Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 18, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 18, 1891
Page 8
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STOP AND CONSIDER 25 Per Cent i - - • CASH DISCOUNT On every Gloak in our Stock. It will pay you big to invest; even if you do not - need a Cloak until next winter. All in plain figures. SCHMITT&HEFFLBY CALL AND SEE ME :-: Harry G. Tucker, The Pearl Street Tailor. . :-: \ I SURE DEATH TO ROACHES! Steam's Electric Paste. For Sale Only by BEN FISHER, The Druggist Daily Journal. SUNDAY MORNING. JAN. 18. ti LADIES' warm Slippers and Shoes. CHILDREN'S Warm House Slippers. WALKER & RAUCH, 42O Broadway. U THE DOVE AUTOMATIC IMK STAND! Tr v Hoosier Cough Cure, eod&w "A penny saved," etc., come Monday.—Golden Rule. Remnants of dress goods, Monday,' at the Golden Rule. "Barker, Hill & Lonsdale, 7!} coats, at the Golden Rule. Investigate Otto's new departure in clothing. See 'advertlsemet. Patterson, the Haberdasher, the o^ly exclusive fine furnisher. The next dance of the Lotus club will be held next Tuesday Jan. 20th. To Mr. and Mrs. Perry Jenness of east Market street, a thirteen pound boy. Dress goods now at your own price almost, at the cut price sale.—Trade Palace. Chas. Troutman has received word, from Texas that his son. Charles, is Iving very seriously ill. . When you want pure jersey cream or milk, or a nice dressed chicken, call on or address Sol D. Brandt. janlSdSt No advance required upon custom orders at Otto's, if they don't please you are not required to take them. At the Bee Hive's annual clearance sale, Wednesdiiy; next. Big discounts will reign supreme all over the house: Mrs! Landaeur returned to her home in Lincoln, 111., yesterday after a few weeks visit with Mrs. M. Frank. For scrofula in every form Hood's Sarsaparilla is a radical, reliable remedy. It has an unequalled record of of cures. 2 Several of the employes at Long Cliff asylum have been subpoened to Richmond as witnesses in the Blount murder case. Shirts, of course, you need them; look your supply over.and Come to us and we can fit you.—Patterson, the Haberdasher. No dull season at Spry's: we keep "Please Don't Hit Me." l>oor John Gibbs' Pitiful Pleading Fell on a Brutalized Heart find Availed Owen Bogue Prevented Gibbs' Escape and Threw Him Again Into Barney Klein's Hands. The Coroner's Investigation of the Manner of the Murder of John Giblw. ^ r -,,4 fcf No Evaporation* No Thickening. Always Fresh, Pure Ink. Clean Fingers, Clean Desk. Wilson, Humphreys & Co., Headquarters for Office Supplies. For the Next Four Weeks s I will sell you an elegant suit for .OO CASH. I cb this to make room for the finest line of Spring Goods ever brought to this city • Tailor, 323 Pearl Street our stock always complete in every department, We have full stock of millinery at very low prices now. d-w The mammoth clearance and remnant sale is the most successful sale the most successful sale we ever held. Come Monday.—Golden Rule. Mr. Edwards intended removing the Emerich stock to other points, but has concluded to sell at, the old stand this week. Auction every afternoon and evening. The simple announcement that the Bee Hive dry goods house will commence its annual clearance sale on Wednesday next, will be sufficient to fill the house to overflowing.^ Rev. S. W- Brown of the Ninth street Christian chapel, went to Crawfordsville yesterday to hold divine services there to-day. In his absence Rev. Connor, State evangelist will occupy his pulpit at the regular hours to-day. The Diamond club was delightfully entertained by Miss Mame Dunbaugh, last evening at her home on east Wright • street... Refreshments were served and all report a nice time. The club-will go to JCokomo to attend a grand ball on the evening of Jan. 21. There will be services in the English Lutheran church to-day at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m., Catechetical class at 3 p. m. and Y. P. S. C. E. at 6 p. m. To all these services the public is invited. Peru Journal: Mr. and James S. Duret celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of their wedding at their residence on west Fifth street, by entertaining about sixty of their intimate friends. Cards, music and conversation, and an excellent supper served about 11 o'clock were enjoyed by the gueste. Mr.' and Mrs. Duret received many valuable .presents and the best •wishes of their friends. Coroner Ballard began his investigation of the Klein-Gibbs murder yesterday morning at nine o'clock. He examined Edward Marshall, James L. Hulce, Owen Bogue and Jos. Linsey who were present as witnesses of Barney Kline's brutal and deadly assault on John Gibbs in the saloon of the former on Friday, evening. The evidence of Edward Marshall was given in a straightforward and direct manner. The witness was a stranger to all parties concerned and was utterly impartial. His manner of telling the story stamped his words with truth. EDWA.RD MAJtSH-ALI/S STOKV. ' 'My name is Edward Marshall, I board on corner of ' Broadway and Seventh street. My home is at Summitville, Ind, I came here to work for Mr. Dolan at the foundry. I never knew John Gibbs. I saw him. yesterday morning in Hunter & Klein's Saloon on Third street between S and 9 o'clock. He was trying to got up a game of cards; did not know any of the parties who played; there were 'our playing; one of the men is pres- , ent; they played two lO-.point games for the drink; one game went against Gibbs and his.partner, and Gibbs had no money to pay for the game. There was no quarreling at the table, they want to the bar to settle and I heard Gibbs try to get his partner to pay for the game. . I was about 15 feet au-ay and saw Klein reach over the bar and strike Gibbs with a piece 'of hose. (Witness was shown the hose and said it resembled the one used.) Gibbs was not knocked down. Klein struck him twice 'over the bar and then, came around from behind the bar and kept striking him; think Klein struck him about a dozen times about the face and shoulders. When he got loose he .w.enli out and went up the street: I .saw no .blood. "After being struck twice Gibbs started out, and some one stepped in front of him and pushed him back and Klein came from behind the bar and struck him eight or ten times. Gibbs said, "please don't strike me" and held his hands over his head to pro-.- tect himself; no one held him. (Witness identified Bogue as the person who pushed Gibbs back.) Knew none of the parties present; stepped out on .the street and saw Gibbs opposite the postoffice. Have seen Bogue about the saloon frequently; do not know his object in • preventing Gibbs going out: he made no remarks. " "" far as it goes will leave no .stone unturned in ths way of avenging the brutal and cowardly murder of poor John Gibbs. . The testimony of Owen Bogue was gotten at only by close cross questioning. He persistently evaded direct questions and was decidediy nervous under the lire of the Coroner's cross examination. He evaded thos question concerning his pushing Gibbs back when the latter attempted go leave the saloon, and said that Gibbs ran against him in his effort to get out and knocked the breath out of him but that he (Bogue) paid no attention to Gibbs getting away. Bogue admitted that he had 3ome time before that had a fight with Gibbs in a saloon and that he (witness) had been fined for assaulting Gibbs at the time. Bogue is a typical saloon bum and had been employed about the saloon to do odd jobs. Throughout his examination his testimony and manner showed a desire to screen the prisoner and protect himself. The ..testimony of Joe Lindsey another employe at the saloon was also inclined to be evasine but was given with a. little more directness than that of Bogue. He said that Klein hit Gibbs a couple of times from behind the bar, and after he got him in front of the bar pushed him against the ice chest and again assaulted him. He said that when Gibbs started' out without his hat he ran against Bogue then turned around and -went back after his hat. The testimony of James Hulce was similar in purport to what has already been published, and developed no new phase of the affair. The evidence of P. J. Farreil, of the Senate saloon, where Gibbs^ fell unconscious after being pounded by Klein was similar in substance to the story as told by the Journal yesterday morning. Coroner Ballard will continue the investigation .to-morrow, morning-at 9 o'clock, and has several other wit- aesses-to question. The investigation will'be thorough and complete and so A Prettj- Performance. The performance of McK«e Kankin's romantic drama, "The Runaway Wife" at Dolan';> last night deserved a far better reception than was accorded it. It was one of the prettiest and most pleasing plays of the season and in the 'hands of the capable company presenting it gave the utmost satisfaction. Mr. Frank Evans who has secured the sole right from McKee Rankin to present this play is an actor of strong powers and rises fully equal to the difficult role essayed by him as Arthur Eastman, the • blind artist. In many of the passages he is as strong as Rankin himself and the success of the play rests largely oa his own broad shoulders. The supporting company was very good. The Sir Luncelot -of E. L. Walton, was "in very good form, don't you know." The .Lord Char- nleigh of Jas. Hurley; the Arthur of Edwin'Brewster, the Dr. Prescott of H. S. Parker were very well done. Miss Eda Clayton as Lady Alice, was quite equal to her difficult role and Miss Laura Almosnino made a charm-, ing and vivacious Lillian. The play. was a very pretty one well staged and elegantly costumed and should have had a good house. Mr. Phillip W. Schuyler in advance of the Oliver Byron Company was in the city yesterday making arrangements with Manager Dolan for the appearance here next Saturday night of "The Plunger," the great eastern success which has had such a run. "The Plunger 1 ' is more sensational than melodrama; more surpising than French pantomime, and with Oliver Byron in the title .role; with Kate Byron prominently in the cast, great things may be expected in the way of amusement. May Howard's Big Burlesque Company is the next attraction and will hold the boards next Tusesday night.' This is one of the best companies of the vaudeville character on the road, and the "clubs" will no doubt all have business meetings that night. The Funeral of John Gibbs. The funeral of John L. Gibbs who was murdered Friday will be held at the Bethel church in Clay, township to-day at 2 o'clock. The cortege will start from Woll & Parker's under- taking.establishment at noon. The deceased was a charter member of the Clay township Farmers Alliance and the members of that order will attend in a body. Funeral of Charley McCri-a. The body of Charles McCrea who died, last Monday at Los Angeles Cal., arrived in the city last night at 12:40 and was taken to the residence of Mr. John Barnhart oa Broadway where the funeral services will be .held today at 2 o'clock, Rev E. S. Scott, of the Broadway Presbyterian, church officiating. Natural . — -•The natural gas reducing station on Seventeenth street was destroyed by an explosion of g ; as;.at 3 o^eloek yesterday morning. • A leak in' the pipes allowed a large volume of gas to escape in the'tight room, arid the gas igniting from the heater exploded with tremendous force, blowing- the roof of the house high in the air and tearing away the east wall, as well as disarranging the machinery. Flames shot high in the air, and for a time gave a lurid reflection on the. sky that many persons attracted by it down town thought the Pan Handle shops were in flames. The loss was not great. ' , : ..V), Oscar Personett, a . Burnettsvilfe young man. while rabbit hunting on Thursday,, rested the • muzzle of his gun on his left foot. Of course the gun went off. Oscar is now; .mitms his left great toe. A few days ago L. E. Barnes and A'. B. Good of Idaville, were also hunting .the festive cotton tail. They were some distance apart when a rabbit sprang ... up between them. Both shot. The irabbit escaped unharmed, but when, 'ab'ouV'/a half pound of shot was picked out of Barnes' anatomy it was apparent ' that at least one shot had taken and The Journal was in error yesterday morning concerning the change in the management of the Logansport Brewing Company. The local members of the firm, Messrs. Eugene Prager and August C. Binz, son of the late August Binz, have purchased the interest held in the concern by Chicago parties and will continue to operate the brewery, Mr. Binz acting in the capacity of superintendent. The brewery is now distinctively a local concern owned and operated by local parties. DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. ONE NIGHT ONLY. Tuesday, January 20 The Howard Big Burlesque Co. (40 P E 0 P L E 40); ,', /' The Isl* of Red. Matt Morgans Living Pictures And the Fuony Burlesque. The 0. County Fair USUAL PRICES. ' After Inventory. A year leaves many broken sets and poor assortments in some lines in a stock like ours. It leaves us with a larger stock than we want in some lines-too small a stock to b^ profitable in other line's. We're many odd pieces not worth their value to us because their is not a defined demand for them, but -just as valuable to you; if you find just.• what.you- want among them as if we broke a set to-give them'to.you; ...o.- These are the reasons for many of our present bargains, ,and they extend through many lines. These are a few of them: A Fancy Hanging Lamp . .$2 iOO A Stand Glass- Lamp..:.....;.: ' l 'jm Can Cora, per can.. V 5 Sugar Cured Hams, per Ib S£ 56 pieces Decorated Tea Set.... ..$3 75 10 pieces Decorated Toilet Set... 2 25 85 pieces Decorated Dinner Set... 7 50 Snow Ball Flour, per hundred... 2 50 There's no one but needs something which can be found among our inventory bargains and 'tis vvoith while looking through them. ' ",- ; A bargain at McCaffrey's means something wonderfully low. Our every day prices are less thaa others bargains. M. MeCaflrey & Co.

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