The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 27, 1947
Page 9
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FRIDAY, JUNK 27, 1047. BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.V COURIKR NEWS Interest of Farm Families of This Agricullunil Section. Published Every Friday In the FARM NEWS-FEA1URES PAGE van a For Better Farming Featured For This Section's Pro- jtrcsaive Farmern. No. Missco Crop £qpdif ions Good Rain Supplies Needed Moisture But Delays Small-Grain Harvests Rains (lint, fell RCnrrally over most of North 'Mississippi county last \voi'k supplied much-needed soil moisture uiul left crops in thh .section of the stale in si favorable condition. The ri'.ins ended a dry period of approximately one month and weie beneficial to growing crops but hamp?red the harvesting of oat; and other small grain crops. Cotton crops in North Mississippi County were in i^ood condition when the rains came, according tfl a .statement matte today by Keitl Bilbrey. county ai;enl. Most of the troj>s had already been choppci over (lie first time and some two and three times, ho -said. J)loom< have been reported from scvcra sections of tlie county. lie stated that ho had receives several call- from farmers in thi: section report inn sriisshopepr dam age but the condition was not con Eidered serious. This year's first re port of bean lent beetles in so; 1 beans was made tlii, week he said Bean leaf bee-tics made their first larec scale appearance in Mississippi County last year, Mr. nil- bray slated, and arc expected to IJtappciir in about 30 days hut tin; invasion is not expected to be as L^jV'e as it was last year. T&sc'.vhere in the .state, reports oil the crop situation are favorable with the exceptions of a few cases where small ^rain crops arc being Number Nine Has Large A-\-\ Club Courier News Tbotn Shown above are (lie officers of Hie Number Nine •!-!! club, belt to right: back row—Bill Smith, president; IVcnneth l.each, clsib le- porler; and Clcrdon Pierce, nce-prc'si'lenl. Front row, Nola Helen King, .soiii; captain; and ollic. Curtis, secretary. The Number Nine club in one of the larger clubs of North Mississippi Cotmly. Billy Scribncr, a mcnibtr of the Number Nine club, won lop prk-.c in the Irish jiotatn contest at the County Fail- last mil. He placed second in the Duroc hoi; show and also won fii'st i:riue in the sweet potato contest. Tlie ehib boasts an cnroll- inenl of 52 farm youths, with each member sponsoring a. corn vancly demonstration this year. Planting of Grain, Feed Crops To Offset Com Shortage Urged 32 in Shady Grove 4-H Club More Negroes In Arkansas Owning Farms M'l"l'I,K HOCK. Ask., June : IUI') -The number of fiirin owners is uradually Increasing m Arkansas, Hcenrdini' to the I'rodm 1 - tlon mid MarKetliiK Administration. Mamcs I'. D.u'ls, 1' and fti administrative otficer, said that Ne- limiu'r. ; now own CJ!M,t>:tii acre. 1 ; of lansl i'siliicd at $ai.U3:!,i!<W. ('ourlrr News I'llotn nc-spllc the faet that it Is one of the smaller clubs in Norllt Mississippi Counly. (he Shady Grove 4-H club is very uctlvu In larm projects. The club has an enrollment of :u larm youths, all of I'.rade school ai;e. 'I'he elub is one of the several "trainlui; club.V lor the North half of the comity. Officers of the Shady Grove club an; (lelt lo rlp.hO: Ilc.wle Jeim I'icrce, club reporter; Barbara Donncr. :;on i; captain; l,avada Unigun, president; Kay uavenport, secretary anil Mary U'e L>uvrn|iovl, vice- president. Do all the favors you want for your friends, BUT DON'T place in-| surance through an inexperienced, part- County Agent Keith liilbrey today urged Mississippi County farmers to plant Brain and roughage crops immediately as the insurance against Ihe ill effects of the corn shortai;t.> that will develop ' from the recent, Hood.; throughout the corn bell. The floods threaten to cause a wije- sprcad feed shortage this yrar, he said. . Arkansii.s normally drjos n >:. ptri- (iuce enough feed for t'.n: l:vcj(i<>-:k of the state. Livestock [(rowers who depend upon out-of-sliii.n sources may find feed scarce ll'.i.- winter, Mr. Bilbrcy warned. : Orain crops in Tnsllnna, Illinois, j and Iowa are already HO (hiy; biic: , and much uf the acreage uornuiliy planted has not, yet IJCLMI ^redetl I because of a cold wet spi in;;. While a large wheat crop is i:i uroipc'jt i: harvested. The early corn and truck croi appear to have benefitted most 1) Ihe .showers that covered most ol ,^he a tale-ijg;.,these, were, the crops [ dani^ged 'cbijsideratiiyv'l^y d,fy weath- ,J^St^iHow^wir'^most early ,cbrn lia< alre«dy/ fa it • <va s " tAsselin DRY COWS ...Build to help condition dry cows for calving and top production; _ some o trie rain, came. The coticn situation in the stat | as a whole is very promisini? Blooms are beim; reported from al sections and crops are reported i ;ood condition. Boll weevils hav appeared in some sections will nol aiisv/ir the fee-', i.rubltm. Vlieal is prims-, lly a food crj'j n:i;l iinnol be siil'stitnted fir ic:'.l rains. In 1 order to h'j. 1 ) .vknn 1 ;;:-; l:ir:: l <?rr, nsurc feed (Oi their livc:-i-jr. T (, UIQ Extension Servlc'j <>( (he uiuve:'si- y of Aikanvar, has oultt.v.'J il,c )llmvi:ig steps: Immediate planting of corn should >e inndc on pro<hicttvc ground, 113.! June cam or early maturing hy- irids. In the delta arens, combine nuns such as Martin's Com- Milo or rlainsman sliould he ilantctl now, In other areas where combines are not available Sa- ;ru!n or llcgari arc adapted for >oth grains and feed. For hay. grazing, or silage the following cro))s arc recommended or Immediate planting, Sudan ;rass, soylicans, cowpeas. and .sor- i;hinn. Regular clipping to control weeds and Inking care not to over- Braze permanent pastures during dry weather are steps urged to Improve pastures. Production of high quality haj is important. Hay should be cut when the maximum yield of protein is cbtnlnablc which, in general is the early blooming stage. Latei cuttings result in llay which, con- lain.'; lower feeding values. Hn; should be stored or stacked 50 a; lo preserve!ity. Seed large acreage of small grains this fall, the county agent urg»d. Early and heavy seeding of small grains will provide maximum fall, Rice Experiment Station to Got New Superintendent FAYKITEVILLE, All:., .lllnc 27— James O. Docktns. extension soil specialist in Arkansas for the past year :md a hall, will become superintendent of the nice llranch RxpDrimcnL Slallon at Stuttgart July 1. Dean Lippert S. Klli s of he University o! Arkansn; College >f Agriculture announced today. Mr. Dockins replaces Dr. .lohn \V. White, recently named head of the tfconomlc.s and Sociology Dcparlment of the University. Well known throughout the state, Mr. in Pine- . illc. Ark., and taught in the rural Davis said that Negro farm owner;; Increased from 10,552 In 1010 to IMliil In JIH'i. Crlltondcn Coimly hus the large.!;!, number of Negro funnel's with 6,5)2, of whom 231 are landowners. (Jtmrler News Wain Ads. "Covers' W*mtn«"- - Many youth American th«*Uri Eouiul a "lovers' warning 1 ' jual before turnliii; on the theater light* sifter c.oH'Ptelion of •I'll? «riti.'!li call nn automotoll* buttery an "accumulator." Scholarship is Offered With Frozen Foods Award AiKanxas' slate winner In CK 10-17 Nallonal 4-H Frozen Foods nwi'.nls program Ims (he oppor'nni- ly to win a $ann c«IU'R(. twIinlHi-- sliip in iiddlllnn to n Chicago 4-11 Club Congress I rip, the Nntlnniil Comiultlee on Hoys anil airls Club Work lias annoiiueed. "To further encourage learning how lo frcc/.c focxls, lour niitioiutl scholarships of $200 each have been added lo the 4<-ll awards providel by Internalloiud Iliirvesler." the committee announced. "I^ year the sliitc winner could compete for only a national award, which w is a Chicago trip. The trip Is now a sectional nward. and Ihe winner , also receives the national award schools in Tzard County for ten i of scholnrshl|)A County and stale ear.s before entering the Univcr-1 awnrd s remain the sutnc as In ity of Arkansas. He received filliMG." B.S.A. degree Irom the Uuiversityi n, and has (lone Rrjduatc work there and al Iowa Slate College. From November, 10-11 to July. IDltl, Mr. Dockin.s relurneil lo the University as nssislatit agronomist in the College of Agriculture, doing rr.sciirch \vork on legume improvement. lii.j other experience includes two years a s ngronomlsi with the Soil Conservation service in Mississippi nnd another year hi Ahibama, tuul 0112 year as counti agricultural agent in Yell Counly — - .grams will damage from wcbb worms has been I win , , • .,, B ,. azing reported from a few localities. " ° " Soybeaiis and hay by the recent showers with prospects for these crops reported a.s good. Much early hay was saved durhiiT the dry spell aiui soybean crops were needing the rain badly. of the commercial early Mr. Stinnett, .said. If all such surfaces are. covered with new.spapc".; or other material at the time ^5 trfe spraying, spotting will be avoided If 11 becomes necessary to remove spots, almost any type of oil Is effective. Furniture polish Is usually ot potato ei'op is iietir ils pi'.ik [he peach crop show promises a ^ood year. Hirvesl of sna]> bcan.s, ciicinr.bers and j:re:-T\ wrap toina- locs is in full swinj,' in the Souther:! .sector of the -state. Use of Oil Recommended In Removing DDT Spots W. o. Stinnett, malaria control suiicTVisor for Mississippi County, , today, offered the following suggestion for removing DDT spots Horn varnished surfaces and ulass: While such spots are ensihy removed by the proper treatment. they can be more easily prevented, MAINTENANCE In this activity, club member.* c;irn Ihe loods best adapted to Frct-stiii g. and to develop skill in preparing, packaijinj; and frec/.iug. They are also encouraged lo demonstrate fhat an ample supply of liomc-Krown food is one of the advantages of Keller Aid to lloiwckcepinff Rent Our New FLOOR POLISHER Mississippi Co. Lumber Co. Phono 4445 Facts About Aluminum Roofing Rust-proof .027 heavy gago "LIFETIME ALUMINUM ROOFING" is idea! for all farm buildings and as replacement for other roofing materials. Aluminum Roofing reflects 95'/'<'.of all Radiant Hccit, Keeps Summer Heat Out, Winter Heat in. ideal for poultry houses, hay barns and homes. ' TRY SOME E. C ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY "Friendly Building Service" 319 W. Ash St. Phone 551 on n farm. nnd to show the desirable variety that frozen foods can mid to the home-raised supply. 1/ year's stutc winner In Arkansas was -Frances Jlalnwatc Fort Smith. Ihe most handy fill nvailnb use on -varnished surfaces kerosene for spols on glass ccs. Since DDT will not dissolve In water, and since the spray contain! oil, sonp and water docs nrit et- Dog 'Kitnaps' Four Kittens FOR TRUCK COOLING SYSTEMS WUMG, FRESHENING CHOW RAISE CALVES ON PURINA CALF STARTENA • Saves lols of milk . . , ono 'tag oi Cali Slarlcna ro-J 'places 40 gallons ol 'f milk. Grows big, thrifty L K. Ashcraft Company !/2 Blk. So. of Depot Phone 493 tfn you lake your John Dccre Tractor out in (he field trier our factory-trained experts have given it • "going-over," you'll §ay It performs gooJ as new. Our shop- men »re experts. They know exactly wbal your tractor should do , . # ff'fxH ynn tiring your tractor in. bring in jaur icraf . . . Kecli boll> in ibt fgl'l, Missco Implement Co. Osccola — Blyflicville When Ihcir real mother broke a leg. Tiny, this two-year-old fox terrier, smlchcd her four kittens and has been feeding them ever since. Here she enriic-b one of her charges back lo her box-bed In the home of Mrs. Carl llai.iric. Brookpark Village, Ohio. The mollicr cat pin up n howl for a week, but now is reconciled to thu adoption and sits back while Tinv docs all the work. •nil how lo make it deliver « full measure of tervice. Don't w»il for » breakdown. A check up now and « few umple •Jjostmeni* may save you the ex- pen>« and delay ol more leriout complications later on- Dirty, clogged cooling systems arc costly. Don't take risks! We're truck cooling system experts. Fact is we're experts on all phases of truck service and preventive maintenance—high standard International Truck Service and Maintenance. We use International factory-engineered pacts. Sc bring your trucks in—whatever they need. Even better, let us set up a regular schedule of inspection and service for you. That's the sure way to get the most from your trucks. I'lionc now and tell us when to expect your trucks. DELTA IMPLEMENTS Inc. 312 South 2nd Phone 863 INTER NATION A L Trucks ENTER NOW! Missco Five Acre Soybean Yield Contest Sponsored by Blythcvillc Jaycces $250 in Prizes 1st I'ri/.c Ktl Critz Trophy and §100.00 and I'ri/c 575.00 3rd Pri/.e 525.00 Compare Notes with soybean growers alt over Mississippi Counly Obtain entry blanks and rules through your County Agent. DRAT)MNK 1st of JULY! EFFICIENT TRACTOR REPAIRS! If you havo adjustments to be made, repairs, electric or actej'lcuc \ve1d- Hig to be done, brin;: your Iraclor or fiirm machinery to our factory- approved shop. Oun'l leave your repair work on farm machinery with, anyone you're not sure can do the work correctly. Our work is unsurpassed . . . and \vc offer guaranteed satisfaction! Our Mechanics: Bill Shanks Carl Mitchell '61" IMPLEMEHT CO. Bob Smith North Car! Wallace 61

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