The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 14, 1936 · Page 15
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 15

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 14, 1936
Page 15
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• - .1- .' < - I. 'I . -• ' .1 < , - r I - ' I - I - •L ' - ' 1 J <• -' L ' i'f r' I - ' Ll THE BARERSPIELD CAttPORNUN, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1936 For Silt—Automobiles For Sale—Automobiles 37 good iiaod cars nt prices you can well afford. Bold on easy terms. Get yours now BAKERSFI1SLD USED CAR n»0 SALBS AND SERVICE TWENTIETH AND M Phone 263 1933 Dodgo eedau, 6 ww 1936 Dodgo do luxe sedan 1034 Buick 8-67 sedan 1932 Chevrolet coupe $525 $845 $745 $295 52 1110 EIGHTEENTH STREET '36 Lincoln Zephyr sedan '36 Buiek 61 sedan '30 Buick 41 coupo '36 Pontiac touring soduii *36 Chev. town sedan '36 Dodgo trunk sedan *3G Ford sedan, latest scries '33 Willys 77 sedan '29 Buick sport coupo $1295 $1095 $805 $895 $666 $845 $765 $195 $145 i 21ST AND K. PHONE 1034 53 1989 Hodge D. A. cpo., now paint $215 12-1-30 Willis ftcdan, AI-, down $7o 9-1H-34 Willys gtdan, low miles C. C. DOIJGJ.ASS,^ 20TH_Aj^l> ONK set of G chromlurn-platPd wheels for Dodgo or Plymouth, brand now. Onfl fe*>l of 17-Inch Ford wheels; thrfc 1-hnlo cotton trailers. AVusco Trailer Mfg., 'Waneo, Calif. n ^^ ^^^^^ ^ j_i . _^. _. i^ j m ^_i_ m _ _i^__u_»_ ___ _^. al Notices ^^^^^^fc^fc^^j^j^^^j^^^jifc •^^•^"^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^ ORIGINAL SUMMONS No. C85C7 F<^^^ TIKES sold on time payments—no finance, or carrying- chnrire.a, A. Wheel & Tire Hxchange, Phon« 0373. CIOMKNT finishing, mixer, form-job*; $3.50, 1^-luch c«titHfugni pwnu>; $4, i 1815 H Street 6-Inch O. l\ pipe, 18 feet. 722 Thtr- rehth street, roil SAIjTC—One new metal Coca- Cola box, counter with 5 fttools, gas plate. For pale cheap. Phone r For Salt—Miscellaneous FOR SALE—Four-wheel trailer. Will haul two hales seed cotton. ?75.00. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO, Phono 129S 0-1 Mf For Sale—Miscellaneous For Sal urniture Business Cards ^^^^ ( ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.^^^^^^^^j^^^^^^^^j^_^^^^^j^ i ^^t^^^^^^^^u.^-^^_^fc^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^T§^^^^^^^^^^^^^§^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ L. W, HUNT/ GEOLOGIST Patroleum and Mining £n|tne«r 220 HAtorf«ldt Bldfl. PhDtle I'll £923 Twtntllth Phono KURi 'nctor Fur FOR SATAv--Household furniture of five rooms; will poll by the piece. Coll 2211 Twenty-second street. FOIl prpfwuru pump wlU lift water up to 25 feet; capurity ROD gallon per mlnutr; demonstrator; COBI now $!»5; for quick salrt $50. ISIS M street. 80 SALIfc-Stoorty cn, reanonnblo. AUwhlno Co., 112t flexible shaft Kern Valley Twenty-ninth coats, collar*. Huff6 Mock, ^ur* remodeled, *'Tho HOUPO of 3000 Fur Uarpalnst," Pow's Whole- _l M - T l_ _ __ m_ ^^ _ — ^ ^^. Han Fran__ ^ S-10-tf FOR KKN'T — One»ftack concrete mixer. Moars Lumber Co. Phono' NIOT3 Whlln math cllnff 3R10. 44 LAUNDRY SERVICE Laundry Strvlc* Un**«H*d~Thtt li Our Slogin Ten Different Servlni An* Zorlo OdortMt Dry CUinlni CITIZENS LAUNDRY *mt 0 SlrwU Phon* 251 ond an hare rnnffo wood nlovo, Inrpo i- luirner pras wtovp, wlntlmlll pun^p: ulao hand pump anil ^asollno en- SAT jt:)—One Ba(?k concrete inlvrr. Moilnl A Kord Imfk In . ohoap for ou 425 Wpllo iivrnuo. JOHN W, CULLITON Elbertas. Phono iMM 2Rn « I PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT south on oak street, John! INCOME TAX SERVICE. AUDITS. SYSTEMS 205*6 Profeitlonal Building Ph«n* 4561 Company Object of Federal Suit .*- L - flrat Legal Notices KOR HA LI-:— Three-quarter kapok new. Apply 26S1 California avonuo. KAC'TOilY to you. Sttuulnnl oom- putlnpr sr»l<v Kro««or cnson. Storo, nnl tuul l»nor fixtures. »V»m- ui'W nml usnl. Valley Storo and Fixture OiMnfwny, 2010 Cho«tor iivonur*. ' PttEESTONR poaches. Morrlll ranch. Hlo Bravo. No Sunday sales. 46 PAYNE & SON NK\V olmondn (^3C crop) for sale, from 1 pound to n ton. 1109 Stockton Btroot, I)Rkor»ft«1d. 44 C. FUNERAL DIRECTORS th ind t 8trt«U J. Brucft P*ynt Frtd P«yni .T k + v b V H 4 H. Open Evenings and Sunday 63 NOW is THB"TIMK to ON A FINE USED CAR nt tho .n USED CAR LOT Just West of Pox Theater USED TRACTORS For Sale or Kent ^ All Reconditioned, Guaranteed""" BARNETT TRACTOR CO. 2130 Cheater Ave. 7-30-tt FOR HAMS—1930 Oiasmohilo tonrlnp ii low mileage. Your old our flown payinont; ttrniH lo suH. Call 6167-J after 6:30 p. in. 38 Legal Notices ^ji» - ^»_^»_^^_^^_^^_^^^_j^_^^.^^fc_^fc_^fc_^^_^^__^ta i ^F^^f^^f^^F^^r^f^^r^^f^^^^r^^^^r^^F^^r^^P^* NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS In the Superior Court of the State of California, in auU for tho County of Kern. PACIFIC STATKS SAVINGS AND LiQAN COMPANY, a corporation, Plaintiff. VB. CENTRAL HI3AT, ESTATE COM- J'ANY. 11 corporation, HAROLD AB- J*OTT, IflOLA D. ABBOTT, CLATUv K. ALLRN, LOTT1W C. ALLWN, IJ3DXA L. ANDJilHRON. EDWIN K. ANDEHSON. MINNIE L. ANDKK- BON, ALBERT AMOUR, also known an A. Armour, AUUUSTINK AM- OUH. F. T. ANDREWS. JAMKH ARP, STANLEY .1. HA1RD. F,. U. BAKER, C, Tl. BAULOW. FORTCST BROWN, EMMA V. UUUNS, PALMER BURKR R. K. (!AUV. M1N- NotJco IM hereby elven that tho Board of Trustees, Fairfax Softool D!B* tricl, Kern County, California, will ro- celvn bids for tho furnlBhlnff of all labor, materlalp, transportation nnd services fur tho construction of tho Classroom Addition to tho Fulrfax School UuIldlnK, Fairfax School 1M«- -.trlct, Kern County. California, ea«»h bid to be. in accordanco \vith plans and specifications now on filo with tho Architect. Charles IT. BiffBar, AR4- B55 Haberfeldo Building, Bakersflolrt, California. Rlddora arc hereby notified that pursuant to tho .statutes of the Stale of California, or local law thereto applicable, tho Hoard of Trustees. Fairfax School District, Kern County, California, has ascertained tho Re eral prevailing rate of per diem was ami rates for lepnl holiday and overtime work In the locality in which thlH work IB to be performed, for each craft or typo of workman or m'ochanlc needed to execute the contract which •will bo awarded tho successful bidder. Tho prevailing rates HO determined are as follows: Waue Pel- Trade or Occupation Blackboard Setters ... Carpenters Cement Finishers Klec'tricians . GlfizierH Hardwood Floor Worker* Laborers f common). laborers (concrete) I1Q TO. CADV. UUUCE A. CIIAXCK, M3ONA H. CHAXCK, 11AUOLU CHAI'PKU.., B. CI.KU- ICO, AlATi: COFFKKN. ANNA MATUA COOSWIflLU W. A, CUOFT, TlKUNMCli: 1'J. CUOPT, DUWABD CHOW13. .1OK DAVIS. T.YDIA IS. PAVFH. NOHMAN U DKT-MAH- TKU. FUIIODA 1>OW, J. A. tWNA- IIOO. O. C. KAHT.S, VICTOniA HAni^S, I/. O. KCKFORD. MAUD US TCCKFOHD, (5. FIOU1N1, T. J. FO- J.IOV. HI.ANCHK F. FOUTCY, W. G. FOUCK. C. B. FH.EKLAND. Of AS. 7,. vn'OGK, TAIUU D. FtTDGK. •\VMJJAM OAM.AHKH, G13NNA- VIT3VK C.AM.A1IKU. JTC53SK OIBRS, also known as .lessie Ulbbn and as .1. M. Oibbs, TONY O1U KRMAlj W. HAKFNKH. RALPH H. ITAOGERTY. W1LMA H. HAMMON. 13. H. HAUIUS, (JEOHUK HARms. RUTH ITARRISOX. M. S. IIARVUOT. UICOHO.K II AY. AT,- TlKRT C. 1I10R1OT, MARY R. K. ITOUUFHIOPK. T>. U. K1MBAT.U ARTHXTR KUNGKNniSRO. OTTO C. KUNOKKBRRO, FhOlUSNCK T*AHRY. MARIIT D. I.TTTTU, TBH O. 1.015W15N. A. H. IAJDOFF. also known a* A. V'. TAidloff. 10AUI. .T. MTNPICPORD. .1. s, MOKIUH 010X115 PKAHh MrKIBHKX. J. MrCLAIX.- al«» known a,s .1. C. Me- T.KAX. PRARI, .TOXKS MrRAlO, MARY JKAV MacCAM.ION. TT. M. MacCAT^T.tOX ns I'.Itiardlnn of Mary Joan MiU'CalHon. a ntinnr, It. M. MarCAT,M<»X, KRIC C. MaelN- TYRK. N". M. MAI.OOF, FRAXK t.. MARTIX. TIAPII. M. MOUC.AN, Haggerty, "Wilma TT. Htimmon, H. Ifarfls, OcorRe Harris, Kuth Marrlnon, M. S. Harvuot, Goorgo Hay, Albert C. llorlot, Mary H, K. D, O. Klmhall, Arthur Otto C. TCllngenherg, Florence R. Tmhey. Marie D. T-Utlp, Peter U. I-.oc.wen, A. R. t^udoff. also known' an A. K. l^ndloff, Earl J. Ijimceford. J. 8. McKlhbrn, Oenle Pearl McKibben, J, D. McClaln, also known as J, C. McLean, Pearl Jones McRae, Mary Jean MacCalllon, IT. M, MacCalllon, RS Guardian of Mary Jean MacCalllon, n minor, 11. M. MneCalllon, Eric C. Mnclntyre, N. M. Mnlnof. Frank I*. Martin, OasU H. Morgan, "W. B. Morgan. Mabel O. Morgan, John Morpantintl, Forrest n. Mowro, R, F. Munn, Henry J. Newman, Lata Olduker UH Ouardian of Vearl WoolPey. a minor, Lola Old- nkev, Venrl Wool any. V. D. Osborn, l.Tva Y*. Onborn, Ilose Pachllsr, Hallle L. Parrish, Thomas Peterson, BP.SHIO R. Prterson, Marln Ploper, Bnrthu Pleper, Khner A. nainey, Mftrffnerite H. Ualney, O. B. Rollins, Margaret rtnlHns, Mrs. Charles 1. Hosebrook. Winifred Laverw Uufth. Fred W. Hush. Max Pelht. A. W. Selbt. L. W. Spaldlng. H. G. Kpaldlng, John W. Steelr, I'.-it Snphnie. also known n« K. P. Sughme, Frank n. SuoroB. Carrlf* M. Snore*, Kenneth AV. Tewen, Vernia Tewes. Paul Yander Kike. Julia IT. Vnnder Kike. Add Vojrftl. < ;icnn «. "Ware, 1 lavoUi 10. "Wad mart, Florence r.. Will lam K. MAYTAO washer, usod; $30,50; terms. Don C. Preston, 10th and H streets. 3S FOH KALIC—Gtilbrannaii upright piano, perfect condition, $fiO. Cull bi«t\v 5 and 7 p. m.. 1 ^jr t Ijlealo avenue. FOH S A 1,13— ll:SxlS Anjcelo rug M'ith pad. Cost $3rtn. JISJu. Almost new. Also K chicken feeders. 3619 Flowei 1'erslan well for For Sale—Furniture SAT-K- Three-quarter Iron ,'MS, Legget «prit»pH. Phone 17n->-K. Poultry and Uvostook \\ilte Jorsry Olant pul- FOH SAT-K—SIx months old Poland fhlna bourn. 1421 Terrace, Way. FOR mirro — Practlcnlly maplo dreaming tablo 1U04 Write slrt-ol, nnd DOUQHTY-CALHOUN-O'MEARA Funeral Directors and Ambulance Service 1100 TruUun Attnui, it N Strut Phone 667 Lidy as cldig THHKK-1'IKCIO mnplo m>w stylt* br-d- room pet, 932.&0: n«»w f.-pi*>ro knotty pin** dlnutto sot, JIS.50. \Ve j;lvo orrdlt. T>AVIS KruxiTtriU'; KXCHAXOK i < 'hostor A v o » u » i • •» 0 THK AUCMlHAhn HA'IVHKUV, So- Calif. Through the rail and tnonlhn, hutching White j Harrod Hocks ntul Uhodo *. weekly, AYrlio Tor . m. _- I Dogs and Other Pets 10-07 S»0c No. 1 quality S-fect at 0-fcct at 10-fool at lli fort at b » A. II. KAUP1C IMP. HOUSK $1.05 Oeonyc R, Wolfe. Olndy* H. Wolf.-, 13. A. Wripht. O. P. Young. «erl .1. Kanettl, Mlrm fcaneltl, Firi-t Poo. Second Doe. Third Doc, Fourth Doe, Fifth Don, Sixth Don. Seventh Uoo, Kiphth Duo, Ninth Poo, Tenth Doe. Klovcnth Doe, Twelfth Poo, Thirteenth Poo. Fourteenth Doc, Fifteenth Poe, Sixteenth Poo, Seventeenth Poe. High t cent h Doe, Nineteenth Doe, Twentieth Doe, Twenty- First POP. Twenty-Second Poe, Twenty-Third Doe. Twenty-Fourth POP, Twenty-PI flh Pnr. Twenty- Sixth Doe, Twenty-Seventh Doe, Twonty-Klphlh Doe, Twenty-Ninth Doe, Thirtieth Doe. First Doe Company, R rorpornt Ion. Horond Poe (Company, n corporation, Third Doe Company, a corporation, Fourth Poo Company, (i corporal ion uncl Fifth Don Company, a corporation, Defend- untH. Yon are directed to appear In an art Ion brought Against you by tho above named plaintiff In the Superior <"ourt of the State of California. In and for the County of Kern, and (o answer the complaint therein within SIXUKK eleotrlo portable, JlUM'.. Treadle, $10. White rle.-trl.- ounsnlo. like new. $*0 fin. I-Xp'Mt repairing. ^J/A 1 " 1 ?'.™ 1 ^ !5 HU-eet^l'hone fi.130. «n No. 1 r.SKP r grnln bags for mllo. Mio each (n lots of 1000 or more. Alfalfa fiord. Cane- iiiolu«s*'n In drums. 1'rlces rnpldly advancing. Huy now. San Joaijiiiti iif*aln (To.. Fourteonth nnd P HtreMs. Phone flsr». ' P-T.-tf USED OFKICK FUHNMTUHK Mahogany roll top desk Inv. filing oablmH. 15 drwrs. Sec. bookcase, four noctlor Mahogany oflfco table, ii ft Clgnr caso, G foot HAMM SKI.L.S FOH 1 1100 iSUi. Cor. ISlh nnd N Phone .141 o KOH SAT.R—'Ucwotyn Setter lit reiiNonaMo prtros; junt thn train for hunting. Phono r.SSO*J. -10 Seminar Voyage Proves Delight (?ohf{M«f<f from rogf Six) $36,00 $12.00 $12.00 2202 Nlnriernth wtre^t, - - • ^ —• v r FT • V. - -*l Radios, Musical Instruments $4.50 dition. — Plnno. 151R who luivo beon ut tho homo of u hospital In I'a.nlon t»ln«*e Its Institution. Doctor Thompson has boon \ con nor tod with tho Institution '-'• j years. She also WUM a jrncst of tho FJUJ1T jars, whlln Ihoy last, \vaMiod, qimrtn 24' 1 and IMc dozen: pint* and 2!»c <li»»on; tflahstcis, lOc 717 Sum n IMUUIMJ/ /u/tiiui ^ j Wlnlon, mahognny cnso KmorBon, \valnut rnso Aldrloh. fumed oak Starr, bungalow, beautiful j mahogany CHHI» h j AH with bonchcH lo mutch i IMunoR for rent. UHNKR'S. 1925 KVK ST. con* i »•• i n- i :z=s: , MlHAOH Kvolyii and .MurgaiH't \V>no Wanted to Buy-Miscellaneous!"' IVU.IHK. MIPS Kvoi yn \vy,,-. ,„,. til 18 months ogo. \va« n trnrhrr tt) tin* Ilakprwfleld t'ity srhoolf* and di- rortor of tho c-horal nerllon of tho HaktM slioUl Wuitmn'H CUib. Shi* now loat'bliiK in IVIpitig, \vbei r Is i'oniH i «-i(Ml \\ltlt a M*1ltl. TVccI wheel ohiiir for SOS. In- 40 \V.\NTK1> TO lU'V-- A ; mu»t ho r oondll Inn. 4H I li'\\ . KOI >d atid in nvo- 13KST prtoon piittl for hot t Inn. Iron nnd other Junk. I'bono 4178 for l> wagtMi. Prompt porvlrp. 420 Nineteenth. 7- USKD CLOTHING THE lOCON'OMY 19ia L KTUI.010T BARGAINS IN MEN'S SLKJHTLY USED CLOTHING. SUITS. SHOES. KTl\ 54 »aby fi-pe. S-pe. 3-po. 2-pe. $7.'.»5 Fi:n\iTi!ui: oft. oloM>t l>od l.rd, runts paneled hrpaUfiiMt not. lmrd\vood ovrrNlfd. bod dnvenp. sol $2I>.M) Leeal Notices Stute of Cnlifornln, Department of Public Works, Division of Highways NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Hobertt llroH, HvtiiR room rnst tapeNtry, like now $45.00 Karpen livInK ruoiti FHTJIT JAUS—guaris, 24o; pints. I9c. I groon tapestry, lllif. new We also buy rugg, bottlcM. junk of ; Many Other Illg all fclnds. Phone ITSfi fnr pick-up : POPKI. Fl'UNITI-HR wugon. 1112 ICtiMt Twenty-first plroet. ArfllKr.t-oicosr Jlhlg- 02^, Stunner St. ti-9-lf | JuHl west of Itaker. Phone TWENTIETH CENTURY POET SKALKJ.I IMti'iPoSAKS will ho Ity the 1 »eparlmont of I' 1 >1\ thioii i if HlRli \vftys, at i if i lie l>i(strl<-t ix Huildtny, Kr«-sm», ( 'allfni until Hi on uVhM-U A. M., on Sopteni- L J V. l!t;n;. nt uhi<Mi Him- they will ptililh-ly npfiifd mill r^ixil fnr pftr fitrmtni; xvt.rk »n fullun>: Korn founly. at railrniKl r-i'nNsitiR oito ( VI Kri ."A I hiimlriHlth* i\ tin !'-npt h \vlt(i t o nit!* 1 oust <>f i, nhout t wen - iO 2") tnlln in Twn typhoon* weiv* » Mr?>. Klnher attended dramatic pi'u- IdU'tlons tn China ami Japan, tho I former enterialnniont litstlnK from 1 10 In 1 .:n> and tb«' latter from '» In tho afternoon until 1. * vtattelt Inclmlcd Muiiolulvi. Vtikohama. KamaKura. Nagoya. UnngkoiiK. Canton. Shanghai. Hang- clunv, Sooi-lunv. Wuslh, Nanking:. Kyotd. Kobe, Manila, IMp-lng. Mukden. Heljo, Keijo. KiiHan. Shlmono- ReUI. Osaka Xara. N'ikko, Toklo ami Kan Stops wore nun!" In Honolulu and Son Francisco. «oinn and returning. The voytiffo ^\[lH tnado on I he Tai.Vo Maru. At llonj;Kt>n(; tin* |>ft*Hi»ng'M*M transferred to the Km pi i HM of Canada for Manila. At Shanghai boarded the TatNutM Mam (Attwlated Trcta I/erwed KBW YOKK. Sept. 14.- major test to determine the constltu* tionallty of th^ Holding Company act got under way today ax the securitle.8 and exchange commlisalon filed its brief against the. Electric Hond and Share Company In thw pouthorn district Federal Court In New York. company, which sorvea 10 per of the total electric customers in the I'nlted States, wa* one of the ; firms which declined to register un* I dor tho Holding Company act, do- j clarlng the Htatute unconntltutlonaU I Suit to compel H to register wa-s i brought by tho commission last i November. The company«i Its refusal to •cgintcr on the ground It would be 'Irreparably Injured." This the com* mis.Mkm denied In Its brief today and asked the court to restrain It from acting in interstate commerce be- cnuso it has violated the law in refusing to register. The commission's brief charged tin* Klectrlo Hond and Share Company with 'uncloan hands." Schools in County Opened for Term on /'aj?« inontary grndi> subjects, and J. W Myfli-lil. Knprrvlsor of nttondanco. Tpnrhcr Meetings Tho county Mup*>rlnton*lent hiw ?cd a Dories i»f teacher meel- for this \vook. Toachers In mountain and iloA^rt section of the IM unity \vlll mt?et at Mojave on r rhui-*iil;i>- afternoon from 4 to 6 o'clock. i.'ounty runil school supervisors will bo present to Olscu&fl the coiir»t-H of studies nnd fall and \vlntor Mctlvitif-H In special subjects. Tho Hireling \\ill continue in the frmn 7 to •m "f the* will bo Tho t - - r . - 1 9 o'clock when a manual of study thry t in inlv PlPlM * • • * • • * • t * * » • * * ti.OO J'.OO 10.00 i», oo Per Hour i i •> i J . 1 W>> 1 1 " "l 1 . 1 Mill 1 1 " '• I . I ~ «J 1.12.1 i t * * * * Pfl»t*t • * • * f..OO (1. 67 1 0. 00 Jjlnoleuin Workers ........ •**•• Mavon'r* Helpers Mixer Man Pain (era . * * * » • • • t # * • t * *•«*•*••• • * «*•••• 10. on s.oo O.oo 10.00 R.SO 10.00 9.00 S.80 7.00 10.00 10.00 Tractor Operators C.OO Truck Driver '».00 Teamster with Teams Planter Tenders Plumbern Ueinforolng Stool Workers Roofor« Hoofer's HelperH Shoot Metal AVorkers Steam Filters 1 J1 " *h>1 1.1 C» I . ;: :. i. 12:1 1.00 1.12:. 1.25 1.10 1.25 » 1 • * t » • t 8.00 B.OO 1.25 1.25 .75 ."u 1.00 i.on .025 !».00 1.1 Scraper Man with Team.. Watchman All other trades not here- inabovo mentioned to receive Apprentices and helpers for all trades, unless otherwise ahovo listed receive a minimum of.. All labor Umo and one-half for overtime; doublo limn on holidays. Tho foregoing schedule of per diem wages IF Imned upon a working clay of wight (8> hours. Thn bonrl> 5.00 rate prescribed hpremabnvo is I be i»er -m diem rato divided by tho aforementioned number of hours constituting a working day. It shall bo mandatory upon tho contractor to whom tho contract In awarded, and upon any subcontractor under him. to pay not lof* than thn eaid specified rales to all laborers, workmen and mechanics amployed by them In the execution of the contract. Notice Is al*o glvrn that all bidders must submit with their bids, a nt«t*- ment of their subcontractors and a complete estimate sheet and breakdown for the Joh. Much hid shall bo made out on a form to ho obtained at the office of tho Architect, Charles H. Blgffar, and must bo accompanied by a oertlfl*d or cashier's chock or bid bond for ten 10%) por cent of tho amount of thn ilcl made payable to the order of tho Board of Trustees. Fairfax School District. Kern County, California: nhall be sealed and filed with tho 'Merk of the Board of Trustees, r. S. Hale. Fairfax School IMstrirt. on or befon* Sontombor 14. 1M6, nt fit 00 P. M.. and will bo opened In public nt or about 7:30 o'clock P. M., of that day in 1h« office of the Konrd of Tninlee, 11 . Fairfax School lluildlng, Kern County. California. above mentioned check o»* bond bo tflven HH a punniniAa that tho bidder will enter Into a contract if awarded tho work, and will bo declared forfeited If tho successful bidder refuses tn ontor Into snlU contract after being rerjursted to do so by the Ronrd of Trustees. Fairfax School District. Tho successful bidder will 1>Q required to furnlpli n labor and material bond In an amount equal to 50% of thi* contract price, and a faithful performance bond In an amount equal to 100*:« of the contract price, wald bomln to be secured from a nurtty company satisfactory to tho Hoard of Trustees, Fairfax School District. A list of such surety companies U on fllu with tho offliu* of the Architect. The Board of Trustees, Fairfax School Dlatrlct* reserves the rlgfct to reject any or all bids and/or waive any irregularity In a bid. Unleifn otherwise required by law* no bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of thirty (80) day* after the date *M for the opening thereof. Dated AUffUit 39. 1986, Batterttfteld, California, Board of Tru*te*«. Falrfitx School Kern County* CnUforniH. C K rtAUC, Clerk, dates: Au^. J», 8*pt, 6, Sept. OI,DAKKH. VEAHT, WOOL- RKY, V. 1>. OHHOKN. TTVA 7., OSBORN. nOSK PArilT.Hl, MATJ.1K 1-. PAnUISII. THOMAS PKTF.K- SKN*. nKRSJK K. PKTKHSKN, MA- IUR PIRPKH. I3KUTHA P1KPKR, KI-M12R A. HA1NHV. MAROTIB- RITK R. 11A1XKY. O. B. UOUT.INS, MAROARKT ROIJJXS. MRS. ,KS 1. ROSKRROOK. \VIXI- T.AVKHS RfSlI. FRKn W. nrsir. M\X sKiivr. A. tv. SKIHT, W. SI»AI.D1NO, H. (i. SPA1.- .IOHN W. STKFr.H. PAT (*K. H!BO known »s K. f*. SuKhruo. FRANK <1. HlTnHKX. t'AR- R1K M. ST'ORKX. KEXNKTU W. TKWKH. V1CRNIA TKWKS. PAVL VANnKR KIKK, .IPUA 11. VAN- OKU KIK15. ADKU VOdKI,, flT-KNN WAHK. IIAUOI.D K. \VAl>MAN. '!•: K. AVI1.UAMP. S. A^lLFK. »:r,ADYS P. p.. A. •vvnimiT. o. n. niSRT J. 7.ANKTTI. MTNA KAN'KTTI. FIRST Pf»K ( SF.O'»XO PdK. Tiuiin non. FOURTH nnn. FIFTH nOK. SIXTH T»OK. SKV- •KNTH POK, KU'.MTH DOE. NINTH I>OF,. TKXTJI HOR. nMsvrxTn lion:. TNVKLFTH DOK. TIHR- TKKXTH 1»OK. FOtTRTF.KXTTl DOF. FTI^TKKXTn DOR. SIX- TRWNTH DOR. SRVHXTKRXTH POK. RirjHTRRNTH DOR. N1NR- TRRNTH POH. TWRNTfRTH TWRNTY -FIRST POR. '•SRroXP POK. TWKN- TY-THIRP POK, TTVKXTY- FOURTH P«'»R. TWF.XTY- FIFTH DOR. TAVKXTV- SIXTH POK. T W K X T V - S K V R X T H P O R .. TWKXTY-RICHTH pf»R. TWKX- TY-NINTH POR. THHtTIKTH POR, FIRST POK COMPANY, a corporation. PRCOXP P«»R POM- PANY. a oorporaMon. THIRP POR COMPAXY. n r-nrpornilon. FOPRTH POR COMPANY, a 4-orporailon. nnd FIFTH POK COMPANY, a corporation. Defendant*. HK PKOPF.K OF T1HO STATU OF CALIFORNIA SICNP OUKKTINC.S TO: Cpittral Real Rstato Conipany, a corporation, Harold Abbott. Kula U Abbott. Clark R. Allen. T/otti« C. Allen. Rdun T-. Andor»on. ICdwln I., Anderson. Mlnnlo L. Andprson, Al bert Amour, alfto known an A. Armour, AugiiHtlno Amour, F. T. Andrnws. .lumop Arp. Stanley .!. Halrd, R. P. HaHer. c. H. Harlow, > Furpnt Brown. Rmrna V. Brunt*. Palmer Uurke, R. K. Cudy, Minnie K. '' Cady, Drure A. Chance, T^eonn R. j Chance, Harold Chnppetl. U. Clrrlco, ; Mae Coffcen, Anna Maria Cogswell, i W. A. Croft. HftrnJr* K. Croft. Pn-I ward Crowe, Joo Davlw, I^ydia R. Duvls, Norman L. Pelmarler. Frieda Dow. .1. A. Punahoo. O. (X KarlN, i Vlolorla Karl;*, T*. o. Rekford. Muddle Rckford. U. Ftorlnl. T. J. as abovo required, the plaintiff will tnlu- judfrmnnt for any monoy or dumnges demanded In tho Complaint, aw arising upon contract, or will apply to thr Court for any other relief demanded in tho Complaint. Olven under my hand and neal of the Superior Omrt of tho Count v of Kern, stalo of California. Slay iOlh, 193E. I- 1 . K. SMITH. County Clork, Clnrk of Superior Court. Rv P. M. KPAVARPS. (RRAf.) ___ NOTICE APPRARANCR: "A defendant appears In jiu action when he annwerpi. ili'iiiur.s, or given (be plaintiff written notice of hlw appearance, or when an attorney given nntlri? of appoarunoo for him." (Sec. 1014. C. C. p.) Answers or domnrvers mu5t bo In writing, In form put-Mtunl to rulo of Court, and filed with tho Clork. : July 27; AUK, n. in. 17, 24. :!1; Sept. j 7, 14. 21. 28; Oct. B. I NOTICE OF SALE OF PROPERTY OF THE STATE PURSUANT TO SECTION 3807 OF THE POLITICAL CODE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. ri ! . by resolution of tho Board of Kupervfuorn of the County of Kern, State of California, on August 3lHt. HKIfl, and by written authorization received by mo and filed In my office undor Iho hand and Heal of the controller of tho Hint* of California to noil at public: auction the following de«rrihed property: Peed No. f,2 Lot 7. Hlock in. Town of Johannesburg, nancflned to J. C. WIMnioii for tli" fiscal year HKM 05. to X, .( Cnvin foi- the fincitl year IflOfi-Ufl. V • to Honry J. <Javln for the fiscal years lfiOC-07, 1TI07-OS. irtuS-OM, VJOH-10. nnd 1H10-11. Hold to tlm Ktiilo Juno 2l»th, lt»0r», for the delinquent taxe.s of 1P04. The above property to bo nnld for tho Hum of not IOFB limn (S20.00) Twenty Dollars plun ront of ^nic. Therefore. In piimuanrff of law, publiu notlfo IR hereby jrlvcn that I will on WednnsdH.v ut 10 o'clock A. M., nn the 7th day of October, IMfl. In the Tav Collector'n of fin? at llm Court 1 |OUK«\ in the ('lly of llnkersf lold, County nf Kern, State of California, j KpU ut public auction to tho hlirhrftt bidder for ca«h In lawful money of Pnltcd States tho above described HORIZONTAL 1, 5 Poet who wrote "Trees" 10 Armadillo 11 To roast. 12 Jewel. 14 Ream. 16 Fiber knots. 17 Wrath. ID At no time. 21 Fourth musical note. 22 Sixth musical note, 23 Silkworm. 24 Southwest. 20 Naval assistant. 28 Not fast. 30 Declaims. 32 Organ of hearing. 34 Fragrant olcorcsin. 36 To eject. 37 Lighted coal. 3D To instigate, 40 South America. 41 Pale brown. 43 Examination, Answer to Trevious Puzzle KfflfEliJER 45 Norlhepsl. •1G Amphibian. •J8 Club fees 50 To slumber 51 To sunburn 53 Paradise. 55 Cur. 56 Excellent quality. 58 Mcndow. 00 He was a native of 'JO Desecrated. 21 A Miilional has been nnmcd h i m. 25 He wa* by profession. 20 Cuckoo 27 Taxi, 1!1) Spidei-'s home 31 Wine vessel 32 Moo ley npple. 33 To sonk flax. 35 Mnles. 37 Unit of \vork. 38 Scarlet. 2 Folding bed. 4 To bring le^ proceedings. 46Festivnl 47 To dibble. in • al » <>iti rn- i n n.| j-.|n-rif i niny Benefactor of Chinese Speaks \ n Ui Md \vtll l.r t ri'fi \ i-»l iinlf-.> it ^i n cin » proposal fi'iin fnrnlplif-d 1>\ IMKtrlct 1''n«lurr.|-. i:u< h bid IUMM r^nnipnnltMl by ':j\.^li or a i'«M v 1 Ifl<>il k iu eanhirr'p rlitn-u nimle ]>n>'abl<> to tho l>lrri:tor of Public \V<»rKfl f»»r an amount ctptnl to at leant |r*n 1 of thr amount hid, i to b'> fi-ff olloil Nhoillil bidder (o whom tho contract awardfd fit II I" i-nti-c lm«> I ho il I i (fn \iii i i HO MM though " inntiv of them said WO TV "Alburn the IM abroad, they ivcnt;nl7.e Cbina HH their 'native land' and wish lo return home." mild foreign born i "hhi- now ir-*.«-r\ I '.-pat Mm>iii lli.- i i(«lii tn ..f ti-J*' 1 ' any or all In " in \\ it li t]io t»m\ UJons <-f | VERTICAL 1 To notch. 2 Music drama. 3 King of the dead, 4 Credit. 5 Celtic soldiers 49 To barter, G Pound. 7 Horse's neck hairs. j 8 Water cress plants. t i M,on i of t hi- n i 'i 'I I* at-!.' tn i • • hf at- foil* i\\ ' •la*MflniMnM~ Trm tor drlvi-r • ;.i) }, fi|if»rntnr < Work tlifi hu.** ff ruti» work (o li«» hour t vpn high Mil- ^i^^^lI' t • * 50 A liquor. f»l Dycwood tree at < '(»* i'ftit>r o f r shove] or \ t i ! I * 0 Corded cloth. 13 Peruses, (il He was killed 15 Blackbird, in '(pi.). 18 Gleams. 52 Tip. 54 Born. 55 Mother. 50 South Carolina 57 Sun god 59 hike. hh*»\ \ .-Mil cv.-n\ utiiiR ( i j r more ) Ublc • - » IViil li* \ • • 1 1.00 1 *1 + . ^>' ntoel worker l.i: 1 l>ut \vhi*n thry aro K>'^dtiut"<) they onrnunt'T difficulty in i-arnlnK a living. hey n n h *• di'Kieos MH t lor torn. rN. inul UN iviuvMtMitullv^H of other proff'snioiiH." Sh*'iihcrd «ai<l. "but thi\v aro humllrupp<M in an oi- fort to nwlu- :i Uvcllhcmd." Hhophord. dln-rliir of tho Clmng Mt-i homo, only Amorlcini Innlliuttun for 01 pi Kinrd ami nct-dy t'htnrs" 1 that many of t h" foreign born w* iloslnul to obtain tht'tr otlu ration In * 'hlnn lic-rHUSi* tli«-y \v* "ro-orl«»nt;itloir \vould be v\ <";iuii»n from will bo held Siiinnhiv morning, .September 19, at tho KinerNon School auditorium In liakffHiVM. l-'rom 9:30 to t2 o'clock, a. iliscushion of tho manual will h. -M Monday Meetings Music olid physical education be ih» i Hul'jtM-ts at a wiwclal to bo bcbl at thv local hluh school K.vnmaftltim on Monday St*p~ • "1 Primary toach*TH will meet HI 4:ii»> o'd'H-k In the uftornoon and tb«* nit'ctlmr for \ipper grade tcacln rs in tlit-sr Hpoclal nubjectn will begin at 7'IJ "'clock. Songs and for lb«- firnl qu:irti»r will be All r u nt 1 school grade ate .'\pecicil u* attend, it is announced, Shoot7SeiTwith Rifle But Lives , \ iStH-ititt 't /Vf»* I.*»S AN<VKl.KS:i. Sept. 14 Joo "!><>ar ^Ir." it smld. "don't forgret lo water my flowers." Thi*n he touched the trigger of ii riflo Wounded tn the client, ho had it chain-** t-Mlu> to recover, hospital ulK-ndaniM operator <except shovel ho ll<M'Uflo> of the t«'in IJOVM urndrtny al to 1917. a in"in- One Killed, Five Injured in Crash \ J • • • i * given that if redemption of *nirt property IH not af- ' fen ted aooordlng to law, prior to Umo j •if pulo, that all rl^ht of redemption ' Bliall ceas**. Thn nbdVA d^ftcrlberl property situ- ! ate. lyliiK and bnhiR (n tho County of! F Folev W O Force P n Froeland. rhns."l,. 'Fudge, T.iiln' T>. \ K p »*n, Htatn of California. Oallaher, (lennrtvi^ve f. »• HAY. Ulblm. alpo known , Tax Collector <>f ICorn ruunt>. •'(Mil* and tin .1. M. nibbn. Stale of CuHfr.rnia. Torn fin Kririnl U. Mnefner. Hnlph Published Sc-pK-nibor 14th, 193«. •«!•••• !*•*•• ____ lllfnft 11'tlt-t man . ... 1'nlnti'i- * 'MII. i i>t • \ Ihratnt* npfnilnr. Trn.-tnr i|ri\i*r (undnr .'•*' h p) Trin-U ilr ivrr ' IOKP than 4 cubh yurdN watrr |i*ve| cnpnrlly Tr\ick firlvtM- <4 cnlilr vnrd« (Mlrr (innvor ^ln»vclh fir frnttrH). IT *!..« Itiu "I 1 llio- l.oo I. (TSTKK I.KrrKIt PKIKKD o\Vosso. Mich., Sept. II U'. l'.> Velli>wcd with a^o. but 1 lu* prize pt;-» of ('npitiln I. \V. Todil of thl* IN a liMicr to » 'oloiK o\\t»Nnu i'lvll War ra! UforK^ 1 II < 'tiHlor, off|r«»r»* In I hi? t'tilun - d;it«M| <'ll i • I M-|ll«' • • O \vn Tin nnd bin from tlu-y Corn-": I, IK»i:?. « 'UHlc-r'hi lnab|lil * • *»OUld Itollic I*' \ tnlt uar Ui Klopor Anphnlt i»lnm (Irxi r man Mr*'l>M nir < irmihlt* f irr*'f M u iirl^'M- f-»r (w*t am! r]i v > «*r fire tinting tin- Trim nit mix t .HI diMrlbnt'ic In in ti nut) ......... i » * * i • • Kn 00 Hnn'iyman (t xiiHinbouO Any c'lapMlflcntinii omitted hen-in not le.«;h t ban ........ Overtinif. ibttjldc tb<- iilmvp laii'H. Hun(.1a>'« HIM] b'*Ii(J«>H (f-\c»t|»t watrh- ntMi, Kiiardft and flaKtnnnV double i bf dt»«'Vp ra i '-f i»i-:rAHTMKNT OK pcnuc \vniiK.s DIVISION OK HIOHAVAYK, r. n. i'ii Slate Hltrhwny »y H. M. OH.US. T>n«"l. S )'ul'MMM'<l IOIJN M \l)i; HI' IIICASS lH >N. 4 sepi S4 II n mode 1rom on»pt y th** funvuiA French "7i»M Worlil War. which Is pin >•*•<! nti;lul\ Id n U'i'Nt Mnd ri'stauranl, IN o«>H<'\«'i| to be t h" <tnl> braxii. I Iddli in the uorld. M. Tapponlcr*' the own«"r of tlir Ittst ruiiH'iii ">al»l t!t< HiUtU' b«'Jtlii(l tho Mm * at Faux In 1017 to i'lKM-r up IIH»H8. LAS rUl'i'lvS. X. M.. St-pt. U. — Chin-lew K. (iivrnlftif of S,-iiHa Ana, ( 'allf . « an umlcrpoitiK troatinont hero today for ;i rruwhril pelvis bone i-eccivi'd In an luitomohtle accident that t-»uk the life of a fellow student of New Mexico Slate Colteijo near here yoMlurUay a ltd injuroU four nthnrH. Jeff Daley of Hol.-n. N. M.. was cl when a pick up trxicU In which hl\ Htuilcntfl wert- rklint? sw«-rvoU avoid u not h»T maehtno aiul hed into a trve (irconlcaf. won MI-H. WayUnd Wood "t' Santa Ana. was th* 1 most st-riously Injured of the other tb to UAKKKS KAVOK »U1 l.OAl I'ASAltKXA t'.tlif.. Sopt. H. Tbo HiiVors*' Marketing Associa VVUH * \i\ tit IV> tion of Soutliern Cultfurnta that the ri-ennt bxif vf broad »oon uill disappear from tho market. IUkki*rs. thev assert, will concentrate on y. 10 and 1C roni loaves. ^r M, 19^*1 iiilti-f 1 \ 1200 MKN KOH PAI.KSTINK I*ONI>UN. Sept. II. (f »' t Nearly IL'OO n-Kularn. fii>t of the HrltlMh army rein force mon I w tics tlncd for Palestine to unpproptH Arnh outbi-r*nUH, Piiimlnptl t(Kluy for South- rim pt on. Tb" m'Mi lx>lon»red to tho Northumberland Fin*lll«'rn nnd tho I DON'T LET THE ANTS WORRY YOU ll »n i i i K an \\*\\ important «» con of BUCK ROGERS, TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY, A. D. Machine Hy I'HIL NOWI.AN and LIELTKNANT DICK CAI.KINS u n , t i t If Mu»r»»M5h!y into THE TUE TO ' TOOK ELECTRICAL LABOR ATOPY ONI TO PA YOU STIGAT1 TTRAN6E NVE MAT THE FEL WIG MOK LANCWU PISA PPE-ARANCE AY CA AG IGWTCR FRE TH KO THE WAS AY KC62 AT LTOR YO CAPTUR MVSTE RY IOUS TO AY GAR TOR RES ALL KNE THAT SOME WAS GREAT WERE AND OTHERS SIZ WERE UTTLE THAT BIG LLOW SLAVES SMALL WERE TO THE ON t.t i i i t t i i i i i i i i i i i i t i i i i i i i i i t *»r ng Kill it . « h»-M .-ou !i> in tell- them. should \^ in for if ants areti't . (hero is no tell- i h**y will. iHin f> for vuur ordor. < -Artfully and enclo** 1 » iiin to cover h&nd- I t I i I I I I I I i i l'st» ThI* Coupon i i I Th KukersfieU Calif ornian ou Bureau. J Ha*kiu. \Vu«hl»ijctvn. D. C. i i i i i in coin (car«ruUy M. t;opy o^ th«- booklet ou nts." Ctly i i i to Ilk P V -- *»^*«*.-«K»^«.**»»*.^^ I t j i i l I t l -4- -'I I . -I * , t - • I*: 1 • ' • ' v ';'' ^ ' </ '"-'' : ** : v*§i . f - • - •- f--.".~.'. i &\ I I L I • • . 1 L 1 •"- '-'I'- ,ff' - - •-- , --.' •• , '-'.--- '-•-• >^'fp4c^ -,..-' *-_ •',-,' • X"**->w-*ss^a -:- '.- • . - ;:-•'-" - . v,;:=^r-''^^fJ

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