The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 15, 1936 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 15, 1936
Page 11
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J*fe*f tca$cd Wire) SlACRAMEJNTb* Slept. 16.—Unless they receive specific appointments from; the state control committee, Upton Sinclair and Sheridan Downey cannot Bit oa delegates in the state Democratic convention -here A. ftillnsr that -,defeated party nonv irt6e« of the 1634 general election are fto't "hpldovertt for tho 1936 con•' ventlonfl hoaf been Deceived by tho secretary of state from Attorney General U. S. Webb. Thin rilling Is interpreted to fellnv inata all the Epic Democrats who were beaten In tho bitter campaign »two years ago and also tho unsuccessful candidates of Iho other ma* jor party. It Is considered tho ruling nmy have a significant bearing on tho various party conventions which will name, the new state central committees, designates presidential elections to cast Iho state's pros idehttal vote and formulate party platforms, I r ' * ** J ' j SHARK KILLED SANTA. CRUZ, Sept. 16. (A. P.)— A fishing launch owned by Steve OUUo rammod and killed a Manila shark weighing a ton and a half. EMMETT HAYES, Distributor 1920 "Eye 11 Street Phone 1923 FREE DELIVERY SNAORS VIEW 111 PRIMARY Comments Agree on Expected Results in State's Vole at Tuesday Election ADVANCING ON MAJORCA BY SEA O INSISTENT with attention 01*0 tho natives of tho Welsh country side where Harry Richman and Dick Merrill landed their atcr a record-breaking: flight across tho Atlantic that tho flyers wero forced to take rtfugo In tho cabin and close the door. In this NIC A Service radlophoto flown to Ixjndon and flashed across the ocean, a woman holding a baby converses with TUchnmn (center) and Merrill. Not to Move Big State Fair, Say (United rtv.s* Leaned SACRAMENTO, Sept. 16.—The California State Fair will not be moved to San Francisco In 1939, directors of tho state exposition decided today. Confronted with a strong demand thnt tho fair bo made a part of tho 3039 exposition celebrating completion of bay bridges, the directors decided that tho state fair in that year be co-ordinated with tho San Francisco celebration "and other such events to bo held in the state." A. B. Miller, president of tho fair, appointed a committee to work out details for co-ordinating tho state exposition with tho Kan Francisco fair. Members included Harold J. McCurry, Sacramento; D, Kyman Huff, Orange; w. A. Kennedy, Pomona; John A. Perry, San Francisco; Albert B. I^ang, Stockton, and Horaca 10. Thomas, Marysville. Tho directors pointed out that in 1039 there would be held a centennial exposition in Sacramento. Tho capitol city will celebrate Us one hundredth anniversary. nUKGLAKS USK VAN l.OS ANCEliISS. Sept. 15. (A. P.) Confident burglars used a moving van to transport $2000 in clothing, jewelry and furnishings from tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. George K. Int, police discovered today. Roosevelt, Lehman Head New Ticket (Ataootated Preas Leased Wire) ALBANY, Sept. 15.—The recently created American Labor Party, presenting a ticket In the November election headed by President Roosevelt and Governor Lehman, emerged on a permanent basis In New York state today when it filed incorporation papers with tho secretary of state. Tho party In Its incorporation pa* pers promises to seek "through legislation and collective- bargaining to make every job the bpst that the human mind can devises as lo physical conditions, human relations and wages," and "to securo and maintain the institution of democracy in our industrial nnd mercantile llfo In tho public interest." Included in the party's declared objectives arc old ago security, ollminatiqn of child labor, protection of women in Industry, and extension of collective bargaining for workers. Education Aids to Crippled Reported 1'KRMITTO COUGHL1N LOS ANGELES, Sept. 15. (A. P. Tho Los Angeles county Board of Supervisors granted permission today to Father Coughlln of Detroit to speak In tho Memorial Coliseum October 2&. Father Coughlln is campaigning under the auspices of the National Union for Social Justlco on behalf of William Lcmko. U.nlon party candidate for president. Tho Coliseum was the scene of the 1932 Olympic game*. JYr** Lcatctf IHrr,) SACRAMENTO, Sept. 15.— California's educational program is bo- ing expanded steadily to provide additional training for physically handicapped children and Hpcclnl classoa for adults in evening classes This trend was reported In nn analysis of stale apportionments during the pnst four yours by the department of education. Apportionments made, for tho excess cost of educating physically handicapped children increased from $224,854 In 1932-5,1, to $039,809 for the 1930-37 school year, the report said. A comparable increase in tho allocation of uuapporlioncd county school funds also was reported by the department. Those funds arc sot aside for tho employment of emergency teachers for regular school districts, and for maintenance of emergency schools, apart from tho regular district HohoolH, to meet the needs of transient population or of population groups unable to attend tho regular wehpolH of tlio district. HccordH show that Apportionments for tho night Hchool program Increased from $1,257,366 In 1932-33, to $2,909,073 planned for tho current year. * WASHINGTON. Sept. lo.—The few senators and congressmen In tho capital today viewed tho Maino election this way; tf omit or Frazier, llcpublloan. North Dakota: "T expected tho state to go Republican. U IB normally Republican, nnd 1 bolicvo things arc swing- Ing back toward "normalcy." Senator Thomas. Democrat. Oklahoma: "Tho result was to bo exported. Nobody in surprised and no Democrat Is disappointed. Maine IH a Republican stalo and It Is natural thnt tho, voters should express their party sentiments. Maine haw got on Its feet niul there IH a tendency on Iho pnrt of the voters to fall back lo their old party lines." Senator Mill, Democrat Florida; "1 am not disturbed by the returns. Tin* newspapers actively supported tho Republican causo inul they arc powerful mouldorH of public opinion, I nstnnno tho prolific writers so muddled the waiei'H that many people i thought UK* world would conic to un end If they voted JVmooruUo. 1 don't think it will have uny effect, on tho election In November/' Koprewenlntlvo Kullor, Democrat, Arkansas; "Tho Maine returns uro Indicative of Democratic &UCUOHH. Tlu> slate normally is overwhelmingly Republican. Tho reduced Re. publican majority In tho Sonato nnv» showed growing approval of tho present administration. As for tho representatives', wo knew wo had no chance lo elect them anyway." Attorney-General dimming* hud thin to sny: "The rcmilt IH clUtlnotly encouraging to the friends of tho ad- mtnistrution throughout the country." s I Hy boat loyalist troops arc rushed to tho island of Majorca to fight rebels far from the Spanish mainland. Doctors and nurses line the mil to watch tho convoy destroyer Almtrante Anteguera arriving. SAN FRANCISCO, ing Pig Xcwtoii of IrOs Angeles, I holds an uncontested record as \ quent promoter of state constitu-' i- i, - . _-i tlonal changes, advanced h la latest" plan today culling for repeal sales tax by means of conducting a state lottery. Newton's proposal includes a pro-vision he be himself Appointed temporarily as manager of a 59-membar slate lottery board at a salary oh, $10.000 a year. : Attorney General C. S. Webb assigned N«wton> Initiative i»roi>o«ai the title *'T^egaUzed Lotteries—lie* pealing Hales Tax." The plan proposes that a state conducted lottery raise enough money to repeal the sales tax and to provide also a $100 a month a]-' lownnce to nil blind or disabled persons who would agree to spend it within 31 days. i t.l Twelfth District f Shows Big Gains New State Measure Proposed for Vote (L'nttctt SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. IT..—A Live measure; lo reduce unom- ployment by reducing working hours In direct proportion to the percent- of the unemployed WCIM pro- today in {\ iltlo to an Initiative re obtained from Stnlo Attorney Oonenil t*. S. Webb by otto II. d>rrger. of I'ompton. Calif. The inca^uro would provide thai when 8 per cent of tho wage onrn- en* of thv Htate wore unemployed that tho hours of labor would ho reduced to an amount to roduco the percentage, of unemployed lo not more than (5 per cont. ft Is proponed I'urlJUM* that sal- arlffi of nil nlat<» omptoyoH earning $'jr»0 a month or moro ho reduced during jioriodH of. unemployment by (Vnttril PrfM 7,cn*r<f SAX KKANCIHCO. Sept. IB. nanclul activity In Iho twelfth fed- oral reserve district fchowed npprc- cljible nraln (hiring iho wook ending September 9, un compared with the. provlous woek, It WHB reported today. Member banks In sovon rltlos In tho district loaned $377,000,000 to hualneatf and conunorco during: tho \voek. conuwired with $.170,000,000 durtniir tho provlous week, Domand deposits totaled $839,000.. 000, unohangod ovor tho pi*ovloU8 xvoolc, and thnn dopoHltn totaled $1,025.000,000, compared with $l,02n.- 000,000. tTnltod States treasury dlahuwv monts oxooedod local collect Ions by $»,t»OO.OOU. This luidltlon to the Hup- ply of local Imnlilnff funds was moro tluin oCfnct liy M not payment of $f., 1100,000 from tho district to other illnlrlctN becuuflo of cotnmorcUil and Mnanelal t raiuaollutiH, nnd nn In- ITOUSP of $!».iuo.uoo lu local demand for currency. The Htatc CMiamber of Commerce reporii'd cherks cashml In I. 1 * iVillt'or* nl;». Chios ilurhtK tin- WIM»|< ti«tnlod JllOS.iir.O.ono, i-ompar.Mt with tho wuno u-ei'k last yoai Sf,ASIIKO Ml TIMKS 1,OS AMJKMOS. Sept. U. (A. Slashed 34 UnteH with a knife bo tried to Hi op a stroll innonp MX yonnff boys. Jack Col Hnn, l!S. \VHH reported near death to day. Civ 1 of the rombutantH at Ml ridllnH un ho hHi'rvrned, po said. SKKK TItltKK MlfiN ANCKI.KS. Sept. 1ft. (A. P.>- Thtvo inon who robbod and bout M|HH Kohocea Kopkln an sbo re turnrd from church wero bunted by police toduy. She paid tho un-n tlrovo \)p In an iivttomobllo, Hnalchetl a percentngo to be iwloe thin of tho j awaj* lu-r bandbii^ containing $9.40 amount of th and knocked IHM- to ground. •;•>i f ''•*>*. - ". r - -.';'. ^i- 42 MODELS . , available in four modern r cabinet flnitho* (walnut. .. bono whlto . . . moph» • • ' • * - «• and «bpnnt«dK..prk«d from to *750* '.;•:'& i .: .-J I L * I -\ --ft •:/-,' MODEL 8-5-154 FOR YEARS THE FINEST HOMES IN AMERICA Investigate Lighting Your children arc now using their eyes much more than in vacation season. Make sure that their study light is correct. Proper lighting costs little. It may save much money, time and eye trouble in years ahead. Consult an Eye Specialist for impaired vision. Use good light to keep good vision. Lighting specialists of San Joaquin Power co-operate always to help users get the best possible efficiency from their electric service. San Joaquin Service fA'N JOAQUIN LIGHT AND POWER CORPORATION means Good It* Ufht M«t*r us to BMMnr« U fcc£ur»ulj at a jut u *Ur HAVE BEEN PROUD OF THEIR ZENITH What oo Light': GOOD LIGHT is ample light of the correct quality from the proper angle. L GOOD LIGHT is light without glare. This means that should have the right diffusion and be of the right color quality. WITHIN reasonable limits, added light eases your eyes. It illuminates objects clearly, saving your eyes from what is often unconscious strain. Most homes have too little light. Help children keep that clear strong sight of youth. ittl * *\ ; ' y ' t- - * *r • i i r. • ' T *' .', i- •••'•• • '• j f . * . I • * •:•*•• --'. . " • j Only Zenith Has All These Features Lightning Station Finder (LW« spi*ntr Secret Volume Governor Foreign Station Locatcr •* Voice and High Fidelity Control Target Tuning • Acoustic Adapter Visualised Controls • Headphones for the Hard-of-Hcaring Hxclusive Zenith Features Patent-Protected Model 8-8*154, 8 Tubes, $94.95 WITHAM Fox Theater Uuilding 2015 H Street Phone 288,1 Our Kxperitnct A»»ure» Your Salitfarlion r- \ ' L.. , m • . - I Friendship's on the line! r ' ' \ That it what it zneaaft to have telephone service, You're cloter to your frieads-m thoir thoughts more g interest in their! congratulation*. tin* i r! ••-, •;•>? - -.& '. L • Doing the hundred and one service* that friendship implies. • For /our convenience and protection, too, you need telephone service. M*y we tell you more about it? ^ Telephone THS PACIFIC TiUPHONE AND TBLEefmjPH COMPANY "• ; ':i? ' . ~'vl* ./-ih -, l'**V'. -'-.:* •, . ''£>•' : •' 0 My? ' -;^ i--l$. ,?>'.#• » ^, : v -" ,T JC- - :\7-¥i\ ' ' -'#**$ '•••'•-'.J*£' ' " I -:^ 1 OT ", - ,";' - v ff '•,- -.V.i|;.>i; .- .^0^ I r *"ltf-m -r m> 1520 Twentieth Street V^V* **-..: i t:*,l - -i j ' -.-- ;, r ' i • t* • - .' i ' f- :, • , ' n £.+.••• '.= •s<-. : :v\.^,S-r >?•:

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