The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 15, 1936 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 15, 1936
Page 9
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'^^^^^^^V^W'^I S 3pf?' v , 1 w ^W^l^>?4l5 ^p?i!*?^^|js^l"",?*? ?r<' THE BAKERSMELD 'CALIFORNIA?*, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1988 Church School Will Resume - Study Sunday; Rally Service Planned * 'St. Paul's Guild will hold Its regular meeting at the Guild hall tomorrow with an all-day meeting, be- gihnlng at 10 o'clock. Other parish societies will begin their meetings next week. " The church school opened Its sessions Sunday With an excellent start. Miss Margaret D, Gardett will continue as superintendent with Mrs. W. B, Lyons again In charge of" tho primary department. Other officers Include Miss Reba Neato, de'crotary-treasurer; Miss Mary Lynn Tuttle, organist tot the main school; Mrs. Vf. A. Snare, pianist for tho primary school, Miss Eleanor l*a't rick, assisting. A Sunday School •rally service for the whole school will bo held on the last Sunday of tho month. , ' 4 » » Past Presidents Plan Card Party Past presidents of the United Spanish War Veterans Auxiliary will entertain at a card party Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Five hundred will be'played for high score at Memorial hall. Mrs. Dora < Cooper and Mrs. C. N. Potter are the hostesses. Hand-mado prizes will be awarded. Executive Group of Voters' Unit to Meet Tonight MISS MONTE BEDSVELL, - 1 '- 1 - president of the Kern county unit of the League of Wftmen voters, has called a meeting of the executive board and program committee and other interested persons for thin evening at 7:30 o'clock in the lounge at Hotel El Tejoh. Miss Florence Kirklln, national congressional secretary, will be through Bnkersfield September 23, and it is probable some gather- Ing will be planned in connection with her visit. El Tejoa Council • Planning Events El Tejoii Council No. 215, Degree of Pocahontas, will sponsor a public card party at the homo of Mrs. Gall CaldWftll, 2741 Sovler street, Dcscanso Park, Wednesday evening at S o'clock. Klght prizes will bo awarded. Refreshments will bo served. Mrs. Caldwell Is tho chairman, assisted by an able committee. El Tejon Cpuncll also will sponsor the third of a series of afternoon card parties at Eagles hall, Friday September 26, at 2 o'clock, with Mrs. Ethel Willis as hostess. Five hundred will be played for high score. Pedro will also be played with prizes awarded In both games. El Tojori Council will entertain at a party Friday, September i5 at S o'clock in Eagles hall open to mem bore and their Invited guests. Bunco will be played wt no charge and prizes will be awarded, Refreshments Will bo served. Mrs. Eileen Wald' ron heads the committee In charge COMBINATION SPECIAL AT BROCK'S New IRDNER MODEL 25 EASY IRONER A quality ironer with latest featurei CLOTHES HAMPER BOTH $ at the low-combination price of only This new EASY Ironer—finished in glistening white Ducp, full of features that save time and labor—is a bargain alone at $54.95. But for good measure we add a big, convenient clothes hamper--- regular $3.50 Wrti". ^JSJ ^ value - at no extra c6if. »&».' titin • top. The Wttity w limited— this offer cannot b e repeated after our initial stock is sold. BROCK'S APPLIANCE DEPT — MEZZANINE FLOOR Rexton Reed Pianist Fully authorized assistant to Alfred Mlrovltch, world famous master pianist. Mr. Reed will give private lessons and also class lessons for young students using mechanical keyboards provided without cost to the students. Price for class lessons, $5 per month. Henry Schwab Violinist For ten years a Htuilent in Europe of Carl Flesrh, Spiwii- liowsky, and Jacques Thlbauil, Mr. Schwab will give private and class lessons, dividing his time between Bakerefleld and Ventura. AJI his teaching time is strictly limited, students should enroll at once. Community Theater Comedy Melodrama Is Now in Rehearsal Here Announcement was nmdo today of some of tho players who will appear In "Gold in tho Hills or the Dead Sisters' Secret" to bo presented here the first week in October by tho Bak- ersfleld Community theater players In keeping with the spirit of Frontier Days week. Traditional Drama Tho comedy melodrama Incorporates tho traditional elements that flourished In tho days "of old and tho days of gold." The old farm, tho mortgage, the villain and tho heroine, "pure as the drifted snow," and the handsome hero arc Included In tho dm ma that Is now under re hearsal with Mies Marjorlo Fall- banks, directing. fn Chief Roles Robert Powers will deliver tho prologue; Mrs. Margaret Herring will bo cast as Lizzie, the housekeeper; Miss Cherry Herring, Barbara, Nell's youngest sister; John Ham- Met, Hiram Stanley, the father; Mrs. Doris Cdrwin, Nelllo, the heroine; Morton Block, John Dalton, the hero; Dr. H. L. KlaUoff, Richard Murgratroyd, tho villain; and Richard Brothers, Sum Slade, his shadow; Edniond Goe, the constable; and Don Dumble, Tommy tho little boy 10 years old. Season tickets aro now available and can bo obtained from Glen Stockbrldgft, 1812 Verde street. High School Hostess Club Plans Parties for New Girls TNSTBA.O of the one largo formal •"-evening party for freshmen girls, the Hostess Club of tho local high school has planned a series of three Informal afternoon gatherings as a welcome to new girl students, It was announced today by Miss Helen Bulla, instructor In the girls' physical education department and adviser to tho club. /tost of Week The first party will be held on Wednesday afternoon from 4 to R o'clock when tho senior girl hostesses will entertain their freshman proteges in the girls' gymnasium. On Thursday afternoon, the Junior hostesses will sponsor a party for their freshmen charges at the same place anS* hour and the sophomore .girls will bo hostesses at the same time and place on Friday afternoon. For Information, Telephone 2948 or Call at 1515 Foyrtccnth Street Mr. Rflfovilch will appear us solofst with the Standard Oil Symphony Orchestra over NBC, playing the Rubenstein Concerto, Thursday, September 17. TUNE IN! rPHERE must be peace in family -Lltfe if nothing else. It takes character to , remember this, and to act accordingly, Nothing IK so contagious as a bad temper, nothing so depressing as complaint. Mow useless both are, and how childish! It would bo a grand thing if every mother and father' could change places once a week. But even this would hardly help to a better understanding of each other's difficulties, because it is Impossible to hop into another's shoes and feel like him. AH of us develop obsessions about our work that even our partners could not understand in a thousand years. Mary Feels Neglected Mary has been up half tho night with tho baby. She gets up to another hot, hard day. John, sho thinks bitterly, has had a full night's Bleep and off In that office thinks he's working when he adds up a few figures, lie comes homo at six, expects his dinner and then doesn't help with tho dishes. Ho won't even take her to a movie. "When John goo« to work, ho has a feeling, how-over, that ho has left Mary secure In a house fairly comfortable. Sho will have food and at least Homo conveniences. She will be busy, you, and tired, too, poor girl, but if she's desperately tired, tho way he feels so much of tho time, sho can get her head on a pillow for a few minutes once In a while. Maybe tho work will have to wait, but onco In a corner Mary can let it go at that and get Home rest. Moreover, she's her own boss. Nobody to crack a whip over her head or blame her for not getting an Invoice out or to hint every other hour that bettor men than he is aro out of jobs. Working Under Strain Hours in tho office facing a drab wall, tho clack of typewriters and adding machines driving rivets Into his brain. Sometimes he thinks he'll have to rush out, knock down a few pedestrians and then dive off the bridge. Ho needs to cxorclso and stretch his muscles. But by 6 he is so mentally and spiritually fogged a carpet beater, or even a dish cloth, Irritates him further. Mary says tho installment man was there, the wheel on the buggy is off, she's had a headache and for all he cares she could die and good riddance. John, seething Inside all day over the pettiness and nagging of, the office manager, holding in because if he didn't both Mary and the baby would sarve, now turna on her and lets go tho blast. An explosion is necessary to relieve his tortured feelings, so Mary being near and rubbing salt In the wound, although she doesn't guess, gets tho broadside. Maybe It has to lx> this way, Character is one thing and limit of endurance another. Both aro tired, each thinks the other does not glvo them credit; life Is no bed of roses and looks as black as the bottom of a dry river bed. Must Malio Allowances But Mary should try to remember I that John Is pegging away at a distasteful Job day after day to glvo her a certin security and Independence. John, that Mary Is fighting her way every hour under tho pressure of a dozen annoyances and discouragements, roaring his child an well as hem and being as bravo about it as a woman of Mary's undeveloped type can be. He must gfvo Mar}' time to cultivate emotional' strength and bo aa patient an he can. Not until husband and wife learn to respect each other's troubles and and allow for them, forgive special fallings and understand the battles each in fighting alone, can, there be, peace. And 'there should bo peace. " . TO PRESENT FLAG Hurlbut Woman'* neHef Corps, No. l\6, Auxiliary to the Q. A. H. will present a flag to Union Avenuo Rchool Wednesday September 18 at 3:1$ o'clock. Mm, L«na BnW*ln K president and &ln»- Winifred ?Ket/ chcm. patriotic instructor, will head ft delegation of officer* and mem-; b«r* who. will attend and talw part in the cewniorilc* ' • Camp Fire Group Resumes Meetings FRUTTVALE, Sept. 16.—The mem- bars of the local Camp Fire OhTa group met on Saturday evening with ihelr guardian, Miss Barbara Igel. The meeting waa tho first slnco vacation opening with a short business session after which a social time was enjoyed. A number of guessing games were enjoyed, prizes being won by Marion BiuUa, Florence Mills and Clara Jano Booth, Re- fi-eshments wcro served to tho following: Luclo Dlxon, Marlon Uantn, Clara Jane Booth, Julia Dozlcr, Florence Mills, Barbara Igcl and a guest of tho group, Ruby Brown. Next week's meeting will bo in tho form of a Chinese party. Aid Society Will Meet With Circle Members of tho Ladles Aid Society of Olldalo Congregational church and Martha Circle of First Christian church will hold a joint meeting ut Olldale church Thursday afternoon. All members of both organizations have been asked to bo present. A soap demonstration will bo one of tho features. * » ». COAL LOADING MARK SI5T TOLEDO, -Sept. 15. (U. P.)--A Great Lakes coal loadlrg record wa« broken for the third tlmo this year when Chesapeake & Ohio railway docks put 1)7,901 tons of coal into vosscls In a 24-hour period. Tho smaller parties are planned with the ideas of giving tho girls a better opportunity to become acquainted and to make friends, For Transfers Beginning tho first of October a scries of teas will be given in honor of transfer girls, those who nro now to the school. During trio throe daya of registration, tho hostess committee aided tho freshmen and transfers In registering and locating their (.•lassroomn. Those in charge were: Misses Mary Lou Gardner. Bessie Dykes and lla Baker, Committee!* The committees in charge of tho series of parties for tho freshmen girls aro tho following: Miss Jane Borden. welcoming: Miss Elnluo Showalter. refreshments, assisted by Misses Beverly Burrls, Josephine Fnnuechl; Miss lonn Myers, entertainment; Minnow Vivian Keeso and Normn Baker; Ml«s Barbara Warren, representative for the senior hostess group; Miss Jean Kllard, junior representative.; Miss Alva Dl- Bier, sophomore representative. Church Singers Resuming Work on Hun del Music for Yule .Season The, Messiah Chorus of First Baptist Church will hold Its first rehearsal of the full .season tonight in tho auditorium of First Baptist Church beginning promptly nt 7:30 o'clock. This famous oratorio by George Frederic Handel Is given annually during the Christmas season at First Baptist Church. All members of tho chorus nro urged to bo present at this rehearsal, nnd a cordlu) Invitation Is extended to those who would like, to Join. Rehearsals are held tho third Tuesday of each month throughout the year. Lcroy G. Gates Is director of tho chorus and Mrs, Ronald Clark, organist. Singers from Tnft who will bo present arc: Travis Broadbont, Will lam Collins, ROHH McLeod, R. H. Donaldson nnd F.dwnrd Drury. Kern Music Teachers Open Activities at Evening Meet M EMBERS of the Kern county branch of tho California Music Teachers' Association met last night at the studio of Mrs. Laura 13. Nichols with an unusually large number of members in attendance and much interest manifest In plans for tho now teaching season. Officers The officers for 1936-37 aro Mrs, Laura 12. Nichols, president, Mrs. W. C. Flelsher, vice-president, Mrs. W. C. Whltesldc, secretary, and Mrs. Cnrl Gordon, treasurer. A report of tho California State Muslo Teachers' Convention, which was held In Los Angeles In July, was presented by Sirs. Laura K. Nichols as official delegate. Several hundred registration blanks for tho certificate of merit %vere distributed by Mrs. W. C. Flelsher, local chairman for rftgistratlon, from whom blanks cnn bo secured by association teachers. The plan used by the San Francisco schools for crediting outside music study Is In Mrs. Nichols hands, forwarded by Charlus M. Dennis, director of music of tho Snn Francisco schools. This ia the plan Which was adopted unanimously by the State Music Teachers' Association last year and which, with certain mod- Iflcatlona, Is to be studied by a board of review already appointed by the state department of education for possible establishment as a state method for granting outside credit in piano study. Committees A radio committee, comprising Carlyle Nelson. Mrs. Chester Hagans and Mrs. Gloannah Ball Behan, with Mr. Nelson serving as chairman, was appointed. A new library committee who will present a list of books on muslo and of music scores for possible addition to the number now iii the free public library was appointed. Mrs. Pearl Smith is chairman, with Mrs. Chester Hagans and Mrs. Mary Crano Gnrrard also serving. Mrs. W. C. Flelsher was appointed chairman of a committee to plan a series of programs in which the students of association pupils will participate. Mrs. Hairy Blnns. Carlyle Nelson and Mrs. T. W. McMonua complete tho committee. A BEAUTY SIPT FOR YOU FROM A NEW ROUSE, of luch gloriout •moolh texture that it will be the make-up inspiration of the »ea»onl FREE with each $I.OO box of Colonial Damtt exquisite micro* proctued fact powder! Fascinating thadet for every typt ... and they're matched for you in this lovely gift package. $100 ONLY I FOR BOTH FOK A UMITSP TIME Kimball & Stone Prompt Free Delivery True Mustard Flivor for Oookery Ask Your Grocer Tt« BABY SKIN ITrxaii loKif TRotHrt. , _ COM4 froV it unlK CUT i CUR A SOAP . OINTMENT . TALCUM . MODERN WOMEN Nt*4 Not S»«« monthly p»in«Ddd*Uy diuto eh*ck* COLDS FEVER PENNEY'S LEAD Designed to flatter your figure. Fabrics so very interesting this year . . . nubby rough weaves lend the parade of fashion. Slip into one of these dresses. Enjoy the dash they'll add to your Fall wardrobe. $4.98 It's hard to bollovo these gonulno Mir- rn-llno drcnMos soil for so little). C'oino in and BUO for yourself. FUR-TRIMMED COATS With Our Own Exclusive MIRH&VLJINE Dresses See these stunning creations! Ench original distinctive model bespeaks loveliness. The silhouette is new . . . different. luich minute detail has been carefully designed . . . exciting shoulder treatment . . . clever compelling necklines . . . smartest trimmings. And all the latest Fall colorings . . . black, green, rust, wine, brown, green, blues . . . endless selections. $9.90 Lot us show you how smartly dressed you can bo at Hiich pleasing low prlcos. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Smart Fall Stylet MIRRA-LINE Fashion Perfection *6.90 With fall and fashion in the air, Mirra-LIno shows you what to wear. Tunics and peplum effects are so very important. And tho new "bolled-to-the-bottom" skirt Each model is carefully manipulated with clover shirring or tucking or pleating. Tiptop stylo at a bottom price. Treat yourself to one of tbeso! $ 24.75 Mere are the coots you'll need for town and dress wear, licaulifully made of fine woolens with interesting textures. Each attractive model baa a luxuriant fur trim. SQUIRREL FITCH WOLF KIDSKIN SEA LINE FRENCH HEAVER Outstanding in style— quality value—smartness! Finished perfectly in every detail. Helted models, trimly fitted designs, nnd yes . . . some swaggers, too. You must try one of 'these on! "HATS OF YOUTH" BETTY CO-ED $1.98 All tho very newest, moat flattering ntylos. Dotty Co-ed hats are tho choice of tuou- utiiulB of (mmrtly dressed women. Lovely, durable felt, new high crowiiH, forward swoop brims, and hosts of others. Get yours this very day! JEAN NEDRA "HATS OF Qfl^ FASHION" *WV Carefully styled by skilled mUliners. Every shape Is new and youthful. All the prevailing fall colors. Just the finishing touch to your fall wardrobe. Our Store Always AIR-COOLED for Your Comfort In "«rt.K».Tti»"-w«rl«'V SHI Uoi»4»r J . C. PENNEY COMPANY, a t o d

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