The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 14, 1936 · Page 18
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 18

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 14, 1936
Page 18
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I MONDAY, SEPTEMBER M, 19,16 Cfrttorial ffiage of Cfle J^fretgftelb (itattfonumt Issued 1'jvory KyenlnR Kxropt Huiuliiy In liukemflnld, Kern County. Cullfnrnla Entered In |>ost office ni RakerRflnld. rVillfonila, IIH snooml Cln«B mall nmllor under tho Art. of COIIKI-PHH Mnn.'h ,1, 187!l MRMHIflR OF Tin<! ASSOCUATWD PrilOSS Tlin Asuoolntprl Pri»s» In exclusively cnllll»'1 I" Iho lino for tllllillciltldn of nil neWH illBplllcllfK rioclltfll to It or not othnrwlHO cri'illtm! In this pupr>r, and iilno the local news ptihllnhiul ihnreln. The It/iluM-sfldil f'nllfnriilni) in nlso n rllcnl nf 1h»- Ifnlli-d Pr'-Hs unit Hip t'nllfd NC«'M nnd ri-relvcH tlif nunplftn IcjtNfil ^Ir** ;-(or\lr*' of liolh. KKI'HKSKNTATIVKS llryniii, Hrlffllh b llnninoii, lin' Nr« York, i.'lilriiK", IiiJrull, Alliiiiln, I'.oi.ion \VcKt-llnlllc1ny Mourri»rn ''"., I'"'. San l' - innr ipco, |,(i n AIKJI Ic--, Kriiill,-, I'orlliiinl VVAHIMNHTdN. I), i ., lirilKAr r .1. llMnlcln, Iilrritur, \VnxlilnKlon, ll. (J, SiniSCIUPTION I'llK'IC Tlf.'ll \ nrcri h.v ("itrT'icr fi* rrinll In pohtnl /inn--, utin, tu Hirer, PIT tooiiih, li.'.' 1 , (I Minntliii, ?,'!.. 'ill. I yciir, t7. liy mull in nl /,»nr>h l"iii' I" I'lM'it, !"•!' nionlli, Kur. THIS PAl'KH MAf)K IN THK V,. H. A. TWO COLORADO RlVKIl WONDFOHS '\T 7 I'll UN n short dislmur of encli oilier ^ * on the C.olonidn river nre two of the wonders of the world. The (iriind C.imyon nvves the visilor with its stupendous depths mid the sublimity of vnried colors of Ihc ninny levels of .slriiln through which tin 1 river luis cut its way in Ihe course of ii^es. This miliirnl specliiele sln^^ers the iniiiHinii- liiin til' the oliserver. It linnihles him, nnd miikes him renli/.e how feelile nre the works of man its coinpnrcd with the forces of mi- Inre. 1'iirllier down Ihc river, hov\cver, the .self- esteem of the visitor is redeemed when he KII/.CS on Ihe engineering fen! of Moulder DIIIII tmd sees the mistily forces Hint hewed out the (irnnd C.iinyoii hnrnessed hy Hie in- jjcmiily of the liiimnn hrnin nnd Hint nre diverted into the service of men. Not only Hint, hnl hy Ihe nnislery of nntnre's Inws Hie polenlinlilies of Ihe river hnve heen turned into li^ht, henl nnd power, nnd Iwvin^( served Iliese purposes will nlso he used for irri^nlion of hinds nnd provide vvnter .supply systems for ninny communities. The (irnnd C.imynn is n wonder of nntnre; Boulder DIIIII is n inirnclc of the human mind, hy whose mn^ic nntnre is controlled nnd made ohcdicnl In its will. liy Ihe pressure of n Inillmi .'l()(l(T miles nwny President Itoosevell unleashed purl of Hint stored power through Ihe niil of the self- snme energy Ihnl was lapped at Moulder DIIIII. Willi Hit- crenlion of Ihe greal Imr- rier for the storage of Ihe C.olorntlo river waters in Ihe !)()-inile Inn^ Lake Mend and Ihe inslnllnlion nnd nininleiinnce of Ihe in- trienle ninchinery Ihnl converts Ihe Intent energy inlo channels of human utility, one of Ihe ^renl eiij4ineerinin feats in history is completed. The Dam will remain as evidence of the nnislery of mind over mailer, hill its utilitarian purposes will introduce new factors in Ihc regions they all'eet through their application to human nll'nirs. Thnl energy will heecnne a mnrkelahle : product, ami its disposal nnd its ell'ecl tin ' human living cuiidiliiins heeitine Ihe snh- jeet mailer of political and economic di.S- t'l I 'li(lll. IIKTTIW SAI'MO THAN SORRY l( Slate Senator A. II. Mreed, than whom none has rendered liner service lo Ihe Stale of ( alilornia and lo ils people, lias •written a iiennlive iirnument on proposition No. Ml on Ihc Novemher hallo) designed to prevent Ihe diversion of gasoline taxes lo other purposes. Mr. Mreed limls Hie initialed measure full of ainhiunilics nnd uncertain- lies and in his opinion il is designed to serve Ihe inleresls of iiiaiiul'nclurers of "Deisel powr equipment." II il l»e thai Ihe former Senator is correct in his conclusion, il is still a fact that Ihe amendment, if endorsed b\ lh r people, will prevent the diversion of lh< lax; and il should lie presented. Il is n teinplnlion lo Ihe politicians, thai tremendous revenue conies from Ihe owners of anlomohilrs and oilier motor vehicles.. Heretofore puhhr senlinienl has liecn so strong as to defeat proposals lo ulili/c this money for political instead of for highway purposes, hnl v\e cannot he sure thai, in Ihe eml, mi unchecked offiee-hnldiiiK briuiulc will not succeed in its effort. In which event il will have much money for manifold purposes nl the expense of the huildhiji of ne\ v highways tmd the mainlenaiice of those which hnve already heen constructed. It ^vvcre wiser, then, we think. |o vole "Yes" upon Proposition No. 10 and leave no donht in Ihe minds of the politicians us to the .sentiment of the people. If the lanu- Uitfic is faulty, if there are "amhi^nilies and uneerlainlie.s," it will he pos.sihle lo make eornelions hereafter. Mul if a measure tic signed lo prevent Iho diversion of Hie gu.s lux should bi» defctiled by Ihc people we think we know what would happen lliero nfler lo such Inx. It is boiler lo be snfe thnn sorrv. TICN VI5AKH AOO (The rjiltfomlin, thli dit«, lts«) Headlines: Tlnvolt of Mexican Indians looms; Government sands 10,000 soldiers to fight Yanuis; Many bridges burned In Konora by aroused trlbfismon; KvangellHt fights back and allngoH attompl WIIH mado to blackmail her; Almoo'n earning pow- ors doubled; I'VoNtian, 5-1, shot In woman caso; Kern county fair opens today. IVH'nnt wcath'-r attended tho opnnlng.jof Ihe ronnl.y fair hero today and a largo crowd was expected vlnw thi! exhibit, to of Krom Ihl8 county ?.Z(i curs Krapnn wore whipped lust woo.k. Klro did $7000 damage, to tho I,ln- coin Hchool horn. W. I), flaike, city engineer, spoke at the Kxchnngii Club. I'H ul iJnrkuni IIIIH loaned thn auto- mublle Hpoi'dway at the fairgrounds. THE OTHER HALF ! pHKSlDKNT HOOSEVKLT is u gmil Jm! *• nnmilurhm nnd in the kindness of licarl i nnd mind lie, vision* a fiilnre in which Hie 1 conversion and application of dcjclricnl energy will ennh.le half Ihe. population to provide for Ihe welfare of the whole populalion. lie says: "We can conceive (hat llii.s would mean flml the people bclween 20 and 50 years of u#c will he ahle lo produce Ilic hasie commodilies for themselves and also for all the others helow and ahove these titfc.s." And Ihe Chief K.xectilivu, in his address hnviiifi much lo do with urecu pas- lures nnd still witters, adds: "If Dial condition should arise, it is |he duly of you who would he so ^really responsible lo Ihink what would he Ihe ell'cc.l on our leisure, our culture and our way of life. I would siitf- tfcsl lluil |h ( . answer nol he left solely in Ihc i isTiloui. hands of hankers, ^overmnenl ollicinls or denniKotfiics." And, hroadly, the Pre.sidcul said "You and I nre nol paying enough alten- lion lo human engineering." \\'e nre wondering if it would nol he, a saddened world, saddened for (hose who are pasl DM- age of HO, if (hey found themselves hnrdened with Dial leisure which would nti- Inrnlly follow Ihe production, hy half Ihe people, of Ihe hasic commodities for all UK; people. The answer insofar as il will affect Hie millions who would he removed from Ihe nclivilies of fife should not. ami could not indeed, he lefl in Ihe hands of such as are designated hy the President. , ,, . „ „. , , ,. .. ; i "r. A. IP. Holmf«r IIIIH returned r.very well rounded American must neces- I l ' r "" 1 I||H vacation. snrily feel thai the nllenlion he gives lo "human engineering" should, like charily, he- K'» "I home. The American way. Ihe way in which this nation has grown lo greatness, has nothing lo do with life which permits half the people lo provide for all Un- people. Knergy and amhilion in Americans do nol end at .")() and do nol hegin at 'JO; those people want Ihe same opportunities for active etlorl and endeavor which have heen the portion of Iheir forefathers, and no nllenlion which may he given to human engineering can prolilahly stihslilnle leisure and culture for Ihnl individualism which generations of Americans have known and which has ever heen nnd which must continue lo he the foundation of our national life. It will he n sad day for Americans of Hie future if am- hilion is nnhorn until the twentieth milestone is passed, if il dies al the half century mark, thus nlVecling half of the population ALFRED KDtTOW AND l-ROPIUKTOK , TCIDAy 1$ by NARO JONES •»!» NCA S«f.,i. me TWICNTV YKAUH ACJO (Thi) I'nliruinlnli, Mil* ilnln. 111141 lleadllncH: N. V. companies turn down plans for ending car nlrlke.; Drop probo of offer lo wll mayor's nffloo In I.. A.; Itnmb mlsslos Identified ni. w. K. Hillings hearing; I'or- nnni! menaced by lutest vlr.torlos of King (.'uiiHlanllno of Oroeco. to abdicate, bellnf; r,argo at- tondiinon reported In county schijols. 'IV M. Martin of Mlo Hravo IH ono of a. group Interested In forming a farm Inan ansunlnllon for the dlHtrlo.t. Mrs. ,1. U. Williams Js homo, from Han P'ranclHcn. 'I'. I'. Hiilllvan ill' Tehachupl Is hero fur Jury duly. <'. I' 1 . Illlchcuck IH hero from Wimily , Hubert Head will eHtubllHli an advert iHlng agonoy In this city. TIIIKTY VKAKH A(1() I'l'hn CnlirotllUll. lliUdaln, luiliii lli'iidllnim: llcarHl'H parly I* ,, |ni- dinted by I'alll'nrnlii DeiiiiH-nicy ; I'oupli- iniiHt rule In Holoctlng publlr; sorvMiils; HelM-lllun IH gruwlng In I ta- na .vii ; AilauiH to lead In ( 'dlorailo; Hull boa I'M lioniiicriitli: banner for goyoriior. Hurry .liistro announeos thn ('nlon thenli-r will probubly bn opened hero In October. CHAPTlfiK Xext morning Judith Howard tele phoned tho hospital soon after she had come to work, "How In Mr. Kranels Jarvls pleasoV" There wan a. moment's wait while the operator consulted her card flic Then: "Mr. Jarvis was discharged early this morning. His Injuries were very Blight." But Judith's conscience wouldn't ot It go at that. Hhe realised she had boon tho Indirect oauso of tho man's accident and sho wanted him to know sho waft ready to accept a certain responsibility. In tho telephone, directory sho found Jarvlo' of- flco number beneath that of his homo number. Deciding that It would bo bolter lo BOO. him personally than to try to explain matters over tho telephone, sho obtained permission to take un hour off. Whon Hho hud reached tho office of Kranels Jarvis sho was duo for a surprise. They wore luxurious business quarters, Indeed, and she quickly discovered that In thorn tho namo of Krancls Jarvls was important. Of courso sho had noticed that his automobile had been no small model—but nowadays even the mod oral.cly flxo.d may drlvo more than olgbt cylinders. Tho girl In the walnut-paneled re- coplloti room regarded Judith with polite, suspicion. "What did von wish . suspicion. "What did you wish see Mr. Jin-vis about? Perhaps Mr. I'omoroy, his assistant, could bo of service to you." "I'm afraid not. You BOO, Mr, IH mirroring from a i'. !•:. l.iivln spralnod wrist. MillHon roHldonls are to nsk the Hiiporvlsors In creati- a yollng precinct In their dlHtrlrl for ihclr 1-011- A woman \vlll be tried here fur rent Ing u IIOI-HO ami buggy and ro- ClIHlllg to pay the biro. . , , .TarvlB was Injured slightly In an an- tomoblln accident last night — and I WOH responsible," "T Hun, .liiHt a moment, please. " ICxportly tho girl plugged in. And apparently Jurvls was guarded by Ktlll another young woman. "Please toll Mr. JarvlH that a Miss Howard IH horn to son him. It's with regard to— a — an automobile accident last night." Thorn wntf'a momenta' silence, nftor which the switchboard operator told .Tudlth. "Please go right In." Hho nodded toward a beautifully figured walnut door. lliwlfallngl.v. Judith' opened It, Btpppnd oyto a deep. soft carpet. At thn other end of the good-sl/od room wn« a broad, fliit dfHk which liold nothing more than a green blotter pad and itn ornatn pen «et. Jlehlnd It Hat a man of middle age, Blonder, a bit florid. Ills dark eyes were younger (linn II|H rrioo. but Whon ho mulled — as he did now — his I'nco complemented the eyes and ho seemed to drop five or six years. "MlHH Howard?" ho salil. "Won't you pIciiHc Hit down?" Judith thanked him. choosing tho nearest. loathcr-ouHhlonod chair. Hud- dimly It occurred to her how absurd It was for her to be offering this miin rPHpoiiHlhlllty for the accident. Obviously he coiilil afford almost any given number of such mlshapH. "You wanted to nee mo about last nlghl'H little nooidoniV" with a 1'AUL MALLON—Copyright 193G)= while the other half makes to supply it whole modities. the wheels turn h its basic com- VyAHIIINOTON. Kept. M. -Hitler ** il'MiiiinilM 11 colonial African empire from Itilmlii and Km urn In H bristling military npoech at Nuremberg HovlelH utiigi' troop miineilvei-H on White UiiHHliin frontier—I'Vaneo nimounooH an iimptoen million franc plan for military expansion over the next four yi'iu-M Hull bluntly wiirns of war In Hpeerh to power eongross— ThoMe n rn the flllMhy tlevelopmelitH within the Hpan of two recent days. If they iln nut ailil up lo a war JIIHI iirmiiiil thn next eorner. thnn a lot of people miiHt be fooling. The answer IH: Itnllyhoo. Hitler WUH briiKKtiiK to the annual Nn/.l parly rally that he had aceom- pIlMhotl nil hlH nbJectlvoH. He hail been 100 per eelit Hllce.eSHl'ul. A leader In illller'H HlineH without a piirpimo miml either arrange for a pair of slippers or another purposo The fa vi I'uloiiliil iMiipIrn doinnnil will him from going to the shoe KAN DOM NOTKS OIK- liirlor in |hc HNMIL! lidr of Hit- rising all not he nor, for thai mailer, wish lo eliminate. Thai has lo do with providing those additional school facilities made necessary hy a steadily increasing population. And nowhere in California is there heller evidence of continual growth as allesled hy new school hnildings than in Kern. It is the testimony of Ihe (lounly Superintendent of Schools Hint practically every district has made ready lo care for n gain in the mnnher of pupils. I" I I "f them, pretentious huilding programs have heen launched, n mimhcr of them just ahonl ci We cannot have additional school rooms without .spending money and the hurdened taxpayer has no complain! or should have none over huilding con.slrneliun, attesting as it does, n growing community and therefore increasing wealth. Such taxpayers will do well, however, lo consider tin- ailv isnhility of adopting Ihe plan of pay-as-you-go, thus elVecling n material saving in Ihe cost of expansion, such cost oftentimes in case of homl issues he-ing augmented hy ">0 per cent. Ihe direct lax may seem heavy in the vear in which il is paid, hul in the end Unload is considernhly lightened as against paying hondcd indchtedness. Mul whatever Ihe plan, Keru County residents will he agreed that the school 'huild- ing program augurs well for Ihe future. There are many areas iu Ihe United States which have heen served hy Ihe same schoolhouses a half century or more and those schoolhonscs will probably he adequate for Ihe half century lo come. Not so in growing Kern. Populalion gains cull for more class rooms, and while new school buildings cost money it will be a. sad day for Ihc country when there exists no further necessity for supplying them. However, he will wear through many another pair before, bo gets any worthwhile i-olontoH out of I'Vanee and Itrllnln. They will stall him off with migKOslloiiH that bo i alilv. that. I itiline. will bn no war iibniil understand thn /MIKNT MANKUVKHH —.Soviet * trmip mnneitvi'rH wi-rn Ilkewlnn tlniiMl for thn Nii/l pulltli'iil minvcn- linn nnd for domeslli' polllli'iil nffcot. It Mhowril thn rmt pnuHillll hl)\v Illnrl hlM Kiivi'i'inunnt IN In (bn Nir/.l and nlhnr lui'linri''!, nftnr liuvlitg .tiiHl Hiir- v I veil a HiippoHiMl Tr"l/.Uy ri'voliillnn. If Illtlnr I'aii bi'iU tilH clic'Hl wllhiiut roughing, fo i-an tlm H\IHH|:HIH. II HI'U'INIHIIMKNT Tho ' • havo Hei-rot huduelH fii|>. Illi' l''rcnoh Ir mil- llnry oxponillluros. They announce what they choone. If It happens to be Inaccurate, the world novel' UIIOWH tbe illfferenee. Thin time, the French iiiinoimcoinoiil neglected to "M v what they Intcliileil to line the Ihe new nriny appropriation for. pur- poHely li-iivlng (he hnpre»nlon that a Mint expiuiKloiv of the army WIIH pliumeil 'I'lio fin'l IK her iilrplane.M are oliHo- Ictc. She WIIH the t'lrnl niitlon to have nn olTloloiit air force. Shi over Illion iiliuieH Iho flrnl of voiir. Kut remarkable utrlileH have been maile In nvlatlop lately. She will use most of her new friincM to Keep up with the llermniiM. No war will come of that. \\7AUNlNO-Thnrn In no reason to bollevo Mr.vHull hnd any private Information loading him to suspect war IH nearer thnn tho public genor- iiMy Himpin-tH. Ho did not profess to havn any. If bo hnH, ho Is keeping something from most of his advisers. Ills Hpooeh WIIH Intended only as a warning. And, Incidentally, many a new deal politico coiiHlilei-H tho possibility ot war within the. next four yearn Is another reason why 1'ronldont Hooso- volt should Im elected. No war will como of thlH warning, no poaoe. cltlu-r. Homo votes may. JJKHT tit:IOSS—Tho authorllloshoro who know IIH much about war proNpeolH IIH iinyono elso havo not recently i-hangfil their sl/o-up of tho nit nation. . They think tho odds arc 10 to 1 ngalnHl war In tho next year but only about 1! to 1 against an outbreak In inas. Thorn J« also a. fair ehiincn that the International disarmament movement will bo revived before then and minio agreement reached which will delay war «ven further. Most of tho nations nro getting what they Want and will have lo oasii up on expenditures or fight. Their hunch In that the spot where war IH most likely to break Is not tho ono upon which tho oyos of tho world now are fociiHod, but on the fur oaHt- orn frontier, whore UuHHla and Japan are glaring at each other. QNKWAY KOU-—The navy and v - / Htate ilopartinontH uro becomliiR more and moro Involved In their "mlstakon Idontlty" thoory of tho bombing of the Kane. Tho Morions- noHH of the Incident IH over, but nol tho discomfiture of tho iOfficlnls. Their flrnt story Hounded n llttlo weak, but now It IH near exhaustion. Tho original official Interpretation WIIH that tho plane WIIH low enough to (Undone that It WIIH a throo-mo- torod .ship, but loo far up to HOO two American flags on thn doHtroyor. alno too high to be bit by throe round* of and iilrcraft ammunition. Now It develop* the piano WOH low enough ami visibility WIIH Hoar onougli to rnablo a naval officer on the down-over to tako a movie of tho had I whole bombing with MM porwoiml I bin | bund camerii. Tho navy department ban callfil for tbe fllniN, When these ooinc. they will un- ilonbteillv extahllHh tho exlHtonoo of a HOU phenonienon. u one-way sen fott ill the Noono of conflict. smllo Jarvls touched the sldts of his heud whero a .broad patch of white tape covered his dark hair. "You'ro not by any chance that very preoccupied, young woman who caused flre '"I'm afraid I was," Judith said. "I came to tell you how sorry 1 am t ' 8ud you that *(By O, 0, McINTYRE) «.. «<.iu responsible for any damage." His eyps widened and for a mo '"p,»i he looked as If ho believed Ju 1lKt i,! )0 "^niptlng lo some hlm ' But o i ' , uH guileless expression assured him that she was sincere, ho broke Into a pleasant, laugh. "Well, this is refreshing!" Ho got up, went to a , "Would you care for 8h ° 0l< > hoftd ' t)f nil iiiilloiiN of the world today, j wo are In many \vuyt< mo«t M|HKU- , liu-ly lili-HHod iiur cloHOHt neighbors .•no KOOI! ni'lKhborn. If there uro le motor natloiiH thai wish HH not good , but III, tboy know that we are •HtroiiK; (hoy know thai wo onn vvoll ilofoml o)irMolvi<M and dofoiul our nolKhboru.- UuoHovolt. The very Uleit of ono human l«>ln« u mltilUK uloiiK iiKniK a» u bvitHt of tiui'ilon dragulim uiuillier who >>ltH iimlor Hluiilu In a cumforlablo Hont Is i-ep\ilHlve to mo and contrary to everything for which our country HlaiulH... Mayor Klorollo n. i,,j. tluanlla. N'ow York Clly. Iu bo rneo. In Mnnlloba, by conservative en- tlnuito. there were f>000 Kiiownhoe ridihltK in tho Minaro mile In 1SSH. Hut ISS" liriiiighl Iho Inovltablo rabbit plague, and tho bodloH of dead Initntlon woii> to bo neon ovorv few yards throughout the province. the Hit. l wo oi' l.oiti In thv birds' nests used by the In making soup are about of an ovHti-r shell. Thirty- llu<m X llouml ,,, ! v llliy>1 , . U . official Httirtor In jtnrlklshti A THOUCUT FOR TODAY ^ : 1'heu *flf tkrlr mouth auainat the Tho best movie actor* uro lmbU»H i '""'"''""•*• ""<* their lotitni? tcalketh and tluokii, biifiuiHo tiu-y m\\ the | IhroHgh Ihe rnr/ft. • I'sulms 7J:», leant Kelf-cohNeliMm nnU the numt nat- i * », . , 1111 i H. ikxifKv ISIIot, sideboard, something?' "Mind If I do: "Not at all. I—" she started to rise from tho chair. "I'll leave you my name and address and then If anything comes up you can get in touch with mo." Ho looked at her curiously. "Just What do you mean ?" „,, ' i h ¥' Tthero ' 8 tne Damage to tho car, but I imagine that's covered by insurance. 1 . was thinking mostly of your Injury. Sometimes those things appear to be all right and then later on they develop into something serious." Jarvis laughefl and tossed'down the contents of a small glass, fol- pvvpd It with neither water hor soda. "I hardly think this 'one will." He returned to his desk. "But, as you suggest, I'll tako your namo and address, Just In case anything should develop." Judith resented his apparent mild amusement. Getting to her feet, sho said. "Of course I didn't know what your circumstances might bo and—" .Oh. please don't think I don't appreciate your thonghtfulness." He laughed pleasantly. "The bond business hasn't been good as it might be, you know. I may hold you responsible, at that!" "That would be fair enough." Judith said and gave him'her address and telephone number. •Smiling, JarvlH wrote It down on a desk pad. Then ho tossed down thn pencil and grow sorlous. "Really. Miss Howard, r think this is splendid ol you. tho matter Hut I assure Isn't serious you and that I'm more than willing to take caro of tho damage." He smiled again. "The truth Js, It was a case of bad driving. I might havo turned into the opposite curb. It didn't have a fire plug, probably. . . . And another thing. Tho nurse told mo how von came to the hospital with me. soaked to tho skin from tho broken hydrant. Perhaps I nm the ono who should bo offering—" "Oh, no," said "And now. I—I'll office." Francis Jarvls accompanied her to tho door of his office. "Cloodby, Miss Howard. And I want to thank you again. 111 bo glad lo have you drop In any lime." Virginia and Rob Bent wore mightily Interested when Judith related r mooting with Dr. Kdon Harris. t dldn t take you long to get under W ,"V after you broke tho lease with Steve!" was Virginia's comment. Judith quickly. got back to tho bv - Irglnla's comment. nut Bob was moro Interested u> far in the fact that she'd met Francis .Tarvis. "He's a big shot for fair," Bob told hor OB they had dinner In the Bents' apartment that night. "His outfit nas sold all tho Important securities n this town since everybody got the Idea they could make money on paper. Say. that guy could bust up a car a night—and still not lose sloop. Ho's got a Diesel yacht and a speedboat. Just tho other day he "A llB i 1 ', t o' l , prlvn(o I )lano -" He grinned. Anil llttlo Judy offers to be rospon- slblo for his accident!" ' "Well," Judith Insisted "nod-nattir- only, "It was the only thing to do, under tho circumstances. I didn't know whether ho was rich or poor mill 1 got Into his offices." "You say ho took your name and address?" Inquired Bob. "Why, yes. I gave them to him. Just In case—" "If I know Francis Jarvls—" And you don't," his wife reminded him, "I wish you did " Bob accepted this wifely thrust. Well. then, r moan If what I hear about Francis Jarvls Is true—he'll nako uso of that namo and address very soon." ."". v ,, laughed. "Judith, just .hink! Maybe you've put yourself In linn for a yacht and a garage full of cars." "Don't bo silly, yon two." Judith idmonlphed them. Sho did not way what was In hor loart—thnt what sho wanted nnd all fiho wanted, was a Stovo Fowler who would como back to her and say s get married, Judith. ]f you want to work, that's all right with' no. Hut I lovo you so much that 1 vo got to havo you!" • » * However, this Stovo Fowler didn't' ipooar. that day or In tho daj's that 'ollowod. Sho did not even hoar from Ihe Steve who wanted to argue her iito prolonging a mero engagement. rVlrnost ovorv evening Virginia and nob dropped In at Judith's apart- nont. but this helped only a llttlo. And there wore nights when she would have preferred to bo alone with her thoughts. "1 hour Ktrvo'B out of town on a business trip," Bob told hor one light, his voloo tentative and his ?yos nlort to catch Judith's reaction. "Is ho?" "I'm sure." Virginia added quickly, that Judith's stopped worrying about whore .Stove is."' But Hho hadn't. When the Bents mil loft. Judith roallneil this. She Hinllod at good old Bob's effort to nako hor fpol better. No doubt he VIIH lying about Stove's business trip. The cbancoH worn good that ho'd invented tho tale HO as to explain why Judith hniln't hoard from Fowler. And (he Irrevocable fnct was Unit sho Htlll thought of Stovo In her waking bourn, dreamed of him In hoi- sloop. Then ono evening, just as-she nnd tho HontH arrived homo from tho workaday world, Dr. Eden Harris telephoned. "1 want," ho said, "a beautiful companion for dinner." Judith wan delighted to hear that bantering voice. "Well!" she said. "Let me think a motnont. Perhaps I onn mako a suggestion." "On second thought," said Hnrrls. "Til make ono. It's you. I'll bo around In jm hour." HH took Judith to a now restaurant In town. A delightful llttlo place oullotl John's UonuVavouH. with a Kroanlng table of Swedish "smorgasbord" to be dealt -with before <they hnd ordered the ontreo. But before tho entroo arrived there was a tele- phono nieHKrw for Dr, Edi»n Harris. Tie returned from It with disappointment darkening his usually ploimnnt faoo. "I'm sorry, Judith. Emergency oa«p, 1 might bo able to return In nn hour—«uid T might, not make It until niornlnw, ,\Vt)ul»1 you rather,' I took yo« homo " " (Continued Tomorrow) MEW.YORK, Sept. 14.—Diary: To ^ the tram with Harry Silvoy to gay farewell to dene vie vo Cooper against Joining Ryley at their new Florida homo. And at breakfast imitating' the drummer trying to date the waitress at my father's hotel, but roy cousin Josephine and my lady awarded only plnchy smiles, A brave letter from Raymond Carroll about Tho Paris That Was and which he knew so well. And another Carrollr-Karl^-dropped in before departing for Hollywood to live permanently. So to H. T. Webster's hideout, but ho gone for the day, thence to see Dorman Smith, another cartoonist, newly come to town. To dinner with tho Lisle Bells at a Tyrolean kitchen with yodellng waiters. Then to Major Bowes' apartment awhile, looking at his many paintings and reading Mark Twain's letters to Margaret Illlngton, among them Ms bitterness, "to this swindle called life." Crashing tho Empire tower is something now in gate crashing, but it lias been achieved by two youngsters Si?}" 1 Brookl yn- They had to climb 2240 steps to make tho 108 floors and when they knocked timidly at the last barrier it developed that, unwittingly, they had awakened to a Cinderella experience. Julia Chandler, the manager, was so struck by their ingenuity in getting by the close guard, sho accorded them all the privileges of the tower, Including special refreshments. The tads had pooled resources—a dime—to reach the skyscraper so, as fitting climax to their escapade, they were sent home in an official's car. They had come, they said, to look at the stars. There Is a germ of fantasy, too, for the realist In the Idea of the thousands who live and work high up in New York. A great city above a city. At least a quarter million on higher levels. Their kinship Is certain, although th'ey are unaware of It. Above tho Twentieth Floor! People who, como down from anywhere to do their chores—mountain or building—arc somehow equipped with more than those who work on the same lower level. Perhaps that's . why New York Is so bursting with ambition—this coming down from aloft and getting back there to sleep and dream of new achievements. Personal nomination for the most ' curious combination of naivete and Broadway sophistication—Abel Green of Variety. •• Ono of the ln-and-outers' of the Now York parade—a sort of stop-go ' Man About Town—Is Dudley Field Malone, He will, girded like a gallant, have stretches of rlngsldlng at oyery important event, including an Inverness capod presence" at the opera and then, like that, goes Into seclusion, No one sees him or knows hl« whereabputs. Malon'e, a brilliant orator,'is frequently a leader of lost causes. An idealist with scant patience for things that are. Plus an Irlshry that tempts him to chivalry. All of which reflections were inspired by watching-hlm—he's around at the moment— In, a large Ne;w York restaurant. So far as I notified, everyone who passed his table had a word or wave. A new publishing house on Park avenue has as its guiding genius tho astute William Soskln, long a Man- . hattan literary critic. By friends, Soskln is admired as a 'vigorous pianist and a daring cook. He Just Invented a dish qt swordflsh with truffles and green ginger. As a student at Fordham, he went in for botany. Scientists respect him aa author of a brilliant essay on plant coloring and regret he ever passed up science for literature. Bagatelles: Lupe Velez leads all the American movie stars in London publicity this season . . . Harry Pll- cer is shopping for a night club slto in East Sixtieth . . . Bill Robinson eats a quart of ice cream daily tho year around . . . Claude O. Bowers, 4 historian and ambassador to Spain has already 12 offers to write a book on the revolution at enormous advances . . . Ersklno Gwynne may revive his Paris Boulovardier in Hollywood. This is such a strange and surpris- . Ing world. And I got to chuckling today how amusing it would be to learn that the pontifical J. P. Morgan was a regular whiz at that fool game of handles. !nt letters from readers. Kuch lotlern MUST 1» coii- one side of tho paper. Tho up.™ limit i, Imperattre T? 1 : J 1 J^rit- .??*!«*"!"» •"•"""-. «*>•; „,,„ ?£!x. a^M'- SINGLE TAX Editor Tho Californlan: Taxation, In city, county, state and nation has grown Into a paramount issue. Tho single tax Is proposed by some as a measure of relief and it seems to mo that taxpayers should give It just as much consideration as they give to any other plan that Is offered. The first step in this direction Is to know .what it Is. Henry George's book. "Progress and Poverty," explains this clearly. Tho title, however, seems inappropriate. It should have been "Poverty Among Super- nbunclfinco" or "Tho JMulo an ft tHe Mastiff." The latter would be the better term, where land Is held out of uso by speculators. Tho landlords and land speculators are working hard to shift taxes from tno land to tho Improvements thereon. They have no Intention of stopping till the owners of tho improvements bear all tho tax and the land none. This is tho direct reverse °£ the qeorgist's Idea. They would shift taxes from Improvements to the land by means of tax levies and would not stop till the levy absorbed the entire rental valuo of. tho land. This would force all landowners to look elsewhere for their Income if they desired to continue eating. Mero ownership of land produces nothing In tho Georglst's opinion. If tho rent lord produces nothing he must bo eating at some ono else's Lable and tho fellow that furnishes his ents. that Is to say tho tenant would appear to havo equitable ground for a vigorous kick. I had an experience as a landlord once that convinced me that ownership of land not only produces nothing hut can bo used as a means for getting tho product of other people's labor without giving anything in return therefor. About 50 years ago 1 bought a piece of unimproved land paying one-fifth down and the balance In four equal annual payments. Right away after I received tho re- celpt for tho first payment, T rented U to my neighbor. He agreed to furnish everything and give mo one- fifth of the crop, cither in kind or in cash. My sharo of tho crops, over a term of yearn, paid for tho land, reimbursed me for tho interest on deferred payments and all taxes assessed against tho property. Believe It or not that tenant stuck to mo For 18 years before It occurred to him that ho vvns my serf. Whon he paid mo my rent for the eighteenth year \\o mustered up courage to tell mo that T was a robber and a parasite. Me said that his labor paid for the land, yot I still owned it and now tho Plice was worth seven times as much nil h ffom n« a8 'M' hc ? llc flrst rentecl lc from mo. Ho also Informed me that t °r l|lllt mo and bur . I assured him that t , ruo and lf ho wt >uld seven times as much as I gfnnfn t , t °i Ptt>r ^"l 6 plttco ln the beginning ho could have it. He cepted my offer and that show. I a a ac- goes to think, that I was in that a ro , bber - tt Parasite and ti a federal to land convoys ownership. In this they err. The right of eminent thB the able. title, in ls a pernllt lo "so this permit Is negoti- Congress and the President n can, when public necessity requires !nvo?EX lnn n?i. tl10 n ?K°Uablo feature involved. The result would not prevent the landlord from using the land, but would remove the "dog in manger" typo of speculation in land from which the public now suffers nnnf^^fM? 0 tax rofere ndum should confront the electorate, tho indlvld- , dCC '. d ° whlch = ay bv considering the source B '!? c , 0 P' e ; If R originated in rent his Interest would be best served by a negative vote. Measured Li«, k s mannei> - tho A) Capones should vole for the single tax Taft, September CATS. PICNICKERS. HUNTERS Editor The Callfornian: It deems as though a few of our city neighbors are complaining of being overrun with stray cats, (ttgs, etc. But they themselves on a b?au- ful moonlight night think It Just tho right place to drive Into one's orange grove to bo out of sight of tho highway, to guzzle about a dozen cans of beer, half a dozen beer bottles and several small whisky flasks in fact, yesterday morning I picked tip 11 cans, five beer bottles, three whisky bottles inside tho border row where one party had a hilarious time. Then wo have these amateur hunters who drive through tho groves and carry their anti-aircraft guns firing into tho orchards knowing not whether a hired man may bo In the grove working. There have been several occasions where workers had close shaves with stray bullets. Besides it being dangerous folly to hunt in groves, a great deal of fruit is ruined by buckshot. We of the country have to take n lot of things from tho city, tho same as they must feed tho farmer's cats SUNKIST anowtsn nouto 5, Box 67. Bakorsfleld, September 11, Ifl.'IO. (By FREDERIC J. HASKIN) O. How high do tho highest fireworks go up? What Is tho elapsed imo between the sotting off of such fireworks and their explosion in tho ulrV--.I. H. l{. A. National Flraworka. Inc., says :hat bomb shells go to a height of |rom BOO to 600 feet and the time use burns from 3 to 5 seconds. Rockets go up about 1200 feet. Their ascending time is about 2 seconds. Q. What picture* were the biggest money makers liut year?—B. C. A. For the calendar year of 1935 and up to April 1, 1938. Mutiny on he Bounty led them nil. Top Hat iva« second, Roberta and Midsummer Night's Dream tied for third place. Q. Do greyhounds bark while rac- ng?—D. W. A. Whippet* and greyhounds bark before the start, hut do not bavk while, running.' Q. What |« Hitter's religious affill- olltm?~W. H, A. H* wa« rorfrwl a Uonian Cath- olio imt at proBont IH not affiliated With-any church. Q. AVhat Is tho cost ot u child's public school education for one year? -—j. n. \\. A. Baaed upon reports received 11' 0 ! 1 , 1 ^o. clly 80ho01 systems in the United .States, the office of education estimates that $90.18 Is the average cost of one pupils' education per Q. l>o all popular orchestras en- % gage nrrangei-s? If so, what is the average cost?—L. H. O. A. Practically every major orchestra haa a staff of arrangers specializing In various rhythm styles. Some orchestras pay as high as $50.000 a . year to these, nrllsts. For smaller " bands, $boo a.vveok Is an average. Q. Pleaae iriye directions for making an easy sour cream uala.4 dress- A. Equal parts of French dressing and sour cream, beaten together, make a good tort salad drosslnff. A r*aii«r nn gut tlw wif»«r to tor 4UMUim vf f»ci b? vrtung Th« 1)»\tr*n«lt! Cvllfttrftliui Hurt««. rrwlcHa j. H*4Un. In- r . **!*•.. P.. C. «»*.

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