The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 27, 1996 · Page 20
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 20

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 27, 1996
Page 20
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B8 SUNDAY. OCTOBER 27, 1996 LIFE THE SAUNA JOURNAL THE SUNDAY CROSSWORD V PET HINT 81 Psalm player 82 Miles of "Psycho" 83 Edge 85 Number of tablets 86 Expertise 90 English actor Jeremy 91 Physique, for short 92 Parthenon idol 93 San Antonio shrine 94 Foolish fellows 98 End of verse 102 Theoretical 103 Defied danger 104 Authority 105 Gold cloth 106 Requests 107 Wear proudly 108 Sudden change 109 Small opening 4 Interpretation 5 Position 6 Greek legislature 7 Crimson Tide 8 French Dadaist 9 Finger food 10 Fleetness 11 Apply pressure 12 Scan, country 13 Like paladins 14 Artistry 15 Game of chance 16 Hucksters 17 Parcel papers 20 Pan 24 Wizard of Menlo Park "BOO!" 81 Psalm player DOWN By RICHARD 82 Miles of 1 Charlotte of THOMAS "Psycho" "Diff'rent ACROSS 83 Edge Strokes" 1 Teases 85 Number of 2 Media darling 5 Swedish rock tablets 3 Adriatic wind group 9 Big bite 14 Wearing 18 Riding high 19 Flies high 21 Great Brave Hank 22 Went for a drive 23 Start of a seasonal verse 27'South African president 28 Steaming 29 Like prodigies 30 Rocks, at the bar 31 Versant 32 Measures of radiant energy 33 Least likely to quit 37. Author A.A. 38 Doubleday's boys 39 Grown insect 40 "— Time, Next Vfear" 41 • Make airtight 42 Indiscretion 46 More of verse 51 Checkup 52 Irish Islands 53 Neighbor of Slovenia 54 Secure site 55 Cornered 57 Cuts short 58 Preclude 59 American artlst/photog 61 Sierra Nevada jewel 62 Flip over ,64 Vampire 65 Taken on .66 "Wall Street" player 67 Peace Nobelist Oscar — Sanchez 68 Utah mountains 69 Dustup 70 The —Must Be Crazy" 74 More of verse 78 House count 79 Roger of the news 80 Hurry ANSWERS TO TODAY'S PUZZLE ARE ON PAGE B2. 25 Constitution's composition 26 Cameroon volcanic lake 31 Simple — 32 Polar pioneer 33 "The Immoralist" author Andre 34 NASDAQ rival 35 Cass or Phillips 36 Vainglorious types 37 Borneo's archipelago 38 Cook's concoctions 40 Hose down 41 Land or sea add-on 42 Junk collectors 43 Crowbar 44 Passive 45 Shut up 47 Antilles Island 48 Ninny 49 Showed respect 50 Morning ritual, for some 56 Vandalize 57 Magna — 59 Baroness von Trapp 60 Neighborliness 61 Forklike 62 Chicago field 63 — noire 64 Type of tennis 65 Margaret — Thatcher 66 Little bit 68 Excessive interest 69 Old-fashioned contraction 71 Gymnast Korbut 72 Boring type 73 Auld Lang — 75 Green gems 76 Mermen 77 Magic 82 Speak up 83 Chancellor Willy 84 Riviera's San — 85 Small amount 86 Crater contents 87 Pal of Porthos 88 — up: unnerved 89 Experiments 90 More morose 91 Model material 93 —American 94 Music's Marvin 95 Temple athletes 96 Wild duck 97 Final beginning 99 Bark 100 Actor Linden 101 Bottom line ©1996 Los Angeles Times Syndicate Y SPORTS MEDICINE Rowing machine works muscles of whole body DR. PAUL DONOHUE North America Syndicate Dear Dr. Donohue: I see where a treadmill is the best way to exercise. Unfortunately, I don't have one, but I do have A a rowing machine. Should I put the rowing machine in my wife's next garage sale, or stick with it? — B.T. Dear B.T.: I've seen lots of both in garage sales, but in many ways, the rowing machine seems to offer the better answer for ^ total body fitness. * With the treadmill, besides the heart workout, you're getting mostly leg exercise. With the rowing machine you're exercising arms, back and abdominal muscles along with legs and heart muscles. And you get it all ,in a single workout. Don't get me wrong. Nothing wrong with treadmills, I own one myself. But were I to have a garage sale and you came, the chances are better of seeing my treadmill than my rowing machine. Keep in mind that rowing machines can offer pretty intense exercise, so they're not for everyone. But if you can manage it, and your doctor has no problem with it, then go for it. .Dear Dr. Donohue: Will you HALLOWEEN T|PS FROM G A R F I E L 9 please explain for me what a groin pull is? The team doc offers little information. — B.R. Dear B.R.: Let's locate the area first. The groin is the upper inner part of the thigh, where it meets the abdomen. That's where the adductor muscles reside. The adductors exert an inward pull to the legs when running, and are in play both when you run ahead or suddenly change of direction. A pulled muscle is strained, with some fibers torn. The adductors are frequent sites of muscle pulls, frequently described as "groin pulls." It takes time to heal a pulled groin muscle, just how long depending on the number of fibers torn and how extensively. Want to avoid future pulls? Here's an exercise to do once your present groin situation stabilizes: Sit on the ground with your heels touching, a sort of lotus position. With the heels touching, the knees will tend to stay off the ground. Put a little pressure on the knees with your hands until you sense muscle resistance. Hold for 15 seconds and do as many stretches as you can manage comfortably. Dear Dr. Donohue: I hurt my leg, nothing serious, but the doctor wants me to put running on hold. He does suggest deep-water running as therapy, however. Would it do any good? Won't the water buoy up the body, thus negating efficiency? — H.H.F. Dear H.H.F.: Deep-water running might be the thing for you. Even people who are not recovering from leg injury can benefit from it. The exercise is best done in the deep end of a swimming pool. Wear a flotation belt to keep your head above the surface. Then run, just as you would were your feet planted on dry land. The buoyancy takes the stress off your legs, and therein lies its value for you in your injured state. The exercise won't hurt the leg, but it will permit aerobic conditioning. Fair Taxi's GARY SWARTZENDRUBER For State Representative District 69 Pol. Adv. Paid For By Joili Helm, Chair - Loretta Baize, Treas. 825-9126 ('(million Sense Make sure that you can't trip on your costume. In Your Own Home • at Your Convenience' Diana 1 rol>"niiiis Many families tell us that they appreciate being able to make their funeral arrangements in their own homat - it is just more comfortable for them. Also, family records are more readily available if there are questions concerning any statistical or obituary information that may be required. Having full-time counselors whose only job is pre-arrangemems means that when you call for an appointment it can be scheduled at your convenience. Pre-arranging and pre-funding - your gift to your loved ones. Robert Frobenius Rosekwn Mortuary can help you with your pre-arrangement and pre-Funding plans. Call 825-8231 , for further information or to set up an appointment. a repretcnmivc of Hcimaictdcii life Co. ami other financial iniiiiuuom. ROSI.LAWN MORTUARY 1920 E. Crawford • 1307 S. Santa Fe HELOISE King Features Ribbons, yarn pose danger to all felines Dear Heloise: I am the owner of a young (2 years old) cat named Kasper. I adopted him at the Humane Society. I read numerous books on how to take care of a cat and also watched a video prior to adopting him, but I was never informed of the danger of yarn or ribbon that you use to wrap gifts. One day my cat was having a grand time playing with a gift we had wrapped for a birthday party. It had all kinds of ribbons dangling from it. Not aware of its danger, we allowed him to continue playing 'with it. We left the room, but when we returned we discovered the ribbon was missing and, worse than that, the cat may have eaten it! Two days later, the cat's life was in danger. He had some serious medical complications in his digestive tract and was not expected to survive the operation. Unfortunately, Kasper had to undergo two serious operations only because we were not aware of this danger. I am 11 years old and I pay for all of Rasper's medical expenses, food and litter. I pour all of my heart into my cat, and all of my allowance! Thanks to Dr. Keene, Rasper's life was spared. In the future, I will protect Rasper with all of my might. I'm doing my part to educate the public of the dangers of allowing your furry loved ones to play with ribbons and yarn. — Rristen N. Blaney, Tampa, Fla. Dear Kristen: We're so happy Rasper survived! So many pet owners have written about their pets choking on shoelaces, strings, yarn, etc. It's amazing how many household items can be fatal to a pet. You're a very responsible and loving pet owner and your letter is important for all pet owners to read. Thanks for writing. — Hugs, Heloise f Dear Heloise: The bottom bed- sheet will stay smooth and in place even on the new mattresses that are 7 inches high. Use an old suspender and attach the gripper to the bottom corner of the sheet, then run the suspender under the mattress. Reach for the other gripper and attach to the opposite corner sheet. The sheet will stay in place. Sweet dreams. — Lueann Croes, New Richmond, Wis. Dear Lueann: I tried your hint using my husband's old suspenders. It worked great on full- and queen-size beds but didn't quite go across our king-size bed. The sheet was pulled nice and tight and did stay in place. — Heloise P.S. Don't tell David! I N T E RTO R S For All Your Decorating Needs "We Make House Calls" 1837 South 9lh -827-1164 AUTUMN'S New ARRIVALS! • X-tra Tall Pie Safe • Leaded Glass Curios • Large Entertainment • Plant Stands Center • Recipe Boxes • Lap Desk • Pendulum Clocks • Rocking Chair • Quilt Racks FOREVER OAK " Handcrafled Oak Furniture & Accenlt " 1-800-804-4429 823-9729 619 E. Crawford Elmore Center Layaway Now For Christmas! Sunday, October 27th • 3:30 - 5:30 Food & Prizes • German Band Apartment Tours Come Join The Fun! iQOO Schippel Dr., Saliiia • 8254523 KANSAS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY ADDICTION & /?ECOVERY LECTURE/WORKSHOP SERIES; "Ericksonian Hypnosis & Brief: Guest: Therapy: Motivating the Addict to Ron Klein, C.A.A.C., WANT to Recover" C.M.H., N.B.C.C.H. For more information, call November 1-2 (913) 827-5541 or FEE: $69 1-800-874-1154 ICE CAPADES HOLLYWOOD STYLt! mum moviu DCVCR movco LIKC THIS. 01998 METROGOIDWYN-MAYEH INC. Toll Free 888-826-SHOW Bicentennial In Sallna, 826-Show Center FRI. OCT. 25 THRU SUN. OCT. 27 • qllna, Kt FR1 OCT. 25 SAT. ....OCT. 26 , SUN OCT. 27 ,.2:OOPM* 7:30PM 7:30PM 2:OOPM* All Seats Reserved $14.50 & $12.50 Llmtud vip noting ovoltabU (no UJicouna) -Kldi (12 & unto) and union (2.00 dlKOunL For group* of 25* caU 888.826-tMm TlckMi avaliablt at Aallafli Bkcntennlgl C«nter, Houu of Sight, and Sound, Dtd Elwwnltfi Ccnttni &mcon«o; lam's Mutlo HOUM; FortMtom . KHOtt tiro Q-B Record* Huiehlii«oiB HayM Sight & Sound; b thattan Town Gtntoc County Commissioner Second District I Will Support Preventitive Drug Programming Work With City Commission on City- County Issues • Be Responsive to Citizens' Concerns Political Advertisement paid for by Seim for Commissioner. Richard Dean, Treasurer.

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