The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 3, 1944 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1944
Page 4
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4 Tuesday, October 3, 1944 jtofecrgficlb Calif orm'an Ss^m^^s^:^^- Will He Make a FIGHTNG SPEECH? Hear Republican Candidate FOR PRESIDENT THOS. E. DEWEY Tuesday (Tonight) 9:45 P. M. Mutual KPMC Network If You've Heard Him Before You'll Want to Hear Him Again! TUNE IN! This Advertisement Sponsored by Kern County Republican Central Committee YANKS TAKE KEY ITALY ROAD CITY ADVANCES SCORED ON ROUTE TO BOLOGNA K(.MK. Oct. 3. (UR)— American ti'iMp, driving iinrlhwiinl throuplt (lie .\p> •niiinos lodiiy capturod AIon- yhiiloio anil roat'licd Cn.suni di Un- niaKiia. tmvus (i niilno apai't on an I'iiM-wi'St ]itu> and IS and It! miles, I'csprctivcly, south <u Bologna, key <:it v o!' t \\f I'o \ alley. While l.'nited Stutos Fifth Army tr' captured Mnnghidoni, inipor- ta . t road junction on tlip main KJor- i nee-! iloKii.'i hiKhway, other units to tlin east pushed " milfs beyond (!iuxnol,i, hitherto the northernmost point of the Allied advanci. 1 . and engaged i he (irrnians f(jr C'asuni di l Americans also captured the f l_';'r v 'i->:ni. p i. IT miles from .i, on ilit-- hiyh- The (ierma us f|Ue reported le effoi-is to drive ihi\e.^ toward RoloRiia and . lioth lar^e cil ies on the air- highway exIetidiiiK norihward llimini into the indn.-lrial s of upper Italy, were designed in cut the supply route« for Field Marshal Allieit Kessclring'.s forces fai-iiiK the llritish KiylHh Army in the narrow ci,d of the funnel-like corridor between tho Apennines mid the Adrialie «<-:i. an Allied communi- lay, continued their the Americans from i ucwlv captured .Moult 1 Kallat;)ia and .Monte I'apelio, u\ in peaks domiiiat- Inu tin- road to lliiola, but were beaten off each I illle. Tin- t iiinmunii|U(> reported that bad weather auain closed over (lie Adrialie coast sector and prevenled any major action by the Hrilish Kiulith Arms'. The rain-swollen l - 'iumi'ini i riser made impossible crossings by other than patrol units, and Kit;litli Army positions thus rp- mained sulista nt ially unchanged from the coast of Tribola. Mritish Indian di\'ision troops, ho\\e\cr, captured the village of Horyhi. ">!; mill's soul Invest of SaviKiiunu, and nearby Mount Re- i STARS (illKKT GOVERNOR DEWKY—Governor Thomas E. Jlewey meets some of (be many Hollywood motion iiclurc .stars on hand to greet him during his campaign swing into I.os Angeles. Shown with the Republican presidential nominee are Edward Arnold, Barbara .Stanwyck, Ciingcr lingers and Gary Cooper, Senate Committee Urges East War Plants' Freeze WASHINGTON" Senate committee trial (I'-vclitpiniMit wc-i tin- key to poslw: today 11 rued Congress gi iVcnimoii 1 -i >\v neil wa r major eastern and slates a f Ier (Jertnan v Oct. P.. <UR>— A calling the indus- i>f I he soul h and i r | m is| iei it v. lo free;-e all « in II nori heaslern 's defeat to KV,\\<;ELIST — The Reverend .John Dcnton, evangelist, is conducting services at Church of God, Oildal", through October !.">, the Reverend R. R. Green, pastor announced today. Services will be held nightly, except Saturday. "W Vt \jOt VtOYt&ft* VITAMIN A Every pound of Sunnybank is scientifically enriched with 9000 U.S.P. units of Vitamin A SAFEWAY STORES Compare Sunnybank with any margarine at any price. Test it for all qualities that make a really good spread —flavor, ease of spreading, texture. We're sure you'll like Sunnybank's tempting goodness in every respect. If you don't your money will be fully refunded. We guarantee Sunnybank! prevent further concent rat inn of pri- I vat'> iiiduslry ill those states. ! i'bail-man I'a t McCarran (l)-Nev.) i declared thai an increasi lation in the east that w if Hie government plants milted to lie added to present private industry would create "an octopus that, would blight, the rest of the country and reduce the south and west to misery." The committee, which is investigating industrial centralization, said in a special report that plants in these states—New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts. Connecticut. Maryland, Delaware. Rhode Island. Ohio. Michigan and Illinois- -should be sold or leased .only if industries buying them i agreed to scrap an eiiual amount of '• old plant space. Calling centralization "basically anti-capitalist," Mci'arran said in an introduction to the report that the i 11 states produced i'i."i per cent of (be nation's manufactures in 1!K)!I and since then have received the bulk of new war plants including the "cream" of plants convertible to peacetime product ion. In contrast, the report pointed out, the 17 eastern and In southern states I received a "disproportiouatley larue i number" of war plants "scarcely re! convertible- on any appreciable scale to -time production." Besides free/ing government war plants in the 11 eastern slates, I ho committee also proposed a broad program for encouraging large-scale industrialization of the west and south. | This included shiftin", of all wru ! production at Hie cud of the KIIII pean war to the \\csl and south an Ihe giving of special attention I 'freight rales, patents and the prol iciu of bridging tec hnoliu'jca 1 assi-- i am-e lo small industrialists in ord to bring "long-range and large-sea '• assistance" to new industries in the I west and soul h. Other proposals include rei lama- lion and elei Irificalion projects in order to increase a nil stabilize th6 agricultural population and to lay th« foundation for new agriculturally, based industries. I McCarran said Ihe development ot I industries in the west would result j in 11 building boom that would bene- j fit the whole country and provide work for an additional ".UOO.OUO men. The west, he said, could easily absorb 10.000,000 more people "and by so doing wolilrl bring us a wave of general prosperity." On the other band, be declared, if greater concentration of industry in the east were permitted it would retard industrial development of the west, force their new wartime population to migrate, and undermine the economic position of fi.iiun.uoo to ti.000,000 people. Trial of Man on Murder Charge Brief FUKSXO, Oct. 3. <KP>—In the opening session of what appeared | lo be an unusually brief ; trial. 1 he slate today rested il aiuiust Anthony Anderson. • cused of fatally slabbing lib : more than I'll times \\ hen he i her with another man. The defense began its testimony j before the noon recess and il appeared the case would be .submitted to the jury this afternoon. Assistant District Attorney M. K. Gihbs read the transcript of an ex- j animation in which Anderson as- sertedly admitted slabbing his ; year-old wife with a butcher knife i in their Fagaii alley home last June. ; An autopsy disclosed more than L'U REICH BLASTED < BY 1700 PLANES 5 NAZI WAR INDUSTRIES, AIRFIELDS BOMBED T.OXDOX, Oct. 3. UP)—More than lOnn A merlon n. heavy bombers with morn than 700 escorting fighters attacked \vnr industries and nlrfiplds lodiiy at the southern Gerniiin cities ol" Xurnberg, Gaggenau and Giebelstadt. II. A. F. Mosojuitos last night carried out one of their best moonlight train-busting forays in Germany and* Holland. Besides shooting up 51 freight trains. !) barges and i> motor transports the Mosquitos also ran a Nazi- trawler ashore off the Dutch const anil bombed a small factory in western Germany. One of the fleet bombers was lost. » Oilier small forces of Mosquitns attacked Brunswick and Nazi airfields in western Germany, following up the daylight attack in w'liich more than J.'iOO Allied planes roVynerl the sky over tho Heidi virtually unchallenged. Most or Ihe train-smashing was in the Ruhr valley, through which tho : bulk of supplies arc fed to the German army at the front. Eight trains were caught on the main line between Emmerich and Gladbach, 4 north of Coblenz and 7 near Osna- brucb. KI'TEXT VISITORS Sergeant lilase I liffenbaugli of the air corp.s, who has been stationed a.t the Kingman, Arix., gunnery school, lias recently visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Diffenbaugh, 7^1 Grace street. Ah! No* t Can knife wounds in .Mrs. Anderson's body, one of which pierced her heart. .Detective Sergeant is. U. Vind testified that Anderson told him he arrived home one evening to find William E. .Martin in the I with .Mrs. Anderson, took from tin- kitchen and stabl Mrs. Sarah Taylor, who i o< the Anderson home, said sh knife ed her. ined in heard . "Don't kill the house. Wonderfully quick a little Va-tro-nol up each nostril helps open nasaf passages-makes breathing easier-when your head nils up with stuffy transient congestion! Va-tro-nol gives grand relief , too, from sniffly, sneezy distress of head colds. Follow directions in folder. VICKS VA-TRO-NOL Kern Servicemen Staff Sergeant George .M. Manny of ;!71li .lewctt avenue is a member i of a mobile repair unit in Italy whose duty it is to travel away from their ! home air bases to perform nn-the- j spot repair work on aircraft damaged in combat and forced down at advanced emergency landing strips or in the open fields. Darwyn Swit/.er, seaman first class, has returned to ship duty after a ""-day leave visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leon !•'. Swit/.er, :!OL'7 Q street. Seaman Switzer was a, graduate of Bakersfield High School in 1!M:i and has been in the south Pacific for nine months. lie wears the service i ribbon with two service stars. | Private Chris Petestos. 17, son of ; Mrs. .Paula Polls of 1014 Brown ; street, has been graduated from the • machinegun school at Camp I'endle- j ton. .lie is awaiting assignment to [ a marine corps combat unit. Prior to enlisting in the marine corps, he was employed by the Peacock Dairies. Seaman Second Class Otto .Marsh has been spending a few days' leave i with his father. George .Marsh, 111! P street. Seaman Marsh attended "hoot" camp at San Diego. ...WHERE SHOULD YOU BORROW At Bank of America ... because the cost of a loan is low. At Bank of America ... because the cost of the loan includes insurance that protects you. At Bank of America... because of friendly, neigh* borhood service at any branch. At Bank of America .. . because when you borrow at this bank you establish statewide bank credit for every need. At Bank of America ... because there is no red tape. Come in and find out how easy it is to arrange a Jimep&A personal or auto loan. KKTIRNS KROM MAltKKT— Miss Junice Myier, manager of .ludds specialty shop for women, has returned from the Xew i'ork market, where she assisted in buying for the forthcoming season. .Miss Myler reports a reason of great interest in .ludds specialty shop, 'clothes, more beautiful than ever before—an altogether promising season, says Miss Myler. ifittnk of Am er Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation • Member Federal Reserve System INVEST IN WAR BONDS AND HOLD THEM UNTIC MATURITY Asthma Mucus Fought Easy Way If choking, gasping, wheezing, recurring attacks of Bronchial Asthma rob ?ou of sleep and energy, accept this liberal trial offer. 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Business and Professional GUIDE Phoni 7.7631 for Monthly Ratis ACCOUNTANTS JOHN W, CULLITON PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Incmn I HI Srrvlm. Audit* tvvsl 2115-200 ITnfen.loin.: Building I'hniif 9-0501 CHINESE HERBS T. LIM IIKKII SFKCIALIST STOMACH TROUBLE SPECIALISTS Keinrille* for All Allmrnt* FKKK CONBCI.TA'IION t'urmo Herb Indrnrlnr Ca..tni< Cnllnc. Canton Chin* Twenty-fourth and K Strmtk Hhonr 5-5651 LAUNDRIES LAUNDRY SERVICE llry Clunlni OITIIENS LAUNDRY Siitrenl* an* 0 Street* Pb*M S-I40I Julius and Susie Anton Announce Their Return lo ILTROVATORE "Home of Italian Dinners" 920 Twentieth Street Tuesday, October 3 And as in the past will continue to maintain the same standard of service that heretofore proved so popular with 11 Trovatore patrons. • We Cater to Private Parties and Banquets

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