The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 4, 1944 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1944
Page 4
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4 Wednesday, October 4, 1944 Sabergftclb Calif oritfon ScuetctoM PEAN UT BUTTER Resume of Arrests for Month Given esuino of arrests runic by the Bakorsfield police department during the month of September reveals 11 arrests made on felony charge's. Of these, 5 were for burglary, 2 for forgery and 1 each for assault with a deadly weapon, contributing ot the tMinMUoncy of a minor and rape. grand UioU o£ an auto and rape. AncMs f'nr misdemeanors totaled -Hi!. Drunkenness accounted for l-j:i those. Tiiere \vrj-c 14 arrosts each disiurbijjg; the po;icf, gambling, nisi ('llain-dUH vehicle code violations. Mini J.'J arrests for vagrancy, /-'our- t|l( 'ii iit her misdemeanors accounted for tiic remainder. A ttjt.'tl of -lli juveniles wen- ar- r<-st<Ml, IT, of thorn for violation of the cnrf»\v ordinance, t'ndor traffic violations, there were 1st; arrests for violation of the O.'Uiforni.'* vchir-fp codo and ] 1:1 arrests on city ordinance violators. MrhlM.EY TWINS—six sets of twins nre enrolled at McKinley School this year, They arc (left to right) first row, Joan and Jean Burke; Gene and June .McQough, Sharon and Karen Gutckunst; second row, Jimmie and Jnckio Duncan. Darrell and Dale White and Floyd and Lloyd Had. III I I M • | | Celebratine N d d Brands Week, vour S ^ brand d ^ Nation's lead L. ni d dh ^f^^ dio. S Its ^rr p on these b hem at Safeway ^ :hat y •w and lik | l|Mi *.»| I _ , _ - I These Pric«$ (except on froth produce) Are Effective Through Sof- urdoy, Oct. 7 IS-oi FANCY SEEDLESS. (Del Monte Seeded Raisins, 15-oz., 12c) Right to limit is reserved. No soles to dealers. Mb. NABISCO BRAND. Salted soda crackers. (2-lb. box, 32c) CEREALS Mcdt-O-Mecd NBC 100% Bran Fisher's Zoom Wheat Hearts "Hot serve" 26-oj. cereal pkg. Fine flavored, Garden Sweet peas. Peas are now point free! 20-or. can 8*ox BLUE LABEL RED LABEL 20-ox. Sperry Brand Corn Syrup—two kinds. FOR BAKING Glace Fruits Buy a supply at this low P r ice. Perfect for jelly puy » j«rr-' •*• MC BELLTLOWEBAEiP SELECT YOUR OWN PRODUCE at SAKWAY Produce at Safe. va y is P riccd '^ modern way - »Y the pound. cbe exact amount V ou need, pay tot only the amount you get. Venus Brand Orange Or lemon. Venus Brand 4-OT. 1C- I'l.s. IOC Glace Cit Spry Shortening Triple Creomed—Vegetable Product Kitchen Craft Flour ' 5 °;' kb 5-lb. sack, 28c; 25-lb. sack, $1.23 Globe "A 1" Flour OPERA SEASON 1944 San Francisco Opera season will be broadcast by Safeway!. La Bohetne, Ocr. 5, 10 PJVt, Lakme, Oct. 6, 10 P.M.; Martha, Oct. S, 4 P.M. FREE 40-page program. Write P.O. Box 3175, San Francisco 19, California. and other Don Lee Mutual Stations 5-pound size sack, 30c 10-lb. c sack i t i i III RHYTHM i j i i TYPICAL SAFEWAY VALUES Tart new a pples. Make tasty pies a CARROTS just pulled, »«"«»«' carrots* CABBAGE Solid heads. Nice tor cabbage solod. \\ 70-80 Prunes Tea Timers Party Crackers 8-oz. box. } 3c Chili M \ \ -^r^^r Nood Gold Medal Brand Wide or Medium POINT FREE" FOODS POINTS EACH RATIONED FOODS Pkg. pkg. New Edwards Coffee show, with Ted Stracter's orchestra, Britt Wood, Kitty Crawford and Edwards Choristers. 5:30 P.M. Sundays. and other Columbia Network Stations t I T 1 I 1 1 * PRICE VALUC &Nood Baby Foods Tomato Paste Gcrbcr's Assorted ^ cans Stromed or chopped foods, Progrcsso 6-ox. Brand con A Q"r*rtrrrrrn C Sacramento Brand 19-ox. Xl.OpU.1 <a<J UO AH green spears can Penthouse 26-ox, Brand con 18-ox. i "XC con Town House, <*l6-oz, can, 30c) Red Stomp Items; i Lyndon's Brand. Special low price. (1) Milk Cherub Brand Toll Evaporated <an (Small cons, 2 for 9c, plus V'z point each* Blue Stomp lt«mi: SOAP ITEMS Baked Beans Grapefruit Juice (60) Apricots (20) Tomato Juice Hemet Brand 29-ox. Choice halves gloss con Sunny Down. 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B Two pound bog, 25c BEVERAGE VALUES Airway Cof fee MB tT ,, b .20 e 1....23- i.fb. 270 ' » '$ ** '' -• • I ^ ^ New Edwards radio show, Sundays, 5 30 P M., KNX Beverly Sandwich Sp Brand Chunk style or creamy. Smooth style Peanut Butter d2 41 lri5 e Party Pride (6-ounce jar, I0c) ob Hill Cof f Edwards Cof O I OH.. 23* Prime flavor ^^^ Elsmore BfOnd npc olives. Julia Lee P/j-lb. Wright's loaf Every cut of meat that to please. Make your selecuo ROAST AAorV R "b Beef Roost 7-inchcut. ROAST AA°or e A today r ^ Jb. x . ,/..,',,.-;..v*:--*' V. h '.--•.''•' '- MJB Coffee estle's Coco< Canterbury T Drip or regular Ever.- ready 1-lb. i Hol1 pound package, Fancy 1/4-Ib. Block pkg. PANCAKE FLOUR-SYRUP we Pancake F Suzanna Sleepy Hollow Syrup it Pillsbury 2V 2 -lb. Brand pkg, Pancake and Waffle 20-ox. Flour. Ready-mixed. pkgi home can tory. Back ou fron home their coming Lomb ShouWtr. Round chops on. IAMB BREAST Bake or bra!** tbl* ieonomkoleut. PORK fry with bacon GROUND WIENERS BB*W* PURUARD * ^A^M^Ailftfl DOR'"*™* EAV llrt*H»^' LUNCHEON MEAT Stoto Ij^fSfiU. Packed hi V»MHI' '- •S ' ' • * • • •-» *. ' • I 1 - I * - - I • I Wesson Oil NIBLETS Albcr* . - . '. h < i',,:-.S. : :-:- '•: ; --:: i - .1 F . •' ••- -. - . :-:• •:• .'^.-.'^- TT? * v.^T-- 1 ^- •- -.* • . .• • •.-..* v •.- -,- . . • '.• •,». •-• . • * • .--*,- v. .••,.' -,. -.•. -,* L •-. '.; . . - - r . . H- < ' F • • - - • - • i • ' *7 nn- , - -n LH •'* h 4 4 r Five Sets of Twins Confusing to First ^^ t Grade Teacher at McKinley School *'J don't know wh(H I'm fifoinp to do'. I have five sots of twins in i:,y class and I can't toll them apart. I en n't remember which name belongs to whom," cried Mrs. Mildred McDonald, first prade teacher at McKInley school. There are six sets of twins enrolled, at the school. Longfellow School ulao has six pets of twins. C'onfusinp: Mrs. McDonald arc Gene and June Mc< Jmmn, Sliaron suul Karen (iitieknnst, .Jinmiie and Jackio Duncan, "Darroll and Dale AVhito and Floyd and Lloyd Hall. Another set of twins, Joan and Jean Burke, is enrolled In kindergarten. Knrolled at Longfellow school are Billy and Bobby Lee, kindergarten; Joan and Jean Robinson, first grade; Joan and Louanne K'oJiy, Joan and Janet Armstrong, second grade; Dana Shaw, third grade and Donna Shan-, fourth grade, and Donna, and Donald KotiltinghoUHe, fifth grade. Press to Determine Lasting World Peace "The Free I'—Torch of World Peace" is tho theino Delected for National Xowspnper Week, October 1-8. One week is ^et aside each year by the newspaper profession i'or a united public relations program to better acquaint readers with their iieu'.spnpers. This year's* observance wiU emphasize tJie essential role of newspapers in the c-staLilislimcut of a lasting peart 1 . With IIC.'H-O plans in the making, newspapers throughout Hie country are calling special aHention 1o I he need for the inclusion of a provision for an international free press in the final pence settlement. Such a proposal has been advanced by Kent Cooper, executive director and general manager of the Associated l'i ess, and has met with support from Soorolary of State Tonic]! Hull. Pressing for an all-out observance of Xe\\spaper \\Yi-k, Doyle L. Huekles. president of Newspaper Association Managers. luroriiorut'-d, said, "With viclury in sight, we believe that it is very timely to observe National Newspaper Week by fhowing" what a free press means in "War and peace. Such an observance means more than just a solf-glorifica- tiou of press and publishers. It means much to a war-weary world as insurance for a lasting peace and more properous peoples through closer understanding." Assessor Tells of Awn's Development County Employe Club No. 2 held a dinner meeting recently in Arvln with 7H employes and wives present. John Woods, president, presided. County Assessor J. H. Hanks spoke on the growth of Arvln since 1915. The improvement of local streets and buildings over the years waft the topic of a talk by Supervisor C. W. 1 lartv. New Librarian Returns After Visit in North Mrs. Else Richards, law librarian, returned to her duties Monday after spending several days in liichmond with her mother, Mrs. K. S. Boot, whose h us ha. ml was injured In an auinmohilo accident that involved a train crossing collision In which two passengers lost their lives. Mr. Boot was reported to bo greatly improved today, having regained consciousness. Lament Man Displays Six-Point Antlers W, K. Xk-hols, 247 Kast AVliarton i avenue, Lamont, is proudly display- j ing the six-point anUor.s of a Hi). ! pound buck he shot Sunday morning ; at ].lear mountain near the old prison j camp grounds. Jle \vas accompanied by Kill White, of l^ainont. on this, hJs fourth hunting trip of the season. C.IFE Ilt'RfiLARIZEn White's cafe at Jlojavo was burglarized last night, according to re* ports received by the county sheriff's office. No details are available. Deputy Glenn Iloborts is investigating- the case. Gas on Stomach Rditved in S roinult* or 4«ubU y*mt mcney back \\Tien excess stomach BPid causci painful, nuffocat- ln* Ras. sour stomach and heartburn, doctor* usually prescribe the fastest-acting medicines known for symptomatic relief—roedlrincu Jike those Ja Kdl-ans Tablets. No HiaMve. Bell-ana brlnus comfort In • JUTy or return bottlo to us for double muney back, 25c. :am lerin nsi g speeck icae wo ;Ke secret ofeach my aigumenl rm k REGAL PALE BEER and AMBER. BREkVWO 00 Sftft Save Time! Save Money! V-5 Y.4 I • ». _• • - ' *1 I J V ^w V'c - •; .' ' f i • *- ^ A M T w H I -+ . • , - * , , ••'•-*- ™" ' - i . .. m ,,V » ^ r •• • t » • .— ""•* -^'-^- '•;./-',•-• ••'• -•"• .Y., w,/.';, Y,V. ---"V-. »-•-'. v - - V.V/.V/A V.V,V.\ .'-.'. Hill -., •• LX, F 1 •.--••*•• L • . * • h • ^ v * 4 h 4 - 1 ....'•-•ill* ' F' • -. T.' >•- •.'.» - - • *. * • '_ • • • • b n - . _.»»•»». I - 1 *»_- - ' • t* «1 l . •• •••. ^' • • * -•.-, •.*. i"j : m f 1 - l «' F r I • * • L ^ 4 r ** 4 m - *• ' > 4 L*"*b*A ^ •ml..- ' • ' H I 1 « h i ' - • 1 r • • + m * 4 ^ * ' i r m _ J f 1*1,•• - * • - r,' •AV-i * • v* Select Fall and Winter Needs From Both RETAIL and CATALOG Stocks 7U >::•* • • * g -.'.• Here at Scars you can buy from both our retail stocks nnd from our new fall and winter catalog at our catalog sales department. You get Sears famous savings on guaranteed merchandise. You nlso save rationed gas and tires. Yes, you save time and money when you make Sears your . . . OXE-STOP SHOrMXG STOBEI P* i V' •>,H* ,!»•"•* I ..'** •:•• I •:-:•: m .'V § *v;-: .»-' 1 ^ h irj. I I I !S$ See Swatches of New Catalog Materials Samples of Catalog: materials in handy swatch books permit you to see and feel the goods you order. m .*.* [ON ruKHAStf TOTAUNQ otMote f r I T fl " f Rorrw. ^ } v ^ \ J ^ ** • * »* • - tfV- 1 . • « I • - F + • b •*•».*. ' < 4 1 • '. '•:% --:' *X '• - ».'- t - J \*''' • 1 -'•' .' t. • • •, ,*.- +.* -' " t • -V- **^- ' £ h F . 'A ','. • - I I ' - I ' - 1 • I V .• ; • ' • '- , - F' ;' '.'"••;,. .-' ..-; '•i'-v'-^^.^-v 1 : ^•-'' i: ^^^^4w^^^*^ ; .v,'*' 1 :• - -•*' - 1 T F j i i •:-. *.- .-.t* i:< >:** >'F 1' •«.'. - _». -.-:* -.-•:•' - *• •vi -- * - v -T'- 1 • v 1317 Nineteenth Street Phone 6-6501

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