The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 3, 1944 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
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Tuesday, October 3, 1944
Page 13
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Funeral Plans for Aimee Announced z-r c «*#>: *#*** JAP SHIP GETS DEATH BLOW—The unusually close view of a Jap sub-chaser, shows the 100-foot craft listing sharply as a 500-pound bomb from an Eleventh Air Force .Mitchell bomber plunges into the sea at its side. Moments later, the delayed-action fuse, which gives plane to escape blast of its own missiles, detonated the bomb, which the ship. Action took place off tip of Paramushiro island, Japan's north Pacific air-sea base. Train Decapitates Woman Near Roscoe LOS AXGHLKS, Oct. 3. (UP)—San Fernando valley polk-e today wore invcHtigating 1 the possibility of murder aftea* a Southern Pacific freight train had decapitated Mrs. Laura Ethel 1-lcaly, 35, near Iloscoo last night. Police said the body of Mrs. Healy, who was reported missing September 23 by her daughter, also bore what appeared to bo four stab wounds. Kdward Becking, engineer, told police he noticed something in the path of his engine but discovered It was a body too lato to halt the train. Bomber Crashes on Desert Kills Three LOS ANGELICA Oct. 3. (/P>— Aimee Semple MePhorson's body will lie in state in Anprlus Tomple for threo dnys boforo funeral services next Monday, church officials have announced. Followers of the evangelist, who died last Wednesday in Oakland, will be permitted to file past her bronze casket from 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. Friday and Saturday and from 9 a. m. to 4:30 p. m. Sunday. Orpran music will he played, and the temple chimes will riiip: hourly. Members of the hoard of elderR will stand as a punnl of honor at the head and foot of the casket on Sunday. Dr. Harold Chalfant will conduct an evangelistic service at 7 p. m. The hour-long 1 funeral service will start at 1 p. m. Monday. A thousand Foursquare Oospel ministers will occupy a front section of the auditorium. The body will be entombed In an outdoor marble sarcophagus in Forest "Lawn Memorial Park. Pastors holding 1 Foursquare Gospel flatus will border the pathway to the sarcophagus. . New Treatment for Polio Victims Told SUB SUNK OFF BRA/IL. KATAL, Braxil, Oct. 3. (£>)—A German submarine was .sunk off the Braxilian coast September 28 by an American plane. It was the first U-boat destroyed in these waters in recent months. Vice-Admiral Jonas Ingrain, United States Navy, decorated crew of the plane yesterday. VICTOKVn.T.K, Oct. 3, Cff)—A medium bomber crashed and burned on the Mojave desert -T» miles west of here last night, killing three army fliers, one a woman. Colon"! Karl C. Uobhins, oommand- nnt of the Victorville Air l-'ase, where all were statiuned, thus identified tho victims: lieutenant George D. Kasado, pilot, 27, survived by widow, Mrs. Vivian C. Rasado, and two sons. Joseph, G, and Ronald. 2, of San Diego. Miss Marie N. Michell, WASP copilot, 20, Washington, V. C. Staff Sergeant Gordon U Walker, whose widow, Mrs. Ay lone W. Walker, resides here. FILM PIONEER DIES HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 3. OP)—Henry Macrae, an old-timer in the film industry who pioneered in making airplane thrillers, shooting pictures at night and using artificial light on film sets, died of a heart attack yesterday at the age of PHILADKLPHIA, Oct. 3. (UP) — A new treatment for restoring muscular power to infantile paralysis sufferers, which enables many patients to leave the hospital within five days after their operation, was described today to the ninth annual assembly of tho United States Chapter of the International College of Surgeons. The new treatment, tho Billing- Van Harreveld method, was outlined by Lieutenant-Commander II. K. Hillig. Jr., a researcher at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. According to Doctor Billig, the treatment begins with an operation which crushes motor nerve branches in the paralyzed limb by mechanical separation of the muscle fibers. 1CKES TO SPEAK HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 3. <#)— Harold L. Ickes, secretary of the interior, will speak next Sunday night at a meeting of a new organization, "Hollywood is for Roosevelt," members of the group have announced. TIDE TURNED—Few pictures from Europe's war zones have portrayed so sharply Iho plight of Hitler's once-great AVehrmacht as does this one, showing a very discnnsolntc-lookinK CJonnan general guarded by a pair of Yanks. He was captured by United States armored unit near Kisnu\s France. Troy Prepares for Barbara Hutton, Grid Tilt With Cal I Grant Reconciled LOS AXGELKS, Oct. 3. (UP.) — Coach Jeff Cravath sent, his U. S. C. Trojans through an intensive workout today, preparing thorn for Saturday's game with the California Bears at the Coliseum. Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices NOTICE TO VOTERS fornit that the following Bond Act wdl be submitted to the P^ple ^^^^Jy*^ 1 ,; of th* State of California for their ratification at the next general lest maturity date . an election to be held on the •eventhjday of November, A.IX 1944. $ Time!" bSiuTan! FRANK M. JORDAN, Secretary of State. SUte, hut the Treasurer muni reject anylprovlded further, that specified numbers and all bids for said bonds, or for any of of bonds of specified numerical sequence ^TXN.«^W »c irencnv/^txrcHT »~»L.*!*-.-_-*r *u.c*-*~.r^-i- ithem. which *he)l be below the par value shall thereafter mature at annual In- NOTICE IS HERtDT OlVfcIN CO the elector* Ot the Mate Ot t^all- O f safd bonds eo offered plun the Interest tervals. and provided further, thai the f A » M ;* rk«t rK* fnllnwino Bond Act will b* lubmittMl to the Peonle which has accrued thereon between the bonds last to mature in each Issue shan forma that tne tOUOWing oona /w wui DC luomniea 10 inr r*opie| da(l) of Bale and thft (aHt preceding inter- mature not later than 45 y«ara from the d with the appro v- date of Issuance thereof he may from time 'The rate of Interest to be borne by announcement at the the bonds shall be uniform for all the placft and ifme flxed for the sale, con- bonds of the same Issue and shall bo tlntie such sale, as to the whole of the determined and flxeil by the Veterans' bonds offered, or any part thereof of- Finance Committee of 1943 according fer<*d, to such time and place as he may to the then prevailing market conditions, select Before offering any of said but shall In no rase exceed 5 per cent bonds for sale the said Treasurer shall per annum, and the determination of. detach therefrom all coupons which said committee as to the rate of Inter- have matured or will mature before Uielest shall be conclusive as to the then day flxed for such sale prevailing market conditions The In- «990R Due notice of the time and terest coupons to be attached to the said lace of sale of all bonds shall be given bonds shall he payable at semiannual y said Treasurer by publication In one intervals from the date of issuance of newspaper published In the City and said bonds, provided, that the interest County of San Francisco and also by coupon flrst payable may, If the Vet- pnbllc.atlon In one newspaper published erans' Finance Committee of 1943 shall. In the City of Sacramento and by publl* so determine and specify, b« payable cation In one npwspaper published in the one year after the date of Issuance of City of Los Angeles once a week during said bonds four weeks prior to such sale In addl- 991 2 All actual and necessary ex- tlon to th*» notice last above provided penses of the Veterans' Finance Comfor, the Slat* Treasurer may give such mittee of 1943 and of the members FOR THE VETERANS BOND ACT OP IMS TKu act provides for • bond IMU* of thirty mtlljon dollar* (1)0,000,000) to tw used by V*ur«ns' Vclfar* ftoard in Assisting California war vauranl acquire farms or l|nmtt. 1 AGAINST THE VETERANS BOND ACT OP 194). This act providts for a bond iscn* of thirty million dollars ($10,000,000) to b* used by tb« Veterans* W*lf«r* Board in assisting California war veterans to acquire farms or homes. IIOLT.YWOOD, Oct. 3. CP)—Movio AcU>r Cary Grant ami his \vifo, Barbara Hutton Grant, tho dime store heiress, have announced their reconciliation after six weeks' separation. They said they \voro leaving town for several days and issued this statement through an U. K. O. studio spokesman: "Yes, it Is true that we havo. effected a reconciliation. Tho truth of our mis understanding' and eventual reunion, despite all gossip and conjecture, is known only to us and wo feel sure that the press and puhlic wilt respect it as being 1 our own affair. "Kxeept to say that we are grateful for the good wishes of our sin- core, friends, we have .no further statement to make." s. Grant is contesting with a former husband, Count } fau^u it/.- Uevcntlow, for custody oC their son, Lance, 0, now with the former Danish count. CThls proposed taw. by act of the Legislature passed at Its fifty-fifth ses signing, countersigning, or endorsing | further notice as he may de«*m ad visa-1 thereof 1 In the performance said bonds Each bond Issued under hie, hut ih* expense and cost of such ad- of their duties arising out of the pro- iiion. is submitted to the people In ac- this article shall contain a clause orUlHonal nntire shall not exceed the sum visions of this article shall be paid out rordance with the provisions of Section clauses stating that Interest shall cease of five hundred dollars <$600> for each of the Veterans* Farm and Home Bulld- I of Article XVI of the Constitution I |to arcrue thereon from and after the sal* *u> advertised The proceeds of the Ing Fund of 1943. upon approval of the date of maturity thereof and referringU a ii» of surh bonds and such amount as State Board of Control and on Con- PROPOSED LAW |to this article and to the resolution of may have been paid a* accrued Interest troller's warrant duly drawn for that the Veterans' Finance Committee of thereon shall be forthwith paid over by purpose, and shall constitute expenses CHAPTER 585 11943 hereunrter by virtue of which SAldUald Treasurer Into the Veterans' Farm of the Veterans' Welfare Board ( bond Is Issued, and Home Building Fund of 194S and 991.3 The State Controller, the An act to add Article 4, comprising 0903 The requisite number of suit- must he used exrluslveiy in aiding vete- State Treasurer and the Veterans' Fl- Sectfont MO to 991.5 inclusive, to able Interest coupons, appropriately rans In the acquisition of, or payments nance Committee of 1943 shall keep Chapter 6 of Division 4 of the Military numbered, shall be attached to each for. farms and homes, In accordance full and particular account and record and Vettrana Codt. authorizing the bond issued under this article Said with the provisions of this article and of all their proceedings under this arti- creation of a debt or debts, liability interest coupons shall bear the facsimile Article 3 of this chapter, provided, that rle. and they shall transmit to the Cover liabilities, through the iaiuanct signature of the State Treasurer who the proceeds from the sale of said ernnr an abstract of all such proceed- *nd salt e* Statt bond*, for the tinpUUhall be In office on the date of Issuance bonds may be used to pay the debt ere- ings thereunder, with an annual report, object of creating a fund to provide of the bond to which said coupons per-l a ted by the Issuance and sale thereof I to be by the Governor laid before the farm and home aid for veteran* In tain 9909 The Veterans' Welfare Board legislature biennially, and all books accordance with the provisions of the 9904 All bonds Issued under this!| n authorized, with the approval of the and papers pertaining to the matter Veteran* Farm and Homt Furcha** article and sold shall be deemed lo have state Department of Finance, to Invest provided for In this article shall at all Act of 194S; creating a Veteran* 1 been called in at their respective dates a ny surplus moneys In the Veterans' times be open to the Inspection of any Finance Committee of 1943; defining O f maturity and the State Treasurer Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943 party Interested, or the Governor, or the powera and duties of said com- shall, on the respective dates of matur-m bonds of the United States, or of the the Attorney General, or a committee mittee and of the Veteran*' Welfare ity of said bonds, or as soon thereafter State of California, or of the several of either branch of the Legislature, or Board and other State officer* in as said t»..:tured bonds are surrendered counties or municipalities or other I a j O | n t committee of both, or any cltl- re*p*ct to the administration of the to him. pay the same out of the proceeds political subdivisions of the State of |xen of the State. provision^ hereof; providing way* of the Controller's warrants drawn In California, and to sell such bonds, or § EC 2 This act, If adopted by the and mean*, excluciv* of loan*, for the his favor as provided In Section 990.5 any of them, at the governing market I people .shall take effect on the fifteenth payment of the interest of «uch debt and perforate the bonds so paid with a rates, upon approval of the State D*- day of November 1944 as to all Its or debt*, liability or liabilities, a* suitable device In a manner to indicate parlmont of Flnanr^. or the Veterans' provisions except those relating to and tuch interest fall* due, and ai*o for such payment and the date thereof He Welfare Board may, with the approval necessary for Its submission to the the payment and di*charg* of the shall also, on the said respective dates of the Director of Finance, *" v eat|people and for returning canvassing, principal of «uch d«bt-or debts, liabil-]of maturity, cancel all bonds bearlnglmoneys In such fund, In interest-bearlnglJJnd proclaiming the votes, and as to •Mrs. Roosevelt Wi Urge Registration WASHINGTON 7 . Goto. fl. W)—Mrs. Franklin I). Roosevelt .said today she doos not believe that tho President will make any ox tensive campaign trip before the November election. However, the President's wife told hor first nmss conference since D-Day that she (loos not know tho President's campaign plans. Hor statements were is response to inquiries. "I don't think tho President is jrointf to lako «ny trip," the first lady said. "I don't see how ho can." As for herself, Airs. Kuosevelt said that whilo she "n«vor campaigns'* she will make speeches before, the election about the importance of registering for the election and of ON FURLOUGH—Corporal Hubert Grows Is lionio on a 30-day fur- ph after spondinpr L'S months in tho southwest I'noit'ic. lie is tho son of T\Ir. find Afrs. Robert Crews and prnndson of Mrs. Kffic Grindstaff Miller of this city. Corporal Crows wears the Purple Heart and four stars, representing- the battles of (luadalcanal, Tarawa, Saipan and Tinian in which he participated. Ho was also awarded a Presidential Citation. 7 Issues Advance on L. A. Market ity or liabilities, as *uch principal said dates of maturity and remaining mituro; appropriating money for unsold, by perforation with a suitable tttt oxponst of preparing and of ad- device In a manner to Indicate such can- vertiting th« salt of bond* herein eellation and tm» date thereof Th*> pro- authorized to be itaued: and provid- visions of this section shall be a p pi lea - ing for the •ubmisiion of this act to I hie a I MO to the Interest coupons per- a voto of tho people at the general taining to the bonds authorized by this election to be held in the month of article to be issued, and shall be appli- November. 1944. (Approved by Governor May 18, 1943.m rt . r FUed with Secretary of State | 990.5 May 18. 1943 ) cable, as far a." practicable, to any duly authorized agent of the Stato Treas There is hereby appropriated from the General Fund In the State * ^ «* .-».-, » .treasury such sum annually as will be The people of the State of California necessary to pay the principal of and do enact as follows: | tne interest on the bunds issued and sold SECTION 1. AfciCle 4, comprising Sec- pursuant to the provisions of this article, tiojis 990 to 99!. 3, inclusive, is added as said principal and Interest become to Chapter 6 of Division 4 of the Mill tary and Veterans Code, to read : due and payable There shall be collected annually In 4 Votomrni Bond Act of 1943 the hame manner « nd «;* the name time 4 veterans Bono AC\ or i»*<j i olher guue revenu ^ |8 collected such 990. This article may be cited as the L sumi t n addition to the ordinary reve Veterans Bond Act of 1943 — ^^_ . ^ ^^^^^^ f j nueB of the State, as shall be required Building Fund of 1943 shall paid into and credited to said fund. 991 — ran s' Fl 990.1. For the purpose of creating to pay tne principal and interest on said a fund to provide farm and home aid bonds as herein provided, and It Is for veterans In accordance with the hereby made the duty of all officers provisions of the Veterans Farm and charged by law with any duty In regard Home Purchase Act of 1943, and of all to t h e collections of said revenue, to do acts amendatory thereof or supple- an( j perform each and every act which mental thereto, the Veterans' Finance 8na u be necessary to collect such addl- Committee of 1943 created by this artl- tional sum cle shall be and It hereby Is authorised on the several dates of maturity of and empowered to create a debt or L a j ( ] principal and interest in each fiscal debts, liability or liabilities, of the yea r. there shall be returned into the State of California, In the manner and General Fun* In the Slate treasury, all to the extent hereinafter provided, but O f tn e money H in the Veterans' Farm not otherwise, nor in excess thereof. am j Home Building Fund of 1943. not in|i943 990.2. After the Issuance of theUxr.ess of the principal of and interest on | Upon request of the Veterans' Wel- certificates of deposit of State banks ga | d excepted provisions this act shall having a paid-up capital of five hundred lake effecl immediately thousand dollars ($500,000) or mom; SEC 3 Thi! , act shall be submitted provided, that the total amount of L th peop , e of tne Slate of California The first lady said during tho conference that when she visited Madame. Chiang Kai-Shek recently in a Now York hospital, tho wife of the Chinese generalissimo looked I/XS ANGKL/ES, Oct. 3. OP)—Prices wore mixed with 7 issues advancing, (> declining and 12 unchanged on a turnover of fi500 shares at the opening of ilie stork market today. Consolidated Steel common, Pacific Lighting and Standard Oil of California advanced. .Declines wen 1 recorded by Lockheed Aircraft, Monasoo -Mi' nnfaclur- ing. 1 'arilir Mas and Klertric and Sinilliorn California Kdisun G I»T cent preferred. Stock— Ttntulini JVtrnlrtim Close '•' + " very ill. " *° dpafwtn * y ne shall not exceed a sum equal to 60 per iY' : * _* it_ . u ^. I _A .m_» ->^__.lA^l _ 4 _• . -_.L. L.^.tal_ lCld_*l for their ratification at the next general rent provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall Inhibit or be construed to Inhibit the depositing In banks in accordance with the provisions of an act entitled "An act to authorize and control. th« depositing In banks of I be be Nvember In the month of all ballots at said have printed thereon and , the words. Act of 1943, ' moneys the Stat of acts con with this act.*' proved April 12. 1923, and of any and all ou amendatory thereof or wpplemen- tal thereto, of moneys of any of the funds subject to the control of the Vete- ' ran S ' Welfare Board or appropriated for Its mnnevH of the Veterans' Farm and the In the same square under said words ier type "This for a bond Issue of thirty ($30.000.000) to be used the Veterans' Welfare Board in ng California war veterans to homen." In the square the square contain- here shall be printed the words, "Against the d in Bay Meadow's Top Won by Button Hole 1943." in brevier type shall be printed "This act provides for a bond Issue of million dollars < $30.000.000) to PAN JIATEO. Oct. 3. UP>—Button Hole, owned by tho Tlioson Brothers Stables of San ^laleo, Calif., nnd riilclon by .Ralph Noves, won tho feature r;u:o at Hay .Meadows yc.sterday. Time for tho six I'nrlonns was 1:11, Kind Sir was second and Herald finished third. Shut l T p, a contender in this year's Kentucky Derby, ran last in a five-horso 1'inlil. JUne Uuiimuul Ci'i ossnii A ircraft ... a I lull _ St. PC I com .......... - ......... « 1 t Lincoln I'ut roh-utu A iu rn ft 4 1! 'J. 1 i .' 4 H.viin AL'rniutul iu;i Sin«-l;ii r < MI Snuihrrn l*;i lifnrniii KMismn curn ~'.< Snuth'Tfi c.,|if. Kdlsfni «•;• ptd :u St.-Hiilurii nil of Ciilyifomia 3d rniisauiericfi liKl INS TO SCKIMMAOK S ANCJKLKS, Ort. linbo Uorroll of tho U. C. I,. A. Hruins, today said bis squad would o worlviiiK 1 to iron out rouyh which cost t hoin last S.'itur- M-'nno with tho I'nivcrsity of 3 lorroll scht-duled a to follow today's clialk talk on siiuils and blocking. (o I'rcvlouw 1'ur.vle and chairman of the Veterans' Welfare I wor< !f " P , or the Veterans Bond Act of CLftU ^Ilcill lilltll V* IIIO » CICI dUD vVfTii(LIV|^QjAii nn ,l <*A ffn Inaf tVlp VelCFAn Board, all of whom shall serve thereonP/*Af ia!i? " thorl fi haii h<> i«ft without compensation and a ti»Jorlty A« ®f I94S ^erenhall be left .^^ «* „.*,«-„ -U A II K^ ^mn^ur.vA^i *,\ n r,* f^v in WnlCn me votPFH may |jm^ u ti V ,.^ ARMY LEADER ^,rcSs^i l e be -fK?3sss?.j o G i s;.a s ^^r^u^y^*^ nfth. Stats shall be the tee&l advUer c» te whether they vote for or aKainnt or is: vX^'i^^M ste i»;rv.*. m «:i ntv ion LIO.I i^c> vi i.iiv (RXCcnn OI lllO prlllLlptfl Ul M.IPU IIILVI ecu vm i u|juii i rv|u^oi "i mo *WVIMI»D >* ci- proclamation of the Governor announc-1 t | ie sa i(j bonda then due and payable fare Board, supported by a statement of a oroBH onposlta "For'the Veterat.s Bond Act nd thoflt* voting against the shall do so by placing a crows Vet- HORIZONTAL out 1,5 Pictured 51 Obscure commander of 52 Russians U. S. Army Services of \ng the ratification of this article, and and. In the event of such money** so re- the plan* and projects of the Veterans'i----„. . wnprtq -Acfllnst the Vet- Immediately after adoption of any reso- turned on aald dates of maturity being Welfare Board with respect thereto, the 2?f«f n^ Ant ,7f iVn" Provided lutlon by the Veterans' Finance Com- tewi than the said principal pnd interest Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 fW»?°"'* £j^ V otlni of said genera mlttee of 1943 hereby created, provided then due and payable, then in* balance shall determine wheth.r or not a bond^at where the voting^ or saw gen A for in Section 991.1, the State Treas- remaining unpaid shall be returned into issue undt-r this article is necessary or SShSJ« used Durauant to law In such urer shall prepare the requisite number the General Fund in the State treasury desirable lo carry such plans and oroj- macmnea usea P"7" a "; tl V£Vtent of of suitable bonds of the denomination of ou t O f said Veterans 1 Farm and Home ects Into execution. i manner as 10 i-auy one thousand dollars ($1,000) in ac- Building F'und of 1S43 as soon there- 991 1 Whenever the said Veterans' cordance with the Hpeciftcatlons -con- after an it shall become available, to- Finance Committee of 1943 shall have talned tn such resolution. The aggre-1 get her with Interest thereon, from such determined that a bond issue under this VERTICAL I Spurt Supply, Maj.- 2 Indian «rtion mirh use of such voting ™ " nd n Session of and *™ mp deemed Kate par value of all bonds Issued under dates of maturity until so returned, at article is necessary or desirable to carry this article shall not exceed the sum the rate of 6 per cent per annum, com- such plans and projects Into execution, or mis of thirty million dollars < $30,000.000), pounded semlannually .it nhall adopt a resolution to this effect ; »J*w mply with the provisions ,... The Governor of this nclude the submission or as and the bonda Issued under any such r Both principal and interest of said The said resolution shall authorize and this act to resolution shall bear Interest from the bonds shall bv paid when due upon war- direct the State Treasurer to prepare the nij P™ 1 *' date of Issuance of said bonds to the rants duly drawn against said appro- requisite number of auitable bonds and erai « ie "ion- „_,„..„. fnr or aeainst date of maturity thereof, at a rate to pr iation from the General Fund by the shall specify: l^^f.^^rm^Antwne^Anii be determined by the said Veterans' controller of the State in favor of the l The aggregate number, aggregate this art shall be counted, returned ana Finance Committee of 1943 and sped- state Treasurer or In favor of any duly par value, and the date of issuance of c «" v af sedn/ f "^ H l^Y f ? t hen Jme rules fled In mich resolution, but in no case authorized agent of the State Treasurer, the bonds to be issued. J nm " n fl*" d .t "ffr StaS offices and if exceeding 6 per cent per annum. Both upO n demands audited by the State De- 2 The date or dates of maturity of as votes ca« t for^.^ °^[ 8h ' a ^ ar ^ principal and interest shall be payable partmertt of Finance, and the moneys to the bonds to be Issued and the number it *Pp»r that said act snail^naxe^re^ In lawful money of the United SUtes. K e returrvd Into the General Fund in the and numerical sequence of thei bonds celved a majorit> or an ine at th* office of the State Treasurer, state treasury pursuant to the provi- maturing at each date of maturity for *"£.ME^nst » at saia or at the office of any duly authorized Lion? of this section shall likewfse be 3 The annual rate of Interest which aforesaid. ^J"\ n g? nPBBan iroJided and agent of the Slate Treasurer, and ahail paid as herein provided upon warrants the bonds to be issued shall bear leffect an hereinbefore pro\iaeq. .anu be so payable at the times specified In duly drawn by the Controller of the 4 The number, numerical sequence, •aid resolution or resolutions state upon demands duly audited by the amount or amounts and the dates ^ and Interest or tne n , All bond* toued under this article state Department of Finance. maturity of the Interest coupons to be created shall be pam •hail bear the facsimile signature of 990 0 The-sum of thlrty-flve thou-1 attached to the said bonds. and the Governor an an the Governor and the tacalmfie counter-Uand dollars < $35,00t) is hereby appro- 6 The technical form and language tlon thereof , but: ir^a a _ B1F1Hl lllja •icnatui* of the Controller and shall be prlated out of any money in the §UtB O f the bonds to be.Issued and of *he votes cast wafores^d are w»'™ ^J mdorMd by the State Treasurer either treasury not otherwise appropriated to interest coupons to be attached thereto, act then the same ahaii oe ana oecuinv by original signature or by a signature pay the expenses that may be incurred in determining the date or dates of vow. f h stamp adopted for each particular bond by the State Treasurer In having said maturity of the said bonds and the SKC. 7 It shall be Jhe duty wine lasvtS under thto article and the bonds bonds prepared and in advertising their amount of bonds maturing at each date Secretary of State In ac^?"?*^" 1 ; •hall be signed, countersigned and en- sale. Bald amount shall be refunded to of maturity, the Veterans' Finance law to have this act nubiishea in ai dorsed by tha officers who shall be In the General Fund In the State treasury Committee of 1141 shall be guided by least one newspaper in office on the d«te of Issuance thereof, out of the Veterans* Farm and Home the amounts and dates of maturity of city and Bounty u or - . and each of said bonds shall bear an Building Fund of 1943 on Controller's the revenuesesUmated to accrue to the therein, throug^ r "v.TT _- .._""•« *.._. _- .^^ -*-»_i •?_,...__ ^ -.w_* 'veterans' Welfare Board from the months next preceding tne general eiec- Gen. 8 Caterpillar hairs 9 Sea eagle 11 Circuitous route 12 Oozes 14 Fondle 15 Misplaced 3 Drag 4 Roman emperor 5 For fear 6 Before DANIELS that 37 Encourage 39 Town in Utah 40 Genus of 7 Compass point 23 Floor covering maples compass 19 Entire 20 Perfect waavie mm*** »••• • > mrv vumu+m ^*^*»B^ »»»*•»*• ^I-*»IB»^ mf^^+*i*+mm »««wj ^r**^** »»w *** w--^ — —- -— • — --^- ——— T il«" ^^"W K . A — .._*— _A1 ^B-. __ ~*_^ll ^M'^ ^»A *«*•**«•• «V*ill> rtPaWTTl Till* valid and binding obligation upon the Treasurer sold at public auc&on to the together with the date* and amount* of Contro"—• w»rr»m. nuw arawn ior State of California, although the sale highest bidder for cash. In such parcels interest payments on the said bond Is- that p thereof be made at a date or dates upon and numbers as the said Treasurer shall sue. they shall «olnclde, as nearly *£ «• a*;v;;i^A™~RViMiri« Fund Said which the officer, having signed, coun- to directed by the Governor of the StaleJp™^ temgnetf and endorsed aald bonds, or under seal {hereof, after a resolution of such anlmatoA reiwmM; prov^ anyor either of said officers, shall have requesting such sale shall have been that the bonds flrst to »nature In each JJ*^* *^ *™£ n tf e ^^ ceased to be the Incumbents of the adopted by the Veterans'Welfare Bc^lMue. shall mature nMU^ offices held l>v them at th« time oflana approved by the Governor of the I year s from the date of Issuance thereof ;lby the State Department or Finance. 8. 16, 22, 29; Sept. 6, 12, 19, 26, Oct. 3, 10. 17, 24, 31 8 Hardens 10 Heroic 11 Animal 13 Anon 16 Charged atom 14 Scrutinize 18 Remainder 17 Point of the 20 Image 21 Year ab.) 22f Either 24 Alleged force 25 Symbol for neon 26 Tungsten (ab.) 27 French article 28 Any 30 Symbol for silver 31 Ambary 32 Part of "be" 34 Ring out 36 Crippled 38 East (Fr.) 39 Verbal (2 Wager 43 Sot 46 Tip 49 Be dull and spiritless 50 Turn inside 24 Aged 28 Mimic 29 Bird's home 32 So be it! 33 Encountered 41 Bathe 44 Seed container 45 Roof finial 47 Color 35 Small particle 48 Bitter vetch errfielb Cahfornian Tuesday, October 3, 1944 NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE NK\V A i.tskii All "I • '' Ail:* C Ii i'; •t' i, . i , , A 'll''i .' • .\III-I ' Ani"f. . VI n V . ; K" I ,' J" XV M :t r 1 M in I II Par' y - - -*•—-»• ' - 'i -—V J » « !ii t >;i > . r: i • i an i AIM*, rn .ui i l in*- 1 • .V TM r *: A * -i 'i r A in- r < •* M T : .V n*» ' -.< * U V i A n,! • DM'J J A • :n"ii; ,V * A 1 m-"::, TI A f i-> :. i K- i A vi. 1 1 .on t.*' -.-iM.-. -h I-" 1 U/!;»i \ A \ ,,l ;t r fi j,u)i in r- U" , u*4 A u IT 'i 'N n <• H fc T ^ \V:i ,'1 11 v VI. r . t m . , . ._ * 1 _• Na-h I.,' ! ! .\ ; , «'• i ,v ;^. i i. L .< 1' *; h A vis* tion ' J '' -Ull ( t .... r. '•'* K.'ectric ! I' mnuni n A ir^ a> ' 1 ^ ur*» . -I I — .M " -* . M . '!.* 21 fn; i:. rt! * i n .n\ - 'ii i.-* '.1. l T r J |>. 11 1,1 1 M • - * : 1 1 M V i*u< I. J . .:• '1 l '»M L r 1 * ju H » us *.« j- 1 ' i ' " - I '.: L •> 1 'h ' I hps I'-'M '?^:nn ______ . " V'» ^ of N- J - 1 - meri j :a - K 1 * „ 47': ! ^ I'M f ia 's n i M i MI I 1 -* .rtiHi . s '- L t * ;;tn arM i 1,1 I I'l * 'J il t ii t hU I 1 ** 5 n: i ; > I ^ * ' • ^ ' ' n ] ^ \\ • all ti f'-ti'-^ U * ,i I* h <v > .i L* il I'M I,-** HI M It "»' L ST i"-! n i I -i .: 1 - '' 4 i ; - b * » it lh hi - ^ 1., X~< 1K\ tr» .TV i. "! 1 * i...,** O i » R -i^ i;n;nr ( i ...-'*•'*.»**»••« V 1 '* J M P* •** I — - l\ - > r n h t i * M M 'M i'.' I I' J ' ll ... I 'ill I i^S*\V M Li s A 1 1 i y ' i. 14 - i i n A 1 1 limn ' '\ • t -' H- J. . 4 N r » " • . -. *1 * J a k^ Mining 1 I'M ^lu-;-' 1 1 - rt l Min -» l' i 17 nt I n r Can nat mini l'«M> n;i t 'Ui:i! T'-l. SpfM-ry ' *on«>r« to ST.tndai*! Mran'fn SI an*la r<l * Jus & SNui-Ianl O'i of St.ttnla r 1 Oil nf Indiana Stan*la nl Oil nf N. J *>q ft, ....*»•**• *- ** i • • • v ••• 4 •( oxas fompany ' Wat-v" ASMM laled Oil — 4* . m, .*• • •*•** ~ •' Vi ansnmerira & \V9*U*rn A \r Inn Oil of California , V rnnn Pn 'M f i'* « 21 ...... — Aircraft i *ni por;tt ion *- - tlus Imp. «.*-*. — Slat PS Rubber I'nltnd States Stn?i — ~ Bros. Pi< turps ™. Union 1> JRU Klmv worth --• n Sheet * Tube ..... \ 3 1 a * 1 '^ -* ir ---- ..... 4!*% ** 58% — i j -* **.**—*. Airline Shares Stocks Irregular on S. F. Market Strong on N. Y. Market I)0\V JONES AVERAGES Preliminary closing I3ow-Jones nvrraKos: Industrial 14G.91, off O.ftl: railroad 40.S3, off 0.04; utility 1!;V07. up 0.03; 6."i stocks 02.61!, off 0.01. Hnlca were 740.390 shares compared with SI5,040 yesterday. Cnrn turnover was 243.405 shares against 249,770 ypstorday. XH\V YORK, Oct. 3. (UP.) — Strength iu airline shares and softuesH in aircrat'ts marked an irrrpular trend in tho stock market today. The airlines .scored Ri.ins ranging to a point in American. Eastern and Pennsylvania Central were up. fractionally, the latter to a new hitfh for the year. This group has attracted attention by virtue of recent heavy orders placed with aircraft makers for planes to be delivered after fall of Germany. AVright Aeronautical countered n declining trend with a one-point rise. (Irumrvmn led the selloff with a loss of more than a point and smalt dips were noted in Douglas and United. Continental Motors was active and hit a now high on a small rise. Chrysler and General Motors were lower. Steels steady. American Locomotive firmed in an otherwise soft rail equipment list. Kails generally were firmer. Los Angeles Livestock T.OH ANGEM-:S. Oct. 3. (UP)—Cattle sHlahlp ir.00. slow, fully Biondy; modlum to Kuotl steers S13.r,0<tf 14.S6; medium to K«o«l sraas lieffom $11.BOW 12.75. medium to Rood rowH J10.2fiftfll.60: cutters and common $8.2r.@lO; cunmTs an/I cutters $6 little done on hulls, late Monday meaUy to 23 renta Inwer; Eood to i-hoko load* $14<3'14.50. Calvca italable 200. steady, medium to ohnli-c ranB> en IVOR $12<S> 13. 75. common lo medium $3.50 flMl.&O. Ilmrs Hiilihlo -too. fnirly artlve. steady except Bovv-i 2T> to GO centa lower; medium to rholro 180-240 lb». $16.75: heavier * $15 mnliiim to choice SOWH $13.50 0- arood to choice feeder pie» J14.75 SAX FRANCISCO. Oct. 3. Western stocks were irregular today. Meier & Frank, Portland Department Store, rose }i to a new hifrh at 16 and American Faactors pained T«, while JLockheed dipped H ami Pacific Gas. }£. Honolulu Oil and Pacific Cement common rose MJ. Among- small changes, Southern Pacific and Transamerlca dipped the latter going to 9%. Stock— Aircraft Accessories . AllaH Diesol '.'oust Counties jifd - - Closi ** •»«* *• 1 •* iv*»•«••#•*«**•( A 4 Kmporium-Cupwell Kiirnswnrth Hale Brother*..-.. Honolulu Oil ~ Lockheed Air,.—. Meier & Frank '*•*•»* + »' 26 62 23 38 Manufacturing, Pacific Clas & Electric.„ ^ Pacific Gas & Electric 6'i pfd Pacific UHS A Electric 6?a pfd n. JC. & S. Company pfd Kheem Manufacturing Southern California Gas pfd- A ^ .Southern Pacific «— Sperry com t Victor Equipment \Vaiahm Acr "Western. Pipe IS 10 32 37 17 U .***** 4 *»•! 29 a? **«•< •I Cotton Futur NBW YORK. Ot. 3. C?>>—Sma!t mill yinir and acatttr*d local ami commit- si on house demand lent a steady tone to totton futures today. Volum* ot trading was small reflecting the confuiion created by the government cotton buying 1 Poultry and ERRS T.OS ANdKLKS. Ort. S. U W snle pi-ii-eH cnnHumrr sradi': A firi^rifir. grado B :i:i1?3fic: rue- ilitim. si-ado A 49'U'SOi. 1 . small, urade A )let:nl prices to ronstiiiier: T.arsc. ifrade J^«Sr, Ki-tnl" A ti^((fB(H-. grade B Ilr; niedinni. trmle AA 5fif(i>fi1e. grade A rifiWflO; sinull. Krnde A 2ft ^32c. C'nndled Kruded VKK* tn retnilerw (capes): T.arRe. uradp AA r>x^©5H<'. Krade A :.7<', jrrade H ati'itt-: medium, grnda AA :,i|fa'r»li(\ grade A 4f) f '^5L'c; small, gnide A TV. Los Angeles Cash Grain (ii N w LOS ANOKLK.S, On. 2. (A 3 )— tiraln iuiallniu* ftnin tho Kodoral-Slate Market *'\VJ Servit-e. (I'rlrps quoted are cwt., run. m raclots on!v.) barley. Kradinir 44 |b«.. bulk -.17 ''j. Texan yellow miln. No. hulk. JL'.t7 Ia C(l^.2i: l u. Cwlifornla heat, bulk. No. 1 hard or soft white t;«w"'2.ti:>. No. Z oata, 3a Iba.. bulk li l ii IN APPRECIATION <* wish to exprras our appreciation for tlit> Uimlni'KH and pvinpathy of nur fnrmlf nnd t't»r tli^ir br;iut il'ul floral ofi'iMin^n flnriim our i pmit bcri avrin'-nt. (Sii;niMi) Mr. ini'l Mr«. l^stt-r llrn>d. It-.y M. llcruil. \V. 11. Miiy, Mrs. Cora Bo wen. Wo wiph to oxpross our annn-ciation fnr (ho Uindnon antl «yjni>:tthy of our frlf*nd» ,'tn.l fin 1 in^ir hfaillilHI flnrul oftctinps during our I'-'-cnl h-'i^av MihM fume Ciini. Mrs. F Mr. ;ind MPP. tV»P CIMMI, Mr. pud Mrs. Alfred rurn. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hicks and t.'llil I It'.i ClhMl. -f ' VH m v ^ •• v * m Southern advices reported a critical Inbor shortage with picking ogwrailouB fnr behind a. year affo. which forecast continued small ginnlngs. T.ate afternoon price« were 10 to 3s cents a bale higher. October 22.09. December 21.99, March 22.06. Futures cloaed 30 cents a bale hither to 10 cents lower. October 22.0SO 2L'.09. Doc-ember 21.93©yi.94, March 22.01. May 22(9^2.03. July 21.83." middling: spot 22.43 nominal. Los Anff*>Us Produce) LOS ANGKLES, Oct. 3. 05*)—Tradinr (n fruits and vegetables was very Blow today. Cabbuge, squash, tomatoea, cauliflower, celery, figs, corn and potatoes alight ly weaker; eggplant firm; lettuce about steady on best <B and weaker on 6a. Cabbage: Local Cannonball. crates S3 ®3.60; GO-lb. sucks, Colorado 11.&091.75; red cabbage, local crates $5.50. Squash: White Summer, local. Ban Dl- PRO county and northern M.50<$2; Italian. local. San Diego county and northern SI.6092: Yellow Crookneck. local. San DIPKO county and northern, lugs best $1.75 Tomatoes: Local, San Diego county and] Ventura county, lugs 4x53 to 6x6s $1.50^ 2; Santa Maria, 0x58 and 5x6s Jl!®@2.25; Wat.sonvillp. 6xQa and 5x«s $1.75@ 2.25; Sart Luia Oblspo, 5x5a and 5x63 J2<U>2.50; Lompoc. 6x5s and oxCs $1.7592.25; Santa, Harbura. 2-layer. &x5s and oxtis $1.50 Cauliflower: Local Snowball, crates untrimmed, $1.75^2; Santa Clara county $3 (&>;:.25; pony crates, Santa Barbara county and Sun Luis Gbiapo county $1.5091.75. y: Local. Pascal. 20-22 Inch crate* 2: pony crates. Santa Barbara ajid San Luia Obinpo county $1.5091.75. Corn: Local, Golden Crow, luga 3-3 1 » dozen $1.35^1.65; Oregon, nacki & .down. holdover* $1.75(8*2; Wastiington. orange boxc*. 6 doacn $3.6092.75. Potatoes: Street naif*. 100-!b, tacks Lon« Whites, Satitfua and Tehachapl. U. S. 1-A $:i 40(riJ't.SO; Tiii.ssetH, Idaho. U. S. I- A. $3.-J5(«i 3.uO; Klamath. U. S- 1-A IS.iO Urocpoll: Santa Barbara county, erales $5.-5. Ettpplant: Local and San Joaquin valley 8<f£10u |b, Lclture: Pry park. Santa Barbara, county. San Luia Obispo county and Watson vilK era IPS 4s $1.10; Santa Clar* county, 4s S3.50. Los Ang«l«* Hay LOR AN'CJELK?. Oct. 3. OP>— Atfalfa and jcnim hay prices wore unchanged to<);iy except for r. J?. No. J green and Nd. a leafy Ji^'fj) 23.50. Carlot arrivals: ,T(i wheat. R barley, 4 corn, 6 milo, « Clour, ti ct'rciil. til) hay. Bonds NR\V YOHK. Oct. 3. W—The closing ..-CM nf bonds un the New York Stock (t hanger I";?;. r,!)-Rfl, 100.1R, 6'J-Cl. June. 100.7(. 2 U OBITUARY NOTICES (.•mpluv.'i y mi.-rn rn-r airoiu. ;i ml A In i !> (>p;i. \\ hero h« vvurli'-d for lh*» Si.tint:iMi ">it i.'umpanj. Hr is survive'! bv hi« \\nlnw. Mrs. Kslhor I0ni^rt"n, A i t-n> u l '.i-ii ink 1 : t vvn HODS, l-'retJcrtrk \V. 1 •:nii.'i ">n, c'MjiliPKa. Mini Gilbert Km.T- inn, in IVi M;I unit thie>3 Branddau^h- t PI s. both of Arvin. (,UKI;MI \i (.11. MINMK -runoi-ai -*orv- H MM fur .Mrn. Miiini'! i'."'>M]h;))t;li have hct-n «t't for 'I n. in. \\ iM!net*itay from St. ,Mai-y's Catholic Chur-'h in OoluiHi \\ nh tho Kovcvi tut l^a (her Owen Mr MM I- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^B^^B^^B^H ^^^^^^^^^^^^BB^^B^^^^^^^B^B^^^^^^B^^^B^BP^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*^^*^^^^''^^^^^*^^^^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -- .- -. - • i^i ^^m ^^m •^^••M ^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^•^^^^^^••j^^^^^^a^^^^^^^^^^^ ^ »^ • i — - - — i ' — — - - . .. of St. John's Cathollo Church cf \VHSL-Q ctiehratmB the maos. Interment \\iii be in Delano Cemetery. Mrs. Green* h» 1Kb. it native of Germany and 47 years n id, di«il October 1 near Los Angeles. SHD la aurvived by her nuaband, Preston (.irct-nhHiuii. •who is in a veteran's ho«- piial at Wnlla Walla. \Vaah.; one dauffh- \w. Mrs. Kli/;i Murray of Bakerstleld. nntl two BOMS, Robert of Bakersfield *Tid Huyrinnd nf ht* Ansrelea. Sha was a. nu'inbor uf the Ameru-an Legion Auxil- Iwry Htu! of the !.adfe» Auxiliary of Delano I'ost No. 2390, Vetcrana of Foreign Wtirs. She had been a resident ot Delano for mor« than -0 years. TKI'K. JOHN I.AWSON—Funeral service* lor John Lawson True, 71'. who died September 30 tit a local hospital, ir\er« hnM October 2 ut 1:30 p. m.. at Greenlawn Chapel, the Reverend Holliiter Miller officiating. Interment will be la Greenlawn Memorial Park. Surviving: Mr. Trno are hi^ widow. Mrs. M. A. True, UOU9 Oregon street; »;ons Ira Tru«, Bpauinont: Lee True. Los Angeles; Jnhme Tfuo, Shatter: daughter*. Lottie KOOMT. Sania Kosa: Ruhi« Spoon, Baa l-'raiifisco: Viisie Tunne-hitl. Lindsny. Okl;i.; Martha Baxter, B^kersfield: Stella MedltK'k. Santa Barhara: Pearl Hay. Bakernflold; Arlenp Stone, TuUr»; 4S prandchiMrvn nnd l'C> ereat-graud- chilclren. UNION CEMETERY Furnishes OW NTAINERS RAVE MAKKEKS 1 LOWEST Office Within Monumental Display at Cemetery Entrance Phone 7-7185 Flickinger-Digier CHAPEL Distinctive Funeral Service at Moderate Cost Phon« 7-7M1 1 . »s Chester Avenue at Thirteenth J. C. Flltklictr AMBULANCE SEKV1CK DAY aod NIGHT

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