The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 27, 1947
Page 8
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BLVTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 1947 MacArthur Talks With Publishers Impressed With Gen. MocArthur's Grasp Of Japanese Situation t By MILES W. VrtJCHN. (V>N<4 PreM Staff Corresiwndcnt) 1 TOKYO, June 27. (UP)—Gen. Dou«l»s MacArthur toll visliinR American newspaper cxeculives today that he will return ta the Unlt- fd States upon compljllon of (he Japinese Peace Trcal^, wh:ch he predicted would bo signed within 12 to 18 months. ', M»cArthur said '.ie personall> knew of no ri.ason why the treaty could not be signed within a yeni Thc'Su|>reme Commandc 1 : said he •nlicipated no trouble from Russia in "writing the treaty IXWIHIW nl iepgraphical considerAtions ahead; were seltlMl. Seventeen publishers, editors ar.< sccompanyins ofnclals making : round-the-world flight were Mae Arthur's luncheon guss'-s at th American embassy, ile talked in formally "on the record ' l:i the din Ing room for two hours after hmcl ' The general's plans for "gnln home" will briiiB him to the Unite . StsUs for the first since th United States entered the war. ' Japan will be able to borrow mon- $y abroad after the treaty is signed, he predicted. • He said he had carefully analyzed other occupation armies in history , and found that they lastc-d an average of three to five year.;. He found that they "tended to dffra 1 , themselves" If they endured mor^ than five years. i Other important points he made included: • ' •••=:••• ; Tlje. United .Nations should be able to take over control of Japan when U/S.-occupation forces withdraw. If the United Nations organization is ineffective now, he said, that would mean it .would be ineffective in the future. ^ If the United Nations can nc,t assume trie responsibility for Japan after the treaty, the task shouli: be - turned over to the Far Eastern . Commission, which is composed ol II nations—or such of them as arc • willing to shoulder the jab. ; The Supreme Commander said that the Ryuku Islands were the natural frontier for the United States. He said he did not. think the Japanese were " opposed to U. S retention of Okinawa. Jgpan canno.t be an elective war threat for .another 100 years. Economic reliability! is the greatest problem-factag'Japan. The need The NERVES of Him! Sentenced To Three Yeors For Hiding Red Ties WASHINGTON, June 27. <UP) — ii'l Aldo Marznnl, former State Department Aide, today was sentenced to serve from one to three 'cars In prison for concealing his Communistic tie s In order lo stay on the Federal payroll. Nforzani, 35, was a lormer economist in the secret wartime Of- llcc of Strategic Services, During ills trial In Federal court, witnesses t-'stlflcd that he wa s known as 'Tony Whales" in Communistic circles. Marzani admitted -that his wife a member of the Communist party, but denied that he was a member or that he concealed Communistic activities. Federal JudiM Hkhmorul n. Kcenh who .sentenced Msrzuil denied his request for an appeil bond. The sentence was comparatively liKlit in view of tlw maxlmuti> lionnlt.y Mamna .might have in- cnrrrd. convlrtcd on an 11 count Indictment, Mirainl faced a max Imiuii nciinlty of 110 years in jail nnd SllO.MW In fines. Meanwhile, two communists Gerhart Elslcr, described as the ire-'vnr boss of the U. S. Cim- ininist parly, nnd Eui-cne Denlis, party secretary — were figlil- n<! to up<:ct their contempt of Attorneys for Eisler sough La new rlnl nn proiinds the court showe'l nrejudlc," In thn !!rst trial. He wn 'omul pulltv of contempt in defyno: the limit" UnAmerlcan Ac- .ivltics committee. . Dennis' lawyers annoiinr.^ ,'t.hcv won't! apncal his conviction on a similar charge. bike Is 'Ambulance' in Transit Strike Mirin Dajo, 35-yeur-old Dulchmnn, stands calmly erect with a 28-inch rapier bliule thrust llnouuh his body in a demonstration at a university clinic in /.urich, Switzerland. It's all in controlling your nerves, says sensational Dajo, exhibiting no ill cllccts or pain. I • « a LlYGSlOCK Ilour glasses nnd sun dials were Invented by the ancient Egyptians. A Boston barber attracts trade by serving tea to his easterners. KIDNEYS GETTING YOU UP NIGHTS? • I f you frt up nigliti—h«ve f i Ki«nit <•• tire to pan your water—but h«v« only Joseph Fulton to Become Assistant Pathologist At Experiment Station FAYFTTEVILLE, 'Ark., June 27,— The appointment of Joseph 1*. Fulton HS assistant professor ofj plant pathology and assistant plant pathologist with the Agricultural experiment Station has been announced by Dean Lippert S. Ellis of the University of Arkansas Col- J^'antyp""*'"—y".^" J '»"X t ' bacll * ch * tctre of Agriculture. due to eiceu acidity in the urine, b« »>•* , Fulton comes t° Arkansas | you're reading tin.: „_ „.,_,„ „ D. degree. Except for three years {, e • medicine of 16 I in the armed forces, he has been | vrgeUbln, b«lumi—Natur«'«o*!lwayt« a teaching assistant at the Unl- , relief. He called it "Swamp-Root and versity Of Illinois since 1939 while million, of *"teful men and women liav. doing his graduate v;ork. He «-| *S^goS ^ ^ fc>^* «• Of AM. there in uihout kidney i...increa«e« the flow of ine, helping torelieve eicew acidity ...a» t Irritated bladder trt. a good flmhlnj ut, too. Many report tettinc a »ooa fht'« «leep after the frit l»" do~». lutlon: take as directed. For free trial supply. »end to Dept. S, ilmer &> Co.. Inc., Bo* 1255, Stamford. onn.Or—set lull-sired bottle of Svamp- Boot today at your dntotora. ceivcd the degree . 1911 after having graduated from Wabnsh College, In Indiana. He expects to arrive here July 1. Iti addition to his teaching experience. Dr. Fulton spent two summers doing research '.vork on asparagus diseases (or the RochcHe Asparagus Canning Co. of Rochelie, III. HLs research at the University of Illinois has been on diseases of tomatoes and asparagus. From 19* 2 (o 1JI45 lie served as bacteriologist in the Sanitary Corps of Hie Army, spending slightly more than a year in Italy. Faced with the St. Louis, Mo., transit slrike/no taxi rnoncy, and a doctor's order to get her 10-month-old daughter Joyce to the Shriners' Hospital for Crippled Children for foot treatment, Mrs. June Cimdifl solves the problem with a borrowed bicycle. | Mrs. Davis Hostess To Ciub With Dinner ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, June 27. (UP)-(USDAl.Livestock: hogs: 9,303; salable 7.5CO; active, 160 IBS. and up ?a to SOc higher; lighter weights ami softs. steady to OWTC higher; good anil choice 160 to 240 Ibs. 24.75 lo 25.25; top 25.25 paid' freely after early to engate in. export sales $25 down. 250 to 270 The United States will conMuue'24.25; 130 to 150 Ibs. 22.75 lo 24.50; to give the Japanese, food It will not 100 to 210 Ig. pigs. 19.25 to 2^.00; be Ircc, but will hfe added to the good 270 to SOO Ib. sows, 18.00 to 18.- occupation costs , I CO; few lots 19.25 to 19.50; heavier ' "The victors must iiot exploit .In- weights 16.25 to 17.50; stags, 13.001 pan, but instead must h'lp her from to 15 50. her knees to herTeeV' Mac-Arthur! Cattle 2,000; salable 1,100; calves saW. "Then the Japanese will Ire 700; all salable; supply extremely light comprising almost entirely 1 cows nud light butcher yearlings, I with little attraction In latter class- precepts, es. A few choice light butcher yearnings up to 20.50; oilds and ends of ncdinin to good kinds 18.00 to 24.00. these about steady. Cows under pressure; few deals, steady, however. Canners anil cutters 10.00 to 13.0C; considerable number unsold A few / common and medium beef cows 13.50 lo 1C.OO; bulls an;l veal- crs, steady; medium, to uood sausage mills 16.00 to 11.00; good beef bulls quotable to 11,50; goad and choice venters 20.00 to 23.00; medium hinds 1500 to 10.00; cull and common 8.00 to 14.00. Sheep 1,300; salable 800; -market mostly steady, ciooii and choice na- t' vc spring lambs lo iwckers, 22.7! to 23.50; largely, arouiul 23.00; buck Inmbs 1.00 less, medium to good, 19 .o 0 (o 22 .00; cull nnd common n lraw0 uts 15.UO; few shorn ewes, 7.03 <t 0 '.ui. f'h?r. Mrs. J. Bcaiirn Tajbot. O. M. Fatrley and son, Dr. Elton Fnirley of Wilson, hnvc rcturiiLM home for Columbia, Ma, r^re Mr. Fairle\ p attended a reunion of his clnss of 1905 at the University of Missouri. Miss Jayne Adams is visltint; T"ln1ivc.; and friends In Uttlc Rock Mr W nnri Mrs H T Gilbert an 1 CSOEOI1A, June 27 — Mrs. C. A. son. Keith, left' Thursday for thoir D:wi;; was hostcss Wednesday night hmnn In aayertown, Pa., after llt '' er " ome ' 10C ,?°" CEC , St " " lt;l snendlnR several days here .as'" three-course dinner for four ruesls of Mrs. Gllb-rt's piwcnts, 1 lnt>lc f. ° r , e '«sts Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Hudson. Follow ng the dinner. quests Mrs. Jin.cs D. Borum i, snencl- l » lR 5" ;l1 bndpe w.ti, Mrs. WE. Ine several weeks In •Battle Creek.' Hunt winning h,gh s core and Mrs. Densely populated, long modern Britain counted 41 toll roads, 58 toll bridges at the end of 19M. |Cab Company J Courteous Service $ !»;>"«'>;>;>;>;>]>;;•;>;>;>;>;>;>!>;>;>"<>"» Wrist, pocket and fob watches are restored to beauty and usefulness v/ith our fine repair service. The finest replacement parts used, and reasonable prices charged fov depcn- able workmanship. You Kct the finished product when we promise it— j$ delays. ' " 7 DAY SERVICED Pat O'Bryanf JEWELER Main at Second Phone 325 USCCO/C Mr - aiul Mrs - V ' •• w - T'rC*'il 24 00 accompanied bv Boyd White/left ^ toll;ly Pfo , RC y,, A V. to aUend For Hot Weather Comfort - - - wedtllnn will tiike r> J h« «edd ,ng ^ ,11 t«k, o p * Mich. \ •Miss AgneS 'Ward, Miss Lillian) Patterson anrt Henrv Patterson at- : tended the Horse Show In Memphis Thursday nisjht. Miss Betsy Covlngton arrivodj •Hcttye pNellc Slnrr, second. Ch'aries Hale cut high for consolation pri7,c. (Arrangements of pink hydrangeas in crystal bowls decorated the living and dining rooms. abln to make, their (Own way." He said the Japanese must have' economic help, fpr lhat is In ac- [ cordance with Christiva Rugs Cleaned Safely! Careful handling -iatcgur.rds color arid textures. Have then cleaned while you're vacationing Complete resizing. Work gu anteed! PEERLESS CLEANERS lit So. Franklin Phnne 243 Thursday from Atlanta, pi., where j : she has been attending school, to] spend the summer months with' Women buy more than one-half her mother. Mrs. Myron Nallline, |of the total number ol men's ties and Mr. Nailllng. ( . , ^iold. f The Allies csiuriot all the Japanese, he said, :ilUimi;;li (hey could have killed the entire ese population hntl thoy desired. "That's not our way." [ The Japanese, he uciscs'ccl. were ' entirely sick of militarism nnd con-1 vinccd that they were misled in thsl prewar years. j Asked what effect a scrioiu crisis in China would have on Japan. MacAiihur replied it \voukl be nn- [ fortuwalc because Ihcrc should nor- i mally be strong, ecodjmic tics tc- 1 t\vccn the two nations. SPECIALS to Give the Family a Treat Banana Nut CAKE Two thick layers covered with crushed, fresh •ananas and Mixed Nuts. On Sale Saturday Only! HARTS BAKERY NO OTHER PARTS Fir OH WSAR L'Kt GENUINE PAR-T9P? STOCK ALWAYS GLAD TO SERVE YOU In order to help you get more economica mileage from your Chevrolet Car ... we carry a BIG STOCK of all kinds GENUINE Chevrolet Parts. NO WAITING NO DELAY. See ui for Bod/ Parts—Motor Parts — Bearings — Clutch — Steering—Radiator — Fenders —Axles and ALL KINDS of GENUINE CHEVROLET PARTS. NEW POWER FOR YOUR CHEVROLET CAR OR TRUCK Let us install a brand new (not rebuilt) Cylinder Block Assembly in your Chevrolet. GIVES YOUR NEW CAR ENGINE PERFORMANCE »t low cost. Contains all new working parts — NEW crankshaft—bearings—pistons and rings . .. Timing gears . . . Connecting rods, etc. Price only............ EASY TERMS IF DESIRED Inttallation Extra Oar Stock of Genuine Chevrolet Paris 1$ Complete DON'T BE SATISFIED WITH ANYTHING LESS THAN THE BEST! We invite the owners who do their own repair work to come to us for their parts Chevrolet Parts Is Our Business-Not a Sideline We Are Always Glad to Supply Independent Garages with Chevrolet Parts. Wholesale - Retail " t \ Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Walnut & Railroad Sts. Phone 578 Ventf/ateds The punched - through perforations form a natural trap for fresh, cool air . . . and the easy- fitting Crosby Square styles ore ad., comfortable as all outdoors. two tone ton These matched contrasting colors are especially Krrmi't with an ensemble of jacket and slacks ... and they're equally correct with business clothes. If It's For A Man— MEAD'S VfiU Hove Iff MEAD'S

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