The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 15, 1936 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 15, 1936
Page 10
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^5^^^,^ ^.^-'fff^^i; * t ' . t ' THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA!*, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER l5, 1936 . ' , 10 TO SPEAK HERE Detroit Business Mini Is Due as Spanker nt Mooting of Young People Roy I,. Ttrown, Inyman r van go- list line] Detroit husliiPBsmnn, will address tlir Kern County Ohrlntlnn Endeavor Union nightly al 7:30 o'clock from Wednesday through Snturilny nt a Blbln runferonec to be held In the f'Mmt Christian Church. Mr. Hrown will l>«. fircompanlod by his son nnd dmiBhUT-ln-lnw, who will provide nuirilo for thf services. He IH widely known as a Chrlflllnii speaker and rmployH cluirtH on an unusual method of llluutratlnK his talks. The Reverend Norman ("rider of Panama In the pnnor counselor of thn lOni i 'mint y r'hrlstlnn l'/n- dtjavor I'nlon. l.OBSTKUH MOIIH PLIS rnovimiNci: i:. i.. frpi. \'<(V. P.) — There will br plenty tit lob- stortt for New Knglaml rentaurniilH and houls tills your. All production records fur tlif> hutching of lobHtcru at the Mute hatchery were broken this Mirnnier The tolnl of l.i!77.'ifin eornpiireil with l.fiOO.ftOO ln«t year. AMARANTH HEAD Junior College Students to Meet Friday; Dean to Speak Hoy L. Ill-own of Detroit, who will uddrefiH the Kern County Christian Kndcavor Pnlon In a HlbM conference tills week. A lugend fif Mohammedans tpacheii (hut every one of the fnlth- fill will be rewarded In the Moslem heaven with a harem of 72 beautiful d.iin/ieli;. endowed with perpetual roil! li. Mrs. Menus Will Poy Official Cnll Wc(li\e.sdny Night on Tejon Unit MomberH of Tejon Court No. -it, Order of the Amaranth iiro anticipating nn offli'lnl vHIt of Mrn. Klla Man MoniiM, iiNHlHtanl grand lecturer, VVednondny night al H o'clock at. tho Masonic temple. Mrs. Kllzfiboth Wells IH chairman of entertainment und refreshments, assisted by a eoinmltleo of her own choosing. Special decorations aro being arranged. Visitors will bo welconin. Mm. Currlo Miller IH the royal matron and Hilly Reagan, royal patron. Mrs. Miller enterliilned at a round table, luncheon Friday afternoon from I to 2 o'clock In the green room of Hotel Kl Tejon. At each officers' plai-e WIIK n favor consisting of n vane of riowefs, MrH. Olllo Koeger presided nn chairman. I.AKI5 KKKI'H HKCMK'f CTSDAH CITY, i;tnh, .Sept.. 15. (II. I 1 .) -The mystery hike of central r'tnh In Duck lukn that lieu at an elevation of 11,000 feet. In tho inonntnlilH above here. Although It hiiH no visible, outlet, It contains clear, fresh water arid abound.-! In eastern and rainbow trout. , ]V/riHH QUACK MIRK, dean of Bak•J-" ersfleld Junior College will welcome the follogo students returning I to their studies and those Just on tor* j Ing collegiate careers when tho I "JayspoH" hold their first mealing | 1'Vlday rnontlng, Hovnra) hundred i undergraduates nnd faculty mom! Iws will gather In tho High School i Auditorium to hear Miss Bird's address and tho welcoming speech by I'resident .less Jones of the Associated .Student liody. i Saturday evening, September 19, ; tho students will hold tholr flrnt of- ficial dance of the season slated for the Woman's Club. The second Student Body meeting will be held September 25 when the young collegians gather In a "pep rally" for tho Long Boaoh .Tayseo game here on tho evening of that day. Meetings of the students will be tho chief official activities during the early part of October, according to a calendar mapped out by Miss 13dna Summers. Uehearsals for tho Delta Psl play will be launched October 10 and last until October 22. Business, Social i Telegraph Subject Meetings Held Members of West Way Club were entertained recently at tho borne of Mrs. II. I'. Crlekmer, 010 Kentucky n)reel; Mrn. Amanda Ftlgglns presided. A business and social session were held, closing with serving of refreshments. The next meeting was postponed on account of tho \V. li. A. convention In Sacramento, October 14 to ID. Attending worn Mcsdamos Amanda niggliiH, Doris Ooff, E. R. Rhellon, II. W. Hoberts. Anna Davidson, Stanley Uodds, M. Montolth, H. P. Crlekmer and Miss Ida Crlekmer. SELL ALL THREE of America's Leading Makes 1 Maytag Easy ABC Modtl 30 Square Tub Model FuiuniiB from coast to roatil. A washer iiitiincy Ihat IB envy of cvnry ddftlcr iimiblo to obtain It. Models rniigt! In prlt'c from $74.50 to $129.50 Model 136P f'onililiitn Htrouintliiu liouuly iiiul nliinly uoiiHtrtictloti. A truly grout linn of prccltilon liulll wunliorH mid Irouorit In u \\lilr of iiuiiliila prk-od from Model IB Dominant leader in tlio (military hlnoo 1010. PruHtlKO (mil ciunllly uncinuatloncd. A IUOH! comploto lino of wtiHlior nntl Ironor models rnngtng in prlco from $54.95,. $159.50 Handsome New Model of Round Tub Design $59.50 . $139.50 Look at All Three All Him- of these til;mie lenders in the wisher ;iiul ironer Held elaim the No. 1 position in sales and popularity. Xo woman would eonsider sliojiping Tor a new washer or ironer without looking at one or all of these makes. N*tr JU*j> Irantr—irlth egnrtntano* lot four com/off And that is why you'll prefer shopping al lYncr's. because here you will see side by side, not one, but all three of these famous makes. PURCHASE ANY MODEL ON EASY MONTHLY PAYMENTS Anil—with twintint potetlun top ttblf cor.r- No Homo Is Complete „ Without ftn Ironer DAVID E. URNER 1925 "Eye" Street Telephone 1280 of Delano Speaker DELANO. Sept.. IS.—J. K. Ham- llton, niftnugcr of tho local office of tho Postal Telegraph Company, was tho Hpoiiker at the weekly luncheon Heanlon of tho Exchange Club when they met at tho Hotel Kern. Them aro now enough telegraph cabk-H to reach from th«? earth to tho moon and back again 100 times, he Hald. Hri also spoke of the high rato of efficiency which has been achieved, telling of the failure of tho first Atlantic cable, which broke In 90 days, and nalcl that In the early part of tho nineteenth century It took morn months to get a mes- Kngo to Kuropn than It now takes hnurt) to get ono ncrons. Other npcakcrs were Harry Nickel of the Just Chevrolet Company, who spoko on the automobile Industry, saying that 04 per cent of tho em- ployes aro now on full time and that wages In tho Industry have reached the 1020 level. Harry Paulden. representing Morlo Heed Post of tho American legion, Bald that tho post nnd the Veterans of Foreign \Vara aro planning an Armlstlco Day celebration for Delano, hoping to make It an annual event. Out of town guests wore Gordon Arlett of Taft and Nat Hudson and Jack MyflcM ot TiaUersflelcl. W. B. A. Girls Will Sponsor Card Fete PlariB for a Frontier Days card parly September 30 at 1C. of P. hall, devoted to bridge and five hundred, ! were made when tho W. I.I. A. Otrla iciub met at the home of Mrs. II. W. Huberts, lliHO NllcH street, recently. i 'harlty Kmetzer presided. i Prizes, entertainment nnd refresh- I iiientH will bo arranged for tho party. j Costume awards aro planned. Kev- |0rnl members of the adult lodge will I assist, a commlttoo comprised of Charity Smctzer, Paulino Hall and Mildred Myers. Finesi SERVICE in USB •^C AMEnicx's FINEST i« no idlo phra»e~llil» name has been given Santa Fo Trailways for tho many rcfincnicnta it haa brought to bus travel No other travel eystem can offer all of these featurei. Roomy, lavatory equipped buses; Luxury Mitccoaches; 3 Fred Harvey meals for $1.00 a day, Harvey Hotr.l rest •tope; linen, pillow and porter terrier; fast schedules coast to coast, liorder to border; Economy, for example, Chicago 929.50; coordination with the Santa Fe Railway. GRAND CANYON ROUTI UlllREVUE Kern Girls Model at Fair; Capacity Crowds See Cotton Frocks ' Choosing a Kern county product to Illustrate, glrla ot the clothing classes at Kern County Union High School presented a fashion revuo "Cotton for All Occasions" at three dally performances September 11, 12 and 13, at the state fair at Sacramento. The apparel was made and modeled by local students. Crowds attended every performance, filling the education building to capacity. Forty-eight. • garments were modeled Including active and spectator sport clothing, school, street, hot- weather, Informal and formal evening attire. Mrs. Tena Marlon and Miss Mar- jorlo. Barrett, Instructors, accom- pan led the girls north. In the group were tho Misses Edna Deuel, Mar- Jorle Bloomfleld. Hazel .Marchant, Patricia Tlux, Marjorie Carter, Lorotta Thompson, Alcen Norman and Marjorie McPherson. The rovuo was noncompelltlve. A fine announcing system over loud speakers was available and Kern county received much favorable publicity from the revue. Mothers' Club to Meet Thursday at Malouf Home TV/TEETING for potluck lunch• iTJ - Con at 12:30 o'clock Thursday at the home of Mrs. Linda Malouf. 2415 Nilcs street, members of Do Molay Mothers' Club will hold their first meeting of fall this week. This will be the occasion for a reunion of old and new members. Each participant will bring what she pleases toward the pot-, luck meal. Officers arc Mrs. William Stevens, president; Mrs. A. II. Gnn- ncr, vice-president, and Mrs. Claude Wykes, seCrotary-trcas- urer. v LL TLY ; Bantu Ko Station, 1001 fifteenth Street UAKERSPIISLD , or, any Santa Fe Hallway Asent THE SRHTR FE TRRIIUIHVS MONTEREY REFINISHING Furniture or Homes Furniture Unfinished in Our Shop, If Desired ESTIMATES GIVEN ALSO PAINTING AND PAPERHANGING SCOTT 'PAINT STORE 715 V» Si reel Phone 3016-W \WHAT do you do when company "turns In at the drive unexpectedly and tho pantry supplies are low? There aro housewives who ring their hands helplessly and others who telephone the delicatessen. And there aro others—very wloe ones— who keep on hand emergency recipes for Just such an 'occasion, and who greet the guests with a smile. Baking a cake on such short notice may seem qulto an undertaking. If you make "Quick Chocolate Cako" or "Quick While Cake," how- over, you can stir up tho batter, bake It and have the cake ready to eat, all within 25 minutes. Such a cako Is a dessert to glorify the simplest meal. Both of these cakes aro certain to turn out. wclf If tho directions aro followed carefully. Quirk Chocolate Cake Two ounces chocolate, \tj cup shortening, 1 cup sugar, 'i cup milk, «i cup flour, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 2 eggs, ] teaspoon vanilla, '/i teaspoon salt. Melt tho chocolate and the shortening over a low fire. Put in a mixing bowl. Add the sugar, milk, eggs (unbeaten), vanilla and flour sifted with the baking powder and salt. Do not stir until all the Ingredients are In tha bowl, then beat hard for several minutes until tho batter Is nice, and smooth. Uako In two layer tins, well greased, In a moderately hot (375 degrees F.) oven from 15 to 20 minutes. Thla makes a dark, rich chocolate cake. Quirk AVhlto Calto Thrpo-qunrlcrs cup sugar. 1V4 cups sifted flour, Vj teaspoon salt, 2 teaspoons baking powder, U cup molted shortening, 1 egg Obeaten). ?i cup milk, 1 teaspoon flavoring. Ktft the dry ingredients (fldur, salt, sugar and baking powder). Mix tho benten egg with the melted shortening and then combine tho two mixtures. Stir thoroughly. Pour Into 2 greased layer tins and bake In a moderate oven (3CO) about 20 minutes. Or bake In ono larger flat tin and cut In squares for serving. Both these recipes disprove the theory that fine cakes demand Infinite labor to which you must devote hours. Here is a prize recipe for uncooked bittersweet frosting. It Is easy to prepare and would bo Ideal for cither of these cakes. nitterswcet Frosting Two squares bitter chocolate, 1 teaspoon butter, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 3 tahlespoonN boiling water, 1 cup confectioner's sugar. Melt the chocolate over boiling water, add tho butter and the boll- Ing water and a speck of salt. Mix well. You will notice that It will bo a very thick mixture. Then add the sugar, a little at a lima, and thn vanilla. Heat vigorously. If you do not cnro greatly for Bweots, you will like this better made with a scant cup of sugar. For sweeter frosting you may want moro than one cup. If you use moro sugar, add a little moro boiling waUT, a teaspoon at a time. This mnkon a beautiful, dark, shiny frosting that can be niado In a Jiffy. Menu Breakfast: Orange Juice, cooked cerenl with cream, cinnamon rolls, coffee, Ijimcheon: Broiled tomatoes and bacon with cream sauce on toast triangles, endlvo salad, bread pudding, lea, milk. Dinner? Cream of mushroom soup, assorted cold cuts, string bonus, buttered beets, pear salad with chutney sauce and mayonnaise, quick chocolate cake, coffee. Fruitvale Matron and Sisters Meet • FRUITVAt/E, Sept. 15.—Mrs. T. B. Carrett of Falrhaven has just returned from a vacation trip to Texas and Oklahoma, The trip lasted a month and was featured by the reunion of Mrs. Oarrett and her six sisters held at Plalnvlow. Texas, the first lime the seven had been together In 18 years. The bappy event occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Scrlvner, Mrs. Scrlv- ncr being one of the sisters.' An' honored guest was their mother, Mrs. G. W. Morgan, \yho also makes her home In Plainvlew, From Plalnvlow Mrs. Garretl went to Duncan, Okla., to visit another sister, Mrs. Joe Pruitt, then to As- pennont, Texas, where she visited with her sister, Mrs. 12111s Scogln. Mrs. Scogln and her California sister visited the Centennial at Dallas, which Mrs. Oarrett states they greatly enjoyed. After another visit with her sister'at Claremont, Texas, Mrs. Homo Rodgers, Mrs. Oarrott started on tho homeward journey, visiting several friends en route. Ceremonies Set for Sept. 24 by Simmer Circle; Card Party Is Held Initiation of a large class of neo» phytes is planned for Thursday night, September 24, by Sumnor circle No. 107, Order of Druldesses. At the lost session, also In Druids' hall draping ot the charter was solemnized in, commemoration of tho late Catherine Delanty. . A public card parly devoted to flv* hundred and pedro was enjoyed. Prizes were won in the former gamo by Mesdames Carrie Miller, Maria Hoiize and EJIso Beatty and Messrs. A. Kabecker, C. Miller . and T. O'Brien. In pedro tho awards went to Mesdames Marie Phlllipp, Katie Zaner and Gertrude Timson and Messrs. Jack Lawson. Ell ISyraud.' and Lonnie Sims. A special award was presented to Mr. 81ms. Following the card party dainty refreshments were served. Mrs. Pcrrt ' Davis was chairman of arrangements assisted by Mrs. Eileen •Waldram; Grace Allen, Blanche Dllhbn, ISmmi* Uufener, • Margaret Claflln, Pearl Shaw, AVInit'red Delagnes, Palma Black, Effle Ooffner, And' Air. Johii Nouguier and. Doctor Prlester. At the meeting September 24. first nomination of officers will be held; refreshments will be served. Entertainment is under the chairmanship of. Mrs. .Pauline Traguerl. A largo 'committee will assist, Mrs. Mario Mouse, past grand arch Druldesa •and tho circle drill .team captain, requests all team members to bo at Druids' hall'Sunday afternoon at 1 * o'clock September 29. Doctor Prlester is requesting all members of the gleo club to bo present Thursday night, September 17, for practice. »-»-• INSISTS ON JAIL. TOLEDO, Sept. 15. (U. ,P.)—Polio* " finally Jailed a man who claimed to have driven an automobile while Intoxicated, but not until his insist* ence had overcome their remon- strances that he' had no witnesses. * * RHOTHER TWO DRV SPEIIHl 5TRBP UIRTCH IO85 9 no monEv Down • soc n WEEK THINK OF IT! A man's guaranteed jeweled WALTHAM movement, attractive white metal case with metal link band to match—complete—only $9.85 a*id on terms of NO MONEY DOWN, just 50c a week. Open an account. No interest or extras added. Call at once— on sale TWO DAYS ONLY. No mail or phone orders. ,1508 NINETEENTH STREET Open Saturday Evenings Insect Pests No matter what kind of Insect pest you \vunt to ijot rid of—ants, roaches, bed bugs or moaqultoeH around the house—fleas on your cat or doar—lice on plants and poultry— UU1IAC1I will put an end to them or money back. DUIIACU. with a reputation of 00 y*arci of ugefulnewo behind It. Is guurtintcQd *afo for human bolngs and anlmaU, though It to uure death to (navel i>ei>t»—bw«t of all. lt"» odor- loss. In Handy Sifter Cans 2ik- u»> n( tun DfM*. Ciruwf), t»w>u Mores and I'et Shop». It Is Now Easy to Buy Good Shoes OPEN A CHARGE ACCOUNT NOTHING DOWN 30 DAYS TO PAY A Graduate Shoe Spccltllit lor Troubled X.RAY SHOE FITTING

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