The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 15, 1936 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 15, 1936
Page 6
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, TUB BAKEnSFmO CAMFOItNtAtt, VtJttRDAt; 8«Pf EMtfBtt Insurance Plots Subject^of Quiz (Atioctatcti 1'ren Leaned Wire) KANSAS CITY, Sept. 16.—Pursuing an Insurance plot Investigation, police believed today they* had identified seven north strto "drifters" who bore on their arms tho tattoed homo address of Charles D. Ernest, charged with murder. The latest numo brought Into Ilio case was that of Billy Welch, known fcs-"Twenty-pound Dog." Krnost, 4D, a law school graduate and operator Of u rug denning establishment, WIIH Charged with fatally beating Harry (Crying Hank) Murk. ,'DotPctlvPH John Flavin and .Tank Clifford, Jr., who sponl w<>nkn running down it Htrniw pal lorn nf clues that led to Ernest's arrest, said "Twenty-pound Doj?" WHS Home- Where in Oregon. 'Urnosl ban mind nn Insurance company noi-kliiK ?:itOO on policies l«nuod to Hurli. wluiHc jiroml.MHiiry note If.r- ne«l hold. InvestIgalorn Knhl ilio latloeH Included thf person's iinnic, lilw (Into of blrlti. nnd Wrnr-Ht's aildrnss, 2HI8 Kant Nlnlb stroot. Krn»sl. rnl«cs I'cklngesn rlf>KH, nnd When dclnellvi'W went to M|H hornu they Ituinil :.'.'. MONTANANH ON HICMICI'' 1IK1.KNA, Mrinl., Hi-pt. If.. (IT. I 1 .) Approximately ftfl.OOO Montanas will roiiulre relli-f during Hid criming winter, according In cslliimlrii of tbo AVI'A and Montana rullof. I'ornmls- HlOTl. GIVING NATION DROUGHT PROGRAM This In nn Intlmali! view of I'rowl- dcnl HmiHfvHI diirliiK bis "flru- side" rndln chat from tho While llouso fnllnwlng his tour of the mldwostern drought area. Tho I'msld'tnt assured the nation longtime defenses against drought would bo built. Committee Denies Standjm Liquor (Vnited {'run LWM& Wire) 8AC11AMRNTO, Hcpt, 15.—Denial that the stato Senate committee on liquor logtolatlon had ondonted prop- owltlon No. 3 on the November ballot WHO lusuml by tho committee following a mooting here. The proposition Is aimed at removing liquor control from Jurisdiction of thn auto board of equalisation and placing It under a commlMlon of thrco members whose annual nalarloH would bo (8000 each. JSq.iml- Izatlon board members havo approved tho amendment. MombnrH of tho Sonata committee dl«cumiod now liquor legislation to bo prespnlad at tho noxl Nonnlon of tho Iji-KlHl/Uuro. Plans for changing, tho present Hyslnm of llconttltig wore considered but no specific proposals wero approved at tho moot- Ing, commiti«e mombar* said. Cosmetology Most Popular Occupation SAOKAMMNTO, Sept. 1G,—Cos- motology contlnuoM to bo the fastest growing occupation of all that arc roqulrnd to register with tho (lopart- mont of profcHfllonal and vocational standards. Tho lust month, 138 now operators rpRlHtorofl bringing tho numbor en- ftuKod In beauty profuHSlonn In tho Hlato (o ,14,OR4. Tlirs board InHpoctoiT C) HChoolH of cosmntnlogy and 1479 nhnpfi. ANNOUNCING THE SPOTLIGHT CARS OF 1937 STUDE BAKERS WORLD'S FIRST CARS WITH DUAL ECONOMY OF FRAM OIL CLEANER AND OVERDRIVE * NEW UNDER5LUNG REAR AXLES GIVE BIG ROOMY INTDRIORS — CHAIR HEIGHT SEATS—LEG AND HEAD ROOM TO SPARE * WORLD'S LARGEST LUGGAGE CAPACITY * WORLD'S FIRST CARS WITH BUILT-IN WARM AIR WINDSHIELD DEFROSTERS * WORLD'S EASIEST CLOSING DOORS WITH EXCLUSIVE NON-RATTLE ROTARY DOOR LOCKS * WORLD'S ONLY CARS WITH AUTOMATIC HILL HOLDER * EXCLUSIVE NEW EASY PARKING STEERING GEAR * WORLD'S STRONGEST, SAFEST AND QUIETEST ALL STEEL BODIES ,4 CAIN Si ndcluiluT |I>II<IN off I In- IHMV motoring ' * your ullh a hit llint'M a ho\ oltii'v *<<iiftiUlonl MiiHiiifu'ciU IUMV President Ml^liiN . . . liratlllncrn in ••very iiu'h from lop lo tire* and bumper lo bumporl Impri-MHivr now low-prlcod DIolutorH . . , llic greatest nix cylinder vnluoH ever oJteredl Tlie plioto^rupli above doen only hnlf jimlieo to I lie cloaii-rul. rofrr«lilnK new HI vie linen that estnb- UH|I llieHe new SludehakerM a* the dpotllghl cnri .•fl<»:»7! Silvery "winded vletory" radiator grille* and hood lotiverH! Heaulifully rounded oiie-pieco hood tops tluit lift up from (lie front! S\M*epiii|{ air foil fonder*'. Dimieil dirte >»lie<-l«! And Inlerioi-M, richly styled by Helen Drytlen, lluil are thn largeM, inont huuri*- (HIM yon have r\er HCCIV! Hut the real tin-ill U in driving these Stndehakftrsl Do NO now! See for Miursolf how much more BII rxeitliig new I«):t7 Siudebalier ofler* than you ever thought a little money would buy! 1'rleoa are ju«t 11 fcM dollars above I hone of lowenl priced rnm! ITUDIIAKIR'S C. I. 1. 1UDOIT PIAN OMIRS IOW TIMI fAYMINTi MEAGHER-MORRIS CO. 5 PRESIDENT S E D A N S F REE Far thf Unit /•'or«rnnf« <i/ the Klpction 1. Kill in on * pott cartl your forecnit of Hit innuiUr vote fur Frunklln D, Hoote- vdl «n.l for Alf M, Unilon *n<l PRINT your n«ni« >n<t mUln«« clrorly. Or g»t » KHBK curd •( « Ntuilrlnktr UeiUr'i •nil nit In llit ItUnki. 1. Tin iw«t card mull be innllml to Bttiiltbckti , South Dtnil, ln«ll«n», not Uttr than Octotwr 15, 19.16, 3. Only ont enliy for tach parion and only adutti arc cll|lbl«, COMK IN TODAY FOR YOUR FREE ENTRY CARD, KULCt. KLKCTION STATISTICS AND OTHER DrTAILS 2211 Chester Avenue Phone 2211 10 RICHAKU MlMUtR'S S TU Dli b'AK Ii R CHAM I'IO N S • NliC K 1 I I) NttWOKK IVIKY MONl)A> NIC, Agricultural Department Is Now Considering Program for Next Year, Say (Attootate/t I'reti Ltnttit TV be) WASHINGTON, Sept. 16. — The federal farm program tor next year today engaged the attention of leaden* ut tho agriculture department. , Secretary Wallace aikcd farmers to koop "fundamental objectives always In mind" a* tho AAA announced a series of "community meetings to shape the 3037 soil-con- Sorvatlon program. Wallace nuld tho program should aim at chocking soil erosion, Improving soil fertility, encouraging better land use, and maintaining furm Income. Among "questions to be (III* cussed" at the farmer meetings wore crop Insurance nnd possible limitations on benefit payments for each farm, Wallace has advocated a federal crop Insurance plan recently and the limitation of federal payments, wa« suggested In congress, where complaints were heard that largo corporations and big landholders had been paid thousands of dollars by thci AAA. Tho AAA said tho "community sessions" would bo followed by meetings of county committees and state and regional leaders, so that a "definite program may be ready for farmers by the first of tho year." Six Months Relief Cost $220,000,000 (Amoctnteti I'ren Leatea Wtre) WASHINGTON, Sept. IB.—Relief expenditures totaling $220,771,441. In California through July 31 wero re< ported today by tho Works Progress Administration. Summarizing the status of funds under Iha emergency relief acts of 1935 and 1030, WPA announced that of tho $203,356,91C allocated tho state from thoso appropriations a balance of only $72,684,478 remained. WPA Itself spent $81,018,687. Other federal agencies, including tho Public Works Administration, ex- ponded tho rest of tho $220,771,441 total. Employment on all typos of projects, Including WPA, totaled 182,688 during tho week ending July 26. During tho week of July 11, 163,500 wore employed, while 163,807 were on the payrolls thn week of June 27. Man Will Be Held for Murder Trial •t08 ANOBLBS, Sept, 15^-Heavy mxtimclea were placed on Donald Boucfie, ail(w Robert Barf Miller, today ana he AVM given to the cuntody of KheHH W. O. Chandler of 8l*kl- ymr county to bo returned to Dutw- hiulr, Calif., to stand trial , on charges of murdering tho BunuhiUtr chief of police a year and a half ago. , Boucho'B companion In a series of robberies In Hlsklyou wW lynched. At the tlniu of Boucho's arrost, officer* quoted him onaaylng ho had nothing to do with tho shooting: of tho Dunimulr police chief. •, Scouts of Monterey A*ea Will Mobilize * (A»ioo(atei Putt Levitt Vflre) 0ANTA CRUZ, Sept. lfi>-The fall program of the Monterey bay area council of the Boy Scouts of America will Include an emergency service mobilization hero of Scouts, of Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Ben- Ito counties. Co-operating with tho Red Cross disaster relief organization, the Scouts will demonstrate the type of tforvlco they would give In event of a community disaster. ' More serious crimes in England are due to betting than to any other Single cause. St Mary's Seeks to Place Studenfe Allyrt (JLtiootttted Pret» Letoe MORAOA, Sept. 16.— Dean, C, Loosely of the St. Mary'a school of economics and buHlneB»;ad- mlnlatratlon has established a ^bu- reatl of occupation* as a placeirlent office for the school's graduates. Eventually, Doctor LcuMely aald, the bureau hopes to assist in place* ment of all graduates and other students of the college. It Is to handle only full-time positions for men trained in economics and business administration. Panama Canal Toll Collections Jump (Attnftateil rren Leaiet Wire) WAKHINUTON, Sept. 15.—Collection of $2,061,540 In lolls from the 473 commercial vessels negotiating the Panama Canal In August was announced today by the war department. In August of tho preceding year 806 Nhlpu used tho canal and paid tolls amounting to $1,767.261). Tho volume of traffic for each of the flvo mouths preceding August also pxooarlnd that for tho corro- spondliiK months of tho previous year. From March up to September 1, 1030, 2000 vessels passed through . thn canal as against 2488 In tho *n mo months a year ago. Tolls collected wore correspondingly higher --$12,678,713 compared with 111,. 144,202. Sounding Balloons Reachj)2,000 Feet (AimoeMti I'rett Lea ted Wtre) FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas, Sept. IB.—Dr. Robert Mllllkan announced today that sounding balloons sent Into tho stratosphere from Fort Sam Huston last July reached an altitude of 02,000 foot—more than 17 miles. This figure was determined through a reaomputation of Irmtru ment recordings on tho second of flvo flights of sounding ballqons tho California Institute of Technology scientist advised Major General Frank Parker, commander of tho Eighth Army Corps Area. Doctor Mllllkan had announced last month that tho second balloon flight reached an altitude of 85.00C foot to not a now world's record for Hounding balloons carrying full sized instruments for measuring cosmic rays. PIANOS RENTED, SOLD For ns little as $4.00 per month you may rent a Hue piano, and arrangements can be made so (lint if you later decide to buy we will allow you full credit for the amount of rental paid on I he purchase of any piano. Many Fine Birfains NEW and Usid Don C. Preston Ninetieth and H Struts SUN KONG HIRB CO. CONSULTATIONS CRIB Wonderful herb* for chronio and ftcuie AllmenU of th« kldneyi, liver, •tnmach trouble, «to, Kip«- oUlly «ff»atlve for all kind* ot venereal dU«M*i. H»rb* oft«r lm- m«ill»u relief. K St., C«rn*r ef Twtniy-thlrd Sample Low Fares Notr you can traral anywhere by train— in safety and comfort — and •*?• money. Here are a f eW samples: Frem BAKERSFIELD ROI/N0 TRIP* g^ Ootoh Ohloiio.lll. . $57.35 Dallii.Ttxit , Denvtr, Oolo, . Fort Worth, T«, Mtxloo City KiniM Oily, Mo. Portland, Ore, . SI. Louis, Mo. , Salt L«lu Oily . Sin Franolico . Stattlt, With. . Ntw York, N. Y. Waihlfl|ton, D. 0. * SlMplnj cif iptct 48.00 38.35 48.00 48.00 28.70 54.35 31.00 10,93 32.70 95.75 92.10 ihirge •Tourl Cif $ 69.80 57.60 46.00 67,60 57.60 28.70 65.20 31.00 10.93 32.70 107.20 101.58 ixlrn. it •Putlmin $ 86.00 72.00 67.50 72,00 83.90 72.00 38.20 81.50 31,00 12.05 45.56 124,40 120.75 A GOOD NEIGHBOR Railroad men are good neighbors. Every merchant likes railroad families for customers—churches and lodges like them for members. Steady and responsible, most railroad men own their own homes. They pay their bills, meet their taxes, keep up their insurance. Some of them live in your neighborhood. For the railroad is a home industry. When you travel or ship via train you help your own community by making more railroad jobs for local men, supporting local families, patronizing local businesses. Western railroads and allied industries last year employed 730,000 workers. The railroads themselves are good neighbors. They pay huge tax bills. They buy 70,000 commodities from factories, stores, farms, mines, quarries, lumber companies anr-l diversified industries. We invite you to use our services—fast freight with Free piok-up-and-delivery of LCL—world's finest passenger transportation in sleeping cars or coaches at lowest cost—substantial savings,on round trip tickets — air-conditioning — dependability—comfort—safety. . . . See the railroad agent. / frouil of Hitachi frtmtnti, wo appr»clalt tho public'* goodwill aad iaanatod patronaff, and pMg* centinatd ptogtttt. WESTERN RAILROADS THE PULLMAN COMPANY '8 iiifi' -• :';i:" ! Sj;-v "'''iit'iSili "I GET MY BEST MILEAGE FROM 76 I hi i ii in I,., ^ S lii mm 'lililliiiillil JOIN the thousands of motorists who re- J port they get their best mileage from 76. You'll find 76 now possesses higher antiknock quality than ever before... gets you away faster...takes hills easier...runs smoother. Test 76 in town and on the highway. Check it for performance and mileage. UNION OIL COMPANY HIGHER QUALITY ANTI-KNOCK LEADER

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