The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 11, 1946
Page 5
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JMONDAY, MARCH 11, 19 Hi CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION FOR SALE I __ t« All CM thTM W It* K mlntu* w<0 kt it M»M U< M muni •! HU »•*•. •>/ 1 •• notwttUttf wtt t. ta« tm mm •** «a* ta«»rrMt tyi«riio» «l »ay •!*•for Safe fOOI't tUI'l ^iiU-utiiil di . Wl'lu, !!„>. |, ous( , j,, . I'ar tolc Ogdcn Soy lieans from Pedigreed Seed. Crockett Wrijjht, Manila, or tall Jess Horncr, Ulytheville. Phone .'!1(J7. 8-9-pk-8-23 •11 Oi«vn.lcl nr,'i, 1'liniio . e-|.k-l2 0 room residence. Price $!{,500. H. C. CAMI'BICLL, Office 120 S. Second. 3-8-pk-15 'lock »(i,l fistun>s ol Wood's Cule, l.ux. ora fur salf. '.* j/miillis rent [laid. • 7-|il:-21 For Rent l.lai.i '1 tiln>Vs from Sliin KHf i Hntli. 1901 W. ,\s\t Si. Adjoining li;ilh. -J].-; K. liou*i'l;rppinK room. I'lione ?fi:!0.'| 9.'k-ir, ' .inJ CortJ u illon . Hi'Jroimi for rent. Mono '>mt. 1-pk-lx lli-MVV ]•:, M.I 20 tires good ctprei* UnJ, B l<irnB. 18 miles from i T. J. BurriM. lOa N. t'runVI tpre , iillcs from Hljtlicvllk. H o o m a for men. Harry i Atkins. 4-pk-3-14' Kleclric doughnut machine/ ~, I All types better dressmakinR-. j Mrs. Sherrod, Moore's Hotel 'i-7-pk-:?-14 .fully cciuipped. See E. L. Trotter, City Super Market, 100 W.'iMain. mil (or a nnlfiv On A. If. K. r.-pnlr.-.l. Will cks i.lcli SA!-;<> Co.uiii-r N.'iis. 4-<lli-lf ., , . , ., , , .5-J l-pK-.i-J'l -• — < .-li-uii. <7 Cainlyn S1 . nr ' 9 j.k 1:: WASIrtXO MACiriNES K-rviml «rrt ro i |.:tirf,l. Wiic-ii [.nrli irn ,i OC ,, V: ,tlnlJa "w liiaiiufii'liirB Ihftn. tins ou^mve ( nvcrlimilfil 1,11 fit il now PHOTOSTATS—Let O'Steen make ;i pluitostalic copy of your discharge, marriage license ant! olher important papers—Quick Service. O'STKEN'S STUDIO I'lionc :)208 115 W. Main. I 8-7-ck-8-21j I'ostal Can! I'iclurcs. '/' Hoz.i $1.35. Do/,. §2.00. No ap- . pointment needed. O'STEEN'S STUDIO Phone ;5208 115 W. Main. 3-7-ck-3-21 ill cli.irK . ' «i>ii.' n.ncliiti il. Iturln-rl ( f»f tliis .If|.a m« ""ilieM-ii All farlor, rs in no :i l:.r«o nil deli' voiil thp rush, ttoek of pnrtg. er. Ul/tlieviLl,- Phillips Will Pay You the TOP CASH PRICE The present Use'd Car Market will never be higher. Sell NOW and get the TOP Dollar for Your Car. at PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY I { FORD and MERCURY DEALER a Walnut at Fifth Blyth«vin«, Arkansas TeL 4B8 olitical Announcements Courier New* hu beon ed to announc* UM following candidate, subject to the Democratic prlmiry: Bur.KIFF AND COLLXCTOB JACK FINIJEY ROBINSON WILLIAM BRtlRYMAN COUNTY JUDGE GENE E. nRADIJSY ROLAND GREEN FOR TAX A88F.8SOE DOYLE HENDERSON 1 CIRCUIT CT.KRK HARVEY MORRIS COUNT!" COURT CLERK 1 KUHABETH BLYTHK I COUNTY TKEASDREK DELI,A PUHTIJ! STATE KKPHKSKNTAT1VK ALENE WORD K. C. FI.EEMAN I.KSI.1E "DUKIE" SPECK I.. H. AUTRY STATi: SENATOR J. LEE BKARDEN he following are cnmlklfites for offlci- In Hie lUyllievllle Municipal Election 1 0 bo hclU April J: CITY ATTORNE* PERCY A. WRIOHT cPor Rc-ploctlon) HOWARD N. MOORE WAHI) ONE JF.SSK M. WHITE AI.UKHMAN WAKI> TWO JODIE I,. NADERS AMWKMAN WARM THRKK KIJI'ERT CHAPION FRAMES Made to Order. Let us frame your discharge, diploma and other important papers. Any size or shape. O'Sfcen's Studio, Phone ,'{208. 3-71-ck-i!-21 Tlntiy Vl.itbs. .<lirfi>rpnl virirltn • Al»r> liinillry anil Jiunllrv f.ivls. ClioMi-r l.,-»i«_ IMullry. 11:1 K. Main. 7|ik-l ; 7 tiav« opcnp.l a K^ifit mill with K 11 *" 1 M'rvlen. I miae meal, cliicktii choiia. ulso rrnshpil feed i.orateil on olil Hprtii; Oin I,ol on Soullj Secon.l. 1. .). (.angler Wanted to Kent lllrils Throw the Switch Hlack- Slalo.s Itcrisc GI CORS1CANA, TCX. (Ul>) Hlack- CHICAGO (UP)— All but tv;o Ijircl bluckoul? I statos voted changes In s ti\te liuv.s A 2l-mimilc inlori-nption of tlic , I' ral ' i<!111 i; flehls, benefits and prlv- fllcclric-powcr service in n siznhlc | i ' t 'S<'-'i lo vctci-nns, scrvicenieii section of central Texas mis blnm- ! tll 'l)«'«lciil.s mul their omanlg ed on a lloclc of birds They dui'lUk' lf-l. r > acoonlini; to the Conn- swooped down and can to rest aninin su'ltcli between gcneralliit on room .lull Illyllirvillo. ' thirty liavc il:.ys eil aimrlliiflnl. Employee nl Kwifi f'o. I'prmanpntly locali'il. i'hona ~ ll J!ir_?_i > J"-_ J - w - I!I I:K«». Agents Wanted the TCXHS Power and lu siicclnl or year. cil °f Slate GovennnenU. ML«ls- - sl l'Pi and Loui.slniia did not plants of Light, Co.. at Trinidad, causing a flash and disruption ol power flow on main electric; circuits. reeulnr se.sslon.s Ilils ' KKI.1A1IJ.K \VCM.\M Fund Triiilm-li in 1,,-r I,..i M,m|>lf< n If. "Bhorly's Placn." Weil Ark O-pk-U I 1911 4-.l 1911 .. 1 il Call fiir> liiolMln Ft, Lincoln Afli'r (i «,i an.l Xcylir. ' Al/rtlfa Hny flnrt mule drawn fRrm iinpln- menls. Ti-ll<i>liono LW. W. A. .loi.kin.i, Klc«li'. Mo. l-|ik-4ll K:iMiit mnnnre. fine j\ busbcl. Ri'^t /or flower* And fatrArn. RI2 .X. lllli HI. CliH-kns.lw Farms. J-Iik--l|l Lost r.Miirr, ,,f lios *ol ran In.I Kitinnlnv l>.-t>v.'.- .-,y in Xnrili <if lllytli,.. l.tiki- Srlmiil. ('litirli- li(UI ].pl;-l LAWN CHAIRS and PORCH SWINGS Made to Your Order. Order Yours NOW! Ellis (Nick) Nichols Woodworking Shop 308 South First Street Personal italk cutters—2 row hc-Avj- dnly ty[ie. All wcldi-il nlKf\ construction. IMyihij- ville JIlRoMno .Slio|i. 27-ck-lf Don't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf 600 two weeks old chicks. Feed, feeders, founts, nig lot of bit by chicks next week. Ulythcvillc Grain Klevafor Feed Slore. Norlh 4* Fonrlh, phone 2112. Nice building- lol for business- on South Division. 127 ft. frontage on Highway; 3-11 ft. deep. Also has a 1 room house. Price 85250. H. C. CAMI'liKM,. Phone -1-16 or 2030. 3-8-pk-I5 Upnplit jnann. cjnrnl comlilion. Sixlh. rimnci -2(590. Klcrtric rlvivii IrK 2DI) ntiii'd nn to S n. I Sixty-four licad of purebred Hereford cattle auctioned nt an annual sale of the Wyoming Hereford ranch near Cheyenne bought a total of $279,750. Average price paid was $4.371. For Prompt Service On Animal Vaccination CALL Dr. W. A. Taylor VETERINARIAN I Specialize in Treating All Forms of Swamp Fever Daytime—Phone 484 Dowdy-Aycock Motor Co. Night Phone—2138 Conio Hotel. E. Main St. While You Wait H>U Cleaned and Blocked 30 Minnie Service The John's Shop M3 W. Main St. Wlij- Mountain Valley Water Is ICrcominenrled fur Arthritis-Kidney Bladder CONDITIONS Tills naturnl mineral water from Hut Springs, Arkansas, helps to— Stimulate kidney function. S o o I h e bladder Irritation. Neutralize urlc-acldlly. Discharge poisonous wastes. UOUNTAIN VALLEY MINERAL WATER From Hot Springs, Ark. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main & Division, Blythevllle, Ark. • II nrco£snr>- «. 1,. King. arlor equipment. ljl.'j. ctinirx nml 'nt I'rii-'-il riirb:. Ark. 10 pk-^',U' Latest model General Electric vacuum sweepers. Hulibnrd Furniture Co. 2-G-ck-tf illi Sc.Un. 1 >m«ll '^nlcra. cultivator. iil.Uc. tnslcr AH'1 or fi-ir,. 8-tk-K Seed Oa(s, Oklahoma Alfalfa -seed, Le.spetleza. Hybrid seed. Corn, & U. S." Approved Ifcthy Clticks. ' L. K. ASHCKAFT CO. 1'honc .103 3-5-ck-tf IJaby Chicks Custom Hatching. Blaylock Hatchery, Highway _JiJJV._ 2-26-pk-4-26 Wonted To Buy Wante<(: Corn, hay, hens, fryers, ducks and geese. jVWyUieville Grain & Ele- yator Feed Store, North Fourth, phone 2112. PHONE 551 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PRESCRIPTIONS FraiiMt Stock Gaarantecd B«t Pricw Kirby Drug Stores When It 8 Refrigeration You Want Call In ROWEN ELECTRI C CO. Phone 2180 IM-lll Konth Railroad HI. Commercial Frozen Food Locker Plants — Walk-in Hoxes — Quick Freeze Home Cabinets. CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT TOCR 8ERVICK- Phon. 2241 Kills Rats Roaches : Biddle Exterminators 'Member N»t'l. Pert Control AIW'B. 115 S. Third 8t. Phone Z751 Allow ONLY a Trained* Expert to Lubricate Your Car. WASHING POLISHING LUBRICATION TWO WASH RACKS TWO Lubrication Departments FAST EFFICIENT SERVICE \ Loy Eich Chevrolet Company Texaco Gas and Gil- 301 West Walnut Phone 578 "It P«y« to SCOTT ALLEY QlflkJC of AH J I VJ IN J Kinds. N. Franklin BL rboncSZtt Attention Tractor Owners! We have the latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAD SERVICE Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER AM, SIZES Cheaper Tbin Brldre Lnmber OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone «9l Osccola, Ark. Dr. J. L Guard GUARD'S JEWELRY Phone 828 419 West Main Street RADIO SERVICE just rn»i 3414 Craig Electronic Service Co. 1211 W. Main St. * Insure Now : . . through W. J. Pollard Agency Glencoe Hotel Bldg, Telephone S546 Your car may still have to last You a Long Time . . . You're well advised to keep a sharp eye on the condition of the car you're driving. New cars won't be plentiful for sometime. So it's just prudent transportation insurance to keep your present car up to par. Our modern repair shop is fully equipped to handfe your car troubles. Drive In Today WE NOW HAVE A COMPLETE STOCK OF TRACTOR TIRES AND TUBES We Buy and Self Good Used Cars See Your Studebaker Dealer First, CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Lac CteaMhi «. B. * Ath Bte. BO Sec us about vour mechanical trouble. Our expert mecnan- Trxlayn BxquUlte FootWMZ require! czjtctlnr worummslilp for proper repilra . . . The costllot shoes are repaired ben. tools and equipment can pnt Refrigerator Service' OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2042 your car in top condition. Ixxly shop repair service. We will fix vour car or buy your cur FOK CASH. DON (EDWARDS T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. ia F«r Chrysler Pnaacte Complete Stack* •( OOROMA, AND TSfEWUXTKHC BY EDGAR MARTIN HOOTS AND HKR HUnDIRS V -\-U-^.'. VAFNVVKifa eo •_ WsV V-t 1 iix«."n- vX3n **• - FilKCKLKS AN'D HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER. WHWS WROMS- NOW, SMALL FRV? WELL. LOOK AT JUMIC«'S DO VOl) k'EMEMDEE. HOW PILOTS DECORATED ve AH THAT . MAS COME TOO FAR, BRAGGING ABOUT ME LEMS ARE AIL FIMAMO.U- 1TS GOSTlMC- HIM MCMEV 1O JuMlOR ' 1MEV SCOCL-D HITS ? E M RKOtDS.AMP VMiLL COST HiM BY V. T. HAMILTON Sonicllung Cook in 11 Phoae nn

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