The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 14, 1936 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 14, 1936
Page 12
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TUB UAKttlttiPIBLU CALIFOUNIAN, MON1MY, SBl*TBMBliStt 14, W36 Hard "Hitting Heavyweights fight Here # * * » ' # # • * # * * $ # . - #• Arvin Pilot Captures Two Speedboat Titles at Seven Bon Is Sin led for ]\-iIrons of Amateur Boxing in Cily TY/IIKN Sllont Joo 11111 pulls on ** hln leather mitts over those, big maulers of lilH tonight, ho will Blurt Ills comeback In mooting J1ln Ward. 200-pound Lou Angeles linnvy. IIII1 and Ward hcnd a cnrd of seven fights which will bo opnncd ill S:;)fl o'clock In Iho Jluk- ornfleld nronn. During his Inst etimpaiKii In nnlcnrnflold, 1III1 wotnnil In h" headed for the lop. 11« had a string of knockouts to credit nnrl wn« nl)"\it to go Into Dm profofmlmwl ranks, lln mot 111* Waterloo In thn Hlinpn of n hiign heavyweight from 1. A. anil linn not fought since. .Ini' t« n. fnllhftil irnlnnr under thn watchful eye of liln ilnd. Tll« fnthor ("•OH Im Rrto to hixl curly nnd l(itfi|i« thr> hoy In fxt'i'llnnl coinlllInn nl nil llnifH. Mntrhrnnknr Woorly Wnorl him liroilKht up (l tough hoy for Hill hul Jon bpllovfH Im IK unhcatnhlo nl thin tlmo. Mynm VH, IloildNlni Tho Hiitnl- wlnillip will pt l''iix./.y MypfH of Hnhf<rHfli>l(1 and Si'liofillioy Jfiddlo J.lonilBhu of .Hali'THfli-ld. Thtn t« not dm find llrno the two wollorN linvo met. nnd «'ii<'h of Iliflr xtrtifffflnn linn lii>nn a lilltor onn. Ww/.y. u hcixnr, can put out puiHihnw with power If lin hiia to whllo rioinlMlni prnforn to Btop In rlonn and tradn Mookn. (''loch Jorilnri, ft pcirnnnlnl favorite burn, will flglit Knuiklo Uodrlffiioz riP I'lant I,OM AliKClo». Thin hoy • Franklo, ll In rcportotf, IB Jtint an toiiKh n« hln nclnlihorhood. ]{<>Nt of Nrnipn The roNt of thn piiiKniin will prnnorit: TlK«r DavlN nf Ulldnlo vermin l.upo Mtinoa til' Hultrrnricldi Hnnry JoluiHon of Cliloo vorHiiH .lohnny •fnhnnnii of lj. A.; Ooiu! Mock of I,OH AiiKelPil viTBtin Olllft I,OW!N of Mak- (>rnfloli1; Holihy Uarrla of llakrrHflold verMUB Hal (.larcln of lj. A. OOLK KAVOIMTKS OAUPKN f'lTY, N. V., Hcpl. M. (A. P.)—Nnw York hotlliiH: roiniiilH- Klonorn, nrttvo <lonpltn th«t oppoHlllon of Hut Unllml Htal<>H (lolf AHHOC|II- lion, havr> cntnhlliihi'il .lohn <liini|. man, Urnahn, und Alhorl "Hcotty" ('auiplioll, Snnttlo, UN favorllcn to win Hut national ainalotir f;olf rhatnplon- ulilp ;it oddn of R-l. GIANT AMONG GIANTS VJH£N HG CWLO AS .stew tic I6-IHNIH&, TUG AND OP New VORK &AHTS HAS 8A&fBA/JJs> MOST M$f>lRlN(o /N yPA/K TH/S> OXY I'llACTH'KH With IhrPii cliiyd nt tii'iivy prnrlli-c their ImllB On ld"lllnl I 'II||<>KM men buckled down In even honvli-r nnd morn fin limn worUoiitH III prppiirutlnit fur lint npiMiltiK KMMIII lit tho HellMOII Wllll Ihn I'lllviTHlly !>!' California nl l,i in AiiKHcM, Hiipluni- lior an, at West wood. Couch "Wllll/ini "Mill" AndcrHnii kopt iillorniilo H'lniidH hn«y wllli «|Kmil, lilorlilni: mill liieldlnir pruellee. TWO IN IIONI'ITAI, MOI,I,VWOOI>, II. (A. l'.(— j Victims df linmi'hlnl piii'iinniiiln, II. III. Knhime, I'nlmnblii Studio vice!I|H nf L wlfn wrn eon- clmiion llnHpltiil STANDINGS COOL • FAST Trains East! COAST 1,1'J/Vtil IS U'. Him III". « 'ii Id/i nil ............. 05 Hciill.lft .............. 9:1 MlHKlnn .............. 87 I, 'in Annr|i.« ......... S7 Sun l''iaiir|Hfo ....... Sit I.. 71) 81 Kl H2 S7 h7 !Kl .r,4f» .MO .f,:i | .fiOO .fiinl ,.|7 J .i Vi'Nli>nliiy'H I.IIH Aii|(clcH, 7 S; MlKHlon, 2-4. Nun VninrlHco, fi-0: Him Hlogo, II 4. i iiiUlimd. IM'J; Hni-rninonlii, 2-4. I'orllillid. 'I; Hfiillln, .'I. (Xoroncl iiirm riillml In fourth, ruin.) How Morion Knilril I. OH AtlgPldH, fi; MlMMloll, it Hnn Ifnini'lBrii, 4; Him U!OKO, ;i. I'cirllimd, 4; Hc-nttln II. (iiilcliiinl, fi; Hiicriuunnlo, 2. NATIONAL I.KAOl'K u Vnrli l.illllN W. S4 SI 8(1 Going nut? Chooitc one of ihrnc fast uir-iondiiioncd .Sou(hein I'a i i lit trniin: City of Unit FritHciico. The new •(rc.inilincr culs nineteen Imura from regular silicilulc.i between San I'runtiuu nnd Clilfago. Only one InMincM <l«y en route. Air- coiuiitloncd of conrae. Overland Umlltil nnd PadfK Limited, (ml ulr-cnndidoneil daily lr«ins over (lie Overland Hotito (S»n I'lanclico-Clilrugci). l'a»ter by many hours tlmn any other dally • ruins between ilietc two point*. GolilftiStJlf l-imitril mill Afwlie — from I.os Angeles in ( Imago via El Pfljo and Kan«»» City. ((,olden State Route.) Duili trains rom- pletcly riir-cnmli(ionrtl. Sunset Limit til ami AtRnn.tiit, loj Angeles to Nrw Orleans via II Paso, Sun Antonio, ami I Ions- ion. (Sunset Roule.) The only through train* between I os Anp-loi and Houston or New Or leans llodi completely nir-cuodltiuned. BONUS ... Go east on one of Southern Pacific's Four Scenic Routes ami return on unothcr one. Sec a different part of the couniry each way. (Example: to Chir.i|to on the Overland Home, return on the Golden State Route or Sunset Route via Los Angles.)Tliuu>,imls are taking advantage of this kind of u travel bonus—two trips for the price of one. For a little mure you can include the Pacific Northwest on your way to or from the cast. CHICAGO and back '86 —in luxurious, nir-condiiion- rd slnmlnrd PulhiuiH. plus Pullman charge. $68 80 -in nir-KHuliiionrd IIHIIIM .'IrrpinK •""; plus Minill berth tlurjtr. $57 35 — in air -conditioned chair CUM iiiul toadies. farti to all i-illti. 1-XTUA 1'AHi: on the Streamliner: $10 eavli w«y in stand- iird Pullinaiit, $!S in duit c*r«. |i'lnclniiiitl ........... 7(1 71 • lloiitini .............. Ill 7f, ! llroiihlyn ............ (,» SI riilliulHphlii ......... 411 IM Yi'Nli'i'dii.v'N KrNiiltn \t-\V ViM-ll, S II; St. l.inilH, 4-4. llniiildyn, II 7; I'hlfiigo, II !l i I'lliMliurnh, oil. riillmlolphtd, i 'ini-lnniitl :.'-l ; HnKton. M'. Oiiinrx Tnihiy • Si Liiiiln nl Nrw YorU. 1 I'hli'iiKK ill llroiildyn. I'lltKlillCMll III I'llllMlll'Iplllll ( 'Inrliuinl I nl HoMtnn. IVt. .4111) .4(10 .421 A.MKIUCAN l.KAd U. York !ir, IK I.. IVt. -IS .111!) nt .r.4:i mi .r>;ii! tin .r.:M us .MM llOMlotl 7.' 71 ,f,0!| nt i.oui» r.i us ,;i«7 l'lill:ulel|ihln 411 IKI .34U VCNllMllliy'N Itl'MlllS \ew Vork. Kl-l.'l; St. LoulH, 7-1. HoNton. 7; liclriilt, 4. I'li-veliiud. fi-f>; I'hlladolDhla, B-4. \Yunlilngton lit t'hleiigo: rain, (iiimes Toihiy New York at St. Louis. HoNlon lit 1'etrolt, 1'hllnili'lphlii at. Cleveland, Perry and Marble Tennis Champions I .\imuelillfit I'rcm l.cniril \\'lrr) MOW YOltK, Ki!|it. U. — Out of (hi; wi'lli-r of tho fifty-fifth Unlloil HtritoH HlnftloH toimlB rhamploimlilpH thoro IVIIH tinmlaiakalilu proof today of Kiwi J'orry'n wordu of wlndoin — a layoff nnvor hurl anybody. Uiirlnt; ihn oarly ruiimlH of tho toiirniinu'iit tho hlack-halrod bound- I UK Urltoli watched JJonfrid Mudgo, Ainrrlfn'H leading oxponcnt of tho uport, M niggling iiK'iliiHl un Inferior opponent. "Don's ovor-tcnnlMcd," obsprvcd IVrry. "Hc'n boi-n playing steadily for over a year. Ho ought to cull U uullH for nix inonlliH. 1 WIIH forood Into n linlf ytur'H rest liml yi'fir and It \vti.s n wi'lroniG ronpllo aft IT ycurH of ruMHtanl campaigning. I'm Ntrongrr for II." I'orry provnd his point by out- InHlliiK I ho lanky 22-ymir-old I'aolflo rmiHt Htar In a gruelling five-Hot final Saturday when ho rornpt until tho crown and bucamu tho first In- vador to win thn tltlo throo years. Allen Mnrhlo of Hun Kranclnoi> forcibly ro-oinphaslzcd It, nipping hur I'omclmi.'k ailiT a two- your I'liforuod rollromcnt by dethroning four- llnicH champion llolon Hull Jacohfl In Ihi'i'i! Bly.v.Hni? WIN. Thn roinpii(ltlv(i spirit was thoro, bill Mudgn'H physical rom>rvo had boon exhausted whon ho had two goidoi) opportunities In tho fiercely- fouKht fifth not to win (ho tltlo. Twlco (ho ("'ullfornlnn youngster \viiw within two polntN of victory. Said the porHph'iiolouH I'prry: "Mndgu IIIIH plenty of (lino. Hut ho could Hpeocl tip hlH comiiicft of llio Illlo, which now looliH a year or two away, by pulUiiH: his r»ci|uot u»ldo for nevornl montlm. llo'll lie iho world'H Rrriiti>Ht iilayi-r Homn day If ho continues to uliow Improvomont." At ISM Marhli', what proh- ubly will go down In hlwlory a« ono of tho KIUHO'H givntRHt nurprlnoH. fonccdod hardly more than an out- Bldd olmnoo tigultiKl Cjuoon Helen, nlu) hail M|HH Jucolin playing Into her hitiul with a masterful exhibition of doop driving and (nip nnd drop HluilH. RACE WINNER YOU'LLl .The CHANGE/ You'll SOT, ^ by Smoking; DOMINOS. And ( you'll »n)oy the) change) to r»al cigar*!!* mlldn«M. Why not malt* (hit chau<j»ToUAtt Tnkes Coast and National Titles in Two Races at Lake Merrill with Homo of tho "* fastest outboard pilots in the United States, John Kovacovich copped tho national championship for Class F runabouts Sunday at Oakland. Tho day before, ho roared to victory in a hydroplane to win tho Pacific coast classic. Roth races woro hold at Lake Merrill. Tho Arvin speed pilol did not return here In time to furnish details of the races but II Is reported he turned In fine times for both events. IllH Muscat Kid left the field early during the Sunday race and ripped Into the lead against some of the most skillful pilots and most powerful "sleds" In the country. 4-4-* Sierra Trek Now on for Annual Bombardment of Ibe Deer J^BRNVILLB, Sopt. 14. — All J - v rotidn and trulls of sportsdom load Into the high Sierra with tho opening of tho door season of 1930 In dlHtrlcts 1, 1%, 4%, 23 and 25 on Wednesday, September 30. Those dlHtrlcts comprise a largo (iron running from southeast to northwest along the Solrra. Most of tho doer hunting of Kern county In included In dlBlrliH 1 and It Is upon (hut nroa that all tho roads of southern California converge as hundreds of huntni-N prepare to bo In di>or country by daylight on open- lux day. Aworrllng tn Tom Afrod, veteran pricker of tho upper Kern urea, this season promises to bo highly sue- cesflful from tho standpoint of thn hunter. Air. Aired, aftor having rnndo scouting trips from Fall-view resort, reports plenty of doer at llorso meadow, Trout creek and Upper IJurwood crook whllo summer campers have reported seeing bunds of dner in (ho high moadowliiiuls of tho Kern. Mr. Alrod also mado a survey of camping conditions and reports plenty of water and feed for piu'U stuck. Puckers Are llusy No less I nun 100 hunters will pack In from l''alrvlew-on-the-Kern for the opening day. In addition, Bob AVolch, .Karl Pascoo and Ulll Calkins report thnl all of their accomoda- tloiiH have been reserved for some time. Kaeh year hundreds of doer are packed out of tho Vulrvlow area and It Is a wonder to local sportsmen that tho back country of tho Kern can remain so plentifully stocked with bucks. Hunters Making Camps Aside from those who have mado reservations with professional packers, many hunters will locate auto camps In loss remote ureas. Hundreds of such camps are being established adjacent to good hunting on Scodln, Plulo and Greenhorn mountains. Camps also are being established In -the upper basin of tho South Fork of tho Kern river by hunters who drive up Nino Mile canyon from tho desert side of tho HloiTiiH. Hull Hun basin, tho Harto- Un country. Split mountain and tho mountains bordering tho north and south valleys of the Kern will bo available to tho hardier hunter who In willing to hike across u sleep and rugged terrain to get to his gumo. In all of theso areas acorns and tho vegetation upon which door browso an> reported to bo plentiful, Indians ulsn report a bumper crop of plnons on tho doHort-sloplug hills. Successful hunters, therefore, should take homo fine fat vunlHon for their pains. Bartosh Victor in Santa Monica Play Southern Pacific G II. P. JOHNSTON, Au«nt. N. SIIACKCtr-'OHD, Travel t'hoini i'800 Agnnl DOMINO THC H1ILD CIGRRETTE Michel Uctroynt of (U.H Krnnoh Air l^oiTo.whu unnuirod iho Tnoiupnon trophy mco, tho pro- nilai' miopd PVPIH of tho Nut tonal Air ItiiCPH rit I.OH AIIK^IQM, with nit im'nijj'p Mpi-otl of "(7,S JUT hour, rrrm /.fonwrf H'lrcJ HANTA MONICA, Calif.. Sept. 14. lir. (irnild lltivlosh of l,os Angeles rallied brilliantly In final sets yes- terdiiy to capture an unfinished men's Blnglew final from IS-yoar-old Hernlo t'oghlan of Simla Monica In the auiuiul Simla Monica city Invitational tennis tournament. Trailing two sets to ono the week before when darkness halted play In (ho fourth cot, llm-tosh won the fourth and fifth setw handily to triumph by a composite ncoro of 2-t), JB-ll, «-S, C-a. fi-2. l.Kl.lVKI/r KU.MOK I.OS ANOKLKS, Hept. 14. (U. H,» — Reports that Jack I .oil volt will be ' succeeded as manager of tho LAIS Angeles Baseball Club by Harry "Trunk" llanna, veteran catcher and trainer, were revived today. Hobort A. Cronln, sports editor of tho llhiHtrated Dully News, reported that l<olivi>lt's contract would not bo renewed nnd that iho Angel coach i would replace him at the beginning of next season, lltuumh has handled tho club on many occasions when TjoUvolt ha» bwe.n absent. Five hundred yours before the birth of Christ, tllnpoeraltm, a Orei»K, wrote u hook on medical Heienii> which sllll I.H studied by »tu- deiitH throughout tho woild. EFUL' C^- JIM DAY young men of Bakers- A field have Just completed a magnificent trip* through the Sierra—Kearaarge, Harrison. Pass nnd Mount ' Whitney regions. Their 11-day trip cost them less than a dollar a day each and they were not bothered with horses. Carrying their compact sleeping bags, concentrated food rations and kit on scientifically designed packboards, Charles Martin, Ray Fitzgerald, Fred Harding nnd Eugene Ross, started their hike from Onion valley near Independence in the Owens valley. On foot they negotiated the spectacular Kearsarge barrier at 11,500 feet and then made their way over towering Harrison pass at 13,625 feet, a traverse accomplished by very few travelers. Mile in Two Hours The last mile of this Harrison Pass climb required two hours of hard work before it was behind tho energetic young men. From Harrison pass they had a view of tho tremendous region where tho headwaters of the Kern have their inception. • The peak of this magnificent pass has an altitude of 13,025 feet, accord- Ing to young Martin. They fished in the inaccessible lakes of this region, inspected those of Kearsargo and hiked from the pass to Lake South America. Fat Fish and Grouse "The lakes were full of flsh— the fish would take almost anything," Martin said, "and we found all kinds of big fat grouse. They were so big and heavy that they couldn't fly far arid when they were scared up they would fly a little way and then settle down, They wore fat and lazy." The party made Us way by strenuous stages to the slope of Mount Whitney. The boys climbed the mountain and while resting at tho summit In the stone hut there a blizzard blew up moving stinging sleet in a horizontal barrage. "We didn't have any grub with us," Martin explained, "so we had to get back to our camp. Before we left Bakersfleld I tried to get the other fellows to wear, heavier clothes but they wouldn't do it and some of them were half frozen before we made camp. "Jim Higglnbotham, you know him, is now a ranger in the park service at the Whitney station and he had us turn in in his tent and that was a break." From tho Whitney area the boys made their way to Lone Pine where their car had been delivered though some difficulties developed before they found the machine. "We had about three cents left When we got home," Martin said, "but we sure had a swell trip." -WIMVBNT FIRES- BEES DEFEAT SQUAD FROM L. A. BY 12 TO 10 TN A LOOSELY played gamo yesterday, the local Bees defeated tho A. C. of L. A. by the score of 12 to 10. The Hoes led all the game, scoring 4 runs in the first inning, 5 in tho second and 3 more during tho remaining innings. Up to tho seventh the visitors had scored but ono run. In tho seventh inning the Bees shifted their men and tried out new players. In that Inning tho A. C.s made 9 runs. At tills time tho reliable twlrlor, Corney Unruh, was sent to the mound and mowed down the visitors In one, two, throe order. Tho Bees had their batting clothes on. In, fact tho boys hit more than In any game played so far this seaHon. Franklo Maygren again demonstrate his ability as a catcher. Coates played a bang up game ut third as well as getting several good hits. Donne, Gaedo, Barge and Payne played their usual good game, not only In tho Infield but at bat. In tho outfield, Brown, Heath and Sol- onian, as well as Mosconi, played good ball. All in all, tho Bees demonstrated their strength by crush- Ing tho visitors, at will. Next Sunday tho Bees will moot the local Athletics and It's 11 certainty there will bo a real battle as, when these two local clubs meet, there Is always "something doing." Further announcement of next Sunday's game will come later this week. FJvo big prizes will be given away at next Sunday's game, so says Bert Ifol- llngsworth of tho Bees and Korbel Davis pf tho Athletics. L. A. ATHLETICS An. n. n. E. AII. n. n. u. Gtwlil. 2h S 3 8 1 DOMIC, sa 4 i i o Nurlnh, p 4201 K.M«y«r«n,o 4310 irmlli. If 4110 (•o»lM, 31) 6130 V*rn». Ib 3 Moiconl, cf 3 llrown. rf 20 Soloman, cf 2 0 litre*. 3b Total* 1 1 0 1 t o 0 0 1101 Qu'iwtnirr.Sb JIUtmJh'VK.KS fi nation. 21) Korgunon. o Prsni'a. rf llrenun. If )I«ohlcy. rf Snj-iler. p Neffjcas, If BoBivlok. p S7 13 13 3 Touts 3.1 10 0 5 UKSCOS KOH TROY LOS ANGELES, Sept. 14. (A. P.}— Appointment of Julius Bescos, former throe-letter man at University of Southern California, to tho Trojan coaching staff, was announced by Director of Athletics "Willis O. Hunter. Bcscos, 1034 S. C. football captain, will bo assistant varsity coach in football, basketball and baseball, and will bo freshman coach In basketball and baseball. Ho succeeds Forrest Twogood, who resigned to become head basketball coach at University of Idaho. JONES COACHING CENTER LOS ANGELES, Sept. 14. (A. P.)— Captain Gil Kuhn has a cinch on Howard Jones' Southern California football team for tho center position, but iho Wad man Is trying to develop reserve talent for tho spot. Amerigo Tonelll, a sophomore from "West Virginia, stocky, square built, 212 pounds and anxious to make good, was shifted from guard and Is being schooled In the fine points of centering the ball. Jones took tlmo out himself to show Amerigo how to get the proper snap in whirling tho oval back. LEAVES FIELD TO BACK YARDERS I13UT15NANT XUCHABL D13- THO VAT, French flying ncc, won severnl world famous speed events at the Xatlonnl Air Unco* at I .ON Angeles, Including the Thompson nnd tiveye rocos—nnd over 114.000 In prlto money. Hut when Boniocnc said he was competing ugnlnst "back-yard" flyam In a million-dollar whip developed by the 1«*is>nch grwvernment, UP- troynt gracefully withdrew froiii other contests. Top Division Teams Are Starting Series in Pennant Final (Vntted Pratt Seated Win) THIRST division winners of the regular 1930 Pacific Coast League season —Portland, Oakland, San Diego and Seattle—tomorrow meet in a play-off series whioh, under the loop's new rules, will determine the pennant winner. Seatle will play at Portland and San Diego meets Oakland at Em-* eryville. If any team wins the first two games, the scene will shift to Seattle and San. Diego respectively. Otherwise three games will bo played before the teams move to the other city to complete a seven-game series. Next week,.the two teams capturing the opening series will meet to determine the champion. Yesterday's double-headers saw Oakland creep past San Diego into Bocond -placo by defeating Sacramento twice. The Oaks tdok the first game, 0-2. and. the second 12-4. The tall-' onder proved one of the most un- ususal games of the season, with the Oaku poundng out 11 runs in the fifth Inning to pile up one of the largest single inning .run totals of the season. Portland Wins Portland, playing only one gamo because of rain, squeezed a win out of Seattle, 4-3 In an overtime encounter. The Beavers broke tho^ deadlock in the tenth with a run after Dill Posedel and Paul Gregory staged a mound duel. Posedel gave up 10 hits, Gregory 11. San Diego split a twin bill with San Francisco, losing the first G-tf and winning the second 4-0. In the first, Howard Craghead pitched Six- hit ball, beating Sam Gibson, Seal veteran, who was nicked for nine. In the second tilt, tho Padres—with Herm PllloUo pitching sensational one-hit ball as his final contribution of tho regular schedule—slammed AVyn Ballou for eight effective hlta which enabled thorn to blank tho O'Doul squad. The Seals made six errors. Agcls Win and Lose L.OS Angeles won the first game with the Missions, 7-4, then dropped tho second, 4-2. Fay Thomas waa tho hero of tho first, limiting the Reds to seven hits while his teammates nicked Lamanske and Thufs- ton for 12. Tho Reds scored three times in tho first inning and again In tho fourth In winning the second game. Stltzel allowed 12 blngles and Strugg and Weber distributed seven. T NEED NEW TIRES BUT MAYBE I CAN SQUEEZE A FEW MORE MILES OUT OF THESE ON TIRES • R£AI, BLOW-OUT PROTBCTJOK for you end your family! That's what you get just a* soon aa you let us equip ( your car with Goodrich Safety Silver- towns—the only tires tn the world with the Life-Saver Golden Ply. Play •afe. Make «ure your next tirei are, ( Goodrich Silvertowns. They actually cost less than other super-quality tire*. Come in today. BUY GOODRICH SAFETY SILVERTOWNS AT ... OOODRICH SILVERTOWN STORES Twsnty.flrtt and K SU. Phon* 78? KEN K. MYNATT Eighteenth and O Street* DALE C. MYNATT 2805 Chester AMMAN A PRIEST . Magunden District LANE & PEVESTORFF 1300 Chester AT TEXACO SERVICE STATIONS AND DEALERS AT ASSOCIATED SERVICE STATIONS » CALLOUSES Don't experiment I This i* the. way to Initent relief from p«ln «n4 quick, i*f*,e*sy removal of your ctllouKs. Sold everywhere. Zino-p*ds • ,', \

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