The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1944
Page 6
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r AGE SIX - , BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) .COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1944 Con H Oils tfotfct ia this papei IW5.00),, , INITIATED" INITIATED BY PETITION POPULAR TITLE HOLLINOSWPRTH STATS HOSPITAL .SYSTEM ACT. BALLOT to th« t«xp»yeri I INTEREST FORBIDDEN. No member xt (< Kt-ts Is of Ihe Commission, Ibe • Genera) Aud* t . ..HOT, tru General. Purchasing Asciil > ACT NO 3 « 'the secrelary-Treasurer of the » ACT NO. 3 corrimlMlon, or employees ol Ihe.Jlos- . pital Si stem, shall bo personally tin- andaliy Interested In 4 any, (Irjn or corporaHon which shall .supply me Hospital SiBjera with goods or services AN ACT TO CREATE'A SYSTEM OF HOSPITALS tN THE STATE OF AH- KANSAS ,TOT FURNISH GENERAL HOSPlTALIATfON TO THE CITI- 2 E NY OF THE STATE BY THE ES. TABLISHMENT -OF FIVE GENERAL HOSPITALS, EACH AT A COST OF NOT LESS , THAN SSW.OOO NOB MORE THAN $2,500,000, AND SEV. ENTY COUNTY CLINICS AND EMEH. OENCY HOSPITALS! TO BE GOVERNED BY A COMMISSION OF THREE MEMBERS-AT A SALARY OF 1SJJCO PER ANNUM AND OTHER OFFICERS SAID-'HOSPITAL SYSTEM TO BE SUPPORTED BY A TAX ON NATUR AL" RESOURCES INCLUDING TIM BER, OIL, ; GAS, -COAL, SANp, GRAVEL, BUILDING STONE. POTTERY CLAY, BAUXITE, AND...ALL OTHER ORE, AND .UPON EECTR1- CITY-MANUFACTURED IN - THIS STATE,STHEi COST OF HOSPITAL SERVICE TO' BE PAID OUT . OF PROCEEDS OF SAID TAXES AS FAR AS'AVAILABLE; THE .BALANCE OF SUCH COST TO BE PA)D BY THE PATIENTS EXCEPT CHARITY CASES WHICH SHALL BE FREE .OF.COST( AND APPROPRIATING $5,<X»,000 FOR THE YEAR ENDING FEBRUARY .15, 1946, AND 55.000,000 FOR THE YEAR ENDING ^FEBRUARY «,. 1347. ALL TAXES. IMPOSED BY THIS ACT SHALL,' BE IN ADOITION..TO 'ALL OTHER LICENSES AND - TAXES LEVIED BY LAW, AS A CONDITION PRECEDENT TO ENGAGING IN ANY BUSINESS OR DOING ANY ACT TAXABLE;HEREUNDER. . .. •'. . .'.„•,... AN ACT.tsie entitled an Act to Cr«»(« a System bl Hospitals in Ihe Slate ol Arkansas, and to provide Fuijvij by Taxation tor the Buildjno ot Such Hospitals, their Equipment, Furnish-. Ina ,Malr)tefiance and Operation, afii for. olfier; Expense's, and "to rri.ik« ' Appropriations thereler., BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE ,OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS: . Title*. I.. Creation i ot th« Arkansas Hospital .System , j i Section 1. DEFINITIONS, (a). The <hort Itllc ol this measure shall be "tne Kolllngsvvorlh Hospital Act.".(b) The Commissioners herein provided for shall'be designated as the "Commission. 1 ;. <c) The System of Hospitals provided tor by. fills Tllle shall ue referred to as "(he Hospital System.' (d) For the purpose of determining the "balance of cost" . ol hospltaUra- tion to be paid hereundcr by citizens 'o[ '• Arkansas the . .Commission ' shall; first fincJUi'e actual, cost of; sucn hps, pital service furnished In the different sized rooms'and'wards; Vs reflected Oy the records,' and by following sound acourillngr.principles;.', then' the Commission shall apply.-as f accredit to such aclual cost the proper proportion oE, revenues', available for operating expenses from.i Income, received which when ^deducted, will leave, the "balance^ol .cost", to furnish 'such ,ier< vice, to be "paid by, lhc-patient 1 receiving ^hpspllalfzatJon. (e) "HospllaJ service free of cost" shall be furnished to those citizens'of Arkansas who are,.under the Rules, and Regulations ,61 , the .Commission, entitled to' receive .such service. (f| The .word "citizen'.', shall, mean only .those :per- sohs^whq' haye^actually. resided In - Arkansas'"continually for. a period Jof itwelve 1121 month's. i' Section 2. CREATION OF THE ';SYSTEM. There.. Is hereby created. of an tal SiBjera y kind, .n ' or shall they, .derive ' oi ajiy is'no. j f \ u * ei.«*t n.vj .•,**»•" .Tv pecuniary gain 'through any: transac: tlon »(Hi Hospital System or by reason ot Ihelr official, relationship,or employment Violation • of the 'provisions of thlf Scclion ihall be. cause for. removal. - • •••> .. ".:•'' Section-7, COMMISSION TO HAVE PLENARY POWER. The Commission ts hereby s«ud, wlllt plenary control o! Die properly" •nil 1 ' affairsof • the Hospital Sjslein; and it- shall lake such action us (• necessary ,to.^51 ry out the purposes of. this, Act; .and 19 that end,!! Is vested\jvllh fu|i; now nnd authority to locate/ construct, equip, jturnlsf. rnalntalp, onqralc. and Insure and protect from five • and other hazards all buildings and property of the System: and shall beautify the [•rounds, and by, contract or,otherwise, do all icts-'dcemcd jiecessary 'tor'thc permanent development' and opefalion of' the: Arkansas Hospital System; •-„•, StctlO!l>8. RIGHT.-TO E;XEBPISE POWER: OF EMINENT DOMAIN. The Co.mmlsltb'n, upon,-lti<H adoption of o resolution declaring th« acquisition 9! specl/led properly Is In .the public in- leresl and 'necessary , for .public use. may .exercise Ihe power, of,,'eminent domain, by an aproprlan proceeding comfort to patients, employees and visitor!. The opcralbu' rooms thai! 1* furatshed with Ihc latest and must modern equipment. ' At least one ol the' operating rooms In each nf the five ,(i] .General Hospitals shall oe so arranged an to permit students ot the School ol Nursing to view opi-ia- )lon> as,they mo psrlonncd willioul actually being present In such opera- ling rooms,- F-yery. General Hospital shall contain appropriate reception roprns lor patients and visitors and necessary rest roorns and all proper facilities for the comfort of nursei, Interns, visitors, physlcans and em- loyees. Each ol the General Euch but • complete tccount of and the occa&lon there- hoy/:'provided by law. Section 3. ORGANIZATION . . . AND ployees. Each ot the General [all shall contain an clcclro-cardlr* gi'aph • machine, a basal metabolic rale machine, a thoroughly cnulpped XrRay , Laboratory. . rnojor, minor, Orthopedic and Obstetrical operating rooms and fully equipped maternity wards Includlni! the latest dcslRned Incubator's for .prematurely born chll. drcn; together with the necessary number oi.pailncUci. Each of. (ho <Jcn- oral' Hospitals 'shall proyido educational facilities lor 'Interns, f.nrses. dieticians and technicians: there shall he provided, power house*, laundries, . central supply robins, stnre roojris, * pharmacies, 'radiolbnio onJ pathologic laboratories, officea. physical, .theraphy and occupational ther.i- p|iy department;' libraries, 'kitchens end'cafeterias' nnd any olher modern equipment,- arrangement or .tacllily deemed necessary In Ihe operation ol a thoroughly, modern Kuspual. In ' cflrrj-lnE out tha' provisions of life ' construction , program unUer tills Act, the' Commission shall slvc lire STAFF PERSONNEL. ' Imincdlatoly upon their appointment ond qualification' Ih'c. , Commission shall organjic Uy 'electing, one of, their : number'.as Chairman. The Commission shall also elect's Secretary, an'd a Treasurer lo serve (or two' yeais'-or'.until.'their successors are ; elected'.'and 'qualified; but-ihe'same person may be elected Secretary atid Treasurer ;• and shall fifve'b'ond In Ihe siim of SJ5.(XX)'to the Slate -ot -Arkansas.-' tor ;'Hie .faithful perlorrpAnce o!.,hls:.,trusl4Bnd.. ,for the proper handling of all the properties, assets • ond moneys of the Hospital System-that, mny,. »< ;ony, tlmc'.Vcome r"i• • i ,'_• • i. ll.i- AH \,^\..i,. t.t ihf% lor *ho!l be reported it Ihe next meeting L( Uie Coiumlislon. .. SocHon 25. VKNEHM- mSBASK«. 11 there shall ever be crusted a law In this Slate rcqulrlnc K<Jdical ex^- mlnations of Individual* iy rictermluc ai« extslcnc? of vencral diseases anc( lo comjiel persons wiUi such diseases to submit to Ircalmcnt, Ihen Jt. &hal) be the duty o( ihe Comrhlsslon to cauEe to be constructed a suitable llospUal building, gr buildings,, proppf- iy equipped for the treatment ol tucli -vcncral diseases,' not'to exceed in cost the sum of, l\vo-hundc«tl fifty I thousand {(250.000) dollars. Section '27 ESTABMSIIES RELATIONSHIP OP PHYSICANS.' The Commisston slialt have no, power or auihorlty :i lo t\x tho tec? ol ;phystcan# ,n ihe practice of Medicine In,Arkansas, Members of the Medical profession who shall compose ihe'Slaft'of the various mills of the Arkansas Hos^ pilal System strall a«rce not to .c^jarKt? For Professional scrvjccs iextended to pallents admitted [or treatment ano lo whom no charge.Is made for the • balance of ^osl of hospllalizatlon by Die System. . , . ; ,: Section i8. FAVOJIJTJSM . FOR'- I BIDDEN. The 1 Commission shall lor- mulatc vtilcs deslKned • to effecltvely prevcqt any ., oUinlal. employee .'or member of the Staff .or Intern .trom making any svitftfesllon as . to, ihe choice ot n by a -pallent • to th« end Ihnt; no discrimination will bu sho\vn. In lhc, selection ot phy- water tUher.wlth oil or gas, {Uteen (15) cenla per barrel. Prov[dedi"wat for- (he purpose pt thlfi tax, measurement ot Bueli pco- duels taxable under thts".paragraph may be made at ,pr near the mouth of the .svell, .or the place \yherc, the i^ld prodiiclsJ.ixcd by this paragraph ore ultimately, separated, or removed: from the oil or £an, all 'measurements fccii'g made under Rule? and Hegula- tlons promuifialed' by the Commission. Section Zb. TAXES ON GAS, COAL AND OTHER NATURAL PRODUCTS: <,n) On gas, Ihroe-tcnfhs (3/10) of one cenl'.pcr lliousahd cubtc' feel> jtieasured ^at ten. <I(^02.) ounce pressure. , ' ' , , : '< ; , i . .In determining the quantity of gas for the purpose 'of such tax and In the calculation, pt the amount of the; tox, there shall be' excluded all gas jnjfcted Into the earth. In the Slate ot Arkansas, provided that the Hospl- tal tax, levied by this. .Title shall apply on Uie ultimate. Eevcrnneo ol, such ^as nnd Ihcre shall also be ^exctuded flJ) Jas produced from oil wells dared or Denied directly Into the almosphere; ' (L) On sulpliur, one (1), dollar ptr '• long ton of Iwo, liiousand , t\vp ^t) ' drcd arid- forty pounds;, whether ' gtvcrcd direct or manuteclurcd as a by-product.. . . . " . . • (c\ On coal, nine (9) cents per ton ol two tliousand pounds. On'lignite, one (1) cent per ton . .. to (tie uso of materials pro- 'nhd jjinnulacltircd In'lfiC Slpte rknnsas and iarerercrii.'e In the t , labor when* !Uie same can be accomplished without increnslnu ll;e ' duced of A cost' ol . the. hospllul program. In itlic passng* of Ih'ls-Acl th ic renlizt Ilia! 'In vicsv of con Into, his' hands. bond? the peo; ,_ ... . ondltlons irpu«ht about by World War ff. U may lie Impossible lo bepin the con- strviction herein provided for tmmed- flflcr Ihe date this Acl becomes Lve. It Is" - hereby specifically that the Comrnts- vltti (lie conslnju- tlon 1 . progrn'tn ns outlined ,ln this Acl when - conditions .appear .normal .'flntf elfecti _ provided, however, that 1 itjn .shdll proceed v/ltti Commissioners nnd ; oilier . employees shall be'kept o'n file In-'the office of the Auditor oT State. ,»•., ... ; i ' • ' r Sectf6n' 10. EMPLpYEES OP THE SYSTEM. 'The Commission 'shall have til] icians. Sccllon one , of Ihc .... 29. COUNTY, CLINICS. HOSPITALS. After any livo General Kospllals ! been constructed and . put Inlo oper.ition the Commission shall ; pyo- I ceed with the construction" and 'cqiil^ ! lfti- I acn 1 cced mcnt of other units of the Hospital | System to ,be kno;vti, as County C lea, and Emergency Hospitals. E such County Hospital, when . construe- led, shnl) be equipped svlth necessary I scientific apparatus for all CHnlcnl' aking medical urn] ] work used pparatu lit m Physical examinations, and for doing emergency operations. ' The location, size. architecture^, , cost, general arrangement' and ( . . ,f°r 'V P*f1°d of ' rdnely.-nlne years,- the ''Arkansas Hospital Systern, to be gov* ferried and administrated by a Coinmls- rsion of three;. (3) rnernbers \vHo' shbll ;be citizens of this 'Sla"le.\ The [meip- •bers'" constituting ' the '. Cpmmlssldn and their .succerrorSv In office,' shall .be; a ' ' , sary . , . corporate- .'.\vlih all ' powers v nece.E: to .'ea rry In to'- effect the purpose s ' J ' ' ''" ' ' purpose s :•' '..- SecUori3. ; CQMKlISSION\: PERSON. NEL.: : Tlie^flrst three members of the CommlssiDn-shall *je appointed by..the Governor.', with the .Advice.,and /cdn- Jsent . of;"tlie ,.Senate, and .they ; shaU serve tor a period'of seven '(1) years, • except: tha^, op_c,,.of the . flrsj named iCommfssIoners.shall scr\-e for.a period id five (tl) years, apd another shall serve for; a period of six (G) yoavs; ;Vacanvlc3 arising on .the Commission ;shall,be filled: In accordance with Sec- ;tlon 5, of Amendment No. 33 to" the ConsUtuUon of. Arkansas, which li : as follows: ; ; I'." Any..-vacancy; arlstng in ,-. the : membership ol such board or com; mission .for _any, reason other than : . th,e-,expIraUoh ol Ihe regular term f for,which lhc member u-as appblnt- 1 cd', filled by appointment ; by,the governor, subject to apnr.ova) ; by a majority . of the remaining i members of.the board or commission ' and lo bo ihercafter effective untlJ . the expiration of such regular term." : The power to. remove, any member of-,the.Commission shall, vest In the Governor In accordance \vtth the provisions ot Section 4 ol amendment No. 33 ,,to the ConsUtuUon of Arkansas, which Is as follows; " .-• ';Tho Governor shall have .the the power and-authorl!^. to persons necessary' for',carrying out the provisions of thts "Act/and to: fix the cpnYpensaUon of. each .,cmpjqyce and rcjnove, for cause, v and/or; termtnalc the period ;ol employment. .The^ c-~ pensaUon.'pf such ; employees .shal In line'with thS 1 prevailing rates of poy for.oerfflrmlng ftlmllar work' or ^services. ,.. • t - ;. , The Commission shall prescribe .In reasonable detail the duties of each employee and' Ihe hours o( employment and shall cause Ihe same to he posted by placard.,where Ihc employee works and In* B p)sc<T plainly ,.I'Jsfble lo Ihc fe'cneral public, .... 1 Ko'personrfhatl be tmployed In any capacity In ; the Hospital System who Is related by consanguinity or- af tlmly within the toitrlh degree lo'ony.mcm- bc'r of the Commission or to the S»j> erlntcnctcnt of any^ unit oE tho Hospital System. -; . : • Section 11.- PLACE . SOLICITfNG RESTRICTED. No official of Ihe Slate or of r any . political -sub-division thereof, or U, S. Government official (or: anyone acting. In their bchall) shall submit, Ih'e name 'of,,'any person to be employed by Ihe Cominlsslon except by letter addressed to the Sccro tary ol.,.lhe,.Commission,..outlining the Qualifications''of ',the', applicant;'/ such let(ersj shall be^duly^slxnetl, by' the UTJter;..and, tie.'kept'on f|le;| by t th« Commission for^ three.(3);yeflr» anrt be ava 11 able lo Inspection by ' any Interested .clUzen or taxpayer. ,, ... ; . ;_ ' See'Uonv 11.: ; .ACCEPTANCE','; OF GIFJS. 1 , The .Coirinilsslpn'ma!/ accept. dnlbehaU pf-the State,' Hif Is .-in-money, frelgnt;:lan^s 'orBother, properly;..'but iisVa, consideration l In' 'whole, df In part, tpr (He loeaUpn of's hospital at any particular, place. ! ' ! -" '- 1 '* y '.- Section v '13.' ": DISPpSITrON:.OF, DONATIONS. "-Any property donated (6 the'.Commission for tne use and. benefit of (he Ilosptlai System which cannot be used In the form In which received may. be converfcd info mone 1 it seems approprialo to do BO. In the cvci)l that construction is delayed for n.lone period of llmo, the funds derived from ~ihc revenues provider) hereunder shall not he diverted from the provisions made herein lo other uses. Such revenue, ns collected, shall accumulate in the Stale Treasury to the credit of lhc Hospital Fund ns herein provided so Hint It shall oe available" v for carrying out the hrovl- slqns of thla Act, when Ihe Commission considers the lime opportune. ^Section IB. SCHOOLS OF NURSING AUTHORIZED - INTERNSHIPS.^- :The Commission Is cmpow- er^cl to provide for a standard school of: nursing |n each of the five (51 General Hospitals In one ot the five (5) General 'Hospital, a school n[ nursing may r be' established for mem- b'efs of the negro race. The Commls- lou Is. empowered also to provide ftnd maintain 'internships' for the benelil of! those eligible for training In the practice and technique of medicine an'd surgery. ' Scclion ID. RULES AND . REGU; RATIONS, The Commission Is au-1 thbrlzed nnd directed lo make and promulgate Rules and Regulations for the administration and .enforce- mtql of the provisions ot Ihls Act. ; Section 20. HOOKS TO BE AUDITED. All records and forms ot bookkeeping of lhc Arkansas Hospital System shall be designed by Uie General .Auditor; nnd such records shall correctly reflect all the financial transactions' of the Syslem. The General Auditor shall supervise and compel the keeping of such, records, and,,he, shall make a general adult o'nce each year, which.-In a reasonably cpndcnsed form shall be filed In the office of lhc Secretary of Slate. Hie State Comptroller shall also make R complete nuclit ol Ihc transactions of | equipment I „ „ 0 , furnishing ' of such County Units as well as the' control, operation and management ! tlierenf. shall he mailers solely to be j .. determined by the Commission. , , , j Such County Clinics and Emergon- f cy, HospftalG vjhcn put Into 'operation. 1 ihall be kept open to the public at all ' lours ot.tlie day and night, -Tlie Copn [ mission shall provide adequate ambulance, service to and from aucli Cldilcs 'and to and from' the Central' Hospitals o[ this State. , • . The County Hospitals shall be es— tahllshcd first In Iliosc counties of this . State where, In the opinion of the '• Commissioners,, thy. .need., for '.^Ihem \ seem's""(,'reaicst. In dcicrmlning the size nnd cost ol each such unit to be. established, as well as the personnel ' lo be employed, equipment to be used , etc., lhc Commission shall lake Into consideration lhc population of the county. _to be , served and, ; any other factors "deemed pertinent, and all decisions of the Commission In such mailers .shall be final. ' . Each County Clinic and Emergent; of Uvo thousand pounds. On,- all other orea, ten ' (10) ES DURING TITLE JJTICATJON. Whenever the tlllt? to any natural resources contemplated by thfs Act (s in dispute, or whenever the purchaser of iuc)i resources,or any person engaged n severing the. same from the sop or .vatrir,' or. In Ihu aclual operation ol jjl or gas property, shall be withhold- tig payments on account of Hltgatlan or for any other valid reason, such purchaser is hereby authorized and re- lulred to deduct from lhc gross sum bus held, Ihe amount ol the lax herein levied .and to make remittance '.hereof, to the Commission, as nerc- n provided. Section 11. OWNElts' AND SEVER- ERS JOINTLY LIABLE. The owners of natural resources severed from the soil or water are: hereby made proportionately responsible for the lax herein levied: nnd if such tax Is nol paid by ,lhe purchaser thereof, or by Hie person aclually engaged In severing such resources or in operating oil or, Kas properties, then Ihe Commission slinJI send by registered mall a notice to the debtor directing him lo show cause, .before said Commission on a date named In said notice, not (ess lhan five 15) nor mor<j than twenty (20J days after the dale ol said notice, 'why Ihe amount of the lax due ; shall not be definitely ascertained and fixed. And when, after hearing the tax debtor, or If the tax debtor 'does not appear or does nol submit written reasons, why Ihe Commission the amount of tax/owed, deducted or withheld as- herein provided shall b« punished by fine ot nol \css lhan fifty ($50) , dollar* nor more lhan five hundred ($300) dollars "(o: each such -,offense. But the Imposi: tlon of the'said fine Imposed tn this section shall not be construed as , releasing Hie purchaser or dealer in natural resources from paying lo the CommiEslon the amount of tax owed, deducted or withheld by them. Section 21. FALSE SWEARING PUNISHABLE ,AS PEHJUKY. Any person who shall JnlentJonalJy mafce any false oath' to any report required by the provisions of this Title shr.ll be deemed guilty of, perjury and shall be subject to (he punishment prescribed for said, crime.. TITLE 111. HOSPITAL TAX ON CURRENT Ihls Act and nil Increases, Interest and penaltlt* .thereon shall become and continue from tJie time H Is due nnd payable, a debt from the taxpayer liable to pay'Ihc same, to be recovered by the .Commission In .,an action In contract or on this statue. Ah action may be brought at any lime within six ycirs by the Attorney Gen-, era!, at the Instance' ol the Commission, to recover the amount of taxes, penalties and Interest due under Ihlj A Sccllon 6. HOSPITAL TAXES ARE IN ADIHTJON TO ALL OTHER LEVIES. The Hospital taxes Imposed .by this Act shall be in addition to all • cents per'ton of two thousand pounds. If) On marble, ten (10) cenls per ton of two thousand pounds, it;) On building., stone, fivt 15) cents per Ion of two thousand pounds, (JO On grave), one and pne-hq)J (IVj) cenls per ton of two thousand pounds. • . - ' : " U> On sand, one and one-hall (I'.-z) t'fcnls per ton of two thousand pounds. (}| On "potlery clay, one (1) ccnl per Ion of two- thousand pounds, (k) Oiv bouxilc, fifty (SO) cenls per long ton. • , - .. ' ., ' < Sicllan" 2c, DEFINITIONS. Cer- by Uie .Commission and deposited directly into the State Treasury, there to be. credited to the System .Fiin'd; arid; It may ijc available .by the Commission, (or Uie benefit 1 of the System Treasury. V ' \ '-'•''- -' : ., ;' Section "H.-f TEMPORARY ADMIN- ISTIIATIVE QUAHTEUS. Upon Ihe effechve organization of; the Com mis slon.'the-Secretary of State aliall Im mediately provide adequate rjiiartcr's for,' the,' occupancy o( i(s personnel ' fn Uie; Capitol .building ; or" etscivhero [n thVCity at UlUe Rock/ . i 1 Section: , 15. POLICY TOWARD HOSPITAL'S;- BENEFICIARIES.'' It 1 the/ayqwcd purpose : ot, this Act - 1 prpylde and make definitely acce5slbte general hospltallzatlon for .the cltl- comple Ihe H ' power to remove . members 'ot zcns/.of 1 . .State for the balance of ; such boards '.or commissions before ; the expiration of his term .for 'cause '.. only, after notice and hearing, such • removal shall become effective 'only . when approved: In .writing, by a nia- . Jonty or the total' number of the board or ':CommIsslon. but without ; the right to vole by ihe member . removed or by his successor, which i .action shall be. filed with thc-'Sec- : iclary of State together with; V complete record of the proceedings 1 at the, hearing. - '-' AT * appeal may be taken to" tb'e Pulaskl Circuit Court by Uie Cover. . nor or the member ordered removed . and the same shall be tried de novo ; on the record... An .appeal may be . .taken from the Circuit court to the . Arkansas Supreme Court, which , shall. likewise be tried tie novo" *! <WAIFICATIONS • AND cost, 1 or tree^o! cost, as defined'In SecUon 1 of this Tille; also, to provide Medlcar and Clinical . examinations to all .-citlchs. applying "there- for, at the cost ot thft materials', used butjn no. event to"cxceed the sum of one : dollar.! and fifty ($1.50), cents for-each such complete examination- oil Information pertaining" lo such examinations >haJ1, be furbished only lo, Ihe physl cans; named "by patients. . The fees'' .to be charged non-residents, of :ihc! Stale of Arkansas for hospilalizallony and/or clinical cxa- mlnalioni shall be. fixed by the Corn- mission. , in no' event shall fees to non-residents , be : less than lhc actual cos* : °' Uie Services furnished. All other,, fees- for, hospital and clinical sen-Ices furnished, not specifically pro- vided'for "herein, shall be on ~a basis 'ospilal System every.,t\y'o years nd, a summary of each auilll .shall 3c fun I shed lo the Governor and pplcs shall be made available .to lh« nembcrs pt the General Assembly. •' .Section 2!. RESEARCH LABORATORY - AND ADMINISTRATION BUILDING, ' Tha Commission shall irst cause to be erected In the City bf Little Rock a building Eo he used as (boadQUarlers ot the Scientific Research Department bl Ihe Hospital System. Such biilldinK . shall also Contain ample facilities lor the nous- '\\K of Ihe Jlosplta] System's Ailmlnls* [ratlve officials and Staff nnd olher Accessary employees. TJie Admlnfslra- lion building shall cost not less than $500,000 nor more lhan ^COO.OOO In- cudinfi Ihe land {if necessary to purchase lhc same} and tho equipment and . furnishings complete. II shall be of .'fire-proof, construction,' alr-condl- tioned and built according to plans to be approved hy.Jhd. Cbmmlssion. , . Tlic Research Laboratory shall be provided with lhc ,most'mocJcrn scientific" apparatus obtainable for use ,lu determining the cause, and ,treatment of diseases. The Commission sh'nll empjoy only thoroughly qualified and seasoned scientific experts lo carry on the System's Research activities.' The sum'of One Hundred Thousand'($100,- OOOT dollars annually shall bo spent In - * - — — jrgcnyy Hospital established shall be a unit at ihe Arkanas Hospital System an'd shall be so maintained; nawever, appropriations which may be. made by the several Quorum Courts ol- ^tlie State towards the maintenance expenses of such Counly Hospitals shall be used to. supplement tha refluJnr service bl such unlls which may be mu-. tu'ally agreed lo between lhc Commission and the County • Judge, not Inconsistently with this!Act. - Tlicre shall be constructed in every eounly of Ihc Stale of Arkansas ex* cept. the five counlles In..which the General Hospitals .are ;locatecl. a, Coun- ly, Clinic and Emergency, Hospital hs herein ' authorized. The aggregate cost of the sevcnly (10) County Clinics and Emergency Hospitals complete with grounds shall . not exceed ton 110} per cent of the ,amount' ot lhc gross revenue collected hercimdcr, during Ihe first five (5) years Uila Act is In. force, Sectinn 30. THE COMMISSION TO tlAVE WIDE LATITUDE.- fn Ihe managenient and control ot the Hos- plal System, the Commission shall h i terms, \vortls and phrases as used In Mils Title shall have the following meaning's: The u-or<l "severed" shoJ) menu lhc point at which Ih'e natural products arc taken from Uie. earth or water. " •,-.-• ,; • \ .'',.,. Tne phrase ."purchases en -lhc open inarkcl" shall mean purchases maile in -the absence of any confruct or agreement requiring the buyer to nuke payment direct to the, owner of such oil, £as or.Bother natural ' re. sources." ' . '' \ '* .' The word "ownrf" shall mean \ own- cr at the tfme of severance. The lenn '-'barrel" shall be deemed 1 to he Ihe^equlvalent of forty-two gallons. - ' ^ : ' .. . Tlie word "Commission" shall rclef to the Arkansas Hospital Cominis* slon created by this Act.-^ Section 3.. COMMISSION'S" DUTY TO COLLECT TJ1E_ TAXES. ft " ia hereby made the duly'of the Commission to"; collect and- enforce -the- pay^ r;cnt ot.;QH taxes , ; lhat become..due under Ihe provisions at Ihls Title and 10 pay the 'proceeds ot the same lo" the Slate Treasurer,,' by him lo '• be duly amount of Die lax should nol be fixed "or It Ihe reasons sublrnllcri shall be deemed by the Commission Insufficient, Ihcn the Commission shall make In any manner feasible, and cause lo be recorded r in the mortajje records ol the county where such na* lural resources are severed from (he soil or water a statement, under oath, showing the proportionate. amount r>t Ihe tax due lo Ihe Slate of Arkansas by each bf said owners ol the natural resources severed from the soil or water. . Such statement, when filed for record, shall operate as a firsl lien and mortage oh all. of Ihe .properly from which Ihe resources were severed and on; all other properly of Ihe respective, lax debtors, and said properly shall be subject lo seizure and sale for lhc payment of lhc taxes due. Section J2, COMMISSION TO GIVE NOTICE, Whenever the Commission shall cause the statement provided for In Ihc preceding Section lo be recorded It shall give notice to the tax debtor by registered letter of such rc- cordation, and after fifteen (151 days Iherealter Ihe Commission shall, by petition as In ordinary cases, In the name ol the Slate of Akansas, in the Circuit Court of the counly In which said Men has been recorded, as above provided, sue out a rule against such tax debtor to show cause,tn not less tlian live (5) days nor more than len (10) days after service oi said ixilition. and rule why sufficient amount of property belonging to the tax debtor should not be seized and sold to pay and discharge said lien. . Section 13. FURTHER PROCEDURE. On lhc day set for heari/ifi the said rule Ihe Court shall proceed. credited ' to the Arkansas Hospital Section '-^'-QUARTER-ANNUAL KE- POHTS-PAYMENT OF THE TAX. Every person,s.firm, corporation, or association sever itig any natural pro- duels from,,the soil or walcr In this Stale shall, , \yUhin thirty (30) days Sectlo'.i 1. DEFINITIONS. U| The word '"manufacturer" as used In this Title Includes every - Individual, firm association, partnership or corporation manufacturing or producing electricity wllhln Ihe Stale; 12) Ihe ivord."elee- tricily" means ' eleclricat energy ot electrical current. Section 2. HOSPITAL TAX ON ELECTRIC CURRENT. There Is hereby levied a hospital lax ot (our tenths of one mill upon each kilo- wall hour of electricity. manufactured within Ihe Slate of Arkansas. Section 3. RECORD OK TION,, Each manufacturer shall keup a complete and accurate monthly record of all kilowatt hours of electrt- cily manufactured within the Stale of Arkansas. . , Section 4. METERS REQUIRED. , Each manufacturer shall install al Its plant and mainlain at all times sut'ti | meters and apparatus and other equipment as may be necessary (or Ihe accurate ascertainment of the numhei of kilowatt hours of electricity manufactured by it within Iho State. Hie Commission or its agents may at any lime examine or cause to be examined such meters, apparatus ami equipment for Ihe purpose of detef- mlnlng the accuracy ol their opera- lions. . . Section , 5. RETURNS-QUANTITY OF PRODUCTION. Each mamifi.c- turer shall, on or before the filteejith day of each month, or al such olhei times as the Commission and Ihe manufacturer may agree upon, file with tho Commission a return, under oath, on prescribed forms, stating tne number ol kilowatt hours ol electricity produced by such manufacturer In this state during Ihe preceding calendar month (or other agreed period of time). Tlic said return shall also set forth the number .of kilowatt hours consume'd durinc such period .by Uie manufacturer for his or its own use and consumption wilhln the slate. Section , 6. PAYMENT OF TAX- CREDIT. . Each manufacturer shall pay to , the. Commission at the time ol filing said returns, Ihe tax tm other licenses and taxes levied by Jaw, as a condition precedent to engaging In any business or doing any act taxable thereunder. ... Section 7. REPEALER PROyi. SIO^S. All lows and parls of lasvg [n conflict herewith are hereby re- PC SecUon 8. JUDICJAt/ CONSTRUCTION—SEVER ABILITY. Should any litle. section, provision or clause . of this Acl be declared void or unconstitutional by any court of competent jurisdiction, such ruling shall nol affect Ihe remainder of Hits Act which shall continue In full force ond effect after the etimfnalfon of such Invalid cn sVction 9."EFFECTIVE DATE. TMS Act shall hecome and remain effective and In full force from and after Feb^ ruary 15, !$«. .. '• Filed fn office of Secretary ot State on July C, 1944. Witness my hand and seal ot office this 10th day of August, 1944. C. G. HALL Scerclnry of State Qflcr the ex; ; Wilhi :plrati< ion of Ihe next pre- . on': shall ba • vested \yllh wide lalllucle In^lhe exer* • cisc" of Us loihl judgment and • discretion, to Ihe end that the 'greatest possible benefits may' r lnure to" the citizenship of Arkansas. Section 31. PURCHASING AGENT, 'r U shall, toe Iho duty of the General Purchasing agent lo contract for and I urchase all supplies for the Arkansas ' lospital. Syslem under the Rules and Regulations promulgated by Uie Cohv i missions. Bids for. all : purchases ex- pu Ho . ceding quarler-anquaj . period .expiring, respectively, on ,the last day ot March, June,. September' and December of each year", file 'with the Commission, on Its prescribed 'forms, a sworn statement. qi/,the business conducted b>- such severer during Jhe tasl Dre- ccdlnn quarter, showing the .kind of such proitucls and the gross quan- lily of .each severed or produced, the names -of. the owners at. the, time of scverehcc,* the"" portion owned by each and such . olhe'r necessary, information pertaining' thereto as- the Commission, "may .reasonably require for the proper enforcement of this " " *" Tille. Such reports location ol "cjicJ the place or places where produced or severed from (he soil or water at the time c" port • to'"'tK« such person, firm or corporation shall pay to the Commission a lax on the gross quantity of each .resource so severed, .computed "al the rale applying thereto as' specified In Section 5 > rts'" shall also 'show the :h natural resource aiiid , of rendering each such re* Ke'.Cfirninlsslon."' Also' 'each" hereof. " Section . summarily and by preference over all other cases, to hear , Ihe matter whether or not the 'tax debtor has appeared or answered, said- rule, and shall render Judgment thereon within .three [3) days from Ihe trial thereof. and it the Court renders judgment In favor of the Slate bf Arkansas, the judgment shall [ix and confirm Ihe amount due by' the tax deblor and shall command the sheriff and ex-pfficlo tax collector .of said! counly to seize and sell, for the payment .of such hospital taxes, any property. whatsoever belonging to the said, tax debtor which may be Found within the" Jurisdiction of the i said sheriff and collector. If the 'Judgment Is against the Stale of Arkansas, Ihe Court shall order said lien cancelled. Section 14. SEIZURE AND SALE, rhe sheriff and collector ot any county, when requested by the Commission, Is hereby required 'to seize and sell the property, assets and effects belonging lo any person, firm, corporalion OT association. owing the tax herein levied on .any .natural resource .severed from the soli;pr .water, after the recordatlori of the statement required In Section 11; and 'after Ihe notice required in Section H" has" been given, alt such seizures and sale shall be conducted In the manner and form now required for the sale of similar property for taxes, and pen-illles shall be imposed and collected as prescribed o ng sa run, e - posed'by Scclion 2 herein on each kilo- wat hour .of : clcclrlcity produced oy such manufacturer In the Slate as reported during the period covered hy its return as against the total lax, but there shall be allowed as a credit to be deducted by the manufacturer, the amount of the tax, imposed by this Act , f or such' period upon the number of such kilowatt nours consumed by the said' manufacturer wllh- Cost of publication lo the taxpavers of this notice In this paper (4 times U $35.00). , , PROPOSED INITIATED ACT NO. t INITIATED BY PETITION POPULAE* NAME' OF ACT ADDITIONAL ONE PER CENT (1%) SALES -TAX ACT FOR BENEFIT OF SCHOOLS^ BALLOT TITLE A PROPOSED ACT TO PROVIDE FUNDS FOH THE MAINTENANCE OF A MORE ADEQUATE SYSTEM OF PUBLIC EDUCATION. TO PROVIDE A SOURCE OF REVENUE THEREFOR OTHER THAN LJQUClll AND REER TAXES. TO ADJUST TEACHERS' SALARIES MORE UJ LINE WITH THOSE PAID IN OTHER OCCUPATIONS REQUIRING SIM1- LA R TRAINING. TO MATCH TEACHER PAYMENTS IN THE TEACHER RETIREMEN'I SYSTEM AND TO KEEP SAtD SYSTEM ACTUARILY SOUND BY LEVYING AN ADDITIONAL EXCISE TAX OF ONE IK/,,) PER CENTUM UPON GROSS RECEIPTS DERIVED FROM SALES. • ACT Be It enacted by the people of the State 'oi Arkansas: in the State. Section 7. RETURNS PAL1TY-- CREDIT. MUN1C1- municipal , ..... "S DUTY TO PAY. THE hundred advertised in . in amount "the- sum of , five ', O.OO) .'dollars shall be the manner and for .the • AuropmzEa ™" E £ om -,^,; „ authorized to . constnict and properly equip all necessary buildings for ust as nurses' homes, warehouses, naracci or-other buildings heedful In'the op. S!"™.. °-V ^, c ..!!,7 n f al System, but Commissioner prov i dcd foi In this Title *t*nt : PVE1 GENERAL HOSPITALS AU- FIDELITY BONDS TO P 16 'atcst mod " ..... of conslrucling the • General ui waiting to deter- y^-t?..? 0 ?!™^ 1 *! sh a« • Prescribe 1» definitely amount to be spenl research activities. . , . . Tlic facilities cf thu Research Laboratory shall 06' made available for use "hy Ihe students of the University of Arkansas School of Medicine,- slu- dents of tho Nursing School and Intern*;; under Ihe Rules and Regulations to be prescribed by the Commission. The record ol results ol experiments made in the Research Laboratory of a scientific value shall be' preserved and .Ihc same shall b'c made available (o members of the Medfcaf profession at .the discretion of the Commission Section 22. BE A UNIFICATION 0? pRQUN'DS. 'Hie Laboratory ond Ad ministration building and each Gen cral Hospital shall be alr-condllloncd and provided with equipment designer to facilitate Ihc safety of the employ ccs and others In cx'cry practical way Such buiUUnR shall be fully protcc' ted by insurance covering the usunl hazards (o which Hospitals of this time prescribed by Section 7 -of Act No. 503 of Ihe Acts of 1923 (Pope's Digest, Section 13042). Section 32. RESERVE FUND FOR COUNTY HOSPITALS. For a period 1 five. (5) years from the effective late ol this Act Ihere shall be set aside.and dedicated to n reserve fund o be'used only (n .the.conslruclUm of he , County Clinics ' and Emergency Hospitals ten (10) per ccnl of the jross - annual revenues collected • hereunder. . Section 33. LIMIT -ON- 'POWER OF COMMISSION. The Commission shall not, by ruling, regulation or otherwise, deny admission to n hospt- '•' ' ' v i' any citizen 'of the grounds of TAX. The making o[ said reports and the payment of said taxes sha- be by those actually engaged in Hit operation ot severing or producing, whether as owner of the soil, as contracted severer, or from lhc soil ol 'another, or the owner ot any such natural resource or product from the corporation, engaged In the manufacture of electricity shall set forth In Us return the. number of kilowull hours ol- electricity consumed, during such .period by such municipality and Ihe residents (hereof. There shatl be allowed as. a credit against the. total lax. .to be deducted by such municipal corporalion, the amount , of lhc tax herein Imposed upon the number oE kilowatt hours consumed during such period by such municipal corporation and the residents thereof. Section' B, REVIEW-VENUE. SVhen a manufacturer falls lo tile a return as required herein, "or having filed an incorrect return, (alls to file a revised or corrected return within twenty days alter the giving ot notice by lhc Commission that a corrected return 'is required, the Commission, at any time within one year after the .date ol the earliest manufacturer of electricity .included ins'nch finding, shall determine the amount of the tax due and shall" give 'written notice g of such determination to, , such manufacturer. , , Such determinallon ol ' . Com mis- _ _ 1,, of another. The reporting • payer shall ..collect or taJ of the 'System Arkansas, solely on type are exposed. No one of such buildings or all ;b! E <!st M~.tefiow« T " ""-:" Pope'!. I solemnly s^FTor^aiftm'PthliM pwttl support Ihe Constitution of ihe I Unllcd Stales and lhc CousUlu. J tlon M Ui«, .State of. Arkansas, and : thftl I will faithfully' discharge Ihe j duttts ol tlu office ot . M.J! i -.. .-............ upon *h!cl\ t am nyjt 1 about to enter." * • S:cUon t PRIVATE FINANCIAL finished. The -T c«t of tuch General Hos- for"thJV abovfi ' B(( P u ' ated as a JWW* Eg•*J^? fln \ mt "lon to follow, as bear- tevwueli 1fM?*'S?* W P'-^ ^ Ero " miaNy ch ; ;v> ' lU bo "cctvctf an- fitoAw • < *S n ^'i Hospital »hall bfi'a'lr 'W'oncd and,constructed so as to the maximum ,ct lafety Rn d ouildlnss constructed as a unit of Ihe System shall be constructed so as to occupy more than twenty, [20] per cent ol the grounds, including nurses' homes, nnd All of the erounds not covered by buildings shall be com* and suitably landscaped ond appropriately beautified with shrub- properly sodded: such shnl! be. equipped with sprlnk- or systems' will • be adequate to upply sufficient water al all . times • Ihc^ protection of such shrubbery 23. A OMISSION O F PA- E.>ch hospital shall admit white and colored patient* from any_ county (n Arkansas,- .. Commission, . shall prescribe and Regulations, for Ihe admts- hospltalizallon and discharge ol patients for each ITospUnl. Nothing shall ho contained therein which wl! operate lo unduly delay the ad mission or discharge of pMlcnls. In cases of cmerccncy any Commissioner suspend ihe rules governing lhc admission ot A 'patient If decmet necessary. ' Section 24. POWER TO LIMIT OR SERVICE. The Commission shall have lhc power to limit or I extend the scope and character of Ih Hospital Service, or U tnny refuse hos illalization to any Individual suffer .!' from an Incurable dlsOAse. Chroi tc : alcoholics and patients sufferin from menial diseases shall not. b or furnished 'hospllalizatlo In lhc units ot the Hospital Syslem The Commission 1$! empowered .t enter inlo contract with lhc Unite Slates Government tor Ihe hosplta' alion of soldiers And sailors and ol tr members ot Ihe military and nav 25. SEGREGATION OF HACES. In each unit of tho Hospital System there shall be a complete segregation of Iho White and Ncgrc raccs. Separate entrances.', and exits and'quarters shall be maintained and shall be plainly; marked at' all limes. The members of both races shatl keep to their respective quarters, entrances and exits, Violation of* this provision shall constitute a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, the offender shall be punished by a fine of not less (nan twenty-five (|25.W) dol lars nor more than one hun4re.d ($100.00) dollar*; provided, In Ihe case ot it serious accident requiring an ' Immediate operation, any Commls loner may luiptnd this provision. lera race, color 'or .religion nor to', an'ex- pectant mother ' because Ihe paternity of her unborn' child may not' be known. TITLE II. HOSPITAL TAX ON ,- ' NATURAL PRODUCTS Section 1. HOSPITAL -TAX IMPOSED. For the year 1315 nnd each subsequent year laxes are hereby levied for the sole use and bcnelil ot the Arkansas Hospital Syslem upon all natural resources severed from iht soil or waler of the slale ot Arkansas. Including all forms of Umber and olh- er foresl products: minerals such as oil, gas, natural gasoline, distillate, condcnsatc. cnslngliead gasoline, sulphur, coal, lignflc. and ores ol ail kinds: also marble, stone, gravel, sand and other natural deposits as herein* after enumerated. Such taxes shall be paid by th« owner, or proportionately by Ihc own* era. of such products nl Ihe lime of tax- out of Ihc value of the products severed, the proportionate parts of the totul Hospital tax due by the respective owners of such natural resources, : Scclion ti. WHEN SEVERER MUSI WITHHOLD THK TAX. Every person, firm, corporation or association actually engaged In severing oil. ?as 1 or other natural resources from Ihc soli, .or u'ater, or actually operating oil or gas property, or other property from which natural resources arc severed umlcr contracts or agreements requiring payment direct to the owners of any royally interest, excess royalty, or working Interest, either in money or tn kind, is hereby authorized and required before making .such payment lo deduct from any amount due, or from anything duo the full amount cf the Hospital tax herein, levied. ; Section 7. WHEN PURCHASER c severance and shall become due id payable quarterly ns hereinafter rovldcd. And the taxes hereby lev- d shall operate as a llrsl lien .on uch, . natural resources which lien hall follow saki resources Into Ih'e ands of third persons whether rc- clvcd and held In good or bad faith, nd whether or not the snine be found n a manufactured or unmanufactured laic. , Section 2. RATE OF TAXES AP- LICABLE. The Hospital taxes on alural resources, as levied by Ihls "itle, shall be predicated on the quah- Uy severed and shall be paid at the ollowing rates: (a) On all kinds ol timber such aa red Rum, hickory, elm, onk. pine and other varieties, sixty (60) cenls pcr thousand feet, log scale (b) On pulp wood, thirty (30) cents per standard cord of cne hundred and Iwenly-ciRht cubic feet. (c) On stave bolts, forty (40) cents pcr cord. <d> On cross lies, three (3) ccnls C.T c h. (c) On cedar posts, fifty (50) ccnls pcr hundred <f) On poles and piling, twelve feel and over In length, two 12) cents per lineal foot CRUDE 11 on'.: °* PETR ° L EUM AND (a) Oi 22 gravity and below, (Ive '* """* "-- * of 42 gallons. MUST REMIT TAXES. When any person, firm, corporalion or association .actually engaged In severing oil or., gas or other natural resources under contract or agreement requiring payments direct to any owner of (he proportionate share of such nataural resource, as Scl out In lhc preceding Section, shall fell oil or gas or olher natural resources to any person, firm or corporation or association ol persons, under contracts or agreements requiring such purchaser lo pay nil owners ol such resources direct, then lhc person or presorts aclually severing such resources or actually operating such oil or £as property, may not be required- to deduct the lax hctoln levied; but In such event the deduction shall be made by lhc purchaser before making payments to each owner, of such .resources, provided, lhal nothing herein shall be construed as releasing the severer of such products from liability for the payment of said h'erein and by general laws. : ;Seclion 15. PRO*>ERTY INTEREST SUBJECT TO SEIZURE-PRIORITY. All oil and gas leases. In Le res I and minerals, mineral rights, royal- lies, timber contracts and rights ot any kind lo the ownership of any natural resources severed from Uii Foil oir water arc hereby declared to be subjec t to s izu re and sal e for the payment, ot Ihe tax herein In urefef* ence to all other claims or liens. . 'Section IB. PENALTY FOR DELINQUENCY. The tax prdyiccd by this Act shall become oeliirquent after the date fixed for each quarter -rannual report to he filed In the ol- fice of the .Commission, and from such time as' a penalty to;- such delinquency the taxpayer sha-1 be subject to a penalty of two (2) per cen' per month and other penalties provider In tho general revenue laws" ol this Stale. '...... . . ' . '• No Hospital lax or license shall be levied or imposed by any county or other local sub-division of the Slale. .Section '17. ..RIGHT TO EXAMINE RECORDS. The Commission shal have the power lo require any person engaged' in severing natural product lo furnish additional 'information deemed necessary for the purpose o computing (lie amount of sa[<; tax and for said purpose U.shall have Ih right lo examine the records and file of such severer and to examine wi sion, may be reviewed ' fiy Jthc PulaslU Chancery Court on - ai complain! af,a In st tl.e Comm iss ion, | wittun s Ex* ty day% after service of such notice. Section 9. PENALTY FOH FALSE OR FRAUDULENT RETTUHN. A manufacturer required to 'file an original or corrected return\ or to pay the tax herein imposed, or who fails to file such return or ccrrecUon or o pay the tax within tliej period re- ulred by Section 5 horelf, or. who hall, file a false or fraudulent return vith. inlcnt to evade the tat.'shall he ;eetried to be delinquent; and the ormal tax , shall, be doubled and an ddittonal one per cent 6er month • fraction Ihcreof shall bt added. Section 10. FINE SUFEUADDKD FOR WILFUL FRAUD. ..< manufac- urer or rfficer o! a corptration who makes a fraudulent returi or statement with Int-tnt to defea? or evade lie tax hcvein imposed .shijl be fined n a sum ot not less than <ne hundred 100) nor more lhan bni thousand tl'1000) dollars. j TITLE IV. GENERAL .-••• PROVISIONS Section 1. HOSPITAL! SYSTEM FU1ID. There Is nercby created in the office of Ihe Slate Treasurer o SECTION L -There Is hereby levled-'-jH 1 an additional excise lax of one (!%"] *, per centum upon the gross proceeds or gross receipts derived from all sales, as, now defined by Act 388 of 1941 or as may hereafter he defined by the Genera! Assembly. SECTION 2. The tax herein levied shall be payable by the taxpayer and shall be collected in accordance with the provisions of Act 38S of I941 r until otherwise provided for by the General Assembly. SECTION 3. The purposes of • this Act are: {a) to provide financial relief Cor the Public Common Schools: (b) to sllrael and maintain a more coth- px?tent leaching .personnel by increasing teachers' salaries above the current average of a little more lhan $14,00 per week;' (c) to provide a source o'f school funds other than liquor and bscc taxes: and (d) to keep the Teacher Retirement System acluarily sound in order Ihat teachers who have outlived their usefulness in the classroom may retire, with a small measure of economic security. All moneys accruing 10 the Public Common School funds, from liquor and heer taxes shall, after tha effective ttnte ol this Act. be set aside inlo a special fund by the Commission' er of Revenues to be later allocated at the discretion of the General As : semblv; however. Ihe moneys accruing to Public Common School uses from the ,tax .lierem 1 levied shall be In addK.,- , lion to those*'accruing to their use from any gross receipts tax or sales lax now In force; therefore, the Gen. eral Assembly shall not reduce any oi the Dcrcentages alloted to Public Com- Hospital taxes. Section 8. WHEN , Section 18." WITNESSES COA PCLLED TO TESTIFY- It any sue witness shall fail or refuse to appca al tho request of Ihe Commission "o refuse access lo books, records and flics "wllhin his. -custody and control Iho Commission shall certify the facts and the nnme of such witness to Ihe Circuit court having jurisdiction of the parly; nnd said Courl shall Ihere- fipon issue <i summons to Ihe recalci- Irant party to appear before the said Commission .or its aaent. al a place designated within the JiirJsdicilon of the Courl, on a day fixed, to be continued as occasion may require, and give, evidence and open, for Enscpction such books and papers as may be re-| quired for the. purpose of ascertain-1 ng whether or not any return so | made is true, and correct as herein required. te oce o e ae re separate fund to be known; tal System Fund, and all tevenucs of whatever Rfnct collected (mder the provisions of the Elolhngswtrth Hospital Act shall be deposited II the Slate Treasurer's office lo Ihe cr«!it of satd fund ; within a period of |not more than thirty (30) days. after the collection (hereof. 1 Scctioa 2. APPROPRIATIONS. There PURCHASER MUST DEDUCT TAX-ALTEHNA- TIVE LIABILITY. Every person, firm, corporalion or assoclallon purchasing oil, pas or any olher natural resource severed from the soil or water under contract or agreement requiring such purchaser to make pay- rnenl direct to such owners Is hereby authorized ond required before malt- Ing such payment lo deduct from any amount or balance due any owner the emounl of the tax levied by this Tille •; Every purchaser In the open marke ol oil anrl gas or any other resource upon which Uie Hospital tax levict by .this Title .has, not been paid is hereby authorized and required before making sucU payment lo deduct from any amount or balance due the scllc the amount of tax herein Whenever . It shall appear to the I 1347: is hereby appropriated, lo e payable from the Hospital System Fund, the following amounts: For the year ending February 15, 1945: (1) Capital' Expendilures, . General Equipment, Office Equipment and Building Sites .: .$3.500-000 (2) General Operating Expenses (3) Salaries—Administrative and Hospital System Employees _...'..... 600.000 (4) Research .Work In Research .Laboratory _- Total For the year ending Fe mon School uses now provided In Acl 3fiB of '1Q4L SECTION 4. Of ihe moneys received .^ . oy the Commissioner ot Revenues on/TV account of the taxes collected unfler ' ^" this- Act, he shall annually pay into Ihe Stale Treasury .to the credit o! the Teacher Retirement Fund, such amounts as shall be certified lo him by the Hoard of Trustees of the Teacher Retirement System and the Slate Comptroller. a» necessary lo match teacher contrl» tuitions to the Teacher Retirement System, to pay Ihc administrative cosls of the System, to pay benefits to retired teachers, and to keep Ihe Sys: lem octuarily sound. He shall annuatfy pay into the Teacher salary Fund $200,000.00 to replace money now accruing from liquor and beer taxes, and he shall annually pay into the School Equualizing Fund $300,000.00 .to replace money now accruing from iquor and beer taxes, and lo the Vocational Fund 250.000.00 annually to replace money now accruing from liquor and beer "taxes. Of lhc moneys re- mainins after Ihe Foregoing allocations arc made, ho shall pay fifty (50%; per ccnl into Ihe Teacher Salary. Fund, twenty-five (257,,) P cr c«nl into tlie Common School Fund, .and twenty-five (25%)' pcr cent lo the School equalizing Fund; provided lhal Ihe Stale Board of Education 'may use not .to exceed 3200,000.00 annually of the money accruing to the School Equalizing Fund lo assist local school districts in purchasing school buses. SECTION S Tlic provisions ol this Act shall take effect <inri be in lull force and effect Crom and after -ommisslcn that any such severer has unlawfully made an untrue or incorrect return,. the , Commission sh,ij) Correct the return and compute' SaioM lax due thereon and certify the same for collection. • 1 Section 19. PROCEDURE ON FAIL, I ING TO REPORT. If severer shall fall lo rfiake a report of the protfuc-1 tlon and value of Us products (upon! which the Hospital tax is levied) (1) Capital Expenditures, General Equipment, Office Equipment and Building Sites (2) General Operating Expenses (3) Salaries— Administrative and Hospital Sys- l cm Employe cs (4) Research Work In Research Laboratory ary 1, 1945 SECTION The provisions ol ,, uary 15, 52.500.000 1,500.000 , 000,000 100,000 Total ..... ______ ..... lS5.OOQ.000 3. SAFEGUAIIDJAGAINST thereof levied. within tho time and In lhc manner prescribed by law, It shall be the duly of the Commission to examine Section ,. the boohs, records and files of any EXCF.SS ISSUE OF WARlANTS. In such person or persons to ascertain view of Ihe uncertain!!? as ti'the aclual the amount and value ol such prodluc- I amount of revenue which -nil be col- lion and to compula the lay thereon peeled under tho terms of'lhVAct, the as herein Imposed; and where wit- Commission shall keep Infcrmed al nesses refuse to testify, or to accord nil limes as to thq cash lilanccs lo Act are scverablc, and if any parl or provisions hereof shall be held •void. t!ie decision of lhc court shall not alfcct or Impair any of Ihc rcmalninR parts or provisions ol Ihe Act. SECTION 7. Al) laws or parts tn conflict herewith arc hereby repealed. And by this, otir pclition, we order tliat lhc same be submitted to the people of 1 said Slale to lhc end that it may be adopted, enacled. or rejected by Ihe vole o! the legal voters of said State al lhc regular general election (o be held In said Stale at Ihe regular general election to be held In satd Stale on the "illi day of November, 191-1, and each of us for himself or herself says: I .have personally signed this petition; I am a legal voter ol Ihe Slain ot Arkansas, and my residence, post office address, and voting prcclncl ore correctly written after my name. Filed tn the office. of Secretary ol Stale on June 30th. 1914. " Seal of office Ihls 10th day ol August, 1944. C. G. HALL, Secretary of Stale. K < b) . jove 22 gravity, and not above 10 it *••"»"/, aim uyi aUV M Gravity. st x (G , cems pcr bnrrcl _ 10 Above 28 gravity and not above 31 gravity, six and one-half ccnls per barrel. 1 " 1 * 1 *' Mtn i 1 " 1 * 1 *' «""fcnsaie « na J UM J resources (but not fn. tur 'V K^ollne) severed from cSV^rrT ° U « E "' , access to books and papers, Iho Com- credit of Ihe Hosptl! System Every purchaser of oil. gas or any olher natural resource on which a Hospital tax Is levied by Ihis Title who falls to deduct and withhold the amount of taxes due, as 'required by ihJs Section, when resources taxed ere purchased under contracts or agrcenjcnls or on the open markoi shall be liable 16 Ihe Slate for Ihe amount of Ihe taxes, interest and penalties lhal snould have been de- dueled or withheld and remitted (o the Slate by (he purchaser. SecUon 9. SEVERER MUST FILE REPORT. , All persons required lo deduct from amounts due lo others the lax herein levied shall file \vilh the' Commfsslon, ,'lJic reports herein required and shall at tlie same time pay to the said Commission the amount of the tax thus deducted or withheld, or lhc amount of taxes and Interest due. if not deducted or with. held; provided, Ihat nothing herein shall be construed as releasing ihe • person or persons severing the resources from liability Cor Iho paymenl mission shall odd therclo the cost o 11 Fund* and no voucher shall lac drawn such cxamlnaticn. together with any unless at the lime of lls penalties accruing thereon. there Is sufficient balanc , of said taxes. 10. lt .WrniKOLDlNQ TAX- execution lo the ic State for Ihe hen con- ding ihe Scclion 20. REPORTS REQUIRED credit of said fund . on OF PURCHASERS-PENALTY. It Treasurer's books to allot shall be lhc duty of all purchasers payment' of such -voucher and others dealing In natural products verted Into a warrant. Inc severed from the sell or water In aggregate amount of all < Arkansas lo file quarterly reports 1 rants Issued previously by „ vith lhc Commisston staling, under vouchers executed by aulho Iy of Uic oath, the names nnd addresses of all Commission.' pcisons, firms, corporations or a&- Section 4, ADMINl TRATWF relations from whom each such POWERS OF THE COIMrsSfON lurchascr or dealer has acquired any!The administration of all tie revenue such natural product during the ncxl provisions of Ihis Act Is (cited ex preceding quarter tosclhor with the clusively In Ihe Commls«pn which lolal quantity acquired from each shall prescribe Rules and CcguEation such vendor and Ihe gross prico paid perlinenl to Us practical enforcement for such natural products. [The Commission shall davdpower to Said reports shall be filed wllhln enter upon the premises ol any tax thirty <3Q) days after the expiration I payci and examine, or cifec to b of each quaiter, and shall be made on exai. •«!. by Us designates]agent o forms prescribed by said Commission. \ rcprc:»cniallvc, any, books, >apcrs, r Tho said purchaser at the Wmc ol I cords, memoranda, etc., beting upo making lhc said report shall pay to I the amount of taxes, payalfe and t the Commission the amount o,[ tax secure any olher Informally dircctl deducted or withhold or Ihat may be or indirectly relating to Ih* enforce- due under this Tillo. meat of said, revenue provls6ns. Read Courier News Want PRESCRIPTIONS i Frahttt Stoek ?- x \ Gnanmletd Beat Prtets K. Kirby Drag Store* I Have Opened NEW OFFICES Located In The First National Bank Building. 104 S. Second New Phone, 2641 H. C.Campbell :clusivc Kcnl Eslnlc Dealer The failure ol nuy person or Mr- Section B, TAX A DEB'/rACTIO sons to majto reports and pay tp^h«l r O RECOVER, Any tax UP«<4 ty

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