The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 4, 1944 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1944
Page 6
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Wcdnesdoy, October 4, 1944 gnt gafcerrfiflh Caltfotitfam SHARING By MAE SAt'NDERS To my desk yesterday came an innocent-looking, little green book called, '•Calling All Women." by Ruth Welty. Today the little booklet is the renter of a furore in Washington, D. ('.. and of national attention in a press wire story. Miss Welty sets forth in her little booklet that government should be solely the sphere of women and that the male of species lias been bungling the job fur n long time. She even gets started with a quotation from Henry Ford to the effect ".Maybe the women should be running the world. I believe they could do a better job." She advocates woman preparing for government jobs and using all their intelligence and wiles to get such jobs. She urges women to ridicule men holding government jobs when she says, "By laying your plans carefully and deftly over a long period of time, you can so de-horn, de-claw, and de-glamorize government that to the average power- lured male, it will be just a chore." Members of the civil service commission today were debating the booklet and what to do about its writer. Miss Welty, It seems, Is a government worker by vocation and a playwright by avocation, and was today going about her usual chores as acting chief of the commission's test construction unit. The booklet was published at her own expense and without her bosses' permission. Whether one agrees with Miss Welby or not, she should the right to speak as she thinks. Some of her advice is sound, inasmuch as she wants women to study government, prepare for government jobs, to lie active in their communities and take responsibilities in civic duties. But in establishing a "matriarchy," many per. sons will pause to question if her theory of "world co-operation" can be carried out through a nation run solely by women. There can be no doubt that there are many women better equipped Cutieura softens blackhead tips for easy removal. Scientifically, mildly medicated CUTICURASOAPs OINTMENT and qualified to hold government jobs than the men who are holding them, but there Isn't any doubt either that there are just as many women who are unqualified. Righting the world or raising the level of government to a world peace ideal isn't the job solely for women, nor is it solely the Job of men. It is true that women have been shunted to one side when important world conferences are being held and that women should insist upon being represented In world parleys and in government. But to insist that government is to be a matriarchy Is to cancel what can be done co-operatively by right-thinking and acting men and women. To rule out men, simply because they are men, is just as fallacious as to rule out women simply because they are women. CRITICS RATE PINZA GIBTEST SINGING STAR TO BE IN BAKERSFIELD OCTOBER 12 WORLD'S URBEST SEUER AT IK There can be no thought women of the world want to rebel against the injustice to women. They also want to rebel against causes of war. Maybe women in government jobs feel more keenly about it as they see the mistakes that are made from day to day and are powerless to express themselves as Individuals. But women as women have a big and strong role as mothers and wives and as thinking beings if they want to assume that responsibility. Unfortunately too many women today are shirking responsibilities as mothers, and are themselves forgetting the protective spirit o.f motherhood, and are refusing to interest themselves in any developing activities. They are trading on the fact that they are "mere women" and irresponsible creatures. If men are not as honest and as wise as they should be or if their principles are lacking, it can be traced back to what they were taught at home. Women are certainly much to blame as mothers who neglected some of their primary duties. Miss Welly's book Is provocative, but not built on completely sound reasoning. The world Is still a cooperative task for men and women, just as It was when Adam and Eve walked out of the garden together, and women will have to take part of the blame for not having Eden. RELEASED Arthur Mads Madsen, charged with burglary, was released from custody after a motion to set aside information on grounds of lack of evidence was heard in Presiding Judge W. L. Bradshaw's Superior Court, Department 2, yesterday afternoon. Exlo Pinza Is regarded as the answer to the Impresario's prayer, and when he presents his concert here on October 12 nt the Fox theater under the banner of the Kern County Musical Association, listeners will hear an opera star that is in continuous demand at the Metropolitan. Ezio Pinza. has been singing wi'.h the Metropolitan since 1H20 and his place is confirmed in public favor ns well as with the opera management. He ran sing any one of more (ban 50 operatic roles at a fe>v hours' notice and lie has no objections to playing minor rules, although he usually succeeds in male- ing them seem major. However, he is not regarded by other performers as a scene stealer and he can be relied upon to do his part to the best of his ability without encroaching on anyone else's territory. In fact, he can be counted on to help inexperienced members of the cast whenever he can. In January, 1943, Pinza celebrated a minor anniversary. EJackstage at the Met, he encased hiijiself In the beard and trappings of an ancient czar, and strode regally on the stage and proceeded to do full justice to the role of "Boris Godunoff" for the fiftieth time. He sang and acted every line of the ill-starred hero with verve and intensity of a first performance. And the next day, the Xcw York critics culled their imaginations to find a new way of saying that K/.io Pinza is the world's greatest operatic basso, the greatest singing actor of his generation. Fire Crews Control 500-Acre Blaze A 000-acre grass fire at the Kern Tulare county border line, north of Woody on the Delano Road, which started Monday afternoon, was brought under control Tuesday at 11 a. m. by fire crews from both counties. Owner of the land is Ray Boone, of Delano. Spontaneous ignition in a nearby haystack started a fire which destroyed a cow shed valued at $190 Tuesday at noon on Frultvale avenue, one mile north of the Rosedale highway. Owner is Ola Cronk, Route 4, Box 6in, Bakersfield. There were no animals in the shed at the time, county firemen report. An electric refrigerator was damaged to the extent of $15 by flames from a short circuit in the wiring. Tuesday at 7:14 p. m. at the home of Teana Neufeld, 405 Kalancn street, Shaffer, reports state. ENTERS STANFORD—Miss Irene Craves, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. llerscbel Graves. McKittrick, lias entered Stanford University, where she expects to major in languages. She has been living at Belridge, north of McKittrick, traveling 29 miles each way to attend Taft school where she was an honor student. She is established at Casa Ventura hall for the present. Her brother, Hubert Graves, is a private, first class, now serving in. England. Lieutenant Sees Son for First Time After 13 months in the western Aleutians with the United States Navy, Lieutenant (j. g.) Hue Pollok. former Bakersfield High School athlete, is now at his home here getting acquainted with his 7-months- old son, Michael, whom he had never seen. With his wife, the former Mozelle Sullivan, he is visiting his mother. Mrs. Agnes Pollok, 2501 Park Way. secretary to the Kern County Board of Supervisors. At the termination of his leave, Lieutenant Pollok will report to an eastern base for a month's training, from which he will join a new carrier for engineering duty. Man, Woman Injured in Auto Accident Claire Lester Wilier, 44, and Mrs. Marion Miller. 48, both of Wilmington, are in San Joaquin Hospital today with injuries received when Mr. Miller lost control of the cat- in which they were riding Tuesday at 2 p. m., south of Bakersfield on Highway 99, and the automobile crashed into a palm tree at the side of the road, California Highway Patrol reports state. Both are reported doing fairly well by hospital officials. Prospective WAVES to Take Navy Exams Prospective WAVES will tnke a trip to Los Angeles via the Navy recruiting atatfon wagon, Thursday at 8 a. m., for physical examinations and mentnl aptitude tests at the WAVE Procurement Office, announced Leroy Spicuzza. Bakersfield recruiter, and Miss Martha Rohblns, recruiting specialist from T^os Angeles, who Is in Bakersfield tnd;iy at the post office building, interviewing women interested in the WAVKS. Similar trips will he made in the near future. Twenty thousand WAVES must be recruited before the end of the year under the Navy program, which calls for a drastic reduction in recruiting in li)4. r ,. Miss Uohbins said. A wide variety of .lobs are open to enlistees who may state their preferences as to type of work they would like to do, as well as the area in which they would like to be stationed. Clear Weather Seen by U. S. Forecaster The weather forecast for the farmers of the southern San Joaquin valley, as prepared by the United States weather bureau, in co-operation with the Kern county farm adviser's office of the agricultural extension service, is reported to be: "Clear today nntl Tonight with slowly increasing cloudiness Thursday and Friday. There is a possibility of rain the latter part of the week. Little change in the temperature is expected with a maximum of approximately S8 and a night-time minimum of r>5. Highest yesterday was 88 and low this morning was Buttonwillow Has "Roosevelt" Club A club to promote the re-election | of President Roosevelt was organized I at a meeting of interested persons j •at the home of J. C. Lewis, mem- j her of Kern County Democratic Central Committee, in Buttonwillow Tuesday evening. Mr. Lewis was elected president of the. group with Thomas Reese, vice-president, and Mrs. Rowland S. Kemp, secretary- treasurer. Objectives of the group are to promote interest in the coming elections, secure financial support for ,the campaign and make plans for a presidential rally to be held near the close of the campaign. Assisting at the meeting were Judge Charles T. Kemp. Mrs. Ann Garner, Lewis Hann, Hubert Roy. Rowland Kemp. Arthur Reese. Tierman Lewis and Mrs. Joe C. Lewis. Bakersfield Bankers to Travel to Fresno Two Bakersfield bankers, executive committee members of the California Bankers Association, will be among the 135 members attending a meeting of group two of the association Saturday in Fresno.. They are 11. J. Crossan, vice- president of Kern County Bank, Oildale, Jiinrt D. C. Shannon, vice-president and manager, Anglo California National Bank, Bakersfield. Dobbs Hats Are a Weill's Exclusive \VOLXDED Private First. Class Chester E. Rogers, son of Airs. Ottio S. Rogers, 1914 Fourth street, \Vasco, has been wounded in the Mediterranean fighting according to a report from the war department through Associated Press. INFANT DIES A 1-month-old infant. known only ns Baby Quesrda. fliecl in Te- harhapi Hospital yesterday of injuries received in an automobile accident near Mo.1a.vo Monday night, ac- : cording to reports from the county j coroner's office. No details are available. An inquest is pending. IS EPILEPSY INHERITED? WHATCAUSES IT? X" Seoklet'cofltaininaTth* - opmToni'of*feT. mou*ldoctors*eni thill iNt«rastin0fsub]«ct will b«;i«nt FREE,*whil« they lait, to any reader writing to the Educational Division, 535 FifthAv«i/NewYork, N.Y., D«pl. K-152. LYRIC A suit hat with poise and charm. Simple elegance in Dobbs small profile suiter with foldover brim and snug-fit back. In fall suit colors, Dobbs-sizecl to your head- MAIN FLOOR We're Proud of the CITIZEN SOLDIERS at our Avon Refinery (They're setting records for making I00-Ocfan« Aviation Gasoline for our fighting forces) les, Associated is proud of the men and women who have worked so loyally and unremittingly at our great Avon refinery, turning out record quantities of 100-octane aviation gasoline, special fuels and lubricants for the armed forces. We're proud, too, of the others patriotically bending every effort to speed completion of our giant new catalytic cracking plant—world's largest Fluid Type Catalytic Cracker unit—which will vastly increase our aviation fuel production still further. OUTPUT UP MORE THAN FIFTEEN-FOLD Avon's 100-octane output was large in 1940, for Associated even then was pioneering commercial volume production of this super-fuel. Since Pearl Harbor, it has been doubled, redoubled and doubled again by immediate all- out conversion, plus tireless efforts of the good soldiers in laboratory, drafting room and production line. Before this year's end, the new "Cat Cracker" will bring production to more than fifteen-fold the 1940 level. And it will pour out additional thousands of barrels daily of the amazing new super- aviation gasoline when the Army calls for it. Our hats are off to the Citizen Soldiers who have stayed on the job at Avon and at our other refineries—who are finishing the job of helping our fighting forces finish the enemy. N * * * Workers in refineries and other war plants are not the only Citizen Soldiers. You, and millions like you, contribute mightily to victory in dozens of civilian activities, a few of which are listed here. Let us all be Citizen Soldiers •11 die way. Left stay OH the job and finish the jobt Are You Doing ALL You Can a* a CITIZEN SOLDIER? Regular Blood Donor . » . . D Red Cross Worker . . . * . D Active Nurse or Nurse's Aide . D Conserving Essential Materials . D Member A.W.V.S., Canteen, U.S.O. D Victory Gardener, Harvest Helper Q Salvaging Metal, Paper, Fats . . D Caring for and Sharing Car . . D Doing NO Unnecessary Driving D Observing Ceiling Prices . . . D Avoiding Black Markets . . . D Buying War Bonds to the limit D Contributing to War Fund . . D GASOLINE POWERS THE ATTACK -DON'T WASTE A DROP I FREE FOOTiALL SCHEDULE AT ASSOCIATED DEALERS 'V Lbfwt fo Aoocfcrfrnf footbai TIDE WATER ASSOCIATED OIL COMPANY At Ease! m Slacks! The ideal "easy" dress for a life crammed to the brim with work and play. Superbly cut, carefully styled and in beautiful colors, these Western Fashion slack suits with the loafer jacket are the spice of the slack season. We have them in striking combinations of plaid with blues, black, yellow. In rayon gabardine with wool plaid and part-wool gabardine with wool plaid. Sizes 10-20. $10.95 to $27.50 Blouses by Western Fashions! Tailored with magic finesse characteristic of Lynn Lester designs and tailored by Western Fashions, these blouses are made in fine rayons in unusual and colorful designs and "hard-to-locaie" while. Inspect the minute attention to details like the three lucks to give you fullness in the "Charm Area." $5.95 to $7.95 The very life of your summer-into-fall wardrobe— your slack suit. And some of these Western Fashion favorites have a stitched band at the belt line for snug fit, flattering waistline slenderness. We have these slacks, right for work or play, in every color and in every weight of a variety of materials. Blue, grey, tan, black, pin stripes,, checks. Come in and look around) $5.95 to $10.95 Budget Shop Main Floor

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