The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 14, 1936 · Page 17
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 17

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 14, 1936
Page 17
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\7Ty ••• -A X *? -tf V'*3H«i*-fi?'X'»? W*' i'>'" A '' "•,»T»«'«I' !f ,'''' t''*,' *' , *'" 'l ,>'(*> .• i u' ' * ,*, *''*•>,, ,i • *" TfiE BAkKRSFltiLD CALttORNIAN, MONDAY, SEPTBMBEtl 14, 1986 SttSSS S, F. LIVESTOCK (Aitoclatfd Prett Iitattt SOUTH SANVlUNCySCO, Sept. 14. (U. 8. ftept, AgrO— HogN 1826; rather slow; butchers steady t6 10 lower; .bulk 170-2SS 1b. Callfornlas $11.66® 11,76, latter top; around 140-160 lb. weights 111.60; odd lots up to 310 lb. heavies down to $10,76; packing sows steady. - $8.60@9.00. cattle 450; all classes In light supply, steers firm; load warmed up 935 Jb. California steers $7.60; good light Ted steers absent, quoted $8.00®R.60; she stock steady, short fed heifers, $7.00; dairy cows up to $4.26; low cutters eligible down to . $3.00; bulls steady, few $5.2506.60. Calves, none, nominal; good to choice vealers quoted around $0.00® 10.00, Sheep 1150, all classes active, Iambs fully 2f> higher; other classes firm, short deck good to choice, 8S lb. California '.wooled lambs $9.16; one deck mixed quality C7 lb. medium pelt lambs JR.50, sorted 20 per cent; weth- ers $5j2E; odd head Choice short wooled Owes up to $3,76. LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK (United Pratt Leatrd Wire) • LOS ANOISLE8, Sept. 14.— Hogs— Receipts 400; strong to 16c higher; grain-feds 111.76011,00; light locals ?11.85®U,60. T • Caltle-7-Recelpts 2400; slow, fully Hteady, some hold higher; good yearling steers' $8. 70; heavyweights held at $7.7«@8.60; good fed heifers $7.75: grass heifers $5.0006,60; cows, $4,00® n.75; cutter grades $2, 7604. 86; best bulls, $8,15; calves 700. strong to higher; Arl/.onas $6.7B®8.60.. Sheep, 1000; no lambs old; medium lambs hold around $8.60; medium ewes Kteady at $8.40. : LOS ANGELES STOCKS (Annotated Pfttt Touted Wire) LOS ANGELKS, Sept. 14.— Industrials Stock— Bid Asked FINANCIAL LETTER Chrysler 114 Claude Noon , 11 Vi Globe Milling 9 iJouglas Aircraft 7Mi Taylor Milling 17%' Lockheed 9Vi Banks Citizens National 29 Security-First National : Transamerlca, 13 114J4 11% 10 74% '9% B* 13'/t Leaders Down From Fraction 1 to Two Points in Mart Activity Today ny VICTOR• BlffiANK Aiiocliled Frtu Flninclil Wrlttr NEW YORK, Sept. : 1.4.—Selling tremors rippled through the stock market today and many of. the lead' ers were shaken down fractions to around 2 points; Dealings were light, however, and a number of specialties near tho fourth hour managed to weather the squall for minor advances. "Wall street found l|ttle change In the generally pleasing business and industrial jjleture but some traders evidently were inclined to accept part of their profits pending the result of today's Main election. Among rfesletant shares were Continental OH, T^xas Corp., Douglas Aircraft, Boeing, United Aircraft, Goodyear, Pittsburgh Screw & Boat, Socony-Vacuum, Warner Bros., Loew's and General Electric. Losers included U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, YQiingstown Sheet & Tube, General Motors, Chrysler, Montgomery Ward, Sears Roebuck, Spiegel- May-Stern, J. I. Case, American Telephone "Western Union, Consolidated Edison, Nprth American, Anaconda, Kennccott, U. S. Smelting, Howe Sound, American Can, West- Inghouse, Du Pont, Santa Fe, N. Y, Central, Baltimore and Ohio, Northern Pacific and Southern Railway. Bonds drifted to slightly lower levels. Commodities and foreign currencies were mixed. Brighter prospects for both the transport and manufacturing division of the aviation companies served to bolster. those stocks. Large military and naval orders were looked, for in view of tho heavy expansion of armaments abroad and tho consequent home defense requirements. Miscellaneous L. A. Investment.. BVi Pacific Finance 27% Public Utilities L. A. Gas & Elec. pfd 100f>: 10" Pacific Otts & laicclrlc . 37% 37'i Pacific Gas & Klectrlc A.. jjHl 82 Pacific Lighting com...... 5l4i So. Cal. Kdlson com... SOU So. Cal. Edison 0 pfd 28W Ko. Cul. Edison 6V4., 27V- Ko. Cal. Ga. 8 fd 31 Ho. Pacific R. H 43 Oils Molsa Chlcu 7*i Pacific Western 141,4 litandard OH of Cal 36H Union Oil of Cal 22Vi J. A. HOQLE & COMPANY Members New York Stock Bxchano* After the close Saturday development* In the steel Industry labor situation that was deemed bearish as far as steel stocks were concerned. Steel stocks opened weak this morn- Ing but turned firm after the earlier selling. The Maine elections drew a good deal of comment and as well caused a good d«al of uncertainty as far am the market and transactions thereon Were concerned. Politics seems to have an unwarranted ana undue Influence .on conditions and business at the present lime. Europe also Is currently causing a certain amount of uncertainty. More Important Is the rate of bust' ness and good news In the way bf economic recovery which shows no signs of diminishing but rather of Increasing. Of a certain amount of Importance Is the dlmlnlshng percentage of gain. At this time last year the full swing toward betterment was In progress. This year the comparative figures will not be quite so good but nevertheless the larger volume of business should be an offsetting factor. Most of last week the market was reactionary and today might well bring the culmination of the hesitating movement. Election results will be at hand and a definite change In market characteristics will llkelr ro- suli. One way or. the other tomorrow should he a decisive days as to trends The best likelihood Is for a resumption of the upward trend to take place finally bringing .fla.yft of large volume during the next two to six weeks. Commodities were irregular and mixed. Final figures were mo*tl> minus a shade although not enough to make any great difference. Temporarily the same Influences are at work as In the security markets but In the longer run demand which Is Increasing will be the most linpor tant. MART MOVES OFF IN EARY fit* 52 H 28 4 28 Mi 43ii lu 3?!* LOS ANGELES HAY (tlmoclaicd Prctt Lcatcd Wire} LOS ANGELES, Sept. 14.— Alfalfa hay held about unchanged here today, but a strong undertone wan apparent, tho Federal-State Market News Service repot'to'd. Carlot . grain' arrivals; 25 wheat, 8 barley, '24 corii, 2 oats, G mllo, 1 rye, 86 bay. Hay, f.o.b. Los Angelas, per ton: Choice barley, $14@15; choice oats, S15W16. Alfalfa delivered ffynes or Kl ^lonto: U. S. No. I extra leafy, nono quoted; *U. S. No. 1. $lflffl0.50; U. 8. No. 2 leafy, $15; U. 8. No. 2, $18.150. SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS (Attoctatctl frets Leatcd Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 14,— Stock Exchange: POULTRY, BUTTER. EGQS Lrattd Wire) LOS ANCELKS, Sept. 14.— Butter and eggs: Butter Kxtra, 37 Vic. Prime first*. 3-1 \4c. Standards, 34c, Undergrade, Eggs (Candled) Large — Clean extras, 84c; light dirty extras, 3lc; eloun nianclards, 2 So; light dirty Htandards, 26c; checks, 24c. Medium — Clean extraw, 28c; light dirty oxtras, 26c; clean Btandnriln, 24c; light dirty standards, 23c; checks, 22c. Small— Clean extras, ISc; light dirty extras, 17c. Case count L A. PRODUCE MARKET <E • ' -. : < ( Prett Seated Wirt) LOS ANGELKS, Sept. 14,—(U. S Dopt. Agr.)— Apples: Loose Watsonvlilo New towns, $2.1062.85 owt.; Bellcfleurs fl.BOlffl.G5; Delicious, $2.50; wtnle bananas, $1.8S®1.7B; best, $1.85: So noma County Jonathans $3.£5@3.50 Delicious $2.60|P3.'IO, Golden Delfcloii 14.0004.50; WaiOilneton Jonathans $3.60, Stark Delicious, $5.60; Idnhc Jonathans $8.76®4.00: Oak Cllcn Hhod Inland. Greenings, Wagener apd Kill Pippins 12.50, Jonathans $2.50®8.00 largo $3.60, smaller $2.00; Dellclou loose, small $.1.00, place pack 60-125 |4.00; ISSe $3,50 cwt. Heans: Local Kentucky AVonders pole, 6(8)BV4o Ibs., bush SH®4o, p'oore 2^180; Berros bout. 6iJ?5Hc; San Lul Oblspo, 4Sf4Hc; yellow wax local, S(g> 3 Vic; lltnas, local and Sun Dleg founly 2Vi@3c, bcsl 3Hc, poore 2c lb. Grapes: San Joaquln Valley need loss, IV401HC: fancy, 2@>2V4c 11). Muscats, 814©'2?ic; best 3c, ordlnar 2c; lied Malagas, 2ViQ>3c; Lady Kin 23c. Poultry Hens, Leghorns, 2'.1 to Ibs., 13c. " 'Crown 55el com vtc.. Crown Zcl prcf A Crown °"Zel pref U 1)1 Glorulo Frt. pfd Fireman's Fund Golden State L. A. Gas nnd Elec. pfd. Lyons Magnus A Magnavox Ltd.'. Marchaht com P. GB and E. com Pacific Ltg. com Pacific LIB. $6 dlv pfd... Pile. Pub. Ser. new com Hwy. Equip. Rlly. com... llwy. Equip. Hlty 5pc pfd sohleslnger A com » Shell'Union com Southern Pacific So. Pac. Gol. Gate A Standard Oil Calif Transamerlca Union Oil Calif Western Pipe Cal. coin.. High Close STi 8% 104 tt 104 Vi 104>,i 104 (J fll 1 *; 81% 99% 99 *i 10 10 107 107 24 37}i 62',4 107 Vi Hens, Leghorns, over 3U and up" to 4 Ibs., 14c. HeiiR, Leghorns, ovor 4 Ihs., lOc. Hens, colored, 8VI to 4 Ibs., 20c. Hens, colored, 4 Ibs. and up, 23c. Urollors over 1 up to Us Ibs., 20c. Broilers, over l',4 and up to 2V4 Ibs,, 20c. Fryers, Leghorns, over 2U and up to 8 Ibs,, 15o. Pryei'g, colored, 2H and up to 8Vi Ibs., 17c. Fryers, colored, over 3'i and up to 4 IbK., lie. Roasters, soft bone, Barred Rocks, ovor 4 Ibs. and up, 20e. Roasters, soft bone, other than Uarred Rocks, over 4 Ibs. and up, 20c. Slags, 12o. Old roosters, 9c. Ducklings. 4% Ibs. and up, He. DuckllngN, under 4',4 Ibs., 12e. OW ducks, lie. C!ee«e, 16c. Young torn turkeys, 13 Ibs. and up to 18 Ibs., 19c. Young loins, over 18 Ibs., 20c. Hen turkeys, I) Ibs. and up, 20c. Old torn lurkoj'8, 14c. Old hen lurkeys, He. Snilahs, under 11 Ibs., per dozen, 24c! SquabK, 11 11)». per doz. and up, 2dc. Capons, under 7 Ibs., 26c. Capons, 7 Ibs. and up, 28c. gers, omc Improvement Shown in Several Issues Today as Session Goes On (Vnltcd Pfttt leaned Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 14.— The market moved off In early trading in the San Francisco 'slock exchange oday although there was a slight cndcnoy to strengthen as the session progressed. At the close of the third hour there were 9 issues up, 24 off and 8 unchanged. Volume con- Inued moderate. Among tho stocks to show Im jrovement were Rainier Pulp & Pa )er A up 1 to a now high at 45, Pa :lflc American irisberles up H Claude Neon up %, Western Pipe Steel up V4 and Magnavox up Vi Colamba Sugar common, selling ex dividend $2 was Off 2>j, Lyons Mag nus A declined 1, drown Zellerbacl A and B both dropped %, Bmporlun and Rainier B were down am smaller losses were taken by Crown Zellerbach common, a olden State Hawaiian Pineapple, Llbby MeNelll Lockheed, Marcluint, Oliver Fllten B, Paraffinc and Pacific Can. Oils range. moved within fractlona Bishop and Union of Call fornla made small gains and Stand ard of California, Hholl Union com mon and Universal Consolidated were slightly lower. In tho utility section Hallwaj Equipment common moved up *.: and the E per cent was up >4. Lot Angeles Ons preferred dropped 1 Pacific das common was off Southern Pacific Vi. Pacific Light Ing preferred Vi and Southern Pn clflc Golden Gate "A" Mi. TransameriCH was off H at 18' on a volume' of 1300 shares. NEW YORK CLOSE , 2V4®3a; Hlblori< 1 holdover 25c l\ig; Krean Hcttutys, 2V4<?: Lcdl Tokays, fancy, 4 lb., fair, 2V4«j-3c; local Concordu, SSf 3V4c; 15»condldo MuscatB, 2Vi®3c; local Tokays, 2%c. Peaches: Beaumont and Yucttlpa lato Elbertas, large 8«!3V4c, medium 2V4<P 3c lb.; local Curry seedlings 2<Jf2Vtc; NEW YORK, Sept. H.— Railroad* Stock— Clos Ate.hlnon M1» Httlllmore & Ohio Id 0 , Chesapeake & Ohio Wi Eric 17V4 Great Northern pfd 40U Illinois Central 27H Missouri Pacific 2Va New York Central 44<4 Northern Pacific 27 V> Pennsylvania 3S*ii Kouthcrn Pacific 42% Union Pacific HO'i Industrial! American Can 12fi American Tel. & Tel 175'; Jordan's ZMii 'aterpllUr Tractor 74^ 'Itlos Service 4S> , Columbia Gas B0t; I completed. onsolldalcd Gas • 42" Sxtortion Plot Is Reported in South (Volttd Preit heated Wire) I LOS ANCJE1.ES. Sept. 14.—A po- loo guard today was posted over he residence'of Clarence Waldeek, i7>year-old stock broker, after ho vas threatened In an extortion note, demanding $500, The note. apparently addressed to he broker's mother, Mrs. ISstelle iVaideck, said: "Your son will bo given a ride If we. don't receive $&oo j nt once. Put on aland In back." H was signed "Ulackha-nd" and had >een tucked under tho door of the' Waldeek residence In the Wllshlre I district last night. The note was i written on a brown paper bag In j crude handwriting. ' Waldeek Informed police that, prowlers had been noticed around the house several times In the past Few weeks by n maid, Wane in Thomas, who said they fled when she turned on n. light. The broker said he had beeh" curry- Ing a considerable amount of ensh recently and believed someone may have noticed the roll of bill*. Ho said he had no other theory on why he should have been made the target of an extortion plot. Tho note was turned over to fingerprint and handwriting experts for analysis. Townsend Club to Meet on Tuesday Mrs. Clara Crays of Pasadena will be tho principal speaker when Rak- ersflcld Townsend Club No. 1 convenes In the auditorium of TCmerson school at 7:30 o'clock Tuesday, September 16. Humorous readings it ml a talk on the Townsend movement will be presented. At 9 o'clock a radio address broadcast by Edward Margett from ,Sa.n Francisco will be heard over radio station KERN. Plans for a barbecue at Kern lllver Park Sunday. October 11, will be furthered, and plnns for full completed. A Taft commltlee met with Mrs. Phlla Fox, president, Saturday evening at her homo on Orange street, Present from the West Side were Robert Trnsk, president; K, A. Kee- Icr, vice-president; Mrs. Heeler and Mrs. E. Lylc. Honolulu Visitor Is Mojave Guest MOJAVE. Sept. 14.—o. P. Liggett, former student in Antelope Valley GREAT CIRCUS DUE ON FRIDAY 1 Attendance Record Set at Sacramento for Successful Fete l United Frot I.rairii H'irf; SACRAMENTO. Cal.. Sept. U.— California's 82n,d annual state fair, j hailed by officials as tho most sue- i cfflsful In the exposition's history, was to end tonight after a day de- S voted to special closing ceremonies and « program of entertainment ! featunul by an outstnndtng horse raelnp rard. Attendance at the fair for the 10 days was expected to exceed 600.000 'o es'abllsh n new record Today's program Included two harness rares and six running events, with chief interest centering on the $1,000 President's futurity for 2-year-olds over a f>','i furlong course. Vlnal rontests wero held yesterday j In a number of the exposition's out} standing attractions, including th« j statewide amateur entertainer competition. Peggy Smith. Negro singer from Marysvillc. won first place among' the amateurs, and was awarded a $100 prize and an airplane trip to Xcw York City. George Oiiisel', Caliyloga. was second and j Mrs. Vllmu Swan. San Oabriel. third. Five Dead in L. A. Week End Crashes I t itf>riiitr<t PriM* l t rnAcA U'irc; LOS ANG1SLKS, Sept. 14.—Oeath j added five mimes today to the toll I of 1.0." Angeles traffic. An uuittmoblle struck und killed Mrs. IJiolmrd Daly, 60. of East San ;<>abrlel. The driver. .lohn Clarence Hau, was not held. Davit) Kerry. 45. was crushed to death between n street cnr and an j automobile. ! KtiKPiie .Menlr'ti. 17. of Fullerton, i was fatirily Injurad when his ma- j chine overturned In :i ditch. I An unidentified Mexican, about 52. wan killed ernsslriK an Intersection. I .lose Oamboa. 68, was the victim I of a hit-run driver. t, rpI113 w y X pay H ,', n'Ui« i.. , 1 world's newest big show will Bukot'Kfield u'vlslt this week. .Joint Union High School nnd well ' This IH the Colo Hrox. --Clyde neatly known here, wns a house, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Itotiek last week while en route fur New London, Conn., from Honolulu. T. II. He has of I elivtiH which will exhibit afternoon and night next Friday nl the Tulure Kentucky streets eiivits Agents have been in the I'ity for been stationed at Pearl bnrbor ns I the )iaat nevenil days getting Picnic Is Enjoyed by Girls of Class building of a human pyramid, three | high on the wlro In tho upixtrmost j roaches of tho 'tent—and without u ; O | U -)AI.I3. Sept. 14.—The Ix»-al net below should they take a turn-| otrls Sunday school class from the ble. One of the oistfi-s occupies j local Community Church, under the the top-most position of the human j guardianship of their teacher. Mrs. iiyramld. Other llirillH arc promised \ A. U. Cunningham, enjuywl a picnic Salways Krummels San Joaquln valley Krummels 8V4c, Salwnys. largo 3c, medium 2>4c; Champions 8%®4c lb:; local Salwayn 2W@2V4c; Utah Klbertas, bushel basket, 3-lnch minimum $1.85®2.00: Inah $2.26; Washington Hales lb:; Elbertos, bosl 4c, smaller 3c lb. Pears: LlttUrock Uartlalls 2»iif|>8e, small 2<jf>2Ue; Placer county, he«t $& Stfe; Lake county 3U«j3V4c, best J!V4e: Tohachapl, best 2V4o, poorer 2c; valley SVJ " Cornice 2f Bosc lVi<! Poppers: Santa Clara county 30c lug; Hardya Rabbits. No. 1 white, 3% to each, 12o. Ibs. Rabbits, No, 1, mixed colors, 3V4 and 4H Ibs. each, lOc. Rabbits, No. 1, old, He. 8% 36ii 13H 22 U 38 COTTON FUTURES Prcst Ltatcd Wire) YOHK, Sept. 14.-Cotton was irregular today, with hedge Bailing taken by trade and "from Wall Street buying. December sold up from IS. 12 to 12.22, but .met renewed hedging. Tha mid-afternoon market was about r> points net lower to 3 higher, with near months easy. ' Kutures cloBcd barely steady, 6 to 14 lower, Oct.. $12,04: Dec. $12.06; Jan. $12.05; March $13.01.12,02; May $12.01; July . Spot quiet; middling 12.45. TREASURY REPORT (Allocated t'reti Letted Wire) WASHINGTON, Sept. 14.—The po- Local and Santa Clara county California .Wonders lV4e lb.; green chili, local 2 Vic: yellow chill 2V& ®3c; San Diego county green chill 2'^ f)Sc, best 3»4c lb. Plums: San Joaquln valley BurtoiiB 3@3Hc, Damsons 8iJJi3Vic: Yucftlpa Presidents 3 1 ,45f4c, French prunes 2© 2Vic; WiiHhinBton Italian prunes, balf- buphel buRknt $1.25fpl.»&. Potatoes: Stockton Wisconsin prides good »2.25@2.SB, fair $3.1R«fS.80, choice J1.85 cwt., small $1.40: Klanmih IT. S. No. 1 russels, $2.05; Idaho U. S. No. 1 russets, $2,00 cwt. Squash: Local white summer, JHT lu 1.15, best }L25 lug, fair 7D(ffpOc; Ilallan dark. Jl.lWl.2B, fancy $1.40*1.66, fair 85c®$l, light colored, 7B®8Gc; yellow crookneck bdst $1®1.15, fair 7fiifj85c ig. Sweet Potatoes: I^cal Nancy Halls, 85(jj'SOc liig; Porto KIcaiiR, $1; Kern county Jerseys, 7G®'90c; Nancy Halls, 7B0i90c lug. t Tomatoes: Ventura oounly Stones and Globes lugs, 4-6«, 75 | 9>00c, C-G», 85c©$l, fair 76o; 6-6s OOfT'iDc, poorer all Hltes 40(f)'tiOc; Pondpronus (-En bent 75®90o, ordinary riOWOBc, 5-5s H6©»], poorer 65c; 6-6» flOH'70c, poorer 40® 50c; Santa Maria Qlobea 5-5s, 85(jl!iOo. 0-6s 65c; Sun Dle^o county hllones 4-Bs t 75@85c, 5-58 |1; local Slone« 4-i,i b«st 7Bc, poorer 4-6s, 75@85c, 5-5H $1; BOflGSo, 5-68 Opfj'Boc, Hition of the Trfeasury on September 40TC50c, 6-Ofi 40^600, poorer 35^350; 11; lUcelpU, $18,934,438.34; expendl- GlobAs 4-5s <!5gf-75c, 5-5S 75686... 6-611 lures, $21,252,917.88; balance, $1,798,- CS6.491.77; customs receipts for the month, $11,371,999.60. Ruceipis for Ihe fiscal year (since July 1), $785,478,961.62; oxpcndltiireB, $1.219,621,887.20 (Including $487,161,- M0.95 of tmergency oxpenoltureH); ox- ress of expenditures, $454,142,37S.B8. Gross debl, $33,366.567,014.73, a de- creace of $1.731,003.70 under thfe previous day. Gold aseeu, $10,73§,622,620.74. BAR SILVER t (.Ittottatrd Preit Ltated Wire) NISW YOHK, BKpt. 14.T-Bar silver steady and unchanged from Friday, .September 11. at 44%o. - 4 . » FUNERALS METALS MARKET (A mortal fii Preit Levied Wlrt) NEW YORK, Stpt. 14. — Copper quiet; electrolytic spot and future, $».7B; export, f».»oe i 9.»2H. Tin firm; Hpot and neat'by, $45.20(745. 3714 : future, $44.75(9'14.87<,i.. Ixiftd irtwidy; spot New York, $4.60^4.«5; Most St. LOII|K, $4.{r>. XI i),- dull: ICaot St. Ixiut« spot and future, $4.85. Iron quiet; No, 2 f.o.b, eastern Pennsylvania. $30.50; Huffalo, $10.50; Alabama, $t:>.20. Aluminum, $l8tf>!!2; antimony, spot $12. Jo-, (luiakHllver. »83.50«86; platinum, $70. Wolframite, $14«f<lT.50. poorer BOc GHc, 6-6s Ponderosas 4-Cs B-6s 75®86c. poorer'50© "" lUg. GOVERNMENT BONDS Corn Products Curllas-WVlKht ; «»i Firm National Stores 46\i Fox Film "A" 30<i General Klectrlc 4G',4 General Foods SO Gold Dust 14 Goodyear Tire A Rubber 24»d Inlernallonal Harvester 78\4 International Tel. * Tel 12H Moitlgomory Ward 48^ North American 31 Hi Pacific Gas Electric 37U Radio Corporation 11 Safowuy Stores S9\ SearH-Roohnck 87 U. S. Rubber 30<S« I'nlon Carbide & Carbon «6'ii United Aircraft Zt'k Warner Brothers 13V4 Western Union 8fl»,.| Westlnghouse Electric 141 Wool worth 64 «i .7. C. Penney lU»i TranBamerica 13 '/i M«UI« .. 83 .. 39 U .. 69U .. r.B% .. 48Vi .. 23Mi .. 24 Vi .. Mt .. OS seaman on the nvlntlon tender. ' In order fur the nrrlval <if the hlg! l>y the vast assemblage of nerinlists. S dinner at Kern River Park last U. S. H. Pellriun. hut will enroll i n-d and K»I<1 wngons, when the flrxt I In all. there are 400 men and I Thursday. In the United states submarine and 'of the three special trains steam Into '• women urenle marc with the show, ; Members of the class present werw Diesel school in New London. He , town. i and the majority of them will br» ! the Missus Mary Ann Uussell. Betty The circus hn« tbrllllim features: j oeen it\ the mile lottg street parade Coots. Heverly Cvd-r, lluth StntMit, th(^ outslnndlitR oiii- l>"lii« Clyde ! whnw day murnltiK Ihrougb the ' Loin. Alleen nnd Hetty Hunting. Bear Heatty. the wcirlrt's inn»l ilnrlng wild : principal downtown strevts. U 1» ; sle McClure and Mtu-y Huth Manuit. nntmiil trulner. who will present nn ! : mild lobe the largest and inosi color- Mrs. Frank Snu.oi, Mrs. 15. Hum- nil-new dluplay for 40 newly imported I ful circus parade in history and Is • Ing and J H. MrtMure transported of the old-time variety which means ! the girls to the park nnd back. has at Honolulu 2!l months and will return there when his course \» American Smelting Anaconda Bethlehem Steel International Nickel Kennecolt Copper Republic Sieel U. S. Steel Vanadium (Ueel Tobacco and Sugar American Sugar American Tobsxico American Tobacco Cuban American Bugar 10<4 Great Western Buitar i... 8» n. J. Reynolds "rr. BOTi Atlantic Refining . . Ar Consolidated 12»» Phillips Pete 10*4 Shell Union 2f)H Btandnrd of California \ 30V4 Standard of Now Jersey flltt Socony Vacuum Testa* Coinpan Tldowaier Oil* nOAItl) TO MI5KT, The executive hoard of the Put-' lions und tigers, rons Club of the local high school Another feature will hold Its first meet Ing of the 1938-37 year tomorrow »l :t o'clock In tho faculty lunch room In the basement of the Junior College j Family. seiisiitloiiMl be Hie VM vnttii Troupe of luirelvtek riding slurs, who are inakliiK their first humlredH of beautiful draft horses. ! scnrefi of open denH nnd filled i with wild JuiiBle beasts, great lines | tour of Amei'li'u. a« are the building. Mrs. 11. C. Roland, presiding. All parents nre Invited to lend. — * » » Xoeppe I of plodding elephants, bands, call!- i [ opes, floats, allegorical units and I clown carls. j Bazaar Scheduled by Mojave Ladies FELLOWS F KLLOWS, Sept. l!.---Dii(-nn Ylnta chapter. Order of Rnntorti Star, held Its first meeting after vacation on Wednesday evening. Mrs. Christine Peterson, worthy matron, cnmp home from Morro Hay to preside. Mrs. lluth Uofis attended the meeting nnd was escorted eu«t II!BO. Mrs. Nettle Smllhe Rave n talk about her visits to l.)lg Menr chapter this summer, Refreshments were served after tho meeting by MosdnnioH Grace N. Couloy, Dorothy FOUHI, Ktta Blurglll nnd Lucille Humes. The first meeting of the Areme Club will !H> held at 2 o'clock Tufw- newly imfiorted from Spain especially for this senson's (our. Performances will tie given at '' | Among the human thrill-producers ] and S p. in. with the main gates [ MO.1AVK. Sept. 14.—Seventeen will be the U ret mm troupe of high- i opening one hour earlier allowing i members were present at the weekly wire performers. The liii'lnniis are j leisurely Inspection of the huge men- i meeting of the. Mojave Ladies' AU1 In fiimlty tniupe nf four brothers anil : ngerle which ft-atureH among the i held on Thursday afternoon in the | two «lsler«. ICach does n routine on ! scores of Interesting exhibits. 'Mum- i social hall of the Mojave Commu: the slender win- In the dome of the j ho the second," the only African : nit y Congregational Church. Mrs. | huge bin-top. Hut the climax nf i elephunt with n circus in this Sherman Kwtng. presldcntj was In their breatii-lnUIng display Is the' country. 'Charge. -—^............—.— : ———... . ..,,-—- , ,..._,......... , : ,,._—.., ,, , .... i——i ]>ians were discussetl for the. h«- ^ & \ t - -^, mar to be given early In Ueccm- i | f ' i her. A chicken dinner will be upon- day afternoon nt the sonic temple. Follows Ma- 37 .114 TIXNEY—Funeral net-vlco* for Ktzie M. Tlnney, 49, of Sftco. were con- dueled at Piiyne & Son choiiol Hali urday afternoon, with the WuVciroad .Mr. Uadcllff ofrielatlng, Internient wan In Oroenlnu'ii Memorial Park. L A. CASH DRAW I (Alioclated Preit I.raieil Wire) LOS AXUKUJ8, Sept. 14.—Current local grain <|uotation« w«r<i reported by the FiMleriU-HlaU- Mark«t News HervK'e AH follows: (Prlcos <|uot«d arc owt., field run, la carloads only): Argentine corn, quick delivery, bulk $2.000109, California wheat, wicked. No, I »oft or No. J hard whlia, tl,«7K'. California barley, sacked, 44 11)», No. 8 bright western, W.66; No. 1, 46 Jb8., yellow mtlo, nackfid, No. (Attnfiated I'rctt J.eattd Wire) NEW YORK, Sept. 14.—U. 8. bonds closed loday i — Trtiturlei 4Ws, 47-B2, 119.7. 3Us, 43-48. 10$.J4. 3Hs, 40-43 June, 108.8. 3Hs, 41-48. Nfarcli 109.12. 3'4s, 41, 109.8. 3'4n. 44-48, 1A8.U>. 3Hs, 48.49. 107.1. in, 46-4$, 106.3. f as. Gl-fj(, 10S.6. 2Us, 65-60, 103.1. 2?I«, 4«-47, 104.10. 24Is, 48-B1. JOJ.27. 2«I», f.1-64. 101.84. P«dir«l f»rm Mortg»a« 3s. 4», 108.ST. SH", 64. Home Owntri Lo»n 8s. A 52, 108.21. "' 49. 101.80. 48-44. 102.1. Ms'n. IIPW Motors Auburn Motors Chrysler A General Molors Hudson Packard Molors , Sludabaknr Ttmken Holler Hearing Equipments , American Car Foundry 47'4 American Locomotive 31 ti Baldwin Locomotive 8'i General Tank 56 'i Slevvart Warner 19 05V, llaby LO Hoy Ualc, nun of Mr. and Mr* 13. 13. Faust, fell recently und was cut, but ho In Red Inn nlong nicely. Joan Grimes from Pcntlund (ien- oral Petroleum station i« Kpending n few day» with Susan Cooloy at the General Petroleum Midway station. Fellows' visitors In Lou Angeles for two days were Mr. iind Mr«. I 1 ". S. Cooley, Jr. Mrs. L. \V. Sloan und her two children left Wednesday for Missouri. They will spend the winter with All-M. MIoan'H mother, who has oung, O. 13. MOJAVE WASCO MO.1AVK, Sept. 14..--Mrs. Waller' WASCO. Sept Callowitv acted as hostess lo Hie \ annlversarv of Gordon Hennett Young Matrons' llrldgo i.'lub on ' ih«- Incentive for a family dinner on : Wednesday evening at her home on I Sunday at the home of Mlns Oladvs i M Htrr>t>l. AwnrdH went to Mrs. Mike H(> n nr<tl. Cluosts wen>: \V, (1. Mi MeDonnngh unit Mrs, (''buries Kennedy. At tin; close of play refreshments were Hurved. Members par- in the near future and the pro-' i reeds will apply to the building fund * i "f the church. Mrs. \V. H. Keni nedy Is in c,hfirge of th« urninge- 14.—The birthday! mcntf. .. wore Mesdames (.:hnr|i>s Kennedy. MlUe MvlJonotlgh, John VOl.-N(JKST MOTHKH NK\V OIU.KANH. Sept. 14. P.> er Will iin llnnlor "er n Ktlv Combs and cons. Robert and Wll- An 11-year-old Negro girl. Warnes- ton. Vere HeniiPtt. Don Hennett and! ler Strickland, und her seven iwund M|H« Susie Penner of Hhafler. son were "doing well" ni Charltj' Mrs, W. fi. McCombs nnd dnngh- Hospital hew today. The baby was, tor ISllcen are spending this week born Sunday after a caosarean oi>- vlsltlnir relatives In Oardemi. j orallon on the unwctl child. Phy»l- Ciordon McCombs wa» t'. 1 ! 11 ' 11 , '" • claim thought tin- ulrl was one of record In. «f! not been fooling well. 3u Mesdames O. JL). Y« Soars und Janiew I'Viste i turned home after days In the south, jlovclv trip vIsltliiK Long llearh, Ctttallna Island and .Han Ul«go. huve ro- neveml They hrid a THE WEATHER Mrs. ('Inrlep Lot?, and daughter ... , ,. . ,.. .% ., !,„_ Lila are spendlu K u short vacation Woman's Pro K reK«lvc (Iul, ill her with frlendN lo Si?n Hli-uo home on Thursday afternoon. The * AJlirt L! Owons" Wliiam U. Kol,. U'^up spent the aftenuH,,, sewinu ; | Inson. Lloyd W. Jjel X«-ro and Young ; '"' faney art cles for the covi Irv \V. Waldron. nil of the r. H. navy, fair which the club will sponsor | Hc-conipiinled by Mrs. W.ildroti. spent j October 2.1 anil 24 at the; ccvernl ilnvs of this week visiting '-''glon hall Mrs. Joe Simpson Is friends In MolMve fhnlrman of the section. The Initiatory wn* con Union Cemetery PUBNIWHIJM . MPN UM imt« INTENTIONS TO WED I MOL.L-ORKEN— tjerman M. Moll, 31. and Dortha " -- Bakersflttld. {— IJy M. di CHICAGO GRAIN I 1 1 «, Hcd Prttt Ltated Wire) CHICAGO. R«pt, 14.—c»sh wh««t. No. 1 rfd |L1«H; No. S rod $1.17: No. 1 dark hard 11.23; No. t dark hard M.J3; No, 2 mixed »1.1«%.' Corn: No. I mljnd tl.ttVifft.ilCi. mainly white: lake hilling No. 1 yellow $|.141i: No. 2 yellow I1.I4V; No. 3 yellow 11.14',;; No'. 1 Vellow Jl.liy 1.10: No. 2 yellow I1.U91.IO: No. Jf yellow IL14U0 1.1&V4: No. 4 yellow II.UUigLlG: No, f> rullow }1,14«1.I4H: No. 2 white $1.31, lake billing; sample gra<]» 9(ii'ftf $1.12, Oats: No. 2 mixed 45c; No. 1 while 46HC; No. 2 white 4uc; (intiiplo grade 42'4e. No rye. Barley, f«o<l 70 CHOc, nominal: malting $1.]0«L4B, nominal. Mr. nnd Mrs. John Nalo attended j .. , _ -. „.. ferre.1 on n cluss of candidates «t the '- 'he meeting of the Pomona Orange | Mrs. Alma .Scott had visitors from I regular meeting of the Odd Fellow | at Panama this week. Cumbria Pines for n few days. Her Lod«.> held In the I. O. u K hull on; Mrs. Fnnnle Hoot, who has spent brother Albert and a friend were Wednesday evening. William Wll- | the (creator part of (lie summer with; Mrs. Hcotl's visitors. son, vlof'-gnind. ptexlded over tho i her non-It).law and daughter. Mr. j " "« » • • ' • meeting, after which ivfreshments 1 and Mrs. -Hr—-fr—(lld>lliiK« »n-HtHi^r 1r » j wen» served. I ranch north of tt'am-o. Is leaving for Mr. and Mrs. J Ivan Itiirblson had I her home In Uakersfleld on Mon- ; their rereiit guestK Mr. and Mrs. ! day. Mrs. Hoot with her two grnnd- BIRTHS San .luaiimn, 8at laincino. Santa Clara nnd .Snllna* vullnys: Fair tonight and Tuesday; warmer Tuesday; northerly wind*. Sun Francisco bay n»gUm: F«lr loniulti and Tuesday; warmer TuvMlay; motleratc northerly wind. Northern rulifornin Fair tonight and Tuenrtny; wanner Tuesday; frcnh northvrly wind off the coa»t. Rlerru Nevada: Fair tonight and Tuesday: wurinor Ttirftday: modern tc northerly winds. Soul hern fftltfornU; Kair tonight and Tuesday; warmer Tuesday; frci.'h iiui'thwoat wrlndi to flVil off l ho coast. *• I lorry Heed and Mi's. Anna Marie Wilson and son I'jirl and daughter and .hildreu. Uonnli- and C.rtielc MUP. : wore at her cotlciKo ut White river McfLUHK—Born to Mr. and Mr». i Chiirlotle. nil of LOR Angelns. and for m-veral weeks Ol|v«r Mcflurr. 1541 Service «tree(, Minn Ili-len Kb»liron of Hrown. ! Mr. nnd Mr« Cluules Hambleton a Hon. Wllllnin Kiiwnrd, on H<>pt<'m- Mrs. Leota Uri-tthain. Mies Hetty : and daughter. Mlsw Hetty of Al- her fi at Miff Krclse's Maternity ) I'onn nnd Herw>n Thnmtison were | mtn hrn were week end guests 1 Home. j Thursday biiBiiie R H visitors In Lou j | n ( |, n home of Mr. and MIT. IMwIn lAiiKvle*. ! Hooll). The party was en route JOREIGN EXCHAMHE frfit Lrated Wlrf) WILLIAMfi-DUNNK — Otis Williams,! NEW YOhlC Sctit 14 —Forelen 31, and Baulfth M. Dunne, IS, Uolh of I change Vui««J- foreign A. Looney, 620H Munli>roy HI reel, » j nt the home of Mrf K. P. "M on K dHtigh ber 7 a vncntloii period Mi-». Hum "injij vn'i ,n ....-,.,.»-..- .,.,,..,, wjiit iiti- f K r(|l'' «Jl ,»itr-. 14. I -'ti »ii i* NlH'111 Jl \"HOtl * I') tt L'*' I l*«l *ll » *1. 4 iter, Chlop Ix-nn, on Keptnrn- i »,treel The ni»M iiii>et|ng will be held |.let<,i] Is a sinter of Mrs Hoolh at Mien 1'rfrlK.i'B Matuinlty I H( the- Hay Snow homo ,, n Septetn ' 1( M \v UHBO n lia.^ ptin-lianed i hrr 1!L', (ilenard g Tucker l» prp*l- j 40 ft( .,^ s ,,,.r.«»H from the l'"» i <1 ''' 1 , 1 " f ' 1 Mf"'' 111 ' 1 " YACOPMTTI—Horn t" Mr, and Mr». ! Leo Vacopettl, 14110 PutMfle street, a son, Glttnn Illchar her » at Minn Pro! Home. j gt,-;, 11 ;;"",, MA11T1N—Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ur-i of l -"" K newt L. Martin. 1027 J'acific utiTwl, a son, Wlllfrml iCdwin, on Hcptem- the <l«l' i service station on the Kmnowi hlch- ,• Newsom i.-i.l family ( f w M W ||ey of Tuft. ''.'I'".''...", 1 ."'"' lliurl *' lu >' The proiwriv l» leased to Mr. Clo,*\- |iii'»ent I^ntfr Mr. \Va««on of \il-r 10 lit -Mist. I-'iflm.'> Malcinlty ulr^cl, IK Improved Mr. niul Mitf. havt l jo) »»> t> - Viegra. 11, gotn, IS, . Cl»rk, II; BakertlflelH, and Mary Aplin, ae, Angele*. _ ^ 8COtT-A>m»-4«»«|>h T. Scott. XI. . and Kvolyn >C Ante*, 81, both ot _ Tuliirc. ^ ......_• • Bngland, pound 5.06 K, UP .001,. up Cinada, dollar 1.00 Lai, France, franc ,oCD$S, Italy, lira ,07I«U, off .0000 V Belgium, helga ,1C»0, off .O N>LANIS—Alton K. Co«rl«. | aM Ka4«il S. Uw«, b»Uj of Tart. l*t', Belgium, helga ,1C»0, Osrinttny, ntirk ,40211, Htmtoriand, franc .a»», Holland, guilder -«78S. off .0000'*. Hp«Jn, pe«el«, unqu0t«d. SwuJon. krona ,«003, off .0001. Kirw»>% kr<m« ,25*4. Denmark, krone .S2CO. J»p*n. y*n ,tMS, up MeKlNNBV—-Twin KOIIK w*i'ft Iwrn to j cxlotitlMl Mr. and Mrs. Charli»« Hinerson Me- : rlsrn mill Han Dlepii. Kiiniuy. fiU* Orcuun Htrnitt, on Ko|i- lt(*v<'rvnd and Mr*. 11 ul Mi»M l-'ii-ihe'x ituU-r- nlly Home. They liav« tteeit named Wuytm l)e« and Warrun Loe, LAKE—Born to Mr. and Mr*. Lawrence Krunkllu Ijvko. 1324 UUIii»nd Plac«, c««. on ]T«is«'« d« lighter, VtrflnlM Sfpt»mbor II At Home, Mlw J Cai'r and *on "Bartholomew'* fmh^r. White tlii'in that they tiro pli-u»antly lo- home after nn i f '« u ' d !U J , 6 - u &|f «»>«••« uvenu,- in T.u- ciiwnt In Hun l-Van- i «V ir '", " ml , wuuW \"' i^'"^ '«' >'<>«< i rrlcnUw cull on them when In the; W lud«on ' Kuul ''- They report "a Un<- church.: « ,•».« ••»UMI«U iKi'mu fitnn! )ovu| . v uai-sonttKo und the SJMIU- ; Ocwh where they hav« liwn i Krwup of dellKhtful people that they, for the punt mouth. Uuv- mt«?l in every charue. lhcllev«r-: • - - - • • en<i I)iv\vstt>r w»rved us ujistor of the i local Methodist Kplscopal Church' for ibrw yearn. . I Mr, und Mrs. John Nalu are at! home after a 10,000 mile motor trip which took thcjn in to the fur ea»t-; <irn »iaie» and Klorida, They spent' nonw tijn«s visiting relmlves tn New OJtJf J^ld returned each end 10 fill th« pulpit of UK- Mujavc Cotmnunlty of whlbh Church, pa«tor. Mr. *nd-Mr». Henry H. Bartholomew and daughter Crcona and nan r«twrni>4 homo Monday from tho \Vui»hlnf;it)u and Xtasnra, i Urlrajiti nntl KtorW* were via-1 They upt-nt t\v« moitttoa Wttvol- •; Inn «n<J ' Members Chicago Board of Trade Since 1917 J. A. HOGLE & CO. \t\r rout STOCK J.TCJMV ' 140S S^v^ntsenth Street - Phone !S>0 orrict:$ 5*U

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