The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 3, 1944 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1944
Page 10
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10 WEST COflST OX THEATRES SPORTS PARADE ENDS "Hail the Tonight Conquering Hero" Eddie Bracken 'In the Meantime, Darling" Jeanne GRAIN TOMORROW at 6:45 And—Another "Crime Doctor" Hit! WARNER BAXTER with NINA FOCH CDIUMt « 'iCTUIH V IM THE NIGHT NiLt /'/;,-. ',• 7 711 NOW SHOWING— 6:45 MARCH pertr.ys the creator ot Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Firni . . . in PLUS— VIII MIUI* RALSTON •ICHMD ARLEN UlCM VON STROHEIM LAST DAY "AND THE ANGELS SING" Abbott and Costdlo "IN SOCIETY" OPENS TOMORROW Unbelievable Adventure! in a South Seo Paradise I A TALE OF EXOTIC LOVE! MARIA MONTH •ON HALl SABU ION CHANfY CO-HIT HUMPHREY BOGART in 'DEAD END" Show Starts Daily at 12 Noon LAST DAY E. C. Robinson "DESTROYER" John Wayne "LAWLESS FRONTIER" TOMORROW "Trans-Atlantic Tunnel" Don O'Connor "CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK" • Quick • Careful • Convenient We Specialize in WHILE-YOU-WAIT SERVICE Complete Stocks of Leather and Rubber EXPERT CLEANING AND DYEING VICTORY SHOE SHOP 152% Twentieth Street Acro»*)Trtinl t'innrtr Mfrrantllt i. California!! Tuesday, October 3, 1944 CARDS FAVORED 1 TO 2 AS BIG i GAME PREPARATIONS UNDER WAY H.v JACK HAND ST. I-iTl*. Oct. 3. ijp< Twenty- Luke S<-wc]l had his Rrownirs out the hungry I'.rmvns u ho neviT . for a short drill b»twecn the ram ca-hei| a World Scries check and L'- drops yesterday and planned a ('.irdinals ulin'w \\.,u three sui-ees- lengthy dre~s rehearsal this morning .-no X.itional League pennants To with the National Leaguers taking dav split tliis bulging Ohio river i it\ the Held in the afternoon. «ide .'iicn ..ii ihe e\e of the first all- Neither manager has named his Si. Louis World Serie--. tir.-t game starter but .\I..rl Cooper Street car operators. I...II bops and UJ-Ti appears to he the natural for bartenders chewed \ourear with re- the Cardinals. Nelson I'otter is I he take.- of diet Laabs' 1 \\ o pen na nt • I ikely I'.rownie opener \sitb his [',i-~ winning homers ami Sig .lakuc was boomed for "mayor." but (1 hoys who say it with cash made II National Leaguers 1 to 2 favoriti fin- the best four oul-oi'-seven serif opening tomorrow at Sportsmat I'ark. liann" \\eather took away some i the enthusiasm \csterdav as Mil Soiilhworth and his boys came hon for the first time since clinching tl flag lo be greeted only bv I he i record and his highh •! rained screw - hall. Consistently good pitching was the - most important factor in Die success - ..f the Sewell (lew all season and - could he the turning point in this series, which will be played on an ovcry-day basis with the only off dav hoiwoeii the sixth and seventh HAPI'Y OCCASION—Tea! They finally did it. The St. Louis Browns are celebrating their win of the American League pennant, which Is the first time in history the Browns have ever won the title that curries them into the World Series. Don Barnes, club president, shakes hands with Mike Kreevich. Between them is Slgrrumd Jakucki, Brown pitcher, who led them to victory in their last game. wives, children and lickei -hunting Wilks lo hack up Cooper, but Lanier , relatives. The town. however, is a doubtful factor beca use of recent the gruelling hiix/cil with li;iM'li;iIl t:ilk ami h.,tli :inn I i-miMr. ||o is s;ii<l lo lie rr;iclv r-lul's ri-piii-li'd .1. c-Minpli'li' M'llniit nl' Imt only :n\ ;irlu;il Marl will ^jvn rrMTVPil M-.ity. M,i\nr K ;n i IHI;I 11 M tin* aiiM\<T. i'-Micil ;i pnirl.imal inn ilr.-it; na t in^ St'\vc|| can Iiark up I'nttcr \\j||] Iliis as "li/ivi'liall ui'ck.' .lark Kianirr. licnn\ < )a ii'linusi'. 1-iol) At. lf:i.-.t. ;!.->.MUM fan.-, arc expect,•.I Mum-riff and .lakiicki, allhf.ut;li In Him nut I'nr tin 1 npi'iicr \\ilh Hie Minuric'' i^ alsn on the snre.arin \\ralhcniian pn uni'-int; "fair ami li-l. Tlic l!iin\ns' staff is iloppcr ciml'-r." than Ilic Cards and in unml ph\sical ^^^^^'•^••••^••^••""••••^ ' ' ciindiI ii>n liospit slrclcli ilrivt>. Tim only ailing Cardinal is T^fl l-'iclder liaiiny Lilu hilcr. wlm is I'l'lliorfd liy a ri^ht knee injury. HP li>ld Son! Invm-t li IIP \vas rcad\ , Imt it. is pussililc HIP skippt-r rnidht nsn lltitikio AIIKJP Mcr^aimi in loft tu t;ivi> tlip clnh inn],, left -ha nded hillini: power against tlip Ainpi-ican LPIIKMITS' rifilil liandcrs. Scwcll's only .soiillipaus art' Al Hollin^s- wtH'lli. \\lio haMi'l slai'lt'il since .Inly U7, and Sam Xolilali, \\lio never lias Marled n tame. For the first limp since 1!I^L'. when the Yankees ami (;iants met in the I'ol'j (Iroiinds. all the .series game.s are .scheduled for the same park, eliminating any conjecture on (lie WRESTLING TOMORROW NIGHT WEDNESDAY October 4, 1944 2201 V Street 8:30 o'clock MAIN i,vi;vr l.ltchf-llrit v.\ « P! K lit < hnmt)ioM*lii|i I no Out ot 'lhn*n In IN — Two-Hour Sailor DICK TROUT WILD RED BERRY SKMI-tVIMH I* HO Out of 'I'hrcf 1'iilK—l.V.MInute Time Limit DANNY McSHAIN Vrrsiix ABE COLEMAN STKCIAI, »;VKNT One lull—MMIimito Time Limit YUKON JAKE BILLY McEUEN I'M I IMINAHV OIIK I all—go-.Minulp Time Limit JOHNNIE MELAS KENNY AGKLES NEW PRICES: General Admission $1 Ringside $1.50 Children and Servicemen Full Price Scut* on Snip nt V.\ Tr.lon init) II. O. Wi'Hlhu.v ( Unr Sliintl, (11)1) Itukrr I'ftr Iti.fti'rvntioiiN rtion«> 0-fi(tHI advantage of playing- in familiar surroundings. Although the teams met in a spring city scries, won by Southworth'!-: champs four games to one. 1 these figures can he tossed into the ash can because the Rrowns were mis-ing many key men and both, clubs were in the experimental! stage. i Seals Buy Player From Eastern Team s.\.\ KKA.xrisi'o, Oct. y. <#)— li.itlle .Malonc Sanders, left-handed baiting and fielding first baseman from the Jersey City league club in the Intel national League, is a member of the San I'Yancisco Seals, officials of the J'acific Coast League tea m announced. Samlfrs played willi Arnarillo in the Texas League in l!);i!i and l!Mu and with Seranton in the lOastern League in 1 !)•)], but dropped out of baseball to work in the shipyards the next two years. He is I'.j, married and has two children. The Seals also announced they had claimed on a waiver. Ralph Watson. U,~.-\ far-old infielder, from Sacramento. M.\l)l<; AN TO CAPTAIN RKAKS KLUKKLKY, Oct. 3. IU.R)— The 1'niversity of California. Bears slightly less stiff and sore from the battering they took while grabbing a (i-0 win over 1 T . C. L. A. Saturday, today practiced scrimmage in preparation for their game with U. S. c. in Los Angeles this week end. Right c.uard Dick Madigan. a V-1- marine transfer from Stanford, has been named to captain the Hears. Madigan was a lettcrman with the Rears last %ear and has been one of tiie line standouts this season. HOW THEY STAND I'A( IFIC TOAST I.KAfil'R final rla.vDffH 'frurn - W..I1 I...SI P. 1 ...K \MB.-lfji H .1 ..VI!) a [i l-'rali. i.-< .. :l 3 5(ID l.iiht Night's K ('Mills T.ns AnK.'Ips. '2: S;m KriiiHisio, 1 (10 iMMinss J. dime Tmilitht S;.n I-'I-IOH IM .. jil I.o» Anuplofi i! p. ni.V ^Colonel Abncr invented Baseball Pol pat*nt«d th« Hollow Ground Blado for coolor, quickor, "Foariior Touch" shaving FAMILY MATTER LOVELL, \Vyo., Oct. 3. OP)—Carl Hessenthalcr reports a German prisoner of war assigned to work on his farm is his nephew. Toledo Downs Davis by T. K. 0. in Final Round F.'ins v.'itni.'SNt'fl wlut is t-.-illiMi :\ ronl Ixixiiitf <lnrl last nmht iit Strrlich Stadium whi'ii Johnny Tnlc-iln SCOI-IH) a T. K. O. in 1 :.">•! of the final round ovor his opponent. Tony Oaxis. be- causn of an injury to Ins eye. This main event bout was a sUillcd match all the way with the hoys scoring blows mostly to each other's head. La to in the second round Davis caught Toledo ou the nose. which in turn it to hleed continually throughout the I'iyht. I-'rom that point on, Davis' main objective was Toledo's nose, which he caiiKht time after time with left jabs to the face. In the early part of the last round Toledo let K« with a. series of blows which eaiiKht Davis in the eye. Both hoys having one special objective developed the match into a real duel. Toledo, with a few seconds left in the last round, scored many a direct hit with his shower of lefts and rights to the eye of Davis. Davis began to hleed so badly the fltrht was stopped with just six seconds remaining- until the end of the bout. Davis wanted to continue the fight, but doctor's orders were that the bout should be stopped. John Sonney, a fast little fighter, won a four-round decision over CM I Coolidge in the seini-windup bout, which could not have been a faster fig-ht if the boys had been on roller Sonney had a slight edge through the first three rounds when he con- nected with plenty of hard lefts to ('oolidgc's head. This didn't mean that Coolidge was idle, for ho threw a series of rights and lefts to make the bout very interesting. Then, in the final round, Cuolldue came back with surprising energy and landed blows which actually staggered his opponent, but this last round spurt didn't help Coolidjye because of the slight edge Sonney carried throughout the fight. The special event was a lightning- fast match between frank Lncclol and Joe M111107. which was a fairly even- fight for the first few minutes of the first round, but Lucelo soon started an offensive which won him. :i. decision over .Munox. Throwing: hard rights and lefts' to Muno'/.' face and midsection. l/ueeio held an overwhelming edge until tho last round. Then, with not more than two minutes remaining. Alunoz tried to change the lido of battle, but Ills attempt was in vain, because Luecio's three-round lead gave ,him the referee's final decision. In other thrilling preliminaries of the evening, (Julie Jlmenz took Hay Harness in ti decision bout, arid Warren Reeder and Florentine Arvisu battled to a four-round draw. Jitterbug' Ray Harness tried the iron-man stunt by trying- to appear in two bouts on the same card, hut the cards were down on him, he- cause, after dropping the first bout, he was kayoed in his second in 1 :lij of the last round. • FIT All kiOULAI tAZOIS PitFICTlY • ROVERS OILOAIE • Phone 2-6636 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday GARFIELD HENREID SYDNIT GREENSTREET GAL CARTOON NEWS Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Eddie Quillan in "Melody Parade" Victor Jory, Pamela Blake in "Unknown Guest" POPULAR SCIENCE REEL Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday BERGMAN! CO'TTE'N Beaulah Bondi, Nina Foch in "She's a Soldier, Too" COMIC NEWS omenfa P.M.'s the time. P\I's the order. "Two, please, at this table . . . two PM Manhattans for two Particular Men. Made with famous PM dc Luxe Whiskey . . . Pleasingly Mellow, Perfeetly Marvelous." Hint Sounds inviting ! . . . let's join them! YOU TOO CAM flGUT BY GIVING National Pi.lilUr. l>r,ul,,ri. O,r|.., .N. Y. ; BlouHrH Whl.krjr.l 86.8 Proof. 51% Straight Whiiker, 49% Grain Nrulr.l Spirit.. LET "Things Worth While" Brighten Your Life KPMC at 3:30 P. M. LET IVERS FURNITURE COMPANY Brighten Your Home Thr llniiii ni lluiilll.N hljlr mill lii'iinty In r'urititiiri' 625 Nineteenth Street Phone 4-4711 Special $Mnith Films "Ml REINO POR UN TORERO" "LA LICA OE LAS CANCIONES' Open Dally at 12 Noon Starting Tomorrow Dick Powell, Luclllo Ball in "MEET THE PEOPLE" •imtor Crabbo In "THE DRIFTER' Last Tlmos Today "ROSIC THE RIVETER" "YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS" TONGIHT Erskine Hawkins "The Twentieth Century Gabriel" and His Orchestra Featuring Jimmy Mitchell and Effl* Smith Vocalist* THE BARN on Stlne Road. South of Brundage AN IN VESTUEXT I .V GOOD APPEARANCE by Kuppenheinier" speaks volumes One of the finest things you can say about clothes is, "Quality by Kuppenheimer." For 68 years it ' . has meant more style, more wear, ' more satisfaction. This fall, it means more than ever. The new Kuppenheimer suits and topcoats are actually the f nest this maker has ever produced. Make your selection now! KUPPENHEIMER SUITS- $3U TO $65 HARRISON'S Suits for Men 1618 19lh Street Used Radios Hidit Mi AppUnct Co. Fox Th«atr* Building 2011 H ItrNt, Dili 4.4MB THURSDAY October 5 The Dance of the Year! Union Ave. Ballroom FREDDY MARTIN and His Sensational Stars of Stage, Screen _ and Radio! _ Get Bargain Advance Tickets Now at Vest's or Tracy's

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