The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 15, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 15, 1936
Page 2
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THE BAKRRSP1BLD CAUFOllMAN, TUESDAY* SEPTEMBER IS, 1038 Problem of First Offender Is to Be ' Discuscscd »t Conference Sept. 13 | Man's Progress in j Transportation Is Shown by Incident (Vntttd /'MM Lca*r,A V(rf) CHICAGO, Hopt. IB,— The problem ot preventing first offenders from returning' to crime will bo dtacutiaod at tho slxty-fdxlh annual oongrnim of thu American Prlnon AnHOclatlon noro September 13 to JH. "Our problom IH not to ninn to read arid wrlin but to llvo pro- tlui'Uvply and deri'iitly on tho out- Hide," Mrs, ninni'ln' I.. l.alJn. HI. J'anl, president, explained. "Kortti- ] natoly, our mombernhlp IH roinpowd j principally of tliowe who ennio Into j dully contact wllb crlmlnulw. | Governor and attorn«yn jfenoral or ! all BtntPH bttvfi boon Invltod to fit- ' tend. Mr«. Franklin D. Hoonovelt Is vli'O-preflUlent of tho imsc'ir.liitlori. Thn board of dlrootorH Ini-ludefl Warden LewlD 15. bnw(.-H of HIlilJ SliiK prlKon; Hanford Batew director of thn federal bureau of prl*onn; WI-H. Mn udo Balllnjtton ttooth of (ho Volunteer!) of A morion.; .Timlin Miller, rhiilrman of Attorney General limner .s. Cummlnm' rommlHHlon on erlme prevention; Hoy HrHt, wnrdon of Colorado fllatn prlnon and Mabel Ban uplt, roinnilBHloner of mri-peilon of Oklahoma. (Unlled I'rrtl f.caicd CAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 15,- 1'our people nnt down to dinner In San I'Ynncisco Mondny night, nnd Tucwlay nlf?hl the onmc four people wU clown to dinner but one of them wn« In Honolulu, one In Vancouver, 11. C., oiu- in New York nnd tho other in Wanning* ton, D. C. Immediately after the dinner in San KranclHCO UICHC people; hoarded planes hound for the four points of Hie cornpasH nnd were nt different polnlN well over the western hemisphere the next dny. Ahonrd a «innt I'nn American Clipper ship one of I lie men flew westward to Honolulu, while the other* hoarded United Air Lines plancH for the overnight fliRhl I" New York and eaNlern cities nnd to Cnnadn. ,1/M'AN K/YCICH CIUHIH HAN f'KnitO, Hepl. 18. (A, I'.) • Japan fur«n n. financial <T!«|M nlnuMt iirmipialed In her hlntorv, wild Hur- toll Craw, flnniu'lnl editor nf Ilir. Jjipnti Advertiser, on nrrlvnl h<T<'. Tho new record budget of ;i,2:ni, 000,000 yen IH a n-ntill, Cnmo dc- (jl/ired, of (lemiindH by lit" urniy nnd navy for iinpr«'i'fr|i:iil'Ml liH-renceM. Rubber Must He Treated for In.suliilion Purposes by Special Process tunitntt I'rem J,< W(rt) I'lTTSBUriCJH, Kept. 16. —The loKlcal method of producing an Ideal Inmilatlon for cftblOB, tolnphono nnd oleolrloal llnoa IB to rniiko rubber watorproof by deprotelnlmllon, tho Arnorlcan Chomlcfl.1 Hocloty wnjj told today. In n, paper road before tho dlvlnlon of rubber ithemlmry, C. H. BOJWM and .1. T. BlaK" of tbo .Simplex Wlro arid Ciihln Company of I.ionton, wild untreated rubber WILH praollealljr Worth- IOHM n H nn Intnilntnr for fable* becitUBO of Its rapid abnorpllon of water. "Tho rubber or rommerco la prl- miLrlly n hydrocarbon, but conlalnn Niruill ninoiiiitH of other material*," the paper (mid. "TboBc conHlut of naltH, rwilnH and protolnn. Wo found Hint thu protein* not only abnorb writer but provide pat ha for mouUuro to ponQtrnto tho rubber. Momoval of tbn protohiH tnnkca rubber waterproof." I Hfti:ii««trig vnrloiiH ItiHulal.orH iiNcd, the paper nald rubber wn.n not waterproof If l.tif cxpoHuro to wutnr IB con- IIH nnd prnlonW'd. 3 2 years of Integrity LIE BEHIND THE NEW HAR11Y COFFEE STORE CXx NEW-fuslvionccl building serves only to rekindle that warm old-fashioned friendliness for you who have made our new home possible. Ours is a store you must like. Ours arc values that must be outstanding. Ours arc prices that must be fair. You must be pleased in every point of service, style, quality... no matter what price you pay. We want your patronage only because we deserve it...and deserve it we will. The new Harry Coffee's, you'll agree, is a tribute to its architects, an achievement for its builders, a contribution to the fine art of merchandising. But...your needs, your comfort, your wishes... arc first in our thoughts now as always. HARRY COFFEE HAH H 11 S F I E L W Allied Petroleum DownJSiOO Feet Allied Petroleum Company '« important otitpoftt, No, 20, In middle Mountain Vlow field In iirltlttur ahead at 3500 foot. Thn location, bclnff 14 mllo from inn noacnut producer and In tho NOtitlmaHt quarter of Hocllon J9, aO-2'J, IH far r-nough away from production to bo driMed ftn a wlldCdt. llowover, br-oaitiio ot the piifllillar fn,ultod condition of tho middle of th« flPld, It IM ilioiiKhi that It. ITIIH a guild cliiiniMi of production. • Hlifldoii Oil Company reports fu- vorabln Knowing Id HOKH No. 2 whk'h II''H liptwopn lhl« wnll and I ho provmi purl of tho field. Bill I'lir- kttr, MiipiM-tntandcnl of drilling, says that ft marker at 4000 feet connlHt- Ingr of a 2-foot Nlrlngftr of oil-hear. Ing wand and nomn cored which Indicates Hand, was that forrnti- tlonH nro fthccUIng? with HhHdon'H pumiior, HOKH N'o. 1. Uoplh of No. 2 now li 4250, Lakeview Deepening Work IsJSuccessful A ZfiO-burrcl pumper ban boon achieved from Union Oil Company'* Well at Kern Front to See More Work Completion of Associated OH Company's No. 21 In middle Kern Front field, section 2!!, 28-27, will not be effected until nome remedial work J» done. Preliminary pumping trlfil, with G%-lnch riming Set at 1957 foet on the Kern Ftlver oil Hands, yielded. only .11 'barrnlB oil nnd conHldcrable water, tho 'Avuter Witch" will be run to loon to the watflr, and Whin this Is arti-ompllHlied It will bo plugged off, and another production MeuMwhllo tbn drilling crow, with a portable Hoppor gasoline rotary, IIIIH drilled No. .11 lo 1!)34 feet and not. 8%-lncli cuMhiK «t 1034, and then spudded No. '11, both on tho uume lodso. Honolulu Spuds In First Premier Job Using portable electric-driven rotary machinery brought down front t» Wound Mountain lease, Honolulu Oil Corporation htia spudded Its In- tlal attempt to got production at the otith crtd of Premier "field, section , 28-27. This prbjflct, No. 89, off- els American Wxploratlon'a outpost lumper which Is said to be pumping 20 barrels dally from 2862 feet, Thrco wellB In Round Mountain leld which the aamo drilling crew and equipment have finished, now aro on production tests. No now lo- atlons have been staked out at louncl Mountain. OIL AGREEMENTS deepening operation nt No. 0, in tho Nnkovlow area of Wun- Hot field, section 25, 12-24. Formerly th6 well WMH Idle after producing for several yearn from the top Hand at 2000 font. New deplh IB !il)0r>. Gravity of the rrddo IH 2(1.2 which brings a differential of 14 eentN morn a barrel than oil from tho nearby Lakovluw No, 8, which tho company previously deepened to tho damn Hand and put on tho pump for 378 barrels of I'll.2 gravity. 4 Sell Coogan Farm to San Diego Man (4 mortal fit 1'rfHK l.ennrtl Wire) HAN UIICUO, Hept. K,.--Tbo 1000- acre ranel^ (if Jurkln C'oogtiu which the one-lime juvenile «oreen star IHIH not visited since I ho death of his father In 19,14, has bepti Hold. Gcorg" Kuwibiy, Han Diego piiimty rallleinim, bimght the properly, located near here, for approximately $-10,000. Congiin'H father nnd three companions wero Ullled In an iiutomobllo accident near tho ranch On May 4, IIKIH, an tho from Mexico. piirly wua returning Marketing Pack Is Approved by Brock HAIIIIAMKNTI Kept. lfi.--A. A. llri"'l<. dlri'i'lni- of nKi'lcnlluro toilny pprovr-d a iniirkotlng nBroiMrionl, for i<< Mtati-'H ilorldiioiiH fruit nnd al- loud trri- nursery Industry. l» jiirlHdlftlnn uovoi'H (ill Hi""'l" H f dccldiiotiH fruit mid abnond IrooM ill ck'<'» not Inc'lmlo ulbcr nut H. 'I'bn iiiirHPryinfii \vllhln HB rovliilotiH, pffofllvn Scplpnibrr 18, iimlior 107. C'allfornlii nui-Borynicn around 1'.700,000 ti'Pi'H with n roan HU|C*H viilun of nuurly JiiOO.OOO «l yi'iir. Tbo awrpoini'iit crratos a Iron In iiHtry board to lulmlnlHior tbo art, inpuHod by .1. I 1 '.. norBlboldl. N«'w- iiHllo; IT. 1''. KO\V|<T, Nowc-iistlo; Ipor^o O. UcpilhiK, Jr.. Nllim; T. H. trlbilnK. Merced; I'iny Sliinrt, Vouch Camp; William T. Klriimn, llnlhany; 'I'liornas Maxwell, ^Japa: Hay IJ. llurtiuan, of Han OHO und J. A. Armelrong of On- nrlo. Lcona M. Ifarlin to Diversified Roy- alt lex, Jjtd.—Assignment '/4 of 1 per oent royally interest In portion north- went ciurirtcr section 80, 30-23, within Kant Side canal boundaries. Hamo to nani0~8anie as above. Canal Oil Company to skme—• Same as above HB to 2 per cent Interest. Thn I'ptrol 'Corporation to same— Assignment 21 2/3 per cent oil, etc., from OtlH Tfoyt rotrol No. 1 well on portion southwest quarter section JO, 80-20. M, M.' albson to same—Assignment. U of 1 Per cnnl royalty ffoni north half of north hwlf of northeast quarter sectlon 21, 30-28. frank H. and I-,OU!HO T. Kolnpp to name—-ABSlKument 1/8 of 1 per cent oil, etc., from Bonth half of north half of northeast quarter and pant half of north half of north half of noiiih half of northeast quarter section Z\, SIO-28. Alfred Slcmon ct ux to same—Assignment ,'l j>er ennt oil, etc., from north half -of northwest, quarter Beo,- llon !I2, 27-27, eontnlnliig 7.722 acres. Curl T. Long lo llomn Corpora linn--Oprsratlnvr nnd drilling agreement un eiiBl hulf Bpc.tloli 20, 26-27. n-C-1/ Corporation to William J. Brandenburg—Assignment 2Vj per pent royalty on lot 23, Omalia Triu't N". I. Sfinip to as to lot 21, Amalia Tract No. I. -Sumo to Milne—Same as to 1 2/3 per com oil, etc., from lot 20, Omaha Tract. No. 1. 1 J p.ter It. noHlaln to O, W. Me- CMInltck—'Asfilgnineiit undivided quarter IntcrpBt In lease on west half of southwest quarter of northwest quarter and west 20.4 feet of east hall i>f southwest, quarter of northwest quarter section 2S, 2!>-27, excluding 'north '10 feet and Hanla l p o right of way. 11. II. NaeRple. S. W. Ilarkleronrl and Kalph Kuri-h, trUBloon, to Oon- eriil I'ptroloum Corporation—T-,eu»e dated Juno in, 103i), one-eighth royalty, Il-yeur drilling clause, sectlor 3<, 27-2U, exclinllng Wfsl half O northwcRi qnnrlor, and northPUM c|iiarter nf nnrthrnst quarter of eant iiiuirtpr seotlmi ">t, 27-20; scutioi 3i,, 27-^'i!; north half of north lull sect Ion 2, 2S-20; Hpc.-llon 3, 28-2fr, soilt.1 half and nnrthwosl qunrler anil Koutl half of northeast quarter scot Ion 4 JS 2". and 2.7S acres In nurthPiiHt cor ner Heetlon 4, 28-211; west half W. lion 10, 2S-2ii; soctloii II, 2S-20 northwest quarlnr section 12, 28-20 HPCtlun 13, 28-20: excluding porlloi HDiith of I.erdo canal: pant half am soulliwent quarter ncetlon IS, 2S-27 ea«l half ami northwCHt quarter «oc lli.n It). 2S-27. Clenrgo I,. Afood et ux lo Hlgna oil and (lac Company—IX-AHO datpi AiiKiixt 11, 1H:iii. ono-Hlxtecnth roy ally, drilling claiiHn August 11, 1030. hjln ,1 nnd I. section 10, I12-2fi. l(l| oil Company to Bimisdall Oil Cnnipnny'—AsslKunieut Icnse an to port Ion llunelio I'll Tejon which would he northeast quarter of north- find ijuurtrr and poutheiist quarter Heollou 22, 30-30, If uurveya were extended. Tod Mosler et ux to Ohio Oil Co.— Assignment IPOSP on section 10, 11-19, :! per cent overriding royalty. Whiston Will Drjll Red Barn Project 'lied Darn No. 1" Is tho name, at oust for tho present, of H. T., Whls- on's outpost In northeast Frutt.valo lold, section 2:1, 29-87—BO named bo- cause It will bo drilled near a barn hut used to bo painted red. Foundations are being laid at a location approximately 600 feet east of Tarr & McCombH redrllled Petrol well. ->*«• Early Test Slated for Barnsdall Job at Mountain View first of thfe four outposts tin section 10, 30*29 of Mourtf ta{n View field to be tested will be Barnsdall Oil Company's Nigh- bcrt No. 1 Which is standln'g cemented with 7-inch c&Hlng act at 4759 feet on tho Chanae oil sands. Operators drilled into the Santa Margarita formation to 4970 feet and determined that it was barren like in the producers to tho west. A pi UR has been placed at 4875 feet which leaves 116 feet of the oil teorie open to production oh tho coming test, which will be made as soon as the cement has hardened. TIlllKK YEARS IN PRISON BAN tmA-NClSCO, Sept. 15. (A. P.) Fred Brink, fil, wn« sentenced, to three years in prison after ho pleaded guilty In Federal Court today to a charge of counterfeiting. He admitted parsing spurious coins In Chicago, Sacramento and Los Angeles. Ohio to Abandon Edison-Seale 44 Abandonment has been ahnOtiricftd for another well on tho north-south lino running through BJdlaon *l«ld, which stretches from SHfcll Oil Company's suspended Cauley No. 2 ftt tho south, through Boverar abandoned holes to this well oh the north, which la 'Ohio OH Cdmpatiy's Kdlnon- sonib 4-1 oh section 4. Total depth drilled was 8663. Oil saml In the ' Kern River and In the Temblor oil stones was absent, and no casing was sot. _ ^ Yacht Party Will Study Sea Lions (Attoclatcd I'roi Liitttfd Vflrtf SAN •PEDRO, Sept. IE.—Tho Vel- oro, ITT, noted exploration crulspr of Captain Q. Allan -.Hancock,'sails today for Lower "California Islands on a two weeks' study by scientists of sfea lion life. ' Dr. Harry Wegrforth and Dh A. TJ. Schroedex' of th«S San Illegd 7,oo staff oro In Capta,ln Hancock's ( party. BE-PREPARED! non-hcdtenintj BEER ACME Bear n«v«r fails lo pleat* your guests. B« pr«par^d by taking homt a supply of ACME Beer In the economical new HANDY PAK carton. Twelve "Stelnie" bottles of ACME Beer in a smart convenient package. You can carry it home and return the "empties" with the greatest of easel Brewed with More Costly In* gredients. For Prospective Home Owners- A HOME BUILDING PROGRAM UNDER THE F. H. A. If interested in building or Buying a home under present favorable conditions, please jot down items requested below and either mail or bring to the office of the Bakersfield Sandstone Brick Company. Distributor BOHEMIAN DISTRIBUTING COMPANY 1120 Nineteenth Street, B»ker«ti«ld Name Home Address Business Address Street Name and Business of Employer Street Ctij- City 1. Do you want to build or buy a home? 2. What is the value of the home that you think you desire, or can afford? 3. What is your monthly rent? 4. Do you own a lot; if so, what value do you place upon it? 5. How much of a down payment can you make? 6. In what section of the city do you prefer lo live? 7. Have you negotiated for the purchase of plans of a home, and if so, with what result? 8. Have yon made an application for a loan from anyone? If so, please give full information. 9. What is the character of your employment, and how long have you been so employed? 10. What is the amount of your income? It is not our desire to inquire into the earning power of ihe prospective, home owner, but if a statement can be made which would indicate that you earn over n certain amount, without definitely slating how much, it will help to determine, what value home you should build in order to be eligible for an insured mortgage under Federal Housing Administration .rules. BAKERSFIELD SANDSTONE BRICK CO. In Co-operation With the Federal Housing Administration Phone 402 for Further Information or Gall at Eighteenth and Sonora Streets, BAKERSFIELD SANDSTONE BRICK COMPANY KEEP COOL WITtt A "COOLAERATOR"

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