The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 27, 1996 · Page 22
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 22

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 27, 1996
Page 22
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02 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1996 MONEY THE SALINA JOURNAL BRIEFLY New hair salon opens downtown on Walnut The Strand, a hair salon at 214 W. Walnut, opened Oct. 1. The salon has three stylists and offers hair styling, pedicures, manicures and waxing for hair removal. The salon is owned by Debbie Martin, who previously worked as a stylist at The Hair Gallery, 121 E. Walnut. The salon is open from 9 a.m. to 6p.m. Monday through Saturday. The telephone number is 823-9231. Sterling House sees earnings improvement . Sterling House Corp., a Wichita> based company that owns an assisted-living apartment complex for the elderly in Salina and has been approved to build a second one at . Fairdale and Crawford streets, re-• ported improved earnings for the " quarter ending Sept. 30. ! Third-quarter revenues were $4.3 "million compared to $984,981 for the same three months a year ago. The dpmpany reported a net loss of $223,322, or $.04 a share, compared to $240,530, or $.11 a share, for the same period last year. The company operates 39 residences in Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma and recently opened two facilities in Florida. Transmission shop moves . Larry's Transmission Repair- has moved to 523 Barney from 815 N. Santa Fe. The repair shop, owned by Larry Zrubek, services automobile transmissions. The shop is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and . 8 a.m. to noon Saturday. The telephone number is 823-6506. J3ema Bakeware's parent earns more *£ FREEPORT, 111. — Newell Co., the parent company of Salina- Sased Rema Bakeware, reported ',an earnings gain of 14.6 percent ;fpr the third quarter. Sales were up 17 percent. "' The company posted profits of •-$74.6 million on sales of $761.9 ?.'jihillion. Oji a per-share basis, yearnings climbed from 41 cents to ^47 cents. Twentieth Century 'selects new name ,*'.;. KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Twenti- T ( £th Century Mutual Funds, fresh '«from a merger with. The Benham '.'Group and with the next century • looming, announced last week a realignment and a new name: American Century Investments. ... The realignment and name -"change are intended to make it • easier for investors to sort through ""the more than 60 funds offered by the Kansas City-based group. Both the realignment and the .flame change are effective Jan. 1. Twentieth Century merged with California-based Benham in 1995. •'-• Those identities will be pre^served in the realignment, which divides the company into three fund groups: Benham, American . Century and Twentieth Century. From Staff and Wire Reports HALLOWEEN TIPS FROM G A R F I £ L V Face paint is safer than a mask. If you wear a mask, make sure holes allow for easy seeing and breathing. SAFETY TIPS FROM THE NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCIL ANP THE SALINA JOURNAL Plains / Company hires as it grows FROM PAGE C1 John Deere Corp., the company's biggest competitor, has a slightly higher market share, Applequist said. Great Plains is expected to generate $60 million in sales from 1,200 dealers this year. "The toughest thing about competing with someone like John Deere is that they have a brand name that carries a legacy," Applequist said. "It's hard for us to break into their market even though we make a product of equal quality." At a dealers meeting in Salina this summer, Great Plains and Land Pride introduced 10 new products. Although most of them were updated versions of existing T PERSONAL FINANCE products, King said the stiff competition forces companies to constantly push the edge of technology. "If you become complacent, the competition will catch up and overtake you before you can do anything about it," he said. And now the competition is tightening as international corporations from Australia, Japan and Europe are starting to break into the U.S. market, where Land Pride and Great Plains sell 90 percent to 95 percent of their products, King said. "We are primarily a domestic company that does some of our business abroad," he said, adding that the company has a sales office in Australia. "But we have to understand that we have competi- tion from abroad." Applequist, who recently returned from a business trip in Argentina, said the company isn't slated to venture into the global market. Instead, Applequist is harvesting the fruits of a division the company launched in Alabama two years ago. Land Pride Turf has a plant in Alabama and builds products solely aimed at golf courses, including sprayers, mowing equipment and material injectors, which embeds fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides deep into the soil. The Land Pride Turf generates about 5 percent of Great Plains Manufacturing's annual revenues, but that number will grow to 10 percent in the next three Dollars and sense If budgeting doesn't work, create a spending plan By CHET CURRIER The Associated Press NEW YORK — Don't put yourself or your family on a budget — adopt a "spending plan" instead. The suggestion, which comes from a national association of financial planning advisers, has an appealing logic to it. For many people, budgeting doesn't work, in the same way that dieting and other regimens often don't work, because it sets impossible goals and collapses immediately when subjected to the stresses of real life. If you have tried and failed to follow a budget, suggests the Institute of Certified Financial Planners in Denver, consider instead "a plan that emphasizes spending, not budgeting. It's really pretty simple to do." Rather than constructing a rigid model of how you think you ought to be operating, a spending plan starts with calculating your actual monthly income and outgo. In one column on a sheet of paper — or in a personal computer program — you list all the income you receive for the month in question. Then you make a separate list of all your expenses by category. This should include prorated amounts for expenses you pay annually, semiannually, or quarterly, such as car insurance premiums or property taxes. "Record those slippery cash expenditures," the institute adds. As much as credit card debt and other burdens, unmonitored expenditures for day-to-day needs and wants can be a serious drain on your resources. After you have kept these accounts for two or three months, the institute says, match the income total against the expense total. If you are spending more than you are making, or just unsatisfied with the share of income that you are able to save, you can scan your list of expenses to see what is the mostlikely place to start cutting. Maybe brown-bag lunches could be substituted for some of the fast- food expenditures. Or maybe you could read something borrowed from the library instead of the magazines you've been buying. It really doesn't matter much PERSONALS which expenses you choose to reduce. The point is to find a way to manage your cash flow better. "Controlling cash flow — what money is coming in and going out — is often what determines the success of reaching our goals," the institute observes. "Many people don't know where their money goes. They may be earning more than they were a few years ago, yet they don't feel their lifestyle is improving. "They find it difficult to save. Debts mount. Their money is in charge of them, not the other way around." With all the changes that have taken place in the ways people manage their money in recent years, how much you can manage to set aside is still the main question. There's not much benefit, for instance, to having found a mutual fund that rolls up hefty bull-market returns if you have only a few hundred dollars in your account and never add any more. Once you have gone through the exercise of analyzing your spending, you should repeat the process every now and then. Mortgage Company adds 3 to its staff The Mortgage Company, a new real estate mortgage firm at 645 E. Iron, has added three members to its staff. Connie Holmes is a real estate loan specialist. Holmes formerly worked as an assistant vice president in the mortgage loan department of Security Sav- OLMSTED MCDONALD HOLMES ings Bank, 317 S. Santa Fe. Timi Olmsted is a mortgage loan administrator. She most recently worked as a mortgage loan processor at Security Savings Bank. Tasha McDonald is a receptionist and mortgage loan processor. McDonald is a former receptionist of Security Savings Bank. The Mortgage Company is owned by Randy Graham and Larry Curran, both former vice presidents of Security Savings Bank. Gates joins Kountry Homes as sales agent Tom Gates has joined Kountry Homes, a real estate firm at 145 N. Ohio, as a real estate agent. Gates formerly worked as a sales representative for Salina Concrete Products at 1100 W. Ash. Kountry GATES Homes is a division of Knowles Kountry Real Estate, 145 N. Ohio. From Staff Reports BUILDING PERMITS These are permits issued recently by the Salina Permits and Inspection Department. SALINA Residential miscellaneous — 633 S. 12th, Randel Ziegler, install window, $400. 1018 Gypsum, Timmy Morris, •m E Web Page Development Create a presence on the Internet. Business or personal web page development available at reasonable rates. MacShak Communications e-mall: We Put The World In Your Hands remove wall, $300. 437 Marymount, Raymond Green, finish basement, $7,000. 2815 Foxboro, Virginia Haley, enclose patio, $2,000. 709 Highland, Jannell and Monte Shadwick, addition to house, $24,000. 1823 Simmons, Byrl Glendening, install shingles, $150. 317 S. Eighth, Mike Neustrom, repair roof, $2,250. 724 Victoria, Patty Counts, remodel basement, $3,400. 1317 E. Minneapolis, Mitch Johnson, finish basement, $5,000. 810 Post Oak, Charles Depperschmidt, roof on patio, $800. Single-family homes — 1210 Columbia, Quintin Applequist, $175,000. 2535 Aberdeen, David Vieyra, $190,000. 1405 Adam Travis, Gary and Carol Goodwin, $115,000. 750 Willow, Troy Hash, $100,000. 2213-2215 Pheasant, Phillip Beatty, two-unit townhouse, $100,000. Garage — 372 Maple, George and Susan Maple, $6,500. 623 Highland, Lyle and Debbie Turner, $9,000. 819 Vassar, William Keehner, $4,500. \ 221 N. 13th, Mark and Tina LeValley, $5,000. 140 S. Chicago, Leon Marrs, $3,000. Commercial — 109 S. Broadway, Lampton Welding Supply, concrete slab, $6,578. 575 Graves, Bradley Doug Trucking, make rest rooms accessible to people with disabilities; remodel drivers' lounge and mechanics' room, $8,000. Oxbow Park, City of Salina, build a shutter house in park, $10,500. November 2,10 AM * 3 PM is there an organization in Salina that could help you get the job or training you want? Raptesantativee from businesses will be on hand to take applications! and interview potential candidates. Th^g^ jj Jgr anyone looking for a job or wantina to Hj^^-&jij$jB rin 9 y° ur resume (or a free review by trained specialists. *' Have Your Resume Critiqued By An Expert! PCCK, Inc. employment topics like "Job Searching on the Internet,? "TOM," and w$$fi*flmm "Jo Ka Call 827-9383 or 826-2608 for details >f K-Stateafina" "' t Irrigation Systems, inc. :&™&-*&^ii*-«J£t*W &j t .'i£ ,',.XU'...-.. -. ?•. •••.::**&.- >'.'•'..'.,.;'••,'-. ..'. I ' '.-.'..•' -. -. .. ' WINTERIZA TION SPECIAL Winter is fast approaching, and it is time to think atyout getting your systems ready for the cold weather. Several things need to be considered in order to assure that your systems are drained and parked in the right position to protect them. Please call me at your earliest«£onvenience for a free winterization inspection on your center pivots, gear heads and motors. Midwest Irrigation Systems, Inc. will service all makes and models. Sincerely, Gordon Mivhels President 28255 Galland Road St. Marys, KS 66536 Mobile: 456-4461 Phone:437-2924 years, Applequist said. "The golf course businesses is booming," Applequist said. "There are more courses, more people wanting to play and a greater need for maintenance." "I see this as a really good opportunity for us to expand our production line." Amid the spinoff and the production-line expansion, Great Plains Manufacturing is hiring more staff. The company laid off 200 workers in 1995 when grain drill sales slowed down because of depressed crop prices. Applequist said he hopes to add 50 new workers to the company's 950 by spring 1997. "It's a fast changing market," he said. jean Curry 2737 Belmont 823-5129 We'll always be there for you: Shelter Insurance Cos., Horns Office: Columbia, MO Ron Dupy 823-6341 ECLEN-WSD INSURANCE IF YOU'D LIKE A TERNINIX FRANCHISE, YOU'D BETTER STEP ,QN IT. Success Magazine recently rated Term/mix among the top Jnmchisesmtheanmtry.And far the first time m 30 years, we're offering new franchise opportunities in your area. YouprovidB$25,OOOto$50,000 of investment capital We help your business grow every step of the way. Call John Geelan at 1-800-654-7848. ETC Enviro Tech Services, inc. 316N. Ohio, Salina, KS (913)827-1682 Your Local Source for Quality Environmental Services • Phase I Environmental Property Transfer Assessment', • Soil and lestmii Fax (913) 827-8765 INTEREST RATES 1. TAX-FREE MUNICIPAL BONDS** J 2.M-INVESrMENTGRADEO)RPORA[E ' BONDS 7,50% 3. U.S. GOVERNMENT GUARANTEED BONDS / Rales Effective us of 10-21-96 * Rate expressed as a yield to maturity * May be subject to alternative minimum tax. Jack Schwartz Retirement Planning 111 S. 5th 913-823-3035 1-800-823-3034 LINSCO/PRIVATE LEDGER MEMBER NASD and SIPC Kansas State University - Salina Small Business Development Center Starting a Small Business In Kansas November 2,1996..... 9-12 noon (3 hrs.-) KSU Salina $ This seminar is for individuals considering establishing or buying a small business as well as for those who have recently done so. Topics include a business plan, legal considerations, financial management, marketing, record keeping, taxes, .and personnel relations. Practical information is provided in easy to understand terms. Class will be held in Aero Center Room 142 Seating Limited If you have any questions, please contact Mike Benk at (918) 826-2616 KSU-Salina Small Business Development Center 2W9 Scanlan Salina, KS 67401 Co-Sponsored By: SCORE Small Business Administration Salina Chamber'of Commerce K-State Salina Continuing Education Technology Assistance Center You KNOW THE PRUDENTIAL Now GET To KNOW ME. « I represent The Prudential. •Rock Solid* since 1875. 'The largest insurance company in North America. • I'll help build your financial future on a strong foundation. . .Call me today. JODY A. FREE (913)825-4411* 645 E. Crawford Salina, KS 67401 I MAKE HOUSE CALLS. © 1995 The Prudential Insurance Company ol America • Piudenlial Plaza • Newark, NJ 07102

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