The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 3, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1944
Page 12
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\2 Tucsdoy, October 3, 1944 jBabrrgftelb CalifOrntan For Sale—Unimproved Land For Sale — Improved Property ; For Sal FOR SA1.13—A 2 bedroom modern race attached with fiuit tieei- anil e drn. Inoiiiie a l 703 Wnodtow or HI 703 Washington. FOR SALE, by private paitv. 5-roniu rs. floor fnrn;i'.e. fr-n'.-ed-in lawn. b.i-U *i d ; prii-c $i : i"ltl. |-,,n l-e •-• rn At *O' Improved Property *=r rvit f> lira tor. builr n t : rape; Jet ;•>: v 1 , ~. , state. TV;!! PC!! C'i''-"t>*. iai f Pvtns mom. , u \vpf-r !<->a vjnc * 3 ;i 1 L. sirert . W. E B1RAI :SK PROPKKTIKS pin,n FOR SALE—40 acres on ciled road J >4 mlleu wesl of Highway 99 Southern r/i'ifie railroad and the town of Pixley. Old eli ck house, outbuilding. $100 per .Tie en-h for quick sale, one-half oil Kelly & Son, 1712 Chester avenue .'•" ..'"'•''..'t. 9 . 1 • _ 65 700 ACRKS grn7ing land in Loraine can- For Sale—Automobiles FOR SAT,K — Model A 197.1 (41NRH2), exc Irnt tircp, motor n?id body. J275 as Sun Lincoln, aparlment 2, OitOal*. r Oil and Mining TOR SAT,K—Oil and sn.. !PB«e 60 acr*!«. ] tt sha llo\v wplla, 6 producing aboai 600 I :i-d*>8re^ gravity monthly. Hern n mdt 1 : wplls rcpd r*»condit ioninK. Roy«H v one-p-Kht h upper sanrin. on*»-sixt h Pofsihl** d^pvipr *a ndn liousp. nia'l-i.nct'v and equipment. $110.000. Kelly A- Sf.r 171 '•' Chester avenue. Phonf " 19.? I KOHD V-8 H-door sedan (83W229). pri- vat« o\vn*r. 30R I'nplar. "As !s" price ___I'hnnp U-MSS hct_wepii__:i :3*L_nnd_2_p._m. FOR SAI.K. by private own*>r. Chevrolet roarh. 1I»:(.1. Kow Rparshift, fl«\v trutiH- mi** tun iif-w hatlf>ry; motor In (food <7:iT7:i8 >' *-' 111 - •»» !•• Phone For Sale—-Trailers RRADV Cash for Your Trailer. Tiailer* sold on easy payment plan. We finance our own contracts. McLKAN TRAILKR MART .._1 9 n _U n Ion. A venue 8-1 S-tf l''OK SALI-;—A 4-wheel heavy-duty trailer, with Bond side boards; no tires. At 21:9 Wnodrow street. Taft. Calif. 55 .\KW 2-wheel bouse Ipailer. 7x10 feet l n i/e. good rubber, fully equipped for tin- _7'Jl _Wesl_ Casa__I.orna ;i!i 1IKAVY 2-wheel Iriiiler for sale. Kl'ieger Service Slat'on. Kinon and Brundug^ _ Phnne_ 2 • !i -14 4. r, S •-FOOT 11)42 "Traveleer." bnlane ranee and henter; awning like new. Cash or will lrnd» ? for purl pa.vmeni. hear of Rainbow Auto Court. Kdison Highway. SALE—17-foot trailer, newly fnr- j-bilrner stove with oven: ready in move MHO; *"7ri rash. Orange Uiove ler Camp. No. 4.'i. r,»; •'1)1! SALK—Factory-made trniler house, K'x7 feet, nearly new tiles, exceileni rniidilinu, Dial :)-i)79'!. Iniiuire 2M:' (] »M-eel. ^ ^ [, ( ; NKW 24-fool Kooil buy see trailer, hnlnne, Mtovi-. for ;il iMlfj JCdison Highway. Kdlt WALK -Almost ll'lllle I III ill 1 !. I Ml 9;,:: u,-,k str.'i new ^'."i-foot I'otlii iino IlihhinB J'i For Sale—Automobile* ]\ - ON' MNIOTKKNTH S'l'lll^RT i-Ti.r. HAI.I-' HI.OI'K WITH i'i:i:si-:.\'i' INI-OMI; sri.'i-'ii-;.\ci:\T run -i \\i--.s K'l'i'.. UNTIL I'l ISTWAI: HI'II.IUM: ni-;c;ixs. f.rv MIU AT liuu iMtn-i-: Kurt ITTIIM: M:I:DI< INVI-:STMI-:\T. .MiiVI'. Hlf.llT IV -MiW VU'VNT — .NKWI.V I-TII.NISIIKIJ 4-iiuim K.-I I;IK... teir-i'd 111 bin k yiini H lib I r, IM'i-s and K'Udi'tl spnl. Neiir III,Hill" d'Sliii-t anil Bi'lmnl. JHH50. > 12 T, I) dow 510 monthly. KFI-'KCTIVF. IMMRDIATKLY—All "Fi.r Sale" advert ixemi'iils of aiiloinolnles'or miiks rained in Hie columns nf The HakiTsf H'M Calidirnian must (!) KIV - iiuinbep anil slate df m,i rali- I'MiiiaJ ol' issnaii'e: <::) must slaie er I'or sale h.v pnvale nwnci' or . (.'I) eaih I-TII or 11 in k advei l Isi-il ||'P sale IniiHt ian> tune ask"ll — "as Is" or "warrant v" if advei t ised by denier, "as IM" if ailveM isi-il h\- pnvale o\vner luil-'" in ii '-s m;iy l,e olil a ,in-ij t'l.ini In. a I I ll\\ off'ie. Ill ;'.,r TO rTJFF GREEXIjEAF'S TWENTIETH nnd "KYR" STS. Browse nround. look our late model cars over. If you see what you want, tell us! We will let you Veil _yn_iii'.sflf_a. car. 56 19.19 FORD sedan (066432). Call at 909 South Cheater. Phone^ 7-7141. 55 19 JO MODKL A FOR D~(:ip^84), A-l eoli- cliiion. Kood rubber. J^'Jj cash. ISMTi Orimee street. 5^ 1941 FORD picktip (RR2047). Will trade for late -.nodel sedan. 2217 "Eye" street, _npa^irn_en^ 5. 55 HOTSE TRAILKR. factory blli7TiTood tires, aii-biakt's: sleep* four. Will lnke car. pickup. 2-wheel trailer, furniture, fur part payment. SOI Irene street. F'fteen per cent discount for cash. I'hone .__- "--I- 55 FOR SALK—l»:il c:hevrolet roadster, KOOI] cnudition, J1.10 cash as It. See ufter 5 :!0 p. in. Piivnle owner. (60P238). .16 Automotive Service, Parts COM -LETEJ body and fender repairing, also fron. wheel alignment. Charle* VlBstiom's Garage. 1620 Twenty-eighth street. Phone 2-7937. 4.] 2-tf GRANT piston rings last longer. Motor tuned up. greasing and oiling: ear storage. Blue Ribbon Garage. 1*16 Nineteenth Phone 2-0674. 1-lB-tf WE CAN PAINT Your Cai- Immediately. G.MAC Budget Plan ('.ill for A. Carter FRF:D <• SCHWEITZER OI.DSMOBILE DEALKR Phont •> ;M»07 Eighteenth and N 1-4-tf PROFIT- [ ON 'i'lIlS priOpKRTY Jiliiuie LN- I innni, "-'ll'sv Chester Lane, on rnrii(.'r 1m, ;tn nt- Iractive sturco home. 2 hiMlnniins, nice Sjiiii; living rnnin \\ilh liioplurr, dining room nnd nirr kite-hen; ri'iil nice sli.'iclo trees; I'-car garage; $b'f>0f), terms. Flower street, in the .mi block, i lose to Hchi'H'l, a v<-ry nice iMii'tlronin homo with firepl.'iee; locuh'tj aiming nice homos; IfrjlKiii, on trims. .T. T. <Kv) Wk-kf'i-, IHtio Chestei'. I'hone •d. ARLINGTON PTP.KKT—-Nice borne, larye li\inn n.>iuii. dining in kitchen, service Jinith. ll;t'k ,\atd fen BOLTIIWIO.ST—pinu'iiful. late model five- room home; laiwe ticum loom, dining room, two larue l"-'li is. one is i:'.\::i tile kittlien. ni,-e breaUfai-l nnol;. donhle Karuee. back >aid all fciice'l. Nice lawn and shnde REXLAXD ACRKS—Five-room home built in 19:i9. Tile sink. IIHI liwoml Jlmns. pteel Venetian blinds, lot ;i0x:;0d: }.:S..c >'ive,-room l.^mie. haiil\M.>od tloois. n'e living and rluiiiiff inoni, two bedrooms, kitchen with I lie; J 4 I .',11. OILDAL13—Ncaily neiv 2-bedroom home, nice Jivinp i'oom. dinette and kiuhen wub lots of nice tile. Underground BprinkliiiLr fyslem nnd vairt all feticed. Close to - schools and maiket. J4500. $2000 down. X*OVKLY country home, rompletelv furnished. Beautifully landnciipi'd. Larce ' assortment of fruit trees anil berries: } 6.150. 1671 Chester Avenue Phone 2-7r>r,t FOR SALK—<<m.. licdruom house, water- pressuit; j-y.«tcin. nu'oinnlie ht-ali r. lot OJx;i41 fcvl. Small down payment. Six mil'-s south on Hi! Hifjhway. Muliawk H^'ivice Mai inn. FOR SALK—One r-lieilrnoin house, lianl- wooil flniirs. tiled-in kitihen and l,a!ii. newly painted on outside. Wilh 2>.\L'it- font paraue. tias d|ta rtnient al">\'e. ibn'e IHIKB rooms \\iih iiii'ii-tn liitiben. Lawn ti'iils, I'.vu larpe • uoler* Co Wllli liollsi-s. Will lake run. I'.ll ,,r ]!)4" Kuril 1i,7-m. h W. t! tiink Ha.!.- in. Ml4 Kl Teion aie- FOIl SA1>K—L'lose in, in Oililale, lai'Re 1 lii'ee-roiini furnisliod lionsi", f^i'l" drive, t\\n-fnr f;arai;<'. J'TiHO. 5150(1 (.-ash. riH'iic 2-M.'4!>. i. K. Jlorii-p. 57 FOK SAI.i''. by nvv';!'. L ln-ilromn niiil <lf'ii home. Wiuubitiil >i|uaie. l'!n,,r t!iriia.i-. rr.nhhE svsti'lll, k'l.l,. n \\ Hi I'Opii.-r sink. \rtl-: f,f (.le. l:irt',. liau, I-'.ill >li.iiM. r anil tub: ilonl'i" k.n;'i.-i-. r-'-..(l lii'k yai'l. IKnnri. Jl'i'll dnHi:. lialaini' easy ICIOIN I'h'ine. 2-7'-14. i.i7 8702 12-20 Campus »lrl, rsre.r nirl. aihlcie. or •hat have you—tturi-'s a .ierk-n rnvi-iii- bl« In every active warriioi,,' Their K<n,d look*, warmth, and weHiulnlny make UH in tin* for the coming season. \lri(,e the 'viappy Blde-bulion style iliuMiMr-d In guy plaldi or Bhepherd'g check wool. ' Pattern No. 8702 COIU.-H in nxi-n U' 14 1«, I8 s /i, and 20. Size 14 blouse II.IUH.-H 1% yard* of 39-im'b. material. Jerkm and Bklrl. 21* ;ard& of 54-inrh main i:,i. The new fall a-id winter is^uc i,r "F««blon" Is now ready—,12 pueei- It's :> complele »uide to your fall uud \\inier Wardrobe. B*ad for >our cojiy. Pritu li Mnu. for thi««ttraclive pattern, nend 20 cents In coins, with your name, addicts, nat- tern nuwber end nze to Tha tlaktrsjttltt .Califoi ffut Today'* Pattern ServicliUtiU HittionTltrict. San Francisco i. '••* Let's Talk It (I?cr PAR VAL Lll-n 1" I, n i fill fi-i ooni bomn rlei I condil inn j n ni I me 1 » lose t u ;i n.' IHN: l oiun \\ il h fii i ihliliiL ^vllh sunri.oin. In mull h west (I is! rK'l. s Ibree lar^e lied- ilow snaie. rloseis I'l'-nl il'.il.«« lilat e and buiit-iii room wilh liuili- SKI.I.KR OR PURCHASER Do you need additional caeh to complete purchase of cat': ir BO. Just plume or drop by the ACME FINA.NCHJ COMPANY, opposite Montgomery Ward. l.oc.-illv owned and operated. Friendly, confidential service. W. .1. "Bill" Berernan. manager. Phone FOR SAUJ — Ifl:i8 ronvei-lihle Packard coupe '(,'alit. 7H90r,8.J Kivr good Hies. fiiBt clnss condition: wit! *ell to private nnrtv only Phonp Shafter 887. or see at 1SS Golden West avenue alter 5 p. m __ _ 60 III bill let. l.alKe \M'I l-ll PI a IlKed kilrlli'll wilh till- dram, la i ize bieakrast nook li.isi'inent ami spji''niiis Hep^'i' 1 ! 1 rionli I.aii.'e balli WHli liuill-iii ^•anil>' nmi F'aU filr.wi'i-. beaiiiifnl Invvn juiil HI.i iibs. Full jiii'u tHOUO. subnantial dn\\ n "jltfiA ^-•^; Phone 9-!)SS« tf Flii; SALK—1'i a. res iiboiil oin'-half m le inn-tit of lliei nfii-lil on IIS Highway. Twn bi'itriiriin bouHi'. lil;e new; double yaiufce Pine $i;,,nu, Sl'Oiiii down. Call Frank S'liion with Kelly & Son. :i-"ifl!l|. !i:i A N'H'l-: HllMlO, se\-i-n rooms, fop sale by n\\mi. IMial fiii'iai-i'. pleiuy of lile. (lininy ronni, iii^ li\-iim rnnin. nice ba*e- liit-nl. l;.isl .^ i|.-. 2110 Kern slrerl. _l'li"ii«_::.H"i'i ril'ler_B_p._iii._ liii TWO-HKDROOM house in Kast Hakersfielil business distri't. House is old but prnp- ei'\ has future an tnsincus site. I'all u-u;i."iS after 6:IiO p. m. or all day Sundav. T\VO IIOO.M f.'lvSS. ci I 'u i ha in sir iiise. Cas and water. Lot r lot. KOOI| location. l:Ufi il. Arvm. Calif. 67 110LTHY ROAD—Two-bedroom BMUCO linuse. (ile diain. liardKonil flniirs. diiiim: inoin. (inly Jiiliao. hubst anl la I down. Svl .M'.NiiHh will) R. A. Moore «• Sun. ] a 1 .'i 1-Jullli'iTlt II slleet. I'lione 2-!2tiS. I'Vi'- F(il' SAl.K. by owiK-t. 'l-pooln limdepii linuse. in (lildalf. Xewlv dcioiatcd inside ami nut. Call 3-oillili. No n-al eslale denli-is, f,f; 1342 CIIKViUlI.KT I'^-ton trui-k. SOS-Inch vheelhiisp. Id-foot fliit rack. 6-foot solid files, like new. Will lake late model i-;ii- or tiii-kup 'n trndp or .veil for ranh (I'CKKllll. c,"in he npen 11 L 1 Kentucky stiect. Alta A'ista Court*, atiaitment 1' F, r, \\'H,r. TRAIJK FOP. T.ATKR CAR! lfl:!. r . 1U-TOX Ji'OKD TRTCIv, -MJ.-STIOKt, ROOT, XK\\- MO- Ton. GOOD TIRKS (IJCKX8K IVKTiriX). I.VQ1MIM-: GRICOS _I'ROUf('K._I_SIL ) Q STRKKT._ S6 I'MP.ST }'.'7r, cash takes 11135 Ford aedan; wood tires, nailery and motor t2.MUL':t). Kipiper Ser\-ice Station. L'nion and Phone 2-!M44 &6 Tn rhoose from i!i:::i s to I'.M-JM '•UI.'P rjRF'^KXI.KAF T\A'J';XTII':TH and "KVK" STS. nr, IVIotorcyclesand IBicyclea MOTfMt Fcootep and man's bicyHe m PX- i etlenl (omlilion 1'bnne 9-0-I01 or call .'it _l '00_K Mieet. Hakerstield. ,ili MOTOIU'VCLK—1!I4H Harlev "«V lii'ud. new jiamt. spml shleiri, b.-iK^. 'nod iiii-s. $1:110. I'all '•\li-nsioii 22"i. Copporal Spurrier. Fill: SALK--UHC bnv's \\'r-it:bt nil yi-le. $i',.'i. .' siii-ei Plume :'.-II:;!M;. MOTOR SCOoTKR ill *!!!'.. Lmhls and Wi For Sal*—Furnitur*, Fixtures KOR SALS: — New and used raattreties: all kinds of furniture, radioi sold., traded and repaired. First clasi, workmanship. Pumpkin Center Secondhand Store. On Taft Highway m miles we«t of Green- __flfjd_. _____ 68 I3ROADFKLT CARPET in green. Band rust and wine. 9 fp»t n-ide. at 11. 9S 10 S^.39 siiuareyd.: new all-sitel hunk heds. complete with sprincs nn-l pad«. price $43.40: one used ceiling fan, }!!>.. ",0; one used restaurant i offee urn. *10; six ^•^•Ketallle larks for Bioreiv store: one Farrand piano (used). $11S: one P.ehr Krolhers piano 'userll. $1'20: nne larKe fi-hurner electric heater. "20 volt^. $lfl.">0. Ximm\'s Furniture Company, 1111 Nineteenth street. we*t of Grey_ hound _ hus_depoL _ 55 FOR SALE — One 3-plere Monterey bedroom suite, in perfect condition. Phone ^-l^JU. Call mornincs hefore 11, cvenines after 7 _ 11. m._ ____ _ ____ f,fi FOR QUICK dfsposal. Easy washing machine. Frigidaire, desk and chair, ri.ckinff chair, boy's linens, silver, hed- spreads, curtains, pictures, all kitchen utensils, Mixmaster, dinner set. complete. 1610 California avenue, apartment A. 57 FOR SALE —Practically new table-top all- white enamel gas ranee, used three months. Phone .l-infill. 5Ti WKSTINGHOrSK high-oven electric range, dishes, pillows, coffee table, etc. Box 263. South Oak street. White house, easl side of Oak. ii. r , FOR SALK—Prewar S-piece walnut dining room suit,'. Like new. 222 West Belle avenue. Oildale ii5 PRKWAR 3-piece bedroom suite. lOO 1 ",. hardwood, dovetail construction: Beailtv- pest box snrine and Renutvrest Inner- sppinK mattress: two double bedsteads, one Iron, one wood: two double coil springs, two mattresses; child's desk and '•hair, bo\ "s bicycle, prewar, w-lth Generator: one iron single bedsiend. Phone 2 : ii 41)8^. 0 :i:: TPUXIIIII . fi r, SKVK.V-FOOT Electric refrigerator for sale. 1'', miles south Kdison Road on Weed I'fitrh Highway. Harry Brown. CIIKST of lirawers and desk combination, and birdseye maple vanity. l:!:'0 I. st i eft r,; FOR SAI.K- Five ~ i-n bedroom Hiiite IKH. _PJione 2-:!4!I hair . f,r, FOR SAI.K—Chesterfield, m good condition makes t bree-nuai ter b«-il. Phone :i-r-'S4_afler__7_p._m. Si; LATK prew-nr 2-piere f'lie^terf ietd suile like new. Phone 2-7'JSO. :,); l-'Oi; SALK—One iron bed. ,-nil sppiims nnd tbi"e-i|Ua i ler ii'allpe^s; l.\vo table model radios, one lawn i-ilKcr. 1 ;M Hopkins. Hiv-i view. over- I — idle i MOHKKN living room l-i'.-t.soliiilde. I. practi 101! Hernila stre. ly new r.7 hu inn hea vv at l:!7 lilie Kond • Lane. ondilion, I'hiine For Sale—Lumber WHILE IT LASTS 1x4 IxC 2x2 2x6 2x12 6x6 3x4 3x6 3x12 Location, Standard Oil Company Tank Farms. Go north on Chester avenue and China Grade Road. First gate on left side, near gate. Gate open 9:00 a. m. to 4:30 p. m. Closed Saturday and Sunday. KERX WRECKING COMPANY WRITE P. O. BOX 883 9-19-tf HOI'TS &. BOX Cut Rate Lumber Yard, 2200 Edison Highway, Bakersfield. it-30-tf FI1K SALE—Smooth wire No. 12 and 1 '•' gaujie, 7 '.. r pi-r Hi,; 100 Redwood 2x4 li-foot lengths. :tOr each; 100 1x4 7-fool li-nmhs. locearh. . r ,IM> 1x2 6-foot Icnmhs. ?.'• eni|i; 21)00 1x2 18-imh lenKths. i'hinie ' S-Pieee Moderne Waterfall ninimt Room Set, S-foot table with lil'i-im h ireileir/.a, five side iliair, one aini 1 hair $1 Otl.n 7-l'n"e Hleadied MalioKany PininK Set, extra hirue lahle $149 S S-Pieii. llle.'iched Mahogany Pinint Set. .Moilerne desiun $i.-(9 j 3-Pie.-e Moderiie Walnut R,-iIronni (irtiup. lart;e o\'al tnirror on vanity. e.-islein made, oalv interim Jl.'lOfl 3-Pn-ee Moderne Walnut Bedroom 'Iroup. drop (enter vanity $1 50-l'ouml Cottnn Mattress $ Jii Coil Sprinc Med Divan $ r,,V JOxtra tine showing of .Mirrors and Pii-tures Ji "A Small Store P.uleinir With Values" ATX-::MITH KL-HMTTRK Kichteenth anil L J'honc 2-ii277 00 FOR SALE—White enameled solid hardwood dresser, four drawers, large mirror. s 10 Worn) rmv_ny p n ue. Ph o ne 2 - :i S .T3. I1IPORTKH 4-piere livinsr room suite; peasonalily priced. l'ornhination din- lug room and library table. 2.104 P street r, t ; S1NCIKR sewing mai-biiie. all metal Alba- Iron ice hux. very nii-e while hndroom sune. with Kood prewar innerspring mal- tress and box springs, knee-hole desk. S-lnbe Kl'A table model radio. 2-piere living room sel. S-piei-e dining set, dressers and miscellanenns. At'ter 6 p. m., at ___3"i:! l^( 'lle^l er avenue, ' .r )t i ' : AS RANl!K—110S Oregon. 5 7 L'SKO 3x12 riiB and pad. 110; library table, with desk drawer. $10. isor, riranne slreel. .-,t; avis Fi For Sale Wanted to Buy—Automobiles WJI.J./ PAY THE LIMIT FOR MOST CARS. NO RED TAPE. CASH T:: 3 MINUTES. For Sale—Improved Farms FOR SALE—Ten a,i izood well. reinent 1 M tve. Price *700ll ; Siniull with Kelly A; es with old house, piped, on Pioneer t et ins. i "n II Ft ank Son. Phone 6-iiUt't. TWENTY ai-i- so will sho . alfalfa, just ready to cut, bow veil linn griiund ino- fluci's; larce barn, could lie nirned into inilliing barn; rorrals, well-built shop, fi'-d liou-^e. i blcken cnuipmenl; team, nni.ieiut'iils ami a Kind cnuntrj' home, panly furni'-tied. See this for an n \vlnlly Knnd buy. Will tnke small home on laiK'- Int. half ni-ie or line find snni" IM-II a« dnwri payment. Klwood's, l!i:M "Kye." r,;, PRi\'.\TIJ PARTY WII.LI.NT; PAY TOP CASH Pltlc'K FOR IIKIII-IO-II I'OUPK IIP. CONVKHT1RLK. HOOD MKCHAN- H'AL CONDITION AND RIIBHKR PIIKFKR CFIKVROLKT. PLYMOl^l'll olt SIMILAR PRICK CLASS. NO _ lil-;.\LKRS._ I'nONK_:S27^7. .IT- WANT TO HI'Y mode] A 1SHO or 19:11 coupe in good condition. Phone 2-17.HO. 60 Largrp table-top stovps. with pilots, Furniture, Fixtures 0 wllitfi enamelorl. $!>9.-,0. ~~—•—— j Solid, blond maple table, 6 upholstered rluiirs, $!)!!.SO. Large selection ol' 2-picee living room sets, full spring construction, $154.f>0 and up. Realy tun less mattresses, $3f(.50 Play yards nicely finished, $fi.;i.". Use our builR-et plan, no interest or carrying charges. DAVIS Kl'RXITT'RE CO. 1400 CKf^STER AVEXUK Just one block south of the Courthouse 59 FOR SALK—6-foot frigidnire. Kenmore wasbms machine. Air-way vacuum cleaner, witli HI lachruents; 2-piece liv- inK loom si-t. chintz cbalrs. circulating beiitfp, batbpoom lieaier, Phili-o consolt Padi-i. J^pefep selling in one unit. Also dishes, tools and miscellaneous. 2H}< Pacific. 5i STOVE with high oven, good condition J:io. Call at 81C Kast Nineteenth o 11 hone _ fl-'JilOT. 5 S UShID FURNITURE wanted. W« call any place In city and give free estimates Brown's Furniture, formerly Roy White Furniture Phone 7-7021. 6-12-tf FOR KALLE—Four-burner "Hardwick 1 upright gas range: 75-pound Coolerator. Holh slight ly u«ed. Call 324 H street, or phone 2-1456. city. 66 BURROUGHS ndi'inB machine: Dtlolherm oil-hurning heater; cabinet-type wood and coal-burninR heater. See at 1907 California a\-enue. 56 FOR SALE—Gaffera & Saltier upright oven BQ3 range. Phone 8-8126. Wanted to Buy—Automobile* I Wanted to Buy—Automobiles Special 70 ACnii:s. one-half mile north of Weed patch store on Weertpatch }||f:lnvay. Old house, pood well, perfect soil; in alfalfa and cotton now. Can have possession Jannary 1, l!)4f,. Price $L'1,»00. one- half cash, balance easy terms; one- half minerals. Don't let this one £»•! away. Klmer Martin, phone ^ IMcjQ-l, L'ljil Tlaberl'elde Building. fiU IMPROVED RANCH i NEAR WASCO I One section of fine level land, hichly de- j vHmiei!. Has vines, fruit and 1'xij acres i open that yielded 2!'f, Hacks per acre. KvccMi'in water conditions. Tmmedlate I>"'.Mv,n nnd priced Jicht. Box f,i:n-l!. Tlie i 'a lljnrlilall y-L'7-t f 1440 ACRES semi-mountain hog and cattle ranch; 840 acres of farm land, balance grazing. Very good improvements, best one-man hog and cattle setup in California. 415 ACRKS of good vegetable or potato land. Subject to lease. Will pay ]2 per cent on Investment. ICO ACHKS well improved ranch, good house and lots of water, best of alfalfa, colton or vegetable land. 7Sfl ACRKS near Lost Hills. This land can be farmed to grain, also prospective oil land. A H. Karpe. 1'hiine !<-'Jti71 7-2'J-tf ': AX 15 OXK-1IALK ACP.KS. Hex- land Ui'ive; lights, water. Kns available, ydoil eminent foundation lor liotisp already in. Jieamiful loialion lor ni'i' homo, chickens, line Vi,«fKih|i, garilcii and even a cow. Out-of-town owtii'i says let il vo for only JK'.'.O. Phono 4--IS51. Kindig l:calty Company, L'Sll' Chester. ' .-,:, FOR USED CARS DRIVE YOUR CAR TO YOUR CHEVROLET-BUICK-CADILLAC DEALER 9-21-tf WE BUY ALL, MAKES OF CARS FOR SALK -Hue I,, iiim-sn, tbi "'•i" lai-iii liiusl he Kidil. Tvi bouses, linnu v, I'll, .ill under ,-ull ivaiiou I'l •••• d In n-ll Se.. ISa.i Ktalligi'i . :, in :. i- w.-.i; of Mcl'ai liind mi Klmo 11 it b __"•'.> _ 1,1 HIV THIS <>I own, r. i;n aired with house. lilitaliim \iidl, elei in, iiy and tas. idber Mupiovi-liK'iilH. nni'-luilr minelal iiBbls It iliterr-"leil phone .':-2H12 ' (, , BAKER-ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY 2706 Chester Avenue Phone 9-9745 7-11-tf For Sale—Miscellaneous FOR PAT^E—Twin beds. sprinKn. drenner chest of drawers, dreading table. de«k rug, conm and dresHes. aize 14; piai'llcall new black fox Jacket. lam brasn bed. box sprines and other th Phone l'-7401 nr 2nlO p.iBhteerth. WE HAVE the following used trac tor tires, which may be purchase without certificate, 11-36, 10-38 900-36, 825-36, 550-16, 600-16. Bengino's Auto Service Twentieth and K streets. 9-2St SPARK PLUG and power takeoff tir pumps, chai holnts. rubber tire ^vhee barrow, poultry netting. Inch mesh Immediate delivery. Under Hardwar Company. Tulare. fi Flyinff and balsa model plane kite. Jeeps trucks, tanks, ships fittings, balsa \voo carving knives, dope and cement. Com In and look around. Kdward'n Camer Exchange, 1609 Nineteenth street. FREE FREE FREE SAWDUST AND PLANER CHIPS Load It Yourself BAKERSFIELD BOX COMPANY Highway 89 3 Miles South of Tow 9-o-t TIRE RECAPPINa ONE-DAY SERVICE CLEROU TIRE COMPANY 1717 K STREET PHONE e-6069 2-29-t "Paris Liberated" and "Yanks Captur Guam" and other newsreels. 8-mm an 16-mm scenic, adventure and sport pictures. New cartoons. Little King Donald Duck. Mickey Mouse, etc. Ed ward's Camera Exchange 1609 Nine teem b. 9-19-t Vw and used. Bought, sold, repaire and exchanged. Largest stock in Kern county. KERX PUMP EXCHANGE 400 Sonora Phone 3-1488 7 NOTICE J. & J. Electric Iron Shop 611 Nineteenth Street May have heating elements to fit yon iron. Cords and a few motors for sale SCRATCH FEED with cracked Indian corn Yes. we deliver. Pioneer Mercantile Com pany. Phone 8-8581. 9-18-t LIMITED number oi new and factory re built Hoover sweepers available only t persons having old Hoovers to trade In Liberal allowance. Guaranteed factor paits anl service. Call Welll'i servlc department_ i _6_-6S51^ 7_-6-t TWO new box windows in frames. Als sen ens. 1'hone It-illl'.ll'. j ICn TONS of haled alfalfa hay. Reason able price to one who will take al Phone 2-!HSI. n FOR SAI.K— Large oil healer, also child' service truck. Call 41'J Higgins .Drive See the DAVIS FURX1TURE CO. MOO CHESTER AYE. ELKCTRIO ref piKei-ator. cas ranue, beii chesterfield Monterey cbest. double beii \\iib imiei-Mpping mattress and spiiims. 1'refer selling together. Also !lxl;"i flowered rose taupe frie/.e rue. South on 1*!' Highway to Hudson Drive, sixth house. sinilh stdi- UAViY beii wilh mattress and springs, also bigh chair ami toilet sent, like new. pea- sonable. 37 Bliss. Phone 2-ir.SI. 1'IiICWAR 3-piece bedroom suite. 100 hardwood, dovetail roust ruction wilh Heautyrest hox springs and mattress -Man's birycle wilb generator, child's desk, chair, single iron bed. uas healer. club rhair with_ot toman. :i"r! Jfruxlun. F(1H SALIO—Furniture of five rooms. Including washer. Frigida ire, stove, cooler, two matching rugs and pad. elc. IMione _2-lJ_f,l. ^ r,li FOR SALK—Roollop desk and swivel xlL' ALL-WOOL rim. divan, three smnll tables, bahy bed. SOl'/i Chester avenue. Phone. 3-2426. For Sale—Miscellaneous THF. OFFICE OF PRICE ADMINSTRA- TION has set dollars-and-cents ceiling prices on used refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, typewriters, bed springs, cameras and photographic equipment. These maximum prices apply to every seller, even to an Individual felling his personal household effects. For information concerning these and nil other ceiling prices, call the Bakern- field War Price and Rationing Board, Phone. 9-9419. 6-13-tf WASHING MACHINES Kepaired, quick service'. Montgomery Ward, Apex and all makes repaired and rebuilt. General Service Co., 913 Baker. Phone 2-9278. 9-8-tf ONE-DAY SERVICE Grade A Truck Rubber MENDERHAUSEN'S 801 Nlles Phone 3-1402 68 GARBAGE, cauliflower, broccoli, chard, lettuce, celery, onion Beta, strawberry plants, raspberry, blackberry and flower plants: bulbs, gftds and fertilizer; fruit, shade trees and shrubs. Plant them now. Krauter Nursery, 601 Eighteenth st reel. '_ 10-^-lf ON 10 nix-ho'r ice cream cabinet in perfect condition: can be used for home storage of meat, etc. Man's bicycle, motor scooter and complete dictaphone set. including- recorder, transcriber, record Hlmver and 1- recordn. Phone '.I-U401 oi call al 17110 K street. Kakersfield. 56 FOR SAiK—Two cabins, 12x18 ; one garace, lSx.']6: 10-foot wall, to be moved, f.. E. WrlBht^Houte 7. Box 482, Bakersfleld. fiti FOIl SA1.15—12-Kauue Winchester, model !>7, perfect condition. $55. with two boxes ''f »hell3. 2116 Monterey street. 50 KA LK—Beautiful black lace and chiffon dress, street length, size 40, J15: lady's "hoes, 8-A, >2 and t3. Phone 8-8368. 61! 'OU SALE—8 mm. movie camera, halloon- tired bicycle, shoe skates, size Sta. &20 Monterey, '* GKT YOl'R rubber stamps from Bakers field's lending rubber stamp company Yon will lie satisfied with its promr vervire. Pads. inks. daters of al makfs. IhOS "Kye" street. Phone 1'CiR SALK—Used equipment. Approxi mately '.IHOO feet Il'.^-iuch grade C dri! )iipe witii Ilugbes Acme thread tor joints: approximately (3100 feet 6 9/11 iui-h gra.le D drill pipe witn Hughes fu_. hole tool joints: one No. 34-26 Ideal draw • wmkH witii 36-ini-h hydromatic bpake also many other items. Address Barnsda 1 nil Company. 714 West Olympic Boule va id. Los AliKeles I.V Phone Richmond __M7_1. TWO kilchen tables, three chairs, folding hinh chair, child's car seat, basinetti nnd mat Ire-os. electric grill, box miscel laiieous dishes ,ind pan^, vanity dresser gas heater, screen, poullry feed cart car tent. (7. Phone :l-14H9. TWO lovely wool dresses and one wool tail ored suit for sale cheap. Call after 5 p._m. Phone_J|-S12.1. 56 FOR SALE—Flat-top steel desk and of Encyclopaedia Uritannica. fourteen! I edit ion. ~ 1!05 Nineteenth street 5 BIJILDINO for enle. to be moved. 44x100 fee;. Phone 2-11036. 5 to 3 p. m. 68 CAHIIAOK, cauliflower, snapdragons ptoi-ks, lieBonias. coleus, Boston ferns palms. gardenias, camellias, shrubs Klenpinir stones Rennvat im« .ser\'ice l''owler's Nursery. 1 I IN Third, 13H Third. Phone L'-4. r ,87 or 3-OSS8. FOR SAf.K- Twn pairs boy's brown shoes size UB and 10!;;: one pair girl's black patent sandals, size 12; two girl's coats size 6. all wool: two pairs girl's woo slacks, size 4; one red school coat, size Hi. all wool. Phone 2-2:is:l. FOR SALE—Electric welder. 300 amp.. Hobart on Studehaker truck. Also acetylene and oxygen equipment. Phone 6-li:!20. 57 FOR SALE—One baby buggy, rubber tires, perfect condition: maple finish play pen, one bathinette. one teeter-hahe chair and one Tayior-Tot, metal frame, rubber tires. After 6 p. m., phone 2-4528 <• a II 12011 El Ha n Ch n_ 56 .765 MM. American Eagle D. W. M. Lucer: excellent condition; holster and shells 152D Bernard. 55 FOR RALE — Practically new wheel chair In excellent condition. >45. 2533 Center. 56 The choice of many fine stones purchased in our office. 2% carats, a blue Jager, perfectly made with a slight scratch on one edge. This is the finest diamond on the market, regardless of cost. The gem is worth $3000. A real In vestment value at $2025, plus tax. Mounted to suit. .97 carat, absolutely perfect blue- white, now mounted for your ap proval in white gold setting, embellished with six small diamonds modern Tiffany. An investment value, complete at $825, plus tax. This ring is underpriced $300. .55 carat, absolutely perfect. A premium blue gem set in modern Tiffany white gold with one large blue mellee on each side of center stone for your approval. Our in vestment value, complete, $300 plus tax. This job is worth $500. %-carat perfect blue white Wessel ton, now mounted in white gold modern Tiffany setting with two small diamonds on sides. Complete at $225. A big saving In popular size stone. Many more to choose from EARL McEVOY Diamond Broker 318 Haberfelde Building: Phone 5-5397 57 KICK KOGKRS, TWUMY-FIFTII CEXTL'BX, A. D. Gun Crew! By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS THE UNKNOWN TRAIL-BLATEF? 16 HEADING Tm<3 WAV / LISTEN TO THOSE TREE'S SUPPOSE UP OUR SUPER HARMLESS BLASTER WHEN THAT WHAMMO HARMLESS ? THE WAY] IT'S TEARING DOWN THOSE G\ ANT JUNGLE J TREES ? DON'T BE <31LL.Y, WILM A / THERE'S UNKNOWN DANCER HERE /I CUP THIS . COUPON/ SEND IT TO BUCK ROGERS WITH * SELF- AND GET A BUCK. ROGERS V-MAIU CARTOON CAN SENO TOYDW» BROTHER, £ON,HU*8AMO IN ftXKfS For Sal*—Miscellaneous H1*TH-OVK>T W^dRewood Ran rnnce. $ riKht howl-shaped Community p npn'Hia, 18. Phone 3-1T.M. 1S03 Alta ELECTROLUX cleaner owners, for part or service, call your authorized Electro !u* tervlceman. Marvin Herring 2-8970. FilectroluT Corporation, 183 Orange street. 6 SlnKcr nnd White elertrlrc and trendies \V« repair any makp sewinir machine op vartium rlenri*»rs. Work guaranteed HcirHlltcliinR while vm wait 1509 Wen K:sh(h. Plume 9-9437. E FERTILIZER for snle. Sheep, dniry an stable. We deliver. Phone 2-9:161. 6 THE WORLD Is a world of sound. To m It would seem dead without my VACO LITE. Clement Hershey, !735 Cenier phone 2-0571. 9-28-1 VACUUM CLEANER Irons, clocks and al • mall appliances repaired. No delay General Service Company. 913 Baker Phone 2-9278. 9-8-t CLEAN. BALED alfalfa hay for sale Also one thoroughbred Hampshire boa Phone L'-HOo9. 5' FOR SALE—John-IJeere pitch-In hay baler. Write Box 16-F. The Californian. REPAFR your own shoes. We carry a gon< stork rf leather and accessories for re pairing. Paul Hornung, 1604 Nineteenth street. 8-23-t DECORATE your home with mlrrori. We specialize In morrors for mantela. walls and doors. Bakersfleld Glass Company _ 1716 Nineteen! h_gtreet. __ I-1 J!^! GOOD oal; barrels for salt'. Dr. Feppci _ Itmt ling Cum pa ny, 2501 Union . _ 5 ', FOR SALE — Gallon botlles. So apiece __ <OSO_('hi>slri-._\Vayne^» Drive-In. _ <;< COMCIXE HARVESTER, 8-foot rut on rubber, with pickup, $700 _H. AY.JTealp, phono_L'-718S,. _ C VACrr.M CI.KAN'KKS. iron*. limstcrs hfiititiB Diiils. miilors. PverythhiR pic. trical repaired. Mi>n«v-hai'k Kiliiranti'i lllllillpy Aiiplinnr-p Seivii-e anil Ui'iKiirv HIT \Vati-r sm?"l. I'hoiiB ^-4S7U n ___ ITRLIC !iiidi"ss munir instrmiipiii. j.i nnd HiiiDlifk'r.x. i;oii''s It.-idiu ! Arvn. km _ _ ____ __ FUR SALK — Cnlrryillar B-ton. I'lum _____ _ l-'HK .SAr^lC — 7-foot power niowi-r, to fi Allis-Chiilrncrs trartop. .1. U. Htichl " mill's smith of slc;im lil.inl, llultim AIJj SI/US OF o TOYS FOR AT,T, AOF.S BAKKKSFIKLD IIARIIWAFJH CO 2dir._enI-;STI-:K A vi3_xi:K T\VO pair men's black oxfords, size 10'-', one pair worn oims. ?7; one. pair lady's tiniwn slippers, si/.e 7, worn twice, $3 one pair inen's black riding Itnols, six 7 ! j, $-1; 8i.j-foot a.lto radio nnteona. $2 one Hurley nmlnrcyclo muffler and tail pipe. $^; one sleeping gear for li'.Tu o l!i::0 Find. J4 ; two paip he.'idllKht leu f.'l- l!i:i.'i and l!i;;ti Ford. $2. 1012' : Tbi rty-t'irst slreel. Phone 2-2.'!02. it FOR SALK—Glass office partitions. In auire llakersfleld lie and Cold Sloram . Cmnpany. Pbone .'I-1SS4. lli-.'i-l FOR SALK—Barn. 32x79 feet, wilh l"-foo sides, all wood. 10 h e removed fn.ii ppopepty. Prk-p $20a. Phone A. II _ __ TI'^N' ACIIKS Pap corn on stalk, a ' FOR SALK—Girl's new all-wool Brilisl tun tailored COB:. Sl/e Hi op 18. Girl's all-wool black tailored coat, six.e 14. 811 Wnmlrnw avenue, pbnne 2-:tS;!.'(. Have Rome heatitiful mount InKs in (lie. latest model ri Titfnny sl>le. set wilh blue white small diamonds. Platinum in I to -'-j-tiuat sizes. These, are • ve si a ri e. in white and yellow gold, sizes '4 to 1 (a rat. Your diamonds mounted while you wait Please do m L wait until Christmas Eve to have this work done. Our material and workmanship are guar- fl nteed. Earl Mi. Kvoy Phone 5-5337 318 Haberfelde Building 5 FOR SALE—ll!-saii).'e Keminolon model 11 automatic, with 28 and Ill'-inch bat-pels Jinn. 804 El Te.lon avenue. Phone i-94«,"i Cull between fi and 7 p. in. .Ill Radios, Musical Instruments FOR AUTO-RADIO SERVICE We now have facilities for mounting and dismounting: auto radios Aerials installed while you wait POSTON RADIO Corner K Street and 99 Highway 3-27-tf RADIO REPAIRS Quick serlvce. General Service Company. 313 Baker. Phone 2-9278 4-24-tf TOP PRICES paid for late model radloe. Poston Radio Service, corner of K and 99 Highway. Phone 2-0498. 2-1-tf We Have Facilities and Available Parts to Service Any Make Radio Corner K Street and 99 Highway Dial 2-0498 12-2-tf PIANO WANTED—Highest cash prlcee paid for new and used planoi. Pbone «-8981. >-12-tf CAR AERIALS for any make of car. 14.»5 and up. Poiton Radio corner of K street and 99 Highway. 9-1-tf HIGHEST PRICES paid for used radios. Bakerafleld Radio Supply, 2808 Chester avenue. Phone 2-B1BO. 8-11-tf WILL PA? blEbeit caih price for your Piano. Call 8-8678. 1-26-tf KERN MUSIC SHOP. »0« Baker. Musical Instruments, guppllee and sheet music. We repair all musical Instruments: bows rehalred. 57 LYRICK radio. HOP Quincy street. OLDER STYLE practice piano. Just overhauled, $86, 1805 Orange street. 6H ''OR SALE—Very fine Knnabe upright piano and bench, beautiful tone, lovely dark malmeany finish, taOO. Phone _2-IM_04 J 57_ FOR SALE—Accordion, 120 bass soprano Panette de luxe, pearl finish, excellent condition. Phonp tl-6320. 67 B-FLAT CLARINET, $35. aftep 4 p. m. Phone 9-9595 55 Typewriters, Offic* Supplies WILL PAT CASH for typewriters, adding machines, checkwrlters and cash registers. Lynch Typewriter Company. 1660 Chester avenue. 6-29-tf COMPLETE dictaphone set. Including recorder, transcriber, record shaver and 12 records, all in excellent condition. T'hone 9-9401 or call at 1700 K street. Rakepsfield. 6(1 Fruits and Vegetables WE HAVE ANOTHER LOAD OF NEW NORTHERN FREESTONE PEACHES. THIS IS THE LAST LOAD. $1.69 A LUG. WHELDEN'S MARKET TWENTY-FIRST AND UNION 9-28-tf EHACHAPI POTATOES—We now have some long, white and russet potatoes of commercial quality at this very low price of $3.49 per sack. Now is the time to put away potatoes for winter. The potato season at Tehachapi is about over. Stock up now. Mooney's Market Spot, Eighteenth & Union. Phone 3-0961. 9-23-tf $1.89 Full Lug. Brine your own contalnera. 101. Baker Ea«t Baker«(|eld Fruits and .Vegetables CAN'XING APPLES You who Imve been -waiting U>r choice Bellefleur apples for canning may now find them at tb*? low price of $2.69 per box. You will have to see them to appreciate their fine quality. A^ f e also have some choice Northern Delicious at $:i.S9 per box. Jfooney's Market Spot. Eighteenth and Union. Phone $1 per lug picked (bring your own containers) at Toz/.i Ranch. 3 miles east, 1 mile south of Edison. FOIl SALE—White Heath peaches, picking every day. Bring containers. Out KdlHnn HiBhway to MaKunden store, south ou Fan-fax Unad nt ranal turn, vest tn third houae. F. H. ilorley» phone 1M-F-5. 58 ROASTIN'O cars fop sale. 1 mill south, ',4 miln west. Greer Acpes store on Roce- dale lliBhway. A. J. Flowers. 66 COOK I NO APPLKH for sale. ILKO an5 $2.50 PCP hox. Please bpinp containers. 7(1*: I'll Tejon nveriue, Oiidale. :".7 Poultry and LivestocK FOR SALE—Two span ol food work mares, one brood mare with colt. Mr. Groat. Phone 2-7066. 7-19-tf ATTENTION < Blood-testae; baby chicks, brooders, itbultrr supplies and feed. W> buy your eggs. Chicks m hundred. 2218 Union, or 814 Elshth. Phone 7-7028 nr 8-9489. 2-1-tf BABY CHICKS. S15 per hundred. New Hampshire Red*, Rhode Island Reds, Plymouth Rocks, Rock and Red Cross. New shipment every Monday: order early. Also plenty of metal feeders, fountains and ooulir'- medicines. Ward's Farm Store 2525 Chester. 4-17-tf OFFERING n number ol outstandlnr year- line and 2-yeap-old registered Hereford bulls. A H. Karpe. Phone 9-8671. 7-19-tt BABY CHICKS started on order. We hav» colored broilers, roasting bens. Riverview Hatchery, 216 Roberta Lane. Phone 2-!Ki95. 7-19-tf ATTENTION, POULTRY1IENI Our Market Is Open We Pay Tops for Fryers and Roasters One Block West of Fast Bakersfield Post Office 1106 Kern Street Dial 2-2458 BRADFORD POULTRY MARKET _ _ ___ 7« BUY. SELL or trade, all kinds of livestock. Phone 2-3022. Roy Johnson, 1 mile north Pumpkin Center, 200 yards east on Hoskins Road. 68 FOR SALR — 40 ralibiis. does and bucks: very qood breed of New Zealand Whites. ; 4-compartment hutches that cost around $r»o apiece new. Will sell all at fraction of npigina 1 cost if taken al once. Also sever.'il bnnty chickens, vepv reasonable. 41S Gooduiiin. 55 WANTED TO BUY — Horses, hogs, cattle. any amount. L Anderson. Route 2. Bon 906. Phone 2-700S. _ m 68 TWO 4-II Hereford steers, weigh about HOO loun-lH. grnln fed. In good shape to butcher. Choice fop 16c pound. Last house ou north side of street on Green _ Ai^re.j J3r[ve. _ Green Acres. 55 KOR SALK— A beautiful called pinlo; also old team of mules and harness, 4heap ' FOR SALK—One-yen i-old Leghorn h laying. Vcu chcose them at $1 50 e _ I'hone i.jinoo. THRKI2 does, one buck, one double hut one single hutch. Phone 3-10"" ; dl"s« 412 Beech. PKDIORKKD New Zealand rabbits. bulclies, reasonably priced. Call i , r i p. in., phone . r i-, r >228. ens. 'h FOR SALK—Young ducrnsey bull breeding purposes. ^005 Belle Tern two fter _57 for C'*. 57 FOR SALE—Four Rood work hopses with hi) rness.__Phono_;-l 2I1S. f,7 RABI11TS—Three bred two bucks" hut'hes with automatic watepers and feeders: L'OO feet of new rabbit pen wire. Will sell cheap. 2304 P street. 55 FOR SALE—Two milk goats. Drive. Phone 3-L'24G. 405 Ohio 55 FOR SALK—flassy small c:\ddle horse I'hone L'-doG!) after 6 p. m. or 2-45."iS from 10 a. m. to K. 57 FOR SALK—Baby (.hicks. New HaTnr^ Rhire Reds. Route 7. Box 25. Pioneer Drive. Phone 2-418;. f, -, FOR SALK—fi-months-old Guernsey hull calf. Call after 5. 4nO Covoy avenue west Robe.pls Lane. Rivei view. M <lNlJ5_yo_unK_fa_niib' cow. Phone 4-46BS. 57 FOR SALK—Jersey and Guepniiey cow. lu-st galf. Phoiie_2-XS42. f,j FliR SALIO or trade, one gooil Duroc hoar See at Symon Hroiheps raiuh. 7',» milo.; souJh__ol'__OJd Kivi-r. 57 FOR SALK—OUB saddle horse, two 2(10- linund barrows. See s;imc. at Symon Bpolhers pauch, 7'.a miles south of Old _«!ver._ 67_ FOR SALli:—Rabbits. young pedigreed I'lemish Giants. with papers. Call 4-41»9 after 4 p. m. 57 Dogs and Other Pats FOR SALK—Young warbler canary slne- ers. $6..'.u. Phone 2-3787. 65 Legal Notices NOTICE No. 300319 In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the Counly of Los Angeles. 1 W th r Matter of the Entale of ALFRED Notice is hereby given, that the undersigned. Dopoihy Agnes Venton. Admin- istratrix wilh the Will annexed of the estate of said Alfred Edward Venton de.- ceased. will sell at private sale, to Aie highest and best bidder, upon the terms and conditions hereinafter specified and subject io confirmation by said Superior Zouri. on and afier October 21, 1944 at the office of said Administratrix with :ne Mill annexed, Rooms 201-2-3-4 Nevlll* Building, In the City of Monrovia. California, all the right, title, interest and estate of said decedent in and to all that certain real property described as follows: The East Half of the East Half of th» Northwest Quarter; t|ie East Half of the West Half of the N> rthwesi Quarter' the Southwest Quarter ot the Northeast Quar- sr of the Northwest Quarter; and th» Southwesi Quarter of the Southeast Quar- er of the Northwest Quarter, and th« West 20 feel of l be Northwest Quarter of Hie Southeast Quarter of the North- vest Quarter, all in Section 11. Township Ji South Range 2« Eaat, Mount Diablo iase and Meridian, In the County of <ern, State of California, and containing 91 acres, more or less, Terms and conditions of sale are cash awful money of the United States on •onfirmatiou of sale and delivery of dee'f ).v said Administratrix with 'the Will annexed. Said real property will be sold subject o Counly Taxes for the fiscal year 1944-45 and subject also to all conditions, reserve ions, covenants, restrictions, easements" and rights of way or record, if any, affect- ng said real property and subject further .o a reservation of one-half of all oil «as petroleum and other hydrocarbonate sub- •itances found or underlying said land or hat may be produced and saved therefrom. Bids or offers for the purchase of sail! real property must be In writing and will he received by said Administratrix with he Will annexed at the office aforesaid at any time after the first publication of thli notice and before the date of sale. Dated this 29th day at September, 1944. DOROTHY AGNES VENTON, Administratrix with the Will annexed of the Estate ot Alfred Edward Venlon, also known as A. E. Venton). deceased Dunn & Sturgeon. 201-2-3-4 Neville Bids., Monrovia, California, Attorneys for laid \dminlctratrix, C. T. A. September 29. October 16 Incl. 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