM19II F. KAHTJ!! AND PACK YOUR BK- I.ONOINC1S. MBMBICR BAKBRS- FIICI.D MUL.T1PL.M I..18TJNO RljjUVinia. _ 9-10-tf Is'lCW house for Htreet. sale. Call at 2205 30 FOR HAM!)—8-room house and four separate apartments, partly fur- nlshed; Bood for $16? por month; nrar hospital and new high school. $0350; termu. Howard Nichols, Inc. 8-12-tf W A NTIOD—Two-bedroom iipnrtnitint, fin-niched; i <..ii 1.^..... house or ...... permanent. t'ull between 0 ahd 18 a. in. Phono 41 \V ANTl-iU— -Viiriilihed 6-raom house, three In family. Permanent. Phon* 1 4.18-J befui'e noon. Jans. 40 For Property B1.X-ROOA( modern hoimo In wouth- \vi'«i (iimrti'i, near hlRh school, on puvod stroat. tlaoemnnt and lots of $42(0. Howard Klcholi, Inc. WK HAVE Jtml Hated ono of the new- oNt and fluent homea In Qakersfleld, built Jimt long enough to have yard beautifully lancUcaped and developed. Htucca, tile roofed uou thoroughly Ineulaied, never got over S3 this BUinmor, banemont with unit hratlnd Myatem; 3 largo bedrooms, ono of which IB arranged for maid with shower and toilet connecting. Main bath h»n tllo floor and all klndu of other tile work. Completely, . expensively and beautifully furnUhed, Including grand piano. Uoubla garage, lot OBxlB5. in a very high class dlatrlct. $10,760; termu. immediate pokaetilon. Howard Nloh- O!B. Inc. 6-8-tf 270 ACHKS, foe title and Implements, )12D per acre. Aleb 80 acres, highly Improved land. Phono 2008. Inquire 167 H street. FOR SALE—Shatter small ranch home, 8Ms acres finest soil, two dwellings, beautiful, grounds; fruit and shade; flno well and pumping plant. Qas and electricity, $4000. Kolly & Son, 1712 Chester avenue. Phono 363. 40 20 AOH1CS south of Wasco. all leveled and undnr cultivation. Ample water, small house. Worth $280 por acre. Huy It now nt »I73 per acre. One-half of oil rights reserved. Wlmer I". Karpo, 1517 Eighteenth Hti-cot. nukd-MfloUl. 9-10-tf . +. For Salt Automobiles For Sale—Automobile*, END OP SEASON THI-S WEEK ONLY AT OUR USED OAR LOT SAVE THE PRICE OP A NEW FALL, SUIT! HERB'S HOW TO DO IT UP TO FRIDAY NIGHT, 9 O'CLOCK WITH TERMS TO SUIT, AND PAY FOR ONE YEAR ON PURCHASE OF ANY CERTIFIED CAR YOU CAN'T BEAT OUR PRICES AND VALUES—BIG STOCK—LOTS OF LATE MODEL CARS—ALL PLAINLY PRICED SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY, AND SAVE Jer-Iorris C®., PHONE 2211 STUDEBAKER—2211 CHESTER STUDEBAKBR—2300 CHESTER , 40 For Sale—Automobiles HANOH—Four mllcm cost on KdlBon highway, 0 acres, all In fruit und barrios. Modern 7-room Htucco hoiiHu, three, other houses, now renting for $60 per month, all furnished, 200 turkeys, 50 chickens, cow, hog and plenty fish In roser- yolr. phone 8J-F»1>. 48 Wanted ta Buy-City Proptrty WANT to buy from owner, small hoime. near St. Joneph School. Phone S051-J. 40 For Salo—OHy tots XPI'Illll'lNC-KI) i-nliiriMl man furl- u'anhlnK Hint pollplilUK I'ttrft; rofnr- ! I'm-.' roijnlrcd. Wrlln llox "I- II. Tin' t'ullfornliui. Ill For Rent—Rooms WANTI-;ii, ul IH-I-. Jlf' Knii Hnrl-rr Nlii'li, onrr, fllit-1-lii'.ii bur- iinipf \\'lilln Murliln It'.'. 1 ft N'lni'lopnll | HI lO.M und Hlvopli riultutilo for two I lo hlKh poliool. uiif. Phi>no !'&fi 'K pmvh; twin bed*; or Ilircc nivn; olowp !8!io i'nllfui ulii ave- KOR HA 1. 1C • -}[uilern five-room homo, MoDKIlN a-iiodromn luiinp, Aim Vlnia. 8111110 IIH now. Double Baraxe. Tlila ul HUB In |n perfect condition and ri'ttl iiloo. Nothing In town to com- parn wltU H for the money. A bar- BHtn at MD&n, ol\ «a*y tefinn. Prioo SlBiiloy, 1700 K Btreet. ____ NKW ;i-rooin huime, Innlde toilet, \vn- Irr. llKhtK. e\\n, on Imlf aori>. Prloo IhlOO. Khuy tM-iiiH, Franlt Day, 1DH NICIC bvilldliiB lots, just out Of city. IIBO to 1300; special prices on half or whole blocks. warren-Ucagan, 817 naker street. M100 and up buys a 60-foot lot In Alto. Vista, the- most desirable residence district In Baktrsfleld. ntstrlctcd UN to raue, building cost*, location of homes, etc. W* m»ko the prloo, you uvvkP the terms. Taylor & Taylor. 1060 Chester Avo. Phone T19. K-57-tf For Sale—Automobiles Auburn cnhrlolet, custom Job with overdrive and many extras, never nolil. llupmohlle 6 demonstrator trunk Hcdau with overtjrlve, new car guarantee Better hurry. DlHcoinits up to $250. u. c. LA^fD8tRO^^ 2210 Chester Ave. at 22p4 64 [TOP prlooM paid for automobiles, IBJifl i u> 193!! moaelv; aluo bargains In used I c»rn. IScltoU & Ullllngton, I! 100 U I ulroet. 43 AVhen Buying a Used Car FIRST SELECT THE DEALER SECOND THE CAR THIRD THE FINANCE COMPANY YOU ARE ASSURED OF A FAIR DEAL AT THE 1935 De Soto Airflow sedan $995 1935 Chevrolet master coach $595 1934 Plymouth de luxe coach $495 1933 Chevrolet master sedan 1932 Bulck 91 sedan 1932 Chrysler 8 sedan 1932 Do Soto 6-wheel sedan 1934 Willys 77 sedan 1D32 Ford B sedan Dodgo coupe 1931 1931 Ford sport coupe $476 $475 $425 $895 $345 $325 $315 $895 PHONE 6S22 GASOLINE ALLEY m Final Results By KING Financial To aalarled people on Juot your signature. Loans Arranged Immediately NO BMBARRASBINO INVESTIGATION 201 Haberfelde Bulldli g Phone 648 ' o 7-83-tr \TS DONB LOTS FOR MV MOSCUSS. AND I'LL BET 1V6 ^\TO CBT THE MOST OUT CWE6TJOF IT, DON'T MEASURE 6Y.PAN«ION TOO.. ^/ AFTER NOU INHALE, UMCUB WALT, MEASURE AFTSR VOO BAT. AND WATCH MB INHALE. I'LL BET I'VE GOT 3'/i \NJCrAES CHEST EXPANSION, For Sale—Automobiles A New List FROM. THE e iT<S IIC USED CAR LOT •Just West of Fox Theatre YOU'LL LIKE THESE 1930 Ford coupe $225 1929 Chrysler 05 sedan $235 1931 Dodgo DC 8 sedan $295 1932 Pontiac 6 sedan $595 1934 Plymouth coupe $475 1984 Ford VS coupe $-475 1985 Ford V8 Tudor $595 1934 Dodge 6 sedan $625 1934 Oldsmoblle 8 coupe $565 1935 Pontiac G tr. sedan $735 1931 Dodge 1^4-ton flat rack $395. 1931 Chevrolet 1^-ton etako $295 1933 Chevrolet Itt-tou etake $425 Only used few thousand miles. L)ke new In every way. Big discount. 1935 Ford V8 pickup $525 1980 Ford panel delivery $195 BAKER9FIELD GARAOB Used Car Lot, West of Fox/Theatre 68 REO BALES AND SERVICE « 1983 Dodge sedan, 6 ww $528 1936 Dodge de- luxe s6dan $345 1934 Bulok 8-57 sedan $746 1982 Chevrolet coupe |29S 218T ANp K. PHONE 1084 6» TODAY'S BEST BUY ' 1636 Terrtplane coupe: electric gear v PhJft, ate. law mileage. Juut like neir. Trem«n<l6u» dUcount. Only $1(15 down. LOU HARRISON, 1110 EHthUemh street 49 « Km SALE—Tw« p«rd«on«, one wUh i winclt. JI.WS £na with "A" frame, IMS. Upjon Truck (3«nt»r, JouHh. and union. • •

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