The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 3, 1944 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1944
Page 8
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8 Tuesdoy, October 3, 1944 Sabfrsfiflb Califorman AIR PROGRAMS 01 R BOARDING HOLSR With tMAJOR HOOPLB Tl ESOAY fl:00 t" «::tO p. m. KKHN — Nrws; S:1S, SOURS liy l.r-.'ll I'jlM'f Kl- i -.M< story '."h-al. ; KI'.Mi — O.ihrie! H., ,111-1 : (i 1!., S.:,?rr, _ Trst. (•-::«> in ::(in p. m. KKIl.v— Pp. il.cht l,a:.,)s, <;..;, r,,i'.!iet Story T,-:!IT. Kl'l — Ki1i>>rr AIciTcn anil M.liy KP.Mi'.-lMhnr rounc.l. 6 . 4 ... ' (.'« ! : : 01 n ia L'cmcn rat if Com mm,,,?. 7:00 to 7:3(1 p. in. KKIIN" r.aym.'i',! (Ii.t-i Si\.-,i: 7 1 r> Umi'Ko Hi. ks iSepomi,... Kl'l— li.,i. llnp.- K I'MC- Gro.-it Mrn-cnls n> t-p, MS. 7 I-. l.nwHl Tlmniri?,. 7:30 In 8:<W n. in. KKHX -I,. i Vriiisc-lf ,;., KM - r,;,>. K!I I:. ,.,i, \\ ,,: n ;,,, ^ ;1 .,| n KI'.Mi.- .!„" KIIK 7.1;.. \\i,:tr Tune. K:Wt I.. K::;n p. IP. KKP.N- • T, .,:. i .v.o \v,, ; j.j ,,, ];.,. s i:,, I.i.m n n,i A (in. r Kl-'l -Tlif M'...-,r tJlmp, 8 1.. riorl Wood I.,, V, !, .n KI'.Mi. — <_V.i:;ir of M'.'itc CIIMO ».-:!» In !l:llli p. m. KKK.Y-- \, '.-.•, Yr.,,. L- .- h ,,..• K i ' I --.1 1 1' n n -. t 'I . N- n r ;- ill;- S • in jr. * Ki'M*. — rr»<ilom ,-.! . i,,p,,, | ; iv. !l:llll In ll:S(l p. in. Ki:n:.- ,-i : -; ..... i ,-,,„. , r.;h;i;- |.-r '.'if- It. <M. 8:011 In S:.'(0 n. m. KKP.N' Kio'liv.-i, d I.HWIon, S:15, Vktory .Mm Kr'l- .l.,:. .\hiiiiiy; 8:15 T. B. ur . Kl'l |l.'\>nM!,>;,' KP.Mi' — I 'nil. n l.tMij. Jr.; :i<:,, News Nl:(Ml In 111:110 n. in. KKP.N --1-..I Tal.:ir.r. O ,•). ,...!.;, Kl'l — Tlio Ki-porliT. In li. iT.e'iuc V MI;M<-. KI'.Mi' -Hill Jli-C Jet KIM, -I, MM n 10:30 If 11 :00 p. in. KKRN — Hi, M-.V Im-np^' ( in h, nl i ; ( KKI • -In.Mi.I,- ||.P .\,.. u , ; in l.'i, r Mart,' Mfln.lTf.- KI'.Mi'— A:i l.,ni.. Ti in. Id 4!,. J,, c -M;> r>.:i i ' ;. i >i '-unh . i ;i . 1 1 MID in I i :in p. m. KI.'ll.V — fViitf mpi.i-iiry . 'oiv,p,iscil> II "', <-|fir»in,i'il lli .1.1 KKI •— Die-.. M:)I ll,.ur \i WH; 11 1".. r.ilt- Ili'.If! ll.ilrl I V i I.OMI.I. KI'.M'' V ];. \Vi;ii.-iniK. 11 Of, H,! Ni" ! u r nf 1 1 1:30 In I'.'MIO MitlniKlK Ki:r..\---i';.,n i,,,v;i II..KI. n i;. •]•,,! \\>rrnp an., 1 I':* <ii,h.'.^t!a 11 ...", Nrws. Kl-'l I'.a.h. I'ai'iarr' 11 Id. T ( ,i \\',(.|,,»; I ! . ..',. .M.i;,,. Kn, n,,, s KI'.MC — Silver Nn, nn;,r- WI-.n.NKSDAY «:00 In fi:H(l n. in. Kl;r.N—Muth a n,l Mi,,HIPS... (i::iO to 7:00 n. m. KKR.S"—DiiMiinp; ti 4f> Tlin Willi,r.l .M.-HKi'ilBcl'; 6:00. Aluvnal IJ.'vpillp. KI'.Mi'—AluHral Cli'i-k; C::,5. On tl,o l-'n i rn. 7:00 In 7:.'tO p. in. KKIl.V—NCUK; 7 IS. .Mnrtii, Acrminkv. KI'.MC—.News; 7 1 r,. Mpli.ilioa nt Today. 7:»0 to 8:00 n. m.,ini>H Ahl.o i HiHci-veH: 7:45. 'J'llC Llst'-MillK I'oht. KI'MC—T.,,, TIIIKB, 7:10, Wplll'd Nrwa; 7:1.'.. NPWF. POMTH'AI_._.\I>V|.;UTIM';MKNT TONIGHT Labor Views the News RADIO STATION KPMC 6:30 to 6:45 Sponsored by A. F. L. UNIONS OF KERN COUNTY Don't Miss This One! KTMc Shady \.-,:iey Folk*. H::«l In 0:011 H. m. Kl'l Ml,,., > il,,nil-maker Hour: S K,. I >:i\ nl Hanini Kl'.li'-I!;.i ny ,l,,f and Ralph R:<f,. In YI-I .N-,i!,hl,ort.,.o,l; S.:,:,. I.ani and •i:00 lo »:30 a. m. Kl-:i:.\--Nr«s of i he World: 3 in. r,,),ai ,\.:-\t. ;*).',, The Worneii'H I'asc Kl'l —Ne\\s IViif.,1; '.1.0,',. Kdwanl Jnr- u, t,»i,n: !'.!:,. l.arry Sinilh. KI'.M.'- lioaK," ('Hrler; !»:l r ,. Names and IMa,,:s in th,> . v .i'Ws. l»:.'!0 in 10:00 n. in. Kl'l -\,MV. :. 41). .Miikazilii: I'agc. '.' 4S, lt>M:ny .Mannlirld KI'MC-Mnl I. I'. S. A.: D:15. Tho Aina/inc .Innni'.-i I.MKIIII. 10:00 tn lli::lo a. in. KI-:r!'v-.-To'iy .\,,ir»t.; 10.1!, Jack I'.oi.-h ami H lio>8 K'l-'l - V.M. •!• ol n Nation: 1(':15. Ivii/r III:: 1 ,!! In I I ll.l H. in. K I-.KN .Mi Till. M,M;. . I" ,,.,. Tlio Aunt K 1'i- A'in- M.irv 1" I.', Ait P.aKrr K i'.\u- -T, . i-1,a,, -i .LI,, us; ID..1:,. Am,,; i. an \\ .« .Inr-> 11 :IH, I,, II::«! n. in Ul;l!.\ I!,,iikluii,-.. Tulklnif; 11.15. Island \lrln.l',,., Kl-'l i;,|i I l,jr 1-iBlil : 11 :13, ' i 'liildirn KI'.Mi' -il.l.IP nnd l:ndM Vi on; Nrw- l.( us. Ill '-. \\ ,,IU Tllnc. 11 ::to In I'l :0 Noon K i:i!.\-- C.lariionr Manor KKI -\Vnnifli in AVhrlo: 11 -I:,. KI'Mi •---Norman Cloiilicr: ll:4, r ,. Hkylin Si'iniad, I'.MMI In 1'J::lll p. in. KKItN—N-ws of Hi- \\'oi Id: I l.o.'irl \. «s. 1: 1 :, i|,dl.\t< Mar Tin,,-. Kl-'l -Noun l-'arm I!"poi I,M • 12 I r, M , I'.-i km... KI'Mi- N.••,..•• . lu K,. Noon T No. l( i nits. 12:.1<l tn 1 :00 ft. in. KKItN — ri"l\v.'<Mi tlio l.iii, :-., KKl-n-ih's Coin,-I KKI- I'rppi'r Y'.iifK'H Kaniilv: 1" 15 IJ.Klit to H:,,,|,:n,,«i,. KI'Mi 1 (.oiintiy , 1 onunrn! alot MUM.-. 1 :«0 tn 1 ::10 p. in. K'lOltN -Sam lla-.r... 1 •]:,. ||,,|, N,, |,ol(, Kl-'l- Darlinat",, Wil'r.; 1 .If,. .si,'Ha Diilla.-. KI'.MC —Wall,-r (••oniptori, M5. Amt-rna at \Viir. 1::U) to :::OII p. in. KKRN—TlnipH Vir<\vs i In. NMV>: I ,| 5 .lohn (.-orsi.r; 1 :.,d, Kdu-anl .1,'n umKrir KKI- [,oi,,nx.o .loiif-s; 1 :-ir,. V V,'nlilcr Hi own. KI'.MC—To I,,- aniiouni-i'd: 1 ir,. Handy Man. '.':(IO t« 2-.:)(l p. m. KKHN- \Vh, n „ (jir-1 .Maitipi,; ; If,. I'oilia Kai'i'S l.lfr. Kl 1 '!— Win.n a c,,il Miuripti; 'J IT,. Por-tia |,'a, f'H I.ifr. KI'.Mi;—l-'a, ,'H and l'la,-.-n In Hi" NVws; 1;.I5. Mutiny on I ho 11 lull Sen*. -:::«l (o :<:OII p. m. Kl'IHN—What'H rinln'. l.ailifs'' KKI—.Iirit J'liirn Bill; 2Aii, |,'ronl-Page Kanell. KI'.MC—Kink- Cnlo Tun; 2 45. K.asy lth> thm. :!:00 tn X:'.M p. in. KKHN —Naxy HIM iintine Pr,,grain; ,'l:lf,. Mill ll-ilh Tlio. , Kl-'l—Uoad of'; ;l;K,. Klar Play- 3.15. . KI'.Mi;- Ciiftin lU'portiP Lost F.nipirp. 3:30 In 4:00 p. m. Kl;P,X — Klh. 'I nod Allii-i'i, ;i.4. r ,. Klin, I Triiiihiuliiiir. Kl-'l — UnsppKiry; ;;:4r,. Woman of A rnprira. KP.MC.'— ThiriKH Worth While; 3:45. JolniHon |,'jimily. 4:00 to 1:30 p. in. KKItN — NPWH of thp World; 4:10. l.ornl JVp\vs; 4:l. r i. MiiHlr; 4:L'f». (Jhi inorotlH Ycstc'ldny'n in Hid CH III in n la. KI'.MC — Kiijinn I.p\vls, Jr.; 4.U, Jlnal l.ifo KtnriPH. TONITE at 9:00 KERN lune to the Blue Network for your favorite half hour of comedy, music, songs, and thrilling stories. IILEEN WILSON "Sweetest voice tn radio" OPIE CATES his clarinet, and orchestra TOBE REED and his amazing true stories RAINIER CHORUS with songs all America love* Preienfed by Roinier Brewing Company San Francisco • lot Angelei Ily MJIS. ANNK CABOT For tl.e lioiirl)—for the backyard—for ii, i,lion wear mill even for Htrppinic Into itrlv In th<> nroirrlnff when you \vnnt lo e iloliKhtlull.v ifnil wlillo ilnlMB the inorn- IK ti()i]n('\vnrli' A Hinai-t Hhorl«-;ind-br;t uifil ai,. ruiii.iii; lh« "niUHlR" in thin ,lt'« \\rirrlinhc. Miiko them ol' liny sully ,!,,! ,',! , i,Hon. 'I'" "Mum , oniplvii- imiti-rn, flnlxliliiK 11 iiri ,,,IH I'nr (li-> n-nriH nhortp and bra l'iiMirn \n. .-.V.'.n) M-/OH 14. 111. IS in- In.i'-.l, t, n,l }:> .-i-nts in coin, iilua 1 c 'M;i«i'. >our nntnc. tuldrchS nn,l (he pul- rn niiinl,,,|- lo Ann,. l';il>,,t. Tin' Riili<>rs- ,'i.| i-Mliliii-iiiiiti, 109 Mlxsion Hli-pol, ,^un ' POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT "CLUB GOOD CHEER' Leave S/oowi Fifteen minuies o< Melody and rHyme Spelling laughter and fun In Three Quarter Time! Every ..Morning Monday Through Friday 10:15 A.M. 81 VI N[IWtjRK PPOGRAM I Vice-Presidential Candidate Senator Harry S. TRUMAN Speaks From Washington in Support of SENATOR 'SHERIDAN DOWNEY TONIGHT KPMC 6:30-6:45 P. M. THIS CLRIOl'S WORLD OLT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS By WILLIAM FERGUSON .CULL. MEVEP LEAKtO AMVTHIM<3 ACOUMD WITH VOUMG SHKIMP LIKE THAT--\A/HV DOM'T YOU WITH C3UV5 YOUR OWW AOE AW SIZE? VOLVO BETTER. HOP THROUGH THE BLAZING HOOP THIS Tir*e, MAJOR, IF VOU DOhi'T VU/XNtV SOUK. HMR POLL OP BROOrA \NUEU THE MISSUS PDT6 OrA THW FOUR- PLV FRO\M SHE 6ERIOUS ABOUT »AV TAVUWG A DRfXTTED 708 AS N1GUT MfXM AT THE GLUE \MOULD PLEE, AMD osecue.e , BUT SHE'S 60 ALERT NOV^ THAT A MOTH COULDN'T C3ET INiOR. OUT OF THE MANiOR. / YAMKtD OLJTATH' ALTHOU6H THE FOUND £ WA.SMT POSTOFPICE IS 6,OOO FEEf \ DEEP IN PLACES, STILL HAS O/Vf OF ITS WORK TO DO, AS iTA\usrcur ANOTHER 2,OOO TO SET DOWN TO SEA LEVEL. ET'S ASSUME SHE: IT- TOO MUCW EQUALITY THE GUMPS By GUS EDSCON POPE! THAT'S A #>M-YOU COULP \ SURE, ANPY-NOBOPY WHAT HE WANTED \ BE RI6HT, AT J ELSE ON THE TRA\N 1OUTOTHINK.' 1 THAT- K SHOWEP ANY INTEREST IN THOSE OLP IRON CATS— 232 HURKVtt OF A LOCUST TREE ARE NO, MAMA- VERY UNLIKELY- NO ONE WOULP REVEAL HIS IPENTITY, THEN BLITHELY STEAL. O0i/£TS P'AffT^ 222 COPB. 1944 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. . HCO. U. S. PAT. OFF. NSWI-.K: (ai-him < ily, Ncv. SIDK (il.ANCKS I'.y GAT.r.RAITII One-Man Army RIGHT, VOU'(?£ TOO MODEST TO TELL ME, SO I WON'T ASK WHAT SEEM DOIMC IM THE WAR. THAT WAS BEFORE I COT MV SECOND WIND. AFTEI? THAT, I CASS/NO, TOO< MADE THE BEACH HEAD LANDiW NOW, I KNOW WHERE I HEAHO OP SERJEANT BtONEV. CENBWt. EISENHOWER TOLD ME ABOUT VOU. 3 BUT SlMCe IT, I CHASED THE OF AF0C4, LASTED THEM OUT OF SICILY AND MADE SALEKHO FAMOUS. LIKE COOKIES HEKfT. HOOTS AND HER Homo at Last By EDGAR MARTIN 1*4 BY Nf» SPPvirP INC T. M BFT, U S PAT "I ri'tnrnilipr tin- ilay n hrn sou wlprd niy v iinlsltii-lil mill RIIII> Ihc whnli 1 «'i>r a <lr.v I'lruniim just to M'll me three KiilluiiK—anil liy Jlmmin.v, Unit duy'« cuminic iiitnln!" KliNNV BLSINESS By HERSFIBERGER FRKCKI.KS AM) HIS FRIENDS Needs a Vacation By MERRILL BLOSSER NOW I ASK \ YOU VOL), HAVE 1 1 DONE MY I TMIN< I'M QUALIFIED TO BE COMMISSIONER OF ATHLETICS . 1 WAS ON TME FOOTBALL TEAM FOR. THREE YEARS / AiVJD VOU'RE ENTITLED TO A REST SO WE'LL VOTE FOR THE OTHER -.CANDIDATE/ ! *^ ' J BASKETBALL ICE HOCKEY, BASEBALL AND TrrNlVllS —ALL FO 6OOD OLD SHADVSIDE HIGH/ DUTY WELL? YouVe- DONJE MORF THAW YOUR. SHARE/ »44BY NEA SERVICE, INC\ \ T. M. BEG. U.S. PAT. Otc WASH TLBBS How Do You Do? By LESLIE TURNER YOU SPOKE UNWISELY TO 7 HE PAYS FOB INFORMA- COLONEL JALOPI.SEWORITA TION OF MILITARY VALUE, TANA... NOW YOU ACE A P«ISONEf? FOR SURE BUT you 11 HAVE MY METHODS- THATf CAPTAIM ' EA6Y, U.S.A, "We hud to do Romrtlilnc—he Insisted on Mnoklnit campaign tlfan at \vnikl" MARIA...WHEN HE STOPS PAYING, 1 <SIVE HIW THE DOUBLE-CRO HKI) RYDER Three Guesses, Red By FRED HARMAN WERE AT TM" RESERVATION, LHTLE" TO TALK. BlRDFEATHEf?' YOU LOOK DO Wrt HEARTED. ' PEOPLE FOLLOW LSNHAPPY TRAIL — OFF W PEOPLE THEY WERE HUNGRY FOR. FOOD, &UT NOT THIRSTT TOR. FIREWATER..' RED , RYDER WHAT'S TH' TKOU&LE ? "(Mi, biihh! Aiolioil.v 4*1111 pluy tiri ilui'. but uitil'H ,%,MI r«i>o Tlll.s' Bath Comes First By V. T. HAMLIN HOW TO BE POPULAR .\M\<IMI> \\li.i ..-,ii !<•;», I |..ilins or Ion. n-N, ,11 It'll t'oituni.* l I'inii ,;u,ls. is hiMlnd In he popnlii '-. ami in pi,:;it :it Mi.liil j;a1 hrrhiK*. T'io h(M»l\U'l, l''oilllno Telling. h,,n ,,'ni|i|.'to ilii 1 , 1 . UOIIH dirt niiiitry of dronin*'. IKIITIK, opo.i and nuiny odd mid inU'ri'sl Hit; l';n-la n-li n. onmnu anil HU|iorHilili)iia ot evei-jdny lil«. Jl in JJI-IMI Hin. l-'ifico IT'LL START TEARIN HIM LIMB FROM LIMB ANY MINUTE" (Usu Thin Coupon) The nakcrsflelJ Callfoi-nlan Infot-piniJon. 816 Eye Ktre«(, N. K., Washington 2, 15. C. 1 enchme hPl'PwIth 15 cents In roln (i-arefully wr'iipji, 1 ,! In paper) for u copy of the booklet Fortune Telling. titroel uiitj Uural lUiul City (.Mall to \V:it,lllllKUui IV C.) 5750

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